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A positive belief in your future ensures it.

"If you don't change your beliefs, your life will be like this forever. Is that good news?" ~ Dr. Robert Anthony

TQ The Freedom to Believe in Your Dreams...

As I said last week, your imagination controls your future. If you want a highly successful future, nourish your imagination.

This week, we will discuss the power your "belief system" has over your life—and how you can move your hopes and dreams out of your heart and head... and into your life.

Here in America we have the freedom to believe in our dreams.

And the opportunity to pursue our dreams with all our hearts.

TQ The Belief to Success Continuum...

Your BELIEFS drive your EXPECTATIONS... your expectations drive your CHOICES... your choices drive your PERFORMANCE.

It's your performance that ultimately delivers the RESULTS you expect... which leads directly to the SUCCESS you desire.

The long and short of it is this: Success STARTS with a strong BELIEF in your ability to meet or exceed expectations.

Believe you can and you will.

Believe you can't and you won't.

If you believe you CAN...
Or believe you CAN'T...
You're RIGHT!

TQ High Expectations Require Tremendous Belief...

If you have little belief that you will achieve your goals, how much of your energy will you commit?

If you believe your plans are doomed to failure anyway, how much effort will you expend in their pursuit?

If you have no strong belief in your team-building skills... or confidence in your organizational systems... will you have the attitude required to take the actions necessary to see your dreams through to completion?

Negative beliefs limit your actions... which limits your future. Positive beliefs expand your actions... which expands your future.

TQ The Year is Running Out Fast...

No question, the secret to your success is High TQ Performance: High Expectations ~ Brilliant Execution.

The question is, do you truly believe you can—and will—achieve your top 3 goals this year?

This week we will give you a powerful push in the direction of your dreams... helping you instantly increase your believability in achieving them. -- E.R. Haas, CEO


TQ Integrating Questions...

Want to truly BELIEVE in your dreams... and your POWER to achieve them? THEN Improve TQ Attitude Factor 3B...

Understanding how this Factor drives your performance is key to improving it. Sometimes a small shift in perspective gives you a huge shift in power.

Print this page, take out your pen and invest a few moments to answer the following questions.

Do it now.

Each one is designed to shift your perspective, change your point of view, and to invite specific action.

"Point of view is worth 20 IQ points" ~ E. R. Haas

TQ Power Up Questions:

  1. To virtually guarantee your success in your current project, what's one more thing you could do?
  2. As you begin your next task, what images of success can you conjure up?
  3. What outcome did you predict when you began your present task?
  4. What one step can you take right now that will help achieve this week's goals?
  5. What do you want to accomplish by the end of today?

TQ Insight Questions:

  1. Have you developed a trail-blazer's attitude yet?
  2. How many reasons can you list for succeeding at your present goal?
  3. What evidence can you create for the success of your current objective?
  4. What new task or activity will you challenge this week?
  5. What have you been putting off doing because you thought you couldn't do it well?

TQ Perspective Questions:

  1. When others say you can't, do you agree with them? Or do you become more determined to succeed?
  2. Does your morning ritual include any positive affirmations?
  3. The first time for anything is awkward for everyone. Why should that stop you from beginning?
  4. What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?


If you have any questions you would like us to answer personally, just send us an email! Click Here Answers@ThinkTQ.com...

The only dumb question is the one that's important to you... and you didn't ask!

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Running Member Comments...

You hit the nail on the head Dave!

Prioritized Plans give you tremendous BELIEF that, step-by-step, you can transform the present into the feature of your dreams.


Because you have the MAP!

M)ake A P)lan is not just good advice for long-term stuff, but for right now stuff. Plans give us great VISIBILITY of the future we want to create... and little-by-little, create massive BELIEVABILITY in what we are doing and the direction we are taking.

When I feel lost... when I start to feel a little down... when I feel I am getting off track and losing direction, I make a MAP and BAM!, my believability grows as I can more clearly SEE what's ahead.

Yes, you have found one of the big keys that unlock the treasures of possibilities and potantialities!

Yes, I truly believe in the beauty of my dreams. My dreams are my driving force in life and grow stronger as the days pass by. The beauties of my dreams are enhanced with vivid images of what my future will be. I see a woman who has achieved her dreams of financial freedom, improved relationships, and making a positive difference in this country.

