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What are your top 3, most critical activities?

"Dwell not on the past. Use it to illustrate a point, then leave it behind. Nothing really matters except what you do now in this instant of time. From this moment onwards you can be an entirely different person, filled with love and understanding, ready with an outstretched hand, uplifted and positive in every thought and deed." ~ Eileen Caddy

All last week we talked about passion, purpose and mission.

Yes, it is essential that you KNOW your purpose in life.

Yes, it is essential that you LIVE your purpose.

Until you do, you are spending the one life you have to live on things that simply don't matter.

Once you understand this... once you commit to this... once you make the determination that you WILL live your purpose... the question becomes "HOW?"

Just how in the world am I going to make this happen?

There is a way. I promise!

TQ A Short TQ Review...

This week, I am going to give you the best advice you will receive anywhere. I am going to tell you EXACTLY how to achieve success in multiple areas of your life: career, relationships, business, sales, financial, family, etc.

This will be NEW thinking to ALL of you who haven't called me on the phone and got one of my "mini-lectures" on what you need to do NOW to instantly achieve better results... in whatever area is causing you "issues"!

(In case you are wondering, my professional advice doesn't come cheap. My fees run up to $10,000 a day. Better, my clients get WAY more than they pay for!)

Before I get you fully engaged in a new idea, I want you to take a couple of minutes to think about where you are—Right Now—as we head towards the Memorial Day weekend.

I like to use Memorial Day to benchmark where we are with respect to achieving the GOALS we set for ourselves way back in January.

Answer honestly... Yes or No...

( ) YES, I am on track for achieving my top 3 goals this year.

( ) NO, I am still struggling.

TQ Do You Have The Power?

As we have been saying all year long, achieving your goals comes down to turning your dreams into tangible OBJECTS upon which you can apply POWER. If you do not achieve "tangibility", you have no need for power.

Great IDEAS remain great ideas, until you turn the idea into something PHYSICAL.

You can have massive personal power. But if you dissipate it each day pursuing the ephemeral, all your power is wasted.

It is simply dissipated as HEAT into the universe. (It's called the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Heat simply goes out to ENTROPY.)

This is not some abstract concept. It is WHY some people succeed brilliantly, while others simply use up their power... confusing EFFORT with RESULTS.

You must GENERATE power.
You must HARNESS your power.
You must APPLY that power.

As we say in our Make Plans Personal Workshop, a GOAL without a PLAN is merely a WISH without a HOPE.

If you haven't already, now would be a great time to review your Make Plans workbook, listen to your Make Plans CD and get with the FULL PROGRAM if you don't already have these valuable tools.

Tomorrow I will tell you precisely HOW to harness your POWER... to make absolutely certain that little of your efforts go up in smoke.

Until then, take 10 minutes today to think about the key ACTIVITIES in which you are engaged each day. To be successful in whatever it is that you do, what are your PRIME activities?

My PRIME Career Activities:

1) ______________________________
2) ______________________________
3) ______________________________

Time Horizon: Today.

Now ask yourself a basic question. How well do you actually PERFORM these key activities:

( ) Excellent... ( ) Good... ( ) Fair... ( ) Poor... ( ) No Clue What's Expected

TQ The Key to Success...

There is an extremely simple way to look at your life... career... relationships... family... business... and hobby/outside interests to determine if you will be successful or not.

In fact, I use this idea to forcast exactly how successful I will be at whatever I do. It takes less than 5 minutes, and pays huge dividends.

Simply write down the 3 most important ACTIVITIES you must engage in to be a success at what you are attempting.

Take out your Personal Time Prism Bookmark (from Chapter 6 of The Power of TQ) and run through your 10 Colors.


My 3 Prime Activities:




My Personal Power...

The Key to Success: High TQ Performance...
High Expectations ~ Brilliant Execution


If you have the POWER to do the activities successfully... the power to take the necessary ACTIONS to engage in those 3 prime activities... you will be successful. If you don't you won't.

For example...

If your sales career depends on 1) getting in front of five new "faces" each week... 2) making 200 phone calls each week... and 3) training 2 other people to engage in these same 3 Prime Activities... you have just identified and isolated the key to success in that role.

Now, all you need to do is just DO it. Which is a POWER issue.

Do you have the physical ENERGY level to get in front of those new people?

Is your ATTITUDE positive enough to make those phone calls?

Are your ORGANIZE and OPTIMIZE Colors strong enough for you to engage in the all-important training activities?

Do you have a PLAN for finding 5 new faces each week? Sounds simple but we're talking 250 new people this year!

How's your Act Now Color? Strong enough to make this happen... not once in awhile... but consistently for the next 3-5 years until you are at the pinnacle of your career?

If not, you can have ZERO expectation of success. Simply won't happen.


Because you lack the raw, results-producing POWER to achieve the RESULTS required.

You now have a very simple choice: INCREASE your POWER... or, walk away from those 3 Prime Activities.

Do NOT delude yourself into believing that you will be successful overall, when you can't be a success at the 3 Prime Activities.

You can find success beyond your hopes and dreams if you follow this advice. Fail to heed it, and you will not only fail, but miserable while you are trying.

Unfortunately, I know this first hand. Way too often did I just blunder into this success trap... not recognizing the 3 Prime rule.

Now, before I take on any new commitment, I take out pen and paper and ask the most basic success question of all...

What exactly is EXPECTED of me? What are the 3 Prime Activities in which I must be fully engaged for this to be successful?

If I don't currently have the power, I have to seriously question the undertaking. Can I get the power when needed? What are the consequences of failing to perform the 3 Prime Activities?

Will these 3 Prime Activities lead to living my best life now? Or, will I simply crash and burn because I didn't have the power to perform up to expectations.

What are the 3 Prime Activities that control your life? Do you have the Power? Can you get it?

These are tremendously important questions. Pay very close attention!

TQ The Bottom Line...

Living your purpose, on purpose, is not just a catch-phrase.

It is a mandate.

It's why Kent, I and the entire Team TQ are here...

To help you live your life with passion and purpose... to help you better use your God-given TALENTS... to help you turn your talents into powerful SKILLS... and to use those skills to achieve your greatest GOALS and aspirations.

This week, we are going to challenge your skills, and teach you an entirely new way of looking at your life... by looking at the elemental things you do each day. -- E.R. Haas, CEO


If you have any questions you would like us to answer personally, just send us an email! Click Here Answers@ThinkTQ.com...

The only dumb question is the one that's important to you... and you didn't ask!

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Running Member Comments...

Very much on base this week. So often I find myself "signing up" to help others, help a cause, etc. It is not as often that I take the time to consider the top 3 activities to make these a success and combine that with the current projects I have running. The result is a dilluted effort at best. At the same time, I see that by identifying the top three in all my current goals and maintaining control of these, I become better equipped to know when I can successfully add goals and NOW - I CAN change the world!
When I hatched this idea, maybe 4-5 years ago, it was designed to be a quick "litmas test" to determine the probability of success in key roles. I started to apply it as my number one way of looking at new roles, responsibilities and projects.

By simply asking the question, "Do I have the power to engage in the 3 Prime Activities?" I have avoided countless success traps -- black holes into which we pour our hopes and dreams... and all our energy and time -- and see nothing but frustration, heartbreak and failure as a result.

By asking the 3 Prime question upfront, you SEE the trap BEFORE you get sucked into it!

The key is to clearly identify what the 3 Prime Activities are... then realistically assess if you have the power to engage in them or not.

