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How to become a lightning rod for miracles.

"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." ~ Albert Einstein

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For the past two weeks, we have been discussing the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have done your very best.

If you do the best you can, given the circumstances in which you find yourself, what more is there?


Yes, we can all do better.

We can all live up to the true promise of our life, turning possibilities and potentialities into true opportunities.

We can actually DO what we INTEND.

We can become all that we are meant to be.

We can Intententionally choose EXCELLENCE over mediocraty... each and every day we are alive. (Which, of course, is the whole point of The Power of TQ and 10 Choices of Intentional Excellence!)

TQ How Wonderful?

How wonderful would life be right now if we all did everything we could to achieve our personal goals... feed the hungry... love one another as we would love ourselves?

A Wonderful Life Means...

Leaving Nothing Out.

"The miracle is this: The more we share, the more we have." ~ Leonard Nimoy

TQ Please, Do Not Get Distracted...

As I said all last week, I want you to PROMISE to not get distracted with life's incessant problems, fears and doubts... but rather, remain focused on the beauty of your dreams. That is the source of tremendous personal power.

Another year has come and gone. The Miracle of Christmas is now upon us.

Want the miracle of a truly wonderful life in the coming months and years? Now is the time to plan for those miracles!

Personally, I want to change the world. I don't like where it is headed. Too much hate and destruction. Not enough love and tolerance.

So, what am I going to DO about it? Start working on my personal Miracles... to make ME the best me the world has ever seen!

"We can see a thousand miracles around us every day. What is more supernatural than an egg yolk turning into a chicken?"~ Rutherford Platt

TQ I Promise...

Because I truly "Think TQ," I know I need to turn up the intensity of each of my 10 Colors.

Here's what I am going to do to LIVE a wonderful life in 2018, 2019 and beyond... to help miracles find me a bit more frequently:

  • Get off my "buts" and improve my physical ENERGY level. I'm not good to anyone if I am run down, burned out and constantly running on empty.

    As many of you know, I was officially dead at 8:35 AM on June 23, 2005. Just how productive is that?!

    This year I will be in optimum health and have those 5 by-passes working their little "hearts" out, I am back at the top of my game!

  • Make sure my MISSION includes helping people who can't help themselves. My personal MISSION is to turn up the TQ of 100 million people throughout the world... creating a huge shift in personal performance, productivity and effectiveness.

    Imagine the force of 100 million people all working and living at their full potential. Should be MORE than enough to influence future generations.

  • Cultivate a more optimistic ATTITUDE on life. Sometimes I feel like an old "no it all." No, we can't do this.. NO, we can't do that.

    This has to stop if I want to change the world. Changing the world starts right here... right now.

  • Follow my heart more often when I create my biggest GOALS... not just next quarter's bottom line. I promise to make 100% certain that each of my most compelling goals contain 100% of my core personal values. Yes, 100%.

    As Kent and I have been saying for the past 3 months, this is a LIFE AND DEATH issue. The simple truth is, you are spending the ONLY life you have to live. It is up to you to make certain that you live what's most important to you... each and every day.

    If you set goals that are aligned with what you value most, you will live what's most valuable to you. If not, you are committing slow-motion suicide... dying a little inside each day.

  • Make more realistic PLANS that are better gounded in what can be done, rather than what I want done.

  • PRIORITIZE my day better by choosing to spend my time on things that are worthy of MY time and attention.

  • Create greater SYNERGY through the compounding of time and talent. Too late I find that I should have delegated more, to gain more.

  • Get and stay ORGANIZED, and not permit even one minute of my precious time be lost on looking and looking and looking and not finding!

  • Make OPTIMUM use of my time and energies. Too often I find myself working against the clock. I need to make the clock work for me.

  • Remain an ACTION oriented proponent of change, and not permit fear, intimidation and doubt to rob me of the miracle of the future.

TQ Make your list. Check it twice.

No question, I want 2018 to turn out better than 2017 for every person on the planet. This includes ME. This includes YOU.

Yes, I believe we can all become lighting rods for miracles. I truly believe.

Do you? -- E.R. Haas, CEO

TQ How To Become A Lighting Rod For Miracles...

How will you live your life so miracles find you a little more frequently?

The simple answer: By PLANNING Miracles into your days!

Last week, I asked you to PRIORITIZE your list of goals... BEFORE you invest a year of your life pursuing them. Assuming you did this, I now want you to PLAN for your success.

TQ Do You Have A Plan For Your Success?

Make Plans Factor 5d asks if you "write your plans with defined steps that lead to specific major objectives?"

Do you?

Hitting your objectives a great deal more frequently would be a MIRACLE of sorts, wouldn't it?!

TQ Factor 5d offers a fool-proof way to make that Miracle happen each and every day!

Every goal -- regardless of how complex or difficult -- is nothing more than a series of steps that must be completed along a path, from one objective to another. A written plan includes all of the critical objectives that must be met to be successful. It also provides the step-by-step instructions for the actions that must be taken, and the resources that must be available, to reach each objective. With a clear set of instructions, you can go anywhere and achieve anything you want -- one "do-able" step at a time.

TQ Factor CONTRIBUTION to your performance...

A high commitment suggests you are well-prepared and highly productive at whatever you set out to do. You are capable of reaching almost any destination you desire, because you have the ability to write a specific set of instructions for how to get there. With a carefully crafted plan, you take on things that others would consider impossible. Your confidence to proceed comes from your basic skill of identifying "do-able" steps to get from one major objective to another. With a fully detailed map in hand, the key to your success is following your own instructions -- step-by-step.

TQ Factor COST to your success...

A lack of commitment suggests you may know where you want to go but you have no idea how to proceed. Your progress toward each of your goals is slower than you'd like. By not thinking through the best route in advance, you are often delayed as you stop to reconsider the next move. This "making-it-up-on-the-fly" routine causes you to take numerous wrong turns, and forces you to retrace many of your steps. Every time you feel lost, you lose a little of the hope that you'll ultimately succeed -- and any hope that you'll actually arrive on time.

TQ The BENEFIT of choosing to do Factor 5D a bit more frequently: You have more power...

Your most difficult goals are simplified to a series of single steps leading in one direction. You accumulate performance positives like "Detailed, Thorough and Deliberate" -- immediately moving you towards the results you expect.

TQ What happens when you FAIL to consistently do Factor 5D? You have less power...

It takes a lot longer to get where you want to go because you haven't prepared a detailed map in advance. Negatives like "Ambiguous, Uncertain and Indefinite" start to take their toll on your performance -- quickly moving you away from the success you want.

"Ability is of little account without opportunity." ~ Napoleon Bonaparte

TQ The New Year Is Full Of Hope, Promise and Opportunity...

Take some time this week to create a simple plan for the next few years of your life. To help you do this, here's an early Christmas gift from Team TQ. Simply download The TQ Calendar Examples and Forms.

IMPORTANT! You must click then SAVE this file to your personal computer BEFORE attempting to open it. Save it to your documents folder, then double click it open.

Kent, I and the entire Team TQ wish you the most wonderful Christmas Holidays ever... and the most successful year possible!

E. R. Haas, CEO


If you have any questions you would like us to answer personally, just send us an email! Click Here Answers@ThinkTQ.com...

The only dumb question is the one that's important to you... and you didn't ask!

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Running Member Comments...

Do I believe in Miracles?


I DEPEND on them every waking moment of every single day.

I wrote this lesson about 2 years ago. It changed my thinking... which changed my life.

Depend on the fact that the Miracle of creation is ALWAYS within your grasp.

If you simply extend your reach.
Absolutely. We experience them everyday. I think we just need to take more notice of them. Breathing itself is a miracle but we seldom pay attention to it.
YES! With God, all things are possible!
I do believe in Miracle. One true example is me having an opportunity to come acroos thinkTQ site. After going through the site and articles even though right at the moment I could not have the avenues to buy the program, But I had a great transformation and a lot of useful ideas. Which I have started practising and in turn they are giving me good results.
Expectancy is the birthing place of miracles!

M. Jay Hurles, Ph.D.
I believe in miracles, because we are all, each and every one of us, miracles from conception. If you were to study human physiological development (at the cellular level) you'd learn that in order for a human being to be conceived an intricate (miraculous) set of conditions must be met with absolutely flawless timing(did you know that the ovary produces the equivilent of a nuclear explosion the moment of conception to prevent more than one sperm from entering the ovum?). From that moment on miracles continue as the '2 Nucleic Zygote' develops into this human form and births into this as miraculous world we live in. Do I believe in miracles? Yes. I am one, and so are you, and so is the world we live in.
I experienced a miracle today. Someone I know was planning an abortion. I prayed that it wouldn't happen but could see nothing would change her mind. She went to the clinic and she was too far along to have one. To make it better, her family was very supportive (one of her big concerns). God is good!
Wow, what a revelation Lesa about conception that I never knew.
yes i believe in miracles
Yes. Have had several myself. 3 children, a good husband and a loving family of 5 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren. Many friends.
And lifelong commitiment to helping others while I can.
A lifelong love of animals, especially horses, bears and wolves, cats and trees.
Yes...2 years ago a very abusive 3 1/2 year relationship I was in ended. I stayed involved for all the wrong reasons & when it was over, my emotions were in shreds. There was a moment 2 weeks after it ended, that I went back to the house we shared to get my remaining things. Only to find he was already involved with someone else romanticly. I wanted to die. I called out to God/Spirit if it/he/she was there & could hear me, to give me a sign that I should & could go on. I layed on a couch on our porch & cryed till I had no more tears. I got up to remove a wind chime & a hummingbird landed inches from my face on a little wire loop holding a candle. I don't know why, but I reached out my index finger towards it & it allowed my to stroke it's little soft chest 3 times before flying off. This was my miracle...
Why sure it hapens every day.It's all blessings our Heavenly Father gives us every day.One day at a time.Have a great holiday and a safe one.
Jack Hecker
Believe in Miracles...you bet. After living for 82 years on this planet, I have had so many miracles happen in my life there is no way I could not believe in them. I think I have the best Gaurdian Angel in this Universe....and he certainly has been busy at times.
And I expect God to help me produce another miracle in my life this next year, creating a successful business, at my age. And with TQ poking and proding me each day to stay focused, it will be much easier. Thank you.
I've appreciated many comments but yours strikes in a special way as I, too would like to start a business, which would be a miracle. Thanks for your post.
A Job Opportunity that would allow me to be Financially Free to 2 years!
What would a Miracle look like to me if it showed up today?

Total peace and harmony -- not just in the middle east or Africa -- but within our family of 15.

With 5 kids, 9 grandkids and 1 great granddaugher with a great grandson on the way, there is always conflict.

The Miracle would be simply this: Peace In The Family... Each of us would simply love and respect one another... everybody getting along... showing how much we truly love and need each other.

Peace in this family. Yep, now that would be a bonifide Miracle!
I have a fighting family and they can't even get along for one day at Christmas.
I'm not coming because my brother/sister's girlfriend/boyfriend will be there. So what do I do? I want them all together.
My miracle is to be recognized for the talent I have and be compensated for all my years of hard work and dedication to the organization.

To have someone to share my life with that is not hung up on money (who makes more) and just wants to enjoy life and all it has to offer.
I've been with my company for 3 years. Still making minimum wage. I love the people. I held a job recently but was not very competent. So my miracle would to be more competent either for a promotion or another position at another company.
Creating 200-500 dollars today so I could catch the bus home and see my family for Christmas...
An equipment deal worth $100,000 dollars, 2. A way to repair my transmission on my car. 3. A new job that pays me 25.00 an hour so that I can be home with my family and spend quality time with them. 4. Mutal support of my famiy and friends.
A new car in my driveway! I've been borrowing my mother's car for the past year while working through a career change and debt issues. It's time for me to give Mom her car back -- what a blessing that has been -- but I'm unable to swing it financially yet. A car would be my miracle this season.
A previous potential client kept my proposal - didn't hire me and then didn't communicate his intentions after giving an informal stamp of approval as his employee. To me a miracle would be that he would contact me and I would be paid what I quoted and be given the ability to handle a national wide campaign and be instrumental in implementing the campaign that would put this national bio tech firm ahead of all others. I would be the national contact for this bio tech firm paving the way for othernmarkets to use my intentions as there benchmark.
It would be being able to afford to spend more time with my daughter and the youth that I help at church and at school. Being able to be more of an encouragement to them by being a better person with not so many things hanging over my head to bother me. Giving more to the people in need in my community and changing peoples lifes through my actions not just by little words.
Unlimited time and resources would be nice.
I am waiting for the phone call from my boss to hear about my new role in the re-org of the company I work for. A miracle today would be a promotion today.
A harmonious personal rapport with my wife whom I love very dearly
A small miracle today would be the gift of a smile from a stranger. A great miracle today is life, sunlight, fresh air, health. The greatest miracle today would be true peace on earth, abundance in third world countries, the cure for AIDs, cancer, alzheimer's. Get INSPI(RED)!
Smiles are simple and wonderful, and its very easy to give and receive.
3 beautiful young women who are wealthy with myself and we are happy and helping others by teaching them the same thing.
My next breath! Life is a miracle to me.

With that said, what I'd like aside from everyday life is:

- excited customers, clients, and associates!
- insight into what I need to do to co-create my goals
- an additional $2000
MATTHEW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
just great commentary and insight
congratulations to you and all of us -
wow - I will committ your insights to my all day activities - thanks a lot Matthew - best to you - John R
I am praying for my children, grandchildren, and husband to be well. I am praying for my own health and fitness. I am praying for great energy and productivity. I pray for scientific, literary and financial success. I am praying for a vacation in Hawaii with my family, a house in Bodega where I can retreat with family and friends and have writing vacations. I am praying for an easier life, without quite so many setbacks and difficulties, although that is probably an impossible dream. I am praying to place more emphasis on my spiritual life, and less on material objects. I am praying to be true to myself, able to focus on spirituality while at the same time, able to use my passion for work. I am praying for success in the many opportunities my career or even my calling brings to me; I am praying to be able to see the opportunities when they appear in front of me. But most of all I am praying for my family to be well, and for all of us to be more contented and peaceful. I am praying for the end to fighting in the world, and the end to an oil economy that has left us with a world whose resources are diminishing as we see the onset of the effects of global warming. We see seas that are dying, water that is soon to be limited and scarece due to our consumption of energy and the methods of our economy, and I am praying that together our global family can stop the wars and the causes of ecodisaster for our world and ours and all other species. These are huge prayers for the world, for all of us. I am praying for greater fairness, comfort, peace,and health,for my family, my friends, colleagues, acquaintances, my rivals and my best collaborators, extending out to my and our global family. I am praying that we all extend kindness and prayers to our friends, loved ones, and strangers.
From Carol, I happened on this site by accident one day and was intregiued. I was also starting Plans for my Barriatric Surgery. Think TQ has been a God sent for me and the preporation for my Surgery. I have been since the beginning and after my Surgery totally committed like I have never experienced before to reach my goal of weight loss. Think TQ has been an amazing teacher. I am loosing about weight like nobodies business and NEVER felt better about anything I have ever done before!! THANK YOU Whom ever Put this wonderful Email in My mail Box Carol!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am praying that I pass the NY Bar and that I get a substantial raise this year.
For deliverance from FEAR of working my business the way it should be worked. To start right now moving into the new year with a boldness and determination to build this business successfully and prosper in it.
Wealth, health, and happiness.
I am praying for financial stability with my company. It seems to get better yet more challenging at the same time. I think its time to re-evaluate my company's mission statement to bring clarity to the goals and plan of attack for 2007.

