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Your duty is to keep hope alive.

"Freedom know this, that every man/woman is free To choose his life and what he'll be. For this eternal truth is given, God will force no man to heaven. He'll call, persuade, direct aright, Bless with wisdom, love, and light; In nameless ways be good and kind, But never force the human mind."~ William C. Clegg

All last week we focused on HOPE. This week, we will focus on Hope's eternal companion: FREEDOM.

In America, we have awesome power. We are free to hope and try... and to fail and succeed.

Use your freedom as if your very life depends on it.

TQ It does.

Since we have passed the halfway mark for 2016, our Lessons in Excellence have taken a bit of a retrospective tone. We have asked you to look BACK on what you have accomplished so far this year.

We have asked you to reflect on your progress... reflect on your results... reflect on where you have been -- what ground you have covered over the past 187 days or so.

Are you on track to achieve your greatest hopes and dreams?

Are you on track to realize your greatest expectations?

This week, we want you to look FORWARD to the end of TIME itself. Since you have the FREEDOM to live the life of your dreams -- not just talk about it or just dream about it -- but actually LIVE it, each and every day you are alive, our questions will become highly personal and very specific:

If you could do anything you want, what would it be?

Forget a moment about the HOW... focus only on the WHAT and WHEN...

I will___________________________

By When? ___/___/___

The HOW is very simple: High TQ Performance... High Expectations ~ Brilliant Execution.

TQ How will you use your freedom?

Please take some time this week to think about how to best use the freedom that has been, through blood and tears, given to you.

You are free to dream.

Dream the DREAM you were destined to achieve.

Live inside your HOPE.

Remember, it is your DUTY to yourself, your family, your organization and community to keep hope alive. If you permit the sparks of hope to flicker and burn out, there is no way to achieve the life of your dreams.

However, fan the sparks of hope into flaming passion, and you will, over TIME, achieve your destiny... one day at a TIME... one action at a TIME.

No question, TIME matters!

TQ So, Optimize the use of your precious TIME...

Here's some great advice from our Optimize Color. 185 days into 2017 is a great time to think about how well you make use of your time... and take corrective action NOW, rather than wait until the end of the year to make some lame "Time Management Resolutions"!

The truth is, you already have all the TIME there is.

There are exactly 1440 minutes in a day, no more, no less. If you're going to get anything accomplished, these are the 1440 minutes you have to work with each day.

Question: Are you working harder and longer -- and still coming up short? Take control of your time, and you take control of your life. It is absolutely critical that you squeeze the most out of each precious minute in your day. When you allow outside forces to keep you from completing the tasks at hand, you have no one to blame but yourself.

Improve your personal and career options by turning TIME into a MONEY machine!

TQ Is your Optimize Color causing you problems?

You can tell when...

  • You are simply a victim of time.
  • You end each day wondering where your time went.
  • You are continuously interrupted and easily pulled off course by outside distractions.
  • You say "yes" to everything, and "no" to nothing.
  • Only later do you ever discover that you could have easily done two things at the same time.
  • You believe that time is an endless resource, and "someday soon" is soon enough.
However, when your Optimize color is strong and vibrant...
  • Each minute of your day is put to its highest and best use.
  • Work is designed to minimize interruptions, and you quickly dispense with all distractions.
  • You understand that to have time for what you want, you may have to say NO to something else.
  • You consistently find convenient ways to complete two things at the same time, reaping multiple rewards for a single effort.
  • You believe every minute is uniquely precious and should be counted on for maximum value.

Right now you have a simple choice. You can look back and wonder why you failed to make your dream real... or you can increase your Power of TQ now.

Choose wisely! -- E.R. Haas, CEO


If you have any questions you would like us to answer personally, just send us an email! Click Here Answers@ThinkTQ.com...

The only dumb question is the one that's important to you... and you didn't ask!

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Running Member Comments...

if I could do anything I want ? hell I dunno right now BUT will take the time to think about that question. wow I just dunno what to do now! damn I guess I better get my head and my butt screwed together > right now ? hell no - do it on your own time not mine - this is a perplexing ???? mark - If I could nayhting I want what wouldd I do ?
well - I guess I would just take or sign up for a course in education about something - maybe history or PE or whateever
Each day time becomes more precious.

Every day I have to make sure that I am going in the right direction.

Every day I have to pick up speed, or -- at 62 -- I just might run out of destination before I reach my destiny!

TQ Today = 88

I just did a quick check. Yep, I am living what's most important to me, my family and my company.

