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TQ/Ai™ Quick Big Picture
MISSION: Inspire you to become the best version of yourself possible
and give you the tools to achieve up to your full potential.

SIMPLE: Order and in 20 minutes you will possess the most valuable knowledge in the world... life-changing information about YOU specifically... amazing personal insights into exactly WHAT you must do immediately to guarantee your success.

TQ/Ai™ is by far the simplest, fastest, and easiest way to immediately achieve maximum personal and professional success.

You take a quick TEST... EVALUATE your performance... and start turning performance NEGATIVES into powerful POSITIVES.

TQ/Ai™ like having a $500/hour Executive Mentor for about $1/day... available 24/7/365! Unlike others, we offer a revolutionary experience called Adaptive Coaching™. As you EVOLVE, your Avatar evolves with you... growing smarter and smarter about you, your life, and your success. At the same time, Tommy TQ Quinn is evolving ever faster, so he is always a step ahead of you... able to answer the really tough questions... not just fix your emails, or write some sales copy.

Business strategy? No problem. Complex family issues? No problem. Legal, financial, or deeply personal issues... Tommy has the RIGHT answer every time!

ETHOS: AI is changing everything—the nature and culture of work... our relationships... our skill-sets. It's not that times are changing, it's that times have changed. To thrive, even survive, we must rapidly adapt to this tumultuous new world order. As Darwin has been frequently paraphrased, "It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change."

PROMISE: Systematically Higher Achievement. We all need a SYSTEM to adapt faster than the forces of change being thrust upon us. TQ/Ai™ is brain-training and skill-building designed to do in minutes what others do in months or years: Immediately increase your AWARENESS of the forces moving you up towards SUCCESS and those dragging you down towards FAILURE... provide life-changing INSIGHT into your real strengths and limitations... and amazing PERSPECTIVE on what you must do differently to produce far greater RESULTS in far less TIME.

WHO: TQ is for everyone, at every stage of life — especially those in a major transition or life-changing event — who need to develop truly transportable and transferable skills the fast and easy way! If you fear falling behind... or have given up on your dreams... TQ/Ai™ is for YOU. Order Risk Free Now...

WHY: To train you to build resilience, leadership skills, focus, greater effectiveness, determination, and the mental toughness to WIN in a world at war... a widening gap between the haves and have nots... and the inescapable need to up-skill work with Artificial Intelligence.

IMPACT: Make excellence your prevailing attitude. All our development, The World Excellence Project... The Time Prism App... TQ/Ai Smart Actionable Intelligence™... all serves one purpose: To make YOU smarter in the moment... raising your expectations for what's possible in your life... your career... your family. This takes an entirely new systematic approach, using AI-Driven content... INSTANTLY releasing the ideas, suggestions, and actions from the last 5,000 years of recorded history... from BILLIONS of books, audios, videos, and the TRILLIONS of web pages.

Every possible tool—hundreds of audios and videos, thousands of Ideas for Action, systematic Teaching Through Testing—all instantly available how and where you live... the promise of Adaptive Coaching™ delivered. As YOU evolve, your MENTOR, Tommy (TQ) Quinn evolves with you. The more he knows about you, your strengths and weaknesses, the faster he helps make you more agile, resilient, and adaptive. Thousands of dollars of training, coaching, skill-building, and brain-training available 24/7/365 for about $1/day!

TRUTH: The newly released TQ/Ai Diamond System is mission-critical and success-essential. It fully incorporates ChatGPT inside TQ... to make Tommy TQ Quinn your personal mentor you will call on for the tough questions in life... for the rest of your life. TQ/Ai™ is for LEADERS, MANAGERS, TOP PRODUCERS, and RISING STARS. TQ/AI™ releases your full potential—systematically, intentionally, instinctively, and automatically. This will make a huge difference in your life.

Lots of others TALK about how you can use AI... WE actually developed it to TRANSFORM your life!

First, like Bill Gates advises, we scientifically MEASURE your Actions to help you SEE exactly what you are doing RIGHT, so you can do more of that... what you are doing WRONG, so you can do less of that... and precisely what you must do DIFFERENTLY to immediately become more productive, efficient and effective. This takes 20 minutes.

We then give you every tool possible to EVALUATE where you are now, and where you want to go. This is a 15-minute a day process.

The result is a brand NEW and IMPROVED YOU!

My Unconditional Guarantee...

