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Want more POWER? Live your VALUES.

"Try not to become a man/woman of success but rather try to become a man of value." ~ Albert Einstein

Last week, we talked about freedom, and your God-given right to pursue your dreams with passion, power and persistence. This week, we will discuss the foundation of ALL success—your personal values.

Each day you spend the only life you have to live. The question is, what are you getting in return? Are you living with a strong sense of purpose and MISSION... or are you struggling to find balance and direction?

FYI: If you score less than 8 on your Mission TQ Test... have a weak sense of purpose and direction... and want to start living your BEST life now, check out our newest book: Success On Purpose. Read the reviews and order a copy today. It is the STARTING POINT for Purpose-Driven Success.

TQ A Valuable Exercise...

Your personal values radiate into everything you will ever be, do or have in life. They are the "pebbles" you toss into the sea of your life, creating a rippling effect through time and space.

Your values touch everyone with whom you come into contact. They define you as a person. They are the most visible, outward expression of who you are.

Please take a moment to write down your top 5 CAREER values. What do you want others to SEE in you as you work your way through life?

What I Value Most In My Career...

1. ____________________________________
2. ____________________________________
3. ____________________________________
4. ____________________________________
5. ____________________________________

TQ TQ Factor 2a offers life-changing advice...

"Maintain a written list of the most important, heartfelt values that you want to experience in life."

A short list of values is all you need to design a well-lived life. Your values are those ideals such as freedom, beauty, honor, love, wisdom, family or adventure that are more important to you than anything else.

A condensed list of values gives clarity to your life and establishes your ideal standards. This list is your best guide to personal and professional satisfaction.

Put your list of personal values in writing -- commit it to memory -- and live each word -- each and every day.

The HOW is very simple: High TQ Performance... High Expectations ~ Brilliant Execution.

"It's not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are." ~ Roy Disney

TQ 2A's Factor CONTRIBUTION to your performance...

Print... Clip... Hang.

A high commitment to this Factor of your performance suggests you have clearly identified those things that bring you the greatest sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

You may have always known what you value most, or it may have come to you over years of trial and error.

Either way, you now have a clearly defined list of core personal values that mean more to you than anything else.

This list is your target for what you have defined as living the perfect life.

Your life has meaning and purpose, because you are in constant pursuit of what you value most.

TQ Factor 2A's COST to your success...

A lack of commitment to this Factor of your performance suggests you are someone without a strong cause or sense of purpose and direction.

You have a nagging feeling that whatever you're trying to achieve right now, isn't quite it.

You may be getting by, but you don't feel fully invested in your work—and deep down, you lack heart and ambition.

You want your achievements to mean something, but you're not sure what. Without the peace of mind that comes from knowing precisely what you want—you may feel restless, burned out or stressed out.

TQ Bottom Line...

The BENEFIT of choosing to do Factor 2A a bit more frequently: You have more power...

In life and in work, passionate desires produce the greatest results. You accumulate performance positives like "Purposeful, Passionate and Rewarded" -- immediately moving you towards the results you expect.

What happens when you FAIL to consistently do Factor 2A? You have less power...

You'll never excel until you connect your actions to something you truly value. Negatives like "Aimless, Directionless and Apathetic" start to take their toll on your performance -- quickly moving you away from the success you want.

TQ Want more POWER? Live your VALUES.

The simple question is, are you living what you VALUE most... each and every day? If not, why not?

People tell us that doing the values exercise in the TQ Mission Personal Workshop instantly changed their life... and their future. You can achieve success, power and happiness... if you build your life on what you value most.

Think about it. -- E.R. Haas, CEO


If you have any questions you would like us to answer personally, just send us an email! Click Here Answers@ThinkTQ.com...

The only dumb question is the one that's important to you... and you didn't ask!

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Running Member Comments...

my health
my ability to add joy into others lives by seeing the happiness in my eyes
money...the more money I have the bigger I can express my love of life!
My relationship with God.
My family.
My friends.
Making a difference.
Career- A powerhouse of inspiration
Love, Truth, Real Power, Family, Friendship, Community, Spirituality, Honor/Character, Courage, Freedom, Health, Adventure

I have found through practicing TQ and living these values that they are synergistic, one contributing to the others and vice versa. Creating a lifestyle that is these values and the beauty that comes with it. Although a challenge, this list is prioritized each contributing to the next. For example, you can't have freedom without courage and no courage without character. I view the most important ones as a synergistic foundation for the others love being the most important to me.

