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Hope is the companion of power, and mother of success.

"Hope is the companion of power, and mother of success; for who so hopes strongly has within him the gift of miracles." ~ Samuel Smiles
Last week we focused on the need to take bold ACTION to keep your life moving in the direction of your dreams.

At the exact halfway point in the year, I find it useful to look back to see what I have accomplished—and look forward to see what I hope to accomplish before the year runs its course.

In a way, this turning-point is a critical juncture in reaffirming that what I say I want, is indeed what I intend to spend my working days pursuing—and if I have the power necessary to transform my hopes into tangible results.

My Top 3 Major Goals for this year.:


TQ Direction and Speed...

Please take a moment to stop and reflect on both your DIRECTION and SPEED today.

Are you now moving FASTER in the direction of your GOALS?

The question becomes, which of your 10 Colors—if burning with greater POWER—would give you greater HOPE that the future you desire is rapidly coming within your grasp?

Could it be that the weight of your GOALS is greater than your ATTITUDE?

This is an enormously important question.

Look outside to your 2017 GOALS.

Now, look inside to your 2017 ATTITUDE.

Do you have the ATTITUDE necessary... is it BIG ENOUGH... to move your top 3 GOALS off this page, and into your life?

What I want you to do is look at the size of your GOALS and compare it to the size of your ATTITUDE. To be successful, your ATTITUDE needs to dwarf your GOALS! Does it?

TQ Is your Attitude Color causing you problems?

You can tell when...

  • You don't expect to succeed so you're defeated before you even start.
  • You look forward in resignation and backwards in regret.
  • You always find more reasons why something won't work than why it can.
  • You're convinced that you're never going to get any better than you are right now.
  • You believe that the glass is half empty but only temporarily, because you're going to have even less after some evaporates.
However, when your Attitude color is strong and vibrant...
  • You feel in charge of life and ask what more can you do to make it better.
  • Success is never a matter of "if," only a matter of "when," and that means soon.
  • You first know that anything is possible -- then you figure out how.
  • You can't wait until tomorrow because you keep getting better every day.
  • You believe the glass is half full, but only temporarily, because you've got your order in for more, and you're busy getting bigger glasses.
Your ATTITUDE, enthusiasm and self-confidence is critical to lasting success, because a winning attitude energizes your mission, transforming raw potential into sheer power.

Because you have the deep-seated belief that you can achieve anything you want, an endless series of possibilities open up for you -- creating real opportunities for advancement.

Future success isn't limited by past failures -- but by your willingness to take the right actions -- right now. A positive attitude gives you the power and confidence to approach every situation with the expectation that you will ultimately find the right thing to do -- and then do it.

A negative, self-defeating attitude destroys all hope of success. A positive, proactive attitude guarantees it.

Think about it. -- E.R. Haas, CEO


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Running Member Comments...

When I was first starting out in business, a friend and associate who was much older than me -- truly my first business mentor out of college -- asked me if I knew what the job of a CEO was.

I said, "It's simple: to make sure the business makes money."

Howard looked a me with amazement and said, "Is that what they're teaching newly minted MBA's these days? Since you put President and CEO on your business card, you need to know what the job duties and responsibilites are..."

Howard was Chairman of the second largest bank holding company in Indiana. His title was CEO.

He gave me his card and I flipped it over. There in bold print was this simple phrase: To Keep Hope Alive.

Having been the CEO of many businesses since then, I can attest to the power of HOPE. Many years, that's all we had to live on.


Keeping the light of hope alive is everything.

If you let it burn out, what do you have?


The kind of darkness that makes you even afraid to dream.

Regardless of your calling in life, you have just one job function...

To Keep Hope Alive.

Think about it. ~ er
My wife and I are retired. She was recently diagnosed with early stage Alsheimer's. I feel that this messege was sent to me by God. I wear a rubber bracelet that says"Attitude is everything". It has been my mantra for a long time. Now, I need to add to that"HOPE and attitude are everything".
Thank you for your messege.
In every failure, I find possibility. I have started visualizing life as a Game. Sometimes you win, sometimes life wins. But no one loses. Hence Think og Life as GAME rather than CHALLENGE because in Challenge, you need to win.


