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The fastest and easiest way to achieve all your dreams and goals: Test your TQ and turn it up 40 points!

Tommy TQ Quinn
Actionable Intelligence™
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Mentor, Tommy Quinn!

Here you will experience Mastery of your full potential by getting your most personal questions answered, with actionable information you can put into immediate ACTION.
CHANGE: It's not the strongest or fastest of the species that survives, it is the one most able to quickly adapt, evolve, and stay relevant. This requires a relentless commitment to learning and doing new things... becoming comfortable with CHANGE... and having every tool conceivable at your disposal to gain a competitive edge.

Which is why we created the most powerful, intelligent, helpful, and understanding MENTOR/AVATAR to guide you through the massive changes ahead.

So, every time you calibrate your TQ, you are getting a double bounce: 1) You are systematically measuring your success potential, and 2) You are privately and anonymously helping Tommy get to know you better than any coach, advisor, or mentor ever can.

As Albert Einstein so aptly pointed out, "Education is not merely the learning of facts. It is TRAINING THE MIND TO THINK"... which is what we do with every click here at Think TQ... translating fuzzy, opaque thinking into crystal clear Actionable Intelligence™ that will transform your life.

TRUTH: This eye-opening Quick Quiz provides an instant assessment of your strengths and weaknesses, giving you the insight necessary to improve every aspect of your performance — personally and professionally.

FACT: Action is the true measurement of intelligence. With over 75 Million data points we know it's not your IQ or EQ that drives success... it's your AI Infused TQ (Time Quotient).

PROMISE: In 2 minutes The Time Prism™ will break your performance into 10 success-critical components... what you're doing RIGHT, so you can do MORE of that... what you are doing WRONG, so you can do LESS of that... and what you must do DIFFERENT to achieve the success you desire.

DESIRE: TQ stands at the intersection of all your hopes and dreams, and more importantly, what you are willing and able to do to achieve them. High TQ performance is the key to everything... more money... career growth... and most importantly... your happiness, satisfaction, and sense of meaning and purpose. You DESIRE success. The next 2 minutes shows you the path.

RECOMMENDATION: First complete all 10 questions and get your score. When signed in, you can come back to this page anytime, update your scores, and if you see an area that you feel is holding you back, follow the SYSTEM!

BENEFIT: Once you have recorded what you BELIEVE and PERCEIVE, the next step will be to determine what you ACTUALLY do... and set the baseline for Systematically Higher Achievement. This gives you an incredible edge in the pursuit of all your dreams and goals... wealth, power, and happiness.


The 10 Colors of Gold Standard
Performance Excellence...

Simple Instructions...

  1. Read each question — go with your instincts... be honest with yourself.
  2. Rate each area of your performance 1-10... select the highest gold bar that describes how you see YOU.
  3. Reflect on the last 3 months, not just right now... in every area of your life, personally and professionally.

Relax, have fun, Be honest (not brutal)!

Important Note: If you KNOW any given area of your performance is holding you back from the success you desire, we recommend you eliminate it quickly. You have every tool available, including our TQ/Ai Actionable Intelligence™ Avatar Tommy TQ Quinn (AKA The Invisible Billionaire) to drive you to Systematically Higher Achievement!

1. Your Personal Energy Level...

THINK TQ: Do you have the physical strength, mental stamina and emotional energy level to power exceptional performance all day long? Or, are you frequently stressed out, burned out and running on empty before the day is done?

Scale: From Drained to Energetic...

Gold Standard Rating (1 - 10): None

Energy is the first color in the Time Prism Performance Spectrum because the simple truth is, there are no dead peak performers. For even minimal performance, you have to be, act and feel alive. If you don't have the energy to do whatever it takes, you'll never perform up to your true potential.

POSITIVES: Strength, endurance, mental/emotional stability.

2. Your Sense of Mission & Purpose...

THINK TQ: Do you have a strong sense of mission, purpose and direction? Or, do you find yourself running in circles with no clear vision of where you are headed much of the time?

Scale: From Directionless to Passionate...

Gold Standard Rating (1 - 10): None

Mission is the second color because, until you know what's most important, you're spending the only life you have on things that simply don't matter.

POSITIVES: Authentic, passionate, purposeful, devoted.

3. Your Attitude...

THINK TQ: Do you look for the best in every situation and the opportunity in every problem? Or, are you more of a "NO it all" — frequently allowing negative thoughts and fears to rule your life?

Scale: From Pessimistic to Enthusiastic...

