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What on Earth are you here for? To live your best life now!

"A man/woman should conceive of a legitimate purpose in his heart, and set out to accomplish it. He should make this purpose the centralizing point of his thoughts. It may take the form of a spiritual ideal, or it may be a worldly object, according to his nature at the time being; but whichever it is, he should steadily focus his thought forces upon the object which he has set before him. He should make this purpose his supreme duty, and should devote himself to its attainment, not allowing his thoughts to wander away into ephemeral fancies, longings, and imaginings. This is the royal road to self-control and true concentration of thought. Even if he fails again and again to accomplish his purpose (as he necessarily must until weakness is overcome), the strength of character gained will be the measure of his true success, and this will form a new starting point for future power and triumph." ~ James Allen

Study Today's Quote carefully. It offers profound insight.

James Allen was born in 1864 and died in 1912, but continues to inspire millions with his incredible writings.

I thought it interesting, indeed appropriate, to start this week of Passion, Purpose and Mission with an "early take" on the idea of success, spirituality and power.

Allen teaches two essential truths: today we are where our thoughts have taken us; and we are the architects—for better or worse—of our futures.

Allen starts us thinking—even when we would rather be doing something else. He tells us how thought leads to action. He shows us how to turn our dreams into realities.

His is a philosophy that has brought success to millions. It is the philospophy of Norman Vincent Peal's The Power of Positive Thinking and of Joshua Liebman's Peace of Mind... which has had enormous influence on the likes of Joel Osteen, Oprah Winfrey, Robert Schuller and Rick Warren.

"We become spiritually rich", Allen writes, "when we discover the adventure within; when we are conscious of the oneness of all life; when we know the power of meditation; when we experience kinship with nature."

TQ What's YOUR Purpose?

Allen says, and I quote, "A man/woman should conceive of a legitimate purpose in his heart, and set out to accomplish it. He should make this purpose the centralizing point of his thoughts."

This is an undeniable truth.

Fast forward from Allen's life back in the 1800's to now. This week, we are going to raise the bar a bit, and take on four of the most important questions of your life.

But before we do, here's something I want you to think about all week long. It will put our discussion in proper context.

Pastor Joel Osteen and Oprah Winfrey both promise...

You Can Live Your Best Life Now...

Doctor Robert H. Schuller, the world's greatest "Possibilitarian", advises...

Don't Throw Away Tommorow...

Stephen Covey, in 7 Habits of Highly Effective People tells you to...

Put First Things First...

Pastor Rick Warren, in The Purpose Driven Life asks you to discover...

What On Earth Am I Here For?

Once you have read these books... once you have aroused the flames of inspiration, devotion and desire... we have an even BIGGER question:

Just How In The World Am I
Going To Make This Happen?!

The good news is that YES, you CAN live a life of passion and PURPOSE. Yes, you CAN live what you VALUE most. Yes, you CAN live your MISSION.

Once you know WHO you are... WHY you are here... and WHAT you are supposed to do with the only life you have to live... you CAN live your best life NOW. How?

This is WHY we created Success On Purpose!

As we say in Success On Purpose, until you actually learn HOW to live what's most IMPORTANT, you are spending the ONLY life you have on things that simply don't matter.

If you haven't already, now would be a great time to review your Vision, Values and Roles exercises in Success On Purpose, listen to your MISSION CD and get with the FULL TQ SYSTEM if you don't already have these valuable tools.

Today, please take an hour or so to find some quite time. Think, meditate, pray. Ask your HEART to tell your HEAD to just shut up! Listen to your inner-voice.

Listen hard. Reflect on this single question:

What Do I VALUE Most?

What's MOST Important to me?

This may well be the most important hour you will spend—ever.

With a clear head, and what's important to you vividly in mind, ask yourself these four questions. These questions not only define your LIFE, but how you will LIVE.

Four Life-empowering Questions:

WHO am I?

WHY am I here?

WHAT will I DO with the ONLY life I have to LIVE?

HOW in the world can I make this HAPPEN?

Time Horizon: Now to Eternity

TQ The Bottom Line...

Living your purpose, on purpose, is not just a catch-phrase. It is a mandate.

It's why Kent, I and the entire Team TQ are here...

To help you live your life with passion and purpose... to help you better use your God-given TALENTS... to help you turn your talents into powerful SKILLS... and to use those skills to achieve your greatest GOALS and aspirations.
-- E.R. Haas, CEO


If you have any questions you would like us to answer personally, just send us an email! Click Here Answers@ThinkTQ.com...

The only dumb question is the one that's important to you... and you didn't ask!

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Running Member Comments...

There is no more important work than to first discover your purpose... your specific reason for your life... then, with all your body, mind and soul -- LIVE it each and every day.

This is WHAT it means to become a Purpose-Driven Success.

It is WHY you must Perform on Purpose!

Stop the senseless feelings of emptyness. Renew your hope and passion.


Read Success on Purpose in the TQ Download center!