If not, maybe there are other activities you can participate in. But, and this is the huge BUT, if success is dependent on doing those activities well -- and you can't -- there is no way (other than a miracle) that you will be successful.

Either generate the power... or gracefully find a way to get out!

My good old Time Prism Bookmark has saved me from more humiliation in the last 3 years than anything thing else I have ever used!

ER, this is so brilliant, and SO helpful.
I have finally discovered this post of yours, and it is like a lightening strike.
Being a person who really does not care about priorities, goals, achievements, etc. in the core of my being, it is a learned skill to fit into the world. Otherwise I could just spend my entire life just BEING.

I have always loved EXPERIENCING life, experiencing doing things. Having goals and wanting to achieve was not really a part of me. BEING and experiencing was. Yet, having to fit into society, being married, etc. carries with it certain expectations of my performance.

And narrowing it all down to the doable amount was always quite challenging, as day only has 24 hours, and we need to sleep too.

So this simple - yet so brilliant ! - rule of a thumb of the 3 prime activities is phenomenal for me.
Stay focused, aware, and positive.
Remind me (so I can really be on track!)...should the top 3 priorities be specific or can they be general?
Priorities need to be as specific as possible . It is the clarity and detail that makes them "doable".

There is a tendency for people, including me, to make long lists of tasks, to-do's, to-be-done-today's, etc. that all blur together. Make your key priorities very clear, and you are much more likely to bang them out.

With this said...

The top 3 Activities are quite different. They should always be your TOP most priorities. Once you have identified the key activities that must be performed to be successful, then you must actually DO them.

For example, if you are in sales and your income is dependant on 1) finding 5 new clients each week... 2) connecting on 150 phone calls... and 3) making 2 key presentations -- THEN you have identified your key priorities AND top activities.

You will notice there are 3 VERBS here: Finding... Connecting... Making...

DO the VERBS as your TOP priorities and you will find success. The key, of course, is to make sure those priorities and activities are what drive success in your particular situation!

1) Fill in proposal outline; schedule meeting with Kim for dissertation model
2) Develop publication timetable for business owners research
3) Increase cash flow-develop monthly budget
I'm starting today a new transition in my life so I need to first find what I really desire to do and then find the 3 Primary Activities that I need to do. One of the for sure is to get on the phones and start hitting them as hard as I possibly can. Find that heart burning to a white ball of fire.
If I've understood what's been said properly:

1) Push myself to execute things every day
2) Decide on the most productive thing that can be done at the moment, and do it
3) Expand knowledge and skills when the opportunity arises.
Excellent -- well put!

finding land to lease. find people to custom graze their cattle for them. do whatever is necessary to be able to buy my own cattle.
five of them own house with three bedroom,own car,own bank balance,own properityand my foruten buisennes
getting a job in abroad, going to foreign countries for vacation, settle in europe
all of them
This morning,.
about 10 years ago when i received my personal training certificate. since then i have been trying but to no success.
start of the new year and then i go through monthly goals on 43things with a partner!
last week
It has been a long time sense I have thought about my power within, but I can say this. There is nothing that I cannot do when I set my mind to it. I think my biggest problem I have never set a goal or even planned a trip, always have flown by the seat of my pants. I will tell you this much, when someone ticks me off and tells me I can't do something I become hell bent in getting it done. I guess my anger is my biggest motivator.
I know I have no limitations regarding my abilities I just can't find direction or motivation.
right now I'm in a transition and I'm making a major career change. This program is helping me change my life...
i have my goal right, the best way to achive it's true to let go of my past and move on up to the future 'cos its more precious than the past. But, you know in most time its hard; what do you think.
Yes! I am truly committed to my goals.I am ready to live my life with passion and purpose.It is time I follow the steps in the order they are suggested and I do every day.
really I've never evaluated how much power I have.
Gettin' my new ad made today !
one of our founders beliefs is sustained unwavering belief
6 millionaires arriving June 15,16 Las Colinas, Tx. Omni hotel
I am truely committed!!
I was glad I went to work today. I am glad I made it on time. I'm glad the boss somewhat wants me to be there, but while interceding I wondered. I was grateful I accomplished what I accomplished today. I had a backache all day today, so at 9:14pm I am grateful for what I did and got done today.
My hope for tomarrow is my back won't hurt. I will have a cheerful bright day that I can radiate that out to the customers I'm incontact with each day. I hope I have energy and things go well tomarrow. I hope and I pray somebody that I pray for will directed to somebody else who will read to them the salvation message and that person get saved with a desire to serve Jesus whyoleheartedly.
Psalm 90 verse 17 May the favor of the Lord our God rest upon us (ME); establish the works of our (my) hands for us (ME)--yes, estatablish the work of our (My) hands. one version said prosper the works of our (My) hand. I ask God to work the fruits of the spirit through my many managers and coworkers and I toward them. That God give me divide favor through my managers and He has done it. This gives me confidience enough to try out my skills. I find out after that I have skills and do a good job of what I do each day on the job. That gives me confidence that I can do even more than what I am doing now. I was once a mother widow type woman who stayed home and cared for the children and getting that done was all that I hoped for. So I have grown into an employee and a good one too.
This is a wonderful verse from the Bible that you used. You surely are blessed by the Lord and he pointed this powerful verse to you and
the best thing is that you could share it with all of us. The true power is always and only comes from God! Right! Thank you. Rudolph

I am still employed going on a year and a half. You may say big deal. Well it is a bid deal to me and I'm grateful for it. I wanted a job and I got one and I'm keeping it. I believe God is with me there on the job guiding me and protecting me each day.
I am a christian, I don't do the things the world does. I found it hard to keep a job. I wanted to drag Jesus into everything and I'd get fired off other jobs I had. A pastor told me I wasn't suppose to mention Jesus upon the job I was hired to work. I find that hard to do some days when you see a person come into my place of employment who really needs Jesus. I see other christians so catch up into the world I could just cry. I have had to bite my lip and just listen to what people had to say. Sometimes I intercede all day long as best I can between customers and talking to coworkers. Though to most people I may seem to be employed on a dead end job. I feel it is a ministry to be able to pray for people. I hope they all become saved or lead more Godly lives.
Don't worry your not alone. Just remember . . . "Christlikeness is a journey not a desintation." Plan on a lifetime of travel. My best advice for you is found in Proverbs 3:5-6 "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Acknowledge Him in all that you do and he will make all your paths in life straight." Dare to take the journey that begins where the path ends. We walk by faith not by sight. 2 Corinthians 5:7 God bless you. In His graciousness and infinite power. Another brother in Christ. GM
I too am Christian,a born again believer. Christ lives in me and I in Him, therefore words aren't always necessary(it's not what we say, but what we do)that draws people to Christ. Also as such, we must be examples to the world by being and acting appropriately.

Consider these:

Matthew 5:16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may SEE your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.


1 Corinthians 14:40
Let all things be done decently and in order.

Yes, Proverb 3:5-6 is my all time favorite as well that I recite each night to put me to sleep so i can wake up next morning with the power that i need. Thanks for sharing.


I'm spending time researching exactly what it is that I want to do with my life.
I think there is no dream or challenges out there bigger than my power because I derive my strenth from my LORD. He always supplies me with supernatural strength as He is greater and bigger than anything in life.
I have just stumbled on this site and feel good that I am already on the way to progress. I have recently shed 6 kgs and have a slimmer fitter energetic body. I have incorporated permanent exercise routines, a nutritious diet and healthy practices that I enjoy doing in my life. When I took the test except for organise and energy all other factors are very low. But it is making me think and do something about it as I have successfully done with my health (power) aspect!
Good luck
A fabulous first step!

