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The attention your dreams seek is action.

"Never forget that life can only be nobly inspired and rightly lived if you take it bravely and gallantly, as a splendid adventure in which you are setting out into an unknown country, to meet many a joy, to find many a comrade, to win and lose many a battle." ~ Annie Besant

Last week the theme was on FEAR—and how to live your dreams them rather than permitting fear to destroy them.

This week we are going to talk about the power of cumulative action—keeping your dreams alive and well by giving them the attention they so richly deserve... by taking a successive series of small steps in the direction of your dreams.

The attention your dreams seek is ACTION. They cry out for ACTION. Is taking bold action a problem for you? Take a minute to take your Act Now TQ Test.

Most people THINK they are action-oriented action-heros in their own lives... yet less than 10% of our database scores above 8 on this area of their performance. The reality is, over 60% score less than 5 on taking action.

This is a big disconnect. You THINK you are a person of action, and yet you don't really take the series of actions necessary to move your hopes and dreams out of your heart and into your life. A pity since this is a performance issue easily remedied.

TQ An immutable law of the universe...

You can be a perfect 10 on each of your other 9 Colors—BUT if you never get around to taking action... never get around to putting your mission into play... never get around to turning your dreams into goals... your goals into plans and your plans into a series of highly focused actions... you will never achieve the results you want and the success you desire.

No matter how you cut it, 9 x 0 = 0. This is an inescapable fact of simple mathematics.

It simply doesn't matter how grand a mission... how wonderful your attitude... how fabulous your organization skills... how exceptional your time management habits... or your physical strength and mental energy. If you fail to take action... regardless the reasons and circumstances... you will spend the only life you have to live wishing and waiting.

TQ Be honest...

Look back on the last 3 years of your life and answer this simple question:

Are you where you want to be right now? ___ Yes ___ No

You can wish and dream. You can want and need. But until you get yourself to take positive action, nothing is going to change. Your goals won't just jump off the page and into your life.

Only YOU can make them happen.

Learn to take bold action to make things happen -- and you will put your life on the success fast-track. Don't, and it will die on the vine.

TQIs your Act Now Color causing you problems?

You can tell when...

  • You are simply waiting, wondering, and wandering.
  • Hesitation rules; you'd rather wait and see, than do and discover.
  • The fear of the unknown always stops you dead in your tracks.
  • Despite all your hopes and dreams, few of your plans and goals ever gets accomplished.
  • Your regrets outnumber your results, and lost opportunities limit your future.
  • You believe that life's meant to be endured rather than engaged, outwaited rather than outwitted.
However, when your Act Now color is strong and vibrant (8 +)...
  • You take bold action to make things happen.
  • You can't wait to get started on each new task.
  • You eliminate worry and fear by immediately taking every action possible to minimize loss, and gain a superior advantage.
  • You immediately put into action any plan that promises to get you what you want.
  • Both your success and your failures are seen as beneficial steps that move you forward to the next opportunity.
  • Eagerly accepting every new challenge, you believe life is a daring adventure, just waiting to be explored.

TQOne half of this year has just blown by...

Look back on the last 6 months of your life and answer this simple question:

Are you where you WANT to be right now? ___ Yes ___ No

More importantly, are you where you NEED to be right now to make 2016 your absolute best year ever?

If not, what are you going to DO? Sit and stew or get on it?

Learn to take bold action to get started and keep moving in the direction of your dreams and goals. You are spending the ONLY life you have to live. ONLY by taking action will you ever live up to your full potential.

Don't just think about it. Just DO it! -- E.R. Haas, CEO


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The only dumb question is the one that's important to you... and you didn't ask!

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Running Member Comments...

I started off with good intentions and lifted my TQ. I am in a major task into the unknown I am learning how little control I have of others. Many of my visions were inappropriate and plans I made in ignorance have come undone. Despite the failures, I am moving ahead. Overall much is going right. Team work is getting me through and intuition and trust are working well.
I've found that it's easier when I realized that the only thing I can control is myself and that I do have little control of others. Though if I'm focused and optimistic on realizing my goals others follow naturally. You're failures are rewards. In the past I chose to play it safe and focused much of my efforts on not making mistakes. Boring. It's when I make a commitment to move towards what I've envisioned and committed to that big things happen. Everything result moves me towards my goal. In regards to team work, have you asked for their help. In the past I thought I did or I didn't want to appear weak by asking. this only alienated my co-workers. My greatest success last year was admitting that I couldn't get to my goals alone and that I needed the help of others. I actually called meetings and sat down with each team member sharing with them the value that they shared with me even though in the past I and shared with them that I needed even more of their help to help me remain grounded and open to others views. Because just my view isn't always the best nor is it a movement towards growth. All this change of thinking and acting helped me to realize the abundance of opportunities and new ways to approach each task. It's been more rewarding because success as in life is meant to be shared. Have fun on this wonderful journey.
Yes, well at least today's plans are good.
Todays quote "to win and lose MANY battles".
The pressure to win all (or most) battles can stiffle performance. All the pressure of succeeding in life (even via TQ) must be balanced against the final losing of life. Balance, give and take, win and lose, swings and roundabouts. Paradox - freedom to succeed and freedom to fail.
You are SO right!