SPS Chauhan
I really like your words that think & play it like a game.

Vishal Dogra
My plans for the rest of the year are to truly get back to the basics of Real Estate. Rebuild my data base, call on my past clients, current circle of influence, lenders, title companies and all vendors that I give business to for referrals. Send out birthday, anniversary and informational cards. I know that we will make it through this down market here in Northern California and come out stronger and much more prosperous than ever. This has been our first down housing market that we have experienced and to date has been the worst in a long time. Lots of foreclosures, REO, s, owner owned homes on the market here and buyers have been reluctant but we are in the beginning stages of investors and buyers taking advantage of huge selection of much lower priced homes. I have changed my marketing strategies toward buyers and we are also offering our services of providing mortgage loans and refits. I consider this market a great opportunity as we have 50% less competition than we had a year ago. Our vision, outlook and attitudes concerning the near future are strong and positive. I'm turning up my energy and action colors and my direction is becoming clearer everyday. There WILL BE a bright rainbow at the end of this storm and my wife and I are standing firm through this market and have great expectations for positive market change to come. We expect to and will come out of this with flying colors. The going is tuff right now but we're too strong in our belief in our abilities, ourselves and our belief in GOD to allow defeat or even consider giving up. We know that GOD has plans for us for a life of abundance. WE REMAIN STEADFAST!
That's right Richard....I am telling real estate students and audiences all the time the same things you said in your post.

I, too, believe you will come out with flying colors, and you don't have to wait for the market to improve when you do!

Keep up the great attitude!
Wonderful attitude, don't forget to prospect for new buisness. Advertising and marketing will build a base, however without active prospecting you won't grow.
i will use my gift of Freedom to learn all that i can ,and apply what i learn to my daily life. I also will teach others what i have learned. I beleave if we can teach people to be in controll of their destiny,Happines,success.Then we can also teach them how to live...void of failure,fear,regret,hate,and to look for the similariteis in all things.This is what i will do to ensure a great nation for future generations.
I hope we all do the same!
With my Freedom I will become the best man I can become - then in my life roles I will be available to others at my best.
Yea, you are right, but talk comes cheap. Acyually developing wwork plan, and a plan of action that yhou will live by, ic critical to you becoming and accomplishing what your goals are. Good luck. Try it it works. but you must want your goals more than anything else, and you have to be ready to make sacrificies.
David - bravo !!!!!! Bravo I am impressed with you - wow - you got it licked david - you got it licked - be the best you can be TODAY david-- Tony francona skipper of the Boston red Sox told his team when they were 3 down in the series to the Yanks - ALL YOU GOTTA DO IS WIN TODAY BOYS - FORGET YESTERDAY AND LAST GAME AND LAST SCORE -- just win today !! profound --thanks, and get in touch with me at rhodes350@comcast,net thanks
I will work my home business diligently this year. I will achieve the financial and spiritual freedom my family deserves! My mission is to assist individuals save money on their healthcare costs.
To get my new product in the market and have the peace of mind that I don't have to live month to month . I like to have my company recognized by my unique products . ( magicstudfinder.com ) . enjoy spending time with my family.
Financially independant
Boat sailing
Passionate life
An immense contributor
A great family life
Great frienships
Managing 100 projects in the same time, with complete ease
Overload of enthousiasm
Living in the present moment
It will take consistent focus, confidence, energy and dedication.
Today I am living in my HOPES. I know that doing so will manifest into reality. It's so close I can touch, taste, and feel my HOPES alive. My FEARS will keep me from accomplishing my HOPES and DREAMS. I refuse to let this happen today.
On the surface, I am filled with hope, but the subconscient mind seems still to argue differently.
Montréal, QC
We all feel hopeless sometimes. But what would happen if we give up? Didn't the american revolution and World War's seem hopeless? Try to imagine being in a Nazi prison and realize that for some we didn't come in time, but eventually we came and their hopes were realized.
I have been living in fear of change. I have been living in fear of what others think about my actions or want me to do. I have been in the same job for 19 years, 8 months, 15 days. I have wanted to leave for about 2 years but fear the change, the loss of income, and the fact that my husband is opposed to my leaving.