To cleanse my sins and do positive things to god and others.
To leave this world a better place than it was. I believe this is the core of why we are here. Thanks for my morning ritual. TQ starts the day right
To spread the Truth: we are creators of our own lives.
God created me with a purpose in mind.
To help others dream and live passionate, purpose-driven lives.
exactly where i stand and what i am trying to do daily shelly
To love God passionately and to love/serve people sacrificially.
That's a great summary statement. Love it.
Thank you Suzanne--that's a perfect mission statement
Service to others does not have to involve sacrifice, to sacrifice yourself sacrifices others - creation comes from a point of fullness and sacrifice indicates the opposite.
Finding our missions in life is not an easy thing; it is not an overnight thing. It exists in shadows until fully drawn out, but it is not the shadows. It is the light against which everything else drops away and becomes shadows. To get lost in the shadows is to forfeit our life. To find this light and live it is the very essence and purpose of our being alive here and now.

To get to this point we must know what we stand for, live for and die for. To do that we must stop dancing in and with the irrelevant shadows of our lives; we must stop becoming distracted by their vague promises that never manifest.

What do we stand for? What are our live and die for values? Where can they take us? Who must we become to live and breath those values?

These are our choices; these are our times to choose; and we are the only ones who can choose them for ourselves. Everything else is dancing in the shadows of our lives, wasting time, running the clock out.
To be a guardian of nature and animals
To discover who I am and what I am capable of in persuite of my derams. To live Powerful, Passionate, and Fulfilled.

Rob Follett
I have a bigger problem. My actions don't match my mission and what is "important". With that said, I have been put her to make a difference.
Thank you-That is my problem also-That helps me get more clear on my purpose-
To discover who I am and what I am capable of in persuite of my dreams. To expand my capability of contrabution.

Rob Follett
I'm healer thru music, information, innovations, learning about abundance, power and self-worth.
I'll tell you tomorrow
We're still waiting....
To positively impact
my circle of influence
through daily choices.
I'm finding these comments to be a great read... like this one.

And meaningful.

A super statement. Thanks for sharing this.
Me too... This is one of the statements that closely mirrors my own mission statement.
Yes, I must do sincerely say here that this package(Today's TQ)helps out greatly..it simplifies the whole thing gradually.God bless the entire team.
To Glorify God - conformed to the image of Christ.

To Glorify God the designer and creator of everything that exists. To be conformed to the image of Christ God's only begotten son.
I agree:Your purpose and my purpose are to glorify God,but it does not stop there.
We are to glorify Him by using the talents and gifts He has so generously given us to point others to Him through the use of the unique talent(s)and gift(s)He has given all of us.
How do you Glorify God? Does God not live in Glory?
Thank youf for your expanded statement. To honor who God has made us is the greatest Glory we can give God our creator. Harnessing the power within and utilizing our God given talents we bring to manifestation in the way of postive actions towards others; the love and hope for a better life for all humanity. And if in the end all that we have accomplished is to have been there to hold each others hands as we walk through this journey than God Bless us all.
Submission to God in prayer, listening for his direction, reading my Bible one sentence at a time and soaking up it meaning, then capturing the overall meaning of the chapter, the book, and the entire Bible is my starting point.
Living it is my goal.
Yes to destination, Yes to destiny in life and Not Living it completely and perfectly - I expect the torns and thistles - to work at it - always improving and growing until death. There wouldn't be a need for this site if there weren't the torns and thistles of living it.
I'm very close to living it, my family and personal life are in very good shape. Right now I'm in a cross road of life and I'm searching of my purpose. I think that I'm getting close.
Congratulations! My you continue to find your way with each step.
I have been put on earth to help motivate and inspire those around me to achieve their full God given potential!
to discover whom i am is to know exactly my purpose in life which is the basic needs to achive anything in life i quite agree with allen on his lesson its give me enthusiam to look more to my future and know that i hold my destiny right on my own hands. so, am happy to say i know where am heading life since my encounter with TQ. keep it up.

Yes but at times I get off track sometimes there are a lot of good things to do at once and I lose focus wanting to do them all intstead of what is best.
Ditto!!! To many good things to chose from-throws me off track-Being an entrepreneur I see my self starting many businesses!
Sit back--relax--meditate. Trust in your judgement and the priorities will spring forward
I really havent found my true purpose. I'm in a crossroad in life and I'm looking for direction.
It's interesting that so many have said that that's what they are here for; to discover their purpose and potential. Don't be too concerned that you haven't yet found it. But don't stop looking. Spend some time with your favorite inspirational book, uplifting music, in prayer and meditation ... anything that will help you feel closer to your inner spirit. Then listen to voice of the Holy Spirit. Be true to what you learn from that source and you will never go off track.
I can't seem to focus or prioritize - everything becomes important and knocks whatever I am working with off the table.
I tend to have a similar problem. I believe if we follow the TQ training, we can get focused. Through experiences, you cannot do everything at the same time. I realize life happens with many many demands from all of your life roles. We must determine what is important NOW, and also not forget to make time for what is important to the accomplishment of your goals.

