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The TQ Gold System Download Edition

The Gold Coaching package contains hundreds of cutting-edged tools + focused site access + 12 months of TQ Group Master Mind Mentoring Sessions + 2 Personal Coaching sessions when you are ready for them. This is incredible value at a fraction of what others charge. Following this systematic, measurable, procedural program is like hiring a $5,000 Master Coach. We don't just guarantee the product, we guarantee your results.

Executive Summary...

Success is a RESULT of the SYSTEMATIC Pursuit of Excellence.

Excellence is Knowledge transformed into Skills.

No question, there is a tremendous difference between successful people and those who struggle just to live an ordinary life. While the reason may seem obvious, the reality goes deeper.

Over the last 25 years, we have learned that there is a root-cause for this.

Simply put, people who EXPECT to succeed, succeed... where people who fail, don't expect to succeed in the first place.

They remain locked on the bottom rung where anxiety, unfounded fears and worry drives their choices and actions.

Which is the big WHY driving all TQ products... especially the TQ Gold System.

The TQ Gold System is for top producers who want to achieve more in their lives: Happiness, Satisfaction, Significance, and true Financial Independence.

It is also for people who are struggling with money, career choices, and business issues. The simple truth is that if we cannot help you, no one else can. This is a bold statement, but our systematic, scientific cause and effect processes work where others just spout theories of this, that, and everything else.

The TQ Gold System is the most cost-effective, high-value personal training and coaching package in the world.. It contains everything you need — the live personal coaching, hand-holding, kick in the butt, tools, technology, advice, people, structure, and reinforcement — to break free, breakout and release your full potential... guaranteed.

In addition to our comprehensive products, you will receive ONE FULL YEAR of live coaching. These monthly sessions provide you with direct answers to any questions you might have. Our expert coaches will direct you to higher achievement than you ever thought possible!

If you are serious about personal and professional change and have any questions, please schedule a private coaching consultation. Registered Members Click Here...
Normally $999.95 You May

Go TQ Gold Today for just $699.95!

Systematic Structure... Accountability... Encouragement...

Your Success is Unconditionally Guaranteed.


Serious about personal growth?

Your Highly Motivating, 172 Page Personal Book...  
Is made to order with 64 different custom-produced charts, graphs and exercises personalized just for you!

If you know you can do better... want to do better... but have no idea what you need to do differently to produce the results you want and the success you desire... you have found what you have been searching for.

You could read every book on success ever written... attend every seminar... listen to every tape... and still have no clue how to achieve the success you desire.

You've probably read books like 7 Habits... Unlimited Power... In Search of Excellence... Rich Dad, Poor Dad... or the One Minute Manager.

They're all excellent—but not personal.

The Power of TQ completes what they started—and adds a whole new dimension to this body of work... a whole new perspective on how you can immediately produce superior results.

Remember, in this economy, it's all about RESULTS — not best intentions or effort. Today, "good enough" no longer is.

You can fast-track your career and achieve your goals sooner, but you will have to stop confusing effort with results.

Your Success is Unconditionally Guaranteed.

Real Story — Real Success: Click to Go TQ Gold...

Achieve far greater RESULTS in far less TIME...

TQ Gold Membership provides you with a complete system for building powerful success skills. It is grounded in the principle of scientific "causality" and is based on hundreds of millions of data points.

It is SIMPLE to understand and SIMPLE to use.

Because we break your performance into an array of 10 specific Color-coded areas of personal power, you can INSTANTLY see where you are STRONG and vibrant... and where you are WEAK and fading.

Amplify your strengths... and eliminate your weaknesses... and you move from stuck to success fast.

If you are highly successful, and want to step your performance up to the next level, this is your best choice for immediate improvement.

If you are struggling financially, in your career or in your personal life, this is your best option for immediate change.

You can make more money. You can live the life of your dreams. You can have a career that is emotionally and financially rewarding.

Don't waste one more precious minute. Order now and you will have ALL the resources you need to achieve your boldest dreams. And yes, this is something we unconditionally guarantee. Thus, Gold Membership is 100% Risk Free!

Your Success is Unconditionally Guaranteed.

Everything Is Included...