Looking for the strength to make the change.
There is always a way. Spend some time visualizing what your new life or work could look and feel like, and then spend some time with those thoughts every day. You will start to build the strength and courage to make the change, no matter who or what opposes.
Life to life
dear Kelli, My name is Cliff and I have been studying the physycology of achievment. and as you may already know fear of change is the no.1 reason why people do not change.You are going to have to start weighing your options. for instance, your lifestyle and bills rely on your present income. you must have a secure and or satisfactory replacment. your saying that you have 20 years experience. consider what is holding you back then go from there.here is a thought to sum the whole thing up. Do not get to far down the road of your life and say " What if " or " I should've, would've, could've. That would be proof that your life was not lived out in a fullfilled manner. Don't be afraid to make some mistakes, those are only learning curves that can be past on to later generations. If you have some vacation time you need to take it to clear your thoughts, weigh your options. Don't let your job control your life, let it supply you with what you need. Stand tall, Be proud of who you are, and take everything that life has to offer. Think about that.
I am the same way. I would like to try something new but stay because of fear of the loss of a good income. I have been at the same job for over 20 years.
My goal this year is to increase my business by 15%. I hope to add 50 strong prospects over the next 12 months who hopefully will convert into clients.
In order to make change you must be able to take the Leap of Faith. Be Positive, Persistent, Patient and have the tenacity to follow through. Take a look at your passion of interest, where you want to go and what you want to achieve in your pursuit of freedom. Sometimes in doing so you may need additional training or education. You may contact me at donbrown.wah@comcast.net I may be able to assist you or give you some ideas on attaining your goals.
Past-------Present Actions-------Future Dreams. Are your present actions sitting still on your lifes timeline? If you feel you have ran out of gas , then get out and push! Nothing is more important than your present actions moving you toward your present dreams!
This is a wonderful system ,I recommend to everyone.

Abdul Q Chaudhry
Long and Foster Real Estate Inc
i don't try hard enough
HI everybody - wow - I don't know what to say
xcept - Keep pushing - you hafta - keep pushing with a clear head and heart - I was and am in a big bind BUT I will never quit - damn, it hurts and is dissappointing BUT keep pushing on your goals - get in touch with me at rhodes350@comcast.net pleeezzzze thanks John
I am still here - can't stop now - I dunno BUT I wanna help as much as possible - suggesstion is " give more than you get " I have stepped up to the plate soooo many times and lost so many times - BUT I can still step up to the plate and really want to - what the hey - you gotta - Yogi Berra - " it ain't over till it's over" wow that means a lot to me - I won three games of Racquetball the other day against a guy who never quits. That felt so great - to beat Bobbi Munnz at his own game and he hates to lose LOL _Bobbi is the kinda guy I hate BUT I consider him a good friend anyway. send me your comment at rhodes350@comcast.net thanks
I gotta keep going- Listen evrybody - what goes on in your head - is in YOUR HEAD - so the other guy doesn't know what you are thinking - great !! Boy I wish I knew that when I was a young marine Corps recruit. damn - I would have pushed pushed and pushed more _ I know I coulda done it even better than I did - wow gotta start now, even now, 40 years later... anybody from platoon 156 Parris island 1965 out there ? get in touch with me at rhodes350@comcast.net
I'm moving on- with I Christ I can do all things.
I'm moving on- with Christ I can do all things.
I'm going to look at the future with hope and also work really hard to achivie my goals.
God is been so good to me, and I'm happy so far.
I always got something to say !!! Hi again evrybody. still here and kicking. Life can be so much fun and full of so much - never quit and keep moving - I learned this the last few months - NEVER QUIT that is so important. each day at end of day - present yourself with the "lessons learned" that day - put them in your diary and learn from them. ! that is profound and is available to all of us. Me ?? I dunno BUT will attempt to win everyday - the lessons of each day !! yesterday I learned about this column AND I learned - that each day presents a new chance to get it right - wow !!! each day gives you a whole new chance to get it right . that is so profound - I suppose others have a different view AND that is OK - cuz this is MY VIEW. that is good enuf for me --- signing out for now - John P.S. contact me at rhodes350@comcast.net
I want to achieive my hopes and dreams. I want my hopes and dreams to be fun and exciting. I am tired of expecting something bad to happen. I want to regain my confidence that I can make a difference.
My life has had a backward slide. Without conscience effort I find that I have put on weight, stopped working my network marketing business of 6 years, broke my arm, broke my foot, stopped exercising, lost hope, quit my dreams. Then I read what do I hope to achieve and it got me thinking, desiring something better, desire to move forward, not to quit. That is what I've done, quit. I am now setting new goals that help me now get out of the hole I am in. I want to have hope for the future by working on goals today.
i came across to your world directory booklets from the internet. i found that your expository journals are for those who are interested and wants to be empowered with the inspirational books and as well wants to fulfill my dreams or goals in my educational career.
my dream for this week is to stay clean / sober and break the connection with my X let go and let God
it is always a blend of fear and hopes.
My Top 3 Major 2007 Goals:

