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What Is Your True Mission?

"No vision and you perish; No Ideal, and you're lost; Your heart must ever cherish Some faith at any cost. Some hope, some dream to cling to, Some rainbow in the sky, Some melody to sing to, Some service that is high." ~ Harriet Du Autermont

Last week we discussed the power rock-solid PLANS have over your life... indeed, your destiny. My advice was simple and straight forward:

Think WIN WIN... What's Important NOW... What's Important NEXT?

This week, we will focus on the core of living the life you love: Your sense of purpose and MISSION.

This area of your performance is vitally important because it governs all your GOALS (or lack thereof,) your outlook for the future, your ability to draw the right people to your cause, and your desire to take ACTION.

So, What's Your True Mission in LIfe?


(Write it down, right here, right now.)

How Do You Know?

TQ Do you know your True Purpose and Mission?

MISSION is the second color in the Time Prism Performance Spectrum, because until you know what's MOST IMPORTANT to you, you are spending the ONLY life you have on things that simply don't matter.

Lacking direction and purpose, you are powerless to make a real difference in your life... or those around you.

However, all self-imposed limitations are removed when your HEART and MIND are focused on the same thing.

No question, you're always the most productive when you tap into the infinite power generated by "working from your heart," fulfilling a clearly defined mission... living a life of PURPOSE on PURPOSE.

TQ Is your Mission Color causing you problems?

You can tell when...

  • You know you could accomplish great things, if you only knew what they were.
  • You're not sure why you're even in the different roles in your life.
  • Nothing seems to matter, and you wonder why nothing ever comes your way.
  • Big decisions are always difficult because you've never determined what's more important than something else.
  • You believe life has little inherent meaning, and even less purpose.
However, when your Mission color is strong and vibrant...
  • You're focused on specific lifetime visions, and each day brings new opportunities to make your dreams come true.
  • You can articulate exactly what you want from -- and what you expect to give to -- each role in your life.
  • You find ways to make a difference with your time and your life in a pursuit higher than your own personal interests.
  • Decisions are easy, because your mission always clarifies what's most important.
  • You believe life is full of meaning and purpose, meant to be lived to its fullest.

TQ Here's the Bottom Line...

Awareness of living what's most important is critical to getting the results you want. If you've never decided what's MOST important, you're endlessly chasing after things that simply don't matter.

Permit your Mission Color to hold you back, and you will struggle with the heartbreak of failed expectations. Improve it and you will succeed brilliantly.

Advice: Stop chasing after things that don't matter... start pursuing things that do.

As I said last week, if you simply get yourself into the mind-set of asking yourself What's Important NOW... What's Important NEXT—10 times each day—you will not only understand the art of planning... you will master it!

More importantly, you will constantly remain focused on the IMPORTANT, rather than permit your TIME—read that LIFE—to be spent pursuing things that simply don't matter.

Think about this VERY carefully this week. It could be the turning-point in your life you have been seeking.

Invest an hour or so -- in the next few days -- and stop the endless chatter in your mind and all the distractions going on around you -- and think about the passing of the past twelve months.

What did YOU get in trade for the ONLY life you have to live?

Was it enough?

Did you get the benefit of the bargain?

Did you actually LIVE the last 365 days... or merely EXIST?

Do you want a repeat of the big Results obtained during the last year... from October 7, 2016 to October 7, 2017... or do you want a lot MORE out of life during the NEXT 365 days?

You can, you know.

Simply decide to live a life of passion, purpose and significance... then take the requisite actions.


Start by reading our newest book, Success On Purpose. Do all the exercises. See below for details.

You will find EXACTLY what you are looking for: Your Natural Mission and Authentic Direction in life. -- E.R. Haas, CEO


Review These Ideas For Action...

This is a really big deal...

The following Ideas for Action represent some of the best thinking on the planet regarding this subject.

They're designed to inspire and motivate you to actually do this factor a great deal more frequently.

