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Challenge yourself, right up to the point where it isn't fun any more.

"The critical ingredient is getting off your butt and doing something. It's as simple as that. A lot of people have ideas, but there are few who decide to do something about them now. Not tomorrow. Not next week. But today. The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer."
~ Nolan Bushnell

All last week we talked about the power of planning, and the steps you must take to move your goals off the calendar and into your schedule.

This week we will discuss accelerating your success by helping you take bold ACTION to move your dreams off the page and into your life.

Study Nolan's quote carefully. It tells you precisely what you must DO to be successful. (BTW This guy is very successful. In case you don't recognize the name, he created the world's first video games!)

My question to you today, as it was last week, "Are you now MOVING in the direction of your dreams?"

Are you living your MISSION?

If not, why not?

Movement requires you to take ACTION.

As I have been saying for the last three months, ACTION—not good intentions, excuses, explanations, reasons, self-imposed doubt, your comfort zone... whatever—is what it takes to transform your mission into clear goals... goals into rock-solid plans... and plans into a series of accomplishments.

TQ How much ACTION do your goals see?

All month we talked about your goals and plans. Today, I want you to look at your Number One Goal again. What actions will you take to move closer to this goal in February?

Your Most Important Goal:


Specific Actions:


All this week, I want you to focus on TQ Factor 10C: "I break down complex tasks into immediately "do-able" steps."

Understand the importance of this Factor of your performance and you are well on your way to tremendous success. Fail to heed the advice contained here, and your goals will have a very difficult time even seeing the light of day.

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TQ Powerful Actions—One Step at a Time...

FACT: You will always produce better results, personally and professionally, when you break large tasks into a sequence of immediately "do-able" actions.

When seen in their entirety, complex projects appear too overwhelming.

However, even the most complex task is only a sequence of smaller, "do-able" steps that can be taken one at a time.

Isolate the individual steps, and begin them right away.

"Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you." ~ Carl Sandburg

TQFactor 10C's CONTRIBUTION to your performance...

A high commitment to this Factor of your performance suggests you are someone who gains immediate control over complex tasks by seeing them as a series of simple steps.

You work your way through big projects by reducing them to manageable tasks.

Rather than focus on the complexity of the interrelated objectives, you break each task down into its most basic parts—and get started right away.

This process gives you the confidence to take on the impossible, because you know that success is as simple as completing one "do-able" step at a time.

TQFactor 10C's COST to your success...

A lack of commitment to this area of your performance suggests you may have trouble taking action on complex projects. You may become easily confused by complex tasks and the apparent difficulty in achieving them.

By only seeing the big picture—in all its complexity—you tend to lose confidence in your ability to accomplish such a formidable endeavor.

Instead of breaking these tasks into individual steps, you remain mystified by the entire process—and delay indefinitely from taking that all important first step.

TQ The BENEFIT of choosing to do Factor 10C more frequently...

By reducing a complex task to a series of simple steps, you go from overwhelmed to full speed ahead in nothing flat.

IMPORTANT: If you are starting to lose your commitment to your goals, pay attention!

The quickest way out of this trap is to listen to your Act Now CD again and identify ONE ACTION that you can take NOW to move in the direction of your dreams.

See Also: Take your TQ Test...

TQThe Bottom Line.

The year is in full gear and moving fast. You need to learn to take bold action if you are going to move your most important goal off this page, and put it into your life.

There are now just a little over 11 months remaining to make this year your BEST year ever. I highly recommend that you choose just one area of your performance and improve it. Today.

If you haven't already, right now is the perfect time to take a baseline assessment of your GOALS and your POWER to achieve them. I urge you to take the full 100 question TQ Test to baseline where you are now... and what you will need to do differently to achieve your goals this year.
-- E.R. Haas, CEO


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The only dumb question is the one that's important to you... and you didn't ask!

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Running Member Comments...

I'd score myself a 3 - procrastination is very much a problem, as there's an unconscious voice in my head that convinces me to put things off, but when I force myself to do things I charge forward.
today a 5 last year a 1
How action-oriented am I?

I think an 8-9, but looking back on the last 6 months, maybe really only a 5-6 overall.

I take fast action on stuff I like to do. I never seem to get around to doing what I know I should, but don't like.

