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Today's TQ: Very smart...

"Excellence must be achieved through the eyes of those who judge us; once achieved it can only be maintained with constant innovation." ~ Tom Collins

Today's TQ is part of an entire system designed to REMIND you to achieve your personal best each day — by helping you remain committed to your Dreams and staying connected to your Performance.

Today's TQ cures the "out-of-sight is out-of-mind" barrier to greater productivity and effectiveness! Each lesson is a highly compact, on-point discussion about a single aspect of your performance.

Each day you become smarter every time you check your email. Over time, you enjoy an elite level of performance... first by getting to know your strengths and challenges... then by getting the exact help you need to succeed at an ever-growing pace.

Training Calendars, Access and More...

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Your annual TQ membership permits you unlimited access to our exclusive TQ tests, Today's TQ Interactive, and our all new Smart Planner inserts!

You will receive one full year of the most effective Time Management tool you have ever used! These Smart Calendars are designed to bring the best out of you each day.

Simply keep open in a window next to your prime scheduling program, and you have the best of all worlds — motivational, inspirational,and vital new ideas to sharpen your performance.

  • Improve your efficiency, effectiveness and productivity... daily.
  • Stay connected to your dreams and goals... achieve them sooner rather than later, or maybe never.
  • Each day you will be inspired to higher achievement and exceptional performance, personally and professionally.

The TQ Smart Calendar insert pages are also designed to be printed and used in conjunction with your existing Day Runner, Day Planner, Franklin, etc. agenda. Print, insert and each day becomes a reminder to your unconditional commitment to excellence.

Your satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed.


Additionally, you will have customer-level access to our daily Midas Minutes and TQ IQ's found in the Today's TQ online experience. A 5 minute investment each morning here is guaranteed to get your day off on the right track!

You will also have access to the fabulous TQ Download Center where you can get various ebooks, and unique time management tools.

As you progress, you will see exactly where your performance is strong and vibrant and where it needs a quick adjustment. Because our Today's TQ is fully integrated with our other coaching packages, each element builds upon each other to provide a powerful training experience.

Because your TQ Tests are hardwired into this program, you can instantly see where you are gaining, or falling further behind. It is through this systematic, measurable, fully integrated process that you start to truly move forward. Quickly.

Our 5 minute a day, Teaching Through Testing approach works! Once "unstuck" you can start to make remarkable progress.

"Think of this package as 'do it yourself personal excellence training' on steriods! Remember, it only through an unconditional commitment to excellence and a complete rejection of mediocrity that you increase your financial worth... turn your career potential into career power... and become the best you possible." ~ E.R. Haas, CEO

Your satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed.


Todays TQ is Personal and Do-able...

  • It's daily training without having to remembering to do anything.
  • The subject line is engaging. The pictures are beautiful. The overall theme is uplifting and inspiring.
  • Each email is an enjoyable surprise, because the content, pictures, and life-affirming quotes change every day.
  • Each daily lesson is short, clear, and instantly applicable.
  • They are NOT complex, overwhelming, philosophical, or theoretical.
  • They offer a simple, do-able, positive action you can use to have a more successful day — today.
  • The 3 integrating questions make the lesson personal and applicable to you today.

Todays TQ is your challenge for the day...

  • Everyone loves a challenge, but most people have no way of being nudged and prompted to improve.
  • Today's TQ helps you take control over how your day turns out.
  • It gives you a tip and a technique to achieve the results you want.

Todays TQ is multidimensional...

  • You can see beautiful pictures and read inspiring content.
  • Listen to the daily lesson in the form of the Midas Motivational Moment.
  • Enter and save your comments.
  • Click to go deeper into additional ideas to perform this one action better and more often today.

Todays TQ is integrated with links, goals, plans, products...

  • You can link to personal goal pages.
  • Link to more resources for how to do Today's lesson.
  • Link to 1000's of pages inside the main TQ site.
  • Link to TQ products to improve their commitment to personal Excellence.