Spend some time reading each one. Make sure you understand them. Visualize yourself doing them.

Keep in mind, however, that these ideas will remain ideas until you put them into action.

TQ What Do You Value Most?

Your VALUES are those ideals such as love, contribution, wisdom, family and adventure that are more important to you than anything else.

What you value most will automatically set the stage for your vision of what you want most out of life.

TQ Have You Put It In Writing Yet?

If you haven't written down what's most important to you, at least find the time today to start the list. This will be the most time-productive thing you'll ever do.

Create a file called "most important" and begin a list before you leave today. This list will give clarity to your life and establish firm standards for you to live by.

TQ Don't Know Where To Begin?

If you're hung up contemplating which values mean the most to you, go with your first response. Write it down. You can always review and revise your list later.

Write down at least one of your deepest values before the end of this day.

TQ How Can You Get To The Heart Of The Matter?

To discover what's most important to you, quiet the incessant chatter inside your head and listen closely to what your heart has to say.

Take a moment today to see if you can quiet the inner chatter, even briefly. A heart is a terrible thing to ignore.

TQ How Will You Be Remembered?

If you want to know what's most important in your life, try writing your own obituary. The prospect of your own mortality quickly puts everything in perspective.

Start examining your life today, and record what's most important for you to experience during the limited time you have.

TQ What Are The Ideals You Live By?

Values and ideals are similar. When determining your values, look toward the ideals you've always held. Use these to help specify your list of guiding values.

Examining your ideals gives you insight into your most heartfelt values.
* * *


Now, Answer These Integrating Questions...

How to incorporate these key ideas into your daily actions.

Understanding how this Factor drives your performance is key to improving it. Sometimes a small shift in perspective gives you a huge shift in power.

Print this page, take out your pen and invest a few moments to answer the following questions.

Do it now.

Each one is designed to shift your perspective, change your point of view, and to invite specific action.

"Point of view is worth 80 IQ points
~ Alan Kay

TQ Power Up Questions:

  1. If you only had a month to live, what would be most important to you?
  2. Do you know what matters most to you and in what order?
  3. Do you have a list of your own personal commandments?
  4. Why not make a note right now of the values you feel most confident about?
  5. What do you value most in your career?
  6. What do you value most about your family?
  7. What do you value most in your community?
  8. What qualities do you admire most in others?
  9. When could you spend some time this evening to go over what really matters most in your life?

TQ Insight Questions:

  1. Do you find that you follow your head or your heart more often?
  2. What would you want said by others about your life?
  3. Who's your hero or heroine? What values do they exhibit and represent?
  4. What are the personal qualities you feel are most honorable?
  5. What's the most important thing for you right now? Can you take just 5 minutes, right now, to jot down and review 3 of your deepest values?
  6. If you were your own best friend, what values would you write down for you?
  7. What one characteristic can you declare you will project from now on?

TQ Perspective Questions:

  1. What are the accomplishments for which you want to be most remembered?
  2. What will be your legacy, after you have gone?
  3. If you think principles are universal, shouldn't they apply to you too?
  4. Who would you be, if you could recreate yourself any way you wanted?


If you have any questions you would like us to answer personally, just send us an email! Click Here Answers@ThinkTQ.com...

The only dumb question is the one that's important to you... and you didn't ask!

* * *

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Running Member Comments...