I have learned this through practicing TQ and it is amazing, Thank You. This understanding has and will continue to change my life for the better, always.

Your ability to articulate your values is an inspiration to all of us!

Many thanks for sharing.

How do core values show up in your life? - they are built in and show up as Improve, appreciate, protect, and connect.

Are there Core Values that are universal to all Humans? Researcher Dr. Steven Stosny at compassionpower.com says yes. I've been checking it out so check it out and post your thoughts. He asks some insightful questions. He also has information on hierarchy of values.
Family - home - committment - family - health ( personal ) and community. financial security - health -family - home- well that is it in a nutshell - I didn't think too hard about these BUT they are mine. also committment to excellence in all that I do and say - etc etc etc. there are more BUT these are mine for now - friends and sports are also important - personal participation in sport is also important
Well - here I am aain - loved the other responses and will integrate mine with all of yours - LOVE as a personal value is soooooooooo important - I was too young and dumn before - so I did not understand LOVE as it really is - thanks evrybody for your comments best John
I lost my way a few years ago - I did not focus on my core values - thanks evrbdy for bringing me back to my senses wow *&^
I had really lost my focus on whats important
soooooooooooo thanks aagin for sticking with me - wow I donot want to be lost again I love you all John R
I refuse to be drawn into intrigues/lies and gossip. Other people do not find me to be pleasant and
I'm curios about your comment. I had a very bitter divorce and often feel that way. Just felt i need to reply.
Ive been reviewing todays tq for about 6 months now and look forward to starting my day with tq.was wondering if sucess on purpose is available at barnes and noble.
Not at this time, only direct.

Bookstore distribution will be early next year.


Hi William, as a shameless testimonial, let me suggest you invest in the whole system if you have not already. Listening to the TQ workshops CD's everyday is like having ER in your car with you. Plus, all the bonus coaching calls and the workshops will really help keep you on track.I've spent oodles of money on professional development and I can assure you this is the best deal on the face of the planet...plus, it works if you work it. As for Success on Purpose, I just put mine on a CD and took it to Kinko's and they printed it out and comb-bined it for me for just a few bucks. Easier to read than a regular book.
Personal values + s health home family travel exercise helping people ?? I dunno about this - now waht ? hell
I just dunno at all anymore - tabdamn damn
maybe I need to get my had and my arsh wired together
I think so - thanks for the help evrybody thanks a lot
the last message was a fayx paux mistake ?
sorri about the rambling aimlessly - I guess you could say that about my life plan- it does not exist right now damn sorri everybody and I will try to be better the next time I post something - thanks nancy for your comments - you center me. John
P.S. If Rusty Cornwall or Ro Kramer is on this line get a hold of me John Rhodes at--- rhodes350@comcas.net thanks
Nothing right now - seems llike I'm just drifting thru life- just drifting anlong in this kind of existential drift (sic) LOL at myself - I need to find a purpose and a mission ?? (*&^%$#@! damn this is soooooo hard - I am just not motivated at all. why why why ?I don't know at all
BUT I will find out a mission and a purpose maybe ?? (*&^^ what s next ?????????????? shoot
Here I am replying to myself - It looks like Iam drifting a long - cuz that is what I am doing - damn !!!! *&^% how do you get motivated ? it was easy when I was young - very easy - Just moved a long and kinda ad libbed spontaneoulsy and improvised - it worked so good back then NOW ?? it is not working see yo ulater John
The trick is just pretent you have a magic wand and could wave it, and whatever your wishes are would appear. What are the wishes you would make, that will give you a good idea of what your purpose is, certainly what your passionate desires are. The next trick is to have courage, and faith, that god would not have given you these ideas if he did not mean for you to have them...and then proceed forward, taking your dreams, into goals, into actions steps...for me, my dream is to be known as the best blues harmonica player that the world has ever heard, and be making millions at it...thus I have moved to Los Angeles, and what do you know, someone introduced me to Stevie Wonder to play my harmonica for him...Wow....that is how it works..
John, you sound to me like me when not eating right.
# 1 on TQ power is Energy. One of the componenets of Energy part of our life is eating right. When I eat just on the run, nothing cooked from scratch - that is kind of how I start to feel - drifting, not enough of having roots... Eating right just for a day or two - my true values start to be clear. Not eating right, not excercising, and drinking alcohol gets one quickly forget why one is here on the Earth. Nancy has a point, John, investing in the whole program is AWESOME !I signed up for the Silver System because I like to work on my own a lot...but the Gold system with the supportive coaching is a great way to stop drifting, and becoming who you always felt like you wanted to be. Jolana
Reply to John and my thoughts.