Stacie Walker, Healthcare Benefits Specialist
I believe in the beauty of my dreams - so much so that I am starting to share them with others. I cannot share with everyone, though, because a lot of the people in my world are so negative and "doom-and-gloom". I am keeping my dreams away from these people so that they will not die on the vine of my life.

My dreams will begin coming to fruition THIS YEAR! I am working the plan right now, and will let you know what happens. Let's all work on becoming the next success stories on ThinkTQ!!! :)
I believe you can believe in the beauty of your dreams without believing the dreams can truly happen. Some people might say one is "pie in the sky dreaming" and the other is having goals.

Although I would answer the question as "yes, I believe in my dreams," I don't act like I believe them. That, in turn, tells me that deep down inside I don't truly believe them. In starting my own business I see that being a business owner takes that same mentality. It's easy to go to a job, punch the clock, do what's expected of you, punch out and go home. Being a business owner requires commitment, organization, goal setting, and above all believing you can achieve those goals and walking towards them. If you don't believe you will succeed, you just won't do what's necessary to succeed. Your energy will only rise to the point of your expectations. If you expect failure your energy will be zilch and you will fail. If you can see yourself living your dream and you have that "never say die," "I can do it," "I intend to succeed" attitude, your energy will rise up to meet the challenge. ~L
the right to pursue life libertv and happiness ? = great question !
yes I have that right and the reason is : my country = my country - the place of my birth and the place where I live and raise my family. My home - my land - and my place in it - thank you all for this precious chance to pursue all the life liberty and happiness I want - this is so great. thanks a lot everybody -
John R
well John ! here we are agin - thanks a lot again - I am here - up and at em at 0700 hours and had a good nites sleep - ready to go - set some goals ( small ones for now ) and then do what has to be done to get to the goals. just little steps and small goals for now - that is good enuf for me right here right now - just little goals for the day - one day one second / minute / moment / at a time - just be the best you can be today !1 just today - for the whole day- think about it - this could be the last day of my LIFE !!!! sooooooooo make the most of it - hell- it could be taken form you so fast - I>E> sickness - disability - accidents - anythoing at all could happen - sooooooooooo dig in and do the best you can doo each day--
wow ! &^%$# that is quite a revlation - you just have today - that is it - 18 hours up and at em before the collapse at 12 midnite- I fall asleep at 12 mid nite and then wake at 6 - if I am lucky enuf to wake up after the sleep - think about that ! thinkthinkthink - about that - when you get up you have about 18 hours to live - LIVE !! sooooo make the most of it all - damn it !
sorri everybody _ BUT ! _ I still have things to say - 18 hours to get as much life packed in as I can - soooooooooo - pack the living into today - right here right now - this second minute and moment - I promise myself - that I will give it all that I have - today - here and now - here and now. that is enuf for me and enuf for right now - so get to where you have to b eand doit - as Sgt Major Beyers said ( USMC ) sgt Major- thanks a lot Sgt/Maj- I appreciate what you taught me so many years ago in the Corps - I forgot for a while BUT I am back !
hey ! how do you journal your thoughts ? just let me know and I will doit
heck ! I saw the journal option before ! where is it now ?
In the today's question section there is a box, underneath is where you can (post your comments journal your thoughts) Click on the journal your thoughts. However, and here is the stupid part. Once you click it it disappears and i've wanted to get it back to see it later but I don't know how to do it. Anyway, I see the technical problems are fixed. Thanks. Perhaps someone could tell me how to retrieve old journals. It would be appreciated.
I have been having issues with my reply commit, I stopped writng in the box. Perhaps it is working now. I enjoy the option to journal some of my ideals, it's my quick start to journaling & a little social fix. So I hope TQ has put out he fire. Thanks!!!
Hi again everybdy - I just read the TQ option and took the test agin for the second time - interesting ! maybe slow down for the moment and then reorganize !!! get your head and butt wired together - yeah ! that is good enuf for now - then onto next option - hell _ I gotta get organizzized ! N O W heck
let me know what you think ! HUH ! ?
sure do = sure do = my dreams have changed with my age and stage - all for the better - BUT not without pain - and lots of it====
paiin and lots of it - thanks for this chance to do it all over again-
thanks soooooooooooooooo much for this chance to do it all over again - love John
