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What does it take for you to be a winner?

"Without ambition one starts nothing. Without work one finishes nothing. The prize will not be sent to you. You have to win it. The man who knows how will always have a job. The man who also knows why will always be his boss. As to methods there may be a million and then some, but principles are few. The man who grasps principles can successfully select his own methods. The man who tries methods, ignoring principles, is sure to have trouble." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

This is an amazing quote! Emerson wrote it over 150 years ago, yet it is as true today as then.

No question, the prize will NOT be sent to you. You have to WIN it.

You have to take the ACTIONS necessary to produce RESULTS up to your EXPECTATIONS.

All last week I asked what's holding you back from realizing your greatest aspirations... from WINNING the game of success... day in, day out?

This week, we will focus on unleashing the winner within, giving you the Principles of Winning!

What does WINNING mean?

Here's some advice from a friend of mine — 2-time Super Bowl champion and TQ Master, Rod Smith:

"The key to success is simple: Expect more from yourself every day, then Execute beyond Expectations." ~ Rod Smith

What does it mean to be a WINNER?

Here's what my trusty American Heritage dictionary has to say:

Verb: To acquire as a result of one's actions, behavior or effort. Getting, gaining, earning, deserving, meriting.

Verb: To come into possession of. Getting, obtaining, coming by, gaining, acquiring, landing, securing, picking up, procuring.

Verb: To obtain possession or control of. Taking, getting, gaining, capturing.

Thus, a WINNER is...

Someone who is successful or victorious in (a contest or conflict)... a person with the determination to win... to acquire or secure as a result of a contest, conflict, bet, or other endeavor.

Pretty straightforward, isn't it? If you succeed at what you attempt, you are, by definition, a WINNER!

TQ How to WIN more often.

To me, WINNING means achieving what you set out to accomplish, either personally or as part of a team. When you achieve the results you want, you WIN. If you fail to achieve the results you desire, you don't.

This week, I want you to think about your WIN/LOSS record a bit. Not to dwell on the losses, but to discover issues in your performance that, when corrected, will allow you to WIN a great deal more frequently.

My Top 3 Career Goals:

1) ____________________________
2) ____________________________
3) ____________________________

Time Horizon: Labor Day.

Look at these goals. What will it take for you to WIN these by Labor Day, 2016?

Believe Emerson. No one is going to just hand you these 3 goals anymore than they will just hand you a prize for showing up.

TQ Do you have a WINNING ATTITUDE right now?

Print... Clip... Hang.

Here's some simple advice.

Put TQ Factor 3B into action!

Success is the direct result of taking the right actions, the right way, at the right time for the right reasons.

Understand this and you can take on anything with confidence. Just discover what the right actions are and do them.

Your success isn't limited by past mistakes—but by your willingness to take the right actions right now!

If you have no confidence in your ability, you won't even try.

But, if you're committed to do whatever it takes until you get it right—you will eagerly proceed with the confidence to succeed.

The following Ideas for Action from our Attitude Personal Workshop represent some of the best thinking on the planet about getting SPECIFIC about your goals. Each is designed to inspire and motivate you to actually do TQ Factor 3B a great deal more frequently.

Keep in mind, however, that they will remain ideas until you put them into action. Stop and listen to the audio track for TQ Factor 3B while you're reading the rest of this page, and while you're completing the exercise below.

This is just one track from our fabulous SET GOALS Personal Workshop. If you don't own the complete collection, maybe it's high time to get with the program!

TQ Factor 3B's CONTRIBUTION to your performance...

A high commitment to this Factor of your performance suggests you approach every situation with the expectation that you will ultimately find the right thing to do and then do it. Because you are confident you can achieve anything you want, an endless series of possibilities open up. This is not simplistic, blind faith that things will always work out. Instead, it's a belief gained from a history of trying new things and staying with them until you succeed.

Even when you don't know if you'll succeed, you still take action in pursuit of what you want—because you are certain you will figure it out eventually.

TQ Factor 3B's COST to your success...

