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Sensory Goal Vision = Visual Inspiration.

"I noticed an almost universal trait among Super Achievers, and it was what I call Sensory Goal Vision. These people knew what they wanted out of life, and they could sense it multidimensionally before they ever had it. They could not only see it, but also taste it, smell it, and imagine the sounds and emotions associated with it. They pre-lived it before they had it. And the sharp, sensory vision became a powerful driving force in their lives." ~ Stephen Devore

Last week, we talked about the power of unconditional commitment. This week we are going to discuss the power imagination and vision has over your life, and how your vision can greatly be enhanced.

Take time today to visualize the future in free-flowing pictures.

What do you want?

How would you like to live?

Where do you want to live?

What kind of car, boat, RV, motorcycle have you been thinking about?

Who would you like to help?

What relationships need attention?

How do you fit into your present world?

What do you imagine you would be doing if you could do anything you want?

Right now, take 5 minutes to write down what you see in your mind's eye. Get it out of your heart and head, and onto a sheet of paper.

Someday I Will...






Won't It Be Great?!

"Make every thought, every fact, that comes into your mind pay you a profit. Make it work and produce for you. Think of things not as they are but as they might be. Don't merely dream -- but create!" ~ Robert Collier

Don't worry about HOW you are going to make these random thoughts real. (That's what LIMITS your future.)

Just go with what your heart says would make you happy.

Take this step, and your world will become a great deal clearer... a great deal more approachable... attainable.

Unleashing your imagination starts your subconscious.

This is the well from which solutions to life's opportunities flow!

In fact, by the end of this week we will reveal a slick new tool to help you with the Visual Inspiration you need to make ALL your dreams come true—sooner than you ever believed possible.

TQ A Second Chance at the Future You Desire...

Do You...
Yes or No?

Below are a few "starter questions" from Mission Factor 2E: "I maintain a highly compelling vision of how the perfect world would look for each of my interests and roles."

The Mission Color is about actually LIVING what you VALUE most.

Your imagination fires up your MISSION, putting your "innerdrive" into overdrive.

It's what makes living worthwhile.

If you frequently find that your ATTITUDE stinks, it's probably not your attitude... but rather your dissatisfaction with your MISSION... or lack thereof.

Print this page, take out your pen and invest 5 minutes to answer the following questions.

Each is designed to shift your perspective, change your point of view, and to invite specific action.

TQ Power Up Questions:

  1. How many different roles do you play?
  2. A vision is the picture of a future you intend to create. Do you have a clear vision for each of your roles?
  3. Which areas of your life are in need of a more inspiring vision?
  4. More than anything, what vision do you want to accomplish next?
  5. What's your most crucial role in your picture-perfect world?
  6. Where do you want to be 10 years from now?

TQ Insight Questions:

  1. Can you see how what you're doing today gets you closer to what you really want in life?
  2. How big is the dream you're working on right now?
  3. If you had all the resources you needed, what would you do next?
  4. If the good fairy was here right now, and you had only 30 seconds, could you tell her your three wishes?
  5. How will this year get you closer to the ideal world you envision for all your roles?
  6. When would be the best time to schedule in regular periods to work on the ideal picture of your ideal life?

TQ Perspective Questions:

  1. Does each day move you closer to your goal... or to your mortality?
  2. What holds you back from creating and committing to your dream? Why?
  3. How would you most like to be remembered?
  4. How does the vision you are working toward benefit the other people in your life?
  5. Who else gets to contribute and participate in your dream?
  6. If you could break through your limitations, what would you first imagine and then declare to accomplish next?

TQ Unleash your imagination... Envision the Possibilities...

Again, simply write down what you see in your mind's eye. Don't worry about HOW you are going to make these random thoughts real. The HOW is what LIMITS your future.

(We tend to wear ourselves out in our mind... well before we even attempt to take the required actions.)

Just go with what your heart says will make you happy. Assume the "Good Fairy" will stand and deliver! -- E.R. Haas, CEO


If you have any questions you would like us to answer personally, just send us an email! Click Here Answers@ThinkTQ.com...

The only dumb question is the one that's important to you... and you didn't ask!

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Running Member Comments...

* To have a cultural experience in all the continents of the world
* To be the most sought after consultant in education and corporate social responsibility
* To write a book (novel) and publish it
* To drive to all the 27 states of my country in my own CRV
* To have a huge dream house, a house by the sea, a house on the mountains and a farm house
* To master a new sport (golf), a new musical instrument, a new language,
* To earn more than 100,000 pounds or equivalent a year
As stated in todays main quote, keep visualing the achivement of these goals - all are specific and to the point - so very easy to put into your imagination and keep taking small steps towards each of them.
Doesn't it just FEEL great to put this down in writing?!

We are all dynamic forces of nature, with the inate power to achieve virtually anything our heart desires.

The first key step is to IMAGINE -- without the constraints of the HOW.

The HOW will make itself known when you are committed to the WHAT... and the WHY is burning strong within you.

The world needs dreamers and doers to fan the spark of imagination into the raging fires of desire.

You have already achieved this step by imaging that there could even be something, someday called "world peace". The face and place can and will take on many different images, but the intent -- if it burns strong -- will lead you to your own series of tangible actions... that will ultimately lead to a more peaceful world.

Get the torch burning and I will help you carry it for awhile!