    Stressed-out, burned-out and running on empty? Increase your physical energy level and mental stamina -- by learning to commit to peak personal power each day!
    Make the rest of your life the best of your life! Heighten your sense of purpose and direction -- by learning how to actually live what you value most and incorporate your core personal values into every action you take.
    Need to start looking for the best in every situation, the opportunity in every problem? Build self-confidence in impossible situations -- by looking beyond life's problems... focusing instead on solutions and opportunities.

    Want the shortest path to high achievement? Transform your dreams and visions into a series of crystal-clear future expectations. Learn to expect success rather than fear failure, and key goals almost achieve themselves!
    Running in circles but making good time? Turn your goals into rock-solid plans -- by learning to create realistic milestones, objectives and deadlines!

    Remove the drama, start living up to your full potential. Remain focused on your top priorities each day -- by concentrating your time on what's most important -- rather than permit life's urgencies to grind you down and wear you out.

    Are you trying to be an army of one? Create powerful force-multipliers -- by broadening your team-building and leadership skills. Learn to delegate, inspire, and share your vision and more work gets done in far less time!

    Get and stay organized! Develop highly efficient organizational skills -- by learning to simplify, reduce and eliminate the clutter clogging your systems.

    Turn your time into a magic money machine! Improve your ability to manage time -- by ridding yourself of the three thieves stealing your life away: Distractions, Interruptions and Preoccupations.

    Stop getting ready to get ready! Take bold action to make your life an action adventure -- by learning to triumph over fear, uncertainty and doubt.


TQ Gold System Features

1. The TQ Basics TeleSeminars — Two full years of access to experts who will, in our monthly teleconferences, answer any questions you might have, either personally or in your career. Approximately 24 hours of live Q&A at $50/Hour = $1,200. $1,200.00 Included
2. One-On-One Personal Coaching — Gold Members, at the conclusion of their 4 Quick Start Coaching Sessions, will be given a 1-hour personal session with a TQ Master Coach. This highly valuable service will help you determine an ongoing course of training, point you in the direction of advanced coaching and help you take the next action steps in the direction of your dreams. $249.00 Included
3. QSC Session I —POWER: Your Success is all about having the personal power to achieve the Results you want over Time. In this session we will boost your TQ by 20 points—giving you the power to instantly produce better results. 1 to 1 1/2 hours of LIVE instruction. $249.95 Included
4. QSC Session II—PURPOSE: Why your sense of passion, purpose and Mission is the Starting Point for living your BEST life starting right now. 1 to 1 1/2 hours of LIVE instruction in this Purpose-Driven TeleSeminar. $249.95 Included
5. QSC Session III —GOALS: You will finally understand the connection between your Mission and your Goals... and will have written Goals 1-5-10-15 years out on your Time Horizon. 1 to 1 1/2 hours of LIVE instruction in this Miracle of the Goal TeleSeminar. $249.95 Included
6. QSC Session IV — High TQ PERFORMANCE: The Secret to Wealth, Power and Happiness. Here you will learn how to move up to Stage-4: Unconscious Competence, instinctively and intuitively producing exceptional Results... in far less time than you ever dreamed possible. 1 to 1 1/2 hours of LIVE instruction in this Full Circle Performance TeleSeminar. $249.95 Included
7. The Power of TQmade-to-order virtual personal book. This 172 page book will be custom-published and ready for download normally within 1-2 business days. $39.95 Included
8. Custom Printing—and bound edition of your 172 page personal book. Beautifully printed in full color on high-use paper stock. This is NOT a download, but a physical product that will be mailed to you, if you so desire. $24.95 Included
9. Expert Personal Review—of your TQ Scores giving you specific, step-by-step written instructions for immediate improvement. $99.95 Included
10. Time Prism Video App—The World's Smartest App containing more "Aha" Moments each day than any other training on Earth. $39.95 Included
11. The TQ Smart ENERGY Personal Workshop CD—trains you to commit to peak personal power! $39.95 Included
12. The TQ Smart MISSION Personal Workshop CD—teaches you how to live what you value most! $39.95 Included
13. The TQ Smart ATTITUDE Personal Workshop CD—helps you transform your passion into action! $39.95 Included
14. The TQ Smart SET GOALS Personal Workshop CD—trains you to turn your dreams and visions into crystal-clear goals! $39.95 Included
15. The TQ Smart MAKE PLANS Personal Workshop CD—trains you to turn your goals into realistic, rock-solid plans! $39.95 Included
16. The TQ Smart PRIORITIZE Personal Workshop CD—teaches you to continuously remain focused on your priority #1! $39.95 Included
17. The TQ Smart SYNERGIZE Personal Workshop CD— trains you to create powerful leverage and interpersonal synergy! $39.95 Included
18. The TQ Smart ORGANIZE Personal Workshop CD— helps you GET and STAY organized! $39.95 Included
19. The TQ Smart OPTIMIZE Personal Workshop CD— greatly improves your time management skills! $39.95 Included
20. The TQ Smart ACT NOW Personal Workshop CD— trains you to take bold action to make your life an action adventure! $39.95 Included
21. The Secrets of The Time Prism— and 10 Colors of Intentional Excellence CD Audio motivates, educates and inspires! $19.95 Included
22. One Year Subscription— to Daily Lessons in Intentional Excellence via eMail! $119.95 Included
23. Calendar Planner Extras— Current year Time Line + 15 Year Time Horizon with online access to TQ Goals and Plans Center $69.95 Included
24. Success On Purpose— How To Achieve Purpose-Driven Success. This is the complete 8 CD, 524 page edition with monthly coaching included. $399.95 Included
25. Anatomy of The Achievable Goal eBook— How to Set and Achieve WOW Goals. This edition contains full working examples for expert use of the My TQ Dreams, Goals and Plans Center and is the principle resource used in the TQ Miracle of The Goal TeleSeminars. $19.95 Included
26. Full Spectrum Success eBook— The Key to Wealth, Power and Happiness. This 112 page edition is ready to print in full-page, workbook format. $19.95 Included
27. Premium Site Access— for 1 full year includes dynamic TQ charts, instant performance assessments, deep-linking to your 100 Factor Personal Lesson Plans, access to the My TQ Goals Center... access to the My TQ Mission & Purpose Center... and access to Premium TQ Content, Articles and Reviews! $199.95 Included
28. One Year Coaching Certificate— Extends all coaching and TQ TeleSeminars to one full year. $1,200.00 Included
  TQ Gold System Total... $4,357.90
  Gold Package Savings... $3,358.90
  Your Price*... $699.95

