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The sad truth is, no one cares how hard you work. What matters is how much you get done.

"A tree is known by its fruit; a man by his deeds. A good deed is never lost; he who sows courtesy reaps friendship, and he who plants kindness gathers love." ~ St. Basil

This week we will be discussing the key to long-term success—however you define it: Wealth... Power... or Happiness.

That key is high TQ performance—the power to set crystal-clear Expectations... coupled with the power to Execute brilliantly.

No question, you are measured by the RESULTS you produce... not how much EFFORT you expend.

Realize this.

Your family lives on the RESULTS you produce. Your career depends on the RESULTS you produce. Time judges you by the RESULTS you produce.

So, improve your power to achieve outstanding RESULTS over TIME. How? Simply increase your TQ by 20 points! Get with the program...

All last week we focused on the power of crystal-clear EXPECTATIONS... how you see the future... and how you see it turning out.

Conclusion: The ratio of what you have the right to EXPECT over your ability to EXECUTE governs everything you will ever be, do and have in life.

Big Expectations with a poor ability to Execute is a prescription for disaster. Small Expectations with a strong ability to Execute is a waste of time and life.

If you want to achieve your personal best each day, do this: Expect MORE—Execute BETTER.

In other words, create RESULTS that meet—or beat—your Expectations.

TQ The Formula for Lasting Success...

As the world's leading publisher of virtual training products for personal and professional excellence, we have found that there is indeed a simple formula for success: High TQ Performance.

The proof is found not only in the millions of data points we have gathered that measure people's success potential, but in our commonsense equation:

Success = Greater RESULTS... Less TIME.

My trusty American Heritage Dictionary defines RESULTS as "The consequence of a particular ACTION, operation, or course; a favorable or concrete outcome."

Because your family lives on the RESULTS you produce... your career depends on the RESULTS you produce ... and time judges you by the RESULTS you produce, you must stop confusing EFFORT with RESULTS.

The sad truth is, no one cares how hard you work. What matters is how much you get done... how much you actually accomplish... not the EFFORT expended.

This week, we are going to focus on RESULTS... not effort, attempts, struggles, exertion, good intentions, excuses, apologies, explanations, reasons, disappointments, dissatisfactions, discontentments, disgruntlements, letdowns, justifications, rationalizations, rues or REGRETS.

Results trumps ALL of these words in the dictionary... and in your life!

TQ Expect MORE—Execute BETTER!

If you want to meet or exceed growing EXPECTATIONS... to actually GET the RESULTS you EXPECT... you must turn up your Power of TQ. There is no "other" other way.

If you want better results—in every area of your life—you must improve your personal POWER.

Permit your POWER to drop, and you will achieve fewer RESULTS.

Increase your POWER, and you will achieve greater RESULTS.

Greater Power translates into greater Results—immediately... not Someday down the line. Immediately.

TQ The Power To Achieve Greater Results...

Want better RESULTS? Simply improve each of your 10 Colors:

  • Improve your physical and mental ENERGY level...

  • Improve your sense of purpose and MISSION...

  • Improve your ATTITUDE...

  • Improve your ability to set clear GOALS...

  • Improve your ability to Make PLANS...

  • Improve your ability to PRIORITIZE your actions...

  • Improve your ability to create interpersonal SYNERGY...

  • Improve your ability to get and stay ORGANIZED...

  • Improve your ability to OPTIMIZE your time...

  • Improve your desire to take bold ACTION...

TQ High TQ Performance = Success...

This week, take some time to think about what your life would be like if you had more POWER.

What would you do?

Where would you go?

How would you live?

If you want to produce significantly better RESULTS... and do it in less TIME, you can. Simply turn up your Power of TQ.

While ALL 10 Colors of The Time Prism are required to produce exceptional results, one Color seems to be a major problem for most of our clients: Prioritize.

With millions of data points from our online TQ Tests, it is clear that people don't like to make hard choices... or maintain their focus on the IMPORTANT.

Consequently, they permit the inevitable urgencies of the day to consume them.