Time to raise the bar a little further.

Hi Eric _ soooooooooo you too are 62 - Me too -
what to do now - you got a company . Me? I just got me and nothing meaningful to do at all. what to do ? just ambling along with no agenda ot schedule each day. help I am in greta health- sleep good - eat good mild drink and lots of exercise send an email rhodes350@comcast.net thanks
I'm trying to come up with some substantial goals and it's hard to map out a strategy
I'm trying to come up with some substantial goals and it's hard to map out a strategy
Heck ! I am near the goal BUt just need to realize that I can do it. this is something ! wow I dunno BUT still want some goals that make sense to me, AND are as compelling as they were when I was 20. darn. It is very hard to find compelling goals when you are 62 and counting. educ is over sports are over (competitive ) I guess ?? I don't know but want some answers NOW ?(*&^%$$ maybe they are compelling and I don't know it. Send help NOW !!!!! thanks
How about volunteering or helping someone?
With all your experiences and skills, you could make an important impact on some kid's life. Check out the library for programs or your church or community center. So many people to help. If you don't want to work with people, then how about an environmental project - recycling, building/remodeling in lower economic areas, gardening projects, etc. I think retired folks have so much to offer. People who are raising families or trying to figure out their careers don't have time to do as much charitable works.
Make a DIfference to someone or your community today!
Maria --

You gave him some great advice!

If there is nothing else to do, but wait to die, my advice would be to greatly expand your vision.

If you're a big success in business, and have a net worth in excess of $10 million, start finding a way to give it away.

If you've achieved all that you want in life, great... but from the tone, it sounds like a lot of years of frustration ahead.

No one can tell you what you should do. You must discover it.

At age 62, I am booked for the next 15 years with stretch goals that will last for a hundred years or more. I plan on living right up til the day I day.

Read Success On Purpose, do the exercises in the Vision, Values and Roles chapters.

If you can't find a life of purpose and significance from that, then you are already on the way to the grave.

the last message was a rambling catalogue of nothing to do. soooo find something to do - OK ?? &^%$#@@ I am not in a position to hafta do anything CUZ I have reached all of my goals I have reached em already - NOW What ??? now what ? send help LOL
Hi John - Since you have already reached your OWN goals, is there a way that you can help someone else reach theirs???? There are tons of people in this world who need someone like you. It sounds like you have a WEALTH of wisdom and can share your successes, failures, and life lessons with TONS and TONS of people.

Do you have a family? Do the members of your family have any personal goals they are trying to reach? See if there is any way that you can help move them forward. What about church, or neighbors, or close friends that you hang out with from time to time? Can you be a part of their goals?? Do you volunteer anywhere? Can you help anyone there with their personal/professional goals???

The possibilities are ENDLESS!! Best of blessings to you!
What type of decisions have to be made when your in the middle of your life stradegies changing? On one hand you know if you don't persue your goals or dream you may be headed for a disaster. At the same time the little money you have saved is the only thing keeping your head above water until you can get your business on track. You have no means of raising additional capitol because of past credit problems due to your past business.If you don't commit to spending the money you have saved to get your business off the ground you find yourself with no business and no money. Bite the bullet and go for it on the risk you may loose everything or find alternate stradegies. I have been a business owner all my life reaching goals but no matter how many times you face these types of crises there is no magic wand or clear path.Especially when you are like me that you want to be the person that always steps up and make things happen in order to have a better life for your family and provide all the help you can to others. I would like to know what helps dictate those paths or choices that need to be made when following your ultimate ideal?
I wish I had the answers for you, I am experiencing the same thing. What do you do when your middle-aged and unemployed in a state with few available jobs and bad credit? How about you
"older/wiser" people. Has anybody been through this and if so please give us some advice? Thanks.
I am 49 years old, and is somewhat in your shoe. I have come to realize that middle age and financial crisis does not go well together, it presents a real dilema and can even become tragic; but thank God for TQ it transmit a light of hope to help anyone who will receive its concrete time tested messages regardless of their age. I must admit that at times I am a bit petrified by the standard they ask us to stive for (especially due to the fact that their newsletters are sent to the general populous without an age limit on any particular topic) I guess they are basically saying they place no caps on age, as long as we continue to exist we can still achieve our highest goals.

Now to my response regarding our dilema, here is my observation. I have come to realize those who are face the horrors of lifes challenges, hang on as if they were literally drowning and were clutching at straws for their very survival, are the very ones who truly find ways to overcome the obstacles or mountains in their lives however difficult it may be.