I started out with four goals and decided to table two of those. I will get back to those, but after I have completed the two that have a higher priority for right now.
My best Life is a process of improving, growing, and learning not a static position. So living my best life is the growing part not the arrival because once I learn how to ride the bike I move on to something else to learn. If I thought that my best life was the arrival part I never be living my best life. There is always more to learn and grow towards - as humans we're not self sufficient or independent beings. I'm living my best life when I'm in touch with the core values of Improving, Protecting/Providing, Appreciating, connecting with God and others. What holds me back is when I loose touch with these core values. According to the research of Psychologist Dr. Steven Stosny of compassionpower.com all human beings have these core values.
I'm not holding back anymore!!!
Yes but still trying to find it
Not sure, I use to think my purpose in life was to be the best mother I can be to my children but there has to be more to life. There has to be more to who I am. I don't want to be remembered as just a mother, care giver, maid, counceler, ect. I want so much more. Just not sure what it is and how to get it.
Please do not feel as if you have no noble profession. Motherhood is very difficult. Look at a tombstone. What word is on it - Mother - That is your legacy. I wish to become a better mother and my kids are 17,18, and 21. I wish I had done a better job, but I had to work to support the family. Now it's hard for them to want to be with me and its hard for me to discipline them when I need to. I know its never too late so I must make it a priority. Of course, I encourage you to become more if you want. What do you enjoy? Then just do it. Best wishes, Tammie
Overall Mission is to be conformed to the image of Christ. Discover it Yes through remaining true to hierarchy of values starting with core values to general humanity values.
I'm working in finding my mission in life. It has not been easy to identify and I feel that the nicer I am to others the more advantage they take. I need to find what it is that I'm here for. Sometimes I feel that I'm here for something very special but have not been able to identify it.
I can relate. You are here for something very special! Are there some sort of test or tests that can help you identify your stregnths and weaknesses. I think they have them for careers, but then life is a career, isn't it? Just search -career tests-. Perhaps this might help make something a bit more clear. Although you must be careful if your stregnths do not match your core values. Start with those(what would you die for, then live for it).
I have the power and desire to succeed, but I don't know my true purposeful direction.
I see a woman determended to serve Jesus the best that She can. Raise God fearing children and grandchildren, so the next generations will be evn better christians than I am. To be a good employee and obey God, all the civil laws, and my employers laws and rules the best that I can. I guess I try not to criticize anybody including myself. I make mistakes every days that I have to forgive myself for and other make mistakes that I have to forgive them for. I pray the Fruits of the spirit will operate in my life toward others and God will enable others to operate with the fruits of the spirit toward me. My competitors think can even control snd tell the Holy Spirit whether or not the fruits of the spirit can be used by me and think they can block the fruits of the spirit from operating in my life and from given others the abiltiy to operate in the fruit of the spirit toward me. But my Jesus is bigger than that and my goals will be mastered with a beleif that Jesus will help see me through to completion. I put forth effort, but God gives the success.
Actually I wanted to become a female pastor and because I was married three time to three different men before I became born agian that I can't do this. Mistakes I don't want my children to repeat.
You can minister in the Name of Jesus Christ without being a "minister", the difference between a calling and a title.
I see pure potential. I see the gife of life, the holder of truth. I see love and peace for I am one of Gods greatest creation.
My purpose is to recieve all that is positive and uplifting and to pass that on to all others I encounter.
Someone that has way to much to do with very little time to do it.
Way to many times to be able to count.
Several 100 times - How fast I get back on track is getting quicker, Getting off and the speed of getting back on is dependant with how well I stay in touch with core values and return to them. The best indicator is my emotions when feeling bad or hurt it tells me I've lost touch with core value.
probably at least twice a day, 300 times.
Thank God for mercies that are new every morning. Book of Lamentations 3
i see a tired dull woman looking at me
Seriously, the next time you see her looking back at you in the mirror, lean over, give her a kiss and tell her she's never looked better! You'll be amazed at how she'll brighten up. You'll make her day!
I honestly don't know!
I see someone trapped in a bubble. Desperately needing to break out but so afraid to do so. It's like being on the edge of the diving board wanting to join in on the fun of jumping in the water and making a big splash but the fear of experiencing the jump for the first time is so overwhelming it stops you in your tracks even though others are reassuring you that it's going to be okay.
The reassurances don't mean everything is going to be OK. I will not lie to you. But if you don't jump, you will never experience the pleasure of the cool water on a hot summer day. I just went to a job interview. I might not get the job but I am trying to break out of the bubble. At least its better than sitting on the sideline, and its interesting to see what will happen.
i see myself dreaming of great things,with great hope patientily waiting for the time to come and pass!
Don't wait patiently. Stop and smell the roses along the way and make small steps toward those great things and they will come.
So far this year I have gotten off course and have had to change my plans or revise my plans daily. I don't know what tomarrow will bring. But this one thing I do know and am grateful for I am a born again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ and one of my goals is to bring as many people to Christ that I can. I pray I will succeed.
All day long I fought a battle on what is holy sex and what is sinful sex. The world has one idea of what it is and God has his ideas on what it is.
I don't know why I'm here. I know what I want to do with my life but my ego gets in the way. Lately, I've be procrastinating and haven't gotten anything done to where it is I want to be.
To use whatever talents I have to do my BEST....
To give my very best to everything in life ...
I am 66 and I am still looking for that answer, whilst I have given back to the community through Rotary and other organisations, I still feel that there must be another reason that I can contribute and make a difference in society. I completed a Bachelors Degree in Social Science when I was 65, but who wants an old bloke like me?
Michael, Wow, 66! You are so blessed! There is so much you have to contribute and produce. Energy plus experience, plus wisdom makes for a force terrible to behold! Sooooo.... what's really holding you back?

