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"Education is not the learning of facts. It is training the mind to THINK." ~ Albert Einstein

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TQ is the world's leading producer of virtual training products exclusively focused on personal and professional excellence.

If you want to achieve more and get ahead faster, we invite you to download The NEW TQ Time Prism now and install it on your smartphone. It is available for both iOS and Droid devices.

The Time Prism is free and is the fastest and easiest way to learn, remember and master the success-critical skills for higher achievement.

You will earn more when you learn more... your career will take flight... and your business will prosper.

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"Worth 1000 Times the price paid..."

Been there... done that... and I'm not easily impressed. I've purchased thousands of dollars of books, seminars, video tapes, and an assortment of training aids that would fill a garage. Never have I been so impressed before. Simple, straight-forward and very structured. This is the LAST program I will ever need to take! I wish it would have been my FIRST...

Barbra A.
San Francisco, CA


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