1)__Make new jewelry (necklaces, bracelets & earrings) (10 sets every week) & List jewelry on iOffer by 8/25
2)__Lose 20 lbs by December 15
3)__Finish remodeling house by December 1
When I am doing something important for me, I barely need to sleep. When I am doing something I don't care about, I can stay in bed as if I were dead.

My days have special meaning when I feel like I am part of making other people's lives more genuine and authentic, ultimately happier. It may be by means of some conversation or because I did something generous or I helped learn something practical...

My life's got meaning when I can put my special gifts to use, instead of focusing on serving a specific someone in return for bread and butter.
I am communicating with everyone I can. I'm not sure why I am to talk with people, but I will talk to everyone, just to spread something that someone else needs.
Today's Question reminds me of the recent quote ER used on a different day by Mariann Williamson about not doing the world any favors when we play it small.

In essence, we all possess gifts that we've been blessed with for the very purpose of sharing them with others. When we fail to do that, usually over fear-based thinking and acting, we do a dis-service to the rest of the world. In other words, who are we to hold back on the gifts we have to share?
For the most part. It just angers me to have people close to me doubt me. How could I over come this. When people close to me doubt me, what they are really doing is being scared for me. How can I over come their fears. Smile and say nothing. It is not me they are trying to hurt. It is their fears they can't overcome.
My divorce was influenced by friends and family.
I'm bitter ,but in the end it's my race. It's hard to let go., but I will not allow others to live rent free in my head.
yes,but i need your help in actualising my dream of being a great speaker,my number is +2348028482257,from africa,am charles ogbonna
My hope is to be a self-fulfilled, highly successful, and spiritually-fulfilled man in the next 5 years. it will take the Grace of God, will-power, dedication and commitment to realise this objective.
Pastor Lola Falobi,
Warri, Nigeria
My greatest hope in the next five years is that I am able to live my full potential each and everyday; grasp every opportunity, take on-going action and remain healthy.
My plans are not suffiecient enought to carry me in most of my goals. I'm going to focus on my body and health right now. I have plans, I just need to make plans DAILY. That's when I do my best. And by next week, I'll have plans for one more goal. I'm going to start today after I work out.
My greatest hope for the next 5 years is to own a successful business that I run with Leeroy, to have travelled every year at least once, to own a home on Cape Cod, to own a winter property in Cali, to have spent lots of time with my nieces and family, to have my bachelors degree, to have gone to every major sporting event we wished, & to both be happy and healthy.
I have to learn to allow my hopes to surface. I always find when I start to hope I think it is not being realistic. I will make a promise to myself to allow my hopes and dreams to happen.
My hope is to continue on living in the moment. Taking in all that I can, to experience as much as I can while doing what I do best. Not to let fears, or other peoples needs step on mine. This is my time and I will grab it.
You just stole my dream! No - seriously I have not been able to put into words what I want out of life and you have just done that for me. However, the problem is that it is not always realistic because there are other people to consider. And if you want something you usually have to do something you don't want to get it. No this is not a perfect world - but I can't be anyone other than just -- little ol mie (spelling is correct). At least now I can consider how to make this happen and that will show me what I really want out of life by answering the questions: Who do I want to be? Someone who offers hope even when I don't have it myself, but I still don't know. Where do I want to go? Someplace warm. What do I want to do? I want to use my gifts to make this world a better place. When do I want to do it? When I am in the mood. Thanks Dave. I see where this leads. Tammie
I am happy to be given this gift that allows me to become my own businesswoman. I have to power to vote for politicians that I like and free to speak out against the things that I don't agree with. I am thankful to be able to allow my children to play outside without having to worry about whether they will be shot or blown up. I am thankful to be able to walk out in the street and not be shot. There are so many things to be thankful for. I am thankful to be opened up to allow prosperity to be a part of my life. I love living on this planet at these times. Mankind has made so much progress and I am a part of it.
Hope when the light is out July 5,2008