I have been unemployed for years, because of an illness that comes and goes, thereby causing me to be an unsuitable candidate for a stable employment in the general workforce, but I handle this crisis by remaining active through creativity. I am not earning from any of my creative works as yet, but I trust that before the end of the year I will begin to generate some funds through them. However, I also recognize my weakness as to why I had'nt established myself before, i.e I don't have the guts to hit the streets like other people who had to do so because of the desperate situation they find themselves in, they saw no easy way out and therefore they were willing to start at even the very lowest level for the sake of survival. Many of those people learned some of lifes most critical lesson in their crucible that will remain invaluable to them for the rest of their lives; in fact those hard lessons that they have to sift through laborously was tthe best thing that ever happened to their lives. They hit the very bottom and had to start afres. That is perhaps what both you and I need to
accept and take like plunge in good faith and embrace them as our friend rather than our enemy. If we face lifes challenges with that mindset, then the overall prospects won't look so bleak but instead we will see ourselves as true conquerers against all the odds that life throw at us. Life is like a rose set among thorns, but though the thorns cause pain notice how the rose sit majestically in its very midst. That's the mindset we need to have. The thorns are inevitable, but we can truly stand out bringing even cheerful delight to others, just as a rose does while being fully surrounded by thorns.

I have no means to raise additional capital to fund my business, but fortunate for me I have no credit problems unlike you, but I can't go to the bankers as I have no funds in the system anymore, so in one sense I am in a situation thats similar to yours. So what shoud we do?

1. Start brain-storming like crazy. Look for treasures in trash. Think of creating something that almost everyone all over the world will use daily, yet it will cost you little to produce it as well as be relatively inexpensive to your potential customers(from you little savings thats left, just in case your present venture is too costly to refund presently). I TRULY PRAY FOR AN INVENTIVE MIND that would facillitate all the above requirements. Ask God for wisdom to use the little you have wisely. He always take the seemingly insignificant and makes them great, if you truly place them in His hands. He is a multiplier not a subtracter. Lastly, have faith and hope like Abraham. Though there seemed no hope he continued to hope and though he contemplated and understood that his own body was practically dead and that his wife was barren, i.e that her womd was dead, he did not allow those daunting, and seemingly impossible circumstance shake and weaken his faith, he did not waver or doubt through unbelief rather he was empowered by his firm belief that God would act on his impossible situation to change it to be possible. Living this attitude, while he was very much painfully aware of the complete deadness that surrounded him in both his as well as his wife's life made him even stronger! That means our attitude is truly a catylyst for hope and even when no hope exist, it has within it the power to change our circumstance 360 degrees.Let your attitude in this seemingly impossible financial situation create the change you so desperately need. (If you a person who will read the bible, you may read the above I refered to for yourself in:(Rom 4:18-21).

I trust my respose will help to lighten your concerns a bit. If I can think of any other possible solutions, I'll drop you a line through this same media. Bye for now and may God bless you and your household, oops! also have a blessed Christmas and a prosperous new year when it comes.
Dear Joy:
This commentary must be old since it goes back to Christmas. I would like to thank you for your kind message and would like to communicate with you by e-mail. I will try to get you my e-mail address through this site. I really need time to really absorb all that you've said and I am very time constrained at the moment but I am saving your post for later. Thanks for making my day!
Hi Tammie,

I intend to put forth my work and begin to implement my other planned project next month For to me, the number 8 is the biblical number of new beginings; and I have no intention of allowing it to pass me by, (i.e to make it reach its end) without making a foot hold in my God given opportunity for my new begining. Thanks to the impact TQ had made on my life and above all thanks to my Creator and Lord.

I saw your request for my email address, I think I could take a leap of faith and give it to you right here and now. However, I don't know if it will go against TQ's protocol. So find a way to get back to me via next weeks commentry and let me know what you have discovered. Then I'll see what can be done.

Bye for now. May seek Gods guidance as you continue to utilize time wisely to fulfill your God given purpose regardless of your age.

Oh, before I go; consider this: Caleb to me was an Old Testament hero who inspired me for he was willing to take on a mountanous range when he was 85 yeas old. He said "Now give me the Mountain". Many of us would be daunted by such a challenge at that age but he did'nt rather he embraced it with a focused mind. In fact God liked him for possesing that kind of spirit (i.e mindset) within himself for God said Caleb had a different kind of spirit in him and because of that God was willing to do so much more for him. The same will happen for us, if we have that kind of a tenacious spirit regardless of our age and God will bless our efforts beyond our wildest imagination.