I also was drifting and not sure what was important until I started using the TQ tools. I started with what I don't like or want and changed it into statements of what I do like and want. As I continue to use this sight and refine my mission and dreams, I have become very motivated and focused. I also like the daily planning tools. Don't give up.
i feel i am drifting too. i don,t even know what i like or dilike. it is all new to me. willi ever stop drifting?
Care & Concern:-
Live and Let Live. I believe in taking care of myself, my family and the society. I wish best for myself and others. Sort of Win/Win Strategy...and try to desire for others what I desire for myself. I have sponsored two girls for their education and involved in social activities like teaching youngsters to appreciate values and system in life and facilitating their personality development.

Character & Behaviour:-
If Wealth is Lost nothing is lost, if health is lost something is lost, if character is lost everything is lost - Shakespeare. Character is important for me. Truth always truimphs, Honesty pays dividends, Sincerity and purity of intentions is vital in life for actions are based on intentions. Justice is invincible and paves way for leadership. Knowledge is power. Wisdom is the greatest wealth. Patience is always rewarding.

Time and Activities:-
I am wasting time and time is wasting me, so said Shakespeare - So I value my time and that of others and want to use time productively; eliminating waste stuff; prioritizing my schedule regularly, consistently and always.

Health & Energy:-
Health is wealth. Health tremondously boosts our energy levels and deliver the best results that our mind and spirit desires and demands. So keep taking care of my Body, Mind, and Spirit regularly. Watch what I eat and takes intermittent quick breaks and sleep very well regularly and achieve what I have dreamt of. Health is my primary concern as my health has been posing challenges in life. Good Heavens always stayed determined to achieve what I wish through the power of spirit and patience and contentment and displayed and earned distinction of being energetic and enthusiastic and magnetic. Thanks God, I am getting closer to build my health and solve all my problems. And I am resolute to achieve this goal of mine.
Ali - it sounds like you have got your head an your butt wired together - congrats - I enjoyed reading your comments. I like your determination and resolve - you are an impressive person and we all have something to learn from you - thanks again ( and I really liked your knowledge of the way that health is very important in life congrats and thanks
Honour & Self-esteem:-
Honourable death is better than living in disgrace. so true...Isn't it? Because honour is the spirit. If there is no spirit in the body then it is certain that the body is a dead body rather a living dead body. Honour is earned, and not demanded,by building trust and radiating truth, honesty, and sincerity in life.
Ali you are one of much insight. Your words flow off the screen as a gift to my heart. Thanks for such kindness :)
I am sentive and loving person.
Freedom, Honesty, Integrity, Giving.
hell I don't stand for anything right now nothing right now - need some answers and fast thanks for listening and maybe we will make contact. my very best John
Hi I am still here - why ? I don't really know except I like venting in this forum - Thansk everybody for being patient with me - I hope I do not take up too much space- I wanna hear from all of you - I just do. especially Summer - if you are here now Summer - thanks for the email _ I appreciate it. I hope I can be of assistance and service
My very best
how can you be of service?
I will live a life of beauty, creativity, inspiration, compassion, innovation, financial freedom, commitment to positive outcomes, collaboration, mindfulness and abundance.

