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What do you have the right to expect?

"For, he that expects nothing shall not be disappointed, but he that expects much—if he lives and uses that in hand day by day—shall be full to running over." ~ Edgar Cayce

Great quote, isn't it? Even if it comes from a man who lived his life on the fringe of "conventional" wisdom, considered by many to be a fraud and charlatan!

Do you Expect little out of life... for fear of being disappointed?

Or do you raise the bar each day, setting a new higher standard for yourself—creating world-changing Expectations—and holding yourself fully accountable for achieving them?

Do you Expect the good things in life... or just whatever life hands you?

Do you have sky-high Expectations—coupled with the Power to exceed them—or do you just hope and pray to make it through the day?

Do you live your dreams... or are you trapped in a slow-moving nightmare?

It's all a matter of what you have given yourself the RIGHT to Expect.

The question I posed all last week was simple: Are you taking ACTION to move your dreams into your life? Are you living your MISSION?

If not, why not?

This week, we will focus on the power of crystal-clear EXPECTATIONS. The power of clear future Expectations is an AWESOME POWER— trumping fantasies, wishes, dreams, hopes and aspirations every time.

As we say in The Power of TQ and 10 Choices of Intentional Excellence, it is the ratio of your Expectations over your Power of Execution that drives everything that you will ever be, do and have in life. If you are struggling right now, I highly recommend you get your personal copy of this fabulous book, and read it twice. Do all the exercises, and you will experience one of the most eye-opening events of your life. You will see—up close and personal—WHY the 4-word TQ catch-phrase is the most important advice you will ever receive: Expect More ~ Execute Better.

Learn how to turn your dreams into clear Expectations, and they are 75% realized. Leave them in their natural dream-state, and you have a zero chance of seeing them made real.

TQThis is an absolute FACT!

A big part of my job is turning hopes and dreams into reality. My team and I do it every day.

With millions of data points at ThinkTQ.com, I know for a FACT that most people (89%) fail to set crystal-clear Expectations for what they want to see happen.

They FAIL then, simply because they don't EXPECT to succeed.

TQWhat Do YOU Have The Right To Expect?

By turning a wish into a dream... a dream into a goal... a goal into a plan... THEN taking some action (however small) to move towards your dream, you EARN the right to EXPECT rather than just wish and wait.

What Do You EXPECT This Year?


Rate Your Power to EXECUTE:


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TQTo realize your dreams, you must BELIEVE you can.

All this week, I want you to focus on TQ Factor 3B: "I am confident that I can succeed at whatever I do, as long as I simply take the right actions." It sets up the initial conditions under which a dream coalesces into an Expectation.

Understand the importance of this TQ Factor of your performance and you are well on your way to tremendous success. Fail to heed the advice contained here, and your goals will have a very difficult time even seeing the light of day.

Stop and listen to the audio track for this TQ Factor while you're reading the rest of this page, and while you're completing the exercises below.

This is just one track from our fabulous ACT NOW Personal Workshop. If you don't own the complete collection, maybe it's high time to get with the program!

TQA Simple Prescription For Success...

Just do a few things RIGHT!

Success is the direct result of taking the Right actions, the Right way, at the Right time for the Right reasons.

Understand your age-old 4 R's and you can take on anything with confidence.

Just discover what the right actions are and do them.


With tremendous consistency and skill.

Remember, your success isn't limited by past mistakes—but by your willingness to take the right actions right now!

If you have no confidence in your ability, you won't even try.

But, if you're committed to do whatever it takes until you get it right—you will eagerly proceed with the confidence to succeed.

"Nature arms each man/woman with some faculty which enables him to do easily some feat impossible to any other." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

TQFactor 3B's CONTRIBUTION to your performance...

A high commitment to this Factor of your performance suggests you approach every situation with the EXPECTATION that you will ultimately find the right thing to do and then do it. Because you are confident you can achieve anything you want, an endless series of possibilities open up.

This is not simplistic, blind faith that things will always work out.

Instead, it's a belief gained from a history of trying new things and staying with them until you succeed. Even when you don't know if you'll succeed, you still take action in pursuit of what you want—because you are certain you will figure it out eventually.

TQFactor 3B's COST to your success...

A lack of commitment to this area of your performance suggests you are someone who tends to fear failure and avoids the pain of doing things wrong.

A lack of confidence, and a fear of failure, prevents you from proceeding—more times than you'd like.

You find it hard to take action when there's no guarantee of success. It's even worse when you've never done something before.

This lack of confidence holds you back from small things like initiating conversations with strangers—to large decisions like career changes.

And day-by-day, you simply give up on things you want—because you have no belief in your ability to achieve them.

TQReality Check...

Without a clear VISION of the future that aligns with your VALUES, you will spend your life wishing for things that simply don't matter. If this is a problem area for you, listen to your Mission CD again and identify ONE ACTION that you can take NOW to move in the direction of your dreams.

TQThe Bottom Line.

Are there things you want, but you hesitate to try because you fear failure more than you expect success? Stop this destructive thinking.

When you develop the confidence to passionately pursue anything and everything you want, you move towards the results you expect. Until then, your dreams are on hold, because you haven't EARNED THE RIGHT TO EXPECT THEM.

If you haven't already, right now is the perfect time to take a baseline assessment of your EXPECTATIONS and your POWER to achieve them. I urge you to take the full 100 question TQ Test to baseline where you are now... and what you will need to do differently to achieve your goals this year. -- E.R. Haas, CEO


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The only dumb question is the one that's important to you... and you didn't ask!

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Running Member Comments...

Each morning I reflect on what I have in my life, and give thanks for all that I have achieved.

I then ask myself how I can raise the bar... elevate the standard... transforming my day fro ordinary to extraordinary.

Yes, I set VERY high Expectations for myself and those around me.