It is that very kind of mindset TQ.com is trying to instill in us who believe we are too old to achieve anything of significance. So, let us take courage and roll up our sleeves and do it, for we can; but we must believe we can.
I would finally fell whole and complete. Proud that of the accomplishment
I am on Disabilty and want to move forward with an E-business, but I am afraid that if my business does not get off the ground and I lose my disability, I will be in worse shape than I am in now, and most of us know disability does not pay enough to live on!!! HELP, I dould use some possitive advice.
Living in Central America and funding a clinic to promote healing techinques using herbal, and other forms of alterntive protocols. Building greenhouses on my Nicaraguan propery to nuture rare healing herbs and labs to test and process tinctures, infusions etc.
Owing a unit in a high rise in Panama or Venezuela overlooking the ocean. As for the
My family and I are all healthy, my husband's business is extremely successful and he has found great people who work for him so that he does not have to be there 24/7. I have finally learned how to love myself, love others, and let others love me. I have many very wonderful and close friends. I am happy with myself, just as I am. I am not afraid of success nor failure and have a joy about life that radiates to others around me. My husband and I live in our dream home, and we have several grand children that come and spend a lot of time with us. We travel and are financially secure. We have learned how to spend money wisely, but also enjoy it. We are able to help people who have less and my husband and I are very involved in our church and missions. My business that I sold 20 years earlier has grown to become one of the top soy wax candle businesses in the United States. I have a very close relationship with Jesus and have finally learned what it means to have faith in God. I love my life....
2027 No, not yet
I recently reviewed my purpose, which is to be THE role model for my children. In doing what's right, I realized that the rewards are enormous! In making honorable choices not only am I leading them, but I will also recieve the great things to which I am destined!

A greater purpose in life I cannot begin to imagine.

Thanks for sharing.

the capstone of my dream ??? what dream ? HeckI don't have one as yet deraming was overa number of years ago - Now Iam just holding pat damn
just holding pat - playing RB and BB pic up just about it- for now - I dunno what to do about anything
let me know if you care
Just wanted to agree with Joe and tell you that there are others who care too. Get yourself together, even if you have to move to get away from him. I have all the confidence in the world that you can do it. Best wishes, Tammie
Are you bragging or are you reaching out for some help, I do not understand what your point is to this particular area of discussion, sounds like you got off track along time ago.
Wise up this married man is just using you, he will not leave his wife for you, you are just a toy to him when he is done with you,like a toy you will end up in the goodwill box.Pick yourself up girl and get away from this man, he is only dragging you DOWN into the dirt,you need to work on your self esteem, you can do better than this,I myself have gad custody of my daughter since the age of 5, she is now 26 and a RN, I would be devistated if the only thing my daughter had to talk about is aborting a child from a married man,it is not the fault of the unborn child.....get a grip pick yourself up and as the saying goes time does not wait on anyone. As A proud father and having raising a daughter, I would be DEVISTATED. Please talk to someone a friend, your parents,or any minister of any faith will take the time for you but you are heading,no actually spiralling in the wrong direction,but you and only can turn your life around, and NOW is the time,please don't wait a minute longer,PLEASE
From someone who cares!!!!!!!
well = no - I have been in a holding pattern for a long long time - wow -- I wanna grow and learn and develop = sooooooooooooo I will - just what is it I want to do ? I don't know as yet BUt I hope to find out soon... I will and can doit BUT I have not been motivated - FIND SOMETHING TO DO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will and want to find something to do. so doit = start the investment fund with andy is a start OK ? Thanks evrybdy
Hi Maria and Tammie - thanks a lot - I appreciate you taking the time to respond to my needs - thanks a lot - I plan to do some volunteeering - I have in the past at Habitate and the soup kitchen - I need to re-ignite that committment- thanks for reminding me of my committment to others and my country and all our people - thanks --- you are just great both of you. I hope this gets to you both and all th eother folks who have respondede to my pleas of desperation LOL it is serious and I need to realise that life and love are serious My very best to all of you John
Thanks evrbdy _ I appreciate this column. I appreciate your responses to my desperate pleas/ hell I just gotta get my head and a%$ wired together and et some new goals for my life. thanks John
Find true happiness in my life.
My unstable health
lack of organization
time management
I appreciate what this program has already done for me, I'm gaining direction and becoming more positive in my approach to life.
Whats the difference sad,happy,angry,content, they are all just words that descrybe feelings. Yes you can be bored and not mind it, so why not just except that there is nothing to gain or lose. You get to have some fun and then your body dies and who no's it probably starts all over again, Myself making decisions always seems to backfire so I gave up a long time ago, shir I would not mind haveing money but it would no doubt just cause me troble, challenges are for children that dont know any better, your born you do you die thats all there is to it, why try you'll just be disapointed anyway and it will probably out weigh anything pleasent you get from it. We dont have to die but I would like to understand what nut would want to live, even at all. Not that I;ve been tramatised or anything but there is always that chance hanging over you so why give it more opertunity than it has already. Take chances? Not me, I can handel being bored and having a mundain life thanks but no thanks, dreams are for suckers, goals only allow others to manipulate you and leach from you. Again who would realy want to be alive. I think it's all very ignorant. An experiment gone wrong. If you like to work then you make nothing if you like to use your mind you body suffers, everything is a balance and to keep it would be a miricale. I suppose if I liked life or was enjoying it even I would feel different, but why would I want to feel different, so I can be disapointed when I die? Again no thanks Im looking forward to my demise, heck I can hardly waite.Anyone that thinks they have freedom is just fooling themself, you are inprisioned in a very delicate haphazard body that gets faulse inputs via the 6 sences it has,My dream would have to be that I dont wake up tomarrow and never have to come back to this reality, because that is exactly what it is not. Everything is a scam or a trick, even if I trick myself I dont seem to like it so why am I here writeing this? Because the idiot inside of me still thinks there is something I dont see or understand. The cons are everywhere they tell ya you can be so happy but they are just con's that same happy comes with magnified unhappy too so again there is nothing to gain or lose life is just a different way to entertain ourselves, I would rather it did not last so long.
Your statements are the saddest words I have ever read in my entire life. I don't know if you will return to this site to read my comments seing that it has been months since you posted the above, but I trust that God will guide you to review what you have written and thereby see my response.

