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The Power Of TQ: Maximize Your Personal Potential

Up-skill your productivity, effectiveness, leadership skills, focus, determination, and your burning desire to WIN.

Order and in 20 minutes you will possess the most valuable knowledge in the world... life-changing information about YOU specifically... amazing personal insights into exactly WHAT you must do immediately to guarantee your success.

Systematically Higher Achievement...

You immediately download your fully integrated edition of The Power of TQ, discover the secret to your success, and then get your custom-published results in the TQ Performance Section!

Complete your TQ Scores, and we produce the most eye-opening evaluation of your strengths and limitations possible. This is the promise of Self-Measurement... Self-Evaluation... and Self-Improvement fully realized.

Simply & Easily!

Some say it's the answer to prayers... an antidote to COVID-Induced stress, anger, and worry.

Some say it's the power over fear... power over the future.

We say it's exactly what you need in a time of crisis.

Benefit: More Done ~ Less Time... More Money... Freedom... Peace of Mind — control over the things now controlling you.

Most of our customers call it the living secret to success... we agree!


The Power of Belief and Trust...

We created TQ 30 years ago to help people achieve greater success... financial independence... and a life filled with passion and purpose.

Our mission is to give you control over the things now controlling you.

Why trust us?

We are totally different from all others. No theory or philosophy... just 100 million data points that prove we are right.

We do in minutes what other coaching programs take months to achieve.


By giving you instant insight into the forces driving you towards the success you desire... or holding you back from it.

In 15 minutes you will know more about YOU, your strengths, and limitations than you ever thought possible.

The reality is, COVID-19 has created a terrible new normal and an incredible opportunity for those with vision and a total commitment to excellence.

Only by improving your TQ — your practical working intelligence — will you achieve up to your full potential,

SMART enough to realize they have tremendous challenges ahead...

SMART enough to know they need help to meet those challenges...

SMART enough to understand that to the swift goes the race. There will be no prize given for second best.

We have trained millions of winners... from single moms working two jobs... to NFL Super Bowl Champions... to budding entrepreneurs and corporate CEOs. With your desire plus our help, you will join that winner's circle.

~ E. R. Haas, CEO, Serial Entrepreneur x22, Author x26 (AKA The Invisible Billionaire)


Real Story — Real Success: Click to Go TQ Gold...


A Simple Truth.

In today's economy, "good enough" no longer is.

If you want to produce better results... earn more money... advance your career... or achieve your dreams and goals sooner... you can, BUT you will need to perform better.

If you want to live a life of significance and value... your BEST life starting right now... you can, BUT you will need to start performing on purpose.

If you want to take your success up to the next level... achieve your greatest dreams and goals... you can, BUT you will need to discover what's holding you back, and eliminate it.

Now, not 20 years down the line.

TQ is short for your Time Quotient... a gold-standard measurement of your power to produce Results / Time.

TQ measures how smart you ACT... not how smart you ARE.

You are already smart enough.

You just need to hone your edge.

The Power of TQ is the single most valuable book you can own... the most important book on personal excellence you will ever read.

It completes what books like 7 Habits... In Search of Excellence... and the One Minute Manager started — and adds a whole new perspective on how to quickly produce superior results.

Greater Success in 2 Steps:

    1-Discover What's Holding You Back...

    2-Eliminate It...

This system is the fastest and easiest way to greater achievement ever created. It leads you through a measurable, sequential, systematic process for looking at yourself as you truly ARE... and helps you quickly make the changes need to get where you want to GO. Your success — not just your satisfaction — is unconditionally guaranteed.

The Climb to the Top is Getting Tougher...

Startling Facts: 70% of Americans are DISSATISFIED with their jobs (Forbes)... 69% have little or NO RETIREMENT savings (55% have ZERO CNBC)... 76% of all Americans live PAYCHECK TO PAYCHECK, even half the people earning $75,000/year (CNN Money).

But, there's HOPE. If you are in any of these 3 groups, you have just found the help you need to move confidently in the direction of your dreams and goals.

If you are already successful, WOW, you've just found exactly what you need to get to the top even faster!

The good news is that we have made it push-button simple to get started and easy to see immediate RESULTS.

TQ is the new IQ! If you want to get ahead faster, all you need to do is learn how to work a little smarter! We give you everything you need to get started right now!

If You Are Serious About Personal Growth — Order Your Custom-Integrated Edition Of The Power Of TQ Today. It Will Forever Change Your Life — For The Better — Or You Will Owe Us Nothing. That's Our Unconditional, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

You want to do better. We show you how!

There is a key to success in these turbulent times: Discover what's holding you back... and quickly ELIMINATE it.

This means identifying what you are doing right... what you're doing wrong... and specifically what you need to do differently to achieve better results. We make doing this push-button simple.

The process is quick and easy.

Take a few minutes to answer 10 basic questions, in each of 10 broad categories of your performance.

We will then produce a 100 point personal assessment, together with a comprehensive,172 page performance evaluation — based entirely upon your answers — written only for you.