I loved Maikel's article, and will stop hiding behind the excuse machine!
My Factor 10C score is a 5.

I relate to the other comments very well - I take action on those things I like or that are in my comfort zone, but I procrastinate when I do not feel confident that I can accomplish the task. I make excuses as to why I do not step out and just do it.

2007 is my year, and in order to get to where I need to be, I have to push myself, and encourage myself along the way. I must celebrate the small successes as I continue to move forward to my goals.
I consider myself 8. I am very proactive and action is a North for me.
I'm very into taking massive action towards my goals. The only area that has been keeping me back has been the planning.
Learning how to meet and talk to women. Now there's a goal worth breaking down into small chunks.
Why do I put off taking action?

Because by the time 3 PM comes around I am burned out and running on empty. Clearly, I need to put better fuel into my body to get maximum value from each of my 1000 Prime Minutes.

Initiating action is never a problem for me. Sustaining it is.
I have put off re-doing my instructions sheet and formulating a new website. I may be able to just modify the website. I have recieved some good feedback from people. I also need to get a portrait promo together. Oh yes and taxes.
No. As of this last weekend, all my stories are out to markets of _some_ kind (all paying, yeah!), except for "The Four Brothers Who Could" because the ending just lies there and needs to be fixed. Once I do that, it's out the door, too.

For February: read through the first three chapters of _Dead Man's Hand_, fix anything that looks like it needs it, read through the synopsis, ditto, and kick that baby out the door as well.
no way!
Taxes and new company literature.

Fear and fear.
I am heading strong towards all of my goals and in fact will achieve all before the years end.
Investing more in my Busienss.
Cash flow has been curtailed and want to re-build reserves.

Positive move. Increase energy to increase exposure.
Guerilla Marketing method activated.
Use more Foot Power to spread advertising.

Chuck Bartok
Changing job to something i would prefere to be doing..
money, and not telling people no when I need to be working on my vision
Since being given chance to Enjoy more life after Coronary and re-introduced to Think & Grow Rich, all of of my past has congealed to allow me to Establish my Definite Major Purpose, ignite the Burning Desire, Form a powerful Master-Mind, and put the Plan into Action.
Each Day is a triumph and the Dreams become Reality
Chuck Bartok
I absolutely BELIEVE that I have the power to make my dreams real. All of them.

They now see a whole lot more ACTION and a lot less "getting ready to get ready" than they ever did.

The secret to success is positive ACTION. BELIEVE it!

As my 10-15 year goals start to come into clear focus, I can now SEE what I need to DO now to make even those far off dreams coalesce into tangible starting-points upon which I can take sustained action.

The Superbowl of my life is creating a $30 per share value for our shareholders. This will automatically happen when we reach 5 million customers.

Do I have what it takes to win it?

Like football, this is a game of inches. Yes, I have the power to rack up the points/goals necessary to win.
I define winning as living my dreams. Do I have what it takes to win? Absolutely. TQ has helped me put the formula in place. It has helped me use what I have more effectively.

I use it to check on my progress and how I am doing on the journey....is my organization falling off? Have I lost alignmetn with my Mission? Am I still connected to my dreams? Reading the daily TQ newsletter and using the system helps me make sure that I can self correct along the way.

Self correction is key and sooner is better than later. After all, is it better to go 2 miles off course, or 200 miles before you realize it and correct your course. Pilots deal with wind that is constantly shifting, changing, and pushing the flight off course or schedule. I heard someone say that airline flights are off course more than 93% of the time. They are always making subtle corrections to get back to their planned flight path so they land 200 feet in from the end of the run to which they are headed.