In order for my mom and dad to immigrate from the Philippines to America, their families had to spend most of their lives growing up working the land and farms they lived on.
My Grandfather was a smart man; he won a huge spelling bee while attending grade school. He could not travel the distance, so people carried him to the competition; there were no cars during this time.
When His father, my great- grandfather, went to Hawaii to look for a job, my grandfather was left to care for his two siblings.
He finished school up to 7th grade; he could not continue, because he had to take care of the duties of the farm.
So he became a major provider for the family.
Years later, His children were given the opportunity to go to school and continue in higher levels of education. Since he lived the hard life and had a lack of education, Grandpa realized that he had to give his children a chance at education so they would be well off in their futures.
My parents were given the chance to provide a great life of opportunity and resources to me, living in America.
Had it not been for the sacrifices and hard, sweat- labor of my Grandpa, I probably would not be here with all the "stuff" in my life.
I owe it to my past, to achieve a high performance life. This will be my way of saying thank-you to those who cried blood and broke their backs for the bright future I live today.
Thank-you, I will pay you back.
Awesome family history... pass it on...
AWESOME!!!!! I wish you the best in everything you do!! I love the gratitude you have. I sometimes have to put myself in check because I take so much for granted. GOD BLESS YOU!!
Dave - You are onto something Dave _ I don't know what it is you are onto, BUT you are onto it _ LOL (not at you ) but at the thought that you are onto something big _ this personal power thing is big with me - and it looks as though we may be on the same page ! Focus on NOW Dave = Right now - focus on what you have and then keep building on it _ It is laborious and requires lots of work BUT it will pay off- I use the SMM program ( seconds minutes moments )- Just focus on this moment in time and be the best you can be RIGHT NOW - this second minute and moment in time and everything starts to come into focus! concentrate on right now Dave - thanks for being on the TQ schedule and for your comments - I appreciate them > My very Best Dave - John R._
whoa !!!! I hate this because I always underestimate MYSELF - damn ! these self-imposed limitations kill me - I know I can do more BUT I keep limiting myself - I have done this all my life. I was always overestimating the other guy too. I always give the other guy more credit than he deserved!!!l Life was too much of a competition - and I ended up giving too much credit to the other guy - in football- in academics- in love (sic)- looks - brains- school- bootcamp - politics- everything !!!! - damn -!!! the other guy always got more credit than he (she) deserved and I ended up giving myself the short shift = why ? - this is killing me ! that I did not give my self more credit for greater brain capacity- greater physical capacity- = wow = I wish I had known I was more of a man than I had given myself credit for- this is a hard revelation to accept - I just gotta accept myself a little more- I have got to do this NOW !!! there is a lot of time that I have left ( to live ) and I have got to give myself more credit for being a bigger man than I thought I was _ Great question this morn on the TQ = Thanks _ John R
Hi again everybody - Good morning - I am starting the day feeling strong/and then contemplating the original question - Which was ??? see ! I am forgetting an awful lot lately _ must be age and stage - It can't be me (sic) LOL - it probably is _ see ! I am limiting myself again- Do not limit yourself- You are stronger / smarter / better looking / than you give yourself credit for - this has to do with self-esteem. This self esteeem thing is a big thing and we have to work on this - GIVE YOURSELF THE CREDIT YOU WANT AND DESERVE = n o w ! NOT LATER - LIFE MOVES PRETTY FAST SO YOU BETTER START NOW! Hold yourself in greater self - esteem than you have been. This will help a lot - I didn't do this and it has limited my avancement in a whole variety of life events _ love-school-athletics-college- grad school- law school-family life-business life-= WOW - this is hard to accept BUT I have to accept it !!! I don't want to but I have to in order to move beyond it _ any Thoughts anyone ? - Heck I know what your thoughts are already ! - see you all later - best to all - John R
The self imposed limitations that I have placed on myself is that I need more money.
"A positive belief in your future ensures it."

Obviously, and easily, true. Yet ever challenging to believe, (to REALLY believe), on a momentarily, hourly, daily and perpetual basis.

I'm overcoming a negative period (mild depression I'm told)and it's often difficult, and sometimes extremely hard, to stay focussed on/with my belief in myself and my dreams.

The first, and possibly most important, step is to believe in yourself enough to imagine and develop a detailed and believable dream.