Reading your statement also made me fully aware that there may be hundreds of other persons out there somewhere in the world who entertain and even embrace this mindset that you have displayed. Naturally, it appears you have lost contact with every fibre of your emotion. Indeed you are as one that is already dead, but today I speak life into your being! Arise from the deadness of your mind and live! Look around at the things of nature > listen to the birds singing, go take a walk, view the blooms of flowers and if it is snowing consider the snowflakes. Don't waste the breath that's within you.

I am deeply saddened by your statements. Such words could only emmit from a person who lives without hope. I am now convinced that tue death begins in the state of ones mind, (not just when the physical body cease to function).

I am further saddened because you are on a web site that has the antidote to medicate your dilema yet you totally ignore the help you can gain on this very site, to stir a sense of life within you. Reaching the inner core of your mindset seems hopeless, yet I must somehow believe in hpoe for you, (as long as the breath of life still flows through your veins). I don't know if you believe in God, but I do, so I will pray for you as well as for the countless others who are like yourself. True, life is laced with obstacles and trials but God has placed His mighty power within us to overcome them. Don't give up on life! Death of the mind or body is your enemy, not your friend. Be free from it's imprisonment, lose these shackles that has chained your mind.

Bye for now, I am trusting God for a good report.
I love what Joy has written and I too am deeply saddened by the way you feel, although I really understand. Yes, we will all die, even the sun and the universe will die. Isn't it a challenge to see what you can do with the life you've been given? In the end it might not matter (even though I believe it matters for eternity.) but how far can we as humanity get? I know it isn't always wonderful here, but it isn't all horrible either. I think you have an awesome chance at making a difference. Are you up to it? I hope you realize your potential!
If I could do anything I wanted?? Well heck, I'm doing it! I've got my business started - now I just have to build it! I've enrolled in school - now I just have to finish the classes. I've got my house - now I just have to finish a few needed repairs.

What next?

Oh yeah - sell that house and move. My business is "portable" and it's time for some new scenery.
I am pleased with the decisions I made today. I made a decision to rest myself so that I could do my goals with more vigor. I had run myself down so that I was no good to no body. I have set a goal to enjoy myself with my family.
My goal today is primarily to keep asking myself what is my outcome before I begin a task. Even during the task I find asking this question really keeps me on point.
I would feel fullfill, and see that I did acomplish my dreams. It feels great
*Awesome* I'd have a home in Hawaii and the one in California renovated to enjoy the beautiful view in Half Moon Bay even more. A business to support this with savings being added to the bank and other wise investments at all times.

I'll be in the best physical condition I've ever been in, with my children growing in their education and having an attitude *I want* exercise.

