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Do you want a new future?

"Opportunities? They are all around us... There is power lying latent everywhere waiting for the observant eye to discover it." ~ Orison Swett Marden

All last week we talked about The Power of The Plan.

You can wish and want until the "cows come home", but until you learn how to consistently transform your personal MISSION into crystal-clear GOALS—with tangible PLANS for their accomplishment—you will find yourself running in circles.

While you might find it difficult to believe, the entire business plan of ThinkTQ, Inc. can be stated in just 3 sentences using the above as the construct:

  • The big WHY behind TQ is that we believe people get ahead by desire, talent and skill... thus our MISSION is to turn up the world's TQ by 20 points... by training people to produce exceptional results, both personally and professionally... by maximizing their full potential.

  • Our GOAL is to have 1 Billion registered users of ThinkTQ.com by 12/31/2020... making personal success training as prevalent as music streaming around the world.

  • Our PLAN is to create $50 Billion in shareholder value by becoming the Number One Training Portal on the Web, with direct links to every Success and Career Portal in the world.

Yes, this is a world-changing MISSION. It is an enormous, stretch GOAL. It is a rock-solid PLAN.

Now that we have created a huge EXPECTATION, all it takes is brilliant EXECUTION to be successful.

TQWhich is WHY we wrote Full Spectrum Career Power!

For us to become the success WE expect, we must help YOU become the success you deserve!

This week, we will be discussing how to improve your Career Potential by increasing your Career Power.

The simple truth is, we are all living in the most treacherous economy in history. We have entered the age of HYPER-COMPETITION. The best will THRIVE. The rest will bearly SURVIVE this dynamic reshaping of the global marketplace.

Who am I to be giving you career advice?

If you want to know who I am, read the complete story.

People are constantly writing to me, asking about my background and my qualifications. Since I am a very private person, I have no interest in promoting ME, but rather, making sure our PRODUCTS and TECHNOLOGY take front page billing... speaking for me, Kent and our entire Team TQ.

Yes, I have been very successful. Yes, I have had major flops.

I have no interest in becoming a PERSONALITY like Tony Robbins, Steven Covey or Tom Peters. I admire these people very much.

I just don't want to be like them.

I want our message to ring forth—not on the strength of my personality or dashing good looks (yeah right!), but on the message itself.

Don't believe in ME. Believe in the MESSAGE:

The message is simple. You can fast-track your career-track... rise to the top of your profession... earn more money... and unleash your full potential—even in the toughest economy in history. How?

Simply hone your skills to out-smart... out-hustle... out-produce... out-compete... and out-perform your competition.Full Spectrum Career Power answers the single most important question you face—a question that is now controlling your life:


"What Color is Your Performance?"

The message within Full Spectrum Career Power is full of hope and promise: You can THRIVE... you can SUCCEED... you can rise to the TOP...

If you PERFORM as if your very life depends on it.

Because it does.

IMPORTANT: This offer applies to people who have registered in the last 30 days ONLY. Other free or discounted offers may still be available to you. Many Thanks, enjoy and prosper!

I think that once you understand my background, you will understand why I wrote the chapter on success, and why I so fervently believe in the message.

To learn more about me, I put up a short story that you might find interesting and movtivating. If you are over 40, you will strongly relate to what I am saying... and what I am recommending.

Read the following excerpt. If you feel like the person I am writing about, read the rest of the story here.

An excerpt from Full Spectrum Career Power...

This man wanted a new future so badly it was killing him.

One by one, he went though his list of gripes, almost as if he had written them down, and put them in some kind of emotional order by level of frustration:

  • He was invisible. No one paid him a lick of attention.

  • He felt marginalized. His bosses and co-workers had stopped even paying him lip-service.

  • He was trapped. Each day he walked across the parking lot, he saw a prison, not a plant.

  • He had lost his voice. It was bad enough to not be seen, but no one would listen to him.

His life had been crushed by the unbearable weight of the machine rolling over his dreams. He was powerless to move, let alone run away from the machine devouring his hopes... his career... indeed, his life.

Mostly, he was just POWERLESS.

The last thirty years had dissipated all his power, and there was no way for him to charge it up again. Somewhere along the line, he just stopped trying... just stopped caring. He had been passed over for promotion so many times he couldn't count. Always a different reason: younger guys... he didn't play golf... wasn't good at small talk... didn't play tennis... wasn't tall enough... couldn't afford to dress the part... you name it.

If you feel POWERLESS, you might want to read what I have to say. It may help you with issues you are now facing. Continue the story.

The Bottom Line...

You CAN do better. You CAN achieve more. You CAN attain your highest goals.