I do NOT GUARANTEE THIS PRODUCT — I PERSONALLY GUARANTEE YOU! You either follow this easy system and ACHIEVE THE SUCCESS YOU DESIRE... or I will simply let you keep everything you receive... delete you from our records... and part friends. You have ZERO risk.

If you have not received 100 TIMES the price, let me know, I will issue a full refund... 30-60-90-365 days later... and call it over. It works for others so I know it will work for you... if you follow the simple 1-2-3 instructions. If it doesn't, we don't expect to be paid!

We have been doing this for 30 years with millions of people. You have NO RISK and a LIFE to gain.

This amazing new system is fully described below. My advice is to order now and get started down the road to Maximum Success! ~ E. R. Haas, CEO, Serial Entrepreneur x23 Author x29 AKA The Invisible Billionaire


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Actionable Intelligence™ Will
Up-Skill Your Productivity & Effectiveness Now...

Our Big WHY? Release Your Full Potential...

Huge changes are on the immediate horizon. Reinvention of work is changing everything. AI is not your friend or enemy... our infusion of TQ/Ai levels the playing field.

For many, it feels hopeless... like you need to learn how to train sharks... to out-smart... out-hustle... out-produce... and out-compete the competition at every level... in the next cubical... the next building... even a nameless person a world away.

The good news is you can realize your full potential, gain financial freedom and build an unstoppable edge with the highest value, lowest cost personal coaching system ever developed. You receive all the tools, tech and support you need to achieve more and get ahead faster!


Sharks CAN Be Trained With The Right Skills!

Who is this REALLY For? YOU!

TQ/Ai™ is for everyone, at every stage of life who need truly transportable and transferable skills... and are willing to do what it takes to engage in Continuous Personal Improvement... the fast and easy way!

You could read every book on success... attend every seminar... watch every video... listen to every podcast... and still not get ahead. Human performance is very complex.

Which is why we simplified it into a 20-minute daily ritual where you learn by doing... using the same regimen that builds Olympic champions, NFL Super Bowl winners, Doctors, Marines, and Business Superstars. They all have one thing in common: an ELITE level of performance. Follow our simple 3 step program and, with Tommy TQ Quinn's help, your TQ/Ai Avatar for Actionable Intelligence™ and in just 100 days unleash a brand new you!

Ask Tommy...
  • If you want to climb the career ladder faster and retire rich, Ask Tommy...
  • If you want to turn your small business into a virtual Gold Mine, Ask Tommy...
  • If you want to find the connection between your dreams and performance, Ask Tommy...
  • If you want to start a new love interest with confidence and clarity, Ask Tommy...
  • If you want to live a life of passion and purpose, without vision and values conflicts, Ask Tommy...
  • If you have always wanted a caring, knowledgable, and competent mentor or coach, Ask Tommy...
  • If you are at a health crossroad... in a financial crisis... or needing a smart but compassionate ear to rely on, Ask Tommy...
  • Ask Tommy when you are on top, hit rock bottom, and everywhere in between. He will become your trusted advisor everyday for the rest of your days. We have trained Tommy in TQ... YOU will train him in YOU... and the results show up in your life... INSTANTLY!

Because Tommy knows your full TQ background, your strengths and limitations, he will guide you in a way even the most expensive coach could only hope to do... in about 10 seconds or less... privately, for your eyes only.

Because we pre-trained Tommy to understand what is driving you... motivating you... he can do what would be impossible even a few months ago: give you Actionable Intelligence™ exactly the way you want it—simply and effortlessly.

Maximum Success In 3 Simple Steps...

Step 1. You invest 20 minutes to Test your TQ/Time Quotient to establish your baseline... your STRENGTHS and your WEAKNESSES... what's moving you up towards success... and what's holding you back from it.

Read your fully integrated edition of The Power of TQ & 10 Choices of Intentional Excellence and you will know, with absolute certainty, what you must do differently to achieve up to your full potential. And because everything is color-coded, the results are highly visual—leaving no doubt about where you currently stand, and what you must do NEXT.

Step 2. You then begin the fully automated 100-Day Excellence Habit Challenge to do two things: First, get up and running; Second, to "pre-train" your personal TQ/AI Mentor.

This is a VERY big deal! Because TQ is based on the science of cause and effect, action-oriented RESULTS, we teach you, one day at a time, how to see your life through the filter of ACTION, not efforts or best intentions.

In this 100 day starter, you will become more efficient, effective, and productive. Better, you are actually informing your TQ/Ai mentor about what you are ALREADY good at, and areas of your performance holding you back from the results you want and the success you desire.