The next year 2010 I'd complete my Island Inventory to owning a home on all the Hawaiian Islands. Share my wealth, and *live simply* though this life of so many things we can do and want.
I will feel real happy. Next, I will set my dream which I didn't dare to even think. Rather, that goal is visible only after the achievement of this 'most cherished dream. I know I have a power to dream. Everybody has. That is what I will keep doing.
these are good questions to ask myself. when i take a close look at these questions i realized that i am not making any use of my time. i have a lot of time to go out and change things yet, i don't do it.. some things must change
well, I quit whining about the place the fire put us in. I think we've fired the fire restoration company and taken over as General contractor. that right there made me feel back in control. I'm not waiting on THEIR schedule, but controlling mine. Everyone is lined up, we're synching schedules and even managed to book our vacation. Now we might just be back in our home by the time school starts. Gotta love it!
Even though I am doing exactly what I want, I don't feel as though I am mastering it. I am working to move into this, but I get down every once and a while. I catch myself and switch my thoughts. I am aiming to get it so it is a way of life for me.
I would feel so amazing. I would be able to look at life as something I finally was able to accomplish this goal. This goal of mine has to be the hardest one I have set for myself. Perhaps because I am extremely busy it seems as though I have set some very high standards and not stepped away from the plate.
A strong degree of honesty!
See and Say July 11,2008

We all need to focus on the true meaning of life, instead of the now meaning of life. Make a choice to be who you were born to be. Life is but a vapor, don't become dry stay alive. Seek the One who will help you. True Joy is already yours, discipline yourself to follow your Heart and Spirit not your eyes and mouth. True power is in the tong, watch what you say.

Jack Jenkins
I am retired and living with my family close
I see myself in a position where I am being a blessing to those around me by my energy, passion and confidence in my everyday tasks. Completely focused on doing His will in my life. I will be a mentor at work, home and at church. Twenty years from now I will be younger in heart due to my 20 years of laughing in spite of it all. I will travel all around the world speaking His truth to all who want to hear. In twenty years, I will not be where I was yesterday, today or anytime tomorrow. I am moving forward and taking my time to have fun and achieve different results to better my life and the people who walk into my life.
Is anyone interested in regularly corresponding with me to complete the TQ training session? I'm looking for a buddy to review the course material. leilamp@comcast.net
Technical knowledge
Achieve success in a position of authority or command.
Yes my life is actually very confusing right now. I have several directions that I am going in, and because of this, I lack the man power hours to dedicate to one direction to make myself extremely successful in any endevers. First and foremost is that I have to make money, and I am a CPA and certainly the quickest way for me to make money is to do tax work, and that is what I am focusing on right now. And one of the benefits of doing this kind of work is that I have a natural interest in this line of work, and so I feel obligated, and a dyer need to study taxation...and clear up the lose ends for myself....then I also have an obligation to my music. I am literally the best blues harmonica player that the world as ever known, and I can see why it is so hard, because it is hard to make money at that....but of course I can't give up on my dream and so i keep pursuing, and like my life in kaos because I logically figued the whole thing out, I may not have the money and something else is going to have to change....Also my wife and two kids are in Japan with her parents, and I have to constantly be thinking of ways to be on everybody;s good side...plus my wifes mother is going to die soon, so she feels the need to be over there....anyway, I need to take an hour every night and clarifying what is important to me with always th #1 important thing is my health...which is a major point...
succesful famous rewarded happy and rich art photographer
living in own daylite rooftop patio studio appartment and jetting around leading an abundant happy fulfilling and balanced live
We own our own successful eBay business. We are our own bosses. We don't have to deal with unloyal disrespectful employers any longer. We can take off the time that we wish, weekends, 4th of July, thanksgiving, etc. That's the freedom that I want. I have always wanted to run my own company. And although we do so well in the restaurant industry, it would take a lot more time than we want to invest.
Work smarter, not harder.
Holding me back is uninterest towards my current job which I hardly like.NO creativity at all, only same work on routine basis.
I am QA engineer.
Want to change my profession to make me feel happy and satisfy.
I am enjoying life to the fullest.
Currently working.
Want to be MBA and to do Mass & Media course as want to use my inner creativity as a successful director in coming years (want to change my current profile as I m surrounded with boredome of that).
I will be using right track from now onwards.
I am holding me back. I don't know if it's fear or laziness or what. But there is no doubt that it is me.
A note on the TQ QUICK START program. I just finished the 4 week teleseminar for the second time and while I learned a great deal the first time, the second time around was an even better learning experience. While the core message is the same, the delivery was different, providing new insight. For anyone who hasn't participated in this program, I would highly recommend it. For those who have, you should consider revisiting this program again. The benefits are definitely worthwhile.
today i feel like my life is headed down the road of desaster. and that is the clear direction i have. Today started off good. Beth and I got the office almost finished set up. I was feeling pretty good untill momma heard me telling kendal that i was going to atlanta this weekend. I am accordign to her a slut because i am running after a man. Yes I am going to atlanta to see Derrick but I want to go see him. I know that i need to move out of this house and from under momma. I need my own place. But once again, money and the lack there of is my biggest hold back. I was thinking that I would work with my new company and hopefully Beth and I would have made enough money so I could be moved into my own place by the end of the year beginning of next year. But now I see i will have to get a job and try to work at my company too, move out into a rental. Ill have to get rid of Gracie if i dont find a place that will let me keep her and focus on hafing my own place.
Right now I am going nowhere and backward. I was so glad when I got a new job closer to home. The first week I was given about 20 hours which is more than the job I had. I was called three times to come into work, and couldn't once because I was still working the first job. So I put in my two week notice. Now this week some of us only got three hours. I really am frustrated, I was told i'd probably get 20-32 hours a week. I am thinking of moving to another state because it is so bad here. My boyfriend is able to stay in Florida. I figure at least I wont have to worry about the winter if i'm out on the street. Hopefully he will find a job and then we (I have kids) can move down there. But how am I going to sell my place and what am I going to do with my things. I want to get down there and get settled before school starts. What a mess and how am I going to be without him? I am taking it like the families of the soldiers. but what if he doesn't get a job. He can't get back. I suppose I shouldn't complain because others have it worse. I just wish my life wasn't dependent upon others. I have to find some way to support this family without a job.
Continue on promoting myself. I find it a huge help to me and how I function for the rest of the day. It takes a lot of practice.
Making my minutes matter is a daily struggle for me.