Congratsulations and keep it up.

A great "stumble." ER and the team here live to make you and I a success on purpose in the areas of our choice. Congrats on your progress!
I plan to exploit my birthright and begin the process.
I have decided on my 3 prime activities to activate my power to reach my goals, etc.
However I cannot move forward without an adequate cash flow. I HAVE my own Online travel agency w/YTB. www.islandimagestravel.biz It is taking the Travel Industry by storm. I am trying to make a first level Directorship, but am way behind in bills, car, etc. If I stop & try and get a slave job I will fail again at this networking business. I can't serve and/or concentrate on 2 things. Been there/done that. I'm 64 & time is of the essence. Maybe I can survive until SS kicks in.???? I do not want the struggle again. I have drawn the line in the sand. MY new motto is: If it's not fun....I won't do it....Period!!!
Hi Tom, it's a pleasure to read your comment and don't worry to much and continue puching throuth you goals. It's not easy to survive with out a paying check, but if you continue trying hard you are going to accomplish your goals. I'm a 61 year's old man and I'm doing my part too to avoid to came back to a regular job. I'm working with my eBay store and I'm shure that I can do it....Trust in your self and you are going to win.
My goals anddreams are taking on a life of their own. They are being transferred from one state to another. I am just along for the ride. It is AWEsome to see them being TRANSformed from the form of thought/desire to a physical manifestation, especially since I am aware of the process. It is almost scientific. Or mabey it is a science/art.
More energy = more focus
Yes. My Purpose is to completely commit to achive my personal and professional success by keeping my family happy and top in my priorities. They are my NOW and my ALWAYS. I Will succeed.
I'm truly committed, and finally seeing some results.
Generate More Sales
Better Execution
Great After Sales

Generate More Sales
Better Execution
Great After Sales

The 3 Prime Activities I would need to engage in:
1)creating detailed plans daily, weekly, and monthly.
2) following through on those plans.
3) networking
all of them.
Ouchie.....I guess quite a few of them were....hopefully that is changing. I have a vision board which i promise that I will update as soon as we move house (NEXT TUESDAY). I will also have a business plan up and running by the end of the financial year too.
I guess after procrastinating and trying to keep things the same for so long I have fallen out of the habit of dreaming and setting firm goals. New house, New life, New beginnings, New history, NEW GOALS
Journaling my thoughts: I have sat pondering my mission to see what principals I thought would best describe my values for my faith, family, career,and vocation. I written a few things down but not enough to act with diligence, I am not going to give up, this information means sooo much to me, I have shared it with two sisters and my husband.

I think it would (unfortunately) true to say that most of my goals WERE just wishes because while I always knew what I wanted to do, I failed to intelligently execute.....fortunately, that's a thing of the past, ever since TQ. All goals are only wishes unless you have your mission, your plan and all those other "colors" ER always talks about :-)
all of them.
All of the work here at TQ is about clarity and specificity done in a procedural, yet very honest and authentic way. Looking at it in this manner it is a very "clean" process. By clean I mean a couple of things.

One it is a cleaning up process. Let's say, I want to go out my front door. But to do that, I discover, I must remove all the "stuff" I have put in front of my door - my couch, the shelves, the dresser, the umpteen boxes of whatever. In other words, all my excuses as to why I can't get through the door. Clean them out and get rid of them.

Two, I must take clean, clear action to move myself from where I am out the door and onto where I want to go. Those are my 10 TQ colors burning brightly, cleanly.

By honestly doing the work at TQ I clean things out - my "stuff" - and I take clear, clean actions to my goals. It is the clarity and specificity of the TQ procedures that allows this "clean action" of living my best at any and every moment.

We are all in the process of moving out of the mud into the sparkling, clear, clean River of Life via TQ!
Good Analogy Maikel,

To add another demension to it, some people will see the blocked door and buy a bunch of books and seminars and CD programs to figure out how to build up their confidence so they CAN move the stuff out of the way, and unfortunately, never figure out or go further (as in planning and executing) thus being stuck inside on a perfectly sunny day. :-)
Brilliant observation, Tamara! Is there such thing as an addiction to Personal/Professional Development demonstrated through the endless buying of those books, and tapes you so aptly mentioned? :0P

I say, let it end here and now...at TQ!
"When was the last time you really clarified your hopes and dreams?"

Honestly, I'm "toying around" with creating one of those dreams at present. I may know better after this week, but in view of the fact that I have a strong desire and people keep telling me to write my material in a publishable form of some sort, I may... as in may... go full speed ahead in the writing of an ebook by Septemeber 1, 2008.

I am in the process of pushing hard through a book I purchased to help me accomplish that dream (even during a summer school two week module) and testing the inner drive level relative to making the definite commitment to push forward.

That's not a ten year dream... it's a short one: but that's the immediate response that came to mind with through the question that was set before us today in TQ.

That's it! I'm off: class begins in a few hours, LOL!

Enjoy the day,

Just curious if Lee Finished writing an e book by Sept 2008 lol
I did some work on my hopes and dreams two nights ago. However, it has been some time.
I don't think I have ever evaluated it. Now that I think of it- if I do each task with Joy, I have limitless power thru the Holy
Spirit to make my dreams come true.
I have work cut out for me...I only need to follow the parferated edges. Thanks for your support.

I am now trying to do it frequently. By frequently meaning when I think of it and it is happening more often.
I printed this but the sidebars did not go away what can I do?
No i can say for sure that I am definitly not truly committed to my goals as I am not achieving anywhere near where I know I can. Its like when I think about all my goals my mind races over them all as there seems to much prep work involved in reaching them. Its not that I am afraid of the effort required to put in to reach those goals its just that I want to so them properly and I feel I just don't have anywhere near the time required to plan them properly that I find myslef not planning at all - just giving me goals lip services.

My brain is jsut designed to work in slow motion that there is too mcuh to do to get it all done!
Hi Megan,

At one point you said your "mind raced" then you ended with saying your "brain is just designed to work in slow motion." Since these two thought speeds can't occur simeltaneously, I encourage you to think about how you can 'get your mind racing" about one particular thing you want (one goal you have planned and prioritized).

Many of us can get scattered and overwhelmed and focusing can be a challange, but I promise, I am living proof that once you get even a small taste of success (having a goal materialize) you will be amazed at how you can learn to take charge of your thinking (and your actions!).