Everyone has what it takes to win inside them. That doesn't mean that we use it. I didn't use it for a long time. When I used it, I wouldn't stick with the game plan or use it consistently. Then TQ helped me see the whole picture all at once and play the game at a different level. When you play the game all at once it radically changes. It is a different game now and hard to go back to playing it one area at a time.
-Ryan Sarti Oakbrook, Illinois
I was memorizing the ten colors by heart and kept getting stuck on one. That was the obviously my weak color, aha Prioritise! So from the Action color to the Prioritise CD which said to choose based on your values. I realise I do that all the time but am I conscious of all my values. Safety must be a hidden one as I avoid confrontation and danger. Back to the Mission color.
Yes. I can make my dreams a reality. Every day iin every way. I am There.
Yes I will, I will create a team that will help me close 100 investment units per month.
Well I am 7 on 10

Donald Trump is a slacker by comparison!
I am 6 on the scale - but working seriously on making it 10 by the year end...
I have improved. I am 7 now
I am completely action-oriented. I focus on what I want and make plans to get there.
I am sometimes very action oriented, other times I am very much a procrastinator, I am great at making excuses for myself as to why I can't get the job done. I would like to change this about myself.
I procrastinate and become action-oriented usually when I am facing an approaching deadline. I am committing myself to becoming more focused and action-oriented right here, right now!
In the past I have been very successful at procrastination so I would put myself right at the bottom end of the scale. This year, however, is going to be different, my past habits are not working for me and I want to make a success of my fledgling business, thus it is imperative that I replace my old habits with new and improved healthy ones such as "taking action". It is "make or break" time for me and I have been spending the last couple of weeks developing my Mission statements and goals and of course very detailed step-by-step plans on how to achieve them. The crunch is now in the actual doing, and I am committed to taking each day and each task one step at a time. I am going to turn myself from being a 2 to a 10.
I put off working on refining my science education proposal.
Reason: Did not feel like it. Kept postponing it and pressing the snooze button as and when I got reminders to do it!!!
Today I broke this SEP into small tasks like just do the title page today. Write just the intro tomorrow, etc.. Seems better and easier to attack...
Because its not very interesting?

I am stuck AGAIN by the obstacle of money.
I am up against the wall and have been in survival mode for so long it has become a prison. Do I go into debt to realize my goal??
Think return on investment... Make sure you have a specific business plan before you do anything. Research and if it looks good go for it!
I have put off financial commitment for fear of debt.
This very cold, wet weather makes me feel like hybernating. Haven't seen the sun in a while. Haven't made any calls either.
How do you get motivated when you just want to curl up with a cup of tea and a good book.
Being your own boss can be tough.
Hi Mary (and anyone else who gets the gray-day blues),

It's Esther. Energy is my biggest issue. I, too, am affected by the weather and can easily zone-out when I haven't seen the sun for days on end.

What can be done about this? I've heard getting sun lamps specifically designed to mimic the sun's rays during the winter can help.

Hooking up with someone to encourage you on blah days can be helpful as well. Sometimes, I call a good friend who has a bright and cheery personality and have an upbeat chat for a while to help me feel better.

Laughter can help too. Ever tried renting a funny video that forces you to laugh and feel better? A good belly laugh sends oxygen racing into your blood stream. It's a fantastic way to get energy and feel better.

And, finally, having an accountability partner, someone to check on you to give you a push to help you get moving is great as well.

I used to live in sunny So. California and even though it's been over two decades since I moved away from there, I'll always be a Cali-girl in my heart, head and blood!

Anyway, I'm a Certified Master TQ coach on the path to success along with the rest of you.

If you need support, motivation and other ideas how to beat the winter blues, send ER an email requesting I contact you and I'd be glad to connect with you or anyone else needing support during the winter months.

Seize the Day and chase the blues away!


Esther Chambers
Oak Park, IL
No, I have NOT put off my desires!
I review my goals every day and add tasks from it to my daily plan.
So far so good!
No. I'm not willing to put it off. I'm putting myself together once again and will work on my goals and practical applications today.

Today I'll review my mission statement once again identifying my roles in this life and will work on setting achievable goals to accomplish it in the near future.
No I am not... not anymore! I just came back from leadership and listened to a teleseminar last night regarding direct selling and I am ready to do what it takes to get it done. I am now making bodacious goals and striving to accomplish them. I will take myself out of the picture and concentrate on the gifts I have to offer women and not whether my ego may be hurt in the process.

THis is it... a true awakening to NOT put off my heart's desires. My heart desires are being fullfilled NOW!
What I'm realizing is that many times, my heart's desires get put on hold not due to the lack of desire, or focus, but more so due to the lack of ENERGY.

If I don't sleep well, I'm too tired in the morning to "jump on the bike" so to speak, like the guy on the bike underneath today's REAL PEOPLE REAL STORIES caption.