*Final Price Subject to Change Without Notice. See discount coupons or special offers in the right hand column at the top of this page. Additional Discounts taken on Credit Card Page. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Your Success is Unconditionally Guaranteed.


A Startling Truth...

"Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning." ~ Benjamin Franklin

Right now, the median TQ entry point for people not in our Quick Start Coaching program averages 27.25% out of 100. Pitiful.

No sense of Mission... few real Goals... no real Plans... a total lack of Focus on their most important Priorities — resulting in fear-driven procrastination that holds them back from achieving the life they want.

They have all the FEARS: Fear of Failure... Fear of Success... Fear of the Future... Fear that they are not "good enough, smart enough or talented enough"... Fear of Losing what ever they have.

In many cases, their beautiful dreams have turned into full-blown nightmares.

An average TQ Score means an average lifestyle: financial struggles... a loss of passion and purpose... a mediocre range of career opportunities... and little hope for personal, business or financial success.

However, a TQ Score in the high 80-90 range means living a life of passion, purpose and true meaning. It means you have the power to see and seize opportunity of every nature: business, personal and professional.

The good news is that you do not need to settle with a low TQ.

Simply get with the program... get involved and get your scores up.

It is no more complicated than that.

Your Success is Unconditionally Guaranteed.

Real Story — Real Success: Click to Go TQ Gold...

The Key to Enduring Success: High TQ Performance...

Your Highly Motivating, 172 Page Personal Book...  
Is custom-published and beautifully printed in full color with 64 different custom-produced charts, graphs and personal exercises.

Once you order your TQ Gold System, you will take our comprehensive TQ Test.

This is not some scary hairy deal... it is the most eye-opening experience you may ever have.