I have lived out of fear and distraction for two years whereas I used to be focused and aware of my values. I am seeking to get back to how I was.
Yes, I do live in distraction and put off unpleasant tasks as LONG AS possible.
To be true to my values of integrity, trust and honesty within my personal and business life
Integrity is one of the most important values we can have. Truth be told it sounds so simple but it is hard to live. It seems as if dishonesty and distrust seem to be profitable. There has to be a way that these qualities can be rewarded. Typically these qualities are not only unprofitable but also costing me money and time. All I can tell you that it is the right thing to do and it's just who I am.
well - it has been a long time BUT I think I am headed in the right direction - at last !!!!!!!!!!!!! I am truly free - free at last - I am free at last - Now I can take the time to actually find my true mission in life - - this is a new challenge for me - usually I just make life up as I move along - I have been ad libbing this whole time - just making life up as I moved along thru it - ouch !!!! )(*&^ But now I am finally free - free at last - thank god almighty I am free at last --LOL - and can take the the time to find out what mission I am supposed to be on - thanks everybody _ best John R
Hello John:
What makes you free? What direction are you heading and what is your true mission in life?
I'm still making it up as I go along but as far as a job goes, I start school to become a CNA. My fear is that i'm not sure if this is my calling and I am "putting all my eggs in one basket", however, that seems to be the only field with jobs here in Michigan. I do know that I am going to do everything I can to pass this course and state test. This is very scary for me right now.
Dear John, it's CNA, { certified nursing assistant}? I was one 10 years ago, now I am an RN, don't be fearful just do it. If you have a vision of your self doing something your possibilities are unlimited. Just keep visilizing yourself where you want to be and you will get there. If I could do it: CNA, LVN, RN than anyone can do it.Just remember: Power of your mind is unlimited, if you can see it u can achieve it.
This is a good commentary - thanks TQ - I guesss I should take the time to find out just exactly what it is I want to do with the rest of my life - thank god I have the TQ to help ( and all of you folks too ) thanks for being here for me. NOW I will spend part of each day focusing on the goals of the day and attempt to live my values - this is soooooooooo great - thanks a lot for the help - cuz I dooooooooo need a lot of help - I have just beeen making life up as I move thru it - sometimes hitting the mark and sometimes completely misssing the whole point - damn !! ^%$#@ - I get lucky sometimes - and then again I get unlucky too - wow = how did all of this happen anyway ? wow - help - I need help - send me a note ? - let me know you are there ?? - thanks - John R ==P.S. if Joel Oliver is out there - remember Parris Island Ollie ? Oopps - Sergeants Jones , Granto and Schadd !!! oh boy ---- get a hold of me Ollie !! also Ro Kramer and Lynn Holmes need to get a hold of me - I miss you guys - contact me at rhodes350@comcast.net
I have to remind myself - EVERYDAY - to stay on point and find my misssion - this is a way to do it - thanks tQ
To be rid of my unending depression (over 10 yrs), so I can go back to work.
*How Do I Live It Each Day? Fine, until some sort of 'tragedy occurs in my life, which inevitabley sends me back down, living, 'under my rock', not leaving my home unless extremely necessary.
Wendy - do not let this depression get you !- I had a big one (depression ) that lasted 10 years - if left to fester it will destroy you - get treatment if you can - get some help cuz it is soooo hard to beat it alone - exercise and mental discipline to focus on here and now and just be in the moment - just be the best you can be right now right where you are and things will start to improve - good luck to you = John R
I feel lost in way. My life is changing. My Dad just died and my mother is in a care center. Two of my Children have started their own families which makes me a grandmother. But I still have 7 at home and 3 under 18 but 4 over 18 so my life is busy with food preparation,laundry and cleaning. I love being a mother and a grandmother. But I ask myself what else? What more do I want out of life?

I run a Reliv business out of my home which I have a love hate relationship with. I love talking with others and helping them gain better health and enjoy meeting people and making new friends but I also hate it because I want to have a clean and orderly home with meals on the table and to be there for my children. Sometimes I don't feel like talking to anyone!!! I just want to be there for my family!!! I mean really be there emotionally, mentally and physically! And sometimes I just like to listen to a good audio book while I clean house or watch a cool movie and fold laundry and have a kick back day, a mental and emotional break from all the demands in my life.

I also would like to add to our family income through Reliv and I fail at that! So I am frustrated with the amount of time and effort I have invested and I am not successful! I am frustrated because I see others doing it but seemed to not be able to do it myself.