Also, I am praying for the will power and perseverance to follow through with my dream to win the Arnold Classic Figure International competition. It is within my reach if I commit to peak personal power!

I believe in Miracles!

Valerie W.
I am praying that little Ashley and Austin come home for Christmas.
A cure for Multiple Sclerosis. I recently found my birth mother and she has MS.
In fall 2007 my husband and I desire to purchase our permanent home closer to my family.
Kristy/Dec.20---------I too have a new business--perhaps we can add confidence to each others lives. I have the confidence and commitment but don't know how to take the next step. I'm starting an audio book business---Sheryl in Kansas
A new house with 6 bedrooms that way every kids can have their own room.
I am praying for a turn around in my business. I am praying for insight into my highest purpose and how to manifest this on a daily basis. I am praying for my son's success and happiness.
Courage to pursue my dreams.
Treasure every minute I have to make a difference.
LOL Tim!
to be blessed enough to win the $50 million dollar Georgia lotto. Truthfully I would love it to happen, Realisticly to make a large enough sale to pay off all my debts like they were three years ago..free of debt....barski
God changing my life to enable me live his life
God answers prayers every day, and performs many miracles each day. I pray that a home based business comes along and I can take it to a 6 figure income.
Bob Ward
$25,000.00 and my husband!!!
I am praying to have the best life possible,to be the best ,to live the best and to make a difference to others
I am praying for the miracle to be a spiritually happy wealthy millionaire woman
Yes, I believe in Miracles!!!
New teeth from Heaven
Every good and perfect gift comes from My Father in Heaven.
To positivly inspire those closest to me, because in my eyes, they posses great potential. My goal is to help them bring that
I will be very happy and be grateful to Almighty God.
Who will I live for today?

My immediate family and friends who depend on me for their daily bread and companionship.

As important to me, my customers who depend on me for ideas and inspiration.

Because of all those people I live for, I will live my best day ever!
well !?(*&^% I guess I am going to: 1. step up and meet the monster( ?? ) 2. get in
better shape for the balance. 3. work on my qualities and strengths that reflect WHO I am.
4. just slow down in all things mental and physical
5. contemplate more 6. be slow slow slow 7. just roll along 8. forgiving?
9. forgetting ?? (I hope so ) 10. smm seconds minutes moments 11. just BE BE BE BE
12. what the hell ?????????
well %^%$#@ here I am again - Love this. cuz it makes me think about my life and also to reduce thoughts to writing - Thanks a lot everybody. If you want to send me an email at rhodes350@comcast.net. I do love this life even thou it has beeen a strange strange trip = Thanks again evrybody - I appreciate all you have done for me - Love John
life is vapour that vernish away.my life is pure and, I believe am briliant,I need an angel of the Lord to direct the part of his creature,so that i we flOW like an Engle not chicken.living a life of my dream not nobody life,but my life that it is.
My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ; Me, my Son and my Granddaughter.
I will live for all those who can't...
I will strive to live more Christ like. I will try to comfort and someone in pain. Joy
I want to be a prolific writer and publisher, and I want to stop addictive tendencies and resolve my financial problems.
YES! Everyday I get up before the sunrise and am thankful for all I have survived thru and stay positive about the NOW in everyday I live.
Do I believe that I am a living Miracle?

Again, I do not need to believe that which is a fact.

Each day that I am alive is a testament to the fact that I am a living Miracle, a powerfully unique force for change in the universe.

After 62 years on this planet, there is no question in my mind that the only way I have made it this far, or this long, is through the grace of God, his guardian Angles and a few well-timed Miracles.

If opening up your heart, performing a quintuple bypass and walking around the nurse's station 2 days later isn't a Miracle... I don't know what would qualify!

No question, I am a living Miracle.
That certainly does qualify.
I believe what the bible teaches, that miracles died with the apostles. I DO believe that each life, each minute of every day is a precious gift from God. The bible also teaches us to be generous, helping those who need help, and delivering the gospel to those who are lost. Every day, we should strive to write God's words upon our hearts, and go forth teaching; doing our human best to live by those words.
I study my Bible and I can't find where it says Miracles ceased. What I read is that Man cannot perform Miracles anymore, but that God has limitless power to perform Miracles any time he chooses!! If you know of scripture that says otherwise, please send it to me!
My Bible says that God is the same yesterday, today and forever!
yes i do
healing of my mother of cancer
only if miracle means curse...
I pray you find a real miracle.
I certainly do. Because of life cercumstances, I have been able to help a number of people in most profound ways...making their lives much better because I was there. It is a good feeling. As I look back on those times, I realize how God has guided my footsteps to be there when I was needed most. Miracles are so beautiful.
A life of miracles is in the giving and that is when the miracle's of wanting begin to be realized.
Truth,love,and serenity=Peace
What does Christmas mean to me?


When I look in the eyes of my greatgranddaughter, I see the seeds of tremendous hope for 20 generations to come. I see the beauty of my dreams realized.

Yes, Christmas has great meaning for me because it is the manifestation of all that is pure and beautiful in this world, all rolled up into one day.

More than anything, I am given the gift of Hope.
Christmas is the act of giving and helping. Like a gift from
the web www.battlingcancerwar.com to a person with colon cancer on giving the information and product to the person with out getting payment. Or walking in to the gas,station to get a biscuit and not having the money but getting the biscuit anyway and hereing Merry Christmas. Christmas is about the joy of giving and helping someone.
Christmas means the celebration of the birth of my Lord and Saviour. We never pushed Santa Claus on our kids; they always understood that the holiday was all about Jesus; this same Jesus they saw us praying to every day and worshiping with our friends in church on Sundays.

We've been sensitive to other kids whose parents choose to perpetuate the fantasy, but we've never had to explain to our kids that yes, it was all a marketing hoax, this Santa stuff. I think it's been easier for our kids to accept and believe in Jesus because we didn't lie to them about Santa or have to backpeddle out of stories about jolly fat men with white beards stealing into our home in the middle of the night via the chimney.

It's a mystery to me how some parents expect their children to have faith in such a farfetched tale, yet some of those same parents can't, or won't, accept the historical fact of Jesus' birth. Which is the greater gift?
Christmas time we celebrate the birth of the baby Jesus, Gods only son. Reminding us that it is not the size, or the value of the gifts that is a measure of how much we care, but rather a symbolic re-enactment of the three wise men who came bearing gifts to the baby Jesus confirming Gods gift to the world. It is a time to celebrate the gift of life, and the love and respect we have for one another.
For me, Christmas is about being with loved ones and reconnecting with old friends and family that we tend to overlook all year round. Reminding everyone that they still hold a special place in your heart. It's a time of reflection on what is most important in your life.
It is fascinating to me, that Christmas comes after Thanksgiving followed by the New Year. After giving our gratitude to God for all our many blessings we our added upon with the greatest blessing of all through the birth of His son, Jesus Christ. With that blessing comes the consequence of the blessing of renewal. The promise given at his birth is fulfilled through his death and resurrection, that we can all be renewed physically, spiritually and eternally through our Lord, Jesus Christ.

He is our Exemplar. It is our opportunity and blessing to follow him, learning to do good as he did through our gratitude, acceptance of him as our Savior, and, then enduring to end, as we emulate him in his purpose, which is to serve others. Thus through our actions, we again demonstrate our gratitude, returning to the beginning, and the cycle starts anew and is now enlarged.

The three holidays work together, each pointing to the next, and are unified and perpetuated and amplified as we understand the Source of our blessings, and he is who the Author and Finisher of our faith.
What a wonderful way to put the holidays into perspective. Thank you, Tammie
Christmass means to me is:

Its all about christ. It means that the heavenly father loved me and others so much that he sent his only son so we could all be saved, and have a peace of mind, and hope for all man kind.
Its not about how many gifts we can give or get like what it say JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON.
That I can make a enough money in 07 to open my mission to help the homeless, and help others who are not so well off.
I always told my children.....Christmas is Jesus's birthday, but because He went up to be with God, we give gifts to each other, instead. Since we always celebrated their birthdays as very special days, this they could understand very well. I would always listen to what they said they wanted for Christmas, and then ask them what they were planning on giving to other mambers of the family.
Peace on this planet for all mankind would be the greatest miracle of all. Since our actions begin with the thoughts we think, only each and every one of us can bring about this peace by thinking peace and living it in our lives.
How Will I Show My Love To Others Today?

I will, in addition to hugging and kissing my wonderful wife Jan, do exactly what Virginia says: find peace in my heart by thinking of ways to help others find peace and joy in their lives.

Be helpful, not critical.

Be kind, not acrimonious.

Listen rather than just hear.

Respond to others needs rather than quickly react.

Celebrate our differences rather than be irritated by how different people are.

I truly believe that peace begins within each of us as fleeting thoughts of goodness, fanned into flames of positive choices... put into powerful actions.

I will ACT through the spirit of Love and Light, rather than just be an impatient bystander waiting for peace to happen.

Today, and everyday.
I will show the miricle that I am when I remember what my true source is and realise that every one on this little planet and all of the universe is from the same source. it's when we forget that we are one with this source, and think we are separete, all our troubles start. Merry Christmas and happy holadays to all.
Today I will remind myself as well as others of the little things that are generally taken for granted. I will share my smile with all I see, give the gift of good conversation and friendship, and encourage everyone I meet to not let excuses or fear hold them back from being the best person they can be...TODAY. TODAY is a new day, with new opportunities all around us every day and full of 2nd chances. Make the changes in your life TODAY and resolve not to wait for the new year to create a new "you". Opportunties don't wait...neither should you.
drunk relatives laughing and finally being close to each other.
God, the Second Person, became man, Jesus, born of woman, so that we (man and woman) could become God. The Mother of God is known as the Immaculate Conception, the woman from the moment of conception who always was without sin because of the Power of God. Because of this same Power of God we (humans) who endure to the end will one day become the Immaculate Redemption and totally without sin.
This is an incredible Mystery and I will praise God for it for all eternity!
I show my love towards others every day of the year, so I will do the same thing I do every other day.
I will try to keep a smile on my face, even when things are tough. I will let the love of Christ show through me this Christmass season.
And keep in mind of what the season is really all about. And give help when needed with love. Without love what ever you do will mean nothing.
The same way I show it every day...with smiles, hugs and saying whatever I can to make each and everyone feel good and special, even strangers whenever possible.
Volunteer more - Give more - Love more - and most of all I shall listen more so I can no how I can help others find their way to the Lord. NAM
Be Honest to everyone, and look them in the eyes and say with true passion, "I, love you" in my life. Laugh & be silly !, enjoy this wonderful day, take lots of pictures..make it a memory for everyone to enjoy! Be yourself and be comfortable with who you are.
By dropping my critical comments and focusing on how to bring peace in an unpeaceful atmosphere.
My Christmas dream for next year, is that I have fully awakened to my full potential of Loving myself...Peace, Lola
My Christmas dream for next Christmas is this...

Our entire family together in one spot at the same time...

5 Million happy customers...

Each one of which has made a tremendous difference in their own lives and the lives of others.

Merry Christmas!

My Christmas Dream for next year is to not have the money concerns. Be able to live for God in a way that is organized and effective and give Him the glory, no matter what!
That I will have made many people happy because of what they have been able to buy because of my successful business. And that, because I now have more money, I will be able to go to the Nutcracker Ballet and any concerts, plays or operas I want to. That would really be a dream come true.
That TQ will email me back my comment to remind me what I wanted for next christmas.
To be able to spend time with my family & my Mother, To have a blessed relationship with Sheri M. To be totally successful with the new web adventure I am working on at this time, target date Jan. 17, 2007..To be a good friend, to help people help themselves be successful in life and business. barski is my pen name, to release some of my writings that have been hidden for thirty years...To enjoy this new year with great health, wealth, & happiness...God Bless everyone!! barski/blake
To be more helpful with preparations for Christmas dinner. Be sure to hug everyone that gathers together with us today. Reach out to old and new friends to share the joy of the season!
a Burning bush with a neon sign pointing to the path I am suppose to take this year.
Jesus, Mary and Joseph
My Christmas wish for 2007, is that we are not fighting in any war, that all our troops are home and safe. That the people that run the grovenment see the light of what to do to help the poor people and homeless in our country.

Dave H.
My Christmas dream is that if I can spend it with my family. My son this year is in Iraq with the Air Force. If he is still away from the states, then , that I'll make arrangements to spend take the weekend up in the mountains of Arizona.
Nancy ! nice commentary - good luck with your son and your neighbor - you are special - very special - also - ARIZONA !!!!!!!!! my favorite state in the union - thanks for reminding me - I do like the desert BUT the mountians will do for now - good luck - best to you and yours for the holidays - John R
I bought my neighbor kid a nice present. His dad hasn't worked in about a year. I don't know how they make it. I'm going to also get them some meat.
It would obviously be something beyond my ability to do which would bring testimony to the supernatural. It would be a intervention of the unexpected into the ordinary.
The complete healing of my sister who has had seven surgeries for cancer.
Jesus Christ-full out, resurrection power, loving compassion, blessings untold for others to enjoy.
The comments warmed my heart. I am struggling with keeping Jesus as my center focus and all these comments reminded me how we depend on Him. It is He who works all things together for good. Thank you for each one of your comments, and I will pray for your sucesses along with my own.I promise.
Yes I do believe in miracles.
Yes. But it happens mostly to those who work towards those miracles to happen.