Just make it happen!
Yes-- I'm truly committed to my goals, but it's interesting to me how often people (myself in the past included) actually do just "pay lip service." The truth is we can desire something with every fiber of our being and that, in and of itself is often construed as "committed." When in fact, I am coming to the understanding that the evidence of true commitment is when we attach that deep desire to goals, plans and priorities and then, most importantly, take consistent and obsessive ACTION!
I am committed. I am beliving that God has a plan for me and my family to prosper and not to fail.
I think I now know why I have not tried at all with this program or with a lot of things in general....I have been listening to a book about how our childhood effects our adulthood (good or bad). I remember as a child always doing bad in school even when I tried hard and studied for a test I would come home with a D. I had an aunt that would call me stupid all the time. And my parents never seem to really care if I did good or bad. They had no input. So, I think I have come to realize I don't want to try to better myself because I am scared of failure. I don't want to try and try and "come home with a D". I know this has nothing to do with todays thing but I needed to get that out.
I am completely committed to being a conscious, caring, compassionate and delightfully creative being.
Right now, I am focusing on reclaiming my health so that my life's work will unfold naturally and I'll be up to the challenges and opportunities.
I am also finding ways to enjoy each moment as it comes, no matter what it brings with it. As a result, each moment gets richer and life gets better and better.
I believe my dreams come true. They have in the past and they will in the future. I am at at important juncture in life, deciding about my next career. I have a job, which is the best within the community around me. And i have a dream to learn / study / practice law, and have a new face of law appear for my fellow countrymen at India. I am 99% decided and the title of todays post " Its time to take your dreams seriously", keeps me going. Goodday!
Writing my chapter
Focusing on my Hypnosis Practice
Focusing on my Beaver Buzz
I grab every opportunity I can find, but I think I am missing out on some. It is my intention to open up to receive everything that is given to me and my birthright.
No, my goals are clear and concise. It is my intention to somehow get $30,000, It is my intention to make the amount of money to be self supporting. It is my intention to stay in my house and make it my castle. It is my intention to have my husband be a supportive person.
Intentions are great...

But they are a far cry from Expectations.

Intentions are nothing more than hopes and wishes until you make the commitment to turn them into crystal-clear expectations.

If you actually EXPECT to "somehow" get $30 grand, what specifically is your PLAN.

Look up the words "good intentions" and compare it with "committed expectations".

Unfortunately, until you understand the difference, you have virtually no chance -- short of winning some lottery -- of turning this into reality. It is what we call a wish without a prayer.

The good news is you have articulated what you WANT.

Now, tell us what you are going to DO to get it... what, specifically, gives you the RIGHT to Expect this will all come to pass?

BTW -- I'm not being hard on Debra! This is some of the best advice you will ever get -- anywhere.

My goals are clear expectations that we are making real. They are becomming real right before my eyes.
I am here to spread messages to other people. By writing in books, teaching classes and creating spaces for conferences.
They could be. But I like to think they are more than wishes. I have been in and out of the Real Estate Business since I was 22. I am now 65 and I am still trying to be a successful Real Estate Broker. I am now working the Real Estate Appraisals since I am also a Certified Appraiser. Why? It is more of a "job", where I earn some money based on hard working efforts. I know the Brokerage would pay off more in the long run, but I never seem to have enough money to wait until something sells before I see more money. Its based on "other peoples efforts", or it seem so. That is when I start spending my time on something else where I know I will be paid within two to three weeks. Paycheck to paycheck so to speak. I cannot seem to break the mold.
My take bold action would have reaped much greater rewards. I've spent way too much time getting ready to get ready. That said, planning and prioritizing (know what to do and when to do) played a role too....which leads us back to passion (i.e. mission), so basically, it all goes together, hence the beauty of the TQ system!
Thank you for today's lesson. It is exactly the message that I needed to hear right now. I will commit to improving Factor 1i today. I'm having lunch on the beach with my friend who is a professional clown. That should be a good boost in the direction of adding more fun to my daily routines. This change in attitude will definitely increase my energy which has been lacking this week.
Take care of small tasks, and enjoy the adventure to sucess in life. Keep focus, don't look to the left or the right, but ahead with full focus on the light (Salvation). Be sure to keep track of all victories, Small and Big, by doing this, the light burns brighter and life is more filled with Joy unspeakabe and Full of Glory
May 31, 2008

The New Season of Action with Faith

I am working with action to progress forward during this season this year 2008. I have to renew my mind and release being in control of all things myself. How am I doing this My Hope is in God the Almighty. Our biggest challenge is over coming ourselves.
Faith with Action is the only way to move forward in this life, remember Faith is the substance Hope for not Seen! When our Vision comes to life through Faith with Action, this becomes a testimony to share with others to give them hope. It seems some of us have bigger battles to fight and overcome by Faith. This is where our weakness in us becomes our strength. This will only become true when each person gives up self, by refusing to hear, see, speak or even smell of the things that have been holding you back. When you see yourself returning to the dark place that seems to have comfort, but you know different in you spirit, beware this is a set back that will become a stronghold on your life. Fight the good fight and resist the returning to this area then your hope will grow and you will be taking another step in the direction that has been planed for you long ago. Always remember, if you do return to this dark comfort zone Don't Loose Faith, Just Take Action to Overcome. Then and Then only will You Obtain the Understanding You Are Stronger than Your Mind Says You Are.

Jack Jenkins 5/31/2008
It began last weekend. It is picking up momentum today. Tomorrow, Sunday is filled with exciting potential. Today, I will be more intentional, more focused, and more expectant.
What a great question, I am still trying to gain clarity about my purpose. I am doing better, focus can be so powerful. Being less scattered, I find I have more energy which gives me more confidence.
Call 10-20 customers today
Set up facials for the week.
Not really. I need to better focus on things that are sure wins and not maybes. Things on tihngs with a 75% chance of winning instead of just any chance of winning. Also, put more thought into things before diving in.
The Trail without a Link

Each day, I live to see my Dreams come true. Sometimes, I feel a link is missing or I have the wrong link in my life, taking me down the wrong path. My desire is to find in my Spirit and Self what link needed or the link I need to get rid of, so the person inside of me can move forward in this life and see results, beyond my on thoughts and ways. This takes Faith, Hope and Love, these three are very critical to move forward in each day of life. Everyday, I feel, I am in the wrong place for life to progress in my life. Where I will be able to help others that feel the same on the inside. Most of my life I have lived in the same home, which I call a house Now! Opportunities have come and gone in life, because I refused to move outside the safety zone, but this zone was not a safety zone it is a hinder zone. There has been success in jobs and positions without any true fulfillment on the inside. This is the True place all things need to begin and then all other things will follow. Sometimes I have great understanding about myself, but I seem to make the wrong choices in life with the intent to be a joyful and fulfilled person, so I will be able to show others who fill the same about all hope is gone, that there is always hope as long as we will let go and refuse to be who we were. This is only a beginning, it is better to have a new start than to become stalled in the mist of darkness. Innless we all refuse to be what others desire us to be, we will always be stall in the dark! Lots of times we are not stalled in the dark, but we are idling in the dark. This is worse than being stalled, How is that? Well we have wisdom, but we are not using the wisdon to get us on the right trail. All trails led to somewhere, where is your trail going? I will leave you with this for now.

Jack Jenkins June 1, 2008
My partner and have been working hard and with purpose, but it is the rest of the team who is slacking outrageously.
1. Mind development
2. Taking initiative
3. Doing more thatn what is neede.
My PRIME Career Activities:
#1)build a resort 20 apartments, beach front with sea view in the Caribbean  Curacao
#2)build a resort 50 bungalows with a 360 grade view at mountain and sea view for the TQ members take 2 weeks vacations for relax and dream. Curacao

# 3)sell 3 property and buy 1 property in downtown, rebuild it and rent/sale

# 4) make mi dream house on the mountain 360 grade with sea view. And live a life of gratitude and share.

# 5) be the best father for mi 3 children ( for school , sport, education and friends, love

# 6 ) put TQ in Curacao school.
#7) Exercise at least 3 times a week, eat good, do sports and live a life of abundance .

#8) teach mi children TQ
# 9) Education; Put mi TQ a 90 + and be a TQ master, study the bible,

# 10) The most import one is to go to the TQ SEMINARS IN COLORADO ROCKY MOUNTAIN Aug 11, 12, 13- 2009 OR THE NEXT ONE. So I can accomplish everything I want in live.
I am conviction that this is what I want in mi live!
My internet business goals are in the stage of partial active and wish. The activity portion has been generated by me on a small scale. As for as the primary function of the business, the ulimate business goal currently rest in wish mode, because it on a much larger scale, with several components.