Hope is powerful. We all need to have more hope. Hope is the Substance of Things Hope For and The Evidence of Things Not Seen.

Yes it can be very difficult to keep moving forward when the light is burned out. Inside all you have is a candle burning to guide you. We all have to keep the candle burning, so we all will reach the end of the forest. The trees are tall and the brush is thick, but with hope we can make it thought.

Hi TQ people,
Yes the wind has been taken out of my sail, OOH....
I'd say at least once a day. And quite frankly I wish I could have my old framing foreman give me his pep talk. Although he would be sued or thrown in jail today for his honesty. But oh do I miss those moments. Today I have TQ and a few of your letters have inspired me to go on and take on the day with a more positive attitude. Thanks
I'll take the gift of freedom we have all been given, (after all it is more in our frame of mind and our ability to think freeing thoughts) and help others who are trapped by their thinking. They usually have high stress and if they are open being helped we can help them get their stress under control through biofeedback methods like HeartMath(tm), Chiroractic and improved Nutrition.
get in shape
finish book
take a mini holiday
Yes I do want to achieve my hopes and dreams. I am taking steps to make my dreams come true. I have to go and relive my dreams.
Plan and follow my plan. And tomorrow, plan again. I'm going to keep planning until a check off each and every goal I set for myself. One step at a time, One day at a time.
My gifts are my ability to organize and take charge. I'm leveraging them every chance I get now. I had forgotten I had them for a very long time. Now I making them shine.
My greatest hope for the next 5 years is to have one or two businesses going and to be successful with these businesses. It will take money, dedication, an open mind and guidance and a lot of prayer from the Heavenly Father.
My greatest hope is freedom from financial worry so that I can live my life the way I choose.