SPS Chauhan
Yes, I believe in miracles for people who don't lose faith in themselves - the work that they do and God. Yes, I believe in miracles for people who dare to dream big and take steps persistently however small to achieve their dreams.....
sure dooooooooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!! everyday is a miracle-- think about that ? !!!! everyday is a miracle - get up in morn and then to proceed to live for another 18 or so hours - then you go to bed - wake up the next morn ( hopefully ) sic --- LOL - and do it all over again - wow - everyday is a miracle and you should take advantage of it - sooooooooo many people do not look forward to another day - we are sooo lucky here in the USA - thanks a lot and be sure to count your blessing every morn - count your blessings every morn and remind your self just how lucky to are - to have the people places and things to do in your life - thanks again for my friends family home car truck yard animals books TV ? (sic) LOL and TQ - thanks TQ for reminding me every morn just how lucky I am - thanks again USA for being My country - - best to all - John R
WOW - things feel good this morn - thanks a lot Tq for being there for me -and thanks to all of you folks writing - I appreciate your insights AND THEY HELP A LOT - wow = keep up the writting and thinking about your life - this is sooooooooooooooooo good - again thanks - John R
Absolutely! Did you watch the sun come up this morning or hear the morning cry of an infant or a bird? Did someone you love call or send a note? Did someone touch your heart with
a memory, a story or a look? These are all life's miracles, I believe. Our humaness our vulnerability,and our ability to make a difference...miraculous.
Yes! Most definitely.
They are rarely recognized. A human being: 206 bones in the body not counting muscles and organs. If you look at anatomy how can there be a question there isn't a God? Then look up at the stars and realize they are all possibly systems that become constellations then galaxies, and possibly even universes. Isn't it a miracle that we have air, water, land, and food here on earth. But it just seems that sometimes problems seem to be bigger than all of this to me. How can that be?
Absolutely YES!!!
yes, I believe that miracles do happen. I have wanted
something very badly and watched how it happened
nothing short of a miracle.
Yes, I do believe in miracles.
I would retire from teaching and I would start a business which brings me enough profit to live very comfortable and the ability to travel. This would also include my son so that he is financially comfortable.
I'm not shure what a mericalewould look like but it would be welcome.
A miracle today would look like a million dollars in my bank account after taxes.
What would a miracle look like to me if it showed up today? If my financial woes were replaced with real, ongoing abundance and stability. This year, due to the real estate economy, has been the worst financial year for my family ever. We are in crisis and the only thing that will turn this around is money.
Passing my inspection, Fergesun swapping water heaters because of their mistake, receiving a large windfall payment, winning the lottery, receiving an invite to paid performance and or a recording contract, finding true love, being content within myself, awakening to Christ, realizing a complete outline for "Cloudy Prison".
Receiving an item I requested from The View TV show that was being given away. I wanted the Nano Ipod which was given to all audience members for my oldest grandson who wants it more than anything. I cannot afford the cost; therefore, to receive this gift for my grandson would certainly qualify as a miracle. To receive some unexpected money would definitely let me know that miracles still exist for me.
I believe in miracles because I am one. Had it not been for my grandmother not asking my parents why I wasn't walking, and getting me in to see her doctor, I would be in a wheelchair now. I was the first patient, at 18 months old, to have the type of surgery I had. God Bless Dr. McKnight - and bless his soul.

I believe in miracles because my 5 year old niece almost died from a heart condition, which doctors had been telling her parents for those first five years was epilepsy. She's 10 now, and has a pacemaker.

I believe in miracles because two years after my niece's pacemaker operation, my youngest brother's heart stopped beating one night, and my son happened to be visiting his uncle. My son's best friend's mother is an RN and was able to tell my son what to do and he brought him back. My brother was literally dead for three minutes. He too, has bradycardia, and a pacemaker as well.

I believe in miracles because I was able to escape an abusive situation and drive 425 miles on 3/4 of a tank of gas.

Yes. I believe in miracles. And may God bless all of you. Never let anyone tell you that you are not to be valued, loved, and appreciated for who you are and what you contribute to this world.

Denise B.
I am praying for a radical change in the real estate market or for something else to present itself to me as a viable source of income.
That the new job in the new year goes well.
A new personal relationship.
I am praying for a complete and total change in my life. I want to only pursue those things that make for peace in my life. I want to reach my full potential and use every drop of talent that God has given me to use. I want to walk in excellence, love, and peace every day of my life.
I am praying for purpose,direction,wisdom and courage.I am praying for the return of the joyful spontenaity that used to punctuate my life and keep me passionate about my work.I pray that all of us living on this benevolent though broken planet take time to count our blessings,the abundance all around us.Smile at a stranger today.Say thank you.Be blessed. Thank you.
a new job!
The Miracle I am praying for right now is that my son would come to know the Lord and follow his ways. Also that God would speak the words into me that he would want me to say to others through "Beyond the Fence, from Prison to Purpose" God please have your eternal way and design in my life. Use me however you choose to impact people for your glory and kingdom in Jesus name I pray amen!!!!
I'm praying for a miracle that my son will start to really hear me and his mother, that he will start to listen and obey, and that he will find happiness in the process of learning to be well behaved.

I'm also praying for self-knowledge as to my true mission in life, so that I may pursue it with all of my passion and energy.
John, I have found that the key to change in the attitudes of our children lies in the time commitment we make in their lives. Make these investments today and they will pay lasting dividends. God bless, Sam
I am praying for an excellent Year 2008 in Terms of Business & Personally to add one more child for my family.

I will talk with my son and hear his messages
Buyers who are ready and able to buy right now.
I wish to build resorts, hotels shopping district in a historical beach that I own in Haiti. The miracle would be to find the right investors to fund the project sooner than later.
For my coaching business to really take off.... I see things falling into place "miraculously" and I'm anticipating miracles for 2008.
I will live for myself because I know when I am happy it affects everyone around me!
Today I will live for others and seek to encourage them. I am looking for 5 people who I can praise and encourage.
I am a commission salesperson, and the pipeline is far from full. A miracle would look like: a cash transaction closing in 30 days bringing $10,000 net commission!
My family - my family - thats it for now
I have my hands full with them - THEN _ I will move onto the ole whaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!!! =s MEMEMEME
that is not selfish - it's smart-- OK ? don't say it is not Ok - cuz it is - LOL - thanks for listening = John R
For my children, my parents, myself, my brother and sister, my nephews, my grandmother and Ben
Today, I lived for me - I now have my Planning Journal completed and ready to use. I learned some new functions in Excel which really helped speed things along. I did my exercises, ate healthy, and took plenty of breaks away from the computer. I laughed today. I had an excellent conversation with my mother today, and came away with a sense of closure in one area of my life which has always bothered me. Today, I lived for me.
Peace on Earth for everyone.
What do you mean?
Not a heck of a lot lately ! sic - damn - I am becoming very cynical = damn ! - must be my age and stage - gotta be ! ^%$#@ - now what ? just suc it up buttercup ! put your nose to the ground and march on !!!!!!!!! just put your nose to the wind and plow thru - damn - age and stage for sure - HELP ! - John R
Hi John:
March on soldier. March on! You can do it. I have now completed my classes to become a CNA and now I am 2/3 closer toward my goal. I still need to take the state test and I don't think I am yet prepared but I am asking for help from people in the field. I never thought I would get through the clinical portion. I didn't complete everything but I graduated. I just keep plugging away. My instructor specifically made a point of saying that she believed in me and I am sending you that same message! She gave me confidence by only putting me in situations I could handle well. Push yourself only to the point that you don't become cynical, but don't give up. Good Luck and Happy Holidays. Tammie
Each individual is given a gift from God. God EXPECTS us to use that gift to accomplish His mission to mankind. Because of ADD (Awareness Deficit Disorder)as TQ calls it, we tend to ignore the Magnitude of that gift. Mankind can be truly a Living Miracle if we recognize these awesome talents that we have. When God asked King Solomon of the Bible what He wanted, He asked for wisdom. I have asked God for Wisdom myself for the past 4 years. This is my number 1 Value that I picked. Wisdom is a miracle from God. And if we asked for it, God will truly give it. It is just so amazing how we can be a living Miracle if we apply all the amazing tools TQ has to offer. We do not have to really Wing life as I have done in the past. You can be a living miracle using the TQ system. Again I give ER Kent and Mikael the credit for my success so far. I have total energy, with all of the chatters that is going on in my life.
smile shake hands
realizing my divine potential
I sent anomynous letters in the mail this year to the nearby churches to pray for the our brothers in the BURMA monastaries who are monks. They came to the media in hopes the outside world would hear what they have to say,it was very serious.I had to question the motives of our goverment doing things to keep certain knowledge away from the public...
At our coaching session last Saturday with ER, Kent and Mikael, ER asked us to write down in a piece of paper our number one goal for 2008. Faith is one of my top values. I wrote down "Spirituality of my family". Tonight, I will have a meeting with my family for the first time in 24 years(this is my sons birthday) I will be talking about how God Centered life can change our lives. God has shown us His love by sending His only begotten son Jesus to save us from eternal condemnation. By helping my children, my husband and everyone that I love that the only way that you can have a great relationship with God is the only way that we can have a blessed life. This is how I can show my love to my family today...
I thank god for all the wonderful things he bless me with my home and family
My Life, my family and all the extras god have given me
What am I most thankful for today? Meeting my Uncle David yesterday, whom I had not seen in 41 years. What do you say to someone you haven't seen or spoken to in 41 years? Suprisingly, we did not struggle for words. It went much better than I thought, as my father and other uncle were/are very different. I am only sorry that it took my father dying this summer for us to get together.
Christmas is the time that we celebrate the coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ as a baby, live on earth, Love, Cared for His Creation. When I was 5 years old, My Dad who is a Preacher shared with me this love of God. As a young child, when I realized the condition that I was in, that I was a sinner and there is no way that I can have eternal life without accepting that gift that Christ has done by dying on the cross, I did accept That Love. That is so amazing Love. So I am just thankful for God's Love to me and my family. Without that love, I cannot survive the turmoil of this World. I am just so grateful that Christ has given me His life. That is why I am also grateful for TQ because it has given me the power to use the great gifts that God has given me. Thank you again ER and Kent...
That I have a family and a lot of really good Friends who care about me. Electricity, clean water gas and much, much more.
For all of the great things i have experienced
To be in love and to have a very perfect Christmas with lots of presents and beautiful things to give others.
LOL - next year ????? &^%$#@ I am just happi to be here NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!! just right here right now.---- that is all that I need - to be just right here right now all the time -- next year ??@#$%^& LOL again - hell - a lot can happen between now and tomorrow morn - sooooooooooooooo just enjoy the moment you are in right here right now !!! that is all you have to do soooooooooooo doit - sure you can get yourself in good shape and be strong and educate yourself and prepare your self for tomorrow BUT - just enjoy the moment - If you are getting an advanced degree for professional reasons - Just enjoy each moment that you are in class - thats all - eventually you will complete the degree and than move on professionally - see what i mean ?? - just be here and now - right here right now - it is a lot of fun to love the process and the moment - even if it is cold outside - cut back on the calories and exercise more - read more - love more - like more - be nice to people - enjoy what you have and be GRATEFUL !!!!!!!!!!!!! BEST OF 2008 = jOHN R
My Christmas dream for next year is that all of five of our sons and their families can be home for the holidays.
spending christmas with my family in germany
It has been a tremendous blessing to be a part of a Christ Centered family. I thank God that my Dad who is a minister has implanted in our hearts and soul the tremendous blessing of how to be save and how to live the life of a Christian. I have been so blessed to have a family of Christian and also work together in a Business. As a family of Christians, we spent Christmas together. We gave presents to each other. We finally decided to make a difference in others people lives specially the ministers that are serving Christ in our country the Philippines. Our family decided that for next Christmas, instead of giving each other presents, which we dont really need anymore, we will give the money to these ministers that are totally committed to serve Christ and make a difference in their lives. God has blessed us so much so we are to share the blessings that He has given to me and my family. That is my Christmas dream and so does our whole family.
To enjoy and spend more time with my family.

To be organized and caught up on everything so that my world is no longer such chaos.

I want to have my financial life in great working order.

I want my business to be profitable.
An Airplane
To really start reaching out to disciple and leading many to the Lord. Plan a few hours everyday. Preaching or teaching where people can't get to church. Go to a mobile home park and find place to teach, have a homecell there.
Next year I would love to have both of my children and their families at my home and to have all of us experience pure joy, peace and abundance in our lives! I would also love to be in a solid relationship with a great guy - a relationship that is based on love, trust and acceptance.
I wrote a letter to my family being very caring & honest with my words. Today I took care of my daughter ,I am a mother and it is all I can do with myself right now.I try to aware of my personal appearance and what I eat. Take vitamins,excercise and say nice encouraging things to other people that bring them up.I stay away from substances.
I will be as gracecious as I can be towards others, try embellish & recognize what THEY are doing ,too to make this day more productive or better in some small way. Help others to gain insight on there issues too,if their intrested even introduce them T.Q. try to be positve in my way of speaking to them & put forth uplifting emotion when I praise them,to feel genuine.
Today I will create my portraits on-line of other artists to create a gallery that represents other unknown artists to their artistic community and putting them in the possible light. To be seen. Also >I will do my affirmations and my message to empower other people with what they already have.
I will be as uplifting and stoic as I can be in the face of adversity. I will not let the little things bother or irritate me{lack of money}.If it is voluteerism the community needs I WILL give. I will put my best side foward and not judge the next persons situaution against mine. Relate.Communicate.
I will be understanding and listening nojudgemental, giving, caring,respectful,be posotive re-enforcement,
Materliasm, I fall into to false security of having things,of the have & have nots . I hope that I can show more substance thatn seeming shallowing & only wanting to be assocaite with money.Try to show my talents & creativities & share with them. Be uplifting stay postive by saying less critical things.
I am praying for a more calming spiritual guidance in my life and my career. To listen more closely to my inner voice of guidance.
Although I am without an income & stressing ,I am keeping a positive attitude .
I will respect their space & there opinions about me,whether
they be negative or postive. I will try to be an example to them by show my actions & not using empty words to say what I am doing. I will stay away from making them feel less dependent upon me or needing me anything the lessens their self worth.I respect their space.
Yes i believe in miracles
i do believe in miracle in that i can achieve my dreams and live the life i want to live no matter what age i am
Yes I do - And I also believe that miracles are a reflection of our dreams and our relentless faith in those dreams. I have been experiencing several of them in the past 6 months and my life has changed drastically for the better since then...
yes i do!
I know I am blessed with miracles everyday and all day! I am blessed... My thoughts flow to those who live in such disadvantaged states/conditions and I pray for them and may miracles move them to higher level.