The best hitter in the majors right now has a 366 batting average.

He FAILS 634 times out of 1,000 times at bat. That failure rate is almost TWICE his success rate.


He is on his way to the All Stars. Why?

Simply because he is the BEST hitter in the country.

When we focus on our successes, knowing that our failures will be many many times greater, we maintain the positive motivation to succeed.

This is the self-fulfilling prophacy of knowing that we can only be a success when we fail forward enough.

Focus on the failures, and you will turn gloom into doom, and lose all hope.

You WILL win... you WILL lose.

This is great news!

It means you are alive.

I LOVE the batting average analogy! I'm a health and wellness coach and that is a great way to introduce the benefits of an asset approach vs a deficit approach with clients. It is challenging for some clients to understand how it can be powerful simply because they have never been exposed to such an approach to behavior change... moreso, no one has ever drawn upon their strengths. Oftentimes everyone becomes focused on what we are lacking instead of looking at all we have to build upon. We tend to default to tearing down barriers instead. Thanks for that analogy!
Words and Thoughts are contagious. TQ gets us to think whatsoever is excellence, whatsoever is good, positive, beautiful... not only to act, I find refreshed how to react.

Ming Paul, Lee
mylifeis going backwards
Take my life to the next level. Forget about the things that haven't come to pass and proceed to make things happen.
I left my comfort job on Feb 28th. I started out with great gusto but have slowed down a little since the middle of May. I am trying to get myself remotivated to get back on track.
What makes each day, week, month and year better is very strongly related to those that I invite and attract into my life. I find relationships are a great strength for me. It's not that I depend on one person or group of people to feel fulfilled, but the conversations and interactions I have with like-minded and like-hearted people is just so uplifting and keeps me in a place of peace and harmony. More importantly it encourages me to be empowered so that I can more easily navigate through other areas of my life. We are social creatures and drawing upon others' positive energy can be truly amazing! We just have to allow it!
there is no chance this year will be the way I hoped in early January.
Chances are not good in the stand point of increasing our revenue, but the chances of turning my life around, changing my way of looking at myself, planning, setting goals, having a vision and working on our future with a positive attitude on purpose is a definite.
We are Realtors in Antioch, CA. in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area. The current Market here is brutal with over 1,200 homes on the market, view buyers, more than 60% of these homes are short sales, in the foreclosure process, or are already Bank owned. The foreclosure rate in this area is growing daily.
There is a bright light that shines in the midst of all this, many agents have given up and have moved on to other jobs, well over 50% are now gone. Brokerages have closed their doors and the discount Realtors are non-existent leaving us with great opportunities in the future. CAN WE MAKE IT THROUGH until the market begins to rebound? Well, my wife and I put our faith in God and with the help of TQ keeping me on a path of success, I know we can. This market trend could last another 18 months or longer, no one knows for sure. We know and are in the process of changing are Marketing strategy to find potential buyers, BUYERS ARE GOLD!
I, too, work in a commission-based industry, and although I am working diligently and applying the principals of TQ, there is no way my income will be what I expected on January 1. I am not discouraged, though, because I am using TQ to improve my own performance in all areas of my life, not just my career. Even though some things are not happening on the timeline I had expected, I can see progress being made.

I have always heard and accepted that the only thing I can control is myself. Even so, it was more of a head belief than a deep-down belief. Through TQ, I have begun to realize deep-down how important self mastery is, and I am encouraged that by working on my own behaviors I am making progress, even though things are not going as I expected.
I'm really impressed with your honesty.
Before you can get from here to
there, you have to know where you are.
Some people would say that you are whining
and complaining, but I have seen too many
people who can't be honest that a situation
is impossible. They go deeper in instead of
turning it around. The current situation is
indeed impossible. The old tools really don't
work any more.
But, there is another bright light shining,
beyond the one you mentioned, and that is
that there is one part of real estate that
is doing great, with not enough supply for
the demand. I know that if you educate
yourself even a little in this area, you
will stand out, and if you learn the basic facts
about this area, it will benefit your entire
future and the future of everyone fortunate
enough to be able to work with you. Believe
me, if I could educate myself in this area
(and I did) you can, too.
Go through more numbers
stay organized
complete every task
Sounds like I am free to be me.
I want to learn how to market in the Internet, so I can help others. I also want to receive, thousands of dollars in unexpected money. So I can help my family, and friends. Fulfill a life long proyect that only money can fund.
Either way will fulfill my dreams.
I really believe in today's quote. If we know what we want in the future, we need to act now. That's the way life works.