Todays TQ has an immediate payoff...

  • Simply opening Today's TQ reinforces the desire, intent and action of improving each day.
  • The positive action of the day produces immediate rewarding results.
  • Going through the whole series of Today's TQ reinforces the entire TQ system: The 100 Factors of Personal Excellence and the 10 Colors of Personal Performance.
  • The repetition of choosing to take a better action every day followed by immediately rewarding results, habitualizes the Excellence Habit™ in everyone who opens their email.

Your satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed.


Today's TQ Daily Lessons in Excellence Improves Your Performance by Eliminating The 90% Memory Deficit.

Psychologists have been interested in learning and forgetting since the early days of the discipline. The researcher who pioneered the field, Hermann Ebbinghaus (1850-1909), created a way to assess "pure" learning — that is, learning free of meaning — and the rate at which people forget.

He found the rate to be highly predictable, and completely dependent upon repetition and reinforcement. Psychologists now call this the "forgetting" curve, and developed "spaced repetition" learning techniques to combat it. To this day, Ebbinghaus' work has stood the "test of time."

Ebbinghaus discovered that when we acquire a new idea, much of our forgetting occurs right away. A SIGNIFICANT amount of information is forgotten within twenty minutes of learning it; OVER HALF OF THE MATERIAL LEARNED IS FORGOTTEN WITHIN AN HOUR. Although we forget almost two thirds of what we learn within a day, retention does not decline much beyond that point.

In other words, if information is retained for a day, the knowledge is there to stay. Ebbinghaus' Forgetting Curve is important for two reasons:

  • The blue curve (top) shows that after JUST ONE REVIEW, you can expect to recall about two thirds of new information for several weeks — even more if it is "meaningful" and related to what you are doing. With multiple reviews, recall is permanent.

  • The red curve shows how much you can expect to forget without review. Numerous experiments and studies have shown that, typically, YOU WILL FORGET ABOUT 80% OF NEW MATERIAL IN 2 WEEKS — if you do not review or incorporate those ideas into your daily activities.

The Message is Simple. Reinforce to Remember.

Your satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed.

Today's TQ: Basic Instructions For Achieving True and Lasting Success.

Intentionally choose EXCELLENCE over MEDIOCRITY each day. If nothing else, you will gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing you did your personal best.

Ten Choices Drive Your Successes or Failures.

There are 10 simple choices you make each day that either drive you towards success, or hold you back from it. These choices cause a never-ending flood of positives and negatives to flow into your performance.

  • If you could actually see your performance negatives — you would eliminate them.

  • If you knew what your negatives were costing you — personally and professionally — you would eliminate them.

  • These negatives rob you of the results you want and the success you deserve. Permit them to remain, and you will struggle with failed expectations for the rest of your life.

The price of success: Eternal Vigilance.

The secret is to remain aware of how well you're performing — at every point in time — and recognize when your performance starts to turn negative. Improvement then, is a simple matter of eliminating a Negative — early in the "down" cycle — and quickly turning into into a Positive — moving you into a rapidly expanding "up" cycle.

Immediately Improve Your Power to Produce Results.

With one more Positive, and one less Negative dragging you down, your power to produce Results soars! You instantly become more productive and effective. You gain real success — personally and professionally — simply because you have the results producing personal power to meet or exceed your greatest expectations.

Achieve Excellence Now.

How? To paraphrase Thomas Watson, Founder of IBM: "You can achieve excellence any time you want. SIMPLY STOP DOING LESS THAN EXCELLENT WORK."

Today's TQ will remind, coax and cajole you to do just that!

Invest just 5 minutes each morning with Today's TQ — and you will gain a strong edge in your daily quest to work smarter, compete smarter and live smarter.

Connect our Ideas For Excellence with your life.

Each idea for action was created to get your attention, change your point of view, and help you see your current situation in the light of positive change. They are not "just" good ideas, but ideas you can immediately put into action.