Life is difficult, I live with a person who has limited self control and abusive, God protects the children and I. As we wait we live... pressing onward waiting for the biggest miracle of them all. May God heal the restless soul and cast out the evil. It is all in God's good timing. ~N
I'll go with Einstein, everything is a Miracle. All one has to do is look around to see and feel it. Listen to a new born baby laugh, have your puppy lick your face in the morning, see the smile in your wife's eyes...watch seeds germinate and pop up through the sidewalk cracks...I think someone would have to work very hard at not believing in Miracles.
Yes, I absolutely believe in miracles and "magic". Sometimes I have a hard time believing it can happen for me personally. But I do believe!
Yes if i make them happen i do believe in miracles
It would look like a 25,000 dollars and bills paid by Friday ...
A miracle right now would be finding and securing a deal that would pull out a minimum of £30,000 - this would help to reduce some debts more quickly and provide me with a longer timeframe to continue to work on the business. Ideally an even greater miracle would be to find that deal that pulls out £100,000 - I still wouldn't be debt free but will have been able to pay off the private debts, reduce some credit card debts so they are manageable and having some surplus to source the next deal. The greatest miracle of all would be sufficient funds to clear all debts to the tune of £150,000!
That I received an offer for a job at $130,000 a year and there was a buyer for my house at my asking price.
Hey Mark,
Where do you live and how much are you asking for your house? Maybe I can help you sell it. I'm a real estate agent in Chicago.
A miracle to me would be; a clique; Peace on Earth. What if everyone in the world adopted the motto, "Live and Let Live". what if we didn't judge people for the choices that they made and allowed everyone to be the individual that they are. Each of us has our own ideas of what is moral, but whos idea is RIGHT? This is America, founded on freedom. That means freedom to be individuals and to answer only to the law and your higher power (whatever it is)!
CA says i'm wonderful, S thinks/knows she's wonderful, the program is joyous
An accepted offer on railroad ave that would give me commission of 4-5 % with a quick closing. That would give me the money to get my coaching off the ground and my bills paid for awhile and my own car.
A miracle would look like finding an angel to help me get my house in order.

A miracle would look like seeing all my family practicing their faith in honor and in thanksgiving to their Creator.

A miracle would look like having all of our debts paid off.

A miracle would look like having a beautiful house and yard full of flowers!

A miracle would look like being a leader in all aspects of my life!
It just happened- 10 minutes ago - The news that my daughter Kathleen and Son-in-law, Shannon are expecting a baby. They have waited so long. We are so blessed!!
Someone telling me that they will pay me LOTS OF MONEY FOR my inventory of beautiful hand painted, batik, and shibori silk clothing designs, and WANTS ME TO MAKE LOTS MORE FOR THEM/THEIR STORE(S)/GALLLERY(IES)/THEIR FRIENDS/FAMILY, ETC. - THAT WOULD BE A MIRACLE SHOWING UP TODAY!!!!!!
It just happened- 10 minutes ago - The news that my daughter Kathleen and Son-in-law, Shannon are expecting a baby. They have waited so long. We are so blessed!!
In the next month to get 10 calls from 10 very motivated clients ready to buy right away and have 10 closed transactions in January.
tall dark hansome smart sexy caring loving beautiful crazy about me with hope kindness and stibility and he came to take me to a nice island and have the times of our lives
My family would be conscious, truthful, considerate, understanding, accepting, & supportive.

We would share love, anger, tears, laughter, and let eachother create a family with unconditional love, truth, & creating a strong bond accepting & supporting eachothers differences.
I am presently living a miracle. It is a miracle that I am where I am.

A miracle for me would be to find or meet a good friend. I will watch for that friend today.
My friends 17 year old son would be healed from his cancer. Instead of being on deaths door, God would see fit to use him on this earth as a testimony of his grace, healing and power.
It would be witnessing the maturity of either or both of my children and a self-less change in my husband as well as more discipline in my behavior toward food. I see miracles all the time from God, but those would be things that I have prayed for and waited for over a long period of time, so they would be truly visible miracles!
Winning the lottery. Real lottery or being accepted as a Director of NGLC.
We will be able to pay everything we own. We will be on our way to reopen Arbolitos Preschool. We will be ready to go to Lima, Peru. We will be ready to help my mother.
All this will bring peace and tranquility to our family and that is the real miracle I want with all my hearty to see my husband smile and enjoy life ...
The money to be able to give my children and family xmas dinner ... and at least one gift for each of my five children.

we are out of money, out of food and I have no prospect of any for the rest of this year.....( I work on commission,selling Identity Theft Benenfits to HR directors for their company to offer to their employees, I make my commission from the number of employees that take the program, the company gets it free to offer.). I am looking for a miracle to give me more clients for my work, or a way to sell the Estate Jewelry (rare and unique pieces, from all over the globe)that I am the agent of, before the end of the year.....

Happy Holidays to all and best of things in the coming New Year for everyone....
Theresa Stuart
A dream job (what ever that would be) paying enough to let me retire comfortably in a few years without debt.
My parents letting my daughter stay with me over the weekend
yes i DO
After my 6 way bypass in 1997 I was told that most people either have a heart attack or have a heart attack and die within 10 years. Its a miracle then 2009 is going to be the start of my life of miracles.

Everything I lost during 1997 has been given back to me in abundance.
Marc Brigham on bended knee asking me, Lorraine, to marry him in the next 4 months.
I don't mean to sound humble, but I feel blessed every moment of the day. To me its a miracle that I'm blessed with the family I have, with the job I have, with the opportunities I've been given.
i have debit to pay i have full faith on ALMIGHTY ALLAHA that i will pay full amount it seems difficult to me this time to pay but i have faith that miracle will happen and i will pay
My mother's health.
I really need to find a job!
HI Want to get a good Job..with good pay and profile in Hyderabad
The health of my back will get better so we can get out more. That Art can find a way to get more income coming in without hurting himself anymore. We can do more with family and be more help to them.
That I will find in myself what it is I want to work at that will make me happy and exited to get up everyday to do this job. I know it's inside of me.
For my mother's health (she has a heart cath scheduled for today and she is NOT a candidate for heart surgery should they find something serious) and for a way out of my current job situation into one that is more satisfying but still financially able to support my family.
I am praying for a bit of financial help. THings are so tight financially that I am afraid to even spend a dime.
I am praying for the miracle of creativity, insight, and persistence in finding a way to serve people and create the lifestyle I really want to live.
Transforming myself so success in those big deals comes to me.
For harmony and balance..perhaps it is because it is the end of the year..but my world is definitely tilting and I am working on keeping my balance.
Seeking God best reward systems is my miracle.
Yes, as a Christian, I believe that miracles occur daily in small and large ways. I have seen the miracles manifest often.
The miracle I am praying for right now is that I continue to have a flow of income that will enable me to pay all my bills and leave a little left over for other things.
that I find a job where I can move up with the abilities I have now.
that I find a job where I can move up with the abilities I have now.
8425 E Amethyst Lane
The mircle I am praying for right now is 1. for my brother to make it through his brain damage and that god will make him a walking mircle. as well to pray for his daughter jazz that she is protected by god from all the cruel wickedness that life has to bring

2. to find a job

3. to suceed in life to

4. to get my daughter much love and discipline to be the mother i never had

5. to past my written exam so i can obtain my drivers permit to get my dl

6 to completely work on myself

7. to fully and completely let the past go

8. to fully and completely look forward so i can change for the bettter in me myself and for my daughter.

9.to have faith drive and determination no matter what

10.to only guide positive people in my life only
The right business opportunities, favor, and physical energy to make $1 million in 2009.
I am praying for a job so that I can get my ebay and other online business ventures off the ground.
To make it through College.
Yes, I believe in Miracles. I had a lot in past.
yes i believe in god
I believe the Lord Jesus Christ can change a person but that person has to be willing to change. Its like anything else in life, you have to want to be a better you. Merry CHRISTMAS and God Bless! Thank you TQ for helping me fulfill my dreams and think BIG.
I will live for me today, that means clearing up the rest of my clutter and finish all my obligations for Christmas today and tomorrow, so I can focus on what is really important to me.
I live for myself. I will do only those things in life that are pleasing to me. However, that's not to say that I will not do those things that I don't enjoy because I know that helping more people achieve what they want will only enrich my life. And in some cases that will be to do things at times that I may not enjoy. Helping others is something I enjoy. I live to please myself, thus enriching everyone around me.
For my family and their family, for the person who needs a little encouragement to get by, for that person I can help with by simply giving a helping hand via support, encouragement or what I can give.
I will focus on my health, thoughts, and spiritual well being so I am here to enjoy my grandchildren and their children.
Today I will live for myself. I have been sabotaging all of my hard work and accomplishments with weight loss by eating the wrong way and drinking too much alcohol. I want to be in control again and feel great about my body!
Right I'm trying to live for myself.
me and kina
my life is not my own I am here for what use God has for me. I live for Him & I want to just show love and gratitude for all He has done this day.
God and my family and friends. To create all your hearts desire sounds cool,but if it's not in line with God and Gods purpose what's the point.
I aways live for God, and he always seems to guide me in the right directions.
If a meracle showed up today it would look like a surprised gift from a friend. Thoughtfully and right on time. Full of just what I needed and did not know would arrive.
A cure for cancer
I hesitate to say myself because I view my family as a unit and my husband and children need me right now more than ever... So I have to say I will live for God today and trust that God will guide my family and I through our current turbulence.
My family - I have been reflecting on how quickly the years fly by. With elders calling to say Merry Christmas, my son growing. I am taking time each evening to study with Tyler, to read together..no TV no games, just us, around the fire. It is wonderful. The joy of loving people and giving to them, is wonderful.
Jeff VanVonderen
I will live for my Purpose on Earth today and every day

For me and everybody else around me!
Jesus Christ.It's only because I am the apple of his eye,I am the seed of Abraham,I am very,very,very,very,very important to almighty god,not slighty important to him.We learn this every time we seriously study the his infallible,uncomprising word,the Holy Bible.Thank you so much TQ for once again giving me this opportunity to share my faith,signing out in Asbury Park,NJ Dorothy Elizabeth Herron Jackson
God, my Children, my patients,my parents,my friends and all my brothers and sisters on earth.
I am a living miracle. First because I am a one and only creation. My thoughts, desrires, wishes, dreams, motivations, skills and knowledge may be
Yees!!! Every human being is a living miracle, but not everybody is used to seeing the full side of the glass. Not everybody is capable of recognizing the opportunities that every second are around us.
i need prayer for safety! and protection from all evil harm and wrong doing. fleeing abuse i got a housing offer to tranfer to a unit in a diff area yesturday. that could be the miracle but i dont know if ill be safer there if he finds out my address. its not an upper class area like the one im in now. i love yonge and eglinton. i have 5 days until i leave for NF for to visit my mom so little time so much to do. im not sure what to do i need prayers for safety. God is everything
i need prayer for safety! and protection from all evil harm and wrong doing. fleeing abuse i got a housing offer to tranfer to a unit in a diff area yesturday. that could be the miracle but i dont know if ill be safer there if he finds out my address. its not an upper class area like the one im in now. i love yonge and eglinton. i have 5 days until i leave for NF for to visit my mom so little time so much to do. im not sure what to do i need prayers for safety. God is everything
My miracle, right now, is a really good paying job that I can't screw up which becomes a meaningful career that I love, allowing me time and adequate resources to travel, to play, to rest, to care for loved ones, to grow, and to invest for the next rainy day.
Yes I do. Without me my parents wouldn't have a grandchild
Christmas means that God came in the flesh, "Immanual" born unto us by the Holy Spirit thru Mary to redeem us and save us from our sin, that we might live forever with Him.
Christmas to me means reaching out to people and getting together.
Families get together even thought they all might be on different paths in life and not understand each other. We are more alike than we are different and for that day anyway we put our differences aside and are happy to be together.
Christmas is the celebration of the birth of the Christ, the saviour of the world, some 2,000 years ago. It is a time of the year when we reflect and hopefully, are grateful for all the wonderful things in our lives - our families, friends, those closest to us. It is a time of giving and receiving, a time of joyfulness.
Making the extra effort to get to know your relatives and friends a little better. To see the love and laughter in parents and grandparents eyes watching the kids open their presents. Just being there watching something beautiful happen.
Being with family.
Christmas means giving thanks to christ. It is a time to share with all of our friends and family and to really put ourselves out there to help those less fortunate. It means that we as humans come together at one time throughout the year to truly enjoy each others time and friendship.
The birth of Jesus. The wonder and value of every unique human being. The fragility of life and the beauty of a newborn. And my favorite concept stated in a church homily a few years back: God chose to come to earth as a baby because no one is afraid of a little baby. That I am surrounded and supported by love, and the voices of criticism are false representations of what that all-powerful, omnipresent Father God truly feels about me and each of us.
I see christmas to be noble date perceived to be the birth of Christ Jesus,it is believed thathis mother Mary conceived him on 25th March.
However,christmas is term as "christ ruling the mass"with love,kindness,humility,truth,justice,patience and divine leadership.
This rememberance challenge me to emulate such feature and attaching myself with a living vineyard.FROM;TANG JOHN(tang.survivor@gmail.com)
Get my work done so I can enjoy time with Pat

commit to my prayer times regardless of the format

commit to Edwin's times so that he has me fully.

walk today in between rain storms.
I will be on time for work, help out the best way possible at work. Telephone and thank my sisters for their Christmas presents.
Helping them around the house.
is this some kind of religious cult group?
Creation becuase of christmas...
Buulll Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttt

we create ourselves
Ah, sorry to (hear) read your comment. I can not vision the empty, troublesome life you must live.. And, sadly, you are only fooling yourself.
To show my love I will serve above self.
I will show my love by being present. Although I didn't do that very well today as I had the opportunity to be out there at a family gathering and I didn't show a lot of love. In a deep felt way. It seemed very superficial. I will show my love by being there for my kids. Showing them the right way, showing them how to accomplish all that they want out of life by setting their mind to it. I only wish I knew then what I know now. Of course that wouldn't be part of growing. Love is being present at every opportunity. Never having it be about yourself but being self-less.
With a kind heart and a warm smile letting them know how appreciative I am for knowing them.
It means a time where sins are forgiven, love rekindled, miracles happen and joy within our hearts.

It's a reminder that Christ died for me and I now have eternal life.
By smiling to others
My Greatest Hope is to Get and See Implemented one of the project $6-7 Mill that I have been working for.

That I will creat art. i have 100% faith
I am still pursuing my goal of attaining my predestined weight. I want to have a career in 2009 not just a job. I have the faith I just need the drive to make it come true I have the tendency to sabotage me. I want to be happier and more secure in the new year. I certainly have alot of wants. I now need the faith to make it happen.
This time next year, I plan to be a successful writer. I have strong faith in my ability to succeed at my chosen career. I will continue to write every day, to paint irresistible pictures with words, to bring influential people to read my words and to buy my products. When I have reached that goal I will concentrate on the next one, etc., etc., for the rest of my life. TQ has shown me the way; all I have to do is follow it.
It's just another day to me.
My miracle would be to find our daughter's killer.
My greatest hope is there will be world peace and a healthy planet that I cam be a part of creating. I also hope and pray that my kids will grow up to be self respecting adults who know, using their imagination and their minds they can attain ANYTHING in life.
My greatest hope is that my family and friends will be happy in their lives. I also wish this for the rest of the world as well. I am tired of seeing and hearing people hurt one another. I will be someone to affect this change also.
By talking with others and listening to what they are really saying. By helping them in a way that will mean something to them, like helping them clean their home or buying them something that they need not want but need, that is how I can show my love to others today and everyday :)
To be health, happy, productive, and successful
in both my personal life and my job. To be a blessing to others and not a burden.
I want to be healthy and well from my primary affliction and I believe that given the results to date, that I need to add a producxtive occupation to this wish, which is my greatest hope of the present.
I know that God keeps sending me opportunities and I just need to grab one and go with it, because I always have the option of starting again ad I won't admit defeat ever- this is my faith- the faith that I will ultimately succeed at my life quests.
that life becomes somewhat easier that it has been.
My faith is stron, it's my patience that I lack sometimes.
Jesus's Birthday that gave us the gift of repemption and the light of the Holy Spirit to guide and enlighten us.
My Greaterst Hope is that Islam rules the world
To meet the woman of my dreams during this Christmas holiday season To meet & exceed my goal of earning $1000.00 per day for the next 2 days. To meet a strategic business referral partner who has contacts with a lot of gasoline retailers.To finally quit smoking permanently To commit to exercising 3-4-times per week
I don not believe in miracle (")

Because miracle is # 1 God

#2 TQ

# 3 Wife (teacher)

And I have or will have ®
And I believe the miracle is world wide every body TQ IS A MUST!!!!!