I stand for equitable and loving partnerships, healthy and sustainable living, and spirit-filled joy in all of my actions and interactions.
Wow I certainly would like to hear from you, and have conversations on line about what you are up to. I am very similar in mind, heart, and soul, but I do realize the need to have people in my life that are also going places, doing things, and have great ethics...if you would send me an email at elutchansky@yahoo.com I would appreciate it...thanks..
1Enriching and helping family and friends.
2Community at home and at work.
3Assuring business success of my employer through my unique gifts and talents because it enables me to do 1 and 2.
Honor! Honor yourself & others.
Health, Healing, Holiness, and Wholeness: for my self, my patients, for the world community, and for the planet.
Wow! It is so interesting to read everybody's comments. It seems to me that you are all very admirable people! When asked at an interview who I most admired I said "Someone who has been through hardship and survived and became stronger because of it." Nobody famous, but one example is my cousin who is struggling with cancer. My goal would be to be an admirable person.
John: I am concerned about you. Motivation is very difficult for me sometimes to just get out of bed. Sometimes it helps me to look at life in baby steps. Let's say that i'm watching TV, I make sure to get up during the commercials, I try to walk to the mailbox instead of drive, small accomplishments that can help your self-esteem. Even if you stick your little toe out thats one tiny step you have moved forward.
I can't give you a purpose in your life,(have enough trouble with my own) but I am sure you will find it. Keep plugging away! I wish you all well!
Love for God
Love for others
Love for self
Love for God
Love for Self and Other
A sense of peaceful presence which establishes trust
A true expression of friendshiip
An example of the miracles which result from grattitude and the choice to be happy in the present moment
what i value most in life is my time, but i have a kind of impression that makes me waist it. i have perceive my destiny but the problem is how to start achieving them i have that spirit of shame in me but i always pray that in time to come i will overcome it pls help me and tell me what to do on the aspect of shame thank u.
1.My Parents
2.My Dream
3.My Day
I want to live with them all the way through.
I can do without my parents.
we respect others by accepting their opinions and hobbies.we honor who works to secure freedom.we are honest and fair.Accept responsibility for our action.we tell the truth and be good.support each other,and help others when needed.
personal integrity is important to earn the trust
2. Being compassionate.
3. Knowing that God is in, through and around me always.
4. Allowing that Power in me to guide me through life.
5. Experiencing abundance and freedom such that others are touched, moved and inspired to experience the same for themselves.
They are a lot of fun to be around. They give me a sense of security. I especially love to see them getting older and I like to be available for them if they have any questions.
Good values
Delivering exceptional product to the client
Making a huge profit
The single most thing I value about my family is their support of me and my joy in being around them. My very favorite times in the whole world are when we're all just sitting around, laughing. The same kids that drove me nutty when they were little are now a constant source of joy and pride.
by knowing that they finally learn to use computer to text me , to contact me, and it like I had to feel most confidence to repond back right a way to think the way I wanted to focus is keeping my job as God wanted me to follow what He wanted the same way that people build up their confidence to learn a lot about the business, and These people do depend on me the ablities to catch up , instead of worry later .. that life.
Top ten values? I'm so busy putting out fires in my life my list of values isn't very well defined. Beyond the golden rule, I'm just trying to live right and provide for my family!
my children, my peace of mind. Peace with God.If I had Financial Security=$$ would be large peace of mind. being able to focus(so hard to do) Hard to define what I value most, feel real scattered.
integrity...I am happy to be me..I try to do what is right,use the knowlege to make the right choice,respect ,and trust others so i keep my respect too.
Freedom with the right action.
compassion and help others specially if they communicate honstly and clear.
i am the same person inside and out,public or private...I keep my commitment
values about my family show up in my life dayly. it shows by crying or wanting to cry. it shows by sadness and feeling weak and drained. that no matter what, it could have been better or i didn't desire to be better!
i a'm lost. please help me! so many desitions, where do i start at? what do i pick? i want to learn a few things about how to adapt & adjust to my friend of 21 years personality styles. i want to effectively develope myself as well as mentoring my friend through her episodes that she spondtainiously has. iwant to learn how to achieve my desires. i also need coping skills to learn to deal with my friends blackouts do to rage and hatetred. i would like to take a on-line class.
What I value ?

To believe in life for a higher pupose.
I can make a difference in others lives.
That atty's would dissapear. ...lol
reactions to stress, people, their actions though poor own poor judgement. Always on defense.
goodness ,trust and friendship
My reactions and unconcious activities to avoid boredom and introspection have been my past drivers. I was 100% extroverted and my value was measured by how much others wanted and needed and how they percieved me. That was so immature and silly. I realize now that I don't even know what they really want, but basically being trustworthy, consistent and loving is the best I can do for others. My only real hope is to know and pursue my dreams with passion, power and persistence.
I am driven by an urge to become totally self sufficient by the end of the year. At present, I am doing my Beaver Buzz every three weeks, plus starting to do festivals, I am doing Lice Squad, an as it comes with some summer camps, and am setting myself up to sell jewelry as not only my main job, but as passive income eventually. I am extremely happy doing this because I am doing what I do best. In September I will be looking to gain more clients in my Beaver Buzz while doing more of Lice Squad and GWT, a committed 1 - 2 days a week. By the end of the year, I want to be bringing in 40,000 a year.
1. Put the best effort forward in everything you do.
2. Give back correct change, even if you left the store.
3. Treat people with respect.
4. Love your neighbour.
5. Love your husband.
6. Appreciate the people around you.
7. If you can't say something nice, don't say anything.
8. Believe in humanity.
9. Speak with God.
10. Take the time to love yourself.
Love, Peace, Harmony, Joy, Life, Adventure, as if it were the first, the last and the only. To build, nurture and foster, life long, mutually beneficial high quality relationships both personally and professionally, travel across the continents spreading the TQ news and skills, to live purposefully, meaningfully and make a hugely significant positive and contructive difference in the lives I am blessed to touch. To live, love, create and share. To make the world a better place with full respect and nuture of our peoples and planet earth.
1/2 of what I wrote perviously some how cut out. No delete button was hit. What happened...everything before as if it were the first , the last and the only...disappeared. It was supposed to read to live each moment as if it were the first the last and the only.