Thanks for this quote

SPS Chauhan
down the line after 8-10 years i want to be the ceo of any good company , so i feel try to control my imotions not to air in public.
i will provide comfort to my team to perform better.

Naveen Gupta
We must constantly re learn the differences between knowing what the true possibilities are and the truth that failure is always a possibility but not the end of the journey.You are always wondering how deep your life decisions go and how committed you truly are. When starting and not having the proper funding behind you as you might have had in the past is a hurtle you must be willing to face. Things might need to be adjusted to fit the new plan.(The willingness to change) One way I have taught others to realize that dreams or ideas can become reality is taking the time to see, feel and touch all those things that now exist. These are things that did not exist before you took action. Now the trick is to maintain these ideas. Every day you see these things whether its office furniture or computer or even a delivery truck you purchased realize that these objects of your ideas did not exist until you made a decision to make them a reality.It is all a mind game with yourself and one your are devoted to win. It's alright to be scared and take some steps back but that's when your strength of faith and all your belief systems must be used as tools to get you to achieve those goals. Again, we all are smart enough to realize our ideas may fail, that is a part of reality but don't dwell and compare it to all those things that where accomplished no matter how small by the positive actions and decisions you made. It is so much easier so see and feel the pain and take for granted all the good and positive things that can be achieved. Stop and celebrate those accomplishments don't take them so lightly and don't have that mind set,"I don't have time to reward myself and others for the accomplishments,there is so much more work to be done". Stop, reflect and share those thoughts with others. There is so much value in those accomplishments.

Ray B.
I love this, and definitely needed to hear it! We really do need to realize that we CAN make our ideas tangible if we really make the decision and commitment that they will be our reality. Also, celebrate our successes, no matter how small they are - that is what propels us to bigger successes. Thanks so much!!
DO what is actually on my to do list WITHOUT procrastination.

COMMIT to myself that the things I put on my list WILL get done today.

BELIEVE that I CAN AND WILL change my future starting TODAY!
Because of a set-back, I had temporarily renounced my dreams and my sense of mission, thinking it was well-nigh impossible to achieve in this lifetime. However, the inspiration of TQ has helped me to see that I can, will and must move forward.
Putting a reply in here to start the chain reaction of effort!
In my quest for success, its the continued pounding of failure that holds me back even further. How do I continue to wake up everyday and still have hope?
Dear Steven:
Google the word failure. There is so much to learn from this. I can't remember the site or the name of the gentleman who put it up - but he failed miserably at many many different jobs. Eventually he used his lack of success for success and has helped others in the process. I am a person who is so into self-improvement (sometimes I don't improve much but I still keep trying - the only other option is defeat and that isn't an option) I'm willing to learn from your mistakes. What can you teach me? Here is another thought - is this really a failure? What I mean is that someone's idea of failure isn't necessarily failure. For example, if you don't get a job - that just means you weren't exactly what that person was looking for - but you would probably be an excellent employee, they just made that decision and perhaps you would have been the best choice.
I have had a great six months because what I am doing is FANTASTIC! The next six months will be even greater because I understand and use the
oh boy,oh boy,oh boy. Wow you guys are right on course. We can have the biggest dreams, such a great vision, but until we actually do something about it, take that step past our fear, we have nothing. sure we have a nice dream, but i dont want to dream; I want to live, live a life of fullfillment and joy and peace. may God help us to take positive action.
I don't take immediate action
I don't take responsibility for my feelings and actions
I waste a lot of time on focussing on my issues and using that as a shield to never try and make a move on anything.
It is much easier to do nothing than take a risk.
I waste emotional energy in the wrong places instead of working on my dreams. I get exactly what i'm utilizing my energy towards.
Let's start listening to the TQ tapes and change now.
I do the same thing. I need to snap myself out of my rut.

Rewrite each statement in a positive way:

I take immediate action.
I take responsibility for my feelings and actions...
etc., etc.