I just caught this post while taking a break and scanning through the various responses. First, congratulations: that's quite an accomplishment in my opinion!

You've probably already done this, but you might try working through Purpose-Driven Success. As you might expect it is a great read plus very hands on in terms of the exercises.

Naturally, Rick Warren's Purpose Drive Life would be a good read as well.

I love Gordon MacDonald and you may consider checking out: Mid-Course Correction: Re-Ordering Your Private World for the Second Half of Life by him. It's a faith based book (Christian) so that may or may not appeal to you.

You also may want to take a look at Halftime: Changing Your Game Plan from Success to Significance by Bob Buford.

If I think of any additional resources, I'll try and get back here.

And, again... congrats on your degree.


Michael, I am 55 & a lost soul.
Just couple of days ago I had a fall in Drunken Stupor & had to undergo eight sutures
on my head.
You area such a inspiration.
Thank God, my life was saved.
You having completed successfully, your Bachelors degree surmounts to the fact that your mission is not over as yet, as required by Mission Control.
God Bless.
To be a messenger. To help others.
I'm here to help people, to prove that i'm not ordinary, that I'm not like my mother, and to make someone happy (be someone's perfect person).
You are unique and that should be celebrated.
I've found simple is the best when it comes to stating my purpose. "To worship and serve God." That hits everything for me. When it comes to making a difference for others, my family, clients, the whole shooting match is covered. It's simply a matter of asking how I can best worship and serve God in each and every opportunity and relationship. My 7 daily values are 1) To love on and be loved on by God. 2) To love and and be loved on by my family. 3) To care for myself through exercise and smart eating. 4) To make 10 direct, encouraging contacts. 5) Care for my active client's needs. 6) Set one future appointment. 7) Add one new database member to care for.
Enjoy fully the wonderful table God has set for us.
I make a positive contribution in all my tasks.
No, I can't. I wish I could. I would like to be able to.
To help others discover and live up to their full potential. (11)

To encourage, motivate and teach others to live happy and fulfilled lives. (12)
To love, observe, serve, learn, transform, exemplify, question, express, act ...
You have put this so eloquently. This is very interesting, something to think about. I love the way you end with ACT(that's the hard part).
To excite, to communicate a powerful life with an I can attitude that translate into mega money, which provides me the lifestlye to live and encourage others of like mind to do the same.
My mission statement is:

To Live A Life Of Influence...

For the glory of God,
The good of others,
And the benefit of future generations.
To love, learn, grow, live well, enjoy, create.
I think these are good reasons to be here.
A quick response to today's question "Are you living a purpose driven life?"

My answer would be yes, but one thing I thought of that I need to put into practice more is to review my *extended* mission statement comments.

I posted these on the wall going out into the hall from my office to review more on a regular basis but have not done so consistently: this will be a good reminder to do that.

And, I need to beef up on some additional disciplines as well. A good, spontaneous reminder from today's email: thanks to E.R. and the team.

This is also a good reminder for me to review my three target areas to work on from my taking The Power Of TQ. I have them posted and will review them today.

Enjoy the day everyone,

Grow, learn, experience free agency and learn self control
No because my Purpose itself is not Clear

Today's lesson was right on the money. Here I was ready to rock and roll today when an issue comes up with my website. I contact the guy I hired to help me with some programming, only to learn he's on vacation until next week.

My first instinct was to call the day a total wash and to wallow in "what I could have done." But WAIT!

I read today's lesson and it SPECIFICALLY asks me if I'm worrying about what I can't get done or focusing on what I could! A major shift in both attitude and action took place and I started working on another important project, recognizing that there's nothing I can do with the technology issue till next week.

It's so easy to give lip-servive to success-thinking and it's so easy to whine and wait (something I USED to do), but actually APPLYING TQ thinking into action is a whole other matter and that, I think, is where the change comes.

Make it a great day, everyone!
It is great.
What would it take to start living my best life, right now?

I'll tell ya what's doing it...not taking anything, any factor, any advice of my TQ system lightly and following and implimenting the program daily.

One of the astounding things I've found with the various printed and audio material is how CONDENSED with POWER and ENCOURAGEMENT each paragraph or statement is.

I'm an avid reader of the biggies, Vincent Peale, Og Mandino, Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins, etc...etc.... And it's mandatory to have a pen or highlighter handy to mark "the really good stuff."

Well the way Haas and TQ have condensed all these same authors (and many more) makes for some marked up pages and rewound and rewound and rewound listening.