I get easily distracted and find that my multiple priorities cause me to switch in and out of roles quickly. Sometimes that is a real problem.

For the rest of the year I am employing the "Do It Now" mentality and am seeing real results.

grrrreat !
Incredible. It would be the most incredible high ever if I realized all my dreams from 7 years ago... yet this summer.

Right now, I am on track for my biggest 5 year goals.

These are large, amaranthine goals that can only be achieved over the course of time.

Faster, no doubt. Better results, sooner? No doubt.

I would like to think that by the end of this year, brand new 5-7 year goals will be set from dreams that have yet to be dreamed!

I would feel absolutely elated,grateful,blessed and responsible.
I am the master of my destiny.

Who else would be?

Other than being buffeted by this global economic meltdown, I am the man... the time is now... and am on track for achieving my most important goals this year!

I like to put it: I will become the "Steward of My Own Destiny" - My belief is that God has an amazing destiny for me... and I have some clues, but I am on a discovery journey. As a steward, I am responding to that which I know and beleive... and aligning with it... I must stay aware though, or I may miss some important parts by distraction, needs, or letting other people's agendas take my time...
Great opening quote! I realize that my many lists are keeping me distracted from my top values. Currently I am sitting with my family on vacation and today's lesson struck home with me. I will clean my lists, and those things I feel most pressing will wait for a later day as I focus on a top value, my family. If I miss something while doing that, I didn't need it anyway!

Thanks TQ!
now, I am reading Success on Purpose and I revisited my TQ scores and while I score 8 on Mission, I score less than 5 on everything else with a zero on Make Plans. Now I know that from the book such a TQ chart is not supposed to exist so I went and did it over and my score increased to a 9.25. So am I misleading myself, how is it that my mission is burning so bright yet I am so frustrated with where I am in life. There is so much I want to do and believe I can, so why am I stuck here. The door is right before me but its like I can't move. I don't know what it will take to become the master of my own destiny. I try to influence it as much as I could but I know my dreams are getting bigger and they are scaring me because I will get to the point that nothing else will matter and I will just go do that but I don't want to make any rash decisions. I will keep reading because I think I will finally find the answer in this book.
Yes, the answer is right there!

You have to take the next step to move from Mission to real, tangible GOALS.

If you have in fact triangulated your Values, Visions and Roles into a series of Natural Missions, you have taken an awesome first step. You were right to update your TQ scores.

Now the momentum must continue. Go to the My TQ section and click on the My Performance Chart. Click on the Goals color bar and establish the pieces and parts of making your Mission real.