The result? Poor RESULTS!

If this is you, clip and post this week's Factor Sign. Put it where you can SEE it frequently. Do it often.

TQ Focus on Important Results...

For the next two weeks, I want you to become an expert at doing TQ Factor 6B: "I preview all my goals and choose the most important ones to focus on each week."

Understand the importance of this TQ Factor of your performance and you are well on your way to tremendous success. Fail to heed the advice contained here, and the success you desire will start slipping out of your grasp.

The Bottom Line.

This week, take some time to think about what your life would be like if you had more POWER. What would you do? Where would you go? How would you live?

Remember, there are tangible RESULTS... and then there is everything else. Become known for producing superior RESULTS and you will become successful beyond your wildest dreams.

Don't and you won't.

If you haven't already, right now is the perfect time to take a baseline assessment of your EXPECTATIONS and your POWER to achieve them. I urge you to take the full 100 question TQ Test to baseline where you are now... and what you will need to do differently to achieve your goals this year. -- E.R. Haas, CEO


If you have any questions you would like us to answer personally, just send us an email! Click Here Answers@ThinkTQ.com...

The only dumb question is the one that's important to you... and you didn't ask!

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Running Member Comments...

Focusing on Priority #1 first is not a problem when you KNOW what Priority #1 is.

Important RESULTS require important FOCUS.

This article changed the entire direction of my business for the next 6 months!

I know what RESULTS to EXPECT.

Now I must produce them. This is the easy part!!!
I will start making a daily list the night before on how to best approach the day. I will even place priority on items
I've just launched a new web site I worked on over the weekend, which I think explains what I must do to increase my results, something that E.R. Haas has been drilling into me over the last couple of weeks on Achievement Radio(!) - SYNERGISE. The question is, where to find people with the skills I require to synergise with?
The questions helped me to focus where I should be focusing and bringing more perspective into what I am doing.
"no one care how hard you work. What matters is how much you get done . . . " It is not so simple. A lot of people do get results and they are passed for promotion and salary raise, instead that a few do-less-but-claim-more colleagues get what they want. This is not uncommon.
I hear you, but ask yourself if your measuring to your own definition of success. If the defintion of success is the next promotion or the bigger pay raise or recognition then you need to learn to be more political. If your values have words like integrity, or principles, then look for a new employer that has the same values. TQ is not about defining success by other people's standards but by your own. If your in an environment where "rewards" are based, not on results but, on politics then you have 2 choices. Set a mission to show those above you the difference or change jobs where results are the primary measure. I guess, really, it's 1 mission -change those above you.
I will manage my resources (i.e., time and money) more effectively to produce opitmal results. I will also find more efficient ways to complete tasks and "work smart not hard."
I will eliminate the distractions.
build my team...get the work done...inspire others...be greatful for all that is done
Wendell --

Good point, but it is that simple. If you are consistently producing exceptional results, but not being acknowledged for producing them, you have a different problem.

A PR problem.

It is not enough to do a great job. The key today is to be noticably GREAT at what you do. This has 2 components that Kent and I cover in great detail in Full Spectrum Career Power:

1. Being great at what you do... and letting your RESULTS do the talking for you...

2. Getting NOTICED for producing those Results.

It takes both to rise to the top or anywhere close to it.

First focus on producing exceptional Results. If, you are under-appreciated then you can either generate the appreciation or hang with people who do appreciate your contribution.

Personally, I know virtually no one -- not a single person -- who consistently produces execptional Results, who manages to stay unnoticed and unrewarded.

I do, however, know a lot of people who spend their entire lives consumed by effort -- thinking they are getting the results expected -- that never understand why the "other guy" seems to get all the breaks.

This is real simple...

If you don't know what's expected, ask...

Then, find a way to consistently meet or exceed the expectation...

But don't stop there... raise the bar even higher.