To be honest my health has gone downhill very rapidly this year as I broke my arm and had surgery and my gym closed and so I put on weight and I am tired and physically things are starting to go wrong. I know that I need to put some effort in regaining my health.

I want to be a good mother, home manager , and successful financially in Reliv as well as have time to volunteer at school and serve in callings at Church and help in the community.

I would like to spend time being a better wife and improve my relationship with my husband.

I would like to be a good and kind person. I want to make a difference in this world. I want my life to matter.
Hi Melinda!

Don't give up! You CAN reach those goals! Keep reading these great articles in TQ, and keep pressing into what really matters for YOU - and do just that. You will succeed. We all believe in you!!

If you need help getting your health back on track, check out my website - I would LOVE to help you!
You sound like a big time giver. You give and give to everyone around you. How are you doing giving some quiet time to yourself? How are you doing giving some time to you to take care of you?

You know there are some things only each of us can do for ourselves. Only we can eat for ourselves, drink, breath, feel, think, rest, rejuvenate. There is a mystery for many Big Time Givers which goes something like this - "How come I can figure out and help others get what they want, but no one seems to be able to figure out what I want and help me get it." Sound familiar at all?

You sound like such a good person. I'll bet everyone around you knows it. I wonder if you do. You seem like you are quite the "Perfectionist." You might feel like you can never do anything right enough, give enough, sacrifice enough. You notice one particular word in there? Enough! Enough! Enough!

You're doing a better job than you might think you are, even if it seems like everything is falling apart around you right now. Keep in mind, nobody performs better long term by making themselves feel bad.

Give yourself a chance to stand back, take a breath, slow down, cut yourself some slack, smell the flowers even though you house may be a wreck right now. So what!

Stop thinking you have to drive yourself to do it all. Things are changing in your life. Take the time to process those changes and stop running from them. Ask your children to pitch in and help you. It will be good growing up exercises for them.

Some times driving ourselves frantic with distraction gets us to think we just might keep ourselves in control in a world that is always changing. Silly, isn't it?

It is okay to let go, let down, cry and grieve and fall apart. Remember before the Spring returns, there is Autumn where is all falls apart, Winter quiet and withdrawal. Spring renewal! It is all part of life, and believe it or not, you, I and all of us are a part of life. It's okay. Best to you. This too shall pass. You're going to be all right.
Maikel - great - you said it all soooooo well
thnaks a lot - John R
You might want to go into Youtube & play some of Esther Hicks messages. Such as Abraham's Rampage of wellbeing- awakening-enlightment

There are so many to list, I hope you'll find time to open several of them.

My Youtube search started with Michael Beckwith, & the Law of Attraction.


Melinda, Check out FLYLADY.COM to help organize your home. You're a busy, and sounds like a special, woman. Be kind to YOURSELF! Margaret
I have already changed my eating habits a lot, through two years in Weight Watchers, which includes a lot more water drinking. This helps in an office with dry air (in winter, and in summer through the airconditioner). To be honest, I am tired a lot anyway--but then, taking a 4-hour accounting class on top of the job probably has a lot to do with that!
I am having a hard time clarifying me dreams. I am working on it though.
Up until now, the proof of life to me was that I feel Fear, pain and suffering. It seems I live my life in spurts, good times followed by lots of bad times. If I were to choose a natural mission it would be that I gain contol of all aspects of my life, to live my values, to love unconditionally, to reap the rewards of all the good seeds I have sowed, and to keep God 1st place in my life.RJU
I really do not have proof of life active in my life right now. Yes, I talk about my vision and my mission, but I do not live them 24/7/365. Why? Because I allow fear and negativity to come in and sabotage my efforts.