BILL GATES -put the world ( connect.)
GOOGLE- put all information know ledge.
TQ  will put the entire world 90 +
This is the miracle = #1 TQ 90 + #2 and every people in the world TQ 90+ and I believe
God will to the rest (the miracle).®

Mi miracle for the next 15 year is to build a team, to build a TQ school,to teach mi island(CURACAO .N.A.)TQ 90 +.
And E .R. HAAS/ KENT/TEAM will to-do the rest

God bless TQ

Sahid attaf
To be able to provide security for my family and that I can deliver on all their hopes and dreams.
Having my daughter and her husband come over with a house full of grandkids.... someday :)
Kauai - hanging out with Nate, playing beach volleyball, hiking, friends...
my passionate christmas dream is me and my children and grandchildren living in a unormous mansion (with wings) decorated completely with christmas and singing carols eating and celebrating driving a winabagle to disney world and stopping by the shelter to drop off load of toys and food and money ....and taking bob along with us
As a child I never really understood the true meaning of Christmas, to me it was an exciting time of year...no school...good food...family...and most importantly...NEW TOYS!
As I grew older Christmas became a depressing time of year...very little money...no family celebrations...single-parent hood...bare minimum of receiving and giving of gifts.

Now, I beleive I understand Christmas...to me it is not about how many items you get or give, but being able to be alive and healthy to be with friends and family, able to see another year, and fortunate enough to share your abundant overflow with the less fortunate..and rekindle hope in someone else's life. This is what I am realizing Christmas to really mean to me and it feels so good.
Sitting in my own dream home sitting on 20 acres of land. I am in the hearth room sipping a cup of tea. A fire is roaring in the fireplace and there is a deer roaming outside. It is snowing and the house is quite except for an occasional giggle from my two boys who are playing a game they just got for Christmas. My husband is in the walkout basement, his man cave.
I have never thought of it really
You know, it's Jesus's birthday. I wonder what He'd want, what he'd dream? Anyway, a) I'd like to know the answer to that question; & b) I'd like to help make that happen. But I think any time we help someone we do what he'd want us to do.
To spend christmas with my grandma's,my mom, my dad whom I never recall spending christmas with, my brother and my childern, that would be a most passionate christmas to invision and dream of to this day.
I have a nagging, persistent, recurring thought that I am supposed to start a soup kitchen and give away good, hot food to anyone and everyone I can reach here is Reno. I have searched out a physical location that in many ways seems perfect for the project. I am trying to talk myself out of it, but have to admit it is my most passionate Christmas Dream, and a recurring daydream which has been with me for almost fifteen years, maybe more. The ghist of the 'daydream' began when I was starting a brand new business here in Reno in 1992. I was working seven days a week, probably at least twelve hours each day. For the first two years of the business start up I also had a day job with a time clock, hourly wages, benefits, and a flexible schedule. The business required me to drive to San Francisco once a week and buy product to sell. We dealt in very delicate and perrishable goods for the most part. We worked every weekend, every holiday, and were open seven days a week for the first three years. I met a lot of people, clients, customers, suppliers, drivers, employees, and a variety of homeless or near homeless who were willing to work for something to eat. My acquaintance with these less fortunate people got me to thinking of ways I could really make a difference to the underpriviledged and my home town of Reno.
During this time the California lotto started also; the daydreams of what I would do if I hit the lotto and could afford anything and any lifestyle often came back to the soup kitchen.
I try to stay busy with work, family, volunteer efforts, like CAP, The Rotary, Ski Patrol, and our two houses, and our hobbies, friends, and otherwise full and meaninful life.
But, I find myself coming back to this weird idea of having to start a soup kitchen.
I know the City of Reno, the State of Nevada, the Food Bank, and whole array of c
Christmas Dream, continued...
I know the City of Reno, the State of Nevada, the Food Bank, and whole array of charitable organizations exist and are doing fine work, and I donate everywhere I can, with my time, treasure, and talents.
The primary difference of my idea, or the idea which seems to be haunting me, is that I would have a place to eat, sleep, clean up and have chores to do or some work to do in trade for the food. This daydream includes a bunch of charitable doctors, from GP to Dentist to eye doctors in as well.
Also, the physical place which seems perfect for the project is currently for sale. The asking price is over two million, and includes a building which is over thirty thousand square feet and sits on two and a half acres real close to the Truckee River in the Eastern part of Reno, between Reno and Sparks.
There is room in the building for day care for families with kids. Enough room for a women's sleeping area, a man's sleeping area, and a family area. I can see in my mind's eye a place for a school room, where we teach English as a second language to those needing and wanting to learn, also, basic reading, writing, and arithmatic to everyone who wants to learn. Also, we could have a place where a local Eye Doctor with a proven program could help teach and improve people's eyes, reading, and reading speed and comprehension.
I am starting to think that if this facility worked out and I was able to come up with the capital to start the project, anywhere between three and five million, it would be a tewnty four hour program from the start. I would be the only paid employee. I would interview everyone who needed help or could volunteer. The details for this are coming together and I will detail them sometime very soon.
I see a facility that would be open to one and all.
Christmas Dream, continued...I see a facility that would be open to one and all who were willing to meet some basic requirements. First and foremost would be the requirement of being and staying clean and sober. Second to that is the ability and willingness to participate in some way for the benefit of the group. Thirdly is that no one would be allowed to stay in the facility who would not get a police card, and a background check. Fourthly, no one could stay if they hurt anyone else, stole anything from the facility or anyone at the facility, or did malicious damage to the facility.
Therefore, anyone who honestly wanted a place to stay, some good, hot, simple food, and some sort of job to stay constructively employeed would be welcome.
The main point of the facility would be to clean up, improve, and find a way back to being a productive member of our society. The emphasis would be that the facility was a temporary place to find balance, nourishment, and strength. We would have a place to clean up, shower, shave, etc. We would have facilities for cleaning, mending, and sewing clothes. We would have an exercise area and lean toward yoga, tai chi, and simple mat and floor exercise.
The reason it would be a twenty-four hour operation is that if it is always open, someone is always coming and going and waking and sleeping and watching and eating and cooking and cleaning and there are hours for each and every body.
I have read and heard dog and animal experts say that the homeless make excellent dog owners, because they walk around a lot. I see a way to connect some of these people with local dog day care facilities that are up and running as volunteers to walk some of the dogs. Maybe we could even start a dog day care facility as a revenue generator. I think that we can do clean up, starting with the streets, sidewalks, and vacant lots.
Christmas Dream, continued... I think that we can do clean up, starting with the streets, sidewalks, and vacant lots in the area amd keep many people busy and gainfully employeed. I believe one of the failings of modern day America is that we have lost the ability to see the value of all labor and everyone willing to do this labor.
I believe that if I provide garbage bags, and brooms, and gloves to people and give them an incentive to follow a few simple rules, we can clean up the whole town, given enough time.
I do not want to compete with any City employees or private businesses.
I just see so much trash and garbage everywhere and there is no one willing and able to clean it up.
I think all the scrap wood can be brought back and turned into heat if nothing else.
Even sweeping the streets and sidewalks can result in some recycles sand and gravel.
We can clean up all the broken glass, plastic bottles, cans, and general litter.
We can take the time to recycle much of it.
There are people who will only be able to do the most simple tasks; but there are hundreds of these simple tasks and we will find more, I am confident.
I can see in my mind's eye a group of people starting a twenty four hour dog day care center. I can see finding people who are able to help others learn to read and write. I can see us with people who are willing to sit in hospital rooms and old age homes and read stories to patients and the elderly or the blind or infirm.
I think by summer we could have several people ready and willing and able to help in near by neighborhoods; offer free assistance with yard work, house repairs, painting, anything and everything we are able to do. And we will take donations from those who are able to give, or accept their help at the facility if they are willing to give in this way.
I see finding people who just need
Christmas Dream, continued...
I see finding people who just need some stability and direction and when they have a few months working cleaning up themselves and their city the will become re-engaged and see the benefits of going out and finding a job; and I believe we will find partners in the community who will come to us for help.
Like the Dellany (sp) Project in San Francisco where they now have almost a city block of housing projects including private apartments, and a restaurant and all that set up to help homeless people find a way in off the streets and into a valuable and worthy life, I think this project is way over do and am willing to take it on.
This is a bit intimidating to think others are going to read about this dream. I have only spoken to my wife about it so far, but felt moved to actually put it down on 'paper' and try to see it from another point of view today. When I was looking at the TQ for today and saw the journal part, I had never before looked into what this was or what was on it. Anyway, please let me know what your thoughts are,
Sincerely, Wes
getting reconnected with heidi so we can start a new life together.
I am most thankful that God sent His Son Jesus, whether it be this Christmas season or everyday of the year. I am most thankful for Jesus.
I am thankful for the many opportunities I have to rise above naysayers and build a successful venture based upon a combination of financial profit and the desire to treat people well. It is my wish to utilize each and every opportunity to its' best result.
I am thankful to be alive and well. Thankful for my family and friends. Thankful for Gods Guidance to help me see his will and do the best I can everyday. I am also thankful for the TQ program to lend an extra hand.
I am most thankful for Jesus being in my life.
My children and I have goen through tough times. If not for the Lord we would not have made it. When I think of all the things that could have happen according to others who saw to use us a and then were moved by God to help us. I am just so blessed to have Jesus.
God just cares for us so much and even when we are not what we should be he still takes care of us.
God,and the he computer most helpful and beneficial.
catch the man of my dreams.
This Christmas Eve I am most thankful to God for the hope that came to me in a manger. I give thanks for The Christ who knew His mission and kept all His colors burning a perfect 10.
For the family and friends I have.
That I am alive, I have a job, and I am blessed by my friends and family because above all materialistic things those 2 are the most important things in this world!
my family and my health
I am most thankful for family, friends & co-workers (who are friends also)near and far. As I grow in appreciation of these people & relationships, I'm more in awe at the synergy that develops between groups of people united in their feelings for each other. We all can draw strength from each other, and no one loses - we all gain
that I'm with my kids.
Today I am thankful for my children, my husband, my house, my sisters and brother. I am thankful that my husband and I still have jobs in this time. I am thankful that God has given us all another day. I am thankful that we ate today in the warmth of our house. I am thankful that my little ones will have a magical Christmas. I am thankful that bankrucy we have thought of as a last hope and the garnishment that begins on 1/9/09 has already been taken care of by God! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you over and over again!
I am thankful for my family, I am thankful for my freinds, I am thankful for my faith, I am thankful for my health, I am thankful, for my beautiful home, I am thankful for the 3 meals every day, I am thankful for my career, I am thankful for my mind, I am thankful for my overflowing bank account, I am thankful for my positive actions, I am thankful for my great runny car, I am thankful for my parents, I am thankful for everyone that I see on the streets, I am thankful for my smile, I am thankful for my sense of humor, I am thankful for my introduction to Deborah, I am thankful for my values and newly defined vision and role, I am thankful for all the monetary success that comes my way, I am thankful for my great health, I am thankful for my adventrues around the world, I am thankful for my experiences, good and bad, I am thankful for my physically fit body, I am thankful for my contributions, I am thankful for my networking business, I am thankful for my downline, I am thankful for helping people own their lives, I am thankful for my creativity, I am thankful for everything that comes to me.
My dream for next year is to have Christmas with the boys and then get on a plane and go off to my rental house for somewhere in the Carribean or Florida.
Truly hadn't thought about it yet, but as I receive a desire, I will plan better.
I think Jan. and Feb. are filling in, and we will eventually get to Dec.
I'll be doing a lot of celebrating the gift of life in between.We're in the
top 8 % of wealthy people in the world and plan to climb higher.
It is a nice picture on today's writing. I think it's a church, with a
very tall steeple. Next to it may be a castle. Jesus is the King of kings,
and kings can live in castles. I'm enjoying mine. Have a nice day !
Some gifts will be late, because of mail and delivery.
To be at peace with who I am, where I am and with life in general. To see Kelly, Rob and Katie in their own home and living a happy, normal productive life. To be with someone who I love deeply and who loves me. To be in the best place financially that I have ever been. To be healthy.
To go to church Christmas Eve. and then go to Holly's. Christmas Day be in a lovely large inspiring home, have the kids over and their families, my sister, an early dinner and have an open house for anyone who would like to come over and enjoy Christmas, H'orderves and cheer. Have the outside fireplace going and tell fun loving stories that we have previously experienced. A day filled with love and Joy!
To be able to provide everything that my children dream of. To have lived my first year in total fulfillment of my ultimate desire which is real estate development. That upholds and progresses my top values in every way. I want to be the best known developer and house flipper in souther california. I want people to come to me to remodel their homes in addition to the one that I am doing. I remain humble and gracious for each of the opportunities that I have manifested into my life.
Loving family, good friends, a lovely Christmas day with blue sky and no ice, and good things to eat.
1.Celebrating the Birth of Christ
2.My health, my family & friends
3.My clients & my business partners
4.My networking associates
5.Blessings & opportunities that I shall receive today
My dream for next year is more love around the world.
1.the Birth of Christ
2.My health, my family & friends
3.My clients & my business partners
4.My networking associates
5.Blessings & opportunities that I have received,now receive & shall receive
6.The desire & ability to give back to those less fortunate
To be with my boyfriend Don, and then have a christmas together with him.
My Christmas dream for next year is to help as many families as we can with meals and gifts for the children. Continue to teach my boys love, compassion, patience and giving. Spend a beautiful day with family and friends in our new house and spend time as a family thanking God for our miracle of life and all that it holds.
We're going to stay married. My wife, Ellen and I talked yesterday,
and we decided we're going to have a different plan by next Christmas.
Another friend celebrates their anniversary tomorrow, here in Tx.
We're going to call them and congratulate them. My wife's birthday
is here soon. I'm already arranging for the gifts to be sent.
My Christmas Dream for next year is to be achieve an empowering role in my family and my life by becoming effective in everything I do. By doing this, I will be able to give them the gift of me and all I have to offer as a mother, spouse, friend, business associate.