I believe that everyone should have that dream. It's fantastic. If everyone did, then there would be World Peace. It is a great legacy and I want to encourage you. Hey, it will be cool to be able to say, "yeah, I "know" Dave and I remember when he expressed this dream."
I will be honest, however, and for myself this is hard to imagine because I don't have peace within myself. Everything moves so quickly that its hard to find that inner peace. I think that the reason is because I have no peace with who I am and especially find it hard when I make mistakes.
I will never-ever live up to the person I want to be, but I will continue to do my best, even if it's never good enough.
Tammie - Good morning - you too dave - use your imagination with all that is currently - right now - all that is around you - it open up possibilities that will astound you - you got health -and freedom to explore - doit - saee you soon _ Best John R
My greatest someday dream is: to be a big time football coach ?????= maybe ??? boy - it is not that clear cuz coaching football is not all " gameday " !!! damn - you can get trapped cuz you need the money BUT want the glory and fun of it - it is not all a bed of roses - huh ? (*&^%$#@ practice time can be fun BUT it also can be alot of work and labor - sometimes complete drudgery - BUt - again that is the way of life and things - just musing now so I will sign off =- still not clear
Hi again - well I am still here and wondering aloud - that is a good thing - to wonder aloud.
it may help to focus your thoughts...my thoughts are too random now BUt what the hell - at least I am thinking about it - ( life )---- now to do something positive today _ I will deliver some flowers for my wife - get some mulch for my daughter and then some yard work - that is enuf for me - today at this moment in my life - thats it everybody - " JUST BE IN THE MOMENT " BE HERE AND NOW AND be "THE BEST YOU CAN BE " _= n o w !!!!!!!!!!!!!! RIGHT NOW RIGHT HERE AND RIGHT NOW - ... GREAT - thanks for listening cuz I have been screaming for attention for a long time - had some bad med problems -- and became somewhat disoriented --- to say the least ( sic ) maybe I can make a comeback --- Hope so _ thanks again -- John R
Hey.. You can do it... despite the problems... I'm learning to live... really live despite my minor heart condition... which use to be a major issue for me... now I just do what I can to take care of it and live each day the best I can... grateful to be alive...lol... have a wonderful day.. know your wife will love the flowers and your daughter the mulch... see you're really blessed... Mary
Hi Mary and Tammie - thanks a lot for your comments -
I appreciate your attention -
Good luck to both of you - and donot forget
this is not just a platitude.. it means something - when you get a sunny warm day
just play a lot - with everything, in cluding moving the wood or mulch or even cleaning the dishes _ it all counts and thanks for responding to mine - I appreciate it - I was alone for a long dark cold period of life and I am now thru to the other side - it was a struggle to get thru the desert and dark and cold and I MADE IT !!!!!! thanks a lot for all of your help - I appreciate it - Best too all and especially to Mary and tammi - out John R
you know - ? what ? - I don't really care to change the world - I just want to change myself - good enuf for now - for me - at this time and place - it is good enuf for me to change my self and then to make it all better for my family - I can't worry about the world cuz I have enuf problems for myself - seems selfish BUt it is not, cuz I gotta do this - thanks again - out John R
Changing yourself is the first step once you do that it will naturally flow and change someone else and so on. We all have enough problems of our own. In my new "job" I see the struggles other people have and it weighs on my mind. I think the secret is to balance solving our own problems and helping other people with theirs.
If it is possible to do both then that's great. For example, I am able to help people, get little or no pay, but it will help me in the long-run with experience. I think someone suggested to you that you might volunteer for a local "rocket" football team. Even if it is only once a month, I think you would enjoy that and I think they would love your help. My step-father delivers food for the elderly only every three months but anything at all you can give is better than nothing at all. You don't have to change the whole world.
you know what ? everybody here and now - yeah !!!! that is the answer to this life and it problems for all of us _-- just be the best you can be - right here right now with what you got and what you can do for your family-- that is good enuf for this day AND I will be the best I can be - TODAY HERE AND NOW - THIS MOMENT IN MY LIFE - CUZ - that is all we have - this moment this time and place - right here right now !!!!!!!!!!!!!! amazing ! - and I love this thought - this place is good for all of us and I hope all the folks online with me here and now do appreciate my musings and thoughts on the day and life - wow - thanks a lot for listening - out - John R
My greatest some day dream is to become a Successful Actress and successful business woman. I want to own several businesses in the field of real estate, chocolate factory, fashion designer. To make it real I need to be a different part of the world to go to acting school and auditions. Also I need to be in a part of the world where I can be discovered, so then I am able to have a work permit. I want to be able to one day direct really good movies. I need the finances to buy a laptop to start my online company.
My greatest someday dream is the have an exceptional credit score. I want credit exceptional enough to lease a Mercedes Benz S550. I want credit exceptional to be able to do what I want, go wherever I want to go, and help whomever I want to help.
Part of my Someday Vision is to . . .

- advance my dance skill to performance quality
- advance my fighting skill so that I win tournaments
- develop strong relationships with brilliant, excited people
- sail, sail, sail!

It IS going to be so much fun, I can't wait!
Update - Just doing my TQ book I blasted into action and met with a Krav Maga instructor today in a Karate Dojo - Krav Maga is the Israeli Army self defense system. It's very scrappy and full contact. I was soooo excited. I brought my bronze sword and impressed everyone. THANK YOU Sensei Haas and Sensei Madson!!!
"Someday," I will inspire the greatest leaders in the world.
I will travel all across the world to connect with leaders. We will learn from one another, and help each other achieve our goals, so that when we pass on from this life, we will have left planet earth with an abundance of genuine value. I will teach all those who want to learn how to be a wealthy, high- level achiever.
Go on, be an inspiration! Leave this planet with an abundance of genuine value by helping and teaching. If I were your "student", what would be the first lesson?
It takes courage to make it real. It takes persistance and focus. Finding someone to tell your goals and to describe your dreams and asking them to hold you accountable is critical to making it real.