It occurred to me that this is why ENERGY is the first of the 10 essential elements of success in TQ.

Therefore, before I focus on making sure I have my heart's desire clearly defined in my mind, I am going to create an energy plan.

This will ensure that I have the essential energy needed to wake up and join the "bikers" enjoying the race toward our hearts desires.

body building
flirting girls
I find myself so focused on the presence, that I don't dare dream, for fear of Futurizing. My challanges right now, are staying focused, not getting side tracked, keeping my eye on my goals.>RichU
Not a chance! Since starting with ThinkTQ I've built a team for a new website I've been thinking about for months, quit smoking and today am embarking on an ambitious mission to lose weight. The only thing getting lost is ThingTQ. I'm doing so much I'm struggling to find the time to spend with all the paperwork etc that it generates.
Hi Ben!

If you want encouragement and support with your weight loss goal, feel free to check out my website: http://www.blessingoffitness.com. I am here to assist you! Have a wonderful weekend!!
I have just started this program, this is my first day. It sounds fantastic better than coaching!
Yes, I believe I can make ALL my dreams come true. I think the key is dream, plan, ACT and then let go.... The faith is in letting it go... not in thinking and thinking about the results...
Yes I think i have it in me to make my dreams come true. Atleast I have a plan ready and willing to put it into action - In fact I have already started!!
Weaving Early American Textiles.
I'm afraid it will be too hard, complicated, tedious.
I've made a significant discovery about my thoughts. They control my health, my well-being and my attitude and my happiness. Yesterday I felt like running a marathon. I was happy and excited all day long. My mouth which just had 20 crowns was fine. I exercised for an hour, got my heart rate up to 167 for a long time, and loved every minute of the day. Until---I went to the spelling bee at Paula's. Every thing I do with her has a really positive or negative effect. I'm trying to figure it out, but I think I give our relationship way too much pause in my life. If I don't please her or have a good time with her, I feel bad. So I blew the word Adamant. I spelled it with an e at the end. Then I blamed her, only mildly. But she said
Thoughts control everything just like the brain controls the body. I have three clients that I like and one that is unbearable. It is so difficult because she is dying of cancer. Yet I only concentrate on her. Then when the things that I do doesn't please her or if I do something wrong I feel so awful. My stomach goes into knots when I have to go to work then. Instead of appreciating and enjoying the good things. I am giving this way too much power. The problem is how to start saying "no" because it is part of work. I do really care about her and her situation is extremely tragic and I understand her anger. I am so trying to help but it is not making the situation any better so why am I wasting our time? Perhaps if you try to tell Paula how you feel, if she is an understanding person, that might help. If she is not then I suggest you spend as little time as possible with her. Be with the people and do the things you enjoy. Life is too short to be brought down if things do not go perfectly. Nothing ever goes perfectly! Nobody spells perfectly 100% of the time. Thats why the computer has a backspace key. I already realize that this isn't working with my client. Now is the very very difficult task of actually setting limits. So here I am talking but not taking my own advise. I appreciate that you were able to put my feelings into words. Good luck to you and one positive thing about this is that I believe you now know how to spell adamant, which I think would've spelled wrong too. Best wishes, Tammie
Yes I will - definitely. No ifs or buts.
I WILL....

I am beginning to understand more and more just what I CAN accomplish!