When you learn to stretch, it's amazing what you can accomplish!
I will review my goals and plans each week.
I will begin the PRIORITISE workshop. This action will boost my MISSION, SET GOALS and MAKE PLANS colours because I need to look at MISSION to assign priorities based on values, look at SET GOALS and MAKE PLANS to have tasks to choose. And in posting this I am practising ACT NOW.
Did I get the benefit of the bargain?

R = Value build of $7.2 million / T = 36 Months

R = Family Harmony (almost) / T = 36 Months

R = 3 New books written / T = 36 Months

My, I have been busy. But no, I could have produced far better R/T had my Energy been higher, my Attitude stronger and my team-building Synergy even greater.

Today I am thankful for the Results I have achieved...

But will raise the bar even farther.

I intend to get maximum value from every moment in Time!
Bruce - just think - every second minute and moment you are alive = COUNTS wow = I do that everyday - just think every SMM counts - be mindful of where you are and what you are seeing - stop look listen - be here and now ALL THE TIME - great - Good luck Bruce - good luck - best John R
work smart. i will set clear and achievable goals and visualize them in results.
You can be as positive as you want, and the constant of time will be as it is,and continue.
The 1440 miniutes in a Day are all you get in everyday, You can never go back and re-do...so do it right..If you do not care, than who will?
The lesson is all you take away from this planet anyway. You came with nothing & you will leave with nothing...so be all you can be,Have fun with your time...Do not work all your life, laugh & play...Enjoy Our Time!
I have Won & lost...Still here for the game.
Yes and No. I spent a great deal of time studying new concepts and self-help related topics. This was where most of my time went, and in the area of spiritual growth, I have moved ahead leap years. I feel amazing and may be happier than ever. In the area of fitness and health I am very pleased with my progress-although I would like to see a bit more results.

Career wise and financially-- I have made a generally concerted effort but I don't know that I have seen the results I have come to expect yet. Although, I am ahead of where I was last year, I think a good deal of this time has not been utilized. I have done a lot of preparations for promoting but have not yet done the promoting so this is my next objective for the year.
I am 59 so in 2017 I will be 69. I would like to be settled in a retirement village in a safe place with my family close by. I would like to be doing something useful in the community, perhaps giving motivational talks to older people to encourage them to "live" the last years of their lives. I want to still be active and exercising. I hope to have written some short stories and had them published.
I nopticed this in many of the comments. I "would", "want" and many other similiar phrases appears in many goals.

I encourage folks to restate their goals in the following manner.

I live in a beautiful secure retirement village, which is only 5 miles or less away from my family on or before 6/7/2017.

State your goals in present tense and set a date.

I know you can accomplish everything you desire.

-Darrell Ritchie
On Valentine's day 2017 I want to watch the sun go down from our villa in Malta.

How to put us in that picture?

Consistently produce better Results by maintaining high TQ performance. Write 3 more best selling books!
no yet but I will
1. Finish writing my Science project Proposal
2. Write up my PhD assignment
3. Send introductory mails to 20 banks
4. Make one pitch presentation
5. Save 10% of earnings
6. Walk 30 minutes and do yoga for 30 minutes everyday
7. Spend an hour each with my children and their studies
All this BEFORE 29 FEBRUARY !!!!
I will loose 4 pounds till the end of this month and then slow down the pace
Plan Better Time Management, Review Each Goal, Write Down the Progress and Revaluate all the Goals if they are out of syn.

I stay focused on my top priority.

I commit to following through.

GET IT DONE!! and JUST DO IT!!! are my mantras
Be focused and have a plan. Be detached and flexible.
Yes. I produced Great Results in the last 3 Years and its worth the Bargain.

yes inmany parts and ways
No - Not at all
100000000000 million times :-)))
for sure
Yes. The efforts that I have put in got me the worh of the same.