But I don't stop there. 10 times each day, on the hour, I ask myself this simple question:

Right now, am I getting the Results I EXPECT?

If not, I improve my performance. If I am, I raise the Expectation even higher!

This is how I engage in Thanks Living: Thankful for what I have -- but striving for even bigger, better opportunities to serve, achieve and live my best life at every point in my life.

Each day, I live the TQ motto:

Expect More ~ Execute Better!
I am going to financially better off this year and I am going to find time to be neatly organized.
You have my support Jerrie, as I am striving for the same thing and struggling a bit at it.

"Eat your elephant one bite at a time."
I always thought that to be sage advice and repeat it to myself when feeling overwhelmed by something I'm trying to do.

Best of luck to you and everyone working toward their goals!
Yes I will - if only I make the initial push and get the momentum going.
I intend to exceed my expectations this year although I am falling a bit behind as the year has started. I have to keep remebering to stay positive though as this is typically the slow season for me. That is now over though and I expect great strides in the coming months.
I sure will!
Of course I should succeed!
A while ago I read a story on the Internet (obviously made up) about two men - one was accomplished and rich, while the other was homeless. When asked how he became successful, the rich man said "my dad always called me a son of a bitch, and I wanted to prove him wrong." The homeless man was asked how he became homeless, and he said "because my dad always called me a son of a bitch".
I want to be the guy who almost everybody has put down, bullied, abused, lied to and ganged up on who proved them all wrong.
I have come to expect a lean body and a financially stable future which I can provide for my family with.

I believe I can because I have the talent and determination to succeed. I see others with less do more and know that I deserve it. I am a good person with great talent.
I would say you hit the nail on the head, ER. Positive expectations are absolutely critical. When a person envisions the success they want to have, and expects to receive or create what it is they are envisioning, it is more likely to happen as soon as they take action. But I have also found that a critical ingredient is to not only see yourself obtaining the successful situation or thing that you want, but you must also attach emotions or passions with those visions and positive expectations you are creating in your mind. If you not only see your self successful, but you make yourself "feel" the excitement, the passion, the deep emotion that you know you will have when the success comes, it will not only happen, it will happen much sooner!

-Adam Ruplinger
e-Success Coach
Orem, Utah
I expect to be able to walk a mile by mid summer and two miles at the end of the year
Because I worked my ass off to achieve this goal!
I started the year with a very low TQ, I am slowly but surely increasing it. As I feel the weight of the day's negatives accumulating I say "EXPECT MORE , EXECUTE BETTER" and instantly I feel more positive. Then I say ENERGY, PASSION, ENTHUSIASM and I have aroused my the personal power to take more action.
Mostly, my attitude is positive, thus, I have a positive expectation that I will in fact succeed.

Because my attitude is so important, I take steps throughout the day to top it off -- keep it burning with passion and purpose.

No question, I am old and successful... not old and cynical!
I have a pleasant attitude outwardly....often this is what people see because I am always around the people I serve in the community I work (seniors and disabled). On the inside I find that it is sadly negative and pessimistic. I feel empty most days, have very little motivation, direction or focus. I don't dream for myself anymore and I recognize this as depression some how yet I am deeply grateful for everything GOD has blessed me with. This is far more than you asked for in answer to the afformentioned question but something deep, deep within me is crying out and I don't know how to help myself. I feel that I am in a desert, standing still and appreciating the elements that smile on me....it's despair.
Please read my response to Ester. I feel exactly as you do!!! I'm not sure if it helps to know there is someone else out there experiencing the same hopelessness and I appreciate your honesty. I'm not sure how to encourage you since I am in the same desert, but I know that if we keep walking - eventually we will find water. Even if we have to walk through several states. Just know there is someone else out there in your shoes on your side. Best wishes, Tammie
Actually both sides of the equation have fit equally.
Since reading (46 years ago) and following the principle laid down in Think & Grow Rich, I have had the tendency to put my Plans into Action Quickly and be slow to chnage my decision.

But those plans were designed with the expectation of success.

My failures were the outcome of poor plnning and a weak decision process.
Chuck Bartok
power to execute
I have had a shortage of both of these sides in the past couple of years.
Dear Briggett A. - I too have known despair. With that despair came deep depression, sleepless nights and tears that seemed to have no end.

2004 was a heart-breaking year for me. My only child, my beloved daughter, graduated from college and moved from Atlanta to New Jersey to attend graduate school in New York. I wanted to accompany her, to see her new apartment, help her move and settle in; but, her answer was "No Mommy. I want to do this on my own."

To this day, I still shed tears remembering this moment. I didn't want to smother her with my motherly desire to go along. I just wanted to watch her fly into the horizon of adulthood. I just wanted to help. That is what I'd always been so good at as a mom; yet here she was all grown up and, seemingly, no longer needing me. I took this very hard.

I'd been an active involved parent. I'd raised her without the help of her Dad. We'd always been so close -- like best friends. One day she grew up to develop friends and a life of her own. So, it was time for me to grow into my own life too.

But how would I do that? I didn't have a clue.

I do not know the source of your despair, but I can tell you that even though this memory still dips into a well of tears, those tears appeared just now, only momentarily, as I share this memory with you.

I reached out for help and found an excellent counselor who supported me through my Empty Nest challenge. After a couple of weeks, when it seemed all I did was eat and sleep, I consulted a doctor too. Finally, and most importantly, one painful evening, I had a one-on-one with God.

I poured out all my emotions -- my anger and disappointment not only about difficulties with adjusting to my new role of Mother-of-Adult-Daughter; but due to a string of tragedies that seemed to roll in one after the other like aftershocks of a major quake.

In 2004, I also found myself separated from my husband after only seven months into our new marriage. And, if this weren't enough, within the same three-month period, I was released from my job, and, someone stole my car.