Learn to Work SMARTER... not HARDER.

Improve your Color Power.

You will immediately improve your Career Power.

If you haven't already, right now is the perfect time to test your TQ... to see where you are strong and where you are weak.

I urge you to take the full 100 question TQ Test to baseline where you are now... and what you will need to do differently to achieve your goals THIS YEAR... not Someday down the line.

Believe it. You CAN succeed at whatever you do, as long as you simply take the right ACTIONS. -- E.R. Haas, CEO


If you have any questions you would like us to answer personally, just send us an email! Click Here Answers@ThinkTQ.com...

The only dumb question is the one that's important to you... and you didn't ask!

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Running Member Comments...

Do I want to be a VP of Sales. I think that I need to be better at increasing my sales is to make sure that I am asking the tough questions early and that I have the process down.
I never whine or complain. I most always have a positive attitude. I'm self motivated to use every minute of the day wisely.
To make life easier for the poorer and needy and make them live like other pepole living a normal life
my dream is to see my desire come to pass, to be educated, liver above pooverty
My personal brand is based on value integrity and overall prodfessionalism to outr clients.
We work to protect themsevles and their family. them and
Going to Hidded Harvest this morning (be there at 9am) to help pack boxes of food for the needy families in the area.
After that spend more time on entering contacts from MLS to Point2 and set up more email drip campaigns.
At 3:30 meet with Nevena in CC to show properties.
Later work on business plan/goals.
genuine highclass beauty pictures
to create massive wealth from my art.

Become independantly happy

Free from attachment of others

In a healthy happy relationship with myself and with someone very very very special.

Confident and believing in myself

Abundantly happy
Increasing business by aggressively visiting current and potential customers. Increasing my value to the company by growing my business sector.
No.. it is not. I do not value myself or my contributions enough. I have trouble believing I am worth what deep down I know that I am worth. I will start to place a higher value on myself and my talents. Ty for reminding me of this.

Tuesday April 15: 7pm step by step process of what, when and how EVERYTHING RE: ____FSBO.COM is getting done.

Thursday April 17: 0800 meet Rick present step by step process. F/U business plan.

Tuesday April 29:Financial plan- All income produced from each profit center (venders,sellers,brokers, closings)

Tuesday May 6: Preliminary Business Plan

Tuesday June 9: All prelimary research, business plan, financial plan must be completed entirely so we can start working toward the presentation and presentation date of June 30 2008.
Any five year period has much opportunity for growth.. it's all in how we look at the time we are given.

I see much possibility in my own life... if I can stay focused. Being a wife and mother it seems that the demands of family... while lessoning are still very much a part of my over plan. I had thought by this point in my life I would have all my ducks in a row so to speak... but they keep getting out of line and things go down the drain... plans, hopes expectations... I can not separate my life into little boxes... no one or any thing will stay put...lol...

They say if you expect surprises then surprises will never be a surprise (-;
Establishing distance ed courses so I can get some flexibility and start doing more research.
reconnect is very important for more understanding and building a bridge of communication and sharing.
To make an effective in the mind set of our team to help them, our company, myself reach our goals. The biggest opportunity being communicating, listening, educating our agents to look inside and find their own hidden talents and reach for them to build a successful team. Create a new mindset in the public eye as what to expect, educate them. Make a difference.
Iam who i say i am. I am a young lady who tryin to grow up into a woman but sometimes get deserage and seem to think negitave like its impossible but @ d same time i still believe i can do it but i dont.
Going to college and tryin it again because my first semester ididnt know wat to expect i went in not knowin a lot of things i know now so therfor iam able to take off this semester but also have the opportunity to go bacc in aug.
Yes because out of at least 10 people, i know if a selection is to be carried out, i will be amongst the first four. I'm an A player. However i'm lacking is in the areas of private affairs.
I see the potential to move forward this year and getting back on track to the sucess I know I have ...
"All opportuntites come giftwrapped in challenges, thank the Caring Creator for your challenges and look to see your opportuntites." THOMAS R. FENNELL
It's not on the fst track but not at a dead stop either. It's just beginning to move again. I made some mistakes. I trusted people that I shouldn't have trusted. Now I'm digging myself out of the hole that I didn't prevent myself from getting into.
Today is an amazing day and I feel alive!
I am becoming more and more attractive by the second!
I want to have my associates degree, in Alcohol and Drug rehab counseling. I hope to have my degree by the time I am 50 yrs old, so that I have some years to practice with my degree.
Sometimes I think that my career is at a dead-stop, but I can attend school and put my career, on a fast-track getting my associates degree in Alcohol and drug rehab counseling.
The road to heaven is paved with good results, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
Its absolutely high, mainly because i always strive to reach for the stars. I've been raised above the bar with that kind of mentality.
I think that my price would be enough, to take care of my family, and myself.
I know that I am different, because I have known, it since childhood. But does that work , in the workplace? I would hope so, cause it could and would create problems , between co- workers. I would at least try to get along with other people well.
I focus on taking breaks at the interval of teh 50 minutes at which time, I track my time adn practice my zen meditation and prayer...
Right now it stands for getting re-organized and re-focused on carefully considered and well thought olut steps to prosperity.
My personal brand stands for my identity and my freedom, I always have been such a free spirit and no one has totally understood that. Both of my husbands, they were not free spirits and they didn't understand what being a free spirit is, I do things my own way, and the way that I want to , without hestation from other people .
I know the points I want to make and not how to communicate them effectively.
Acquiring properties in Hawaiian Islands, so we can have friends over.
Staying in Santa Fe, NM and getting a job, so I can move. Or, starting an online business, at my age, and plowing ahead in this little burg, since I have limited funds to proceed.
to make 100k this year
to repair all my relationships
to have peace of mind
To live like Christ wants me to.
become the designer of charged mantles
The single biggest opportunity I see right now is starting in property managment. I like doing it. I'm great with people and I am good at following all the steps. It's a niche a lot of people don't want because of the work involved but I like the work also you never know when you can get a referal for a sale or another management opportunity.
Money will keep a person from being who and what they truly desire to be on earth (TRUTH). Where is your focus find this and then only will you see the way to a peaceful and fulfilled life on Earth. Where is Your Thoughts?
From The Person who has been There
I want to be in a position to name my prise just as Branson does his.He gets paid 750000$ per month witch is equal to R6000000 per month.