Ah -- and picking the right deal in the first place. What do want to make real?
hI EVERYBODY - FIRST OF ALL - LET ME THANK ALL OF YOU FOR BEING THERE FOR ME EVERYDAY - and the TQ too !$#@ I do not know if that is what this is for, BUT it works for me - Thank you - I will respond later when I hit the commentary - I do this first and then go to Commentary - BUT I just want to tell you all - THAT I MADE IT THRU ANOTHER DAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOO GREAT
thank you all - John R
yes yes yes - I made it thru another day - wow --I am so happy. also - I worked on two projects that needed attention. My daughters driveway and my wifes landscaping - both are big. Just focus on NOW !!!! and then === as Sergeant Major Buyers of USMC said _ "DOIT"
"DOIT" !!!!! with emphasis !! Jusy doit and then feel good about it _ great = Thanks for listening to my musings.. it means a lot to mefor you all to be there- and if I am off point please forgive.. I have been off point many times in my life BUT I want to contribute - somehow - Thanks again Mary and Tammie. good luck to you - see you in Morning when I wake up actually looking forward to the day _after many years of just not functioning at all _ BUT I have made it and intend to keep going hard _ Thanks a lot= John R
My greatest someday dream is to become a CEO for a major corporation. I believe this will come true by motivating people who currently work for me to be their very best. If I continue to bring out the best in people they will bring out the best in me. In business you are only as good as your people. If your people are great than you will be great. No matter what the situation or condition of the business the commitment from my people will achieve great results and those great results will shead light over my leadership. Through this leadership characteristic I will be consistant in every turn and promotions will come.
oh boy !! this is a big one ! imagination - rekindled !? *&^%$#@ - this is a challenge - work on body/mind/and spiriit
the spirit ! ? ++++ get the spirit in shape = it has been dead for quite a while - BUT can be revevied - I hope = John R
well John - you made it thru another day - and that is just great - now today make up a great agenda to help your family - that will be a great goal for this day - Just little steps to make your and others lives better - If I can do this today and register some accomplishments It will be fun and a gerat day to boot - thanks again everybody for being there for me-- Love john
Don't forget John _ Just take this time you have ( 17 1/2 hours ) today to fill it up with good deeds - That is enuf for today - Just as many good deeds as you can put on the agenda - wow - thanks for the chance to do it all again - I can make it again and I got about 17 1/2 hours of awake time to do it - all the hours seconds minutes and moments are mine to do as I wish - wow !!!!!!!!! -= thanks for this chance _
Boy this is really a great chance to do something very productive - wow - I am amazed and thanks a lot evrybody for your help and encouragement - I appreciat it very much + Best of luck to all of you out there in TQ land _ -- John R
No I haven't lost my imaginative powers - but feel guilty just imagining things and not DOING anything about it. But I have improved now and have begun to take action quite seriously. I am also able to focus on what to imagine and get very specific about it.
My goals which I have written down very specifically, the areas in my life - my roles that I want to enrich wil help me to imagine in a focussed manner...
Today is my birthday - it's one with a zero on the end so much reflection has gone into it. Someday I will personally experience "Success On Purpose." Someday I will have the courage to live my life and not the live that others have designed for me. Someday I will travel the world. Someday I will go on an African Safari. Someday I will teach my children to live life on purpose. Someday I will have a successful business that creates passive income and provides the freedom of choice. Someday I will teach other's to have the courage to follow their paths. Someday I will have an animal sanctuary. Someday I will watch my daughter win olympic gold in three day eventing. Someday I will watch my 10 year old acheive her dream of becoming a famous singer. Someday I will play an active role in helping my husband find happiness. Someday I will be in a television commercial.

Today is the day I start my Somedays!
Happy Birthday from the entire Team TQ!

The key to living -- actually LIVING all those beautiful Someday dreams -- is to move them out of your heart and head... turning them into crystal-clear goals... then make plans to achieve those goals.

You have just taken a HUGE first step in moving them from your imagination to this page where you -- and all of us -- can see them... be inspired by them... and if nothing more, cheer you on!

This really is a big deal.

Warmest Regards

My vision became stone on Saturday. It was a year ago, after being a TQ adherent for many moons, that I set the goal of passing a critical certification that very few people ever attain. It required many hundreds of hours of preparation and study.

I had to pass 5 tests in 15 days to make my goal, but I did it!

Now, the really interesting part is that this is the first time I hadn't given up on a really difficult vision. In 54 years, I would go so far in things and then procrastinate until they went out of style. With the help of TQ, et al, I did it.

All the lights turned on, at that point:

Vision->Action->Success->Guilt free accomplishments.

Thank you TQ.
NO = YES / ? )(*& O == I believe My imagination has improved
-----that is a great thought - thanks for bringing it to my attention----
appreciated - John R
Imagination, I can handle that!

He who becomes watchful, having been negligent, illuminates the world like the moon emerging from the clouds. ~The Buddha

I to have a dream & am using imagination to inspire & give it life.

To rekindle my childlike power of IMAGINATION, I will have to have True Peace in my heart and be Financially Free.
Traveling to bigger cities, writing in my journal, having conversations with various types of people, and expressing my ideas to the people I love the most will help expand my imagination.
well - this is another great question ?? !!!! to expand my imagination all I have to do is look all around me - my friends - my family - my associates - my circumstances - my money ( limited - but enuf for me ) - my health - my fiamily - my house - my chores today - my health - my friends - my own back yeard = wood pile - the yard -my mother house for food and lunch - hell - my circumstance dictates that I can DO ANYTHING I WOULD LIKE - thank you all america - thank you all - just use your imgination and the world of possibilities opens up - just look in your backyard with your current circumstance - and it opens up all kinds of possibilities- it all starts with a good nites sleep - wow and thank you all sooooooooooooooooo much - Best to all this morning and I plan to hear from you all today - get back to me _ PLEEEEZZZZZZZZ ---- John R
Yes, earlier i used to let the how and 'be practical - that can never happen' etc to control my wishes and dreams. But one dream I always imagined in full detail quite unconsciously. And that was adopting a daughter. I had my son 13 years ago and wanted to adopt a sister for him then itself. But it was not easy with lack of support from our extended families. And although my chances of adoption became bleaker, my imagination was at its strongest. And all those years not a single day went by without me imagining playing with my daughter, plaiting her hair, my two children playing or arguing together, going to her school, dressing her up etc etc. And then suddenly year before last things fell in place so fast within six months she was homw and now she belongs to our home with her new parents and brother. And she is brilliant - much much more than I could have ever asked for. This incident has taught me the power of imagination and now i am prepared to dream BIG in colour with all minutest details put in.
"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you've imagined!"
~Henry D Thoreau

I must commit to imagining a life that would be pleasing. Commit!