I remember waking up and wondering what had happened to my life? It was during this period of "dark nights of the soul" that God seemed to speak directly to me. It was a voice in my head as clear as if someone was in my room speaking directly to me.

God said "Didn't you once say you thought you had a calling?" And I answered, "Yes. I'd always felt called and didn't know exactly how to express the calling." Then God said, "Maybe now is the time to find out -- that is, if you were serious about feeling called." "Yes, I was serious which was why I spent so much of my free time volunteering." God then continued, "Wasn't Jesus, after he'd been baptized by John the Baptist, driven by the Holy Spirit into the wilderness to spend 40 days and 40 nights alone to endure hardship and temptation." I answered, "Yes Lord, he was." Then God answered, "Then why do you not expect to endure your own wilderness experience? Don't all those called by The Spirit to serve endure some periods of suffering?" I answered, "Yes, Lord." Then God said, "Then go and seek your calling." And I did just that.

I joined a church and began volunteering making friends by co-chairing their Coffee Hour Ministry. You have spoken of your volunteer activities where you appear happy outwardly yet you are sad inside. I can only offer to you my experience and say that since 2004, through reaching out for support, learning to forgive, seeking my calling and doing inner work, (some of it difficult and painful), I began to discover my new self who looks to a bright future. It is that new self that lead me to TQ. TQ offers a system that helps us build up our weaknesses while continuing to allow us to develop our strengths.

I did not mean for this to turn into a novel. My desire is only to fulfill my calling by sharing, caring, praying with others, offering words of encouragement and hope.

May your daily gratitude practice guide you to new-found joy.

Peace and blessings to you,


P.S. As a newly-graduated massage therapy student, I also highly recommend the benefits of massage. Treat yourself to an hour-long full body massage and you'll be surprised how much better you'll feel!
Dear Ester:
I cried when I read your post. Congratulations on your new "career"! I also feel I have a calling to be helpful to others and can relate to your story. I am hoping you can help me see a brighter future. My question is how did you support you and your daughter during this difficult time? The reason I ask is because I am very grateful for the things God has given me and my family. At this time I have been unemployed for almost a year. I work a few hours doing housecleaning and am having difficulty making ends meet. I like to help others so I do anything extra I am able to do. I am not sure if I am being selfish, but one of the persons I help is dying and I have been helping out as much as I can. I dread going and I am only helping out of a feeling of obligation. I cannot take money from someone in this situation, but I am doing work and my creditors deserve to be paid too. I know my help is appreciated a little, but I also know they will hate me if I don't keep helping as much and how will they manage when they are so ill? I am only supposed to help four hours a week but it has become eight to ten. There is no-one else and this consumes most of my thoughts. I should be concentrating on studying, but as you can see I am not doing that now. I have completed classes to become a Certified Nurses Assistant but dealing with this situation has made me uninterested in this field. There are very few jobs in Michigan so this seems to be my only "hope". I am having trouble with my skills and I need to take the state test but will not do so until I am confident enough to pass. There is a verse something about a man who will not work shall not eat. I am eager to work but there are few jobs and so many people with so much more to offer. Speaking of massage. My "client" believes that a massage would help. If I could afford one it would be perfect. The insurance will not cover it. It's all about money. I hope this shows you that your line of work is necessary. I'm praying for a job where I can earn enough but also contribute enough.
Fabulous response, Esther!

This is great advice for anyone: Don't stay stuck!

Reading your story, it is clear that at every point you picked yourself up, dusted yourself off, and took positive action.

Clearly, you adopted the TQ mindset of

Expecting More...

Executing Better!

Find a way to do this a little more often, and you move up towards success. Permit the negatives to hold you down, wear you out and crush your hope... you die a little more each day.

As for your advice to get a Massage -- it's great! Here in Denver we have a school that, on weekends, charges only $25 for a full hour. It is a treat to yourself -- a reward -- that not only makes you tingly all over... but instantly make you feel more POSITIVE!

Thanks for sharing.
Fabulous Tip E.R.!

I'd forgotten to mention the fact that many massage schools do, indeed, have clinic hours available at great rates!

My school, The New School for Massage Bodywork and Healing, in Chicago, IL, offers a one-hour student massage for under $35.00. They also have professionals available at varying rates depending on their speciality.

Everybody go get a massage! :-)

My most empowering Role is Teacher/Writer.

My mission for this Role is to make the world smarter about success... to help people become vastly more successful... a whole lot easier... by increasing their TQ's by 20-30 points.

The goal is 20 million people working smarter, living smarter and competing smarter within the next 5 years.

High Expectations? You bet!

What will it take to achieve this vision?

Brilliant Execution. No doubt!
I missed yesterday's post.

My most Empowering Role has been the start up of the Talk Show discussing Think & Grow Rich. It was a kernel that started to grow when I publically declared I would start it.

The growth and reception is phenomenal and the "listening " and "live" audience wants it to Continue.

I will Continue to Expand the Venue of LIVE discussion groups on Self improvement centered.