Other values omitted were beauty, diversity, truth, integrity, continuous learning, growth, development, contribution BIG TIME etc.

To create, develop and build spa like prolife healing centres with all healthy integrated therapies and life skills development for the benefit of mankind and mother earth. To live in awe, respectfully and full of reverence for all of God's generous and creations. To become the #1 TQer in the world.
I stand for freedom to make informed choices in anything you want to do without fear of retribution.

I stand for helping out to the best of my ability anyone who needs and asks for help.

I sand for accomplishing all that you want in life and being as happy and content while doing what you do best.
I have no clue what my values are....and that really troubles me. I know what they should be and hope to be, but deep down inside I tuely cant FEEL them like I should....HELP!!!!!
I stand for self respect ,and sincere clear communication and nice relationships that can bring long lasting happiness and peace of mind
Eternal happiness and changes I still don't know...
I stand for integrity and values, learned and innate, that include Family, God, other people and other things.

My life, at this time, is in turmoil because I am not reaching my financial freedom goals.

I know what I must do and sabotage what it takes.
I am about success. I am about love. I am about living life as you are supposed to, with fulfillment.
I stand for Power, Integrity, Luxury, Love/Understanding, Pleasure, Independence, Freedom, Beauty, Art
Family, Freedom, Graciousness, Passion, Wellness, Comfrot, Achievement, Teach/Learn, Wealth, Travel
The things I value most in my life are my wife and grandchildren. I work so when I'm gone there will be ways for them to go on the higher educations.
1.Health 6.Silence
2.Cleanliness 7.Friendship
3.Order 8.Patience
4.Beauty 9.Attention
5.Kindness 10.Creativity

If I could live by those Values, I'd be on the 'Bigs Back'.
1.Health 6.Silence
2.Cleanliness 7.Friendship
3.Order 8.Patience
4.Beauty 9.Attention
5.Kindness 10.Creativity

If I could live by those Values, I'd be on the 'Pigs Back'.
1.God and Service to HIM-how I can help others?
2.My Family-my son
3.My business-personal grow and helping my consultants
Sheare more with others to believe more.
Talk more with my son.
Clear situation with my tenants.
i value business most than every thin
Thank you TQ, this whole process has and continues to be very enlightening and rewarding.

My 10 values:
1. Freedom: Freedom to choose and to be.
2. Wealth: I am worth the time, energy and working SMART for this reward.
3. Family: Without family or loved ones my life would appear gray and bland.
4. Learning: My never-ending quest to grow.
5. Creativity: The beauty of ideas and how they grow and excite me. I feel alive when ideas arrive and I am happy when I can put those ideas to use.
6. Leadership: To continue to motivate and provide opportunities that challenge our way of thinking, encourage expansion of thought through "How can I?"
To communicate that problems are temporary and there is always a solution. To expect on every level: excellence but also communicate that failure is temporary and at times an important part of the learning and growth process.
7. Communication: Is essential to me on many levels. By far I have recognized that I must use mirroring as a tool in order to clarify my thoughts effectively to others.
8. Beauty: To feast with my senses especially my eyes of all that this world offers through nature, people and architecture.
9. Well-being: Feeling good is so important to me. Exercise and yoga is essential to my life. I love to create good food that ignites the senses.
I love to feel alive although "getting back on the horse again" has been tough after more than once of those "up close & personal" brushes with the end game.
10. Recreation: I love to be outdoors, camping, walking, hiking and being one with nature. I love camping with my husband, going fishing and then doing my gourmet camping meals including wine glasses and Tiki torches.
Through TQ I have identified these values. They are the reason I get up and enjoy my one and only life.
Don't get me wrong, at times I feel I've been unwittingly thrown into the game of a "cat with 9 lives": currently I'm on number 5 and glad to be alive!
No I have slacked for a little bit and now I must get back to the original goals & plans from before.
God first in all things do all things unto the Lord with exellence.... repudiate half measures