But the good news is, I no longer view this as a problem, for this reason. I have dealt with my fear of beginning, fear of failure and fear of success. My vision is strong and my passion for success is much larger than all my fears.

What I'm dealing with now is planning. I understand now, I must first use my GOD given talents to generate income needed to stay afloat. This is slow going but, it's going. But as I type these words I realize, it's not really going slow, because in between the down time, I'm learning so much. How to market, how target, revising content, the business structure, and I'm writing it down now. So no, the income portion is slow, but the ultimate goal is actually developing before my eyes, and I'm not afraid to look.

So now I must start writing my day-to-day plans, I'm excited just thinking about, PROGRESS. I will follow it to the letter, with ajustments along the way, when needed. Yes, I get now. I'm feeling stronger and I like it!
The biggest goal that is still in the wish category is moving to the Carribean in three years. This one got sideswiped by life in the form of the economy and a poor choice of business associate. I would still like to do this but it's on hold until I can figure this all out.
I thjnk that a few of my goal are just wishes that I wish could come true.
hope fully not many of my goals are just mere wishes
On monday at a park in mount laurel, NJ.
I know my power, but also know my limits. I have the dream, goals, and plan. It is the waiting and waiting and waiting for those "outside" forces to move.
Evaluating how much power I have? Well I guess I can say; I evaluate my power everyday. Although I didn't realize, I was doing so. The task of turning my dreams into a reality are always present. I think of what's needed for each component, and yes I get overwhelmed. But, then I reflect on the goal I just achieved, completing my B.A. a, double B.A. at that. It took strength and power to muster up the courage just to begin. But I never allowed myself to become overwhemled with the task at hand, I focused on what the end would being, and the end resulted in me walking across the stage of my University Graduation Commencement with a double B.A., Sociology and Board of Governor's.

I reflect on my years of working, fighting to hold on to my pace, as a single mother, worker of a part-time job, I even had the nerve to run for seats in our Senate Government and won, Senator, Chief Asso. Justice (appointed) and Vice President of SGA, President to the Senate. Now if I can do all of this, I must ask myself; Why the heck am I now fearful of anything? My answer, doubt and limitation. When I use my power I'm a little force to be recking with. So to answer the question, "when was the last time I evaluated how much power I have vs. what it will take to realize my dreams"?

My answer; Today, I just completed an assessment of my power, and I have no other choice but to allow myself to use this power in every area of my life. I wish you all could see me now, I have this amazing smile from ear to ear. It's simply removing all the limitations, I have placed on myself.
(Light Bulb Moment!)
I am totally committed to my goal that I can taste the success.
The last time I looked at my power was today when I had someone in my life that really upset me but I was calm and very focused on the task at hand.
I push myself & motivate myself by Gods grace and mercy towards a better me.
I cannot remember the last time I have even written down my hopes and dreams. I really need to focus and use the resources that TQ offers and start focusing one at time.
m searching for the reason, y god had created me.. what is the purpose of my birth. I think as of now, each one have to come out best in there own field and do good to the people welfare...
I believe am using this though not as much as I could. I am making progress in achieving some of my dreams and will work on other areas
Honestly, I'm not using my birthright nor the examples and lessons given by those before to me the highest level or respect that it should be given, and wholeheartly deserve. I have wasted time fretting over small matters. But I'm blessed to now realize what these issues are. For so long I have believed them to be so important and large, but actually they are small and the least important matters, that simply had to be faced, dealt with, and put away in other to move on, to those issues that are of the upmost importance.

I imagine the men/women who have gone on, look down on us today in total disbelieve, at how we have allowed ourselves to become distressed over matters that are of the least important. When before us are larger, more important factors that demand urgent attention.

I can pick any moment in history, starting from the
My goals are much more than wishes, they are clear expectations that I have the power to make real. My goals at this moment are coming to life. I clearly see how each action I take to my plan, produces results, yes they are small results, but results just the same. And I notice the actions applied to my plans, are being my goal alive, at times it seems my goal is developing itself, demanding that I put action to what it needs at that moment. It's amazing!

More plan action is needed, a lots more, and my power to complete the actions needed, is getting stronger each day. So yes, I have the power to meet the expectations needed to move my goals from a wish, to a real physical, visible thing.
Its almost as if I write them down I will have to do them and if I have to do them then I will have no excuse as to why I haven't been doing them to begin with. WOW I didn't know that would come out of me.
My Organization, is holding me back. I must get better organized, I know it and I'm working at it. My dining room table was clutter with books; mail from last year, my son's old homework, just stuff. Well yesterday I had enough, I set my goal to clean the table. I put my goal into a plan, that plan was set to action. Today, my dining room table is clean, old mail and homework thrown out and books organized.

My next goal; keep it clean! And, I plan to set action, to my plan every week. To insure that, this table will never look that way again. I will use this attitude with every goal I have set, and every detailed plan that demands my action. I'v feeling confident and strong. I've got the Power! And I like it!
Taking bold actions I need to work on that. Finding a unique way to take that color & incoporate it in my daily activities.
Need to take much more BOLD ACTION! Too much getting ready to get ready...shooting to maximize or optimize the situation before taking action. Result - no action and a lot of wasted time prepping beyond what is necessary. This MUST STOP or I will finish this quarter, this year without producing squat in my region!
I must improve my organization and time optimization skills, which means I need to stick to my highest priorities.

My goals are clear, I'm executing action to my plans. Now I need to work harder at organization daily plans, by setting specific times for each task, according to its level of priority. Mastering this will enhance my time optimization skills.

So, the key areas of concentration for me, now are:

Organizing Plans according to their level of Priority with set time frames to start and complete, which increases my time optimization, and allows time to gather additional information and/or learning tools in areas needed.
To be successful in whatever it is that you do, what are your PRIME activities?
How well do you actually PERFORM these key activities:

( ) Excellent... ( ) Good... ( ) Fair... ( ) Poor... ( ) No Clue What's Expected

My PRIME Career Activities:
1) __time with clients - billable hours______E
2) __correspondence about clients________G
3) __networking and training_____________G
I started TQ months ago and was all fired up like always. I spent a week or two screwing around making it the reason I couldn't make it to work because I was going to be fixed. Then It just fell off and I haven't opened an email until now. I've done nothing towards my goals purposely and with open eyes and I'm still unhappy motteling through life. I vow to start today, I wish I could get past emails and start over but I'm starting from right here, right now and everyday. I refuse to live a life that doesn't support my dreams and admirations, and I refuse to give up and live with less. I'm sorry I let myself down, but here I come... It hit me yesterday that I don't know what I'm doing and I'd better learn now. I've lost way to much. Have to go to work now!
I've already have been living this year with a purpose.
I'm trying to live my life on purpose. I have gotten a lot better on focusing on those tasks that are purposeful and not directionless. Part of refocusing is now to eliminate the negative elements in my life which comes a lot from things outside me. I am in a state of shedding those things. It's a process...
I am using this birthright by doing and gaining all the things in my life I deserve. I deserve and will have the best of the best.
Nothing is holding me back from improving on my colors. I have been studying the questions I marked NO and S/T and will continue making improvements.
I will improve my energy first and my mission second.
Right now I am improving my Energy by watching and taking daily notes of my food intake. Also, I am maintaining a daily workout regiment that is keeping me focused through out my stressful day.
My prime 3 activities for my role of CEO is:

1. Writer/communicator

2. Developer

3. Fund raiser

A couple of years ago when I answered this question, my key activities were quite different.