We will grow to the 5,000+ per episode listener base.
And I will start Private Sessions.
Chuck Bartok
To make every second count!
My most empowering role is one of being a person whom others can consistenly rely upon to see as financially and spiritually stable. To be a person whom people want to be around, one who gives love and hope to the world which we live in. A great family man friend and asset to the world. In short I want to be my best.
my role is as a leader and coach, I must spend more time studying my role
It should ESPECIALLY be me.
My most empowering role is that of a teacher! What I am doiang to expand my role as a teacher is I'm finishing my bachelors degree and then I am entering the masters degree program in July of 07, and I have a target goal to complete my doctorates by the end of 2010 in the field of education. I am also in the begining stages of journaling for the purpose of organization and have a more hightened awareness of what I do with my time and in my life.
Yes I will exceed my expectations this year...
I have my goals in place, my plans in place. the movement from my plans to my daily tasks is slowly but surely happening and I can see myself doing something towards my larger goals each day. This is a good start to the year. Soon it will be great.
Yes I will exceed my expectations this year...
my personal goals are already perfect when fulfilled, my business goals are unlimitted exceedable
Wonderful as usual. I have one comment on the statement "I am confident that I can succeed at whatever I do, as long as I simply take the right actions". I suggest that one will succeed simply by taking "action". The use of the word "right" implies there is a "wrong". It is stated in the written and audio that as long as you continue to take action you will discover the "right" action. My comment is there is only action or inaction. You will succeed by contiuing to take action.
- To your success
Yes just action will do - Even I thought of that.. We can learn what works and what doesn't only if TAKE the action!
I am making a promise to myself, ... to thine own self be true. I haven't even begun to
tap into my potential. If I stick with my
action plan all things are possible.
I am making a promise to myself, ... to thine own self be true. I haven't even begun to
tap into my potential. If I stick with my
action plan all things are possible.
I really hope I will. I decided to give my best shot this year and I actually expect to exceed my expectations!
I am commited to my family, my job and my friends. I am doing my best to focus on my goals and work towards it everyday. I have a positive attitude to life...
So I believe that I should succeed in fulfilling all my dreams
I should believe because this belief pulls me forward to succeess! I have the skills, determination and, now, the road map to succeed. Without believing in success my other alternative would to believe in failure, mediocracy or just getting by. I choose to believe to succeed, knowing I have the skills or will learn them!!
Believing that I cannot succeed is a death wish! Believing that I can succeed is believing that my God loves me and wants me to succeed. I will not and cannot deny His love for me.

I deserve better than I have been willing to give myself. It is time to start believing that I can succeed given that I accomplish what is needed one day at a time. Getting back to "one day at a time" and breaking my to do list into small tasks is the only way to take control of my life. I will trade the only life I have for excellence in all that I attempt to do!
I comment too much. But I love your post. You are so right and I pray He gives you whatever you need to achieve that excellence!
If I don't believe I will succeed then who will? If it's to be it's up to me. (Brian Tracy)
because the time is absolutely right and I have the capacity and will
and TQ backing up sysem ;-)
Because I beleive that I am more than a conquerer thru him (Jesus) that loves me....
I have the right positive attitude to take action! My problem is taking that action. I need to find a way NOT to get distracted and work single focussed towards my goals!
At this point, my attitude is not coloring my expectations properly. I write down what is planned to do for each day, however there is a lack of follow-through. Good intentions seem to be all there is being excercised at this moment.
It has been cloudy today...my attitude. That is. Some of the same old anxieties have crept into mind and I have not done anything positive to change that.

I become concerned and fixed on one customer/client or two and then next thing you know I am thinking they are all going to fall out! One thing at a time. Once day at a time.

I need to listen to the CD as well.
I am filling very bed!!!
I think for me the power to execute have impacted me the most. Expectations are definitely there put EXECUTION is the key.


expectations adapt to performance. Low Performance - low expectation
to cut this chain and keep high expectations while forgiving oneself temporary low performance certainly is a boost back to high performance
My power to execute. I have done various things very well but without clear-cut goals for the future. Things just happened. I got good projects to carry out. I did them very well. Better than most of my team members. But now things are better. I am choosy about what I want to do in life. Even if it means waiting, dissappointments, I prefer that to taking any project and doing it just because it satisfies immediate financial needs. That is where my long term goal setting has helped me. I need to have both - the power to plan and have clear goals and expectations AND the power to execute...
This week I am pumped. Something shifted in
my thinking and I realized I have been limiting myself and it is TIME to tack the shackles and blinders off. The world is my oyster!
My most empowering role is that of the Director for my company. I will expand it further by hiring and getting the right people on board

My role as a leader in the new area of business for society. I already have set the ball rolling - I am getting qualified for the role, I am making the right contacts, I need more confidence to approach the 52 companies that I need to make a presentation - which I had written about earlier. But I will do it. I am confident that surely I'll be able to do it.
I haven't been able to set crystal-clear expectations, so there has been nothing to execute. I feel that I have a vague idea of what I want out of life, but because it involves my children and my husband and the relationships or desires I have for them, I am just going around putting out fires. I mean, because we are trying to blend as a family, our whole energy has been on working out relationship issues and misunderstandings.

