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Is it possible to earn $5,000 per MINUTE doing something you love?

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"We don't do things we aren't good at by nature. I wouldn't play basketball because I'm only 5' 1". Find what you enjoy — whether it's racing, flying a helicopter, being a doctor, or stitching clothes together. Once you've done that, you have the passion you need to succeed. Then, all you have to do is beat the clock!" ~ Danica Patrick

Making Every Minute Matter...

You don't need to be a race car driver to understand that to the swift goes the race.

Unless you are in a position where results don't matter... winning doesn't matter... getting ahead doesn't matter or turning yourself into the best version of you doesn't matter... then you need to think like a champion.

This means mastering your Clock Management skills.

Regardless of who you are... young or old... rich or broke... successful or struggling... we all have exactly the same number of minutes to work with: 1,440 minutes each day.

Successful people squander few of those precious minutes because they not only understand clock management... they live and die by it. They get paid by it. And ultimately, they know their happiness depends on it.

If you are not exactly where you want to be at this point in your life, you might want to consider looking at your time management skills closely. How much of your time is wasted dealing with the three great thieves robbing you of your future: distractions... preoccupations... and busywork?

What if you could double your results in half the time? Where would you be then?

What if you could turn your time into a magic money machine of sorts? Every minute paying you $10-30-500-$1,000 per MINUTE or more?

Not possible? Sure it is. Britney Spears makes $475,000 per show in Vegas or $5,300/Minute on stage. How about American painter Thomas Kinkade? He earned about $8 million a year or $4,000/hour ($66/minute) doing exactly what he loved — becoming "the painter of light."

No question, these are the exceptions, but you would be very surprised at how many Realtors, lawyers, doctors, research scientists, entrepreneurs, college coaches, writers, golfers, tennis players, NASCAR drivers, etc. have turned their passion into a very large paycheck. And found enduring happiness in the process.

Again, the key is to turn all your Someday Dreams into real-world Goals and pursue them with the precision and speed of an Indy Champion... starting by perfecting your Time Management skills.

Your Someday Page From Full Spectrum Time Management

Yes, people do it every day. You can too. As Danica Patrick says, simply find something you love doing and get good at it through training and habituation (you don't think she wins all those races without High TQ Performance, do you? Fact: Danica earned $15 million last year from driving and endorsement deals.)

Clearly, she has learned how to turn her minutes into a magic money machine:)

Take a moment to consider where you would be on right now had you developed better time skills. What if you were already performing at your best each and every day?

Time Management is NOT just about showing up on time. It's about making maximum use of your most precious — scarcest and most irreplaceable resource.

Make it an EXCELLENT day,
E. R. Haas, CEO, Author & Publisher

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