A lack of commitment to this area of your performance suggests you are someone who tends to fear failure and avoids the pain of doing things wrong.

A lack of confidence, and a fear of failure, prevents you from proceeding—more times than you'd like. You find it hard to take action when there's no guarantee of success. It's even worse when you've never done something before.

This lack of confidence holds you back from small things like initiating conversations with strangers—to large decisions like career changes.

And day-by-day, you simply give up on things you want—because you have no belief in your ability to achieve them.

TQ Factor Benefit...

The BENEFIT of choosing to do Factor 3B a bit more frequently: You have more power...

You have the confidence to passionately pursue anything and everything you want. You accumulate performance positives like "Confident, Self-Assured and Optimistic"—immediately moving you towards the results you expect.

What happens when you FAIL to consistently do Factor 10C?

You have less power...

There are things you want, but you hesitate to try because you fear failure more than you expect success. Negatives like "Doubtful, Hesitant and Pessimistic" start to take their toll on your performance—quickly moving you away from the success you want.

TQ The Bottom Line...

You can WIN a great deal more frequently. You can reach your aspirations.

Break free of your comfort zone... extend your grasp.

The best advice I can give you right now is this: Stop dabbling at it. Give it all you've got. -- E.R. Haas, CEO


If you have any questions you would like us to answer personally, just send us an email! Click Here Answers@ThinkTQ.com...

The only dumb question is the one that's important to you... and you didn't ask!

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Running Member Comments...

No question, when you understand the Principles of Winning, you have a tremendous head-start on success.

Employ these principles more frequently than your competition, and you will not just WIN, but become the success you truly desire.

Remember, it is not just KNOWING... it is EMPLOYING that is the key to lasting success.

Right on Mr. Haas! Knowledge is often confused with competency. Without the application and employment of knowledge coupled with the consistent practice of success processes, competencies would never be developed. It's not just what you know... it IS what you DO with what you know that counts; the quality, the quantity and the consistency of results over time, exercising success principles daily.
At this stage in the process I feel I am just dabbling in my success but eager to get the party started and start making some things a reality. This week I think is going to be a turning point. Im committting more time to getting things started. Just hope, life co-operate. (Kid's, Family, Friends) Im not willing to let anything stand in my way of success this time but it does make it easier if everythingis in tuned with eachother.

There is never a better time to start making important changes than NOW... right where you are... with everything you have to deal with.

Choose a specific course of action... improve your sense of Mission and Direction... which will turn your dreams into passions.

Then, set crystal-clear goals that align directly with your Mission, and you will have a huge starting-point for a life of passion and purpose.

If you haven't yet, read Success On Purpose (in our download center) and do all the exercises. This is the absolute BEST starting-point -- both strategically and tactically -- to get you going and keep you growing!