THAT, (it seems to me) is what the TQ system is all about. Helping and training people to believe in themselves enough to get on a path.
If you can achieve THAT much, and then some early goals, you've built a "foundation" of early success, on which you can reflect on for strength. Then you can truly build your "house" of dreams.

Once there, attitude and actions can literally keep you going. Hold on tight to those dreams and YOUR beliefs. Let NOone steal them with discouragement/negativity. Belive in yourself ...
YOU actually can do it. Even the TOP achievers in the world are only human, and they all use principles that are taught in TQ.

6 years ago yesterday (9 1 1), many thought we would engage world war. Many didn't believe that and wouldn't allow it!! Beliefs are damn important folks. Keep up your personal vigilance. Achieve. Enjoy!!
Hi Peter- Bravo !!! thanks for your note - It was very good and builds on my own observations - the depression is hard to conquer and is insidious in it's destructive capabilities - walk / run / jump/ exercise your way to good health mentally - this exercise of the mind and body is sooooo vital to good health and a positive mental out look to life - APPRECIATE EACH DAY THAT YOU ARE ALIVE AND WELL. FOCUS ON now - right now - right here - with what you got - and number your blessings each and every day - thanks and best John R

Nice repl, I enjoye reading your kind words, ecspecially the 911 part. Thanks for thoughts!

I hope you start feeling btter, I went on a "The Fat Flush Plan" Ann Louis Gittleman, to help with a few pounds (maybe 15 at the most) I found the vitamins & herbs really helped with my depression, & of course EXERCISE- besides the gym, walking into the trails though the woods.

Well it's a rainy day here in Seattle so I am loking for ways to ramp up my happy vibes, TQ commentary has been helpful.

In the book " Your Magic Power to be Rich!" Napoleon Hill; pg 252
He writes "Ten Reasons Why the Mind Moves To Greatness, setting up a mind stimulant, 6. A Master Mind alliance between two or more people who ally themselves, mentaly, for the purpose of mutual help, in spirit of unselfishness." Intentional living & raising your vibrational rate. How great is that!

As always Bleesings & Peace!
I did not get my tq lesson today in my inbox. Wondering what happened!
My lesson came in but the type was so tiny I couldn't read it. The commentary section came in clearly. They must be having some technical problems. Hope it's fixed soon because I miss these lessons.
The limits I feel are directly related to my lack of appreciation of JUST BEING ALIVE ON THE EARTH !!!!!!!! I want to appreciate the fact that I am alive AND WELL and able to meet each wonderful day as a new day of LIFE !!!! what luck that I have finally realised this fact !! thank you so much - this is enuf for this session ! I just want to appreciate each new day for all the opporunities that may, and will, come my way - Boy this is wonderful !! just be happy where I am, and what I am doing, right here, right now. This is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo important - - take advantage of each day as you greet it in the morn = love John R
I guess since i view myself as fat, then that is why i am. If it is really true that you are what you think, then if I think of myself as a frumpy, overweight, unattractive person, then that is what I will be. That's probably the biggest self-imposed limitation - along with thinking that, since I don't have a degree, I am incapable of obtaining a good career or having the brain power to succeed in my goals for my life.
I would say that one of my self imposed limitations comes from my eyes. I see double floating vision 80% of the time I am awake, and it really gets frustrating. In the past I have always said, hey it is not the eyes that make someone successful, but rather the mind, and thus I always turned to developing my mind, and my attitude, my time management skills, as well as my self motivational skills....while everyone else was watching television, drinking, and smoking, bitching and complaining, I could move ahead with possibility thinking, writing and following my schedules, doing my confidence builders, thinking extreme positive thinking, using exercise the magical wonder drug, and really digging in with being productive...now that I have a wife, and a child, I find myself being hopeless that maybe it is going to be impossible to be able to build my millionaire super star status in the music world as the best blues harmonica man alive on the planet today...we have another child on the way, I am a self employed CPA, in order to facilitate practice time, and yes I am really dependent on my QT program to help me through....I need to quite the bs, and stop feeling sorry for myself. I truly believe that there is a way that I will score my millionaire super star status in the music world...and nothing but notning is going to stop me...Take A Chance with Eddie Chance..
I set limits on myself all the time - I hate it - I have been doing this for years AND it all has to do with confidence and self esteem - damn- confidence and self esteem !!!!!!!!!!!!= rats !!
whywhywhywhwywhy ? cuz I do not know but I think it has to do with what YOU say about yourself, to yourself . It is the self talk - how I got into this rut I do not know _ I joined the Marine Corps when I was a kid and I WAS AWARDED THE OUTSTANDING MARINE RECRUIT AWARD !!!! But I never realized that I was the outstanding marine of my platoon - me !! I never realized that and what it meant - or could have meant for me - damn - well I am all done with this self - criticism - out - John R
I would say that one of my self imposed limitations comes from my eyes. I see double floating vision 80% of the time I am awake, and it really gets frustrating. In the past I have always said, hey it is not the eyes that make someone successful, but rather the mind, and thus I always turned to developing my mind, and my attitude, my time management skills, as well as my self motivational skills....while everyone else was watching television, drinking, and smoking, bitching and complaining, I could move ahead with possibility thinking, writing and following my schedules, doing my confidence builders, thinking extreme positive thinking, using exercise the magical wonder drug, and really digging in with being productive...now that I have a wife, and a child, I find myself being hopeless that maybe it is going to be impossible to be able to build my millionaire super star status in the music world as tge best blues harmonica man alive on the planet today...we have another child on the way, I am a self employed CPA, in order to facilitate practice time, and yes I am really dependent on my QT program to help me through....I need to quite the bs, and stop feeling sorry for myself. I truly believe that there is a way that I will score my millionaire super star status in the music world...and nothing but notning is going to stop me...Take A Chance with Eddie Chance..
(1)the self imposed limits ,
i would have to say is being sociable after having friends and family walk away i set myself back to just me , myself and I.. I have the ability to make all the money i want with the career i choose, yet 100 % travel no time with what friends and family i have left. I was engaged now thats part of history, she is still my best friend.
I have a big heart and do for others before myself i always have, i always was stepped on in return. i believe do unto others as you would have done unto you,