I have a lot in my mind to achieve,I get what i want at my own pace
do not like to compete beside i am not easily empressed
Hmmn - In my personal life yes - I have fulfilled amazing dreams in my personal life. I always dreamed of having my first child biologically and adopt the second one. After a lot of convincing and tides flowing against me and me almost giving up - I DID IT and very successfully....
But in my career not much.... Now my focus is on my career. I am sure that if I could do that then a sustained effort on my career will also bring RESULTS!
Yes, I am.

uite good :-9
Great lesson today. I took a lot of notes and will use some of this in an upcoming training.
I ran/walked 3 miles - tough cuz it gets boring - soooooooo'
I have to learn to be creative with my mind thoughts while on a long / walk/run/jog/trot??????? hell - I gotta do this cuz - I just have to - I love the regimine of walking and jogging BUT I just have to get creative with my mindset
HELP anyone ????????? thanks a lot - John R at +++ rhodes350@comcast.net

Two ideas.

During your walk/run/trot allow your mind to go quiet. Let the thoughts pass through your mind. When you feel bored, let this thought pass as well. When your mind is quiet become present to your environment, it's sounds, smells, veiws, how it feels. Focus on your body, listening to it's rythyms.

Another idea is to grab an mp3 player or cassett and listen to music or (what I do) some personal develoment materials.

Give either one a try or alternate.

Darrell Ritchie
I want to be running my own social enterprise by then. I would also be running a company which will fund the enterprise. I will own atleast four homes and two office spaces. I will have been to at least one country each continent with my family.......
I run my own social enterprise - an experimental school. I also own and lead a CSR company that funds this enterprise. I own four large homes and three office spaces in the three metros. I have been to at least one country in each continent with my family....... Dated 15/02/2018
I will get there to 2018 with tunnel vision and
my colors burning so bright you will need sun glasses.
By following this program, of course :-)
Yes, But just 60% of it!
I think once you get to the point that you realize that people don't really notice how much you work and you'd like them to, then you have to start asking questions. It's only through probing questions that you can get answers and it's only through answers that you can get direction for action. In the end people are drawn to increase in their own lives. So you want to be a catalyst to that increase.

a) What can I do to increase the visibilty of current results by bringing more attention from others to them?

b) What am I hoping to gain from this visibility?

c) Do I need to improve the results or get more of them?

d) How do people react when they discover value that's in excess of the benefit they are receiving?

e) What is the benefit they are seeking exactly?

f) How can I most efficiently deliver that benefit?
I have finished just 60% of the work last week. RESULTS -I mean. I need to spend more energies and time to finish the remaning 40 % of the tasks set by me.
constant smart action, superior expectations and brilliant execution
I promise myself a reward like a footmassage+steambath stay when I treat my self with healthy nutrition during photoproductions!!!
I know it works
Make Plans, Act and Face the Results

Change the education system in the country.... Make quality education available to all children and get the best brains in to the field of education...
A big question to deal with?

I will take a stock of my situation, decide on what all is priority and then take action on the same

invest in nature care.
close Jeppesen, get 2nd jeppesen started, close Qualcomm, get Trans to agree to POV and purchase before the end of March, get FHLB to agree to purchase and POV before the end of March.
My energy is an 8 an I know I can be a 10 as
I moderate my diet and work out even more with
yoga, aerobics and resistance training.
Have more energy and persistence to achieve my goals and find something to devote myself.
I will generate specific places to keep things and not pile up items on my work desk.