sometime and sometimes not, becuase I've been sick with depression and aniexty so long that at times I lose my confidence when it comes down to doing something that I want to do.
I too suffered with some depression and wanted so badly for things to change in my career. I discovered before I could make positive changes in my career I had to make positive changes in me first. So my first dreams, goals, plans, and actions had to be all about me. Now that I am concentrating on believing in myself again I am seeing automatic changes in the rest of my life as well. Take baby steps if you have to but be consistent and you will see change. Debbie
I believe I am a winner with the write tools at hand.
I have many strong desires. I get bogged down by the fear of failure or something being too hard to understand or physically do and then give up. Sometimes I just don't follow through for an unknown reason (am I lazy? I don't think so) and then complain because I didn't get what was "promised." Yes, I see that I failed in my responsibility. Oftentimes I get overwhelmed and it seems like nothing is possible - except the resoration of my marriage. I believe with my whole heart that my husband is coming back. I will not let anyone tell me different. I guess thinking about it, I get overwhelmed because I'm disorganized. It is just not my forte. I have tried and tried and tried. I ordered your CD and still I just can't seem to pull it together. Once I get overwhelmed by the one thing every little thing just seems to overwhelm me. It's a snowball effect. Today is the most overwhlemed I have felt in years. It's been a hard week.
Many of the things you mentioned I can relate to. You sound depressed to me. I struggle with that off and on and am now on an antidepressant that is truly working for me. It feels so good to be really living life again! Wonderful things are happening to me now that I am following this program and have gotten the right medicine to deal with the depression. Please consider seeing a dr to see if you are depressed and don't feel bad about seeking help. As for the disorganization, I too have that tendency, but have found myself improving greatly in that area and many others now that I dealt with the underlying problem.
Feeling overwhelmed is a signal that should not be overlooked. Unless you deal with it, you will continue that snowball effect. Don't put off getting the help you need. Procrastination is another of those dangerous detours.
Do not get discourage, things will get better. The fact that you are making the effort to move forward even though you fear and lack confidence in yourself shows that you cannot lose at the end. You are among the few that wants to improve themselves. Keep taking action .(When you lose confidence in yourself for whatever reasons you look for others to help you, when you lose confidence in others for whatever reasons, you look for faith to help you, when you lose faith for whatever reasons, you then have nowhere else to go but back to yourself). Love yourselves as you are, unique and great, forgive yourself and forgive others as life is not between you and them, but you and the source of life. Take step by step and bring back your confidence, use all the tools available to you to re aligned yourselves, there are plenty in todays world TQ is one of them that can help you. Remember you can only be what you believe you are and the answer to your happiness is within you. Let yourself be happy, give yourself a chance to become your full potential and who you really are. Have a great journey
I hope your week gets better. It is hard to do much when you're overwhelmed. Stop, breathe, Do the one most important thing. Best wishes in your marriage, but don't put all of your focus on just that (even though it is important). Best wishes, Tammie
Helping others...to the point of exhaustion!
my ability to listen
I do use it a lot but leaarning NLP will help me use it even better
NLP? Do they teach that in TQ?
I'm interested in it, and I think it's Anthony Robins training, but does TQ teach it as well?
What am I missing?
Regarding today's quote, "Big Bird" was never more right!
My single biggest talent is the ability to synthesize information... taking little bits and pieces of what I know, what I've read, what I've heard, what I have seen... and craft all the different parts into a coherent, laser-focused leap to an entirely new platform.

I call it leap-frog thinking... the ability to leap over what is... to what can be.

From this, I see hundreds of opportunities each week.

However, if I permit my Attitude to turn sour, all those opportunities are blurred, making it impossible to see them so I can act on them.

Big Bird is absolutely right... until I honed this talent into a hard-edged skill, I was an "also-ran" not the true winner I am today.

By the way, winning to me is staying in the game long enough to overcome all the losses. Like Bird or Jordan, I tend to lose a fair number of times each week... but in the end... the win/loss record is going my way!

