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"Success or failure depends more upon attitude than upon capacity." ~ Dupree Jordan


The TQ Lexicon of Success...

TQ is about the continuous, measurable, sequential process for the systematic achievement of greater results... personally and professionally.

To help you visualize your performance from a fresh new perspective, we created the world's first Time Prism... a simple tool that separates your overall success potential into 10 color-coded areas.

In this Section, you will learn about the importance of the Energy Color to your overall success... and how to release your full potential.

About The TQ Attitude Color...

ATTITUDE is the third color in the Time Prism Performance Spectrum because, even though you may have a passion for what's most important, until you also believe that you can make a real difference in your life, and those around you, nothing's going to happen.

Nothing is produced, nor even attempted until you believe in yourself enough to transform your passion into action. To reach maximum productivity, your body, heart and mind must all enthusiastically say "yes!"

The TQ Attitude Color is further broken down into 10 distinct actions, or Factors, each of which must be taken in order to keep this aspect of your performance burning brightly.

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The TQ Attitude Color In Detail...

Expect Success...

A winning ATTITUDE energizes your mission, transforming raw potential into sheer power. Everyone has the same 24 hours of productivity potential. A positive attitude determines how many Possibilities you'll transform into Opportunities with yours.

Whether you transform your passion into action or not is a delicate balance between your expectation of success and your resignation to failure. If you are convinced that your actions will never succeed, or if you expect the reward will be less than the risk of failure, you simply won't try. The greater the resignation that your efforts will fail and/or the smaller the expected reward, the less willing you are to act. At best, you proceed cautiously-with minimum effort-so you don't waste too much time or energy on something that's not going to succeed anyway. This becomes the self-fulfilling prophecy of turning gloom into doom.

Control your Future...

But when you believe you can control your future success, and you expect your actions will pay off with highly rewarding results, you automatically proceed with enthusiasm and determination. The higher your prediction of success and the greater you perceive the anticipated reward, the greater will be your desire to take action. Positively and enthusiastically, you take the next step-motivated and empowered to advance every task, project or goal.

Make a Difference...

Your winning attitude is at its highest level when you believe you can make a real difference, and you promise yourself you'll do whatever it takes to succeed. "I can, I will, and won't it be great when I do!" becomes your mantra. The positive expectation that you will succeed and the anticipation of how great it will feel when you do energizes all your actions. This willingness to take action gives you the greatest power over any situation and transforms the potential of your passion into the sheer power that comes from taking action.

Is your Attitude Color causing you problems?

You can tell when...

  • You don't expect to succeed so you're defeated before you even start.
  • You look forward in resignation and backwards in regret.
  • You always find more reasons why something won't work than why it can.
  • You're convinced that you're never going to get any better than you are right now.
  • You believe that the glass is half empty but only temporarily, because you're going to have even less after some evaporates.
However, when your Attitude color is strong and vibrant...
  • You feel in charge of life and ask what more can you do to make it better.
  • Success is never a matter of "if," only a matter of "when," and that means soon.
  • You first know that anything is possible -- then you figure out how.
  • You can't wait until tomorrow because you keep getting better every day.
  • You believe the glass is half full, but only temporarily, because you've got your order in for more, and you're busy getting bigger glasses.

Here's the Bottom Line...

Awareness of living what's most important is critical to getting the results you want. If you've never decided what's MOST important, you're endlessly chasing after things that SIMPLY DON'T MATTER.

Permit your Attitude Color to hold you back, and you will struggle with the heartbreak of failed expectations. Improve it and you will succeed brilliantly.


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The TQ Attitude Factors... 

There are 10 SPECIFIC ACTIONS that control the intensity of your TQ Attitude Color. Learn, remember and master them — and you will dramatically improve your power to produce tangible RESULTS. Visit the following Attitude Factor links for specific detail on how each individual Factor Action impacts your performance:

3A I take full responsibility for how my day turns out.
3B I'm confident that I can succeed at whatever I do, as long as I simply take the right actions.
3C I spend time visualizing tremendously rewarding successes instead of picturing failure.
3D I maintain a positive expectation for every action I take.
3E I look for the best in every situation, and the opportunity in every problem.
3F I focus more of my time on seeking solutions rather than staying absorbed in the problem.
3G I see myself as someone who is capable, enthusiastic and committed.
3H I speak in a positive, powerful and uplifting manner.
3I I persist with passion until I succeed at whatever I do.
3J I embrace change, and love to learn and grow from new ideas and experiences.

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