I am good in my work and the opposition as well as warehouses will come to hear of what I have achieved for our clients and my super great managerial skills

I am the best in the industry ,very creative and excellent in understanding problems and giving solutions
As I figured before, the value of my time is $1000.00 per hour. If that is so and the time that was taken was 4 years ago then now it is 2-3000.00 because of the knowlege and experience I have with real estate and networking. Now is the time to be in real estate and if people don't wake up to the fact and get busy it will be over before they start. I have always been ahead of the trends and saw the ending come before it happened. Staying ahead of the times is great, taking advantage of the opportunity is better. Today is the day, take advantage of it, ride this wave until it dies. Swim back out and wait for the next.
Yes I show that I deserve the position I am in by making a difference. I look critically at issues, apply my own knowledge on how to solve based on past experience, situation by sitation. I also consult a lot. Above all, I deal with issues timely because spending so much time on one, can create a backlog of issues and deadlines cannot be met I also deligate where necessary. I like to take challenges and put so much effort so that I excel in all that I do. I make sure that I deserve the position I am in by completing my tasks well in order to convince all those I work with that surely I deserve to be where I am.
The problem with me is indecision. Mostly about which path to take. WE are what we do with what we have. and the main thing is to own the choices we make. I'm scared to make the wrong move.
Now that I've obtained a better job in my field as a Systems Administrator, I have the opportunity to study, hone my skills on and obtain professional certifications towards the technologies that my company uses that I've been wanting to learn and master since my first technology job.
I feel like I'm making progress but it slow due to not having capitol for my projects. I am just getting the goal setting aspect of creating down. I have recently started carrying my note pad with me to meetings with my artists and taking notes. What I notice from me having done this haphazardly in the past, when I review my notes many of those things had come to past. My challenge to myself now is to find out how to make these things happen more rapidly so that I generate a substantial income so I can care for my 5 children and myself. I absolutely love what I am doing and the building of my business but I haven't figure out how to turn my daily efforts into $$$. Frustrated, but not deterred from my chief aim!
I'm heading there, just not as fast as I was hoping.
I'm different in that I prefer my individuality to association to "groups". My (negative) similarity is that I've allowed low morale at the office to affect my attitude towards, and performance at, work.
Opportunity to support myself and go to school.
opportunity to be financially on my own
opportunity to become a man
opportunity to become responsible
opportunity to take responsibility for my life
opportunity to build my character
opportunity to learn and grow
opportunity to take responsibility for my life and path.
Yes I do have a pile of papers on my desk (and around the office). Thanks for the reminder; I am cleaning my desk right now and will reclaim my workspace!
I am on the track to Power! By just realizing what my strengths and weakness are and to and to be able to strengthen my weakness is hugh!
I will use the Holy spirits power to lead me.
I will use the TQ to guide and track my results.
Yes, it is high but not too high.
I was giving a damn good fight in Asia Pacific region during 2001 .I spent a few years in Indian army bases .I knew the tenacity and guts that our army boys have .I felt I was representing India and Indian Army base .But I was forced out of the region by Aug 2001 .My replacement in Asia pacific was a civilian .I didn't expect he could give the same fight .Because people think more about their career and not about Global situation.So although the situation was same but different person had different impact on the situation .I wanted to stay in Asia Pacific by four more months during 2001 to have a total control .Even I deffered my marriage to Jan 2002 .But I was forced back to my country by Aug 2001 .And some ill elements of the world took the advantage of the loose moment after that.
It was not possible to describe everything .It was a complicated situation .Lot of things had to be noticed from Asia Pacific during 2001.Only information given was to my replacement that he should wake up the nights and have to monitor everything in Singapore .He didn't follow .
It was not possible to describe everything .It was a complicated situation .Lot of things had to be noticed from Asia Pacific during 2001.Only information given was to my replacement that he should wake up the nights and have to monitor everything in Singapore .He didn't follow .
I needed a few months for after Aug 2001 to get more control on the situation.The situation was indeed under control .I wanted to communicate more effectivly after that .A few countries were planning to attack America in those days .They wanted to attack Indian army bases too .So I anticipated their moves very well .I needed some more time from where I was working .I was in Asia pacific region in those days .There was some turmoil in Indian side too .So I was not willing to come back to India as I felt I would loose control if I return to India .There was a damn good fight going on in those days of 2001 .Some countries had fear that America might attack their country .So They planned to attack America thru terrorists .I anticipated their moves .But I shouldn't have been removed from Asia Pacific by Aug 2001 .The bunker I pepared there was left unattended .
I believe in myself, I am committed to never ending improvement. In ten years I will be very healthy, mostly vegetarian, raw food, I will continue exercising. My Family and I will enjoy our home and continue to travel and go on short vacations together.
My son will be 18 and going to college. We have a prepaid college plan for him and he is in gifted class now. I want to make tons of money in the next ten years and I want to do it as an entrepreneur, I do not want to work for an Optical Corporation as an Optician. I don't see myself there. I will speak italian and have written many e books.
My career is still a rising star after 50 years in the field!
Where is my career headed and is this where I want it to go? Great question, and I am seeking Clarity for that very question right now.