My Christmas dream is for my family and I to have a sound walk with God so we can fulfill our roles that we've been given.

I will be focused on all I do and completely on energy and life while pulling out the obstacles and learning how to do this on a daily basis.
I will accomplish my goal of creating lots of income so that I can repy T , focus on MA and begin to live in a more expansive way!!!
1.) Receive my Certification as a Lifestyle & Weight Management Consultant.

2.) Obtain & Retain more Client's !!!

3.) Attend various Trainings to keep up with the times.

4.) Become more financially stable, to pay off all my bills & live comfortably !

5.) Continue taking courses at Harper College.
I will become involved in an intimate relationship that knows no bounds and I will lay the groundwork and be on my way to high-level
financial freedom, financial independence.
I will position myself in a place of financial stability. I will accomplish this goal by establishing a recurring revenue system that will allow me to live more of my life and enjoy the ones that i love. I will work harder now on my plans to achieve this goal, knowing that taking time to work is the price you pay for your achievements and success.

No matter what in 2009 we will upgrade the quality of production and the income of our real estate group, and will move to a new and more productive office.
I will launch my new voice-over business and will acquire my first clients.
I want to get my Associates degree in Drug and Alcohol Rehab Counseling, and then move to Texas, to be with my boyfriend and then get divorced........
That I will have made a substantial amount of Money in this next year, to the tune of $50,000; therefore, Christmas next year will have been a substantial experience of giving and getting.
I WILL accomplish in 2009 the purchase of my dream home on several acres of land, easily paid for and easily kept up. I WILL start my business that will be successful and easily ran. I WILL make more money than I have ever dreamed. I WILL begin a charity house to help the less fortunate that will be successful and help everybody that needs it. It will include food, lodging and job training. The charity house will also be easily run and paid for. I Will bring the community together through the charity house with volunteer work, fund raising and mentoring.
I will have A & F properties up and running with at least 12 deals by the end of 2009.
I'll breathe, and my heart will beat.
I need to lose thirty pounds. Find a nice safe place for myself and my son to live, Work on improving my finances, Become more consistent, Get focused and organized!
building self confidence and self esteam builds the faith I need and vice versa.
I have the volition in my words but my actions are holding me back. I have become complacent and utilizing these tools to help re-direct my efforts at this late stage of my career. I need to take responsibility for what has been happening in my life and make a 180 degree turn around. I am committed to that because of my family.
Write my book, "You are a Saint!"
Working on mind too. It's harder than I thought but I too believe in miracles. I'll say a prayer for you!
Dnes som va
ná za pekné raHajky s priate>mi, za to, ~e som v kníhkupectve naala kni~ku, ktorú potrebujem na referát a napriek tomu, ~e obchody sú po vianociach vybrakované, tak ju eate mali a teaím sa, ~e som si ju kúpila. Teaím sa aj z vaje
ného koHaku v peknej f>aai. teaím sa, ~e som cez facebook v kontakte s mojimi kamarátmi. najviac sa asi teaím, ~e tu bol Tom s Debbie a Nickou a ~e sme mali pekné posedenie pri dlhých raHajkách....
buduce vianoce by som chcela, aby sa moja rodina opat kompletna stretla u rodicov na vianocnom obede. tri sestry s priatelmi, rodicia, vsetci v dobrej nalade, spolu za jednym stolom!!!
velmi by som chcela dokoncit studium, teda jeho prvu cast, uspesne zmaturovat, dobre odspievat skusky a zvladnut aj teoreticke predmety. rada by som dotiahla zmeny v Luke. chcela by som zlepsit vztahy s ludmi v mojom okoli. asi by som mohla po maturite zvazovat aj zalozenie rodiny....
I am finding a way of going from Santa Fe to Miami in middle January to meet with my match, who is coming from Rio de Janeiro Volition: The power to propel myself forward
I would like to start my Arbonne business by January 6th.
I would like to take my step-children to Disneyland starting on December 31st.
I would like to talk with my Dad about some things before he leaves on January 5th so it would have to happen on January 4th.
I would like to discuss with Curt the probability of having the support group I proposed to him a few weeks back.
I will plan the next day the night before.

I will write out my goals for work and finance and health.

I'd have to say that when I was younger I never gave NOT being successful a second thought, and I did achieve career success, which is important to me. Now 25 years later I've hit a snag in my career and have lost part of what I've worked for over the last 25 years. But I will tell you this - I'm not going to let someone elses decision steal my joy or define who I am,what I'm capable of or what I'm worth! Do I have volition? You better believe I do!! And you people at the office who've think you've dealt me a body blow - you'll see just how much volition I have to succeed! I've done it before and I damn well am going to do it again! Thanks for letting me express my revolve here!
self improvement 1%or more every day.
Birth,A new begining,a fresh start.
Get rid of all my clutter (most of it is gone) do what is most important to me each day which is my family, great nutrition, exercise, do all my routines in the morning, spend time with my husband and kids, spend time alone even 15mins., continue my art classes, get my wardrobe sorted out so I have something great to wear each day and finally discover what I want to do regarding a job or start my own business so I can have my own income and achieve satisfaction in this area.
I will create SMARTgoals. I will be more productive and more efficient. I will remain grounded in my piorities. I will believe, and visualize, my dreams. I will maintain focus, drive, and determination. I will incorporate resolve and resolution. I will take time to show gratitude for my blessings. I will live Life, love all of Life,and smile, always.
I pledge to do a far better job at networking to find a decent job that I will enjoy.
My dream is simple: to become a better son, husband and friend, and to regain the career success I've let slip through my fingers. I WILL succeed!
To set priorities and follow through, minimize mistakes
Yes I do. I have plans to set up my own small business by end of 2009. In the midst of planning, I am still working full-time in order to accumulate my business capital. I look forward to becoming my own boss!!! Cheers to 2009!!!
Completing at least the corporate secretarial 3-day course and set up my small little business. These are the only 2 things I must and will accomplish in 2009.
My Volition to succeed is centered on clearing all debts. So that I can began developing a design for the business/homes for the needy.
The plan is to offer people that need homes a chance to work in a business that utilizes their skills (or skills they aquire), in exchange for living space. Singles will have a small studio apartment. Family members will have 2 to 3 bedrooms. Non married women with children cannot have live in boyfriends. This is a requirement as this is a christian based resident. Single fathers with children cannot have living girl friends. Family member involed in drugs or any other illegial activites are not premitted on the primimies.
There will be a door/security agent on duty ( ID'S FOR RESIDENTS WILL BE ISSUED FOR RESIDENTS TO ENTER THE BUILDING). Guest must be announced and sign in. There will be a cameras in the entrence/exits, elevators, halls and laundry room. Residents breaking the rules will be evited.
I will no longer be a procrastinator.
My single most demoralizing failure was the death of my daughter.

I have worked hard to survive it have had many accomplishments but it is a day to day struggle.
Being "blind sided" in my quest to become the regional teacher. To find out the college had turned my referee's comments against me, then saying I "wasn't good enough" to be given the full time position. I was not allowed any means of challenging their decision.
They first lied to me and withdrew the posting, telling me I would be recalled as soon as it was reposted. When it was reposted they refused to grant me another interview.
How I lived through it? - councilling. I learned Mindfullness to get over this.
Back in 2007, I had taken a huge exam for my Personal Training Certification. The results came in as "Failed" I was so upset, but held my head high, and prepared to take the exam again 3 months down the road. The score came in as "Failed" again! By this point, I wanted to just throw in the towel, but I kept at it and received a "Pass" score the third time. Going through that exam 3x's has given me all the confidence to continue my education. I have taken 4 college courses since then and completed them with A's & B's. I am also preparing for my Nutrition Certification, in hopes to take that exam in May 2009.
To spend christmas with my oldest son down in oregon,it would be the first time I have spent christmas out of state since my son has moved down there.That would be a most joyous christmas for me :)
I lost my daughter to my drug use. I have stepped back and changed my ways.
I had lost my husband, my marriage, myself.It took all i had to survive it.God,prayer and family is what a leaned on. i learned to swallow my pride and rely on my heart.
That's when my marriage fell apart. I thought it was due to my ex-husband's frequent rendevous and mistresses and got really bitter, depressed and even had thoughts of suicide. However, after much thinking, I feel that I must have been at fault too cos a reunion of 2 people requires both hands to clap and I pulled myself through the period of 5 years feigning his deeds, going round the house as usual doing the chores, cooking (although he never comes home for dinners) but finally agreed that it's not going to work with 1 compromising and the other not at all and I decided to give up and to start my life all over again. It was a tough decision because my children were still very young (7 and 3) with kind people telling me that I should hang on for the sake of my children. However, I thought otherwise. It's as unhealthy for children living with both parents if there's already some stranger in the house. Painful as it was, I served him the divorce. It was the best thing I ever did and after giving up my marriage, I'm now a much much stronger person and have become very independent financially and am happy with my 2 children by my side. It's reality, so I have to face it. Now my children and close friends nicknamed me 'tough cookie' :)
I don't believe so. But by what does a man measure success? is a perhaps more valid question
I am thankful for the wonderful opportunites coming into my life. Every day has become a new adventure and it is exciting to realize that the possibilities for a joyful, loving and peaceful life are here and now.
climb every sierra classic
It seems as though I am an outsider, watching others receive miracles and having their prayers answered. But, for me NOTHING I have given of myself for 41 years. educating children and adults, and putting my son through college all alone on a teacher's salary. However, NOTHING I want for me has come to pass. Now I am 62 discouraged and feeling so unfulfilled. I don't know what to believe or how to believe anymore. I'm tired, frustrated and wish I could find out HOW TO believe for me ( I'm ready to just give up)
I pledge to find a career counselor and life coach. I commit to finding a professional resume service to help tailor my experience on paper.
My single most demoralizing failure is how I have let my ego get in the way of my professional career growth. I survived it with my positive mental attitude and my ability to offer my skills to the professional community.
My demoralizing failure was allowing a man to be disrespectful to me for almost 3 years. Why when I knew for sure what he was doing behind my back did I not just walk away with my head held high and let him pull his shenanigans on someone else? How could I have been so weak? If I could go back to September of 2006 and end a relationship that did not match my values I could have spent the last 2+ years looking for real love a love that is respectful and committed. I can never get that time back. I haven't totally survived it; I'm still trying to move past it. He made me look like a fool stringing me along with all of his lies and I love you(s).

I vow to not spend another year obsessing and crying over that man. I will not allow someone to treat me like that again - if I meet someone and he does not match my values then I will end the relationship instead of trying to compromise what I want for myself or having the false belief that if I do that or become this - what ever it may be - that he will fall in love with me and want to be with me. He must love me for who I am as I am. Even though I am not perfect I have a lot more going for me than most people I know. I am ready to meet someone that is looking for real love and is ready to be serious and stop playing around.

The only way to move past it is to not let it happen again, sticking to what I believe in and prove to myself that the lesson has been learned, a lesson that took the better part of my 30's.
To have my scientific research published in good journals. To have my views, opinions & experiences published in popular literature.
Yes, I really believe in Miracles. Just staying alive is a Miracle. The fact that Im reducing my mass is a Miracle (40 pounds in the last year). The opportunity to change others life's areas is a Miracle itself, and I believe I'm part of this Miracle.
this is a test trying to see where journaled notes go
Absolutely. I believe in the power of a good Miracle. I think we all need one every now and then to keep us inspired. As a matter of fact, I am believing for one right now. Sometime you just need something to give you that added boost.
I do believe there are miracles. They happen everyday. Unfortunately we don't often notice them because we're too wrapped up in the struggle of living.

Every miracle I notice, large or small, personal or otherwise, I thank God for. To me they are signposts along our journey that we are not alone and we walk hand in hand with a higher power.
All of the time, people, and technical resources presented themselves, ready to make my product, promotions, and business go!