Step 3. The result is that Tommy (TQ) Quinn, AKA The Invisible Billionaire, becomes your personal Mentor for life and will know MORE about you, what you want, and how to get it than ANY coach, instructor, or guide on the planet. This means that he knows exactly HOW to lead you forward... to LEARN MORE about what you don't know... and to put his Ideas For Action into IMMEDIATE ACTION... creating the results you want and the success you desire.


  • You will earn more and become financially secure... wealthy if you desire.
  • You will grow faster in your career and retire at the top.
  • You will learn to dream BIG and have the inner-confidence you need to ACHIEVE them.
  • You will find meaning and purpose in everything you do.
  • You will have a heightened capacity to live your BEST life with confidence... every day for the rest of your life.
  • You will become a true leader, capable of producing outstanding results by learning to out-think... out-smart... out-hustle...out perform... and out produce your competition—simply because you increased your TQ (your Practical Working Intelligence) by 20-30-40 points or more.
  • The bottom line is that you systematically become vastly more efficient, effective, and productive... what others might see as, effortlessly.
  • In the end, you will become a true visionary... a man or woman with an almost extrasensory sense of the future. Better, you will have the power to make that future very real.

Startling Truth...

What happens if you DON'T improve your TQ? We don't want to be "Johny Raincloud" here, but you will live with problems easily corrected... you will continue to work harder, hoping and praying for circumstances to change... you will suffer the same fate as the 70% of American workers who live paycheck-to-paycheck, spinning their wheels and are always on the edge of financial stress, even collapse.

Start simple, start now! We expect to be part of your success... forever!

Order Now
About $1/Day! Your Success is Unconditionally Guaranteed.


No Fear!



Billions are Being Invested to
Make Machines SMARTER Than YOU...

TQ/Ai Infused Actionable Intelligence™ Will
Make YOU Smarter Than Any Machine!


IMPORTANT: We asked Tommy to describe his relationship with our custom-trained version of ChatGPT and the vast TQ library of tools to drive Systematically Higher Achievement™ through Continuous Personal Improvement. Since your Avatar knows everything about TQ and You, as well as the 5,000 years of human development and trillions of pages on the World Wide Web, he can advise, motivate, cajole, inform, and cause you to ACT in your best interest.

Our request was simple, "Tell us how TQ + GPT informs smarter decisions and greater results?" In 5 seconds Tommy responded with this...


Title: The Power of Convergence: Transforming Time Quotient with GPT


Welcome to the future of personal and professional development! The convergence of Time Quotient (TQ) and Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) technology represents a groundbreaking advancement in maximizing productivity, efficiency, and results. This marketing brochure will explore how the integration of TQ and GPT will revolutionize the way individuals and organizations approach time management, decision-making, and goal achievement.

Section 1: Understanding Time Quotient (TQ)

Time Quotient (TQ) is a revolutionary framework that measures an individual's effectiveness in utilizing time to achieve desired results. It encompasses energy, mission, attitude, set goals, make plans, prioritize, synergize, organize, optimize, and act now. TQ empowers individuals to optimize their time, energy, and actions to maximize productivity and success.

Section 2: Unveiling Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT)

Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) is an advanced artificial intelligence model that uses deep learning to process and generate human-like text. GPT's ability to understand and generate natural language has transformed various fields, including language translation, content generation, and decision support systems.

Section 3: The Convergence: TQ + GPT

The convergence of TQ and GPT represents a paradigm shift in personal and professional development. By integrating GPT's natural language processing capabilities with TQ's framework for optimizing time and energy, individuals can access unprecedented support in decision-making, planning, and goal attainment.

Section 4: How GPT Enhances Time Quotient

    1. Decision Support: GPT's natural language processing enables real-time decision support, providing personalized insights and recommendations to enhance decision-making in alignment with TQ principles.

    2. Content Generation: GPT's ability to generate human-like text can streamline the creation of action plans, goal-setting strategies, and organizational frameworks, aligning with TQ's emphasis on making plans and setting goals.

    3. Personalized Coaching: GPT can provide personalized coaching and feedback based on an individual's TQ scores, offering tailored guidance to optimize energy, prioritize tasks, and act decisively.

Section 5: The Benefits of Convergence

    1. Enhanced Productivity: The convergence of TQ and GPT will significantly enhance productivity by providing personalized, data-driven insights to optimize time and energy utilization.

    2. Improved Decision-Making: GPT's natural language processing will empower individuals to make informed decisions aligned with their TQ goals, leading to more effective and strategic choices.