I don't dream about the future anymore, or what I want for me. I have let my fear of being a failure stop me from thinking long term. I feel that, in many ways, I have no control over what happens anyway. I know that thinking is wrong. I just don't know how I can have power over things like where we will live (I am not the wage earner), or the fact that my ex won't pay his part of care for the kids (we've taken him to court and exhausted our resources), or my husband's attitude toward the children and vice versa.
I am sorry that you are experiencing these problems. This is where things get sticky because every person wants something out of life and I believe has a right to it. However, what happens when these collide? Have you all written down what everyone wants in the family and tried to negotiate? From your post I imagine you have put more energy into working this out then to just let it work or not for a bit. Perhaps you should set aside some time for you all just to spend some time together for fun like playing a game. In my family we all fight about what would be fun to do as a family (plus the finances don't leave room for bowling) so we just play a game and it only lasts about a half hour but it's a friendly rivalry. Teasing is not always bad especially if it is done in love and who cares, it's just a game. Afterwards we have good feelings for each other and more willing to work together. If you think you are a failure, just type it in a search engine. Failures always teach us valuable lessons and eventually end up as successes. The court system sucks! Friend of the court is not the children's friend. I am owed over 25,000 and they have done nothing and I don't have the money to waste to sue, besides that isn't something I should have to do. Some states will take the payers taxes. My state is supposed to but they never do. I heard he is making great money under the table but I can't find out where. I guess you just have to believe in the end they will get theirs and do the best you can for the kids because they are the most important. Maybe you don't feel like you have any control over where you live, but you do have some control perhaps you will be able to choose your decor, definitely offer suggestions on what you would like in a home. Instead of thinking long-term, just think of tomorrow or next week, then it isn't so overwhelming. Don't give up and Good Luck!
My power to set crystal-clear expectations have been in a fog for some time. What has been missing is the desire and faith in me to raise the bar.
Looking back over the last 2-3 years of my life, the power to execute has impacted me the most.
a shining yogi, balanced mind, vast vision wise actions
I want to mirror peoples their better qualities ,no matter how stressful things realy are, to rise above adversity to live their life & enjoy it to the fullest no matter what. Money is inconsequential.There are ways to appreciate your life & enrich it,in ZEN-LIKE ways. I feel sad about American socitey's message to everyday people
My grand vision for my goal of being a leader in business for society:
Starting the CSR company - Visualize the office - the positive energies - the good healthy vibes....
Making 52 presentations before Dec 2008 - Visualize the confident presentations, the sucessful pitches....
Cracking at least 5 projects: visualize successful and confident execution of the projects...
Vision: In the news as the captain of one of the leading CSR companies!
The grand vision for my role as leader for business for society:
1. Start the CSR co: Visualize the ofice the positive vibes and healthy energies...
2. Make the 52 presentations to various cos: Visualise confident pitches, cracking at least 5 of them...
3. Successful execution of projects: Visualise excellent and confident execution of projects visualize the cheques coming in... the satisfied clients etc
Vision: In the news as the leader of a pioneering co in this area...
My Grand Vision for my Most EMPOWERING ROLE is to have Lead a company whose Turnover would be 10,000 Crore or more.

the negative side has impacted me the most.
I allowed my pain to control my life .

Programs are set and con time to be explored for the betterment of my recovery.

at present things are better than last year and will continue
my most empowering role is motivation with out it nothing will be achieved .
taking the right action at the right time is critical in making decisions that I expect a promising out come by summer.

I will have achieve my goal by fully commiting and reviewing my goals twice a day to help me keep motivated .

as I see the changes occuring before me it keeps me pumped.
why believe I will success.

because I have set up a plan of action which I have executed at the right time under the right condition for the right reason.
Yes, why not me? That is a good question. Because I had no confidence, no drive to move ahead, no dreams to fulfill, too lazy to be pro-active.
But now I have the goals, the misions and plans in place. I should conquer all the above problems and be 'the successful person'.
peter lindbergh as a photographer. Why not me? he´s got an excellent network and invested his whole life in establishing it. I invested in me, my mind, my spirit, my growth, still looks like an extremely smart choice to me
Man's overwhelming ability to keep himself from what he or she wants, stands up as one of the greatest challenges we face. Sucess to me, has always been the courage to go through the locked door rather than wait for the key. This year my plans are turning into reality even though my critics are still saying no.

Think TQ is an awesome tool of great benefit to propel my business to the next level.

Life is not a spectator sport,with GOD as your coach you just can't lose.
Why Not? It's a question I ask myself all the time. Whenever I see a challenge and I start to walk away from it, I ask myself that question? Why not give it a try? Why not take my career to the next level? Why not call that guy who told me no the last time we spoke?
Why Not Me? Hmmmm, lost faith I guess. Just got absolutely STUCK on values and dreams. I have realized several dreams in my lifetime, totally agree with TQ and the colors burning bright, it is how I succeeded..BUT I find myself at an age where my mind thinks I am young but my body it does protest. Probably because I put so much energy into my successes
in the past. One value that I do have is
TRANQUILITY and there is the rub. To pursue a new dream will disrupt the perfect tranquil setting I have made for myself. Any thoughts anyone?
I don't there is nothing that can come to you if you first do not believe that it can.
I believe I will succeed because I have the will power to take action and to follow thur until I reach my desired goal. I will not allow anything to distract my focus to complete the project.I have been given the skills to act and to lead those around me to follow my lead and to get the job accomplished.
I never do...I always fall short, and yet I still set myself up for expectations and the prospect of failure time and time again.
Is it possible for a person to change? It's a fixation of mine...
My favorite novel, In the heat of the Night, my favorite movie, A Christmas Carol bothe deal with a person's ability to change.
Why not me? Where is my Virgil Tibbs, or my Jacob Marley.
Doesn't anyone care enough to intervene for me? I reach out, I push,
I try, but I need help! if you are out there, please find me -- then I promise I will
I will exceed my expectations this year because I have determination and I also have a good team behind me.
I really didn't plan to exceed my expectations this year, but now that it has been brought to my attention. I know I will exceed my expectation and make a different in 2009. My expectations are to be better off than last years as far as relationship goes, finances, and just over all life. I know this year and the years to come will be much better than the past.
Yes. I will meet or exceed my expectations this year. I have clear, specific, measurable goals with deadlines. I have plans to achieve them. I have passionate reasons to achieve them --my health, my family, my community, my legacy. I have energy --I am exercising regularly, sleeping well, eating very well with only a few exceptions. I have already lost a few pounds. I am consistent with my spiritual connection and with my mental exercises. I have placed my written goals in places where I see them regularly, including a scheduled pop up on my computer. I regularly write in a gratitude journal to improve my outlook/happiness and I regularly practice cognitive training to improve my fluid intelligence. I have become more focussed on networking and on targeted potential clients. I have invested in getting to know more about them..I have even bought hypnosis tapes to help with my procrastination issues.
Given all the above, I am certain to exceed my admittedly high expectations!! Bring it on!!!!
I never really thought about actually EXCEEDING my expectations. I always just focus on aiming to make my expectations.. or at least, my hopes.