It's like necessary food, man, for successful thinking.
When I really pay attension to what the scripture is saying even though I still only see and understand a small portion of exactly what I am supposed to believe and what I am suppose to reject i do come to an agreement with Him. It still looks so difficult and complicated but with others explanation of what is said I realize and come to understand I will always be dependant as i aught on Him. The complexity of the rich and deep wisdom of the knowledge of God is so much high than the knowledge that
I can learn any other way nor do I choose to try to learn another way of attaining an understanding apart from His word. It points me in the right directions and keeps my life in line. Sometimes I grow by very sophisticated theological studies, sometimes faith produces words, sometimesd just the sincere milk of the word, and sometime the very convicting and convinsing correction of chastisement and rebuke which steerts me away from the snares of evil. My most favorite is the simple inner workings of daily making myself renewed to a more complete person in developing a loving and kind christ-like heart!
Some of the most ineresting is studies of how to defeat evil at every turn and turn the light on the darkness and cause the enemy to flee and remove fear from all avenues that it creeps in with the depths of the knowledge of Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit through the living God our Savior, the risen Lord Jesus.
I also enjoy common things of daily living that are complex like watch the wonderful working power of how the markets fuctions as they are always for integrity and uprightness desisire that all things fuction at the optimal and most effecient ways. Calculating accurately just exactly what is the best way forward for each company and giving multitudes the ability to partake as a partnership with , as the choose, the best way forward them personally as the see fit. Sometimes
My Natural Mission in life is to come down here and learn what I can and then return with honor to our Heavenly Father. Along the way I am to be the best publisher that I can be. I am to earn my own way and then help others in every way possible. To pay a tiding to the Lord and fast offerings so that the Lord can take my humble $'s and improve the lives of others.
When I look myself in the mirror each morning I not only look my image also I remind what i did yesterday & what will be my task for that day.
Believe with all of your heart that you will do what you were made to do. When the mind has once formed the habit of holding cheerful, happy, prosperous pictures, it will not be easy to form the opposite habit.

It does not matter how improbable or how far away this realization may seem, or how dark the prospects may be, if we visualize them as best we can, as vividly as possible, hold tenaciously to them and vigorously struggle to attain them, they will gradually become actualized, realized in the life. But a desire, a longing without endeavor, a yearning abandoned or held indifferently will vanish without realization.

It is only when desire is crystallized into resolve, however, that it is effective.

Think and say only that which you wish to become true.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the outline of the image itself; the real substance, not merely a mental image. What we believe is coming to us is a tremendous creative motive. Your whole thought current must be set in the direction of your life purpose.

Whatever comes to us in life, we create first in our mentality.
i'm totally confused with my financial problems with the banks..i'm really lost in between..please try to help me organize myself,need your advice
No. My mission and goals are not clearly defined. They are vague and the steps I take take me in a general diestion toward success, but the lack of a specific goal/mission robs me of the ability to enjoy the path along the way.
I believe that we can create anything we want. Creating a passion and a purpose puts that spark into life. If I don't create the passion and purpose for my life, Life will be dull and dreary.
I don't know at this point how to discover my natural mission in life. I imagine it would be a pool of my interests and talents. That is a good place to start looking.
many times. But I say to my self If I dont get back to work who is going to do it for me. So I go over my notes, and start over
I've gotten off course quite a few times. Now it feels like I'm at a stand still not knowing what to do next. It could be analysis paralysis but I'm not too sure. I also want to do so many things all at once but part of me feels like I'm running out of time.
Yes, it is to create and be joyful.
To love and serve the Lord God now and forever.
Help my wife get back and forth where she goes.
I have been put on this earth to spread happiness and laughter, to those around me, and make them feel as though they are special, because they are special to God!
to live to laugh to love and to experience Joy!
To live a Purpose driven life and never give up!!
To share life experiences be a positive impact for people.
To Live... A Life Worth Living... A Life Worth Sharing...

What that means to me...

My Mission Statement...

I am living a healthy, wealthy, successful life, which impacts others in a positive way, I am my own man, and enjoy the world I have been placed within...

My Values...
Love - God, self, others
Faith - in God, self, others
Yes i have destination and a destiny. I believe strong that am currently going through this phases as preparation for bigger and best responsibilities. this period for me is a learning phase. i am more equipped , result oriented and focused. am better position and surely i will get this my destination...#

In this wise..... the next 5 year will be awesome. particularly in the areas of knowledge acquisition. i will arm my self with appropriate qualification which will ensure and able to play a pivotal role in the future... Starting now.
I do believe that I have a destination and a destiny in my life, that God has given me.
Encourage, guide, lead by example, through speech and written word.
I definitely believe I have a destination and I am working to fulfill my destiny. However, I am not one of those who believe you make it all happen. As a Christian, I must filter my decisions through God's desires. Now that I am about to be truely a middle-ager, I have found there is wisdom in working through things with God. He has blessed me and is currently moving me towards a great promise. I have asked Him to close those doors that are wrong and open the ones that will benefit the Kingdom and myself as a result. That has worked for me.