Also, be sure to answer our 3 integrating questions — in writing! Until you capture your fleeting thoughts on paper, they are nothing more than "wishes without a prayer." These questions will get you thinking about how each day's idea can be used — right then.

Your satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed.

How to Get Maximum Value From Today's TQ...

From The Desk Of E.R. Haas
President & Publisher

TQ mail is designed to help you learn, remember and master a series of easy to take, but highly effective ACTIONS. The concept is brilliantly simple: you ACT smarter each day — by actually taking smarter ACTIONS!

  1. Each morning before I get into the hunt, I quickly scan the day's eMail lesson, click to the site and listen to the Midas Minute.

  2. As I am taking in the motivational clip, I quickly read the key idea, think about the 3 integrating questions (I actually answer them online,) review their impact on my performance and ask myself one simple question:

    "Could this be telling ME something important about ME?"

  3. I figure these messages were written just for ME — talking directly to ME — not some "other" E. R. Haas. So I approach these pages like looking at the proverbial "hand writing on the wall." (The problem with looking at the writing on the wall is that most of us think it was put there for somebody else. It isn't. Pay attention!)

  4. The power of this system emanates from understanding how the Factor Action taken not only eliminates a Negative from your performance... but actually produces a Positive in its place. As you review the High/Low Commitment paragraphs, you will instantly SEE the net effect on your performance.

    Pay very close to these 2 paragraphs each day as they have the power to change your entire life.

  5. If you are also a TQ Gold Member, you can dig deeper into the day's Color and Factor, receiving thousands of ideas for immediate implementation.

  6. At least once every two weeks, I review my TQ Scores, update my test results, review my then weakest Color, etc. Why?

    It's a process known as "Teaching through Testing."

As you test yourself, you SEE your progress... where you are getting stronger... and where weaknesses still remain. This way, I never fool myself into thinking that I am either better or worse than I actually am. Hence, I produce significantly better results each day... because I take smarter actions each day.

Clearly, some days are better than others — simply because I performed better. Those day turned out better... because I was a bit more committed to Excellence... a bit more powerful... a little more TQ Smart that day!

When I see a Negative, I take some action to eliminate it — thereby immediately improving my power to perform. With one LESS Negative and one MORE Positive, I have more power — so my results improve — moving me closer to enduring success.

It's No More Complicated Than This...

  1. When drained, I DO something to become a little more Energetic...

  2. When feeling aimless or half-hearted, I DO something to become a little more Passionate...

  3. When feeling a bit pessimistic or ambivilant, I DO something to become a little more Enthusiastic...

  4. When my goals become vague and obscure, I DO something to become a little more explicit and Self-Directed...

  5. When my plans start to unravel, I DO something to become better Prepared...

  6. When my priorities become scattered, I DO something to become a little more Focused and on-point...

  7. When my ability to work with and through others starts to falter, I DO something to become less Critical — and more Supportive...

  8. When I see messy and haphazard start to take their toll (a big problem for me,) I DO something to become a little better organized — and take immediate action to become more Systematic...

  9. When I see that I am wasting precious time, I take action to Optimize my results — by immediately getting rid of time wasting distractions...

  10. When I see that even a few days could have worked out better — had I taken action sooner — I realized I have to turn Hesitant into Proactive.

A Final Note...

Using your Daily Lessons isn't rocket science. As I said before, they are just one element of an entire system designed to make you a great deal more powerful than you are right now... indeed, a great deal smarter about success.

My goal is to help you achieve your goals... by helping you EVOLVE. This means finding new ways of doing things better — discovering new ways of getting the results you want — and doing it in far less time... becoming Smarter in this Survival of the Smartest new world.

Our Mission is to make it easy for ordinary people to produce extraordinary results.

This means Testing your TQ and turning it up 20 points!

Your Daily Lessons In Excellence is the high-tech, high-touch way to become a bit smarter, each and every day!

Your satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed.

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