Taking one task to do at a time and prioritize what to do in the time I set out to do a task.
I once had a job I wanted to leave. I was a contract employee. What stopped me? My cubicle was FULL of
To get great Results this Month in less time I will Maximizes my opportunity for growth and success in all aspects of my life.
Raise expectations.
Focus on my mission.
Prioritze and stay focused.
I will not skip difficult or time consuming tasks.
Continue with TQ.
Focus on Bedding and producing better results over the next 90 days
Improve Guardsman sales in all markets through focus and training.
I will measure the results to make sure we are having progress weekly.
Over the last past three years I think I have received what have put into it. The only major goal I had was graduating and getting out of school. I was never sure about what I wanted to do, but over time it becoming clearer of what I need to do and how I need to act on them. Things in life want happen until you take action on them, but if you remain in a stand still and never move things will never happen and life will pass you by. I am happy I finally figure it out and now I moving forward to greatness in my life. And I am calling on God to lead in the direction he has planed for me.
No. That has motivated me to never be in the same position again. I've spent more more time getting closer to God and more time changing my mindset. Thus aquirering the knowledge and opportunity to easily be retired within two years.
with in the last 42 days, my tangible result have been great. I'm now moving towards greatness, I'm in grad school, and I'm searching for an internship. I had a dream, a made a goal, i made plans, and then I took action on them. smile.
I am determined to change my life for the better.I am opening a new business and I want better relationship with God and my family and friends.I am so broke I would have to go to the poor house to get better.
i love my life ...... no trades.....time is a fact of thought for the body....I found a new power supply for the world and i think its worth the trade.
I believe that I have been growing in my career, but not in my personal life. Until this year my personal life has been in a rut or falling apart. This year I went back to college. It is my goal to complete my degree in the next three years. Another goal I set is to payoff my debt in the next two years and start my own business in three years. The last 10 years have been very up and down and mostly down. I want to do something more with my life than just coast through it.
through out the course of my life in pass ten years I have found it to be more like a roll coaster ride. One min it up the next it is down. Within ten years I have really developed into a nice young lady who is become focus and more focus each and every day. Positive should be my middle name because I am trying to view thing go through as a learning lesson. I always try to remember that things will not happen in life unless you make them happen. life will pass you by and it will keep moving it is up to me to make the decision of what right or wrong or should acted on it or not acted on it. So overall what have learn within ten years is to DREAM big and don't allow anyone to come between you and your dream. Also I have learn that just because you have dream doesn't mean anything --- YOU MUST TAKE ACTIONS ON THOSE DREAM IF TRULY WANT THEM TO HAPPEN. SMILE
My goals match my values and I expand upon them on a continuous basis. Reviewing my goals daily help me prioritize and avoid distraction. I am energized by knowing I am where God wants me to be and each goal fulfilled will open a door for new goals, ultimatelly completing my purpose in life as a "change agent" for growing His kingdom. Lives of youth are being transformed by the work I do and they will create a more stable and peaceful tomorrow with a better world to live in as they develop confidence, stature, and integrity to expand beyond any limits put upon them.
Well for me im a little lucky. The next ten years coming up i will be 5yrs into my automotive franchise industry. By Gods grace in 5yrs i will be a wealthy individual. With both and abundance in knowledge acquired as a president of a telecom company, and liquid assets that the people around me will share and take part in enjoying too. Im confident of that in which i share with you all, because well... my God is going to do it through me. Thankyou for the support and my graditute and love goes out to all my noble men whom practice and apply the morals to win.
We'll be living on the Big Island in Hawaii, celebrating with family
members and new friends. I'm going to reactivate my P.O. box 2321
in Kailua-Kona. We found a nice new house on the side of the mountain
with a nice view of the ocean.
Well on 02/14/2020 I want be next to my husband who I love and care for deeply and he feels the same way about. I want have two kids by then one boy and one girl just as cute they want be and my husband is going to be sexy as well and I am going be looking sexy for him too. I am going be in a successful marriage and me and my husband will have a successful career with a great balance for God,family,work, fun, and social life with friends.
Concentrating on my MOST Important GOAL. Making $ a Year Income.
I can committ to my plan of action which I have not been doing, I should also not sleep so much, because I am just sleeping my life away, I need to find my humanity and be a more efficient studier, know myself and how I study best
One day at a time.. Listen for the voice to guide me.
no--because it also depend on the response of another person .
like when you are in interview the result depend on the action of the other half not only me
yes and more actually. Focussed on Energy and mission and accomplished quite a bit more than expected.
this week I have achieve all the results I have expected into the world.
No, I started to work on to find out what I really want and how to achieve it. But I got distracted. I found an excel format goal setting template that I am working with it to define my goals and dreams
No. It was a slow week filled with many distractions and meetings. I concentrated on the business and didn't take care of myself last week.
I would bring the troops home within a year and divert a lot of that money into the education system, which is falling behind the rest of the world.
I would provide free health care for any one who live in the united states.
I would make it an executive order to overturn Roe vs Wade. Because all those people would be here contributing to our great America, paying into our social security system, inventing new things, finding the cure to diseases, need I say more? For cilization to survive you have to quit killing the most innocent gateways to the future! Children are the messengers we send to a future that we will not see. If there are no more children.....there is no more future. It's the principle of the point.
Search for somebody that can help me to professionally write book
If I had presidential power, the first thing I would do is make education more affordable and more effective.
I would like the old kings of the ancient israel in the biblical times lead all the citizens into deep prayers and mourning that God would forgive our sins and heal the nation from moral and spiritual erosion which has brought us into all the messy that we are experiencing.
Yes! A resounding YES! The proof is seen especially in my house where I have cleared boxes, sorted what is in them and have thrown out lots of stuff keeping only what I need to do make my family comfortable, have materials on hand to do my fibre art and to manage my carrer.