All of the things necessary to launch my business and fulfill all of the products align themselves to a perfect timeframe and I am totally aware of it.
Life is a miracle experienced every moment
Wake up the first day of 2010 confident and prepared for the entire year-the entire decade-my entire life!
My financial worries would be over and I would be accepted into a second graduate program.
If a miracle showd up today it would look like a jumpstarted career and love life with a warm, comforting aura that beckons me to dive right in.
Today I am praying for $1000 by 3 pm on Dec 21st. My business will prosper beyond my expectations this week. I am believing the Lord to give me wisdom and guidance to sell the products I have sitting on my shelf. I am believing that all the gift baskets that I will create will be sold before Christmas day. Holy Spirit just show me where to go and what to do.
That I'm able to complete some important writing, making myself and my family proud.
I am very Grateful for having been able to borrow for connie's last Semester College tuition; now I must focus having the business grow to a new leve; for my family; staff and for all the students that; depend on us to help them pass their State Exam and guide them into a successful career. My miracle is that WE all work in the FAMILY TO MAKE THIS A BETTER AND MORE EFFECTIVE CENTER TO EMPOWER PEOPLE TO PROVIDE FOR Their FAMILIES AND to Support them to ACHIEVE THEIR DREAMS
It would show up in the form of total healing of my right lung and I'm functioning at 100% capacity always pain free!!!!!!!!!!!
The Jewel Box sells for $1.7M and we sell the commerical condo for $387,500 and I save both Mammoth and 701 houses from foreclosure.
A fulfilling joyfilled career and a romantic fulfulling relationship. why not me?
Yes and No; Looking back seems so distant; the question is what do I want to create for the next ten years; Organization that provides a basic and empowering foundation in starting in a new career. Second to value the way I have been expanding myself and the lives of those I meet. Always be creative and open for improvement and share and lead by example. To have FAITH in everyone & Everything; to utilize what is; to face challenges with grace and learn and learn and learn as well as teach all that learning that come my way. To LOVE LIFE AND EVERYONE (I MEAN EVERYONE) I thank You for providing this space, I used to be a person that did not believe in her self; as well as my typing or writing skills; yet I am playing practing sharing myself to the Universe thank You,
To get a phone call with a job offer.
Absolutely, We are All Miracles. Went to 7-11 and saw a Man shorter than me This gentleman had a hunchback a bit unique, at first I felt a bit uneasy; he said hi and I answered back; yet for smoe strange reason was unable to look at him as I answered. I noticed how I had responded; sat in my car wondering; what was that all about? I thought for a minute and thought how sad but then I realized what a gift this man was in my life what a miracle he was. I was like him although my phyical appearance is not the same there are part of my thinking that has the same limitations as he did inspite of how we look are do we are all here at this point in time to remind those of us who forget how many miracles our live's have. Thank You this is my third day of Journaling my thoughts. I have a choice of what to say, do and think and FOCUS on That is A TRUE MIRACLE & a Gift I am SO GRATEFUL OF. I WE can Create A LIFE OF MIRACLES FOR US AND OTHERS
Its true when you think about it, all we can do, develop, and design is a miracle in itself. Knowing that I have miracle values should be a Giant push of hope, to get me out to create a success from my passion. Last week some one said to me. I deserve to be happy, I know that. So if there is any one or anything that defers that I need them or it out of my life. Or I need to see or use them or it from a different viewpoint, that does make me happy
Meaning of Christmas for me; Time of cooking, sharing, bringing family unity, Peace, Gratitude, End of Year; Begining of a new Year; Time to plan. Christmas Lights, Presents Giving, Visiting; time out from busy schedule. What Magic Will I create? what gift will I be for those I speak to. What Memories will I leave for my 5 kids & 5 Grandkids to remember me by when I have reach my time? maybe it is my presense of being 100% Present while I am cooking; smiling and singing and serving them. Again Thank You for having me take the time to journal my thoughts and sharing myself
Christmas is a time for family and friends to get together. To take in every minute of this special time together. It means love, warmth and laughter. Christmas for me is the perfect time to say I love you to those near and far. And lets not forget, great food, wine, board games and snow angels!
I live it by loving it... and everyone around me!
My greatest hope is that I can still achieve peace of mind, heart, and soul and prosperity. They have alluded me for years. It is what I want more than anything.
My children and grandchildren.
Get married-work-service people in other country-travel,safe money.
I am thankful for my boyfriend Eddie and all the love and kindness he shows me. I am thankful for our dog Cue who brings much happiness to my life. I am thankful that Christmas is almost over and soon it will be a new year. I am thankful for my family especially for my sixteen year old granddaughter Ruby and my sweet little grandson Sage. I am thankful for my good health.
I am most thankful for the abundance of opportunity I have available to me.
I am thankful for Christmas.......the Christ Child and a reason and a purpose to live. I am thankful for my husband....he has cancer. I am thankful for my sister-in-law who had a heart attack...died for 10 minutes and was revived with no lasting damage! Praise God! I'm thankful my oldest son came through serious back surgery....plates, pins, screws and a bone graft......All since September......It's been a tough year! It took me a year to go through Success on Purpose....I learned the value of people, time, energy...life in general. I thank the Savior Jesus for TQ and it's principles....actually...they are HIS principles. TQ helped me apply them and stay focused. Thanks folks......you are donig a great service to our world!
I am most thankful that Jesus,; the Creator of the universe, loved all of us humans so much that He became flesh, dwelt among us, suffered a cruel death on a wooden cross, rose from the dead, and is alive forevermore...caring for us every minute of every day. I am so very grateful that He came to set us free from our sins, has drawn us to belief in Him, to a continuing repentance, is sanctifying us day by day, and will eventually bless us with the gift of eternal life with Him and with all those who love Him and look forward to His appearing. Hooray!!! Thank you Jesus!!!
There is only one miracle - the creation of life as we know it. We really can't understand where life came from hence it is a miracle. There are no miracles in the lives we live. Things only happen because they are able to do so. There are laws that govern the universe and everything that happens falls into those laws. If something happens that seems to fall outside the laws of the universe that is only because we still don't know or understand all of the laws yet. That is our job. Learn the laws and then take actions that work with those laws. That's how we have gone from the first plane flown by the Wright brothers to the supersonic jets and massive cargo planes of today. We first discovered the laws of flight and then constantly improved our use of it. It appears miraculous to those who have no clue of the law of flight but to those in the know it is a very logical process. A very exciting one as well. I am grateful for all those who have uncovered the laws of this universe for me to be able to work with. I now must step up to the plate and apply these laws to my life and perhaps discover some new laws for future generations.
Husband and I to have even a BETTER Christmas than this year!
Business opportunities abundantly flowing into my Vision-Focus Group Company and sharing our returns with all who around us
I have managed to keep my head above water, mentally, physically, and emtionally and I am grateful for that. The bottom line is, those were my goals and 2010 is shaping up for a better result.
I plan to live my core values....Make solid goals....and plans to achieve them. I plan to live excellence. Be the best I can be. Perfection belongs to God. I plan to dream different dreams. I plan to get my invention into prototype. This time next year I will be pleased at my progress and success. I loved Success on Purpose. I'm so excited I just want to do it again. Happy New Year everybody!
I am a strong believer in miracles and all my goals for 2010 would be accomplish before end of the year
Yes, every breath, every heartbeat is a miracle. Never give up on life for that is a miracle in itself.
I can't state what the blessing would look like because it would express my selfishness. I want to hide that part from myself first. But I know what it looks like.
I do believe in miracles because I believe in the Miracle God. And the Lord has helped us to build a miracle house. The Lord provided money for this .We thank the Lord for this. And I know more miracles are coming.
A miracle will be fascinating,real, and fulfilling bringing great joy and thanksgiving to the heart.
I am. Figure competitor, I train faithfully...I see that my miracle would be to lose an area of fat deposit that is hereditary. Hard to lose! Gotta believe that my process will lead me to that miracle!!
It would look like 200,000 in my bank account
A miracle in my life would be to have a wonderful husband and successful business. Relationships to empower me and those I love. To also have the ability to each and inspire others, with my life and ideas.
Yes I do. Everyday is a miracle when you can get out of bed each morning and do the things that you love to do most in life. When you look at a new born baby and everything is perfect is truly a miracle with so many things that could go wrong and don't. Yes I believe in miracles.
12/14/11 A miracle would like to me today, being able to prepare lectures, workshops, seminars and programs that will change lives and create a financial stream that will allow me to take care of the ministry, support my family and give me the funds to do the things that I would really love to do whenever I wanted to do it. Catch a flight to Rome with my family. Buy my kids brand new luxury cars for gifts even though they can afford them themselves. Give my wife the security that she deserves for her to do everything she wants to do when she wants to do it for the kingdom of God, for herself, her kids and for me. Financially free. Completely free! That's what a miracle would look like for me today.
A purpose driven life with financial, emotional/spiritual, and physical life all in balanced.
I am praying for the miracle of getting rid of my fears and putting thing in perspective. I see myself as a hard working, law abiding citizen, but who cares. 2011 will have to be my year it all comes together. I have all the tools, I needs. NO MORE EXCUSES THOMAS!!!! This is your year. TAKE IT and help change the world. You can DO IT!!!!
I am searching for employment, desiring the miracle of a job that will meet both my financial needs and passions. There is a possible job under "creation". Perhaps MY "perfct match". While I have hopes for this miracle position, I cannot put all my "eggs in one basket" My prayer is that God leads me to the job where I can 1) Serve, 2) Enjoy what I do, and 3) exceed my financial requirements. That is my "realistic" miracle.
As always, i shall live for the Lord, our heavenly Father, first of all today, by abiding in His own love for us as i shall also show love to all his creation. I will try to be conscious of other people's feelings and needs and shall not shy away from opportunities to extend any help I can to them.
Every day here is a miracle of creation.

So yes, I am living the dream... and living the miracle that makes the dream real.

I find today's quote absolutely profound...

"If we do not rise to the challenge of our unique capacity to shape our lives, to seek the kinds of growth that we find individually fulfilling, then we can have no security; we will live in a world of sham in which our selves are determined by the will of others, in which we will be constantly buffeted and increasingly isolated by the changes round us." ~ Nena O'Neil

How absolutely perfect this describes the way my day started this morning at 3 am.

I have "willed" it back under my control... and THAT was a miracle that should last more than a day or two!

I believe God has a purpose for me.
my Faith is always being tested every time things start to go good seems like the Evil spirits try to drag me down
as a boy christmas was all about the gifts, playing outside in the snow, waiting for santa to come, the tree, cookies and family. Then as a teenager I became a christian and christmas changed for me. Sometimes my wife called me a scrooge because I was not into giving a lot of gifts but we always read the story of the birth of christ after all it is called CHRISTmas now is'nt it!
Being with family, giving and receiving gifts,parties> Celebrating
the birth of Jesus
That I can seal down my purpose in 2011. Yesterday I felt like I had nailed it for sure. As simple and as broad as it may sound I had a revelation that my purpose is to serve others. I was concerned that my job will end within the next month or so and I was worried about what to do. Then it hit me that in addition to military retirement, 80% disability, eligibility for early social security and state retirement, that I really can pay all my bills with what I have and can start working on my business serving others in some capacity. Even if I don't immediately apply for social security God will show me a way to live comfortably, serve others and be happy, wealthy and wise.
Our hope is Jesus, yes we have the faith. Anyone can do better in life, if they want to. We now have a distribution ctr. in the Denver area. NEW
healthy water, or gel is available. People can know a difference in their
oxygen level in 15 to 30 min. http://TomsH20.com Check it out !
I do believe in miracles but it can only happen by letting and let God and taking the time to notice His plan too often I am so self-absorbed in my own agenda I forget to stop and look up and notice I have much to grateful for When I live in gratitude I see the miracles all around me
My dream for christmas is for all my loved ones to come to know christ
Dorna tur palu den mi kura i kuminda para todo el mundo
That next year at this time there will be peace in my family I will be confident and self assured that as long as I do one day at a time to the best of my ability my life will unfold in ways I never thought I could imagine I will be focused and self directed and my mind will be clear and calm my finances will be in order and organized so that I never had to stop and wonder if I have money in the bank to cover what I just wrote and receipts will be entered and filed so tax session will be a breeze
I find a goddamn job.
Oh course we all know it is Christ's birthday but for me Christmas always brings the promise of hope It is looking forward to connecting with family and friends decorating putting your best foot forward china and crystal and "the best" The best part is the looking forward to it It is all to easy to get too busy and everything loses it's meaning because i get tired overextended and out of sync but always after it is over I still look forward to it Christ is hope
Write some friends I haven't raked to in a long time I will start carrying a small notebook with me so I won't lose addressed and phone numbers I need to call Ruth I will notice the beauty that surrounds me in the sky mountains How great it is I geat the beauty of the dessert and in 16 miles I am in the mountains snow pine trees Winter wonderland I will not be hurried and hassled take the time to say Hi to all I meet I am going to be in charge of my life one day at a time
Be open to Help & Give without Expect!
I just want to say: ThinkTQ.. you are the best info product related to inner growth.

You are the best info product related to success.

You are the best info product related to accomplishment.

You are the best related to building a new life.

I never blame anyone and I never give less than my best... on anything. But, a few months ago I had a "Mojo Crisis".

So, there was I sat and questioning my methods. ¿what's missing? (I thought) ¿what's missing?, And it was hard at the beginning to spot all the dots into this puzzle.

But once I get into this "holy inner growth homepage, with it's, free 1 year trial newsletter" I can proudly say that I'm 100 times a best person than I was.

So, I want to use this opportunity you give me to post my comment, to thank you ... all of you, behind this homepage.

I want you to spent this last days with your family surrounded by success.

And what's more important, "enjoying a fact", this fact is: To know you are getting deep and deeper into men and women around the world (I'm from Mexico, I don't know if there is someone from another country.. I hope so) and giving them the opportunity to change their ways to live their lives, doing nothing but the best with what they have.... their hearts and minds.

THANK YOU !! for being there, every single day with some kind or though words around any subject related to (inner)improvement.

May all the joy of the world, surround yourselves and your families.

Se los desea de todo corazon, un lector en Mexico !!
My health, my children, my job.
I am most thankful for all the wonderful people in my life that have enriched my life in so many ways from my husband, parents, children, friends and colleagues. I can't name them all. Some may have been in my life since the day I was born and others have been in my life for brief moments in time but each had a purpose and an impact that changed my life in a significant way.
I am thankful for my health and the health of my family.
Today I am most thankful for my ability to co-create my life with the Divine. No matter what my circumstances, no matter what my dreams or desires are, no matter what I want to develop or transform in my life, no matter what happens "for" me, I have the power to co-create and transform any area of my life!
The sound of joy I hear from my 2 daughters as they laugh. I have heard this a lot latly.
I am so thankful.
I am thankful for my family, for my wish to grow and be better and happier
To accomplish my Missions and accept all events on my journey as the positives they are.
Dream my ideal life and commit to do the things necessary to accomplish the Dream.
Live feeling untold gratitude for everything.
And develop a Loving Attitude for the life I create.
My Christmas dream is to travel outside of the country to Puerto Rico
Family (church and immediate) friend and the love and support I have had frome my parents this last year It is a blessing to me to be here and a help to them
.Health the abiltiy to be self sufficient and contribute to those in need the new beginning that I have a lot to look forward to the desire to be more
to have been blessed with so much when you see how so many people have so little
and mostly to be surrounded with so many people who have the the love of Christ being their guiding force
This Christmas the birth of my Lord but also my new life I am not longer under fear and control of Ray
We delievered pies to some of our friends and I look at how wonderful this Christmas season has been I could have never been able to do this in my old marriage What we valued was so far apart.
Next year at this time I will be able to look back and see how far the steps I take right now wil influence my life
I will be more situated in my new life and a lot more effecive in my participation I also look forward to being able to take my Mom on a cruise she would love that and I watch ever day how her sight and hearing are diminishing so it is a high priority to make this happen
It has been a hard year I've lived 5 places changed my numbers 3 times lost most everything in my divorce my kids are threaten me I will lost them if I don't again do what they want It is Christmas no calls or cards and do you know what I am OK I can't believe it but I decided to let go turn my kids over to Jesus and pray I am OK ruins lead to transformation someone told me that This next year is my new life Christ was born on the 25th that is a good time for new beginnings I am leaving my lights up longer this season I am recreating new traditions It will be a good year and yes I am going to have fun
I shall find out the correct people to do their intended work. Having the correct people will help me to be more productive.
I shall find out the correct people to do their intended work. Having the correct people will help me to be more productive.
Being more productive, using my time wisely. Even I need to orient partners work correctly, because Domingo loose a lot of time in doing nothing.
If a miracle showed up today, it would be in two forms. The first would be enough money to get through the holidays without getting deeper in debt and the second would be to have the strength and focus to build my business so that by the end of 2012, I'd never have to worry about whether the business would work for me because it will have.
A Miracle to me would be all the children in the world have good homes, plenty of food to eat, and more love then they can stand. No more children on the streets, hungry, lonely,beaten,unloved and not cared for. God Bless All The Children in the World.
You ask do I believe in Miracles? YES, On Feb. 2, 2007 at 5:30 PM; I was beat up by a patient in the mental hospital I worked in. A crushed right shoulder, cut open top of left eye, bruises all over my body. People in the hospital could not believe a person had done this to me. One of my friends was at work in the ER and he said I looked like I had been run over by a truck. I said no just a psychtic person. By the end of March, 2007 I was back at work almost 100% with a 7" bar and 7 screws holding my right shoulder together. Today I can do anything I want with it. Not a problem.
Feb. 2008 I had been coughing and a Doctor I worked with said "Jan, you know they have Doctors for that." I told her I thought it was just allergies. Went to the Doctor anyway. Over the next two months I had PEP Scans, CAT Scans, MRIs, and many other test. I was told two weeks after I went to see the Doctor I had Tonsil Cancer - Told him I had never heard of that and I am an RN. He said well who ever heard of a 60 year old having their tonsils. I told him a lot of people my age had their tonsils because when I was little they did not take out childrens tonsils. You were just sick. I survived that Here it is almost Feb 2012 and I have been cancer free 4 years. Thank you GOD.
July, 2008, 10 days after my last radiation treatment (I had 33 treatments - Fun Times) I was in a bad auto accident with my grandsons girlfriend - I was driving, a man pulled out in front of us. Totaled my car. My grandson had to come rescue us. I totally lost it. She was ok. I was afraid she was hurt bad. Well we both were hurt bad. Worse than the radiation treatments, not as bad as getting beat up. The third car totaled by another person pulling out in front of me.
OK, come on folks this is 5 times I could have been killed or died. Guess what I AM STILL HERE! GOD has a big plan for me.
YES, I Am A Miracle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you all for listening to me brag... I am alive and my TQ is going up...Thank you ThinkTQ.
Actualization of Gods Promises as it relates to my purpose.
A closer walk with God.
A better marriage
Happy and healthy children.
my children. the poor. the needy. the unemployed or underemployed. myself so i can inspite others.
I will live for myself today. I want the next year to be full of wonderful and exciting things for me and those around me.
we'll BE BroadCasting New Year's Eve from Ohio, you can send us your e-mail and we will send you a video link. You will find out what's really going to happen in 2012. Have a nice week.
Spend time with family. Think of others. Give thanks for what we have. Seek ways to help others during this season, and throughout the year.
Christmas for me is a time of thanksgiving and renewal.