Does this mean I'm aiming too low, and without enough faith in myself? What would happen if I AIMED to exceed my expectations?

What if I constantly reaffirmed that I am wholly capable of exceeding my expectations, so that I am constantly motivated to do the best I can do in everything, and thereby exceed everyone's expectations (even if they're already really high expectations) (and yes, including my own)?
I already am on a weekly and sometimes daily basis.
Yes absolutely with the help of ThinkTQ I will improve my goals and plans, first them all my other factors which will help me not only meet but exceed my expectations in 2009.
The reason I should believe that I will succeed is bc if I don't who will. believing in ones self is only have the batter with life and success. If I think or believe i will never know if I can truly make it happen. sometime in life you have to step out on faith and trust in God that he want lead you into the wrong direction.
Why not? I believe everyone has a chance to succeed and i am no exception. If I believe I will succeed I have a better chance at succeeding. If I dont' believe in myself, then I won't succeed. I am talented, fun, loving, and I am an extremely hard worker. I can do it.
I believe that I can do anything that I put my mind to as long as I make the right choices. This is what I have had a problem with up until now. I am always letting something get in the way of being as successful as I know I can be. I have the drive and the determination.
Believing you will succeed is the first step to ensuring you WILL. If you don't believe you will succeed why would anyone else.....and if that positive thought goes out into the universe, then it will only be reinforced. It will attract more positive energy to you and your task. The circle will continue and the feelings generated within you will move you to greater things.
If you BELIEVE it, you can take action to achieve it!
If you believe you will or if you believe you wont....you are right.
Why not believe in success?
We're starting to invite people to watch a ten minute video
to help grow your wealth ideas, and then decide to come
next month to Tx. or join as an affiliate by teleconferences
affiliate_no=60 worth typing in, worth watching
I believe I should succeed because God is my provider and He empowers me to achieve greatness.
What is my mission in life and at work?

One has to start with integrity.
1. Am I congruent in my thoughts words and deeds?
Am I humble? Humble leaders are team players.
Am I courageous to do the things I believe in.

How do I increase my Integrity?
1. Make and keep Commitments to yourself.
2. Stand for something. "To believe in something, and not to live it, is dishonest." Gandhi
3. Be open - is vital to integrity. To be open inspires credibility and trust; to be closed fosters suspicion and mistrust.
a. Do I believe that the way I see the world is totally accurate and complete-or I am honestly willing to listen and consider new viewpoints and ideas?
b. Do I seriously consider differing point of views (from boss, team member, spouse or child) and am I willing to be influenced by them?
c. Do I believe there may be principles that I have not yet discovered? Am I determined to live in harmony with them, even if it means developing new thinking patterns and habits?
d. Do I value-and am I involved in-continual learning?
To the degree to which you remain open to new ideas, possibilities and growth, you create a trust dividend; to the degree you do not, your create a trust tax that impacts both your current and future performance.

These three accelerators - make and keep commitments to yourself, stand for something, and be open - will help you increase your integrity. They will also help increase the speed and decrease the cost with which you do the important things in your life - every time!
The greater your integrity, the more honest, congruent, humble, and courageous you are - th more credibility you will have and the more trust you will inspire. The more you will be able to transform trust taxes into trust dividends in every dimension of your life.
I love this. I copied it so I can ponder and answer thes questions.

This is truly insightful. Thank you.

I should believe I will succeed, because I am basically smart, basically good, basically worthwhile. I will succeed because my self-talk is changing sufficiently to give me hope, and power.
Because believing anything else is not an option. I have a son who watches every move that I make whether he realizes it now or not, I am an example. I have goals and dreams. If you stop long enough to allow doubt to creep into your mind, and questions...it will take over and your direction become muddied.
Keep moving, keep believing..no matter what.
Believe that you will succeed because there is much power in a positive belief system. When we believe our thoughts and actions follow suit and thus creates the desired results. Believing that you will succeed also gives you something worthwhile to work for, it gives your life meaning and purpose and it generates in you a desire to press on despite obstacles. Believing that you will succeed also helps you to be a more optimistic individual which contributes to overall well being.
Because no matter what i have to succeed, that is why I am on earth.
because I put God first in my scale of preference
I should believe I will succeed, because without believing it, I'll never see it. I know this.

In my heart I know that if I follow my dreams, I will be able to succeed. I honestly believe I am enamoured by these dreams because they are *right* for me. If I follow my passions, I have the best chance of being successful. What is not to believe?
My attitude is positive and i try not to over think any situation. In that respect, my life seems to flow more soundly and without turbulence.
Negative attitudes always color expectations with darkness and hopelessness. It can eventually lead to depression.
The act of doing something opposite of what Im feeling, stimulates encouragement and enthusiasm, with an expectation for something better, something positive to occur.
Unfortunately, I currently have high expectations that people will hurt me and let me down.
I am working to change the attitude which in turn will have a positive impact on my expectations....raising them in a positive direction.
My Attitude is so great and positive about my life. The possibilities that lies ahead, are good for me and anyone with a vision. I believe this is the right time for all of us to take a real look at what we're all are made of. Now, go for it!
I should believe that I will succeed because it helps my self esteem. Believing in one's self is part of what gives us the courage to keep trying. Believing in myself is basic to moving forward and reaching goals.