I don't give myself enough time. I'm always putting everyone else ahead of me. I have 5 kids and my husband left. Each day I take a little step towards freedom to excel in my own world, but the process seems so long as I don't give myself enough time. If I fall behind in the day-to-day, it's hard to catch up. I think too much and my actions are limited. I have to just simply start doing to see any results. I have a sense of accompishment as I have made it through a 2 year process of loss, financial analyses, re-evaluations, moving, depression all while taking care of my 5 children mostly on my own. I stand on the cusp of taking a leap. I guess I fear failure is the reason why I haven't jumped.
Wow. You have a family to take care of. I don't think people completely understand the amount of time that entails. I think that the reason I haven't achieved my idea of success in my employment is because it was time consuming enough raising a family on my own and keeping a job. I have once said that at the end of your life, what does it say on your tombstone - nothing about your employment. It says Mother and/or Wife. I'm not saying that you shouldn't start taking a leap, but if your anything like me - I always put my toe in the water first. Why don't you start by allotting a little bit of time every day for yourself. Start with 1/2 hr. and let the family understand that you are not to be disturbed then. Oh yes, when you fear failure. Remember your successes. Best wishes, Tammie
Not much, I won $ 1,276 shopping spree yesterday,
and when I went to claim it, they gave me a $1000.00 check toward a car for someone. I'm going to pass that on today. Our company has booked a lady millionaire to join 5 men at the
Omni hotel next month, June 15,16 in Las Colinas Tx. You can come or find out more at companiesoffaith.com
Procrastination! I wish for it but do not move to acheive it.
Not doing the things that I must do daily to bring them to pass. And sometime lack of Faith that I should have.
I wish I knew. I'm told I'm doing all the right things right, but somehow stuff just derails me from what seems like out of the blue.
I dream big, set goals, make plans, take action but get derailed from things outside my control over and over again.
To tell you the truth, I'd love to have an uphill battle, for the sheer granite cliff I've been climbing is getting old.
And the amazing thing is I still believe I have a purpose, still dream, am starting another company and going for it INSPITE of my setbacks. This one IS going to be the one, God willing.
Sometimes its like a dieters plateau, you don't see the results til later but I promise you it will come. Life is full of setbacks but if you ask anyone who you believe is at the top, i'll bet they'll tell you that the reason they are there it that they didn't give up. Keep climbing. Tammie
not being focused and taking the time to sit down and write down my goals. My planning is lacking and is cusing confusion in my day.
Fear, not having enough conferdence in myself, not knowing where or how to start. and procrastanation.
You don't until after death.
I'd like to say that I don't like this new format. Please let the creative person in charge know this. I love this communique and look forward to it but this one was hard to read and engage.
you don't
When I reach a goal it is time to raise that goal or set a new one. Until the day I die, I intend to have goals.
Eric is right! I like his nail-on-the-head commentaries on the stories. Use it to your advantage and everyone's right here.
Hi evrybody = thanks for this chance 1. Goals wow - 2.
football coach wrestling coach ?? I dunno BUT can tri can try
yesyeysyeysyeys find a college
WSC UMASS ?? maybe
get with it John get withit
thanks a lot
Fear. Fatigue. Fear that I will rise to top, and then be publicly humiliated or put down. Fear of criticism. Fear of the unknown changes that will be inevitable in my life. Fear of upsetting someone close to me to follow my dream. Fear that I won't succeed at it. Fear that if I do succeed at it, that I will be fatigued from so much effort. Fear that it will require extra responisibility from me. How silly all these fears are, but they are real. Writing them down makes them real in my face, but also makes them smaller. I know what I need to deal with. I know I can.
I am racked (sp) with fear. You have put these fears into words for me. Thank you so much because this is a great step - once you know what your fears are - the easier it is to deal with. I am going to be honest with you that some of your fears are real. For example, extra responsibility and fatigue are definitely a real issues, but you can look at them and think of ways to deal with them which in turn will put you in more control of the fear instead of the fear being in control of you. Best wishes, Tammie
Id have to say my single greatest talent is my ablitly to make people feel welcome, loved and special. Im a great listener with an open mind. And yes I do think I use my talent to its best ability. I am very close with all my children's friends and people seem to open up to me whether they really know me or not. Many come to me for advice and like to hear my suggestions. Now if I could only learn how to turn that talent into a level of income for myself. LOL
My whole heart is in this game of life. Im not here to live the life that is handed to me but live the life I can produce from my drinen success.
I believe I can be a winner. I truly believe I need to see success around me. If I saw it on a regular basis then I would want to pursue it. Without seeing it, I'm not that motivated.