As to the exercising thing....I will definitly have to work on that. That's the other result of age. You have to work on it when you didn't have to before.
Absolutely.. The more intune I become with my Father in heaven the more clear my destiny becomes.. The daily mistakes promote a better result by revealing areas that God has seen as areas of change for me. In return sharpening those areas has begun to create me into a true vessel for Him.
I had been very dissatisfied with myself and life. It was not until I hit rock bottom physically,mentally and most of all spiritually. It was at that time in my life something inside said everything you need or desire is within! My life has brand new meaning and purpose. Stay internal
Yes: destination: to have a love and passion for all people. Purpose and destiny: To commit myself to constant self improvement, to be a better person from the inside out, to be a positive, effective impact in peoples lives.
And yes I'm LIVING it everyday.
Purpose: I have asked God about my Purpose for a very long time. Honestly, I cannot say THIS IS MY PURPOSE. There are many things I can do with EASE!

The Following Questions Bothers me!

Why is it NATURAL for a HORSE to RUN with SPEED?

Why is it NATURAL for a DOG to BARK and BE a DOG?

Why is it NATURAL for a LION to ROAR and get her PREY EASILY?

WHY is it NATURAL for a HEN to lay EGGS and INCUBATE IT?





I totally agree with you. My answer is only a guess really, but perhaps the reason we find it harder to discover our purpose is because we have a higher consciousness than animals. I have read lots of books on discovering purpose, my favorite is True Purpose by Tim Kelley... that might help you. Overall I think the answer is in following your joy. Ask yourself what makes you truly happy and try doing more of it as often as possible.
I hope this helps.
There are two hemispheres of our brains. The rational, logical and the emotional. Both need to be developed to the fullest extent. Your questions come from the rational, logical side. Your answers are contained in your emotional side where faith, hope, and love are. They are not rational,
Jesus, as we measure rational thought today, was not rational. He gave his life away early, so that we could learn his lessons. He died tragically. He was the son of God. God didn''t intercede. There is nothing rational about his end, but it has pulled billions of people into his tent.
Finding your purpose is not rational. You have to think outside your rational, logical hemisphere to establish your purpose. Listen to your heart, not your head.
I am trying to live a Purpose-Driven life, because I know that what I am doing is what God wants me to do, and be all that I can be.

I beleive I'm close with my ethical mission. Monetarilly...I've got some short comings. I'd like 200 families to be enrolled at a rate of 75 -125 per month. I think it'd be a great referral base, AND I think it'd be a valuble service.

So, yeah...I'm approaching that and attempting it. I need more patients, and committments from those patients for help in marketing.
I am very close to living a Purpose drive life. I need to work on some things, but I have come a long way.
I'm trying to and I feel I'm getting closer to that life. Part of getting there for me is eliminating all the negative, time wasting influences and people from my existence.

It's a process...but I'm processing.
If i do my management studies in top B.school. . . it'll give me a huge satisfaction... I'll gain the power of knowledge in business.... n live the way i want to live my life a business man.........
"Do not become so focused on the process that you lose sight of the result." Thomas R. Fennell
Nothing just personal initiative. Once I started focusing on that area I quickly began seeing a change in my lifestyle.
I think now I am living my best life now, as opposed to live the mediocre life. The way to live your best live is live your days as if it were your last one on this earth.
I think now I am living my best life now, as opposed to live the mediocre life. The way to live your best live is live your days as if it were your last one on this earth.
Getting rid of all the toxic people in my life (a process that's in motion), a piece of good luck, and a new income stream.
What's holding me back from living my best life now? Wow, I think that I have just been letting certain circumstances hold me back but I can see now that I can still go forward anyway. I can take the steps that I can around the circumstances until they change. My perspective is indeed changing. Thanks T.Q.
Don't have a clue. Til' this point, taking care of my older parents & built nothing for myself. Each time I've been on my path to a specific goal, I am forced to put their needs before my own and put my interests & desires aside.
Wish to communicate positively with my family, but negative thoughts appear during conversations and ends up in an unhappy situation. Just keep trying...but getting older and tired. Tammy
I think that now, I am living the life that I was meant to have. I am living my best life, and being the true authentic self, that I can be.
I am living it, but I could do so much more if I could get it down on paper. That is my goal for this weekend. Dennis is going to be busy on base & I'm going to get my goal down on paper. And make an action plan for how to achieve it one step at a time!
Am I living my natural mission in life? Yes, I believe I am begining to. I am an interior decorator. I and my best friend are going through the Success on Purpose book and were working through together some of the "if you could.... pages and when it came to one about if you had all the money and all the time you need, what would you do.....? I answered that I would like to design chapels and worship arenas and intimate spaces. That very week I got a call asking me to do a church makeover. I am thrilled to say the least. Then when I went to the library to pick up some design books, I ran across a book on my hometown architecture and as I read through it......I wept. I actually lived in these neighborhoods, and attended a church and highschool in this book! I lived around some of the most beautifully designed buildings that are pictured in the book. I was overwhelmed to realize that the time I was living in this area God used to shape my purpose. God is Awesome! He is using T.Q. to make me realize what I need to do to serve HIM more successfully. I thank God for T.Q.
Run out of energy, ideas and dreams to chase or aspirations. I don't know where to turn and have no goals nor steps toward achievement.
A future success and a leader that God is using me to bring as many people to success within themselves as possible.
a girl with beautiful green eyes
"What is more important, is more important than what is urgent." Thomas R. Fennell
My natural mission is to seek out, vet, and pursue financial opportunities. I am not living it as much as I would like but I am closer than I was.