Alright, I got it! A bit of reading & some deep thinking; now here is my heart at work:

Through the heart, unencumbered! Illuminate!

& this is so: I initiate relationships that never fade or fall short out of fear nor anger. I initiate relationships that hold me to a higher cause.

I am thankful for family memebers & friends that are welcoming.

I am very thankful for the complete stranger who embraced me during a lonely moment in time; "Thanks for being in my world!" Radiant! I pray we meet again & soon!

I enjoy the freedom to celebrate life & all it's wonders.

My world is built on love & positive awareness.

I support my inner heart & imagination, all else will follow!

My Good Fairy believes "this mission is Conceivable!"

I've noticed that when I expand my imagination solutions to long standing problems suddenly appear. Sometimes the solution has been in my hands for months. Sometimes it just takes stepping back, closing your eyes and dreaming for me to find the obvious.
I think it would be lovely to have a relaxed morning or afternoon and a blank screen and time to just write and write while the wind is on the water. I live on the Chesapeake, and that calm sense of safety that comes from the music of the sails and the halyards gives a sense of freedom - I think my imagination would fire right up and all things will be possible. Another great way is to indulge in reading: history, adventures, biographies. When I was a child, I was lucky enough to get about 30 biographies of famous people when they were children. I never understood why I was so obsessed - now I realize I was shopping for ideas!

- Julia
well - NO it is not - I can imagine a lot of things BUt
the question is ? what do I want to imagine - lots of questions in thisa life - just find the right one - I hope
Hi gain - well - I did make it thru yesterday -
that is greta in and of itself - had a good nites sleep and am prepared to hit the day running - I figure Ihave about 17 hours to do the things that I want/should/must/ do for me and my family - I had a good day yesterday doig things for my wife ad daughter,and that as good enuf for me right here and right now= I am happy tobe able to get in he car and GO GO GO - that is good enuf for me today- I feeel blessed to able to just et up and set an agenda for the day - MY AGENDA ~!!!!!
THANKS EVERYBODY - best to all of you - John R
OK John - I am HERE !!! I plan on a day of doing things for others AND therefore I will do things for myself - be patient and all good things will arrive IN TIME wow - I love that - be patient!!!!!
be concentrated and you can doit - right here right now in this second minute and moment in time - just here and now - focus on Now and all good things will arrive - thanks for this wonderful chance to be the best I can be today - right here right now - drive slow and be patient in all things - I love this chance - thanks everybosy -
I used to imagine a lot what I would achieve in my life, and I became part of a world where all mountains and obstacles could be surpassed. While to me, this made perfect sense, those around me started saying I was too much of a dreamer and encouraged me to become more realistic. I tried to become more realistic while still retaining the vision I've had of myself, and worst of all I tried to control events and outcomes in my life, thus denouncing the possibility of "coincidences." My self-esteem lowered and realism has taken over my world, but I still held on to the goal of becoming a lawyer, even without the vision (it did not make any sense to me this way, but I still held on).

One day, someone whose approval I was seeking, told me to follow my dreams: it was my father. He used to point out the elements which would stand in my way to becoming a lawyer - mostly personality traits, but that day his words were like honey in the arid desert. I came to my senses and started acting - looking for information about the law schools and requirements. I am now working towards my dream and can perceive myself leading the life I desire. I am re-exercising the power of my imagination muscle.

The only part that remains unresolved is how all of my dreams and visions can remain in harmony.
How to strengthen your imagination? Get into action mode RIGHT NOW! Done.
Put away in an account $500/month for the next 10 months
How to strengthen imagination? Follow it up immediately with action! Just like the golfer who imagines the best shot and then IMMEDIATELY swings to hit its mark!
Stimulate my imagination! It has worked in the past & I know it works.
Stimulate my imagination! It has worked in the past & I know it works.

"No fear is the ultimate joy. When you have the insight of no fear, you are free."
~Thich Nhat Hanh

Imagination is my minds freedom to create, I will let loose & imagine today & tomorrow.

What a great day to walk the trail & head into the woods, sit & mediatate & ask the universe for it's blessings, & to feel blessed.

To make my dreams a reality. I need to push forth with the passion in my brain and run with endurance with all the fibers in me to finish the race.
As in my previous post, I will do more writing down of the visions and the goals. Also, pictures work well if they are not limiting. I have inspiring pictures all over my walls.

- Julia
my imagination is expanding, this bible verse
presents no limits, Ephesians 3:20 Amplified
version God is able to bless us above and beyond
all we ask or think, or dare to dream or imagine
Now, pay me for my thoughts, our price is going
up to 12,000 in Oct.
If you are very clear and specific about what you want then the pictures are clear - otherwise they are hazy...
I have made a ppt with pictures of my dream home, good life, places that I want to visit, happy family etc and I bring life and clarity into those pictures by imagining myself as a part of it and imagining more details to add the third dimension.
To sharper the image onto chrystal-clear goals, I see a need to decrease the hats that I wear. If I can deligate a hat to someone else, and let them wear it, let them own the responsibility, I can focus on the hats that only I can wear. Limit the roles you have and apply the same energy, and you can excell at the high priority hats. Limit the hats and the goals are easier to focaus on. Then, it shall be CHRYSTAL-CLEAR!
My imagination muscle is strong and healthy. I'm empowered daily by my visualization techniques from "The Secret" website. I read my Today's TQ information daily as well as truly see myself where I want to be. My imagination keeps me motivated and excited. It keeps my spirits high and negativity low because I truly believe what I see in my head for myself and my future.
At the age of 50, I decided to attend law school. I did so, and at age 53, I graduated, took the bar exam, passed it, and opened my own law firm. I merely wanted to graduate and pass the bar exam. I gave little thought to my eventual law firm (except the geographical place and setting). As a result, I did not cultivate clients ahead of time. That has cost me a lot of money. It has resulted in me having a solo practice (a frightening and somewhat lonely place to be).