As a Christian I espouse the whole nativity concept. Jesus was born to give me a chance to learn how to live in this world. Knowing there is no blue print as to how we should live our lives in this world once we are born, it is relief to learn from Jesus' life and imitate him.

I thus take time to give thanks and celebrate the life of Christ, its impact on me, my family and close knit circle of friends plus all the blessing I enjoy in life as a result of His birth. He was a gift to all of us hence the gift giving I do to my family and friends to symbolize the gift of my Savior Jesus Christ.

I personally take this time to renew myself. I reflect on my life to realize how much I learnt and achieved through the year, the mistakes I made and then use this backdrop to renew myself. This is when I resolve to do certain things (make plans on goals) to ensure progress in the coming year, satisfaction with my life and having impact on other people, particularly my family.
To become the kind of person who can handle being financially rich, become wealth and enjoy the fruit of my labor and praise God at all times.
My hope is in Jesus Christ for all things. I just had one of the greatest week in my life. Not a big event but just the way things evolved through the week. It included my work and the feeling of faith in what God put in front of me.
My most passionate Christmas dream is to see that Christmas is honored and respected as intended
For greater health, wealth and peace for all mankind!
Copying videos of miracles reported last nite, prayed wile the lady was in the ambulance on the way to the hospital, by the time she got to the hospital, she was better. Blessing DFW by radio today. Hopefully, my wife will come with me.
For God. He gives you the right motivation at the right time. I have so many unfinished projects-it could literally take me 10 years to finish them. So I am excited to finish something and then go on for the future. It is great to be in the Lords will for your life!!!
Today, I am most thankful for the feeling of tranquility in my heart. Even though I am laid off temporarily from work, having the tools from ThnkTQ, I am making the most of this time to dream greater dreams. I am thankful for the imagination that is being reignited in my life today.

Today, I am living in my own mobile home that affords me the quiet -- one of my greatest values -- enjoying the quiet to immerse myself in reading and building my business as a virtual assistant.

I'm in that sweet spot.
To be in Vietnam performing the purposes that God desires of me and to be mature in my TQ growth.
Yes I am very Happy with my Results in 2011, Although I am EXCPECTING Break THRU - SPLENDTASTICK Reults for 2012 !
To be with the lvoe of my life.
Start my day with TQ and make my weaknesses STRENGTH !
In 2012 I am going to focus on Facbook-Master and Mobile Media. Focus on getting Timothy Group up and running. Find a soul mate!
I'm going to take action, work daily with TQ so I can stay on track, and believe that things are going to be better for me and my family.
My second marriage ended after 16 years. I didn't fight hard enough and lost the love of my life. I left the marriage with a ton of credit card debt. I didn't care anymore and gambled my 401k away in the stock market. I had a job with a salary that wouldn't cover my debts.

I began to realized that everything happens for a reason and that if I continued the way I was that I would never discover that reason. I am still up to my eyeballs in debt and have started a new career after 29 years with the same company and obtaining my AS degree in computer networking systems. While my exwife will always be the love of my life (my soulmate) I have finally let someone else into my life.
Thinking more about my Mission and Goals, Formulating and acting upon my Plans.
My biggest weakness would be procrastination. I am constantly putting things off until the last minute and in the process I get behind on important tasks. In 2012 I am going to commit to working smarter not harder and stop putting things off. I will make better plans ahead of time and stick to them as much as possible.
Stay focused. Review goals daily. Have a plan. Do it.
I got a copy of a page out of my NEW AMERICAN standard bible from Isaiah chapter 1 let's look at verse 19 If you consent and obey, you will
eat the BEST of the land. If you would like to hear more about what 2012 and beyond may hold
cick in tonite at 11:47 pm EST. http://1162680.livebroadcast.talkfusionlive.com/golive/m/xPFWhV6aShoKjr9s We can have up to 15 people on webcams at the same time.
Actually make plans and follow them.
My time this week is committed to launching a whole new TQ product that will help millions get fit and healthy at the same time.

WOW. What a mission!
What is MOST important to me is my relationship with Jan -- my wonderful wife.

Second would be my partnerships with Kent, Mike, Greg and John.

These relationships have taken years to build oak-strong, and have made me the person I am.

Each day I have the opportunity to BE the best person possible.

That is not good enough.

Each day I will seize the opportunity to BECOME all that I am meant to BE.

My core relationships help me become the ERIC God meant him to be.

Yes, I do know what's most important.

I know what I need to do .That country is notorious .We took action on that country during 2008 but we also got 26/11 on India after that .So if we take action again on that country we might expect another 26/11.Indian security system is not as robust as American .We need to think about all pros and cons
Finishing up projects I've started so that I can focus completely on my new business before the years end. Enjoying the Holidays with family, then extensive time planning and setting next years goals.
What is MOST important to me is my relationship with Jan -- my wonderful wife.

Second would be my partnerships with Kent, Mike, Greg and John.

These relationships have taken years to build oak-strong, and have made me the person I am.

Each day I have the opportunity to BE the best person possible.

That is not good enough.

Each day I will seize the opportunity to BECOME all that I am meant to BE.

My core relationships help me become the ERIC God meant him to be.

Yes, I do know what's most important.

The picture above of the canoe on Longs lake looking back towards Arapaho Peak is very close to my most beautiful dream.

A large, one level cabin facing the lake overlooking the mountains is a dream that I have yet to realize.

Probably never will because I love the dream, and would not want the hassle of the cabin!

Pairs in the spring for a month
Making 5 calls a day
My most beautiful dream would be finding love and harmony with another person. I want it ALL - love, respect, connection, sharing, giving, taking, good times, bad times. I am a good person and some other good person is somewhere in the world for me too...hope we find each other sooner than later.
Who will I find to help me achieve my dreams?

Great question.

I am building a world class team of thought leaders, and it will take ALL of them and another 1-2 million to realize my grandest dreams.

Yes I absolutely believe in miracles, having experienced several in my life.
A saleable listing that can be sold ancd closed in the next 15 days or less and i get paid before the 31st!
We prepared something to deal during war time .To savegaurd America and India during war time .Always this can't be utilized on notorious countries .But there are some bugs .We are not getting adequate test beds to test our solution .
Wow when I took this test I had a severe stroke, then a year later I had Open Heart surgery- 3 bypasses, then fell down the stairs five months later and rebroke my chest, which took another year & a half of recovery.
In which time I lost everything I worked thirty years for, my business, my home, and my vehicles, I was homeless & walking for the year of 2008 - I will retake the test in a few days, Do you think I may have been confused or depressed??? the peaks & Valleys of life my friends - I will Be Back !!!
I will live today for being the best I can be! I will be better today than yesterday and tommorrow will even better by making all my colors burn brighter.
I love Jesus .Jesus means peace and love .I will enjoy the day with my family .
For what am I most thankful today?

My team, my wife, my relationship with my Creator.

My Christmas spirit is strong today, for which I am most thankful.
That I made it through 2012 with my peace of mind. Although 2012 was my toughest year ever, I made it through my valley experience with some key attitude changes and skills. I am very thankful for that. I also believe that I have a new appreciation for life because of this time.

Everything is important and no one thing takes precedence over another. I learn that really using the art of prioritization makes a difference to my everyday results. Now for 2013, I am really pushing gaining momentum in my life. I need massive amounts of momentum to get the job done.
My family especially my mom today. She has been my greatest physical supporter in all my pursuits. I am also thankful for the technology that exists today that makes pursuing a passion a reality..
I am thankful for the faith in God and that He woke me up to pursue His will in my life. He has given me so many things and worked so many miracles in my life. He has given me the ability to think freely and opened my mind to meditate, to think creatively, and to think about Him with an open mind. He is my Savior and the source for my every thought.
I am most grateful that I have found TQ. I still do not have the confidence that I need to be what I want ..but Because I do my upmost to live my values every day things are changing for the better. because I know my values, I am much less easily swayed by others to be what they expe3ct me to be,,. I have got myself out of a situation I was in for 3 years. I lost money but a gained my life back. I am grateful for the strength and tenacity that I have. I do not have the focus or committment that I need but TQ is helping me to know this and work towards it. I am grateful that I notice the wonderful things in life. The carol service, the children playing and dancing, safe and happy. I am grateful that I have feeling back in my heart that has not been there for many years. I am grateful for the hope that I have for the future and knowing that I am the only one that can make my life the way I want it to be, because even if i had a list and someone handed it to me on a plate I would not know how to enjoy it if I had not made it myself. I am grateful that my muscles hurt because I was able to do and did a great workout yesterday. I am grateful that I now see my future as more than I thought it could be...
Yes, I have the VOLITION to succeed.

Totally committed to realizing my dreams.

100% connected to the forces of success within my performance.

In a word, I feel ALIVE.

No confusion.

No conflict.

Total focus on achieving the life I have been created to live.

Yes, VOLITION is a very big deal to me, my family and customers.

Not really - was tumultuous to say the least
My dream for next holiday season is to be able to take a road trip. I will graduate with my masters (after a year of interning). I want to travel and see some of this country.
I pledge to live my MISSION everyday , ensure that I have energy and conviction to achieve my goals by maintaining a detailed SMART goals Andy revising daily, weekly and monthly progress in 2013
I will take care of myself - stretch in bed every morning, and VISUALIZE and INTEND to focus on the best way to do things. Then and only then I will focus on making these intentions into goals. Goals have never meant much to me, as I am into BEing instead of PLANning. But the way described at the top here - goals become easy to set, and easy to reach.
Make 5 calls a day!!!!
not completing projects
To pray more, read the Word more, read more in general, to think more and to follow the TQ plan more to grow in God's kingdom more.
1. Solidify my relationship with god above everything else in this world
2. Sleep more. At least 6-7 hours at a minimum!
3. Keep up my exercise regiment and not overdo it.
4. Get started on my personal training business
5. Be able to abstain from added sugars in my diet, but if I do have some I won't overdo it.
6. Find a new engineering job.
7. Make a difference in at least one more person's life.
I will use Think TQ the entire year to move forward with my dreams and aspirations. I will totally revamp past bad habits and embrace new good habits to achieve my objectives. I will no longer depend on others to make my dreams come true. It is no longer acceptable for me to live a mediocre existence. I will execute with brilliance every time.
I am going to focus on what I want, not what others think I should do.
I am going to take ownership of the choices I make, acknowledge the positive outcomes and address my mistakes.
I am going to make my life more manageable by learning to do less each day but to do it well.
I will stop rescuing others and using this as an excuse for not acheiving my own dreams.
I am going to learn to do what I love, and love what I do.
The past couple of years has taught me that miracles follow love. Where love is, there's always miracles. If I want to produce miracles all I have to do is to practice love. It's not easy but love is always the answer. I am not exactly sure how to put it in words but love tends to put things in their proper order or place; giving space for all good things (miracles) to flow/come! It's been fascinating to me to watch myself and my life unfold. As I open myself to love, without exception, my life has opened up with more good things flowing in.

I read most of the comments here and my heart goes out to all of you. May you find what your're looking for and love what you find. Blessings and Love!
This goal is very achievable. I believe with the proper planning and execution, my 2013 will get off with one of my best starts. By committing to reading Think TQ daily and incorporating at least 3 of the daily challenges or questions into my life, I can indeed begin to see a turnaround in my low performance and execution. I have committed to purchasing the TQ Gold this year. This will be the main system that I use to bring about massive change in my life.
I am in Ohio, helping get prepared for
my inherited son's wedding on Sat.
you can still accomplish many goals
by video, 10 great tools to enhance
performance today at aaawebinar.com
Family of Chirst in Whitten Baptist Church
David Sk
David St
Harold Pat
Suzan Li
Yes. I also believe we can position ourselves to receive them based on our decisions, thoughts, actions and words.
That at the end of this long arduous journey there will be a rainbow with a pot of gold under it.
To get money enough to pay my debts, before it is too late
I live it by expressing and extending my love into the lives of everyone I touch.

I may be seen as a tough executive, and I am, but tough love is still love.

Because I want to see my extended family, including all customers, find real success in their lives, I have had to toughen up, sharpen up and smarten up over the years.

This has made me love everyone and everything I am doing a great deal more.
Open my own Montessori school
I am thankful for another beautiful day to fulfill my goals and dreams
By giving those around me something that they will cherish, not necessarily something expensive, but thoughtful, just like God Himself gave us His only Son some 2000 years ago.
I will find a partner who can live with me and support me and each other.
I will be debt free and have another apartment set up bringing me in another Pasive income .I will be in the position to buy a larger boat and car to tow it.
I Believe and see Miracles through the lens of creativity. The same God that gives me the ability to dream is the same God that gives me the ability to accomplish that dream. A miracle created out of a creative thought and vision. The Miracle to wake up every morning having a purpose as well as going to bed with a dream is the start of a new miracle... The miracle connection of my talents, skills, and gifts will all come together at the right time, the right way to create and become what God created me to be is a miracle all by itself.
Green, needs plans and to prioritize. Need to take the time each day to plan all my major activities and prioritize them according to what is Urgent and Important, what''s Important but not Urgent then by what is important. I often spend too much time dealing with what is Not Urgent but Important, and finally, what is Not Urgent and Not Important.
I truly have no idea... My dream has been pretty much my own. Shared with few. Not yet birthed. Vicky and Johnnie come to mind. Father Mike and St. Miçhaels. Mama maybe John. Definitely Beth.

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