Knowing where I am going is beginning to feel better all the time. I am also more aware of the things that are time wasters that are getting me off track. I can't always avoid them but I am much better at consciously eliminating them from my day.
For me I trully believe and am sure that Im here to help those people in-need of motivation into becoming more by applying themselves more towards what God has for them.
I have been put on this earth to change lives.
My Natural Mission in life to educate the world with knowledge about wealth and health. I will find 10 families that are willing to help with their health or wealth.
I am here to be a creator. To create things for the well being of everyone.
To serve God, my family, co-workers and employees, and my customers. My rewards will be peace, forgiveness, love, respect and a sense of accomplishment and purpose. By honestly caring for and serving others as Jesus would have me to do, I can know true happiness!
To Love God and Love Others
Help people that are in need that can't get it.
To learn, grow and become a loving, self-fulfilled person.
To be a good and honest person. And to be successful in business and in my personal life.
to empower people so we may grow together
I am here to empower people so we may grow together. Alone, I grow weak, together we can grow strong.

I am perfectly myself and perfectly prone to human error. So, I aim for excellence rather than perfection and many times accept a pass with gratitude and treat failure as a learning opportunity. Failure, including to even follow this attitude, has taught me as much as success.

Oh Yes as a human sometimes I am jealous, frustrated, angry, annoyed and perform badly. So the trick is using the energy of pluses and minuses to push the pedals on the bicycle of progress.
What a fabulous observation...

"the trick is using the energy of pluses and minuses to push the pedals on the bicycle of progress."

Ups and downs, right and left... it's how we head down the road to our destiny.

Thanks for perking up my day!

What a fabulous observation...

"the trick is using the energy of pluses and minuses to push the pedals on the bicycle of progress."

Ups and downs, right and left... it's how we head down the road to our destiny.

Thanks for perking up my day!

Yes, putting yourself on the right road is a big key to discovering your destiny.

Head down the wrong road for most of your life and you will never find your destiny.

You will live a life of your making... not of your calling!
So many comments....looking back allows me to connect the dots as Steve Jobs says - all that preparation for later success. Going foward I often doubt myself as I prepare and learn what I must for my next great role. Currently I am living my purpose to empower others to make the world a better place.
Yes, I am finally living a Purpose Driven life.

My days are 100% on target and on purpose.

My results are exceeding my expectations.

I am on the right road, making great time.

I live what I value most each and every day. In fact, I read my values out loud each day and get jazzed just by hearing them.

I have absolute clarity of vision and clarity of roles.

I have true conviction that what I am doing is the right thing to be doing.

I am committed to performing on purpose each and every day.

Thanks to Kent and I writing Success On Purpose, we are FINALLY fully utilizing our God-given talents.

If you cannot honestly say you are living a Purpose Driven life, get Success On Purpose and in less than 12 hours of doing the work, you will be at a whole new starting point for making the rest of your life the best of your life.

At 65, the only issue I have is my physical energy level.

I have the high PURPOSE... what I am working on is high POWER!

I am totally committed to getting my weight back to normal and my exercise regimen back on track.

So yes, my Energy Color is holding me back, but not for long!

No real clear direction. KRis and i know we want a house but how big land? I know how much money i think i want to make but that is about it.
No real clear direction. KRis and i know we want a house but how big land? I know how much money i think i want to make but that is about it. PS 39:4
My Natural Mission is to make it easier for people to produce better results and achieve greater success.

From the time I started out in business, I have lead the way in developing software and systems to make people vastly more productive.

Now, we are attacking the root-cause of success and failure -- a person's working intelligence or lack thereof.

My personal and corporate mission is to test the TQ of 100 million people and improve it by 20 points -- giving them the tools to find the success they so richly deserve.

People work too hard, for too long, for pitiful results. The people who take their performance seriously, end up on top.

My living mission is to make it easy for people to succeed. This is why Kent and I wrote Success On Purpose... to help people AT LEAST get to the Starting Point for making the rest of their life the best of their life.

So yes, I am a living mission!
I am not living it yer! However I am determined to take a step daily toward accomplishing each of my goals. Thank you for the encouraging words. I also know that I must dedicate some time each day to read my TQ.
I wish I knew, I am getting too old to stll don't know what is my mission. I am getting a sense that I am getting closer to finding out what it is though.
What I see each morning in the mirror is a man with the power to change the way the world produces results... by improving its working intelligence.

An old man for sure, but young at heart.

Changing people's behavior is much more difficult than we ever imagined. We have to drag people kicking and screaming towards success.

I love the fight and am up to it!

So I see a man of hope and potential, with the full expectation of releasing both each day.