I have discovered that each day moves me closer to my financial goals, but not my social goals . The trouble is that my business is either so busy that I cannot barely take a breath, or so quiet that I have too much time on my hands. The busy times are great, but without some steady and reliable planning during the quiet times, the busy times can take way too much psychic attention from me. So, when I have an actual free day, I collapse. Moreover, during busy times, projects and people can fall through the cracks. As an attorney, that is unprofessional and leaves me open to malpractice actions. I have not missed a court date, but I did, once, leave an important client file at the office  and I was appearing in court 58 miles away from my office!

So, now when I have some free time, I do not just wonder what to do or simply collapse. I contact former clients, contact friends, and generally organize my office and records. In other words, I try to refresh myself.

What stops happening, though, is the future planning. Now that I have been a practicing attorney for nine months, I can see that a financial plateau has been reached, and more growth needs to happen. Otherwise, Ill only be doing court-appointed work for the remainder of my career. That will pay the existing bills but will not support the life that I want  to spend 1 month a year traveling around the continental US with my husband, a Nauticat 44 sailboat to circumnavigate the eastern US in , a 7 ½ foot Boesndorfer grand piano to play Rachmaninoff and Debussy piano compositions on, and trading in a nearly new 2600 square foot house for an early 1900s four-square house.

Of course, first, I need to get my office more efficient and effective (and comfortable)!

So, I need help. I know what I want. Getting there is the problem. And, I dont have a lot of time!
Ann - Ann - Ann !!!! wow - you are ME !!! thru out my carreer as a lawyer - Boy oh Boy do you hit a chord with me - solo is nOOOOOOOOOOO way to go - wow - the law is too difficult and complicated a profession to do solo - no way - so change your modus operandi = NOW !!!!!!! = good luck to you - Best John
A nice hint: from James Ray's book "The Science of Success," he suggests when choosing your mind set, you place yourself in the picture, you don't want to just an observer looking at it. pg 56

I believe everything I am reading about the Law of Attraction. Another great read is "The Law of attraction," by Micheal Losier. I was referred to it just yesterday, & it's not the book written by Hicks. What is so great about the book is the way Losier describes affirmations, how to write affirmation in full detail.

I also agree with the Bible verses, if read in an inspiring manner & researched out of love, & taught out of love. Inspirational! The verses do at many times refer to us humans as being very supported & that we have dominion even over the angels; now how great is that. I think that's in the old testament. However, other many ancient beliefs & writtings are very similar & yes it is not new info, however, the spirit is enlighting us more & more everyday through many avenues.

About 3 years ago or less, I was feeling lonely & asked a wise man what is this, & I said, "I am not feeling God." His response was awesome, he said you will need to manifest this relationship, this awesome God. This was ah... moment. If you have the chance to explore Blockbusters, "Conversations with God" based off the book, & "Knowing God" Deepak Chopra's are great at helping with imagination, amazing graphics.

Peace & blessings!
The images coming from my imagination are a little out of focus because things keep changing in my life. I'm am now working on setting new 3 month goals for October, November, December 2007....the coming months and what I want to accomplish during that time. I am, however, on target.
To sharpen my image of what it would feel like to accomplish my goal is to have more visualizations around me. I find when I talk to too many people about what I want to accomplish ~ it only clouds my mind and I end up doing nothing. I like to work on a non-complex path and stick to it. In the past I have just imagined what it would be like to be the queen of Seminar recruiting, but now I am not only visualizing, but working hard to achieve that goal by reading more positive books, seeing more people and talking about my goal.
I can put up signs, posters, and notes at all places I commonly look.
At my current job, the leaders ALWAYS stress SAFETY. Not only do they remind us before we begin our work day, but there are signs, posters, and notes all over the place.
When I pass by the hall to get a drink of water, there are signs posted up on the wall. As I walk up a flight of stairs, on each step there is key phrase reminding me of safety. And when I'm in the bathroom, above the urinal are notes on how to drive safe too.
I live my life much more aware and proactive, when it comes to health, productivity, and of course, Safety.
I believe if I use the same method my job- leaders use in enforcing safety, to the achievement of my Deepest Heartfelt Dreams and Goals, I truly will be immeresed in them.
And when I'm totally into the constant reminders, I'll always be in that positive emotional state of "already having it.'
If I can feel it in my heart, and clearly see it in my mind, I think that I'm almost there.
I am with you, Dave!!

My imagination has opened up new doors of opportunity for me, and I am running through them with my eyes wide open! I cannot share much with those in my life (because of their negative mindsets that drag me down), but I am more than happy to share them here!

I see me helping others to be fit and healthy while having loads of fun, helping others to be the very best that they can be, encouraging others to design their own futures (like I am designing mine), and pushing others to greatness! I see myself being financially free to work only for the passion of what I do, and not to feed the "gotta survive one more month" mentality. I see myself creating a better life for those in my family and those in the community where I grew up.

Our past shall not dictate our future; our imaginations will! Shut the negative people out for now (they can get angry with us later)and let's GO FOR IT!!!! :)
I have procrastinated too long. I have lived for other peoples dream and not my own. I want to make others happy because I thought that if I help them, I will be rewarded with my dreams. But life does not happen that way. You have to do for you and then others will follow. Someday I will open my own financial office, servicing all types of clients and being rewarded for what I have been to able to help them achieve.
In the past I have had some success with visualizations. Putting an image in my mind and feeling emotional about it. I have advanced toward those goals but now that I have been experiencing some successes I have mostly ignored the process that got me here. I need to dedicate more time and emotion toward greater future goals on a regular basis.
To dream is the most wonderful ability given to humankind. Dream gives energy to a person who wishes to accomplish greater things in life.It gives direction and purpose that prolongs one's life. It clarifies the meaning of one's existence in life. A man without a dream is a man without a hope. But a man with a dream never runs out of energy to accomplish great things, always hopeful and joyful. Therefore, to dream an ordinary dream is the least one can do, but to dream, the impossible dream, is the greatest challenged which can bring greatest result which can be remembred forever. The dream of Mr. Ford to develop an automobile is now an ordinary thing that we see from day, to day. The dream of Thomas Edison to have a light in every home is now being enjoyed by every family. The dream to tame the Amazon in the jungle of Brazil through the work of missionaries is now a living testimony in the history. Dreams are the foretaste of what is to come. Keep on dreaming.