What it will take for that hope to be reality is me challenging my fears and finding new and more creative ways to execute my plans.
Every where that I am looking for encouragement at this time of my life, I see/hear teaching on FEAR. It is in the messages that are preached in church on Sunday, it is on the TV preachers that I watch every morning, it is on the TQ daily emails. Why is it so hard for me to figure out what causes this fear that I have, and why is it so hard to face? I am working toward my goals of financial freedom, and the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter and bigger every month. But I wonder why the opposition is so very great when my goals are so close to being met? I know that NO ONE can steal my goals from me. I know that opposition is to be expected, that there will be challenges, but I will not be defeated unless I give in. The hope and objective of being free to help others because my needs are met, and I have no debt are remaining in my focus. I want to make them happen! What will it cost me? My marriage? At what point do I let my commitment to my husband ruin my credit, and my goals? There MUST be a way thru this. I am not afraid, just confused!
That is my main objective this year is to conquer my fears. I have come to understand that my fears have held me back to the point I hate to make a commitment. I hold myself back , allowing people to think that I am lazy and a procrastinator out of fear of doing what needs to be done. I have never achieved anything worth while for my family or myself. I have been lucky to this point only because of what my wife has done. She is fantastic! It is time for me to overcome my fears with faith and hope that go hand-in-hand. It is time to face my fears with courage and faith in my abilities, not someone else.
Is there a TQ GAME for children 10 to 60 Already?
If not that is My Goal ! To make it happen or to some one make it happen !! I just want to play with mi children and every children and parents to play this game!
Every act has miltiple results.
The decision to not do; is an act.
I am utilizing Facebook to expand my network to answer the questions that I don't have answers for so I can move forward. I feel like this process is taking too long and there has to be a better way.
Be honest with yourself, make your wants into your desires, plan them out, "write them down", like a cross country road trip, where to start from ..where to refuel, how much time it will take, what to do when you get there..... "befrore you start" .... is it really what you want???
every achievement is a process...... not an instamatic happening..
Be Honest with Your self, ALWAYS dream big ....then start..... blake
If all my dreams of 7 years ago were realized, I would feel the gratification of completion and look forward to the possibilities that those dreams have opened for the future.
What will it take for you to become the master of your own destiny?It would take for me not to have my parents in my life.
If I could realize ll my cherished dreams from the last 7 years by the end of the summer I would be over the moon with happiness. I would be able to help more people find happiness. It would be wonderful.
For me to become master of my own destiny will never happen as I believe in a Supreme Being who orders my steps. He will allow me to thwart His desires because I have a free will, but in the end He controls my success.

That said, I look to Him to give guidance and then I must follow through the open door. Planning is a good thing and trying to master my destiny is fine, but not always the right thing.

Hitler felt he was in control of his destiny, but the world (and God) felt that his destiny could not become reality. I must remember my destiny must be others oriented in order to succeed.
My version of the "American Dream", at this moment is rather cloudy. All around me I see individuals that appear to be living the "American Dream", which includes the car, home and a job that generates a reasonable income. Then I look at my self and my dreams, not as a comparison, but as weight of measure. During these times I wonder what is missing from my life, what are the shortfalls that continues to keep me in a position of "have not" when each and every day, I strive to increase my learning, understanding and skillful ability.

What stands out so vividly comes from a woman's perceptive of "lack of support". Women who have obtained the "American Dream" have not accomplished it alone, they have had strong financial, moral and loving support which allows them to focus, to be stable which reduces high levels of stress. Where as for me, every inch of my life on a daily basis must focus on what's needed, not what's wanted. My wants at times are forced aside due to an urgent something that needs my complete attention. The stress of dealing with this urgent need can and at times has very negative, discouraging affects.

Okay let me give a example in real time. At this very moment, my internet services are scheduled for disruption. Why? My inability to pay the bill. Why? Lack of funds. Why? Can't find a job, dreams, plans and actions have come together, but I have had an outside force, that's has no concern for what my dreams, plans nor actions are, with the ability to just dump, a block in my path. In order for me to continue, my wants had to be pushed aside for the moment. But here's the problem, once this block was removed, the small, I mean very small resources gathered for my goals had to used for something someone else determined important.

The trickle affect from this outside disruption, has now begin to bear it's fruit. So the American Dream for me is simply, "Freedom" to pursue what I want, not what someone else has determined I need.
My version of the American Dream changes as I grow. It's no longer has so much to do with things as with people, relationships and accomplishment.