Just this exercise will move you closer to realizing your goals.
The mental clutter has, of course, been Lacy. However, I realized over the weekend that I need to give that to God because there is simply NOTHING I can do about it. I have to let go and let God. I'm working on it.
Right here, right now. I also have to write out what I want to accomplish this year. And set my goals.
To stay focused on the field nad have the energy to do the work needed will be ny biggest challange. Some days I am just to tired to move when I get home, I need to schedule my time and activities so I accomplish some of my goals each and every day.
There is a good chance of making this happen, however, only if I modify my behavior to be goal-oriented, focus my actions towards these goals and quit riff-raffing around. If I don't make this change, however, I will be in severely dire-straits. These sound like extreme scenarios, unfortunately, that is the truth i'm faced with. I'm geared all of my actions to achieve my desired lifestyle, however the cost of that has been high and I've not committed completely to pursuing it. As such I can end up in a financial quandary. However, i have the choice and I control whether I want to get to that level of discomfort or read the warning signs and adjust my behavior so I never have to see that day. I'm reading and re-reading the "Richest Man in Babylon" and that is also slowly affecting my behavior, making me a more positive person.

I have to calm my fears, trust my instinct and above it all, I HAVE TO EXECUTE. I have more opportunities that are mine to keep or throw away. I will use this wisely so please help me in everyway that you can.. this is my request of the universe.
I got the biggest wake up call of my life since this fire. I have to wonder am i headed in the right direction? Is this experience designed to point me off into a different direction? I have always enjoyed helping people but now that I need help, it SUCKS! What do I do? Where do I go? Who can I count on?
I've apparently never built a support system of people who can help ME thru a crisis. is that what I am supposed to do now?
HELP! Quick! Where's the burning bush when you need it?
I don't understand what you mean by fire. Did you have a fire at home. What experience has put you toward a different direction? Truthfully I am the first person who always wants to help like yourself, but never expect help from others. If they do help - wonderful - if they don't (and I need to take my own advise.) Stop helping them. Seriously though - in every city there are places that really do help and I know that I help people so much that it hurts me, but I also have been helped by people who I am sure have been affected by their own generosity. I always pray a special blessing for these people. Check your local social service agency or get in touch with a church nearby. Now to learn the balance between helping and helping too much. I wish you all the best.
its been year past one by one i do work to earn my li ving still don t know what the best to acheive and how out of my life
Is there power, passion and purpose behind your vision of how life should be?

What vision brings out the best in you?

When can you find 10 minutes to sit quietly and ask yourself,"What would I be most proud to accomplish?"

My Brief Response...

Typically great questions. And my immediate answer to all of them at this moment is..."I'm really not sure" but they are worthy of thought.

To the first question I believe I would answer "Yes"... but it still causes me to reflect.

To E.R. and the TQ team: thanks again! Some of these may make my journal today.

Begin working on my own systems and applications for my own business as FIX service bureau. Design and develop the systems and applications using Java and UniObjects with UV BASIC, UniVerse RDBMS and ORACLE 9i.

Enroll with Kaplan University to train and obtain for IT Project Management.

Complete my Real Estate Salesperson classes to prepare and train for my Ca. state exam to obtain my license to sell and buy real estate for clients, as well as for my own investment.

Enroll and train for the Advanced SCUBA Diver training and certification with the LA county Safety Education program for
13 weekends from July 12, 2008 until October 4, 2008.
Hi TQ Peolpe,
Man I'm glad fear week is behind us. As far as action, I'm a tornado waiting to happen. My challenge is I leave a trail of destruction on my way to the good stuff and that hurts me. So I need to slow down and focus on keeping the paperwork stuff in order. Am I where I should be this year? No way, but it's not because lack of activity.
I dream what I want in my life and do the necessary planning and do whatever it will take to achieve that dream or goal; then I move on to achieve my next dream and so on using the process for each dream that I want.
Listening is a skill that needs constant work. I sometimes find myself in a chess game too far ahead to really measure what is being said. Sometimes missing the small inaudiable of the conversation.
I want to listen but find it hard to concentrate when I have a million things that I have to do on my mind. I don't mind listening for a short period of time. I tend to try to get the person to notice my time contraints with body language. Just give me the important information, please.
I am a Disable Veteran I pray that i can get my LIFE back on track it has been very hard
But it seems that it's turning
thank you very much
I will complete nuco's treasure
I will complete my pmo plan and have it in from of pierre omidyar
I will enjoy a steady 15k per month from my business - 3R
...by when? Date specific. Then its a commitment vs. a dream. Cheers.
I don't feel like I procrastinate about getting into the doing I sabatoge myself with not being focused and my dreams get sidetacked do for others On one hand I feel that is what God wants me to do by putting others ahead of myself but i question if I just do it so I don't have to listen to their complains and self pitty (spelling) I couldn't delete that extra t. Whatever i don't end up doing the best I can on that which I feel is important to me to feeo suceesful
i got lost in dailies and petties
I don't feel a need to change the things that I did in the past. I now have new knowledge, therefore I can do things differently in the future when presented with similar problems.
Do all that is expected with my new investment. I will make the phone calls that are necessary and do the visits that are necessary to allow the cash to flow into my bank account. My big goal is to join up with XL to help out the world with my talents.
I am a Doer, but that can be a bit of a bad thing because I tend not to dream and this is also important. I have to spend more time dreaming about the things that will make my life happier. I also have to formulate and create pictures for a more concrete picture of my life.
Make up a list of all the things that I have waiting to be done and organize them. Rest up a bit after all the travelling I did. Get all my paperwork done for my business.
Work out more often and more intensely. Play the guitar more. Visit mn nieces more. Drink less.
No I am not where I need to be or want to be. I have spent the weekend mulling over what bold actions I can take and why I have not. When I start to feel anxious I ask myself "what will happen if I don't take these actions?" The answer is that I have little chance of success and great chance of failure.