Failure to believe that I will eventually succeed creates discouragement and low self esteem. It prevents us from trying to succeed and causes us to want to quit.
Most definitely setting crystal clear goals has been my downfall. I know I have the energy, drive, intelligence and sheer determination to make anything I desire into a reality. Everything I have sought so far I have went after and have succeeded ,though at times, I did set my goals to low.
Now I am re-entering the income making part of my life and need to discover which way to proceed as I really want to be passionate about what I do, not only for me but as an example to my kids.
fix my current financial situation that i am facing now.
create a well define plan for the next 30 days
looking back on the last 3 years of my life, it not a pretty thing to look back on bc I no objective,no goals, and no desire to do better. back then I just wanted things to happen for no reason. I am not sure How i allowed that to happen, but I know now that need to begin focusing on what I want out life and how I am going to achieve them.
Keep going.
It will be exactly 2 years in 2 weeks when I left my super rich boyfriend that I'd lived with for 9 years so that I could live my life on my terms. I have been building ever since and am very pleased with my results thus far. There is still a long way to go, but I will persevere and win! I am making great progress!
I want to have my own business or oganization one day. Just seeking to find out how.
Develop myself and discipline my thought a whole lot more. Its more important for me to focus on developing myself and my mind. That makes me more valuable and a master salesman.
I expect to enjoy my career choice and make a decent living so that I can live my dreams to travel some place different every year.
My family is my most empowering role at this point and my grand vision for this role is that they be happy, healthy, be caring towards others, get well educated and that hopefully that I can instill in them some of the ideas I'm learning here and other places so they can figure out what it is they would love to do with their lives and be passionate about it.
My most empowering role in life is to be me and outgoing indvisual who is down for change and who is about making things happen.
to also empower people by my personality bc it is very lovely. smile
My general vision for my role is to cont. to be better than the day before. My role is to stop being so... selfish bc it's not a good look.
My general vision for my role is to cont. to be better than the day before. My role is to stop being so... selfish bc it's not a good look.
TO BE ON THE TOP---with all the happiness to acheive it and make it even better and better
My attitude can color and/ or change how I think about what I want to do in life, and how I go about it, and it can change that I think positive or negative about it...................
I see myself as being a Drug and Substance abuse counselor, in say the next year and the next five years doing and writing a book.
My business partners and friends seeing our goal reached beyond our expetations.
Facilitating - The power of impacting the universe through people. A massive impact from a movement designed to effect a necessary change in individuals and by extension communities and societies.
To develop myself into a visionary entrepreneur - one who foresees change and capitalizes on it; naturally and easily.
Due to life challeges of finding out my 22 year old son has a rare cancer and I have to close down my daycare.(which is my substantial income) I have been overwhelmed by this and I have not followed the system, but now I am going to. I have to take back as much control as I can and making more money is one of them and helping to elevate the stress. So I need to know where to begin. I have lost the beginnging of the lessons. I need help in the short verson of your program as money is too tight to purchase the entire program.
My power to execute has been painfully weak over the past 2-3 years. In investigating why this might be, I've gone to therapy, taken prescription anti-depressants, and yes, I've even tried formulating my expectations in as clear a way as possible in order to be certain that's not the weak point.