Honestly thinking about this question, my testament to life is that:
- I am helping others succeed through my Million Dollar Body business
- I am financially free and use the additional money to bless others
- I am full of God's unconditional love and peace
- I use my creative nature every day
- Every adventure has a lesson, and I am here to learn it and keep going

This testament is not tangible yet, but I am thankful for a new day and another chance to try!! It is coming!! :)
My proof is: that I live each day form eachsecond minute and moment that I have - I am 62 and time is running out - sooooooooooooooooooooooo I just focus on here and now
that is enuffffffffffffffffffffffffffff for me now = enuf for ME !!
Thanks a lot
Sunil Negi is here to explore ultimate limitless human potential bestowed upon by GOD.

My Natural mission is help my fellow being to realize their current potential and realise them their limitless potential which they may explore with knowing their true self. In the similarway, creating a movement that will things will change and at the same time age on this planet will change towards Golden age where realising human potential will be guaranteed to the individuals as their birth right. And I want to see this happening before I complete this life time.
I feel life is failing me, people are failing me and finally I realized that it I that is failing me the most. I feel my life is completely depends on people and things that I have no control over. I have some days that everything goes wrong and I cannot get things are right. I realized years are passing and I don't see any improving. I worked hard on myself to make me honest, trustworthy and a good person that I ever know, yet I'm crying out of loneliness, friendliness and moneyless. I have a hard time to sit down to set goals as seems like I don't want anything and when I do set goals there is no any passion to keep working on them.....
I feel like my past conditioning, people, and my life forced in my head that I'm not worthy enough so why should I do and have worthy things and be with worthy people. Deep down inside that I do not dare to go I feel I'm unworthy. It hurts me the most and I realized it has been source of my misery....
From constant struggling to survive and heartache experiences of hardship I create a belief that I am not able to break through and so I live day by day feeling hopeless.
What I want in life is to be unstoppable, to live every moment of my life with passion. To be able to conquer this little devil in my head that is planning my destiny for me. I dream to be able to make a great fortune to heal the planet. To be able to create a system to help people quickly Master their own mind and their life for the best possible way. To live with self Mastery is my dream.

My heart goes out to you. I can only imagine that things have been brutal for you - and yet you have kept going. You have not given up to despair. You keep going. You keep looking for answers and are willing to keep at it.

You know what I call that, Mansour? Success! Yep. Despite all your feelings and fears that you can't do, you can't make it, you're not good enough and not matter what you do it is not good enough - your persistence in continuing to look for answers to making your life is "success."

Also the fact you can see the distinction of what you do not want and what you are looking for is success. Next, you must see what you must do to be successful. That is where TQ comes in.

As painful, as difficult, as challenging as it may be you must begin now to do the work to raise your TQ colors starting with your Mission color, then your Energy and Attitude. From there onto your Goals and so on.

As you do this, you hit all your barriers in life telling you, you can't do it - but you keep doing it anyway. As you do this, you will feel anger, fear, you will cry, want to lash out, throw things. In other words, you will feel both emotions rising within you saying you can't and as you persist and preserver, despite what you are feeling, you will release that emotion. That releasing is part of you freeing yourself from the past emotions that keep you locked in.

What are you doing by doing this? You are taking action for your benefit despite what you feel and what the voices in your head say. That my friend, is REAL POWER! And that real power is coming from YOU. Despite your past, your history, your beliefs, your emotions, all the evidence against you, YOU ARE MOVING AHEAD AND TAKING ACTION ANYWAY!

Again, that is POWER!

Use TQ, learn it, make it your own, live it, breath it despite what you feel and believe that you can't - keep going! As you learn and live TQ, write in your journal - either at home or online here. Keep track of your progress and feelings, your set backs and successes and KEEP GOING STILL!

And Keep Going and Keep and Going and Keep Going - no matter what.

As you do so you will learn new skills and knowledge, new routines and habits. All that is great and essential. However even greater and more essential are these two character traits.

First gratitude, you will learn to become grateful for what you have - all the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly.