Most people see me as someone who has been successful in all areas of life. When I look in the mirror, I see someone who has been given a tremendous amount of opportunities and been only mediocre at making the most of those opportunities. I have started the exercise of creating a personal mission, vision, and goals at least a half dozen times. I let fear and useless activities get in the way of executing my goals. I am looking forward to using the TQ process to go from where I am to absolutely great performance and achieving my dreams. The timing for the performance improvements I expect to achieve from TQ is perfect.
My purpose is to transform the lives of others and draw them to God through business.
I see someone who is truly blessed beyond what he deserves! I many times ask my Lord why have you chosen to bless me the way you have? I what has happened to me without a lot of direction,goals dreams. What can i do when i am backed by my Daddy! I am very excited about my future!
Looking forward 20 years, I see that we have achieved our great objective of training 500 million people to work smarter, making it easier for them to find the success they so richly deserve.

People are still working hard, but their results are outstanding -- they are finding the 4 pillars of success: happiness, satisfaction, significance and peace of mind.

These people are leading a revolution in their respective fields.

Easier success doesn't mean the absence of hard work. No, easy success means that people effortlessly create the power to live their dreams.

It takes no more time to be rich than poor. Powerful use of time means more results with less effort, so the power people do apply is used more effectively.

Because people are happier, I see less conflict and more cooperation -- increasing the GDP of the global economy by 3%!

Only good things can come from helping people achieve their greatest hopes and dreams.

Message: Improve your TQ and you gain the power to change the world.
I will be here in 20 years if I passionately live my purpose by using my amazing gifts. So in 20 years looking back, I see 10,000,000 people living better lives, many with eyesight restored, many managing their epilepsy, many who are educated in schools, cared for in health centres and sharing in community centres. Most of all many living with passion and purpose and changing lives for the better. This is my huge responsibility, my quest to use my talents to the fullest.
Well in 20 years. I will be 61 , Kris will be 63, Samuel will be 23,Ava will be 22.My dad and mom will be 83-85. Its 2030 we will live on land over looking a lake. I will be well known on the speaking circuit. Our relationship with Daddy will be so great that we all are flowing in gifts of the spirit. Eric and Ann are some of our closest friends. We have traveled the world together. Both have been Quest and have really started to understand what being a follower of Christ really means. We have started several successful business ventures together. At this point in my life i am very excited about our future. Lord God almighty is so powerful in our lives we setting new goals and dreams of next 20 years!
My prime 3 activities for my role of CEO is:

1. Writer/communicator

2. Developer

3. Fund raiser

A couple of years ago when I answered this question, my key activities were quite different.

As the quote says, "I am an entirely different person, filled with love and understanding."

Wow -- not that's progress!

Teach people they have choices. They are in control.
Yes. Life without Passion would be like love without intimacy..or life without friends. Without Purpose we have no direction. Without direct we have NO purpose.
Yes I do and for the first time in my life I am actually focused on my life mission.
Fortunately I have love of, and from, family & friends, as well as respect from associates. Rebuilding business success is the final ingrediance needed to "start living my BEST life right now."
My mission in life is to create a world class company.
A well rehearsed Brain is more powerful than a nuclear Bomb or missile .
A more fine tuning is required and you will see the results .

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I have grown up in Indian Army bases .I know how to fight and how to take responsibility .FBI doesn't know what struggle we have done in the past one and a half decade .It was so difficult to fight from a communist state .In my state now communist party is no more there .But it was a difficult period .China got a foothold in India thru our communist state and it made our life more difficult and risky .We have overcome that period .I am dedicated to serve America .I love America very much .We have secured America for the last one decade and we will continue to do that .My Govt helps me to communicate freely .My company helps me to communicate freely .I think about everybody .
Today's quote about tearing a page off the calendar every night led me to an ah-ha moment. When I go to bed at night, my comment to self is "oh well, there is always tomorrow or the next day or the day after that". This is also not helping to be time conscious.

Today's quest: How many different roles do I play? Too many - I need to put some away so I can concentrate on doing well with the most important ones. After I have mastered a few, then I can add back some of the others. So, no new roles for now. Also, my vision is still somewhat cloudy and gray - just like yesterday's weather. Things are still not clear to me. This is somewhat scary as I feel that I am running out of time.
I know what I want in life .Some countries are aware of our capabilities and we know what notorious activity these countries can do .So there is always a hidden fight .This is our goal to control these notorious countries so that they don't affect US or India or Europe.
We have broken the Great China wall once .We will do it once again if they come on our path .We will do it without breaking our own head .
Not to have to have two family member sick, and I am their emmotional support. Which drains me and I feel overwhelmed. Any suggestions? Sarah
I had grown up in Indian Army bases .I faced the reality in the outside world when I first stepped out of India for Asia Pacific .I loved America very much .I speak from my heart .
It is nice to harrass and Kill American enemy .Those who will come on the way of America with an intention to harm America those will be demolished .Its from my heart .I love America very much and I don't want anything in return from America .
Yes, I am living -- truly living -- a purpose driven life.

I am a success at something that matters to me.

What a waste of a perfectly good life to be successful at something that gives you little or no meaning.


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