As the quote says, "I am an entirely different person, filled with love and understanding."

Wow -- not that's progress!

1. Maximize my Personal Relationships... God, myself and others... by being Authentic, a Loving Truth Teller, and a Giver...consistently.

2. Maximize my Coaching, Consulting and Mentoring... by being Professional, articulate, a Loving Truth Teller, and continually learning...consistently.

3. Maximize my Counseling and Ministry activities by empathicaly serving people, being a Loving Truth Teller, and Holy Spirit led...consistently.
Within these Activities, here are my three habits to perfect:

A. Define and set my Daily Goals, not just tasks.

B. Stay focused on one goal at a time, to completion

c. Minimize distractions and interruptions
In one year I will be performing only the areas of my life that mean the most. The three activities I want to focus on are: Building my B.O.B, planning an acquisition, and being spiritually/mentally and physically healthy.

Once I achieve the results desired in these areas I can focus on all the things I want for the future.
I am fed up of being smart (IQ 148) and never knowing how to act smart. I must GET IT and quick, I'm 36 and only debts to show for two Masters degrees. i need to know HOW to act...
I do not know what my 3 prime activities are at this point in time.
I am a successful, highly paid public speaker for both corporate and public markets. I am the messenger of hope, love, and intentional excellence.

I am the host of a tv show called, "Make It A Better World - Mind University." We give people step-by-step programs to improve their personal and professional life.

I am a best selling author making millions of dollars through out the world. The name of my book is Remember Who You Are - Greatness Is A Choice.
Even my tiny goals were just wishes.... until I REALIZED my total responsibility for my actions. Lack of self commitment was tearing my heart out leading to poor self-confidence and depression..... I knew I could do better be better.

Time to stand up to myself, all by myself and for myself and all the others who need me.

Saying YES to my small goals and setting a time in my diary. Amazingly, this simple act set off a chain reaction and turned my TQ around.
I am in my final semester of my MBA degree which includes completing a business plan for a global technology business (my #1 career goal). I am also a management consultant working on a terrific client engagement. My 3 most critical activities are:

- Serve my clients' needs efficiently
- Study and add to business plan
- Progress on TQ
Great question.

Right now I have 46 goals posted in this section. 12 are big goals with deadlines yet this year. None are wishes, as I am working on them every single day.

About 10 feel like great ideas and maybe another 3 are just wishes and hopes... with a low probability of happening right now.

Doesn't make them impossible though!

Every day I look at my list and ask the 3 big questions:

Why not me?

Why not now?

Why not take even bolder action?

For all intents and purposes, all my dreams are alive and well... and I am totally convinced they will ultimately be achieved.

Just saying this in print is an act of courage, isn't it?!!!

Right now most of my goals are wishes. I have not imposed a date for completion or spent the time to map out all the necessary steps to achieve my wishes. I have refined my vision to the point that I know where I want to end up and now there is just planning and executing the plan.
Excellent recognition that there is a difference between a goal and a wish.

And as we say, a GOAL without a PLAN is a wish without a HOPE!

First look to the inherent value within each of your visions -- then you can create an empowering role to make them happen.

Probably 5 of the 8 goals, I have are just wishes because I have no exact plan to achieve those goals. Wow, good question. Thanks for the kick in the pants.
Well since i have not really written all of them down, I would say this is not a true idea of my dreams. But most of them I would say are dreams not wishes.
I am just starting with this program to do that. Clarify my hopes and dreams. This is really starting to show daily look into my goals and dreams is needed. DAILY look at what i am i doing to go towards that mission. THe big problem is i DONT have that clear mission yet.
That by itself is an incredible realization!

Once your Mission is clear and direction is set, watch out! You become a powerful force of nature!

Some people spend their entire lives never knowing they are in search of a real mission... worthy of the one life they have to live.

You DON'T need a mission statement. You need a mission that is so burning that you are willing to trade your life for its pursuit.

Now that you know this is the issue, just do the exercises in Success On Purpose and you will find that burning desire and passionate sense of mission and direction!

This is such an important issue, I set aside about 2 hours each week to doodle and kanoodle about vision, direction, dreams and goals.

Being clear about what you want is essential to successful achievement.

Being crystal-clear about the pieces and parts of the vision you want to create is critical to realizing your dreams in the shortest possible time.

So the answer to the when was the last time I clarified my dreams... about an hour ago!

Evaluating my power?

This is a part of my day, everyday.

20-30 times a day I stop and ask, "Am I getting the RESULTS I expect?"

If not, which Color of my performance is holding me back?

I take action to fix that Color and take corrective action.

Every time I look at my list of long term goals, I evaluate the size of the goal to the size of the bark still left in this old dog.

Once choice only.

If my goals are bigger than I am, I need to become bigger than them!

put that way 'power i have' ? Maybe; I could say can i do that ? Probably all the time. Many times I ask myself could I accomplish that do i have the skills discipline to make that happen? I really like what was said about

'Even if you think you can't do something well the first time, try it anyway. When you do something, no matter how poorly, you decrease your fear and gain the information and experience to do it better next time.' that is awesome!
I have always heard just try if you get rejected, getting a no! Does that cause physical pain? NO! but you can learn from it to do it better next time!
My power today is how my words carefully, lovingly, chosen wisely, and gently spoken will impact my 10 year old son (and maybe his family) for the rest of his life. He is asking important questions today about God. Being a parent is such an important role and a blessing. My power is I am passionate about my values and I can relate them to my son.
6months ago
I think I am paying them lip service. am not committed because perhaps on some level I do not believe in my self enough.
Or, more likely, you have not arrived at the true CONVICTION that what you are doing is the right thing to be doing?

Without clarity of purpose, you never get to conviction.

Without conviction, you never get to commitment.

Without commitment, you never get to draw on your courage to test yourself and your beliefs.

We have found that faith and belief are a function of your clarity of values, visions and roles. If you are unclear about any of these 3 variables, you will lack the self-confidence and self-efficacy to live your dreams.

Just a thought.

Over the years, we have found that there are two mindsets that lead to success:

1. High Achievement Oriented...

2. High Achievement Committed.

I never play lip service to the word commitment, as it is an absolute requirement for success.

People who are merely interested in or oriented towards success, rarely ever make it.

Only those people who are High Achievement COMMITTED actually attain the results they desire.

In Success On Purpose, we talk about the Winners Mindset": Clarity of purpose... absolute Conviction that what they are doing is the RIGHT thing to be doing... total COMMITMENT to make it happen... and the Courage to consistently take the bold action necessary to make dreams real.

So yes, I am absolutely committed to making ALL my goals real -- as I have learned to be High Achievement Committed rather than oriented!

I have a number of wishes... hopes... and dreams... that represent beautiful background noise to my day to day journey through time.

My goals are real goals because they are objectives of desire with hard-target deadlines.

My expectations are the focus of my daily actions.

Each day, I strive to maintain High Expectations and attempt to Execute Brilliantly.

The result?

Lots of forward traction with virtually no running in circles!

Listening to others as a therapist & teaching
What do I do best?

Great question!

I can see connections between totally disparate objects... and instantly see the opportunity within.

My talent is in creating opportunity from things most people never even see.