I also realized that, as this lesson talks about, that I need to break tasks down into doable parts instead of just looking at the entire task as one insurmountable thing. It's new thinking for me but I'm getting the hang of it.
Happy day every one , when you stop by fear!,you have to do what you are fear to do !!
i was at the party and i want to dance, and the fear stop me! i want to talk to a stranger! i want to ask a girl out! i want to dream big!fear stop me! and i remember 15/1 shot, so E.R. is wright every 10/15 =1 client or 1 every things. so i am confident that i can succeed in every 10/15 to 1 !!
If I keep doing what I am doing now.. there will be very little change in my life. Except for the fact that I am doing alot of personal work, introspection, value assessment - so I might not have actioned many items this year but I hope to have more clarity about what I do want to do
Only a miracle from God him/her/itself will alter my dismal and failing efforts concluding another year.
25% chance.
The next three months I am going to FOCUS on:

I will RAISE MY TQ COLOURS, by practicing daily what I am asked to do.

1. My Health. Spiritually, Mentally and Physically.

My Health goals:

a)To lose 2 stone in weight, by following a plan of exericise and correct eating. I will tke my weight daily. I will record everything I put into my mouth. I will have a plan and stick to it. I will have an exercise plan of walking 5 miles a day and doing strength training 3/4 times a week. I will use 'Sparkpeople.com ' to achieve this.

Mental Fitness:
a) I will Meditate daily in order to learn to control my thoughts.
b} I will read great books on the 'Mind'
c)I will master the art of Planning.
I will have a set period each day blocked out to achieve this.
d)I will Have a weekly Plan and a daily plan and I will do my daily plan for the next day, the night before.
e)I will keep my 3 monthly goals in front of me at all times so that I will be able to check each day to see if I am indeed working in the right direction for their completion.
f. I will have a photograph which I shall look at each day to remind of the the Goal.

Spiritual Goal:
a) I will ask god, through the intercession of his Son Jesus to give me the power to achieve this.I will do this by setting aside a time both morning and eening for Prayer and Meditation. I will attend church at least once a week and I will also listen to ' the Hour of Power on my computer at least once a week.
b) I will learn how to do 'Yoga Breathing' and incorporate into my day, especially when I'm driving in my car at traffic lights. When I am stuck at the red light or am i a traffic jam, I will do my 'yoga breathing'. this will keep me calm and prevent me from 'Road Rage'.

I will learn EFT and work towards getting my web page up and running. and be ready to go ...in 3 months time.

I hope to raise all my colours up to a 8/10.
I am diligently studying a niche market I have wanted to sell to for a long time. I am using my fear as a call to action and not a call to cut and run. I am being patient with the people that I can delegate tasks to but I am also ready with a backup plan if they don't come through.

Yesterday I actually asked for help and got a ton of it from another agent in my office. It was totally unexpected and I was very pleased. He even offered to continue to discuss marketing ideas with me.

I feel blessed.
What I most desire to do differently is give complete attention to my ultimate goal. But at this present moment,circumstances dictate my actions.

So with that in mind, I must take an alternate course of action that may ensure that full attention and powerful actions can be applied to my dreams and goals. This alternate course of action may assist with eliminating intrusive disuptions, and I phase this as "may" because this alternate course will place demands on my time, energy and power.

My actions will be geared toward "needs" being demanded by outside forces, which pushes my goals back. Anger is an strong expression, but this is the only emotion available to describe my present state of being.

So, to guarantee the success of my desires, my goal for the next 3 months is; to become gainfully employed by someone other than myself.
Break up big tasks into smaller ones and not feel obligated to finish a task in one sitting.
I am going to swallow my fear and go out and meet people in my neighborhood and introduce myself and promote myself as the neighborhood real estate expert.