I'm a winner in progress, excited, motivated and ready to take the world by storm. I believe that anything is possible with the right attitude and proper action (& TQ training to help me determine what that action will be).
not yet but I will succeed and be happy..but safe
Success at what? I have a home business that I believe God is in control of. This will be my eighth year. However the last 5 years have also been busy with taking care of my parents. My dad died in 06 from lung cancer and he took care of my mother who has emphysema. So, now I am taking care of her and working at a very slow pace with my business. I am grateful that the two of them can co-habitate. With that said I sure can't grow my business. My values are all about love, hope, respect, well being, faith, beauty, elegance, appreciation, intuition and abundance. My business is Inspirational Interiors. I decorate homes, churches and businesses with the gifts that God has given me. As a care giver daughter I am giving it all I got. When business comes along.......I need to give it all I got.
I believe I'm giving it all I've got, heart,mind and soul
I want to be a winner . I hate loosing. But still i find difficult to get succeed in all my activities. I want to do my Master degree in business, but I'm not preparing to my potential. please help me guide me how to stay focused and achieve my goal.
Yes I do believe that im a winner.
Most days I believe that I am a winner and that I bring to the TEAM more than most. I want to bring more PASSION but, sometimes it appears to be overpowering to some of my associates.
I consider my strongest point are i take decision what the situation demands. . . i have good control of my self. . . i am calm n focused. . . I can make friends easily. . . I can move with different kinds of people. . .
Decorating interiors. I do as much as I can when I can. I am limited by money though. In my own home and by my clients budgets. Oh how I wish money didn't have anything to do with it! I had a dream a while back that I took the time to write it down and it just now came back to my thoughts. I dreamt that I was in a home that was mine and I was seeing it for the first time and it was magnificent,and beyond my current abilities. I will make it a goal to design it and live in it. My latest faith challenge is to exercise that faith and begin taking steps forward. So, be it! Thanks be to God who gives me my dreams. To HIM be the glory.
My single greatest talent, is being compassionate and making other people, including my family to feel good. I also think that my other talent is listening to people, and giving them solutions to their problems.
in some cases i really am a winner
for example in studying issues,discussions,analyzing
deep insight
I have a lot of heart, I really do. Being in the midst of a change (community,employment,purpose) has really made the game of life a struggle. I know there will be a positive outcome, but right now it is 3rd and ten on a muddy field and it's the fourth quarter!

The good news is that the change will force me to shed some weights and cares and allow me to focus on my strengths and passions. I'm looking forward to June!
I have been able to become more focused on what is the most important. I am able to gain more and accomplish more in a day, where it would take me more than 2 or 3 days to get done. This is great!
Success would not be handed to me. I would have to WORK at it.I must say that, on a daily basis, I get a cherished PUSH with the email I get from ThinkTQ.com. My appreciation goes to E.R Haas- a truly inspirational person.To all the Team at ThinkTQ, keep up the good Job.
I am scared to express my honest opinions and really be myself.
What is holding me back? TOO much on my plate. But this is a temporary thing as there are factors I cannot control driving my to do list. Time and commitments conflict with each other if your commitments don't consider the time involved. But the end is in sight for several things and I can refocus my energy on core issues and purposes!
Uncertainty, this brothersome fear of uncertainty. Then again it's not uncertainty it's knowing what must be settle in order to clearly focus on my goals.

My dreams and ideas are solid, I know they are possible. I've documented what's needed to begin, how each phase should be executed, the website design and the targeted group.

I will sit at my computer to get started, suddenly this huge ball of fear right in the pit of stomach starts to take over, the phone begins to ring off the hook, emergencies come out of know where, it seems like anything that could disrupt me from getting started, starts.

These disruptions and fear eating away at me, taking over, I stop. Then I worry about why I stopping, constantly trying to encourage myself by saying "I need to get started" by the end of the day, I'm angry and exhausted, because I know, I can do better than this, I know it!

So, what's holding me back from unleashing the winning within me, it' me! I'm my own worst enemy.
(You can only be what you believe you are) therefore you have answered your question at the end. You said that you believe that you are your worst enemy. You need to get balance, it seems to me that you are taking action but you do not believe in yourselves. You must be who you want to be, you have to play the part either you are or your not. The question I have often asked myself is why I have limited myself in this little pawn when there is an ocean out there.
Built faith in yourselves and in the universe, you are one. You are connected to infinite possibilities. You deserve it. Have a great journey
I have the biggest fear of failure, and how bad it is to fail. I do want to succeed.
First of all , I work in a place that age is very well discriminated and promotions for my age and race are seldom if ever granted.
Second, I am more qualified than most for positions and know that "good ole boys" get the nod when promotions are handed out. I believe this is called a "no win" situation.
Phd. Stephen Covey author says "What's important is more important than what's urgent." Thomas R. Fennell
I feel being organized, making the most of my time and taking action instead of putting things off are holding me back the most.
You cant. There is no objective to apprehend. No tangible reason to be motivated by without a clear goal.
For a while now, I thought, I was setting clear goals. In actuality I was functioning from small plans. Oddly enough, when I visualize specific plans and initiate action to the plan, it materializes. I would then, move on to the next. The problem, their not focused goals.