The biggest tool is ME!
7 to 8
editing my photographic productions, because it seemed to compley as a task
to move into my own center city rooftop patio studio appartment.
First I have to buy and and here before I ave to earn the money, for which I am taking theadequate steps
my super bowl is my health i need to get dead serious about this project Ive seen results recently but I need to go beyond my comfort zone. I need to be focused to put goals into a well structured plan. daily attention to this mission reading is required on my part to be successful.
yes !!!!!
taking action in little steps and reading my mission daily will help me accomplish this mission . on e yr form now I will look back at my decision ,mission goals plans.
Yes I BELIEVE and thanks for the nudge! Just registered for my 2 year course to become
certified. ACTION #1 - complete!!! I sat on this for 2 weeks like a mother hen on an egg that wouldn't hatch. Finally couldn't stand
the procrastination any longer and reached for the phone...done. Found out with a lot of digging that one of my core beliefs that has
been sabotaging me is the I don't deserve...
challenged that beleif and am changing it TODAY! Thanks TQ.
I have plans for the future but sometimes they get lost with the details of everyday living. Sometimes it seems unlike and strange to expect things that are hard to reach for. Failure to write down my plans, small ones and large ones, is a lack of discipline. When I do make goals to try and reach for, and believe strongly, things tend to work out accordingly. I have plans to stop using nicotine, get in shape, become financially well off, get married, enjoy long life, lead a productive healthy life, stand for what is right and true, be a faithful family man, be a source of strength for the oppressed, guide people into their place of blessing, build people up, live purposefully, and be humble and quietly before our Lord and give Him glory for the great things he has done.
Just want to Thank Aleksey for the encouragement.
I did just that and researched and LAUNCHED.
Thanks so much for the advice ALEKSEY.
The SUPER BOWL in my life is believing in ME.
If I look back at all my successes I wonder why oh why I doubt myself so much. So took that as a new goal and am digging into
my core beliefs and values and WHOA am I
learning a lot! My greatest obstacle to
my success in my own THOUGHTS. Heres to the
If I was going to rate myself on Action-Oriented I would say that I am at 3.5 on a scale of 1 to 10.
i'm one of those people who can be action oriented and then the mins i don't feel like it. I more the type who do only when there a must and sometime still don't do it. i need to work on that belief that life is too short to waiting on things to happen and that i still have time. I need to be more self reliance and make it happen and for get the bull and keep it moving. being more action oriented is going to be another one of my goals for 2009. i said i would begin to make action, but never did I think about being action oriented as a goal that is a big different because one is thinking about and making it happen at my on paste and the other one means make it happen ASAP because u don't have time to loose. Though the will of christ I know I can make it and make a different.
Enough to keep plunging ahead. I bought a new laptop that falls into the category of the high computing, high powered computers, that is more than I presently need and/or understand; yet, this is not an instant trip, and I am taking the challenge to master the whole presentation; although, I am feeling intimidated and overwhelmed about the technological competency required to make it serve me, I am prevailing by taking all the action required to make it happen.
This is my big down fall. I am a "mental" type - not an action type. And honestly, I'm not sure how to change. I'm close to a 2 I would say on the scale of action orientation... the only way to change that is in the moment, moment by moment. not get dragged down by wasting time and start doing, even if it's wrong - it's better than not doing ... letting myself make a mistake;
I was out doing this morning, couldn't write to you, and I'll be
busy again tonite. I am very proactive on my time.
I would say that today I felt I was a 4, as far as being action oriented
Excercise/working out
This action item dropped in priority ranking due to refocusing energy and time into organizing my life, planning &
I'm working it back into my schedule as a priority.
I have put off looking for a job, I have put off reading for my class , and calling people who near and dear to me. I'm not sure why I have done so , but I know that I need to stop today being lazy and take action in my life and stop waiting for things to happen. If I want things to happen I need to 1st ask or take action. like a good friend told me a close mouth does not get feed. so open that crap up and get to acting . remember that I can do all things though christ who strength me.
I am not willing to put off my hearts desires indefinaltely. I will call My Tutor and create a slot for my Flute classes. I will inform my three teachers that my classes commence on Saturday 7th February 2009. I will call my sponsor and obtain the cash needed to book for the exams on the 29th January 2009. I will call Mrs Mumma to obtain the cash to book for Minna, Maira, Wema Piano exams. I will read Proverbs 31 on a virtuos woman.
No I am not willing to put off my hearts desires, everyday I am finding ways to get more organized and freeing up time to do the things that mean more to me. I have given myself until the end of February to get all my goals and plans laid out and organized on paper
will this keep a journal for me?
No more patience for waiting.
This is why I am learning the TQ program.
Tomorrow is here.
Tomorrow is today.
Tomorrow is now.
The hearts desire happens in the split second of every decision you make.
And in the action that follows.
Absolutely not! When ever I've followed my heard in the past, i've succeeded wildly.
No, I have done that before to only wonder what life would of been like if I had made other choices. Seized opportunites.
No, because I have put off things in my life for everybody else and Now it is time for me.......................
My Dream:Playing and using my four instruments as a performer and tutor. Pursuing development of these talents at Berklee School of Music,to discover my full potential. Establishing a Music Production company and tour company for missionary work and adventure safaris combined as a ministry.
All this I am holding back on now due to lack of a clear laid out plan on how to realize this dream and to finance. The cost currently seems to high, The benefits are boundless.
Working for us and building a company for our children. A company based on positive reinforcement, that helps others find their true potential.
I am holding back on my dream to transition from IT to the Human Resources. I have put into action these initial steps: joining SHRM and researching classes to prepare for the certification.
Going back to college.