If I don't do this, then I am sure to fail. If I do it at least I have made a positive step and who knows what good things can happen.
By eliminating my biggest fault. Making commitments off the top of my head without being conscious of what I am really commiting to. e.g. A person askes me if I'd like to join a group to go the Theatre and I jump in and say yes. What am I doing tomorrow ? Nothing. Not giving enough taught to what I am saying 'yes' to. So as from today, I am not going to say yes, right away...I 'm going to say.' Thank you, I'll check my Diary and get back to you. The reason for this is that when I jump in and say yes, I have committed myself and when the time comes to honour the commitment...I have lost interest.
I will take more actions that are necessary in the attainment of my success.
I am a High Achiever, who hit bottom, due to several strokes and a couple of heart attacks, and then open heart surgery (3 bypasses) recovery has been slow, even went homeless for a year Dec. 2007 thru Dec. 2008.... I realized yesterday... I am still a high Achiever..
just starting at a different starting point... I am glad to find TQ still sending me emails.. God Bless Ya'll......... blake
I am a doer. I find that I am often surrounded by those who are not. I think they are well intentioned people but many of them for various reasons don't move forward. So that I can continue to make progress and not wait for them to fulfill their tasks when they are tasks that materially impact my own progress what I do is I give them a time limit to get it done. At the same time I look for ways to do the task myself in case they don't.

I'm a great believer in having a backup plan - for everything. First of all if you need a backup plan then you can still accomplish what needs to be done. Second, to me there is a sense of security in having a backup plan. Having that security lowers the stress level when it comes to any bumps in the road that might occur with the first plan. Less stress, in my view makes for better decisions.
I have a lot of making up to do on the Think TQ so, I guess that makes me at the moment a dreamer more than a doer. I am tackling some of my "demons" so that I become more of a doer. I plug into my leadership forums and am working on my daily action plans and documenting my goals. I think that I have been questioned for so long by others about the whether my goals are selfish or selfless.. In all things there is a "WFIM", I need the WFIM to align with my values so that what I do is meaningful to me and to the communities that I live in and around. I do value bettering the community I live in and around and was most fulfilled when I was active "doing".. just got a bit to caught up and need to understand doing important and aligned rather than doing everything!
At times I think I am a bit of both, a dreamer and a doer, I can be a doer , when I want something bad enough.
I am a dreamer.What else can I say. I am a Big dreamer. In my 'dreams' i can achieve everything.
I'm a doer and a dreamer. I feel I'm struck. When I start putting actions to my dreams and goals, needed components seem to fall into place. I come in contact with just the right information, technology, instructions and additional know how. My focus becomes clearer, my plans become more detailed, then from no where comes something, with the ability to put a complete stop to everything. These interuptions always seem to deplete monetary resources perserved specifically for my goal.

This interference leaves me in a position that forces me to place my focus elsewhere and I feel total disappointment, because I'm not performing from enjoyment, I'm going through performing motions that are based on desperate need.

So, it is for this reason I consider myself a doer and a dreamer. I do what's needed and dream of doing what I truly desire.
I would challenge the business relationship that I had more boldly. It would have saved me a lot of time, money, and heartache if I had done so. This six months I am focusing on not giving away my time and talent. I now believe I am worth paying and I can do whatever I need to and want to do.

I am setting limits on how far I will go for the people around me before I expect something in return.
I have and will be more assertive on my actions which will in-return stimulate my success.
Honestly, I am glad to be alive, and to disapoint five out of seven Doctors... Who nevr thought I would live...... I made them laugh at my dumb jokes..... I can walk now, take a bath by myself... and found out my only Daughter in this World is pregnant.... My repaired Heart (3 bypasses) is ticking good..... I'lll take it as it comes for now .... the subtle changes have been great! looking forward to getting back in the grove of living...... Life Is Good.... trust me!!! .....blake
Avoid acting needy. It's one of those things that shoots you in the foot. Speak up more. Sever ties with the toxic people in my life a lot faster.
The greatest of the strength always lies in the greatest of the weeknesses..........
I dream of a positive life and I try to fulfill that by doing the best I can everyday.
I will hold to a better schedule and get more consistent exercise for myself. This improves concentration.
At the 6 month mark, am I where I need to be?

Yes and no.

There are certain directional/vision issues that would have been impossible to achieve absent the fullness of time. One vision in particular could only be realized by doing the research and letting the ideas wash up on the imagination.

I have found that you cannot force imagination!

However, if I had a higher Energy Color there is no question that I would be well ahead of current results.