Second, forgiveness, you will learn to truly forgive the people who have hurt you, yourself for all the mistakes you have made and even God. (Sometimes we must forgive God for our belief that He has let all these bad things happened to us. That view will change over time and we will come to see something else, something very different.)

Mansour, you can do this. I have no doubt. Just keep going - keep learning and doing TQ, journaling, being grateful, forgiving and then share what you learn with others - day by day. That sharing is the key integrating factor to you learning and living what TQ teaches you. That is a fact!

There it is, Mansour. I have given you the golden key to change your life. No matter what you feel, believe, have done, fear, or doubt, do these things and you will have conquered your past and taken charge of your own life. Simply do and keep doing it everyday. You will be amazed over time how smart, capable, competent, and strong you are if you will just persist and preserver.

You can do it. You absolutely can, Mansour!
Yes I am setting effective goals - 1. physical - mental - social- financial - psychological - etc etc etc - yeah I sure am - this is sooooooooooooooooooooooo Good -
also Political goals are in the mix - BUT my candidate
is sooo ooooooooooooooooo mixed up - out -- John R
Yes and yes again - thanks a lot everybody
you have all helped me a lot - BUT - I have done soooooooooooooooo much to help myself-
thru all of you I have begun to grab a hold of life by the culyonnnesss - and do more and more for myself - thanks again - I love you all -- If I dooooooooo for myself I can do MORE for others - thanks again - John R
the big why - The " Why " of my life is still a question mark - damn
I do not know why AND I cannot figure it out
as yet - still tryiing after all these years - HELP !
_ John R
Hi Tammie - well - you made me think about just what is it to be free - It is a very personal thing ( freedom ) and Personally I think freedom is doing the best with what you got each and every day that you are alive on the earth. I just try to be the best I can be at whatever i am doing - thanks for the help everybody and especially you Tammie - get back to me OK ? Thanks again - John R
Been drifting, frustrated, disappointed and had to give up many things I've wanted and thought were important so I just don't know what is anymore. Have gotten success on most of the 10 points, just haven't gotten a mission. Am hopeful though that one day I will.
has been mostly fear and distraction, slowly building uo the strengh awareness and rhythm to live my purpose.
I know what is important in ALL areas of my life - I have definite plans to enable me to get there. I have the positive energy and also the support of the universe. In fact I am so-oooo busy that I have stopped the daily TQ and just subscribe the weekly TQ which adds support to what I am doing - I am enjoying this busy life and strangely being busy also gives me time for pursuing the things that are very important to me (my career) and my family...
New kid on the block here, not sure how this works. All spectrum colors are very low and need a boost to get me through. Promotions are coming soon, and I feel I am the bad egg of the group. I have my pride and will not allow anyone to break it again. I am coming out of a bad work environment from a former office and was beat down for about three years. Unfortunately, the upper powers that be are part of the past and the future. Iam now with a great group and would like to work on building up my career , self esteem, and and home life. Not sure where to start and not alot of $$$ to obtain the material. Any one have an idea.
My number one personal value is to serve. I think I do this pretty consistently through my choice of activities each day. I teach cooking, do workshops to help people model, reflect, and transfer their learning to apply in their jobs. My work also includes helping schools assess how well they are meeting their own visions and missions. I also volunteer in various capacities, Kieve long range committee, cooking at the soup kitchen, serving on the boards of MAMLE, Ruth's Reusables, as well as projects for NMSA and DOE in rewriting This We Believe and the Middle Level Commission report. I also serve on the neighborhood home owner's association board. In retrospect, I'm pretty busy!
be a better human everyday
Life. My Health. Right now I am very, very ill, and all I want in the world is to return to health. I don't know if this will happen or not, and it's very scary. Therefore, the greatest gift this community can give me is your prayers - prayers out of love, not fear. If you are willing to participate, please send me lots of loving and healing energy. Just put it out there - if I'm going to get it, the blessed Universe will know the address. Thank you all! -- PJH
My number one value is to be grateful, which leads to being in a state of happiness.
Becoming a Paralegal and later becoming a lawyer.
i do not take an action unless i know where is it taking me to
Yes. To live out with multi-faceted expression that I was created in the image of God.
Sometimes I think I know the big WHY behind my life. However, I'm hit with a curve ball and life because a big ball of stress. I am quite talented, work extremely hard, make positive things happen for alot of people, but I am not compensated for what I give. And to be extremely honest, I am tired of giving and not getting in return. I do not know how to make my talents work positively to improve my own life and what i get from others is just a thank you.