I now realize, I have been setting goals, divised as plans, performing the action needed to accomplish the plan, but on a small, scattered safe scale.

Yesterday I decided to test myself, and move it up a notch. I set my sights on a larger goal, divised a plan for each step, performed the actions needed to accomplish my goal and confronted any fear that dared to come forth.

I was determined to get a writing assignment, so I perfected my self marketing skills begin bidding on writing assignments, and yesterday a client contacted me requesting an article for thier website. This morning I completed the revision.

I've set a specific goal with plans in place to be accomplished by Friday of this week, but I won't view this as the finishing line, it's my starting line.

Happy Mother's Day, Moms
My computer time needs a checklist. It is able to eat up so much of my time. My family time and evening schedule also need checklists. Since I am a list keeper these would be simple steps for time management challenges. The goal is to put forth more relaxed, focus time for self-development through reading.
I wouldnt know. So clear goals are important to me and must be a necesity to follow.
Myself at times especially when theres a goal to accomplish.
When you have clear goals, you just know when you have finished your mental finish line. I usually know when I have crossed my finish line, and when I am just in sight of it.
Have not focued on my goals as the I work on making the goals clear. My goals are coming into view very quickly now
Discovering the correct steps and initiating them into action to get back on my feet. I don't know what to do w/ my life...it currently has no purpose or satisfaction. Eliminating the baggage inherited from the parents irresponsibility.Assuming and accepting the past choices I've chosen
My single greatest talent is my skills with younger people. I have gotten better with adults and I continue to improve every day.
My clear goals will be written today.
I always have the best of intentions but I allow distractions and interruptions to disjoint my day. Perhaps just recognizing this fact and being able to label my productivity correctly is the beginning of becoming a winner. I am no longer allowing "guilt" to run my day. I'm learning that people survive when I say "No, I can't help you right now".
I am not meeting goals because I have not taken the time to develop clear precise goals. I am moving in the right direction financially, but I do not have balance or a financial plan beyond the immediate goals I have reached.
I am a winner, especially when I focus on productive activities, and positive people. BELIEVE in myself!
absolutely. i work hard and have a positive expectancy that i can learn, adapt and grow to succeed in any situation.
My Energy level is nowhere near high enough for the battle ahead.

Will see doc next week, and get back on a strict diet/exercise regimen.
I have strong reasons to suspect that my husband has been cheating on me and I can't believe I'm joining the statistics. I thought he was unlike other men -- most men, unfortunately. Why do we ever expect them to be monogamous in the first place? Perhaps I should have still been in Africa where it is accepted and acknowledged openly without all the deception. Without trust, it's very difficult to have much heart in the game of the marriage part of life. I'm only here for my children. I could care less if he died today. God will take care of everything. I'll just be still and know that He is God and make sure I continue to improve my status, while staying true to myself, my values and my integrity. If he wants to forsake what he is and sell his soul, the only thing I can do is pray and protect myself and my children from those spirits and elements. Lord give me the strength to endure and to create a healthy, full, nourishing environment for my children. Continue to send your angels and your powerful agents into my life to uphold me in this unbelievably difficult time. I will WIN!!! Thank you Holy Spirit. Amen.
Without crystal-clear goals, it is impossible to set and keep your direction over time.

It's not a matter of winning or losing. It is a matter of knowing if you are headed in the right direction or not.

Knowing ALL your goals, and remaining connected to them is a huge driver of exceptional performance.

Ask any Olympian... what's the goal?

My commitment to my top 3 goals is absolute and unconditional.

These goals are all high risk, bet your future type goals.

I have removed all means of retreat, and have my entire team in a do or die mode.