My #1 goal is to be a great parent
and help my 17 year old son graduate
high school successfully.

He is currently in 11th grade.
Right now, this is taking all that I have.
I want to start my own automotive industry franchise. Thats a goal that i'm focusing on achieving within 5 years.
I do wholeheartedly believe that I can make ALL of my dreams real. I know this, and yet I struggle to keep myself moving forward on all of my dreams.

I have the faith, and I know that the power is in me, but I'm having trouble with some of the gears in the system that cranks out ACTION from plans.

But it's okay, I know that I just have to keep practising and improving, and I will become what I believe I can!
Yes, to a degree.
Yes. It's as if these actions are the fuel to keep you going towards your dream. They motivate and remind you, the reason why you shouldn't quit.
Absolutely...I have determination, commitment, energy and real desire to win! And now I have ahusband that supports me in everything I do.
of course i have it and more i just need a chance
Yes I have what it takes to win. I know that I do. It's difficult to get the motivation to do everything I need to do. I need energy, mental energy and physical and pehaps even spiritial. I feel over whelmed by my own desires and needs. If I could just do what I need to do, I think I would have a cleared vision of what my dreams and desires are. My level of compassion is very low. I do for others but very sporaticly. I just have to do better. Today I am going to do something nice for someone just because.
I believe that you must have a combination of a lot faith, power, and action to make things happen. I feel that it's up to the individual to want to happen and then make it happen. There have been many times in my life where I just wanted to stop and give up and take the easy way out. I have found out that the easy way will not make u happy in the long run. It only make u compilation with your life style and you want have desire to do better for yourself bc you then begin surround your self with those of like minds. Once you except that type of life style and those type of people you beginning to dig your into hole of exception of no change and no desire.
The Super bowl of my life is the true American dream: The husband who loves u and thinks the world about you and who would do any thing for you to make sure your happy and to protect you know matter what. Two beautiful kids one boy and one girl. Overall I just want a loving family. I wanted the house on the hill with really nice cars to match. I know have what it take to make to my Super bowl Bc I believe God has created the space and opportunity for me to all things though him if only ask him, believe in him and then acted on the direction he give me.
The Super bowl of my life is the true American dream: The husband who loves u and thinks the world about you and who would do any thing for you to make sure your happy and to protect you know matter what. Two beautiful kids one boy and one girl. Overall I just want a loving family. I wanted the house on the hill with really nice cars to match. I know have what it take to make to my Super bowl Bc I believe God has created the space and opportunity for me to all things though him if only ask him, believe in him and then acted on the direction he give me.
I have what it takes because I am persistent, I am positve, I have the courage to live my dreams, and I know God is with me because I believe I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
I am on my way to winning by making changes in my life with TQs help. I still have a way to go but feel very positive that I will get there by laying out my plan and following them each day.
"What is the Superbowl of YOUR life?" That is a truly great question! I have never thought about it quite that way before... but the first thing that came up in my mind was: having a good husband, good kids and a meaningful life as a family. Though I've done the best I knew how in this quest, my best has not been good enough. Or maybe that was someone else's dream for me that I bought into. Perhaps I was designed and created for other things.

"Will you win next year's personal Superbowl?" The short answer is, "Yes!"