My best guess now is that my power to execute is weakened by being unsure WHY I'm doing what I'm doing -- specifically, why I'm still in school, plugging away towards something I don't even want. To counter this, I have been working on defining my dream job, and assuring myself that I can be a great entrepreneur as long as I learn to tackle this thesis and get myself through the degree to which I've invested so much time. It's helping, slowly but surely.
I do believe that I can have whatever measure of success I choose. There are many others in my network company that are earning far more than I do. I know I have good communication skills, a high level of integrity and genuinely care about people. I desire to empower others in their physical, spiritual, relational & financial lives and I have the vehicle to do that with GNLD and as a child of God. I purpose this day to be more diligent in the way I spend my time, showing consistency and integrity to keep my word even when it's not convenient and that includes to myself. I will also be obedient to what I believe God is directing me to do. I look forward to great things happening.
I can't think of one person that I personally know who is successful , but I know people who are successful in different aspect of their lives. The people who have become successful takes control of their situation and mix with a little bit of effort to reach his or her goals in life. they stay focus on their Dreams and turn them into goals and take action on them. the hold key to being successful is knowing what you want and focusing on the goal. and taking action/ effort to make it happen. Your the only one who can make it happen alone with God and faith and believe that it can happen. To be successful in life u must really believe you can do and stay focus.
I can't think of one person that I personally know who is successful , but I know people who are successful in different aspect of their lives. The people who have become successful takes control of their situation and mix with a little bit of effort to reach his or her goals in life. they stay focus on their Dreams and turn them into goals and take action on them. the hold key to being successful is knowing what you want and focusing on the goal. and taking action/ effort to make it happen. Your the only one who can make it happen alone with God and faith and believe that it can happen. To be successful in life u must really believe you can do and stay focus.
I often think about this very subject. I watch people who are living the level of success and lifestyle I so desire for my son and myself and I tell myself why not me? I deserve to be just as success and enjoy the same level of lifestyle so what do I need to do differently to get there. Certainly I choose to have my own level of success instead of mimick theirs so there must be some major differences in what we focus on every day. My plans now include focusing on only the activites that serves me and my family towards attaining the level of success I have in mind and thought for my son and I.
essentialy I have a lack luster attitude.
Getting buy often over weighs the concept of prosperity.
It limits me in my progression and my relationships with people
Successes: Properties cash flowing pretty much as had hoped providing me with a source of relatively passive income giving me more personal time and brokerage time.Refinanced all properties long term which should prove to be a wise move. Reduces refi stress and allows me to focus on new ideas and business.. Bought new boat and am learning on a good curve. Improved relationships somewhat..IMproved fitness. Failures: Did not resolve my stock market distraction and it kept me from what I do best - brokerage and asset management. Did not resolve some personal habit issues. Big picture did not let go of need to micro manage in some areas..Did not take advantage of the hot brokerage market, realizing it would change...
I will take the very optimistic view and say
I will take the very optimistic view and say "YES, I WILL EXCEED MY EXPECTATIONS IN 2010!!
Hi, anytime my TQ for the day delays pupping up on my screen I feel as if something important is about to be cut off from my whole system of operation. The delay TQs act as multivitamins and lubricants to my performance.
Produce Inspirational Films - complete minimum of 2 by years end
Purchase comfortable, spacious, secure Home for family within 6 months
Strengthen Body, mind, and spirit daily
Yes I will. I am focused on success
When a person has a clear goal and a PASSION for that goal, he/she WILL succeed. I have been reading TQ for several weeks now and have realized that I have never been passionate about anything. It is clearly depressing. It leaves me in a place of mediocracy and I don't like it.
Hello all
i have several very important decisions to make, and i am afraid that i will make the wrong one, and there is too much at stake. information overload is making it hard. even with my holistic management training, measuring each enterprise has its positive and negative outcomes.
What is your success???
is it just monatary??
you work hard all your life, with the dream of being able to quit and give someone else a better chance...
Beware of your dreams, take your time and enjoy they way to your success... remember to take care of yourself first.... GOD Bless
Yes. By God's grace, my expectation of living on 50% of income and giving at least 23.5% will be exceeded in 2011.
I believe I will succeed, because I want to succeed, I have the potential to succeed, I am meant and called to succeed, I succeeded before. I want to be the best I can be and I want to make the biggest contribution to the development of others, the healing of our communities, the nation, the world I can make.
I should believe that I will succeed because I have a record of success. I was born for Greatness. I came here with a plan to do Great things, have wonderful experiences and enjoy a rich life. I have no intention of abandoning my gifts and leaving them behind, nor of leaving my destiny unfulfilled. If it takes me every moment of my life to squeeze the goodness out of my physical body, I will enjoy the ride whether I succeed or not. The joy is in the journey, the destination is inevitable.
This year-2011-is the year that Change Happens. I am committed, I have a clearer vision, and I have direction. I will succeed in achieving my goals.
My Expectations are colored very brightly now. TodayTQ has been a blessing to me and caused me to move forward and do the things that I had been bogged down in. My business has just been sitting there but now it's moving full steam ahead. I'm making contacts, I'm getting training on how to improve my business and make it more liquid. Really looking forward to Dec 31, 2011.
I do my best to keep a positive mindset. It is not always easy. I have not always been this way. I am still learning to look at life from a different view point. over the years my family has taken some of my negative traits and made them there own. It is hard work to get them to accept that I am making an effort to be more positive. I pray each day that they see the change and not judge me as I once was 5, 10 15 years ago. I am also attempting to meet people that are positive and successful in life that I can talk to. I feel I spend to much time attempting to handle everything by myself. I need to build my own group of advisors-mentors. if anyone can suggest any, I would be truly grateful.
attitude is a big part of my expectations. if i am positive and stay positive i can be more productive and happy in my day. it is important to be able to take something negative and turn it around as a positive lesson. if i let negativity take over my thoughts, my expectations for myself and goals will not be done. it is easy to become negative, it is a challenge to stay positive! challenges are what help me grow, strengthen my core. it all start with the color of my attitude.
I have the right to expect that others will treat me the same way I treat myself. If I require self respect I will be given respect from others. Life is what we expect it to be. If we expect it to be hard it will. If we expect to be productive and successful we will. Why because we will do the actions required to be that way. Common sense rules through our lives and while we all have occasional bad days, in general if we strive to do our best every day and focus on what we want to become - we will.
I will be successful because I will do what it takes to be successful.
Why aren't I the most successful person I know. The question was asked of me this morning, "Who are the top 3 speakers that you enjoy listening too?" They they asked if I was one of them? Noooo, that was a setup. I must re-invent myself to make my top 3 people put me as 1 of their 3. I got to put myself on my list. Why not me??? It can be me!!! YES I CAN, YES I CAN. (Scene from Nutty Professor, Eddie Murphy)
Gaining insight, gaining ground through wise and bold acts in faith needs to be applied with smart meaningful steps that continue to bring change to yourself, your dream and your dream environment
Remove negative emotional content and replace with positive nature to persue activity. No thoughts - just action NOW!
We will be walking and flying into our vision in N.Y. in Feb. You can see clues 5 times daily at MeetLiveVideo.com Be a GUEST this week. Make extra $. Drive a silver Mercedes soon. As a company perk
I am the best to determine and execute what is right with God's help.
Why should I believe I will succeed?
I have the ability to succeed in my endeavors as God has granted me the talent to excel. It is up to me to polish my current skills, learn new skills and apply them to the task at hand with passion until success is accomplished!
Because in everything I do, i put in my best and strive to improve on my short comings
My number one personal goal for 2013 is earning an income of $100,000 this year. I believe it is achievable, it's highly desirable and highly believable.

I'm ramping up my making plans color and optimizing my energy to get it done. I am very excited and raring to go....
My number 1 personal goal is highly desirable and mostly believable.

I will make it 100% believable by taking small actions each day to guarantee I achieve it!

The Super Bowl of my life is cashing out, and completing the last 3 steps of our exit strategy.

And yes, I have what it takes to WIN it!
Yes, I fully expect to win this year's super bowl!
Will I exceed my expectations this year?

Can always lower them, but that never works!

Have raised them to the point where the energy from the inspiration is more than enough motivation.

Yes, I fully expect to exceed my expectations!
I will succeed simply because I EXPECT to succeed.

Healthy well balanced family life.
A consistent and personal relationship with God.
Empowering developing leaders for kingdom impact
I won't stand for incompetence or laziness...

I won't stand for lying or treachery...

I won't stand for infidelity or cheating...

This was a very interesting question, and made me think about the answers from a deep, gut-level.
No you cannot. As a man thinketh so is he.
Absolute connection between Attitude and Success.

So far, my attitude is optimistic yet realistic.

I believe I will win, so the only question is HOW?!
100% further down the line.

My attitude has been good, but frequently concern turns to doubt.

It is hard work being enthusiastic!


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