Double check your Attitude Color to see if you have the believability and faith to actually live your Mission.

If not, you have just found what is holding you back, so improve it.

Get all the help you need. I highly recommend you get the TQ Gold System (ThinkTQ.com/System) if you are struggling to get your other colors up.

Get your TQ up into the 80's and you will in fact master your destiny.

My version of the American Dream is total freedom... the power and freedom to do what I want, when I want, where I want and with whom I want.

To do anything without financial worry... to live my values fully every single hour of every single day.

Not there yet, but the dream is getting close to fruition!

Tha American Dream, to me, is Freedom... The Freedom to Live and Give... to have and to enjoy wonderful relationships with family and friends... to live and work in a way that encourages others and impacts people in a positive manner... and to know at the end of my life, that it was all worth the effort... and hear my Heavenly Father say "Well Done, Son!"...
A beautiful, loving wife... my kids and grandkids (ggkids) happy and spending time with us... financially independant and giving... and my business still serving people in a very impactful way... all to leave an honoring legacy, and give Glory to God...
my schedule is cramped with obligations.
Travel more frequently for long weekends!

What's holding me back?

Time and money!!!

Yes, my life has absolutely clear direction.

I am the CEO of a company that is changing the destiny of the world by giving people the tools to actually LIVE their dreams.

People suffer, struggle and fail needlessly.

By helping people first discover a mission worth spending the only life they have on... then unleashing their full potential through High TQ Performance, we give them both DIRECTION and the DIRECTIONS to make it happen!

I would feel ecstatic. I would be jumping cartwheels and running up and down in the yard filled with joy because all of my dreams have come true. God is indeed good and worthy to be praised!
Amazing full-filling mind-blowing laughing with happiness just bursting with joy
Releasing some of the stress would help me to have more fun. Lack of organization seems to be really costing a lot right now.

Prioritizing what I'm doing and staying focused so that I can get things done faster would give me more time to spend doing the things I love.
My most important client is CIA and FBI .I love to work for them .My main goal is to protect America .

My American Dream is that America should retain number one slot in every aspect in the world .Other countries should maintain a happy and healthy relation with America .American people should be happy always .There is no unemployment in America .
People should obey America .

This is the first time I have looked at the complete lesson. Today I am moving forward in great leaps towards my goal of moving back to the CO area, specifically around Boulder . I have two interviews today for positions in the Denver area as a health and wellness coach/personal trainer. I decided the most important thing to me is to live in a sunny climate that is health conscious. I want to make more money to be able to buy a house and provide for my 4 kids more adequately. I want to be able to play outside and hike/bike more than two months out of the year. The first step is to find a job opp. here in CO, so I took a two week vacation and am here looking and believing God will open the doors for me to move one step closer to fulfilling my dream of owning a house, living in sunshine and being in the Colorado culture once again. Fitnessgal
Help us to think avoid depression in hard times become innovative.
Do you actually WANT to achieve your hopes and dreams... or just TALK about them? What will you do now?

Great questions!

I will update my goals list... refine my plans... and take a big action step in the direction of my dreams.

I am taking action-I have been wanting to write some children stories for years, finally got one on paper- my kids will be co-writing/editing illustrating :) feels good to get going on it!
I am taking action-I have been wanting to write some children stories for years, finally got one on paper- my kids will be co-writing/editing illustrating :) feels good to get going on it!
Are you a master of making your minutes matter? If not, why not?

Yes, I am an expert at employing every time management technique known to man... and then some.

I learned how to turn my time into a magic money machine a long long time ago.

The great news is that this is an easily mastered skill, one that will make you rich.

If you do not learn to master time, it conquers you and keeps you broke, humble and stupid!

My most cherished dreams from 7-10 years ago are mostly realized, and have been updated with bigger, bolder and more ambitious dreams.

Ash, my beautiful baby granddaughter, just turned 20 yesterday.

Wow -- time passes and I am very grateful for all I have earned, what has been given to me... and the blessings bestowed on my by the Good Lord.

Become a great deal more leveraged with highly talented people who have vision and grit.

My destiny is interlinked with many other people, and my job is to make it easier for them to help me change the very fabric of the future.

My version of the American Dream is a population united again, pursuing a mission worthy of the only life we have to live.

It is up to us to decide what that mission is.

Choose wisely.


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I've taken a dozen time management courses and read 20 books on improving my time management and organization skills. This goes WAY beyond anything I could ever hope for. It gave me a serious edge when I came up for my last job review, not to mention the confidence I now have.

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