I have a unique way of seeing... then creating a live vision.

My gift is curiosity.

Turning problems into visions of possibilities has been honed over the last 45 years to a razor sharp edge.

Recently, it took me just 3 weeks of hard work to find a vision that embraced a whole new opportunity. I would love to say it comes like a bolt out of the blue, but sure seems to take a lot of time and effort to create and empower inspiring visions.

As Steve Jobs says, it takes him only 2 months of practice for a 20 minute Apple presentation. 3 months if it is 5 minutes or less!

Yes, I expect to win every single day.

I stopped dabbling at success years ago.

I take personal development and improvement seriously.

The 10,000 hour rule rules!

I have been so disappointed with myself and the outcomes of my efforts. I seem to struggle so much with so little to show for it. Minimal successes here and there but more effort than results. I don't expect to win anymore because winning is not necessarily garanteed just because I want it and I do so much and still don' t come close.
The answer is probably yes and no. I do expect to win, but no because i dont know how? Does winning mean achieving desired results?

Meet or exceed your expectations and you win.

Don't and you won't.

Test your TQ... follow the instructions... and you will discover your hidden potential.

Release it, and you will start to win more than you lose.

Win more than you lose and become highly successful.

It is as simple as that!

About 30 minutes a day on and off.

Even though I wrote them, I read every word of every Today's TQ: Time 5-7 minutes.

I actually read and edit my TQ Commentaries each week: 10-15 minutes.

Each week, I spend about 10 minutes with a given Factor action, making sure I am doing it.

Leading TQ seminars and Coaching Sessions as a Trainer rounds out another 2 hours a week.

My TQ averages 88-93 every single day... and my results are enormous by any standard.

Back when my TQ was in the low 60's it took me a concentrated effort of 60 days and about 3 study hours a day to inculcate the TQ Factor Actions.

I do not ever see a day when I stop training, because I have huge Expectations and need to Execute brilliantly.

The edge remains sharp.

The eye remains steady.

The heart remains engaged.

The hands remain strong.

I win, simply because I expect to win.

And am trained to do so.

My weakest Color is Energy.

I am doing everything possible to eat better and move more.

Doing heart tests to see if am able to do hard exercise again.

Am taking positive steps to double my physical energy level, as my mental and spiritual energy is off the charts!

I am a trainer and I love to train. I spend quality time every day:
spiritually 30-90 minutes daily
physically 15-30-60 minutes daily
mentally 60-120 minutes daily
One day of rest for Sabbath...recreation and worship.
Energy drainers - stress overload
Organization could always be improved.
Time Optimization skills...
I will work on making plans by spending a few minutes at the beginning of each week to write down my goals for the week

Eat better... Move more!

Mission. I must achieve clarity in my mission. I will improve my mission by writing out my highest values,most important roles and focus on my abilities and talents to God,s glory. I will revisist my Mission cd and exercises!

By triangulating your Values, Visions and Roles into an entire series of Natural Missions will give you Authentic Direction for making the rest of your life the best of your life.

Keep up the momentum!

Yes, I have done what Aristotle advises... Intentionally achieved excellence by training and habituation.

The journey has been long, the vistas brilliant.

I feel like I am now ready for the real fight ahead.

I am educated... have a lifetime of experience... but more importantly have the TRAINING to take bold action on a consistent and regular basis.

Without TQ Training I would have simply faded into the background.

I am now a force of personal and professional change to be dealt with!

I get sidetracked putting out fires and dealing with survival issues. I lose focus on big picture and purpose. I have successes but do not sustain.
I really just never knew where to begin. I've tried countless of self-help books but none of them have really gotten me anywhere. I do still have most of them and think they will do some justice, once I get my TQ scores up.
Actually pretty close, but less than expected.

The challenges have been a bit bigger than my power to conquer them.

I now have more power so I expect to be on point by July 4th!

This is really a great question that needs to be addressed every single day!

Great question!

I will dramatically boost my Energy Color which will instantly give me the power to produce greater results June 1 to July 4th!

I am am going to make myself go on commission sales which should make me kick in and go for more business.
By July 4th, summer school will be about 1/3 complete, second session, that is. I expect to have been tested in whatever course I am taking, and expect to have achieved a good grade on those tests.

I also hope that I will be closer to finding something that works for me in terms of a living situation - improved here, or on the way to something that actually works elsewhere in terms of fostering an environment conducive to learning and working. and if appropriate some sort of plan in place for tax school - at least know for sure if I am running it.
5 years?
yes, i am committed to my goals. so help me God!
The Question "HOW I MIND TRAIN every day?", comes to my mind". I thought about my daily routines, making up 4 to 5 hours per day. I really never realized that I was actually doing mind training at this amount. I do know that daily rituals of routines makes peoples' lives more productive and focus. I have many successful secret mentors, who are friends, pals, mothers, fathers and sweet angels, I try to figure out their success by what they do, say and how they conduct themselves (watching their self confidence and actions regularly). So I started my own daily and weekly rituals, over 14 months ago. It works for me! Now I am stepping up by doing TQ. This will help me to execute time management throughout the day and to organize by focusing on my goals with a plan to incorporate. This gives me accountability to progress more every day and to focus!
Here are my daily 4-5 hour rituals and routines I do for Mind Training.
Early morning lessons from my preacher TV stars 1 hour. (They confirm, up-lift, direct and teach me about my strengths and power that God has given me in my goals and daily happenings. @5-6 am.) Go do prayer walk and scripture on i-phone. 50 minutes. Watch 15 minutes of the Digging In Lady. Then travel and go to job. Have an hour of Training on my own of personal files. Then after work I have a hour half of focus training. Jail Ministry Tuesdays, Wed. Church Bible study AND Prayer: Thur. Toastmasters: Friday night and Saturday night playtime to do whatever. Saturday focus on cleaning house, clothes, car, which very little gets done on those chores. Praying and trying to help my daughter on weekends. Then my long standing Sunday routine.
You can see this question made me think and I am enjoying my new TQ Coaching. I ordered training material, my Federal Express man has had a delay in delivering. Hmmmm
I think fear is probably the most prevalent thing keeping me back. Not being confident in myself. Its really strange I know Ihave what it takes. I just cant seem to get the courage to do what I know how to d and what I need to do to the life of my dreams
Take bold action - whats holding me back? procrastination!! :)
I am developing my talents so that I can positively influence as many individuals lives sas possible.
I am developing my talents so that I can positively influence as many individuals lives sas possible.
We are trailing a little behind, because of health issues. We might have to adjust some deadlines.
Have 25 students in my Reading class before July 4th
Focus on improving my TQ score and on achieving each of my goals.
What do I truely want?

I want true-love, real passion and honesty. I want to be loved as much as I love them...I want to share everything wiht him, I want to be myself with him. I want happiness that lasts.
I beleive that it is my purpouse in life to get what I need and theres more than what I have written up there.
I prepared myself in army bases to deliver for the world .I believe in myself .