Your fully integrated book contains 33 entirely different views of your performance, 60 unique full-color charts and graphs, 4 personal exercises, and the most eye-opening assessment of your success skills you will ever read.

How Is This Different From All Others?

The Power of TQ is completely different from any book you will ever read.

Every person is unique and different.

And since no two people are exactly alike, no two books on personal performance should ever be the same.

This one isn't!

It's highly unique, written expressly for, and only you.

Here's What You Get:

  • 33 entirely different views of your performance.
  • 60 unique full color illustrations, charts and graphs.
  • 4 personal exercises and the most eye-opening assessment and evaluation of your performance you will ever read.
  • You will know, with absolute certainty, exactly which positives in your performance are driving your successes... so you can amplify them
  • You will know, with absolute certainty, exactly which negatives in your performance are holding you back... so you can eliminate them.

Custom Integrated, Just For YOU!

Like a custom-fitted suit, this book is tailor-made just for you.

The Power of TQ and 10 Choices of Intentional Excellence is the only book ever written specifically about the problems and potential in your performance.

This means we individually review the responses to your TQ test, and using our proprietary — and highly complex database publishing technology — create an entire personal review based entirely on your input!

Read your personal evaluation and you will KNOW, without a shadow of doubt...

  • Precisely what you are doing RIGHT, so you can do MORE of that!

    Do more of the Right Things Right, and you'll not only stand out from the crowd — you'll absolutely shine!

  • Exactly what you are doing WRONG, so you can do LESS of that!

    Eliminate just a couple key performance drains, and you'll reignite your career. Don't, and it will sink like a rock in this stormy economy.

  • Specifically what you need to do DIFFERENTLY to produce better results — right now.

    This means taking action to achieve your dreams and goals sooner — rather than later — or maybe never.

Purchase with complete confidence.

This is the most affordable performance assessment and evaluation you can purchase.

(Others charge hundreds of dollars for this service — and deliver less!)

Why is this the "Must Read"
book of the year? Are you...

  • SEEKING EMPLOYMENT? Read this book twice before submitting another resume! See what you need to do differently to attain your career goals — now — not sometime down the line.

  • SELF-EMPLOYED? This book offers the ultimate job review — a comprehensive evaluation of your success skills and performance effectiveness — giving you a powerful competitive advantage!

  • RUNNING A FORTUNE 1000 COMPANY? This book is essential to your survival — because good enough no longer is. You will see exactly what you need to do now, to virtually guarantee that you meet or exceed continuously heightened expectations.

With The Power of TQ, you will:

  • GAIN A POWERFUL COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE. The Power of TQ is the world's first Virtual Book on personal and professional excellence — the cornerstone of a unique new system designed to help you work smarter, compete smarter and live smarter. Knowing where you're hot — and what you need to do differently — gives you a real edge in this turbulent economy. Guaranteed.

  • ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS SOONER. The Power of TQ is the ONLY book in the world that will tell you EXACTLY what you are doing RIGHT... EXACTLY what you are doing WRONG... and EXACTLY what you need to do DIFFERENTLY — to achieve your GOALS SOONER. Guaranteed.

  • IDENTIFY YOUR STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES. The Power of TQ is the most intensely personal book you will ever read — different from any other book on your shelf. It is the only book in the world written solely about you — and the specific problems and potential in your performance. Guaranteed.

  • PRODUCE BETTER RESULTS NOW. Because no two people have the same exact problems and performance challenges, no two books on self-improvement should be the same.

    Each copy of the Power of TQ is absolutely unique! Yours will be a one-of-a-kind evaluation that will identify your unique skills and characteristics. We will recommend the exact actions you will need to take differently — and how you can make a few small changes that will translate into immediately better results. Guaranteed.

  • SEE YOURSELF IN A WHOLE NEW LIGHT. You'll receive a crystal clear picture of your performance effectiveness — complete with 60 unique full color illustrations, charts and graphs. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. They're right. You will — for the first time ever — actually SEE the hidden forces controlling your future — so you can take corrective action NOW! Guaranteed.

  • ATTAIN PERFORMANCE EXCELLENCE. You'll receive the most eye-opening assessment of your performance possible. You will know, with absolute certainty, EXACTLY which negatives in your performance are holding you back from achieving the results you want. You will know, with absolute certainty, EXACTLY what to do to ELIMINATE those negatives from your performance. Guaranteed.


Two Giant Bonuses...

You will also receive our Secrets of the Time Prism and Achieve Success On Purpose CDs — a $39.95 value — included in this sensational package free.

F R E E!

F R E E!


"As CEO of TQ, I want to help people turn their God-given gifts and talents into powerful skills, with which they will achieve ALL their hopes and dreams. This incredible book bundle will give you hope... inspiration... and the tools you need to out-smart... out-hustle... out-perform... and out-produce your competition... giving you a powerful edge in all you do." ~ E. R. Haas, CEO ThinkTQ, Inc.


Note: This item is also included in the complete Power of TQ System.

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