The key though is that I am fighting through the health diagnosis, and will in fact be back on the road to high-energy performance by the end of July!

All my life I have been a doer, but I have come to realize I have been a doer mostly to help others achieve their dreams. If someone asked me what are my dreams and goals I am at a loss. Now I am right where I need to be working on my #1 goal to improve my health. I began the book Success on Purpose to focus on my personal and professional goals to fit where I am in my life.
Charlene, there is no time like the present to put the "stewardship" of yourself in a Priority Position... Go for it!! You are Worth It!!
I certainly hope the year ahead goes better than the past 6 months. It felt like I started getting some traction at work, now it feels like I'm getting stuck in the mud again. I'm also so mad that i didn't get this job!!!!
I could go status quo if I don't don't do the things that will help me move to the accomplishment of my goals... However, I will do the things necessary, and the outcome will reveal itself... and it will be good!
Yes it will be different ! Because we are setting goals to make the last 6 months will be different and better we will make money during a no storm. We will get the leads we need with the Lord's help.
I will keep applying in new jobs related to writing and will try to upgrade my writing skills. I will make a reading habit and read books more often. I will probably be working as a writer somewhere by the next three months. I will try to set new goals in life.
What's the chance that the rest of the year is going to turn out like you want?

I would rate the probability at 90-95% assuming no big changes in my health, and our forward momentum is maintained this summer.

Summer is dicey!

The tendency is to slack off a bit.

This year I can't so I won't!

The actions I will take is to improve my Energy Color, get TQ on TV and hit the fall schedule running... fast.

Get up early on time, the same time, each day. 10/10 each day !!!
I vascillate... I need to get it in the proper order and take action... Dream, Plan, Do... Yes, I can do that!
I am both a big-time dreamer and a powerful doer!

I do believe that success is in my DNA: Do It... Now... Actions.

Remember, what happens when you give a great idea to a procrastinator?

That's right, NOTHING!

The dream is right.

I am the man.

The time is NOW!

I just started Success on Purpose this week.
I was asked to help facilitate a class at our church, the subject is Egypt during the time of the Pharoahs. No, I'm not trained in this area! Last night was the first class and we had 20 people show up. It was fabulous, of course. The participants actually participated and I didn't faint from fear! I just received today's TQ, and the "Wow goal for 2010" is a PICTURE OF THE PHAROAHS. I don't know what to say other than I'm speechless. I guess God is getting me on the right track.
Love myself more and execute on the go. Turn my thoughts into immediate action, and my fears as signals for positive action.
Solve my breathing issues sooner... loose the weight and loose the excuses.

The next 6 months will find my Energy Color through the roof!

I certainly would have spent more time with tq, its really getting me focused and answering the how to my questions like no one else has ever answered before and I see progress. I would have lost weight and gotten used to the flylady's system and have my house chaos free, I would have never gone to the HR for my home builder loan, we would have had an approval by now. But I don't live in regret, I believe that those times teach you lessons. I have learnt some and I know that TQ is take me and my family to another level by the end of this year.
nothing - made some mistakes the previous six months and suffered. TQ helped me set goals, focus on my accomplishments, stay focused and maintain positive expectancy. not yet where i'd like to be, but hit some big benchmarks and ready for the next 6 months
I would have exercised more rather than working continuously on the computer.
I feel drained most of the time. I don't have much on my plate but I always feel overwhelmed and out of control. Even the basic to do lists are catching up on me. If only I have the energy I needed to accomplished things, I could have done more.
Truthly speaking, I would use different strategies towards learning new things and things that intrigues me the most. Practice my craft, which is reading, crtical thinking, and becoming a more efficient learner. I need to put in the time that will benefit me, not a whole lot of time of procrastination.
Its a good chance the year will be a little difficult if I look back on the past 6 months. But I'm looking forward to the challenge. I just have to be consistent and communicate my vision affectively.
What I will do differently is to start excercising at least twice a week as suggested by TQ challenge today. This is something that I haven't done in 15 years. I will also get organized stating today, throw away anything that I haven't looked at in 3 months. NO MORE CLUTTER!
have more confidence in myself and my capabilities.
I'mso excited today to anounce. Im getting my mind renewed. I feelgreat and in my zone. We move with considerationand savvy.
I have been in a very bad slump right now with executing my successful seminar which I found the preperation and research overwhelming but yet perservered until its completion. Found myself completly drained. Personal life - Husband with Level 4 cancer. Daughter 37 was admitted with a seisure this past week. She is under doctors care. Having difficulty getting back on track with my speaking engagements. I need ideas how I can get back on tract.