It is a slow start at one level, but a giant step in all other levels.

Taking responsibility for my hapiness is a nother great leap.

I'm having a great day!
I would like to be in a newly renovated home with colorful gardens galore, as well as vegetable growing in abundance. To accomplish these thing I will need help and MONEY!
Over the last 3 years I can say that my greatest results have been building lives in ministry. I don't have a lot of tangible "things" that's an addition to my life. This is my year to start that. Previous years I started building my finances with real estate. My mind expanded greatly because I did what I and others thought I couldn't do. Those things that were unthinkable to the common mind and man. One week before I turned 40 years old, I was dead broke. No running cars, about to lose my house, plus much much more. That same day I decided to start reading "Rich Dad Poor Dad". It changed my life for ever. After that, "Think and Grow Rich". After that, "The Millionaire Next Door". During the times that I was reading these books, I bought 3 houses and and 3 cars and paid cash for all of the cars. I walked away from the closing tables of each of the houses with no less than $27,0000 each. All of this was done in less than 9 months. My results were, R=money/T. It's time now for me to do it again and again and again. I need more cash to do the things I enjoy doing, traveling, fixing up my house, giving my wife and kids money, giving to ministries.
God said to me it's time to give some new testimonies and He's going to show me some new miracles. I'm praying that it's done through my new business, EC, LLC and our ministry, NCBC. Looking forward to December 31, 2011.
Did I get the benefit of the bargain... I traded 36 months and got what in return?

Yes, it has been very very hard, but incredibly rewarding... to see an old dog with new bones... to realize that youth like energy is wasted on the young, but there is enough to go around.

Over the last 36 months I have learned to listen more... consider other points of view... and become tough as nails... but in a kinder, more understanding way.

Huge goals realized.

Huge goals unrealized.

I got my share and most of my competitors as well!

So yes, I did get the benefit of the bargain in the trade of time for results.

No but it is improving.
No, but it is getting better.
Yes and no. I can say that people have been helped and I have reached some of my goals. But I also have to say that some of the things I wanted to see happen have not happened. It is a mixed bag.
Where will I be in 2020? I'll be 63 years old, am I going to still be working? Will I have purpose? I don't have a plan.... this is not good.
No I need to do the things on my list and check it off at night =accountablity It would definately make me feel more accomplished I get a lot of things done because I am a do now monkey see monkey do but it is a put out fire mentality The "goal" of feeling more professional would be a contrlolled list of production completed everyday done I can go home
The way it is there is no separation from home (relaxed refresh rebuild my energy)and work (accomplish disciple organized accountable)
I live in two places as it is going back and forth to my parent and here
I will feel better about myself in accomplish this pattern here at home because I do it there because it is their environment I so what my mom need done and stop when they shift gears The problem is I come back Monday morning and I have not left in place my own home
It would be better having my goal for the week goals and break them down daily Done and check it off nightly
It is very important to have an idea of which direction your life is going. When you are focused on your dreams,desires,missions, goals and plans; your life will prosper. It is then very important that you teach this to you kids and family.
Actually I did achieve some of the expected results. Now that I consider it though, I believe my goals were not as well defined as they should have been and so looking back, I am not able to measure my success against goals. That being said though I will therefore fine tune my weekly goals so that this time next week I can honestly compare how I have done.
my review is most important to me . it gives me clarity and purposefulness.
Yes. I love Indian Army very much .I learnt lot of good skills in Indian Army bases .I utilize those skills only .
I love American Army too .
Goal: 5-02-12 Vik's Birthday. I will weigh 232#