Nelson L. Castorillo
How inspiring.. thanks for sharing... Mary
Begin.. simply begin to imagine... I think I put that away as a childish thing... and I need to get it out.. dust if off and bring to light the things in my heart... thanks for the challenge... Mary
well - this is too big of an idea for me!! damn - But it is true ( at least this morn ). today - just get to andy - and do your duty - cuz you want to = thanks for the chance - once again ====
best John
to everybody - !!!! My best advice is :
BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE ---- T O D A Y !!!!!!!
this second minute and moment - right here right now only - be the best you can be - RIGHT NOW --- RIGHT HERE - STAY HERE AND NOW IN THIS MOMENT THISMINUTE THIS TIME HERE AND NOW !!! I can't streess that idea enuf - best to all and see you later - John
again evrybody - this is a hard thing to do - BE IN THE MOMENT ONLY - NO YESTERDAYS - NO TOMORROWS - but HERE AND NOW - RIGHT NOW !!
If you can do this - it will be a wonderful day for you - tomorrow is a just an imagined place and yesteday IS GONEGONEGONEGONE - so be here NOW and stay in the moment - good luck to all of US !!!!!!!! see you all later - best to all - John R
Yes I do! I beleive that to dream the dream over and over helps to see the big picture. I have gotten so much out of this site and the book TQ/10 Nothing i haven't heard before, just a neat way to track by color. This is the easiest way for me to stay on track. Thanks
Yes all things you want to attain ... any thing ... must first start as a thought or a dream.

Only then can you move forward to build it or acquire it.

The power is in the "Dream" or "Thoughts" negative or positive.
A year ago, I asked
Find images that match my goals and dreams and put them within view so that I can look at them every single day, throughout the day.
Honolulu, HI
Yes, I do, Many things in my life have happened because I dreamed about it when I was a child or a teenager. Many coincidences have happened and made my dream come true. Now that and being consciously being aware of has made me dream along with work for the dream.
Yes I do believe in the beauty of my dreams... I just don't dream enough or in enough detail... to see most of them become realities... I some how think that if I dream too much.. I'll be disappointed if they don't come true...

But I am beginning to see that the opposite is really true.. that the disappointment will be if I reach the end of my life and realize I didn't dream enough...

So, I wasn't the only one with imaginary friends .

Great commentary today. By the way, when my TQ is high, I almost feel like I am in a time warp. Sometimes I get the feeling like it is time to turn the clock back for daylight savings time and it should be an hour later but it's not. Getting the right things done, the first time efficiently is a wonderful thing.
My greatest "Someday" dream is to be financially independent - or in scriptural terms - to have an abundance for every good work.

I will need to create multiple steams of income in order to make that happen. I will need to save and invest money wisely.
have reached these goals:
perfect health& weight, perfect schedule/routine, abundant art work and incoming money, perfect love life, perfect home&travels, full awareness &being enlightened

step by step endeavour realised day by day
To be wealth to help move people and the kingdom of God forward.

multiple stream of income.
To be wealth to help move people and the kingdom of God forward.

multiple streams of income.
Imagination is something that I've never had a problem with. As a Fine Arts Major in college I was able to build upon my natural affinity towards creating and vission. Focus is what I really need to work on.
I have lost the childlike power of imagination. I think I subtly began to dream based on my present resources, (which weren't alot) or what I had already accomplished, (which wasn't much.)

To rekindle it, I will need to take the limit off. Stop judging myself on the lack and failure and weaknesses of my past. See myself the way God sees me. I have to imagine success and dream more!
No Fear to be "on my own"
Success with my business's
Happy customers
Financial contentment
I have an excellent imagination, I put no limits on how "big" I think, and I can feel like I'm right there. Am I letting the "how" get in the way if I imagine the money I think I need to get things done? I don't know...
drop off all limitations and limits
It is hard for me to get beyond the 'How' and start dreaming big. I think I analyze a little too much. I am going to incorporate dreaming big into a regular part of my day..
My imagination muscle is like a six pack ab!
every evening before sleeping in clposistion spend 20min imagining and living in those imaginatiosn and going thru them
Take time to think of the future in the most optimistic light. Think about problems as being able to be solved instead of without solutions.
Believe that with God all things are possible.
I made a Mind Movie. It was fun, and I love it!
I am going to start imagining what I want. I am going to write it down. and integrate my imaginations as part of my daily declarations.
dreams are the cause of the halluciation of the thoughts dominating over you.and i have the dreams at my will and i enjoy them
dreams are the cause of the halluciation of the thoughts dominating over you.and i have the dreams at my will and i enjoy them
dreams are the cause of the of the thoughts dominating over you.and i have the dreams at my will and i enjoy them
Well today a music manager that i have known for several years, got me an audition for a new reality show that is by Mark Burnet Productions...the person who made the survivor series and many other ones after that....there were at least 2000 people there, but since I had an inside connection, I went past all of the lives, and got to audition. An hour after the audition the producer sends my manager an email how it made there day hearing my play...and how much they liked it...I really needed a success like this to happen. Certainly with my wife deserting me with our two kids and going back to Japan, things have been tough. Plus now I have great health issues and have to get much better at my health habits, with all of the challenges it is easy to say JUST CONCENTRATE ON MY CPA CAREER...and get stable, and if I work ambitiously in my CPA career maybe I can get my wife back with my two kids...and of course get my health back....I thought that I was always willing to die and give up everything for my musical dream but now I just turned 54...how much more of my life am I going to give up to a dream that has never materialized....as TQ would say, HOW REALISTIC ARE MY DREAMS....it does not seem that I am being realistic at all in terms of my music career. I remember that the founder of Mac Donalds was a series piano player and he gave it all up to pursue the Mac Donalds dream.....I don't know if my insides can handle giving up my musical dreams...I just don't know exactly what to do, but I do know that I have to concentrate on my health or I am doing to die soon...
yes and I do think that if you dont practice using your imagination. you will not always find the most creative solution.
I don't think I've lost it, I just don't dare use it around other people, they think I'm nuts.
my dream is to be happy and relaxed, feeling secure in my financial resources and in my good health, including the physical and emotional health of my family
Yes, I do believe in the beauty of my dreams. And, I also believe in them becoming a reality as well. As long as I work towards them and don't just ignore them, they will blossom to maturity.
Sometimes dreams don't happen as quickly as I would like. I am sure that happens to everyone. I certainly have had my share of darkness and light. But, we can't appreciate one without the other and each is a part of the other. Are shadows darkness or light? They are both.