I want to live my life to the fullest and inspire those close to me to do the same.
Being together with my kids and their own family in a modern beautiful home on a cliff-side of the coastline and overlooking the ocean with a 360 degree view of the ocean, enjoying each other's company having meals in the backyard, my sons and daughter enjoying and hanging out at the pool with their kids and partners, smiling and laughing thinking about how great to be blessed with what we all have achieved, accomplished and our loving relationship with each other. Being debt free and financially wealthy earning 100,000,000 million a month from our family owned businesses that we have all built together and grown extremely successful. Simply living in a beautiful modern mansion with my kids and their families, having a very loving and close relationship, sharing meals together in our home, enjoying each other's company, working together in our businesses that we build together, making successful every day, enjoying travelling together with my children and their families every six months or whenever we have more time to be together and exploring different places, learning and enjoying new foods and culture values. Just being happy and having a close loving relationship with my children and their families.
I travel frequently and whenever and whereever I desire. I chronicle my journeys through food, music and clothing. I live and love with passion.
20 years down the road my dream is to be able to mentor others on a full basis and oversee the ministry of a dynamic church with a line of succession in place for continued success. This will allow me the opportunity to spend time with my family and those who I can help move forward.
To put more fun in my life will not take much, but completing TQ to a avg level of 9+ will go a long way to providing the focus to have clarity and balance. Those are the things I am focusing on. TQ has helped and I am working through the process to become more focused on the direction and values of my life.
I will have helped 100 people off the street. I will have helped 20 kids finish college.
Well today is Saturday and we are giving a special lady a birthdat party. It's raining and I have been wet twice and now I'm drying off. My mother-in-law is the big 80 and what a great lady is she, I have been blessed. I feel good to be so out of shape
Sunday, we are now relaxing from Saturday. I am going to get some greenbeans for canning for
Chris and then we are going to go swimming at her sisters pool.
after that we will go to Mass 2 5:30
I am a successful Artist and Spiritual Counselor. I am the designer of the beautiful SPIRITUAL MEDICINE SHRINE. This 18"x24" shrine activates our inner personal spiritual power.
Everyone wants one for their home.
Very Far need to focus and decide what I am going to be.
Yes, I believe in the miracle of hope.

Some days, that's all there is... hope.

Hope springs from our vision of what is possible for our life, coupled with an unstoppable connection with our values. Make sure you are in an empowering role and you then have the makings of a mission that will drive your enduring success.

Vision, Values, Roles: The key to becoming a Success On Purpose!

Yes, I believe God has given each one of us a unique gift... It is my job to steward what He has deposited within me... I feel in sync when I do, and I get to see some remarkable outcomes... I recommit anew, today, to take my stewardship responsibility...
Not as much as i want!! I have just really started to understand my gifts. It has been a challenge to learn how to use it in business.
Yes. I am not using it because I do not know how.
We blessed people yesterday from a $ million view on Allii Dr. in Hawaii
We may have 3 times this week where people can meet with us at Intl
marketplace on the Big island. Nowami.org for further updates
I have been working on expanded plans now for 3 months, and they are starting to point, step by step, in a straight line to the goal!

Sometimes it seems like unwinding a gordian knot with no end in sight. But the thing is, the more research now, the better the action plan... and the more powerful the execution.

My plans need to be further defined and linked to my values, vision and roles.
My greatest hope for the next 5 years is to see material change in the way people approach their lives... purpose first... performance second... leading to powerful results.

Giving people hope over despair is a big deal around here. Helping people develop a strong sense of purpose and mission is the single most important thing we can do for millions of people struggling with depression and hopelessness.

Gosh, I have two sides... a very optimistic, blue sky side... and a most analytical, sensitive side... Both, can get me in trouble if I don't manage them correctly... I choose to spend my creative, "big goal" time in my optimistic side... and my "to be done list" in my analytical side... I guess it's like the two rails on a train track... both are needed, but must be perfectly balanced to really work well... That takes some awareness and thought...
Incredible insight!
I live in my hopes. These do not change yet I do not seem to move any closer to making them come true.
No question, I live in a sphere of hope and wonder... where fear plays virtually no role in my day to day activities.