From this test we will custom-publish your unique personal evaluation... complete with over 64 different charts and graphs. You will see you in a whole new light... in full color!

Read your personal, 172 page made-to-order copy of The Power of TQ and you will know — with absolute precision — exactly what you are doing RIGHT, precisely what you are doing WRONG and specifically what you need to do DIFFERENTLY to achieve greater success.

The key to a remarkable shift in performance is this: Choose just one area of your performance—either a dominate strength or a limiting weakness—and take immediate action to improve it.

We eliminate ALL guesswork.

Expert Review Of Your Personal Chart...
You will receive a through review of your strengths and weaknesses together with specific recommendations for where to start, and exactly what to do next

A Team TQ Expert will review your chart and tell you EXACTLY which area of your performance is holding you back the MOST... so you can determine EXACTLY what you need to do first.

In a matter of minutes, you will know, with absolute certainty what you will need to do next.

With step-by-step simplicity, you will see your strengths and weaknesses in a whole new light, and have the tools to amplify your strengths and eliminate weaknesses.

This system is perfect for people who want professional-grade training and coaching... the tools and services to immediately improve their performance.

World Class Coaching and TeleSeminars Included...

Gold Members have access to our live Quick Start Coaching Sessions anytime for one full year.

You will also have access to these coaching sessions online in the MP3 audio format, as each session is recorded. (Listen to these sessions over and over and you will not only UNDERSTAND the material... you will MASTER it!)

The TQ Quick Start Coaching Program is for...

  • People who may need additional HELP in getting up to speed.
  • People who need a little more structure and ACCOUNTABILITY.
  • People who have questions that need specific, personal ANSWERS.

This program picks up where our exceptional TQ materials leave off—offering you the immediate guidance and direction you can only get from a live Coach.

If you are willing to do the work, you will dramatically accelerate your success. Guaranteed.

By the end of the fourth coaching session...

  • You will have increased your TQ by 20-30 points.
  • You will be working SMARTER than you ever have...
  • You will have a clear sense of Mission and Purpose.
  • You will have true DIRECTION...
  • You will have written Goals and Plans. You will know how to CREATE the future, not just PREDICT it...
  • You will have the keys to long term success, however you define it: Wealth... Power... or Happiness...
  • You will not only understand the material, you will be LIVING it! Daily.

Additionally, you will be given deep-linking access to ThinkTQ.com for one full year. Here, you will find the best training resources ever developed to assist you in the continuous, day-by-day process of making your dreams and goals real:

  • Instant access to your dynamic performance charts...
  • Instant access to dynamic personal evaluations...
  • Instant access to highly-focused audio clips...
  • Instant access to personal lesson plans.

Your Success is Unconditionally Guaranteed.

Real Story — Real Success: Click to Go TQ Gold...

About The TQ Smart Family of Companies...

ThinkTQ, Inc. is the world's leading publisher of virtual training products for personal and professional excellence — the only company with the tools, technology and systems that make it possible to instantly improve your performance — dynamically accelerating your potential for true and lasting success.

In a nutshell, we train WINNERS.

With over 25 years of experience, we have the resources to do something that others can only promise: Train you to immediately produce greater Results... in far less Time... through a continuous process of self-measurement... self-evaluation... and self-improvement.

Our proprietary content, systems and technology are without peer.

"TQ is about the intentional pursuit of excellence — a measurable, sequential process for the systematic achievement of greater results — personally and professionally. Your TQ System is custom-produced just for YOU. It is personalized, comprehensive and ongoing. It is the only training package in the world guaranteed to work for YOU." ~ E. R. Haas, CEO ThinkTQ, Inc.


Get With The Program...

Structure... Accountability... Encouragement...

Order The TQ Gold System Now...
Including One Year FREE Access to LIVE Quick Start
Coaching and TQ TeleSeminars... Plus one-on-one personal coaching.

Normally $999.95 You May

Go TQ Gold Today for just 699.95!

Your Success is Unconditionally Guaranteed.


"I have read virtually every book on your reference list! The TQ System is the best value in personal development ever created... TQ Rocks!" ~ Valerie Waugaman, Arnold Cup Champion 3x
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