Be Light Love Joy and Truth to All Family Freinds and Strangers

Create beauty and things that are worthwhile for self and others to benifit from... Serve to make things better than I found them ........
The only drive would have to be God.
I stand for 'Fair Play' , appreciating all the people I meet throughout the day, in life or on the Internet, and the contribution they make to my life.
I stand for 'Fair Play' , appreciating all the people I meet throughout the day, in life or on the Internet, and acknowledgeing the contribution they make to my life.
Excellent question. I have lost my way in this busy carzy world and really need to find my way back.
a great Aunt and a Great baby sitter , I vaule as myself a person with family etc . sometimes I vaule as human as a deaf middle child , I feel that I really find very intersting about why I am being loved from them. Some time what being deaf means that I can not hear or understand words but with sign lanuage I feel that alot of people do not relize that I am good person and special person in the world. I feel that one day My sis will know who I was and why she has been a great mom but she need to love me more
God, Family, Security
a great Aunt and a Great baby sitter , I vaule as myself a person with family etc . sometimes I vaule as human as a deaf middle child , I feel that I really find very intersting about why I am being loved from them. Some time what being deaf means that I can not hear or understand words but with sign lanuage I feel that alot of people do not relize that I am good person and special person in the world
I haven't journaled lately but I need to. I have stopped working on my new life. I will get started again.
Freedom... Beauty... Comfort... Complexity... Curiosity... Giving/Teaching... Luxury... Wealth/Power... Love... Creation... Loyalty.

These are the values I must LIVE each day, or I DIE a bit inside.

Freedom to serve and help people in their lives...
Impact people with Truth...
Build Relationships...
Bring Honor and Glory to God...
Have Personal Satisfaction and Fulfillment (Spiritually, Emotionally, Socially and Financially)
#1Freedom, #2 Education,#3Family, #4Love,#5Sports,#6Spirituality ,#7Gratitude,TQ,#8Adventure,#9Wealth,#10Health!
Living each day mi top 10 Values!!
physical health
physical health
my values
1.having a family
7.quality relationships
8.financial gain
9.time freedom
About my family... I value Relationship with each person based on Love, Honor and Respect... I am divorced, however it is a strong value of mine to Love, Honor and Respect my former wife... and becuse of this, I believe our children are seeing that these Values can be in place in all circumstances...
The sense of belonging and completeness.
am sooo new here so am getting motivated by most of the stuff am reading here.keep up an am happy to be a member.atis apoth.
My top 10 values are there constantly, because I live my life On Purpose.

Freedom is there because I put it there through personal and career choices.

Beauty is there because I collect great art, live in Colorado with fabulous view of the snow-capped mountains.

Complexity, giving and teaching are all there because I am CEO of TQ by design... a VERY complex undertaking helping people achieve all of THEIR dreams and goals.

Loyalty, wealth and power are there because I have the same teams of people helping me make my dreams real that have been there for decades.

I never take a single value for granted.

They are there because I LIVE what I value MOST... every single day.

You Are the Man!
Sanctity of Life

My values drive every action I take.

This is easier than allowing life to spin out of control, wondering why I am doing what I'm doing, on the hamster wheel of indecision.

A better life.

An easier life.

Simply do the next right thing.

Base THAT decision on what you value most!

I believe we are either Directed by our Values... or Driven by our needs... which are Fueled by our Fears...
My mission is simply to live life with joy. That doesn't mean going around with a goofy smile on my face all the time. It implies living in integrity and trying to live in God's will, rather than my own, or other people's.
I stand for love, I stand for peace. I stand for faith and I live for the Joy of the Lord.I want to increase my living my values score.
I will live my top 3 Values by making sure I remain connected to them each day, make sure I am in the right role at the right time to put them into play, and make certain that my short and long term visions contain those core values.

I stand for integrity, compassion, and consistency.
by not living my values, they have created the mess I currently find myself in.
What wonderful comments. It's good to see I am not the only one with these struggles.
Thank you very much.
My top values are Faith/Spirituality, Family, Well Being, Accountability, Mentoring, Learning and Enrichment.