From my song Sometimes
Light falls making shadows
That reveal
All shades of the spectrum
That we feel
There is more than meets the eye
When we take a breath
There is more to living than we see
I believe in the GREAT beauty of my dreams. Surrounding my dreams are the very stars that we envision in the night sky brought into my reality pulling me into the universe.
Someday, I will live a life where I would not have to count before spending, without having to worry about my next meal, without having to worry about my mortgage payments etc, just live and travel when I feel like traveling where I want to go for as long as I want. Spend as much time as I want with my children and grand children. I dream of living on a plantation somewhere back in my village with my wife, children and relatives. Providing for the upkeep of anyone who asks me for help. Provide a shelter for the homeless and the hungry. Provide a shelter for orphans and widows. Someday, I will make it....
To actualise on music performance, composition n business in five years time.
To make my dream real, I would need: Money. lots of it. The problem is that economic times are beyond our control. So I am not sure how TQ will help me. Although no doubt I am better off with TQ then without it. But is it the complete solution?
A cada manhã, imaginarei o dia que está começando.
pensar no resultado final, descendo pelas ações pontuais. Remover a preguiça mental, sair do processo intelectual, inserir processo emocional naquilo que precisa ser feito.
Actually stopping and TAKING THE TIME to focus in on picturing my success. Define my goal EXACTLY and SEE it in my mind's eye as a reality. FEEL what it feels like.
Yes, but I can't share my vision for the future, incuding it's beauty with anyone. I fear that this trend could stiffle my resolve to persue my vision for a life that is sustainable enough to not seem sisyphean.
Absolutely true.
Yes, today, people can fly. I am exchanging power with God
we will share, and people's lives will be changed for the better
within hours.
Early I seek Thee Lord so early in the day when I commune with the Lord I'm most productive.
I do truly believe in beauty of my dreams , cause it is my dreams that will help me and carry me far in life............
when my core value becomes my balance, it helps me to make decisions that i wont regret tomorrow.this affects both my business and my relationships. to this, it becomes important to identify my core value before any other thing.
My greatest "Someday" dream has been traveling every continent by rail -- 6-8 weeks on the road seeing the world from the rails that unite every country and its people.

This dream is rapidly coming in focus, as we have scheduled trips for the next 3 summers in different parts of the USA, Canada and Mexico.

Someday is now October 15th!

My goal of raising $750,000 for Vision Thailand this year seems pretty much unattainable right now. I'm frustrated and tired, and have sort of lost my vision and commitment to the goal. I need some help--God help me--I'm trying to do the work you have asked me to do, and it seems stuck at this time. Help me to get back on track and not be afraid of the seemingly impossible, because with you, nothing is impossible!
Create the business that will allow me to work part-time yet build a wonderful organization of great people, solve others problems and assit them in living the finest of lives. All while continuing to nuture the love and respect I have for my lovely wife and encouraging my children to reach for the stars
Each day I take 20 minutes to simply let my imagination run amok!

At 65, I feel young at heart, with a brave heart full of experience and wisdom.

However, I NEVER let facts, wisdom or experience limit my imagination.

As Einstein said...

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand." ~ Albert Einstein

I actively employ the 99% imagination, 1% knowledge rule to get my day moving in the right direction.

I have allowed others and society to smother the flame on anything is possible that I used to live by. Thankfully God and others have also shown me that I should still think that anything is possible. Therefore today I choose to believe that anything is possible
Were money is no issue. And I am free to travel with my family. And know there going to be finacially ok in the future.
When I dream, do I dream BIG... or let the HOW get in the way of the WANT and WHY?

Both -- I am a big dreamer but frequently I let the details creep in too early.

Big dreams have overwhelming what and hows!

I will focus more of my attention on the treasure rather than the trouble this month!

Can you believe it is already September!!!

I strengthen my imagination each day by looking for connections in what I read, experience and see.

A big key to keeping a vibrant imagination is to not over schedule key priorities.

Most people work themselves to death rather than create a playful world in which their imagination rules and facts/knowledge are just placeholders for the future.

Goal setting is the only way I can track my progress and hold myself accountable. Over the years I have made myself so many promises, today I have decided that I will use TQ as my guide to fulfill all my obligations. Everyone needs a coach, I have come to the reality that by myself, I am a complete failure, by using the resources of TQ a new day has dawned.
Way to go Devon!!!

Use these resources to marry your high sense of purpose with daily performance and you will find success well beyond your expectations.

Are the images that are coming from your imagination crystal-clear... or fuzzy and out of focus?

What a wonderful question -- especially this morning!

1/3 crystal clear... 1/3 a little fuzzy because they have been there for so long -- and the rest really out of focus.

I now know exactly what to do today. Spend time refocusing on the beauty of my dreams!


God only knows that TQ literally saved my life. In Sept 2008 I had become suicidal, had been depressed for several years, struggling with keeping a job and a wife of 26 years who was a perfectionist and narcissist, who was always right about everything (she believed), told me everyday what a loser of a provider and man I had become. Stumbling on ThinkTQ by accident, It was then when I invested in myself w/ the TQ System and suddenly I understood that my initial TQ score of 21 was totally who I was as a man and as a passive leader of my home & my job.