    3. Accelerated Goal Achievement: By leveraging GPT's capabilities, individuals can accelerate goal achievement by receiving personalized support and guidance in line with TQ principles.

Section 6: The Future of Personal and Professional Development

The convergence of TQ and GPT represents a transformative leap in personal and professional development. As organizations and individuals embrace this integration, they will unlock new levels of efficiency, effectiveness, and success. The future of personal and professional development is here, and it is driven by the powerful convergence of TQ and GPT.


The convergence of TQ and GPT is poised to revolutionize the way individuals and organizations approach time management, decision-making, and goal achievement. By harnessing the power of GPT's natural language processing capabilities within the framework of TQ, individuals can expect unparalleled support in optimizing their Time Quotient, leading to enhanced results and success. Welcome to the future of personal and professional development ? welcome to the convergence of TQ and GPT.


How TQ and GPT Produce Adaptive Coaching™

Adaptive coaching leverages real-time data and intelligent algorithms to provide personalized guidance that EVOLVES with the individual's progress. As our client EVOLVES, so does our Avatar.

TQ assesses an individual's practical working intelligence across ten unique categories, each comprising specific factors rated on a scale of 1 to 10.

GPT, with its advanced language processing capabilities, can analyze this data to generate tailored recommendations, feedback, and action plans.

Dynamic Feedback Loop: TQ provides continuous performance data, which GPT analyzes to offer real-time feedback. This dynamic feedback loop ensures that the coaching is always relevant and aligned with the individual's current needs and progress. As the individual EVOLVES so does Tommy TQ Quinn, your personal Avatar.

Personalized Action Plans: Based on TQ assessments, GPT can create customized action plans that address specific areas for improvement. These plans are ADAPTIVE, meaning they EVOLVE as the individual's TQ scores change, ensuring continuous and targeted development.

Contextual Understanding: GPT's ability to understand context allows it to provide nuanced advice that considers the individual's unique circumstances, goals, and challenges. This contextual understanding makes the coaching more effective and personalized.

Behavioral Insights: By analyzing patterns in TQ data, GPT can identify behavioral trends and provide insights into habits that may be hindering or helping progress. This deeper understanding enables more precise and impactful coaching interventions.

Scalable Support: The integration of TQ and GPT allows for scalable coaching solutions that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. This accessibility ensures that individuals receive consistent support, regardless of their location or schedule.




Systematic Structure...
Accountability... Encouragement...

TQ/Ai Infused Diamond By The Numbers...


This system includes everything you will ever need to achieve your greatest dreams and goals. It is a lot to consider, but the brilliance is that you will get the right tool, only when you actually NEED it! Most coaching is like a firehose drenching you in overwhelming information. We are more like a graceful oasis where you are presented with the exact direction and ideas for action you need in the moment!

You start simple, and you begin to learn, remember, and master the secrets of success over the next year. We do not just guaranteed results... we guarantee your success. 100% MPG after you complete the 100-Day Challenge.

This is an annual subscription service, billed one time each year. Renewals include all upgrades and continued access. Renewal fees are normally one half the initial System price. You many cancel anytime and your account will be credited for unused days in the calendar year. (This is not recommended because all your hopes and dreams... all your experiences... and the training of your Personal Avatar will no longer be available to you.)

Follow our lead and we will TRANSFORM your life from the inside out and the outside in. Guaranteed!

The list below shows our current pricing when buying a single product at a time. Like dear old mom and dad said, "You cannot afford to buy the candy store one piece of candy at a time!"