I am the caretaker for three adults, ....not including myself. I am caretaker for my disabled husband and aged parents and can see how this role plays out in Faith, Family and accountability. As a caretaker I both learn and mentor every day.

My Fear/Concern is that being a caretaker has impacted on my Well Being. My role as care taker has kept me from my career.

I need a job that will provide for me once my caretaking roles end. At 55 (even with two Master's) I will not be able to find a job that will provide for my future well being. My values conflict with my personal well being, and with my belief that accountability includes taking care of yourself financially, having health insurance, etc.

How do I work, (be accountable to myself) and take care of others?

Thanks for letting me vent/journal my thoughts here. I want to be there for parents/husband, HOWEVER I am afraid of my financial future.
Allegiance, flag, video Nowami.org Have a great weekend ! MeetLiveVideo.com
I am a leader that helps others identify their special talent and teaches them how to use it for the good of all mankind.
What I absolutely won't stand for, I don't know, it feels sad that I can't think of anything. !
I stand for integrity, honesty, and execution. I stand for helping others move forward in life to reach their fullest potential. I stand for the grace and love of God walking on this earth in human form for the greater good of all who are willing to receive.
My 10 values are love,integrity,presence,commitment,responsability,
I wont stsnd for a relationship without reciprocity,without communication and without self responsability. I wont stand for a work withouth joy and self accomplishment. I wont stand for losting my precious life for things wich I not valur.
To me, just my freedom makes my life fun to live.

We go where we want, spend time with those we choose, attend plays and musicals all year long, go for long rides in the mountains, chase trains, and oh yes... turn every waking moment into a living adventure.

This year, I will be in skiing condition again, and that should be fun -- avoiding death on the slopes at 68!

To me, just my freedom makes my life fun to live.

We go where we want, spend time with those we choose, attend plays and musicals all year long, go for long rides in the mountains, chase trains, and oh yes... turn every waking moment into a living adventure.

This year, I will be in skiing condition again, and that should be fun -- avoiding death on the slopes at 68!

To me, just my freedom makes my life fun to live.

We go where we want, spend time with those we choose, attend plays and musicals all year long, go for long rides in the mountains, chase trains, and oh yes... turn every waking moment into a living adventure.

This year, I will be in skiing condition again, and that should be fun -- avoiding death on the slopes at 68!

To me, just my freedom makes my life fun to live.

We go where we want, spend time with those we choose, attend plays and musicals all year long, go for long rides in the mountains, chase trains, and oh yes... turn every waking moment into a living adventure.

This year, I will be in skiing condition again, and that should be fun -- avoiding death on the slopes at 68!

All 10 of my personal values show up every single day, which is why I have a grand day, every day.

I realize that I only have 1000 Prime Minutes to live each day.

I invest each of my Prime Minutes in only that which gives my life meaning, importance and significance.

I used to fritter away a lot of time, but as my life grows shorter with each breath I take, it recognize that the ONLY strategy is to harvest maximum VALUE from each of my precious minutes.

Freedom, beauty, curiosity, giving, teaching, loyalty, wealth, love, complexity and luxury don't mystically appear each morning. I put them to play in each thought I think and each action I take.

Yes, I am truly living all my values for each of my most important roles.

I have reduced the number of roles I play each day, empowering the remainders to accomplish even more of the results that are important to me.

Vision is still a problem and very very hard work.

The sea of negativity surrounding us makes it more and more difficult to make positive, informed choices.
Yes, I am truly living all my values for each of my most important roles.

I have reduced the number of roles I play each day, empowering the remainders to accomplish even more of the results that are important to me.

Vision is still a problem and very very hard work.

The sea of negativity surrounding us makes it more and more difficult to make positive, informed choices.
If you are not living your values... What's driving your actions?

Most people go through life unhappy and unfulfilled.

They have not taken the time necessary to understand their core value drivers, and uncover a vision that contains ALL of them, not just 1 or 2.

Thus, they settle for what life gives them, which is much less than if they took value-driven, purpose-enhancing action.

Every choice I make and every action I take plays into my real value system... and it feels GREAT!


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Never did I expect a web site to make me smarter. Never did I expect to wake up one morning and find someone to help me see my life from an entirely new perspective. You did both.

Barry H.
Dallas, TX


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