Back to the big WHY, is it to help others improve their lives? I'm not sure. If so I would like to have satisfaction and compensation from helping others.
Hi Dethra,

I find that whan I'm following what is the "big why" in my life the satisfaction comes automatically. That doesn't mean life does not become stressful, however part of the compensation for me is doing what I love to do. I am very grateful for that.

I find that I can't depend on the gratitiude of others to keep me going, I have to produce that myself.

This is great: ""If you view all the things that happen to you, both good and bad, as opportunities, then you operate out of a higher level of consciousness." I have had a lot of opportunities! Carol Burks
I do not see a mission behind the action needed,i do not believe in temporery happiness..if i do something I put my heart into it ,so there should be a great goal to achieve and also a good stable one.
I used to. However, lately not so much. Seems like because I am passionate about starting my new business and all it involves, that(certain family members)have suddenly placed me on the black list to be criticized, belittled, etc. Anything to get me to lose or change my focus back to them. Any advise?????
I want to help as many people develope a better quality of life through proper weight and diet. And Ialso like to see as many people build a more substantial income doing it
Today was a great TQ day. I really just started focusing on the program that I paid good money for. As I currently read, I'm becoming more clear of why I brought this and how it's going to make my life excellent in all phases.
values -
self- improvement and knowledge
I'm more drawn to what I feel strengthens me, than driven by fear. I fear past financial failures, but draw strength from not repeating any mistake I made.
wow that's something I do not drawn myself, but I hope u not make any mistake in past, Past is past, move forward as long you are happy that positive experience.
I had to think myself why My mother didn't pick up the phone, but way of her saying " on vacation" I wish she think twice before saying something OK that's weird or freaking experience of today, I did have no drink of 8 glass of water today but I try to increase the amount of caffeine the more I get better sleep than before. I always think before i answer anyone's question.
Live and let live
MY #1 Value is living a Christ centered life, and trying to relect the love that Christ has for me in the way I treat and work with others. The problem is I fall short each day. So while I may be able to do this occassionally while I am thinking of it, I do not attain this level of love as demonstrated by my actions, without actually purposely doing so.
I had the TQ test, listened to all the cd's but really was getting nowhere because my mission color was almost negative. Recently I read the book Success on Purpose, it is a must read for everyone who is unclear about mission and whose mission color is almost nonexistent. It is a practical manual and at the end I finally understood that I can have multiple callings, many visions, many missions, many purposes, and I can plot my own path. As a Christian I have always struggled with the concept of following God and planning my life. This book allowed me to resolve the issue and put me on a path that has been very rewarding. Well worth the time and money.
YES - to KNOW My Own Answers....... The purpose of my life....

the only way that I have found to be able to do this, is through experience...... to live it.... is to know it..... Blake A. Rye....
honesty and simplicity. life is amazingly simple if you are honest. simplicity, live simply simple. what is most valuable and priceless is the virtues you have.
Without a doubt I have been living my life on hold for the past few years now. I have let fear control me to the point of not taking necessary action. I'm going around in circles like a chicken without a head. It is obvious that I must work right now on my mission and goals. I have not defined a clear mission in all of my roles and therefore have been confused and sporadic on what I must clearly do to get my colors to optimum level. It is now time to define for myself what is truly most important to me in order to get my life back. Thank you for this priceless information. I truly believe that by following the TQ system......I am on my way!
strong self esteem
What will it take for me to actually LIVE the connection between my Values, Vision and Roles?