I'm currently reading the free PDF version of "Success on Purpose" on my computer (Thank you E.R. Haas & Kent Madson!). I know there will be much soul-searching and hard work ahead, but I'm going to win at this. I want to be a blessing to others and succeed in reaching my goals.
I hate to sound full of myself, but I going to win this Super bowl and next years Super Bowl. play time is over it is now time to take action and have a full plan. I have faith in myself that I will make it and make a different in other lives.
Personal superbowl? !!!! yes i will win anything and everything
Yes thats not even a question at all.
it is true of the sayings that says
I believe that, with a little faith, a lot of power, and a lot of ACTION I can make my dreams real. Action turns dreams into goals, and makes goals attainable.
Definitely a one compared to the Donald!
Last week I was a 1. Then I made a daily plan and brought that up to a 6. This is not easy and I have had to really identify what was holding me back and it is outside criticism. I have pushed through and was able to reach my goal for that item. Today I will aim for another goal that is part of my mission.
It depends upon the task. If it is my plan for work goals then, in all honesty, ONE!
I want to do so much and yet don't get any of my piles eliminated- I just lug them around with me.
Because my hand is in a cast.
It has happened in the past so why not now? I fear other friends success is thwarting me. Now does that make sense? I am finding excuses for myself. Today I WILL take a giant leap forward!
My Superbowl is to find the PASSION IN MY LIFE.
I have found that a person with passion, integrity, time and a lot of hard work, anything is possible. My "passions" are small and many. They are not passions, they are just interests.
My first reaction was to say "I'll try." But no. I WILL WIN the 2010 Superbowl!
I understand the importance and value of keeping a journal to burn the image in your mind!
Today I made a "card" for each of my most important goals. There are five of them: Book, Mentor, Speaker, Real Estate Acquisition & Love. The cards are for the game of life. Each one requires me to make plays. I am enjoying creating and planning my next move for every card I have in my hand. Today's activities include a play for love: taking my daughter to do some important errands, dropping a letter off to my beau and smiling up to him for a little while. Real Estate and Speaker will cross paths as I create a speech for our Mastermind this evening. The Book will get it's fish-bone diagram completed and the Mentoring will get a new Power Point Presentation. I am also connecting with the wonderful people I met yesterday and Saturday at the Entrepreneur Bootcamp. I should find e-cards to send out with a personal note for the people I met and had conversations with. I will write testimonials for all of the speakers and for Mines Baxi for bringing all those wonderful people together. I am going to enjoy playing cards today!
On a scale of 1-10 my action-orientation is about a 3. I know how to procrastinate. I also know how to be proactive but I spend more of my time being near 1 than 10. Since I started back to being positive in my mindset, and TQ has been a God send, I'm actually more like a 7 or 8 now. My score has gone up tremdously over the last 7 days. I was a 29.5 but as of Friday, am a 77.25. Looking for the 80-100 by this week's end!!!
I'm somewhere much closer to a 1 than a 10. I read a lot, but I don't do a lot. I need to up the amount of attention I'm putting into the action step.
paperwork ,taxes my financial organization It I am not on top of this God won't give me more to work with I valuable what my Lord gives then i must account for it as if it has value when i just go through it blindly I will never recognize His miracles of providing
I've put off making my cold calls and the reason is I haven't put together my pitch. I am closer now than I was because I realized that I haven't made any cold calls and I was suppose have started yesterday. I was hoping to have my website up by now so that I could send that out to give the customers an updated look at my company. I have a blog so I guess I'll just have to use it in the mean time and send out the web page info in the next few days when I get it. Thanks TQ for being in my mind constantly.
I have been making every effort to keep focused on the goals that are very important. At this time of the year is vital to use every opportunity to become focused on the objectives, missions, and goals. I have a great deal of work to do in order to bring about the positive changes that I must incorporate into my daily life.
It is a good feeling that it's the last week of the new year and I'm more on top of my goals just like I used to be when I was quite successful in my endeavours. I'm doing my devotions, TQ and dedicating to myself, ministry and business to smarter than harder works. It's an awesome feeling. I am so looking forward to Dec 31, 2011 to look back on all of the great accomplishments of this year. Bills paid off, foundation of my house repaired, new truck, new car, restoration of Ra Ra and furniture.
Fear: fear of failing and some fear of succeeding, in that I won't have my life any more, that I'll become too busy.
Worthiness: Do I deserve the rich, affluent life of my dreams.
God: will He be pleased with my new rich life or He prefer that I remain poor.
I've been holding back on starting my new business because I have been afraid that I won't be as good as others in the field. Also, with me being part time I might not appear to be as professional...

How many times am I going to let interruptions get the best of me? It seems like every time I plan to work on my jewelry, someone comes over and I have to stop working and visit. I have gotten a week behind, and I could just kick myself.