I don't know what day I read it, but ER wrote "The same God that gives you the ability to dream... is the same God that gives you the ability to accomplish that dream." Thank you ER God used ya Big-Time.

Yes I do. Its my belief that the Lord governs and directs the affairs of my heart, my mind and also my environment. These are an influence on my thought process which manifest as dreams. Accordingly my dreams are also designed by God. It is logical that these dreams will be a reality and a blessing to me as well as the people around me.
Yes, I have absolute belief in the beauty within my dreams.

I am a dreamer and a doer.

I get the connection between my dreams, goals, plans and results.

A few years ago, when we wrote Success On Purpose, the idea of a constant connection between your dreams and your missions became a huge driver of my current performance.

After years of quantitative analysis, it is an absolute fact that if you lose your connection between your dreams and your performance, you cannot succeed.

Success flows to people with an unstoppable sense of mission and direction.

The root cause is they have a highly evolved sense of imagination -- the source of the big, world-changing dream.

would you please explain numbering and dating system. very confusing as to when posted.
I absolutely believe in the beauty of my dreams! Each night and morning as I visualize walking on the sandy beaches, watching the sun either creeping up over the horizon or enjoy the muted light of another sunrise on the water I cannot help but to be completely engulfed in the beauty and joy of it all.
Yes. with a clear -cut goal and clarity of your mission one will succeed.
My greatest "someday" dream is marriage, or a committed partnership and financial freedom. What's going to make it real is when I realize that my business planes have proven successful and that my net worth exceeds $1,000,000.00, which is the first step in a long line of activities towards building a financial legacy for my family. I will realize a committed relationship when I have a partner that is as committed to my success as I am to his. I can't wait to see how wonderful it feels not to worry about "how" or "when", but to know that it has already happened.
To be happy and content with my life.
#1 (spirituality & Love )love god more than anything & love other people like my self,read word of god. # 2 (Education)go to colorado tq adventure learning fo live a tq on 90+ & teach my children tq ,bible &social media #3 (Adventure)travel the world #4(wealth) have a apartment complex in bonaire & in curacaó for incomé from $200000 yearly with real Estate. #5(Family) live in a house horse farm in miami & and win the kentuky derby & santa anitaa & the dubai derby, be a góod coach father for my children & see mi son play mlb in florida & my children gradute from collegee. #6 (compassion & Help )plan a world thanks giving day ..#7 (Health)best shape of mi life & coach other,play my hobby's & gym. #8confident & gentelman.#9 eenjoy life #10 be a coach & mentor & a good father & good grand grand father.
Document these images=visions
Develop a "What can I do to bring these visions ino reaity?"
Make and honest commitment to doing that and see what results I get
I am most productive mid-morning to early evening. By 8:00 PM I am wiped up. I use the early morning hours for meditation and planning. I wish I were more productive during the quiet hours but in reality, I need time to get moving.
Someday I Will...
... have an art gallery in downtown Savannah, GA.

...own a 40-acre commercial, free range goat meat operation in Southeast GA

..have a 3 bedroom ranch home with a separate building to use as a craft shop, complete with firing room for silver metal, and a fully equipped workbench for working with gold and silver metal.

...take photography classes, and offer weekend photography tours to the physically handicapped.

...take my family to New Zealand, Australia, and Italy

...have the money set aside for my granddaughters, niece and nephew for college.

...have $5,000,000 in investments to support myself, my family, my businesses and charities.

In 10 years, I expect to have reached my goals.

~Denise B
Someday I will...have a Math Academy where I can continue my teaching career into retirement - teaching young children mathematics through problem solving - encouraging them to believe in themselves and what they already know as they approach a problem requiring skills to be used in an entirely different context.

I'll be on video conferencing 5 times, helping others attain their dreams
and goals. You should be a GUEST today, I'm sure you'll enjoy the unsolicited testimonies of success at the end of each. See you at http://MeetLiveVideo.com Many believe it was answer to their prayers.
My Clarity is at 100%

My Conviction is at 100%

My Commitment is at 100%

My Courage to take bold action is at 100%

Over the past 2 years, I have substantially improved my power to achieve huge results.

Takes time.

Takes dedication.

Takes WORK.

Several of my most cherished dreams are now within my grasp.

But I must still extend my reach.

No regrets.

All results.

I will feel sensational!

Doing things differently means that you must believe in doing different things.

Sometimes the different makes you feel strange.

In the moment, it never makes you feel "normal"...

Because you are thinking and acting differently from the norm.

As my old friend Steve Jobs would say, "Here's to the people crazy enough to think they can change the world... because they are the only ones who do!"

I feel wild... I feel crazy... I feel as if I have finally, after 67 trips around the sun, know enough -- and am crazy enough -- to shake things up this year!

Think about the next 5 years of your life. What ACHIEVEMENT will give you the biggest sense of ACCOMPLISHMENT?

How hard are you working on it right now?

Wow -- what a question!

Am working 12-14 hours a day on my next Billion $ opportunity.

Working hard... working smart... and finally feel like I am gaining on it!

Which long-held dream in your life has been lacking in action?

How strong is your COMMITMENT to this dream?

100% commitment, but changing human nature is the biggest opportunity I have ever faced. Requires massive amounts of power to learn and grow.

I am making great progress, so the dream lives IN me, and lives ON each and every day.
300% committed!
Hold my first opportunity meeting
Be Bold to talk to people
Have my Vision in Front of me
Keep my Goals in Front of me
Be Excited for the future
Be teachable
Take action daily-work on my business daily!
Get my Big Why!

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WOW! I clicked a few boxes and YOU suddenly know ME better than I do! Before taking your TQ Test, I only knew something was wrong. I now know exactly what it is! I am motivated and enthused. I also know I can do what it takes to succeed -- on a level I never thought possible.

Carolyn S.
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