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Your Quick TQ: An exciting First step forward...

YOU are your greatest asset. Invest a bit of time in YOU and test your TQ... then turn it up 80 points!

TQ is the fastest and easiest way to achieve your dreams and goals... a Gold Standard measurement of your practical working intelligence.

It's not your IQ or EQ that drives success... it's your Time Quotient (TQ).

TQ measures how smart you ACT, not how smart you ARE. It drives everything you will ever be, do, and have in life.

The science is clear: Consistently take smarter ACTIONS and your success potential positively expands. Permit the negatives in your performance to hold you back, life is harder and success takes longer.

Now, more than ever before, your positive ACTIONS must speak louder than your DOUBTS and FEARS.

Don't let the COVID CRISIS rob you of your happiness and success in life.

Fight back.

Begin with our Quick Test, then move forward with your Full TQ Test. (During this crisis, both are FREE.)

Quick Instructions...

  1. Quickly read each question...
  2. Go with your instincts...
  3. Rate each area of your performance 1-10...
  4. This test measures your Perceived TQ, how you feel/believe you are performing. But because our perceptions are frequently wrong, we created a way to view your performance positives and negatives with 1,000 degrees of precision.
  5. In a way, your TQ Score is as important as your Blood Pressure, BMI, and EKG because it is a highly accurate reflection of the actions you take to achieve the results you actually get. Which is what causes your successes in life.
  6. Sign in to get your initial review then move forward to the deep-dive into what is ACTUALLY going on.

Relax, have fun! Be honest (but not brutal)...
This investment in YOU will pay huge dividends!


1. Consider Your Personal Energy Level...

How well & how often do you commit to peak personal power? Do you have the physical strength, mental stamina and emotional energy level to be going strong all day long?

Or, are you frequently stressed out, burned out and running on empty before the day is done?

I rate my ENERGY level:

2. Is Your Sense of Mission & Purpose Empowering?

How well & how often do you choose to actually live what's most important? Do you have a strong sense of mission, purpose and direction?

Or, are you "a little unclear" about your life's mission — finding yourself running in circles with no clear vision of where you are headed much of the time?

I rate my sense of MISSION:

3. Think About Your Attitude...

How well & how often do you transform your life's passion into positive and optimistic action each day? Do you look for the best in every situation and the opportunity in every problem?

Or, are you more of a "NO it all" — frequently allowing negative thoughts and fears to rule your life?

I rate my overall ATTITUDE:

4. Do You Have The Ability to Set Crystal-Clear Goals?

How well & how often do you turn your dreams and visions into tangible, real-world targets? Do you have at least one clearly defined goal for every major interest in your life already written into your calendar?

Or, do you frequently set goals on the fly with no clear expectations for what you want, by when, or WHY?

I rate my ability to SET GOALS:

5. Do You Make Rock-Solid Plans...

How well & how often do you plan out the steps for attaining each of your most important goals? Do you have a written action plan to support both your personal and professional goals — complete with defined steps that lead to specific, major milestones and objectives?

Or, do you frequently find yourself back-tracking, redoing what could have been done right the first time with even a simple plan?

I rate my ability to MAKE PLANS:

6. Score Your Ability to Prioritize What's Important...

How well & how often do you focus on your #1 priority of the day first? Do you review each of your plans and consistently prioritize each action step, always focusing on what's most important at the time?

Or, do you have some self-inflicted stress in your life — too often finding yourself reacting to self-induced urgencies?

I rate my ability to PRIORITIZE:

7. Do You Have Ability to Create True Inter-personal Synergy?

How well & how often do you find, empower, and motivate others to help you achieve your goals? Do you foster a true sense of teamwork and consistently delegate your tasks and projects to others who have the ability to do them better or faster than you?

Or, are you frequently seen as an overworked "Army of One?"

I rate my ability to SYNERGIZE:

8. Let's Look At Your Ability to Get & Stay Organized...

Are you highly Organized? Do you organize to conquer — with all your systems, files and work-space consistently supporting you? Do you create systems to automate your most productive and rewarding activities?

Or, are you constantly spinning your wheels, slowed down by organizational inefficiencies and deficiencies — confusing effort with results?

I rate my ability to ORGANIZE:

9. Is Your Ability to Optimize Time Your Greatest Skill?

How well & how often do you make every minute matter? Do you have superior Time Management skills? Do you consistently optimize your time, getting everything done that was planned each day?

Or, do you get sucked into the "time vortex" that swallows up entire days at a time — and frequently find yourself with lots of things left to do well after the day is over?

I rate my ability to OPTIMIZE:

10. Score Your Ability to Take Immediate, High-Value Action...

How well & how often do you take decisive action to make things happen? Do you take immediate action on whatever's next without procrastinating? Do you break down complex tasks into immediately do-able steps?

Or, do you spend most of your time awaiting further instructions — frequently finding distraction, hesitation and procrastination consuming your precious time — constantly getting ready to get ready?

I rate my ability to take ACTION:


You're a click away from some brilliant personal insight...

Are you done? Have you answered the above questions as honestly as possible?

Okay, let's take a look at your initial TQ Color Chart to see how your numbers converge to produce the life you want.

(If you are not yet a member of TQ you will be given the opportunity to signup to access your Test Results as well as special programs designed just for you. You are under no obligation now or ever!)


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