Oranization is extremely low. Thank you for thoughts and suggestions in advance. Sarah Dee
Hello Sarah,
If I may, I'd like to first congratulate you on persevering and executing your seminar successfully. I am so sorry to hear about your husband's and daughter's health. If it is OK, I will pray for you and your family?

It is totally understandable that you are having difficulty getting back on track with your speaking engagements. You are in a time of crisis. Do not be too hard on yourself. If you must focus on your speaking right now, TQ has excellent organizational tools you can use to help you organize your time.

If you wish you may look on the left side of the TQ website. Underneath Quick Links, click on The Download Center. Go down the page until you find the section labeled Time Management Tools. There are lots of calendars to help you to start managing your time.

There are lots of other great tools in The Download Center to help you in other ways as well.

If it's OK, I will share with you that I took care of my mother for a year when she had Esophageal cancer; so I know first hand how difficult life can be under these circumstances.

Please take care of your health as well by trying to rest, drink lots of water and eat well. If you are the only caretaker, this can be a challenge.

I will hold you, your husband and your daughter in my prayers.
I have let world worries thing influence me.And did not put things happen. I let things happen to me
I'm in the process of doing just that. First I need to get out of my own way.
I was deeply involved in US war .I am fighting for last 12-13 years .It drench me out .But I wanted US to be secured .We are successful in that .During 2007-2008 I felt burned out .I am feeling quite okay now a days .
Us intelligence departments doing quite a good job .I have a light load now a days .
I focus on both Rose and Thorns .Rose means American security .Thorns means Taliban,Al qaeda and conspirator countries .To secure the rose you need to be aware of Thorns .

I'm a dreamer... There are so many things that I want to do but I know that I stand in my own way. I'm afraid of failure so I stick to what is familiar.
I would take charge (responsiblity) of MY Life, i.e. my eduction, my finances, my futre. I would recognize that until I am all that I can be, I am unable to provide and mentor those who matter most to me.
I would not allow someone else to dictate how my life should be.
Nearly 10 years ago, I had a business idea which never got off the ground because (as hard as it is to admit this) I didn't believe in myself.

Instead of making progress, step by step, I spent too much time seeking approval.

I never felt I received enough approval to green light my next steps. Eventually, my idea withered and died.

If I could do it over again, I would do my research, seek expert advice and recommendations, write my business plan, build a team, create leverage, then, launch my business--enjoying the journey through failure to success--come what may.
Success then failure once I am successful. I do feel like who am I to be brilliant? But I know I am a child of God and I have his brillance because I am made in his image! Going for brilliance!!!!
My only fear is that I run out of time well before I achieve my most inspiring goals.

If the reaper comes today, I am ready, but will leave a lot of important work undone.

If he comes in 5 years, I can run fast enough to stay ahead of him!

Now that you have asked me this three times, I guess I need to think about the real of it.

My fear is deeply rooted and suppressed by being a super-achiever.

I fear losing this current battle due to the puny size of the dog in the hunt, and the overwhelming size of the opportunity.

In short, I fear that I will not make it.

Put hope, pray and will do everything I can to turn the odds.
Success then Failure. Seek my good inner values and work ethic and generate sustaining focus to continue in the same success pattern already established.
You can't be where you did not plan to go, I had no plan or vision so I am right where you would expect to be. The same place. Action is tharwed by fear or despondency. I feel like I have been despondent, I keep thinking " This is the day!" however-never knew what action to take. I am beginning to come out of the clouds and get motivated to my values, roles and goals. Planning is the next step for me. Planned action!!! Action is the key!!!
Look back on the last 6 months. Are you where you need to be right now to make THIS year your BEST year ever? Great question!

Couple this with the action of the day, "Look for the Best in Every Situation... The Opportunity in Every Problem..." and the bright bulb just came on!

I know too much, understand too much and frequently convince myself that the pine cones falling off the tree in the back yard is really a sign that the sky is falling.

Most successful people deal with what IS, not what most likely will occur/will BE. I have a tendency to focus on the big picture and not zoom back in fast enough to temper my attitude with the positives found within every negative situation.

Usually, it's not all that negative  but when we convince ourselves that it is predominately negative we prepare for the reality in the wrong way.

I will force myself to focus on the positives first, then temper with negatives. We shall employ this strategy for the rest of the year and see how that works!
I will use part of my time today to list out steps I can take to achieve my most important goal in life which is to become a successful life coach and mentor. I have been trying to achieve this but I get easily distracted by other things. I know if I''m able to improve my TQ scores paticularly Plan, Organize, Priotize and Act now, I''ll be a lot better .
I am both a dreamer and a doer but have moved to far into doing. Will start dreaming more now!

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