I believe Hope based on Truth can bring Freedom... but with no discipline to act... it is all wasted... and can be lost... No Freedom!
I not only SEE the connection between hope, freedom and discipline... but I LIVE each word daily!

This great country is in real trouble because we are causing the loss of hope... the fragmentation of freedom and do not have the discipline to make the tough choices right now.

Freedom is my number one personal value.

This is not a word to be talked about, it is a word that must be lived.

As long as I draw a breath, I will remain free to pursue my dream of helping people achieve greater success... far easier.

People work too hard... struggle too much... and if they would simply pay attention, they would use the multi-million dollar gift Kent and I created.

Want greater freedom?

Improve your TQ.


Take the test... and if you score less than 70, get with the program.

I am free to serve.

I choose to serve you!


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glorify god
I will achieve my goals. I will accomplish everything I set out to do and I will do it ahead of schedule. I will apply all my skills and talents and arrive at the finish line. I will be more productive, more skilled, more successful in everything I do.
I will live my dreams, not just talk about them.

What will I do now? Complete 3 more chapters of Miracle of Purpose!

Hope is a beautiful thing. Most of the time I remain opptimistic and focused on my goals that are backed by my action plan...daily. However, sometimes..."when your up to your ass in allegators, it hard to remember your objective was to drain the swamp."

Because of your question today, I found a tool that can help researchers
organize their papers and files. It's called Mendeley. Check it out.
I'm believing and planning to go to Fl. next month, anyone want to buy a house at a reduced rate in Tampa ? 14 to choose from, let me know if you need exact adress. Nowrichman.blogspot.com Millionaire Makers Days
My greatest hope for the next 5 years is for me to be successful at my new job with an exemplary status and be better with my finances.
No, I am not where I desire to be right now. Being that I just receive or joined this site last week it has truly forced me to see that procrastination and not believing that I can achieve my goals because of my financial situation has brought me to that brick wall. I need help to begin to turn things around NOW!
I knew my ship caught into a big storm before entering in Asia Pacific region during 2001 .I fought to save it for eight long months in Singapore as long as I was the captain of the ship .But the moment others took the control of it it sank within a month .
I never had a problem in US and Europe .But Mid east and Asia Pacific countries along with China and Pakistan don't like me .They think I am an American agent .
Otherwise my ship sails smoothly always everywhere .

My greatest hope is
1. To full develop my company Fast Forward on Purpose
2. Develop a resource center for In Christ Ministries International, with an on line university
3. Get Businessmen In Christ on the run again
4. Develop a powerful leadership team that impacts the world in the spirit of Christ
I live in my hopes .I dream that there will be dashing collaboration between CIA and RAW(Indian Intelligence department) and we will control the world events .
We shouldn't be afraid of terrorists rather those countries will be afraid of us who sponsor terrorism .
I continue to work for a better relation between US and India .

I Live in my Dreams and positive hopes .
I leave in my hopes. I do not know is that good or bad.
I have only a handful of personal regrets, and most are regarding a failed relationship that never should have happened.

Thank God for unanswered prayers!
Yes, I have the gift of miracles within me.

I do not believe in miracles.

I depend on them.

Each and every day I am alive.

In fact, it's WHY I live.

Doing the best I can to make other people's lives better.
I hope to have all debt paid in full. Don and Thom, David and Mike, License and School Loans
I must...I am 70 and have been preventing in all my life.

Please...don''t you do the same!
Yes, we''re in the middle of one now ! It''s called today !
Some will cry out for opportunity, we have it, You can listen at noon EST 862-234-4718 code 62470364 or come to Dallas tomorrow at 6:30 pm to Doubletree hotel on I-75 near Carruth Haven Rd exit to see and hear about several great video tools
that can help any business, family or individual. Check out 5
min. overview at jointalkfusion.com/1162680
It is God''s mercy showing me not to surrender to adverse situations. We will always find VICTORY together.
I am praying that I will listen to my body and do the right things automatically to support my optimal health and well being - emotionally, spiritually, physically, realtionally and mentally.
Thankful for my freedom.

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