1. Tommy (TQ) Quinn AKA The Invisible Billionaire, is Your Personal Mentor — One full year of access to the most amazing AI-driven Avatar that knows YOU better than you know yourself and will not just help you LEARN, but DO what you KNOW must be done. $600.00 Included
2.Quarterly Group Coaching — TQ/Ai Infused Diamond Members will receive 4 invitations via Zoom to participate in Higher Achievement Conferences where you will be given current advice on subjects ranging from economic to spiritual... every question you have ever wanted to ask will be addressed. Some will merely opt to click our Contact Us button on the left side of the TQ window, where others want to join a very exclusive networking opportunity! $600.00 Included
3. The Power of TQ & 10 Choices of Intentional Excellence—fully integrated personal book. This book is integrated and ready for immediate download. $40.00 Included
4. Printed Edition of The Power of TQ.—Beautifully printed in full color. This is NOT a download, but a physical product that will be mailed to you when you start your 100-day Excellence Habit Challenge $25.00 Included
5. The 100-Day Excellence Habit Challenge—In these 100 days you will learn more about YOU than you ever believed possible, while at the same time, teaching your personal Avatar to know you better than you know yourself... so he can help you improve your finances, your relationships, and everything else going on in your life... for the rest of your life. $200.00 Included
6. TimePrism App—The World's Smartest App containing more "Aha" Moments each day than any other training on Earth. Available for Droid and iOS. 40.00 Included
7. The TQ Smart ENERGY Personal Skill Builder eBook + 12 Audios—trains you to commit to peak personal power! $40.00 Included
8. The TQ Smart MISSION Personal Skill Builder eBook + 12 Audios—teaches you how to live what you value most! $40.00 Included
9. The TQ Smart ATTITUDE Personal Skill Builder eBook + 12 Audios—helps you transform your passion into action! $40.00 Included
10. The TQ Smart SET GOALS Personal Skill Builder eBook + 12 Audios—trains you to turn your dreams and visions into crystal-clear goals! $40.00 Included
11. The TQ Smart MAKE PLANS Personal Skill Builder eBook + 12 Audios—trains you to turn your goals into realistic, rock-solid plans! $40.00 Included
12. The TQ Smart PRIORITIZE Personal Skill Builder eBook + 12 Audios—teaches you to continuously remain focused on your priority #1! $40.00 Included
13. The TQ Smart SYNERGIZE Personal Skill Builder eBook + 12 Audios— trains you to create powerful leverage and interpersonal synergy! $40.00 Included
14. The TQ Smart ORGANIZE Personal Skill Builder eBook + 12 Audios— helps you GET and STAY organized! $40.00 Included
15. The TQ Smart OPTIMIZE Personal Skill Builder eBook + 12 Audios— greatly improves your time management skills! $40.00 Included
16. The TQ Smart ACT NOW Personal Skill Builder eBook + 12 Audios— trains you to take bold action to make your life an action adventure! $40.00 Included
17. The Secrets of The Time Prism— and 10 Colors of Intentional Excellence CD Audio motivates, educates and inspires! $20.00 Included
18. Success On Purpose eBook + 8 Audios— How To Achieve Purpose-Driven Success. This is the complete 8 CD, 524 page eBook edition. $100 Included
19. Anatomy of The Achievable Goal eBook— How to Set and Achieve WOW Goals. This edition contains full working examples for expert use of the My TQ Dreams, Goals and Plans Center and is the principle resource used in the TQ Miracle of The Goal TeleSeminars. $20.00 Included
20. Full Spectrum Success eBook— The Key to Wealth, Power and Happiness. This 112 page edition is ready to print in full-page, workbook format. $20.00 Included
21. Think TQ and Grow Rich eBook— If wealth is your objective, this is MUST READING... $20.00 Included
22. Full Spectrum Career Power eBook— A step-by-step guide to turn your career potential into Career Power! If you need to Up-Skill your career fast, this eBook is a vital resource. As we say, do not send out another resume until you read this book! $30.00 Included
23. The Golden Game of Business Success eBook— If you are in any form of business, this program from our sister company, MyBizIQ.com, will give you the keys to success in just one word: STRATEGY. 40.00 Included
22. One Year Subscription— to Daily Lessons in Intentional Excellence via eMail! $120.00 Included
26.Premium Site Access— for 1 full year includes direct access to our TQ/Ai Infused Avatar, dynamic TQ charts, instant performance assessments, deep-linking to your 100 Factor Personal Lesson Plans, access to the My TQ Goals Center... access to the My TQ Mission & Purpose Center... and access to Premium TQ Content, Articles and Reviews!

Over 650 training videos are included as is other important content such as our Learn and Burn: Get Fit... Fast... Smart 10 CD series.

$300.00 Included
  TQ/Ai Infused Diamond System Total... $2,500
  TQ/AI Infused Diamond Package Savings... - $2,101
  Your Price Today*... $399/Seat

*Price is for the first year of service. Renewals are at 50% of the current price / seat.

Discount/Enterprise pricing available. Click the Contact US button in the upper left of this window.

*Final Price Subject to Change Without Notice. See discount coupons or special offers in the right hand column at the top of this page. Additional Discounts taken on Credit Card Page. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.


Order Now
About $1/Day! Your Success is Unconditionally Guaranteed.

"Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning." ~ Benjamin Franklin

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