It has been a very long time. At this time I am going through a change in regards to what I desire in life.
motivate others
My Number 1 Friend : America
My Number 1 Enemy : China,Al Qaida,Taliban
My Number 1 Personality from US :Ronald Reagan
My Number 1 Person from India :Our former preseident Mr. Kalam
My Number 1 movie :Saving Private Ryan
My Number 1 Heroine :Aishwarya Rai
My Number 1 Food :American Sausage .
My Number 1 passtime :Watching Global events on NET and TV
I want to see my customers as my friends whom I respect a lot .With all US and European Clients I have an emotional attachment .I want to see their pain side .There is nothing such as Give and Take with my customers .I look at them as my friends whom I can deliver for their needs .That gives an extra punch to my efforts .
Greatly at Crowne Plaza hotel in addison, Tx. today
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Be a GUEST starting in 15 min. Opportunity will run several times
today. This can increase your income today !
so far this program seem interesting so i will give it a try
With the help of TQ I have begun to make success a habit. It's something I work on every day, and I oftn feel I'm moving along slowly because of so many setbacks, however when I look back at where I started, I see tremendous progress. That's what makes me feel great.
I love America .Every sacrifice by America will make this world a better place .Their sacrfice won't go in vain .
We fight for America and will hoist the American Flag high in this world .

talk to more people make more calls, think outside the box, get out of my comfort zone
Family resilience via Wealth Transfer and life insurance plans.
Yes, I have triangulated my Values, Visions and Roles into an entire series of Natural Missions and am living it to the hilt!
My natural mission is to develop the tools required to help people release their full potential -- personally and professional.

Over the years, it has been software, personal training programs and TQ.

An interesting journey, to say the least.
Bright peppy person ready for anything!!!!
When you look at yourself in the mirror each morning... What do you see?

I see a 67.75 year old man who has earned every wrinkle, savored every pound I put on, and every mountain I have climbed to the top.

Still looking forward to the future, but am making my choices very very wisely!
I see a 88 year old man, wise with the knowledge of life -- and successful beyond his wildest dreams.

I see the man in the mirror as a complete work -- not a work in progress.

He has become all that Christ expected him to be.

A hard working woman full of passion
Getting ready for retirement!!!!!
1. Create ever bigger visions.

2. Broaden audience for TQ.

3. Raise big money.

How many of your goals are nothing more than wishes?

I just checked my Goals List, and about 1/2 are in the wish stage, but still viable as expanded dreams, and 1/2 are real Goals with real milestones, moving towards reality.
Need to refine goals.....
Been working on expectation worksheet for each of my projects. Very good resource. thank you!!!!
When was the last time you really clarified your hopes and dreams?

Each day I spend 20% of my time, sometimes more, gaining clarity before taking any action. No question, CLARITY of Values leads to CLARITY of Vision which leads to CLARITY of the Role I will play to achieve the vision and live my values.

Total Clarity leads to absolute CONVICTION leading to unconditional COMMITMENT.

This is what gives me the COURAGE to take the big, bold, scary actions each day!

If you cannot honestly say you have the 4 C's of the Winner's Mindset, I highly recommend you actually do the work in Success On Purpose.

See http://bit.ly/17Ees6c
When was the last time you really clarified your hopes and dreams?

About 15 minutes ago when I updated my Roles and corresponding visions. New goals now in place!
I am totally committed to achieving all my goals, not just adding to the list to make me seem important.

So many people have giant goals that are nothing but a wish without a hope. Mine matter -- at least to me and my team -- so we fully expect to win... every time we play.

We may not win them all, but like a great batter in baseball, we hit a few out of the park and keep our batting average well above 70%.

I am 100% committed to each goal on my list. I fully expect to achieve them, as the ratio of the Desirability / Believability is 1:1.
I am a wisher. I wish this, that and everything else.

It's how I keep my dreams alive.

However, all current goals are set from a position of crystal-clear expectations -- with real actions and performance metrics factored in.

I succeed, simply because I expect to succeed.

Failures fail, simply because they do not expect to succeed in the first place.

This is a TQ Fact for which there are no exceptions.
My goals are sequenced at the present time, but are real within the means I am living within.
To perform as a fool - is to go all in with a chance, or(a wish)
Each project is considered with respect to the season in which it will sell.
Due to hardship - money is tight - written budgets, frugal spending, & budgeting for future projects to clear total debt.
I have the knowledge, strength, and power to survive these times of hardship. I also have the ability to repair what I still own & sell at a better price, at the correct time when the item will be desired.
Or just giving it away within the wrong season.
Thanks TQ - every inspiration - each piece of knowledge helps in these troubling times. ~Blake ~
What do you do best?

My greatest strength is my ability to take 2-3-25 different random facts and create a new idea -- then follow it to a logical conclusion.

I am naturally curious, and have the ability to symbiotically process problems into solutions.

This is a great source of joy -- and sometimes a great curse.

Over all, my successes have been far greater than my failures so I expect it to all work out well in the end!

9/11 changed my mindset .I am going to thrash those countries who try to hurt America .Even FBI can't do anything to me .I will destroy all American enemy .These countries will be afraid of me .I will always remain as a hidden factor and will gradually destroy all American enemy .
Do I EXPECT to win, or am I just going through the motions?

I have EARNED the right to EXPECT, not just wish and hope.

A couple years ago we proved -- yes, scientifically PROVED -- that winners WIN, simply because they expect to win.

Failures fail, simply because they don't expect to win in the first place.

The source of incredibly high expectations is an unwavering sense of passion and purpose. If you do not have it, get it at ThinkTQ.com/SOP!
How much do I TRAIN each day?

20% planning

40% executing

10% learning/researching

10% training/personal improvement

10% me time

10% relationship time
Working on being committed Taking Memorial Weekend to define roles and make goals
With great dedication and respect.
Almost exactly where we need to be.

Lots of loose ends for our great adventure, but plans coming together nicely.

Huge summer ahead of us!
How will I accelerate the effectiveness of my performance?

Improve my Energy Color, clarify my vision with team support.

We sell people on becoming their best by helping them release their full potential.

Do not follow me, is our message.

Follow TQ -- a simple 3 step process for achieving amazing results both personally and in your business.

Sales are GREAT!
Myself!! Honest with Integrity
Concept of investing with Major Manufacturer for development of Solution to get Small manufacturer and OEM business in Bonus.
How many sales will you make -- CAN you make -- if you have a low Energy level and a pessimistic, self-defeating Attitude... poor Plans... pitiful Focus and sloppy Organization and Time Management skills?

Not many sales, or much of anything else will happen with low TQ performance.

This is a much bigger deal than you can begin to imagine, and one of the big reasons why 60% of all Americans have a net worth less than $10 grand.
In my target market those characteristics would probably result in 0 sales for a week, possibly a month. It would result in the weight loss I need as there would be no money for food.
minus 100

Pessimism sets in to reduce the size of my vision when really big boulders drop all around me.

None have killed me yet, but the road ahead looks pretty rocky.

Need to amp up my performance once again!
Have you given yourself permission to believe that it cannot be done?

I am confused. Is this really the question? that it cannot be done?
Never mind - I got it in the quote underneath this box
Yes I believe in the beauty of my dreams. My dreams will help people to believe in themselves and to understand themselves and what it will take to be a success. I don''t know how qualified I am but I don''t believe that God put us on this earth to be constant failures. I believe in the power that God put in each individual so that they can reach their full potential. That is why I always get up when I get knocked down. Because I don''t believe that God put us on this earth to stumble through life. Each person has a gift and my dream is to help those discover that gift by giving them the tools that they need not only to discover the gift but to live it...... the way God intended.
I not only believe in my success, I have actually experienced it - over and over , in the years past.

This helps me to get through tough times !- When naysayers challenge my pettite self, I can laugh , and say "See who is talking ..." as I have EXPERIENCED many times the process of seeing ideas come to fruition.
My top three activities:
1. Do my worksheets for my website
2. Sit with my daughter to read
3. Write my phd chapter

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