work out 3 days bike 2 days
eat fish every day for 1 week then 4 times a week
plan more veggie dishes
This is my first comment since becoming a TQ member years ago. In 2012, I have greatly worked on increasing my energy level - mental & physical. I journal what I eat, my exercise/activity, and my mental state. I am very pleased with the new results and have 3 times more energy than in the past. I updated my TQ scores the other day, not sure if they took. I was a 8 perceived, 8.5 actual and now believe I am 10! Next is mission, I am 6 perceived and 7 actual so I've got a bit of work to do... Where do I want to be in 5 years!
My most empowering ROLE is Writer.

My Vision is to help 100 Million people achieve far greater success with a lot less effort... in a much shorter period of time.

Bigger, bolder ideas move people to make smarter choices and take smarter actions... increasing their power over time.

Implement one good idea, and you might leverage your results 1-2%.

Implement 100 good ideas, and you gain real power over time -- moving results from 5 years out, up to THIS year.

Possible? Sure.


Changing human behavior is incredibly difficult... but still possible.

Changing the rate of human evolution may be my single biggest challenge!

And when successful, my greatest contribution to the world.

I will make the smarter choices...

I will take the smarter actions...

I WILL win!
I have the right to Expect perfect health.
I have the right to Expect accelerated business growth.
I have the right to Expect personal advancement.
I have the right to Expect the human experience AS IT SHOULD BE!
Emma, you have to here.. you have to believe this in the core of your soul.. why not you? why not now? now is the best time as ever.. redirect your focus off of people.. "c".. quit worrying about what he will do next.. or what he won't do next.. or if he will be loyal, faithful to you.. that is ludicris.. focus on you and your future, your life.. what are you going to do with what you have been given??? God has given you time, less responsibility in that you are single, no husband to take care of or conform to.. this is your time! God has an extravagant plan for your life.. but He needs your help to accomplish it.. He has made the plan you have to set the steps. the plan.. the goals to get there!!! sit down and take time to write them down.. quit putting it off!
Thank you TQ for teaching me what to expect in my life.

By the end of February 2013 I have grown my online business to the point where it covers all of my bills; in addition, I have gained enough muscle mass that people who know me look twice and wonder how I did it. I have also increased my energy level to a 10; most people think it's a 12 but what do they know? They're only 4's and 5's!
Listen to my Learn and Burn and walk more and a bit faster.
Huge results over the last 3 years.

Major investments in products that will last 50 years.

Yes, we got the benefit of the bargain.
My results over the last 10 years are stellar.


Nowhere near expectations...


Raising my expectations even higher!
10 years is a long time at my age.

In 5 years I will be doing exactly the same things I am doing now, but only with far greater global leverage.

1/2 the year in Palm Springs, the other half here in Boulder.

The way I will get there is better strategies, total focus on brilliant tactics and portray High TQ Performance: High Expectations ~ Brilliant Execution!

Basically, i think what i and probably most people need to do , is to increase the energy factor - ie increase the physical and mental energy. I am totally lost here - both physical and mental energy of mine is low - how to increase this - i need to develop energy and enthusiasm.

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"Yesterdays don't matter..."

You are 100% correct. What was good enough to get me by last year doesn't have a snow-balls chance this year. I have to do things differently -- just to keep pace. The Power of TQ truly opened my eyes to my current limitations and my ultimate potential. I am ever so grateful.

Sherry H.
Santa Barbra, CA


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