I have developed MAD skills over the years, and the road ahead is far tougher than the road behind... but will live my dreams to the fullest.

The short answer is, I have no idea where I am headed today, but by Monday, this will all be resolved!

My PVR is way out of line as I am being paid far less than I am worth -- simply because my imagination is under attack.

For years I made several million a year, but now marketing and valuation is tougher, so it is time to rise to even BIGGER challenges and step it up!
I have been different since I can remember and differentiate myself based on learning faster, doing more and going the full distance in everything I do.

I never quit, even when it is hopeless. I find a way around, though or over every obstacle I face.

While not superman, I do jump over short buildings with a running start... and a long time ago learned the difference between walking on water, and passing water in an emergency :) !!!
What does my personal "brand" stand for exactly?

Excellence in thought and action -- the high-value, low-cost champion of personal and professional development.
Growing up I wasn't like all the other kids. They were cool. I wasn't. They were part of a group. I wasn't. At first I wanted to be like everyone else. Then it dawned on me. That wasn't ever going to happen. So I took a turn and decided to be different than everyone else. I was the only guy on the football team that played guitar and sang. Doing things differently came naturally some times. Sometimes I had to push myself in that direction.

I was teaching 7th and 8th grade and coaching sports and realized that I was being defined by that. I remember having the conversation with myself about becoming "uni-dimensional man." So I started playing in bands and working other jobs to get experience. One May when school let out I left Chicago with $30 in my pocket (no credit or debit cards) a back pack, my guitar, a tent, and my motorcycle. I made it to Phoenix with less than $3.00 in my pocket. By the time I came back to Chicago for the fall semester I had $1900 in my pocket. In 1971 that was a lot of money. I am probably a little more self reliant than some folks. I was blessed that I had a lot of help from people on that adventure. People were extraordinarily kind to me. The trip taught me a great deal about myself. Maybe I am not so different than anyone else. Anyone else could do what I did. Maybe I am different because I did it.
Run a major corporation with philanthropic interests for local communities!
Here''s the 10 great video tools that make it easier
Watch for 23 min. http://vimeo.com/album/2372300/video/64302954
We''ll be celebrating this weekend in Tampa
Help enough people and you can go with us for free
to Maui in june Watch, then join or refer at Talkfusion.com/1162680 Instant pay can begin for you today !
My own mind has .. well my schedule has them!
yes, and intelligent performance is the key

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