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Tuesday, October 9, 2018.

"The world cares very little about what a man or woman knows; it is what a man or woman is able to do that counts." ~ Booker T. Washington 

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Now, What Was It I Wanted To Tell You?

Before you dial, establish a routine to write notes on what you want to say; and take notes while you're talking.

A routine is a series of actions that are performed the same way every time -- usually at the same time. Routines ensure that every important action or step in a process will always be completed without fail. Make it a habit to do the right thing the right way -- every time, and you'll become vastly more productive.

If the next call is important enough to take yours and someone else's time, it's important enough to write down. Honor everyone's time with this routine.

Today's Idea For Action is from the TQ Organize Color: Create Efficient Routines -- Stick To Them.

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Now, ask yourself the following three questions:

  1. What vital information was exchanged during your last phone call? You sure that's all?
  3. Do you prepare your information before you make your calls?
  5. Do you have the notes ready for your next call?
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So, Just How Committed to High Achievement Are You?

Think about it. How well and how often do you actually do Organize Factor 8D? (Create Efficient Routines -- Stick To Them.) No question, this is a major driver of personal and professional success.

A high commitment (8D rated 8 or better) suggests you habitually repeat the right actions at the right times. Every morning after your walk, your coffee perks while you shower. You then sit down for ten minutes of planning time. Far from being a slave to your routines, you create enjoyable and productive habits to guarantee the automatic completion of important tasks. By sticking to a routine, critical tasks are never put off or forgotten. Your routines reduce mistakes, stress and the time required to complete any task correctly.

Or not?

A lack of commitment suggests you are someone who can be inconsistent in completing recurrent tasks, responsibilities and duties. Because you fail to follow carefully prepared routines that define the right way to achieve the desired result, you waste time compensating for neglected, forgotten, overlooked or ignored elements of those activities. As a result, urgencies are created that often demand your immediate attention -- urgencies that pull you away from higher payoff activities.

What happens when you do TQ Factor 8D more frequently?

You have more power. Your efficient routines guarantee positive results.

You accumulate performance positives like "Procedural, Systematic and Consistent" -- immediately moving you towards the results you expect.

What happens when you fail to consistently do TQ Factor 8D?

You have less power. Your actions can be random, impulsive and unpredictable.

Negatives like "Capricious, Inconsistent and Sporadic" start to take their toll on your performance -- quickly moving you away from the success you want.

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