Total conviction. Total commitment.
To become a real estate investor mongul, so that I can help people-bought literature only, no movement. I'm stuck.

To become finacially independent so that I will be able to support my kids and secur their future-studying only. Looking for anstarting point.

To be the best dad in the world for my children and grand. I'm pretty committed to this one.
I am like a roller coaster, I know what goals I want to achieve, I know I am capable of achieving these 3 goals, I am gaining on it! But I am not pushing or exceeding my expectations, its almost like I am scared or afraid to reach these great results! I am going to overcome this fear that is blocking me from a truly successful and happy life! I Thank TQ for being there to pick me up and get the wheel rolling again to that place we should all be, that feeling we should all feel, that we all deserve! I will reach my goals of substantial increase in income, quality time with my family, and be in total control of my freedom, by Dec 2010 I will be able to do things that have real meaning and importance in my life, to make me happy and my family happy! This is an absolute!
Winning just like loosing is contagious. Lack of confidence is generated by fear of failure or sometimes fear of success. To break this fear I must create and build one success at a time...thru little baby steps and I will!
Sometimes yes....sometimes no. Sometimes we do not control the decision necessary for winning. We must be able to look ourselves in the mirror and say "we have done everything we can" to influence the outcome.
My single greatest talent is the ability to synthezize disparate data into a cohesive vision and communicate that vision clearly.
Organizational motivation and planning. Putting together the best team for any given project.
Ability to communicate and develop relationships with people and solve problems
It's the 4th Quarter and I'm down one touchdown and so I really do not have the luxury of coasting to the end of the game. There are things I need to get done. This is where the disapline needs to kick in...I need to continually remind myself the games not over.
Very little! It's hard to get motivated. I get fired up initially bit the fire fades quickly.
It is amazing how a death/loss can change everything. I thought my car accident changed things but this has been even more so. It's been 11 months and I believe I am now ready to move again. Thank You Lord for keeping me! So my first goal is organization and having things in order so that things would be easy for those I may leave behind. I'm on my way! Health, finances, personal relationships ate top of my list for this quarter.
A good Doctor does a proper diagnosis first .Then he suggests if a filling is required or a root canal .

If I was a doctor during 2001 I did the right diagnosis of the situation .The Global situation was in coma .I was treating the Global patient correctly .My replacement was not required .In fact I was removed from Singapore with a belief that my replacement would do better .This assumption was wrong .Every doctor can't diagnose properly .

Resulting in a horrible attack on US on 9/11 .So it is requested that don't try to be a good doctor if you are not .

I don't use my talents
I have been quite stagnant for many years (think I have gone through a depression, not sure)
but look forward to learning more and doing so much more for myself, my wonderful husband and great kids....
I whole heartedly devoted myself f to America .I spent nights after nights awake to safegaurd the situation during 2001 from Singapore.
As long as I was fighting from Singapore the situation was under control .But I was removed from Singapore by Aug 2001 and the situation failed miserably within a month after that .
When I was in US during 2006 I first gave the message that Bin Laden might be in Pakistan .But no one gave that importance to my words .May be pakistani lobby in US was angry after that .
I don't do blank fires .My action speaks my integrity and hard work .

I have a written list of all the actions I plan to take today. I need the discipline to block and focus on the most important do it and go to the next.
I ask why not... why not me?!

Which courses through your veins more often: Passion or Procrastination?

Passion at the 100% level. I never procrastinate. I do take awhile to make tough decisions, however!
I have found that making the time to read the Daily TQ and dig into the meat of the matter is invaluable. Even if you think you know something the reminder is important to reinforce the concept. And as been pointed out in the commentaries, just because you know what to do doesn't mean that you do it. Or do it well, or do it for the right reasons and at the right time. All that takes more than shooting from the hip!
I think , I am purposeful, but I am left short with skills I don`t possess.
The concept of winning is so vital to your mental health it isn''t funny.

Minimize and you lose.

Expect to win and ultimately you will.

If the desire is big enough, all you need to do is boost your skills and there you are... in the winner''s circle!

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