Gold Standard Rating (1 - 10): None

Attitude is the third color because, until you truly believe in your dreams—nothing is going to happen. A winning ATTITUDE energizes your mission, transforming raw potential into sheer power. Everyone has the same 24 hours of productivity potential. A positive attitude determines how many possibilities you'll transform into opportunities with yours.

POSITIVES: Optimistic, proactive, unstoppable, self-assured.

4. Your Ability to Set Crystal-Clear Goals...

THINK TQ: Do you have at least one clearly defined goal for every major interest in your life already written into your calendar? Or, do you frequently set goals on the fly with no clear expectations for what you want, by when, or WHY?

Scale: From Vague to Self-Directed...

Gold Standard Rating (1 - 10): None

Set Goals is the fourth color because you can't make the leap from here to your vision in one jump. You can't just "do" a mission. You need specific, tangible targets to give you immediate direction... ones which will lead thereafter to even greater destinations.

POSITIVES:: Self-directed, visionary, motivated, explicit, excited.

5. Your Ability to Make Rock-Solid Plans...

THINK TQ: A goal without a plan is merely a wish without a hope. Do you have a written action plan to support both your personal and professional goals? Or, do you frequently find yourself back-tracking, redoing what could have been done right the first time with even a simple plan?

Scale: From Rash to Prepared...

Gold Standard Rating (1 - 10): None

Make Plans is the fifth color because a goal without a plan is merely a wish without a hope. Once you have a goal, you must immediately develop detailed plans to accomplish it.

POSITIVES:: Self-assured, self-confident, systematic, prepared, determined.

6. Your Ability to Prioritize The Important Over The Urgent...

THINK TQ: Do you review each of your plans and consistently prioritize each action step, always focusing on what's most important at the time? Or, do you have some self-inflicted stress in your life — too often finding yourself reacting to self-induced urgencies? Scale: From Scattered to Highly Focused...

Gold Standard Rating (1 - 10): None

Prioritize is the sixth color because, even though you want to complete every step of every plan, you can't complete them all at the same time. Achieving your Personal Best each day means making conscious choices -- deciding what can be done now and what can wait until later. It's having the self discipline to eliminate everything else temporarily--so you can focus on what's most important right now.

POSITIVES:: Selective, fulfilled, results-oriented, focused.

7. Your Ability to Create True Inter-Personal Synergy...

THINK TQ: Do you foster a true sense of teamwork and consistently delegate your tasks and projects to others? Or, are you frequently seen as an overworked "Army of One?"

Scale: From Critical to Supportive...

Gold Standard Rating (1 - 10): None

Synergize is the seventh color because, once your 24-hour day is filled up, the only way you can become more productive, increase the quality and quantity of your results is through the participation and contribution of other people.

POSITIVES:: Respectful, supportive, empowering, appreciative, articulate.

8. Your Ability to Get and Stay Organized...

THINK TQ: Do you organize to conquer — with all your systems, files and work-space consistently supporting you? Do you create systems to automate your most productive and rewarding activities? Or, are you constantly spinning your wheels, slowed down by organizational inefficiencies and deficiencies — confusing effort with results?

Scale: From Haphazard to Systematic...

Gold Standard Rating (1 - 10): None

Organize is the eighth color because, after leveraging your results through entire teams of other peope, automating your tasks is the most productive thing you can do. To achieve the results you want requires you to be as efficient and effective as possible. Even though you may be busier than ever before, you may be simply doing things the hard way, or worse--just spinning your wheels, confusing effort with results!

POSITIVES:: Systematic, efficient, effective, innovative, meticulous.

9. Your Ability to Optimize Your Time...

THINK TQ: Do you have superior Time Management skills? Do you consistently optimize your time, getting everything done that was planned each day? Or, do you get sucked into the "time vortex" that swallows up entire days at a time — and frequently find yourself with lots of things left to do well after the day is over?

Scale: From Distracted to Timely...

Gold Standard Rating (1 - 10): None

Optimize is the ninth color because the truth is, you ALREADY have all the Time there is. There are exactly 1440 minutes in a day. To produce more of the Results you want, you'll have to get more out of each minute you have.

POSITIVES:: Vigilant, engaged, prolific, industrious.

10. Your Ability to Take Immediate, High-Value Action...

THINK TQ: Do you take immediate action on whatever's next without procrastinating? Or, do you spend most of your time awaiting further instructions — constantly getting ready to get ready?

Scale: From Procrastination to Highly Proactive...

Gold Standard Rating (1 - 10): None

Act Now is the tenth color in the Time Prism Performance Spectrum because nothing gets done without first getting started. Until you stop living life on hold — nothing is going to happen.

POSITIVES:: Action-oriented, courageous, resourceful, proactive, tenacious.


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