Bigger vision, and bolder roles!

the big why behind my life ... Has always been my kids.
I believe that we all have a purpose...and I believe that my purpose in life is a great one...I just wish God could show me exactly what that is so I can start. I am 18 and I feel like I've wasted most of my time thus far. I am a student...I major in Chemistry, Environmental Science and Literature...and I love Literature...I love language...I'm actually really good at it...I think I would like to pursue it...but my purpose is more than that I just know it!!
Each day studying TQ I am learning by leaps and bounds to pinpoint the big WHY in life! The prism theory keeping all 10 colors bright truly makes my future vision clear and attainable, while I work at optimum efficency on a day to day basis! I see the results on a daily basis as do my peers & family!

Thanks to all the TQteam for this valuable gift!
Victor Davanzo
i dont know my values, im figuring out who i am
The big why of my life is to make it easier for people to achieve greater success... a great deal faster.

All my businesses have been focused on increasing productivity and effectiveness... while radically reducing effort.

The new business we are now forming will be the ultimate in this expression.

MyBizIQ.com will dramatically reduce the small business failure rate world-wide by 10% in the next 18 months, raising the GDP 3% and saving millions of jobs.

This is why I get up in the morning and put in 18 hour days.

At 65.

Risking it all -- one more time for the benefit of those who do not have the time, resources or ability to do what I do.

This is both a gift and a curse.

Seeing a solution to help people who are hurting is the gift.

The curse is that people do not naturally want the cure and resist doing what is best for them.

Fighting the status quo each day is my battle.

I truly love this fight!

I am discovering who I am right now I have let me be defined by others thinking I was being a good person and putting other before me I have found that I am angry I never really knew that until recently I don't want to be an angry person........so I am on a new adventure to find who I am when I went shopping Sat I realized I can chose anything I want right now I am not sure what that means
Finding a nice condo in Hawaii is pretty high on our list.
If you want one, we've found a dozen for less than $ 12,000 each
You will be leased for 4 yrs. Contact us now, let's go to the promised land
Nowami.org We will be on MeetLiveVideo.com several times today.
You can be a GUEST. These tools can help your business or fun life.
We'll be in our Hawaiian paradise planning as of Oct. 23rd
We're still agressively moving forward worldwide, using video
conferencing at http://MeetLiveVideo.com 5 times daily + many
other languages. Be a GUEST today !
I absolutely see the connection between where I am and where I want to be. I am currently going through the TQ coaching program and am working on becoming the man God has made me to be. Before the Coaching I was tired of my job, I couldn't wait to get a different one. My life was not what I hoped it would be. I loved my wife but the relationship lacked passion - we spent time together but I knew it wasn't what it should be. When I started the TQ Coaching the first thing we focused on was Attitude - I didn't think I had a real problem with attitude but after the first week I realized I had lost control of my attitude and control of my life. It has been 5 weeks in to my coaching and I see a world of difference. I have passion for my job again, my relationship is wonderful with my wife and I feel like I am regaining control over my life. What coaching has done for me is bring clarity to my thinking and helped me realize the power is in my hands but I have to take action to make it happen. One of my favorite quotes is: " If you want to achieve excellence, you can get there today. As of this second, quit doing less-than-excellent work. - Thomas J. Watson, Founder & Chairman, IBM Every time I read it I am reminded to change I have to do it now!
It is important to stay ahead of my work commitments and get them done quickly and effiiciently.

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"You should call this the Survival Edge..."

I've taken a dozen time management courses and read 20 books on improving my time management and organization skills. This goes WAY beyond anything I could ever hope for. It gave me a serious edge when I came up for my last job review, not to mention the confidence I now have.

Steve D.
New York, NY


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