Increasing my business is something I really need to do this year. (Not want - NEED.) I think it's time I started telling them (all family) to make appointments, or tell my mother to go see them at their house if she wants company.

Just because I'm working out of my house is no reason for people to take advantage of my hours. SO, I'll be working the weekend, again, because I'm playing "Catch up," instead of "Getting ahead!"

The 2011 season will be an awesome game of reality. We truly have some worthy opponents to contend with but the biggest opponent is myself. As long as I practice, daily, my goals, run the plays (plans) in my head and on the field by executing what I've put on paper I will see the reality of it starting in my head then moving to my heart and out through my hands. This will allow me to be able to win my personal Superbowl which will be held on December 31, 2011.
You can`t run after success, but you can let it comes to you.

By N.Kannan
5- could and can do more,but my passion level needs to be more positive and action needs to be more,have lots of head knowledge about the business tha i do, i need to be doing more contact face to face.
I love America very much .May be I was required by America during 2000-2001 and a few more years down the line .I couldn't reach America during proper time .But I am happy about the fact that America has produced many brilliant fighters during Afgan and Iraq war .These guys are the future for America .I am no more required by America .So I have planned not to go abroad any more .But I can help America when ever they need me .
I plan to grind out each day with passion, purpose and inspiration.
What have I put off because I don't feel up to it?

In truth, nothing.

Staying in the zone is a big deal, and always being ready for new opportunity is what I am all about.

I put off planning for my future because I have no vision for myself.
I have put off writing articles, building my website, filming videos and picking a marketing mentor. Why? That seems to be the question of the day!
Holding back? I REFUSE!!!
My Schedule isn't quite robust (let's call it "chunky") but I think it's productive and inspiring. I believe this will help me make it past a few bodies in the dog-pile.

I am focused and the embers are starting to ignite!
Yes, faith and belief are major requirements to achieving dreams.

No belief, no chance.
We are here in PV enjoying our time off. Good weather, good food.
Week off in the sun!
Do you feel your life has a clear direction? Where are you going?

Yes, absolutely clear and the path is starting to open out into a beautiful meadow!
My SPIRITUAL LIFE has a clear direction of daily time with GOD in prayer, study of His WORD and Listening to His Voice.
My LOVE WALK to myself as well as others needs to be defined.
My FAMILY/FRIENDS contact is in my head but needs to be put to paper.
My PHYSICAL/HEALTH aspects of my life are fuzzy and need to be clear by setting specific goals---daily, monthly, yearly.
My WEALTH/LIVE COMFORTABLY goals are fuzzy. I need to think more about how I can accomplish them. Perhaps read about how others have achieved theirs and do some of the same things.
Yes, I truly value my freedom, beautiful things, people and places, loyalty, curiosity, complexity, wealth, power, love and the daily challenges that keep me alive.

With no challenges, I grow restless and bored. I guess I value challenge because I keep putting it into my life.
I value striving to pursue the intentional purpose the Lord desires for my life. Pursuing Christ. Raising My Children. Cultivating my Relationship with my Partner. Excelling in my career. God. Family. Service. Self.
What is the single MOST important thing you VALUE about your family? How does it show up in your life?

Another zinger!

Watching them grow and develop. The greatgrandkids are amazing little balls of potential. Kayden a statement of real love. Shelby and Jay -- wow.

Watching Ash and Austin find their way in life is amazing.

Kristina has so much potential that it is a challenge to figure out what to do.

We have a very large, totally diverse "population segment" so it is hard to answer this question -- and I wrote it.

Causing me the think.

Causing me to feel.

I guess the single thing I value about this group is the feeling of destiny.

They will be better, because of me and TQ, and will live out my ideas and will represent my legacy over time.

I really need to spend more time with them.
Laughter and compassion and grattitude. Fostering an environment that my children chose to be around so they know and feel accepted. A safe haven from the world and its stress.
Their love for each other and for us. They go over and beyond to spend time with us and make sure it is enjoyable. They are super sweet and I love them.
Yes, this is not a problem for me.

I live all my values and share wonderful experiences with Jan and my team.

Very happy in my daily struggles!
My actions are driven by my love for God.

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