and i have but now a days it doesnt seem to matter its a take take world and once its gone they move on to take more from someone else.
i have worked all my life since after high school i am now 40 yr old single man, past two years was the hardest noone would hire me after to moving to the area .
i have nothing to show for the hard work i put in, but memories of things gone by. and the quality of work i did for the highways across several states making sure they met specifications state and local.

(2)my limitations i put on myself were also your just here to work because love doesnt seem to work for you , i have given it my all for work and a great job is done and roads are safe for everyone. i give it my all for love it becomes a oneway streetand everyone soon walks away. and told the right one hasnt come along, i am about to not believe thats true, but i cant just give up hope. and i am not a quitter either.
(3) my self limitations
i also paint as a hobby using watercolors but the way i use them out does what they say about using water colors, i try to sell them everyone says they are beautiful yet wont buy them with watercolors you really cannot detail in other artists points of view but i managed to find a way to make it work and now i am told i can do better or it doesnt look like my work i am slacking.
its my personal love painting and i never took art school or anything i picked up a pencil one day at work then decided to see what it would look like in color pencil then from there to painting. my limitation was i didnt put my full imagination into it i focused on what i was feeling inside, thats where the art comes from is withinside yourself, i need to be more open to criticisum and both good and bad. and be open to ideas if they are suggested. focus on the whole picture not just the immediate situation, because then the painting will actually come alive.
(4)last but not the least of my limitations i put forth. yet the biggest
i am very hard of hearing , i have been told since i was 4 yrs old i would not be able to hear past 40. i am now forty my left ear was bad since i was 4 , now my right ear has also fallen to hearing loss because it had to over work for both ears in all kinds of ranges of noises through out life.
i limited my self socially and relationship wise as well because i cant keep a conversation going with out misunderstanding whats being said or asked of me. i am one of the lucky ones where hearing aids will only give me maybe 5% hearing surgery will give me instant deafness and i will naturally end up deaf doctors said im in a catch 22 there nothing they can really do for me, yet socialsecurity and medicaid refuses to help because i still have some hearing not much . so i limit myself to small crowds and being very low key to prevent looking like a fool because i dont understand what all is being said in a loud atsmophere.

so thruogh here i guess you can see what my three plus one goals are:
become more sociable, re-love myself first then give to others, take critiscisum both good and bad, and the last is admitting i have faults and challenges just like everyone else does and stop being afraid to let people know maybe then with all these in order life will be a little more easier to take and then beable to reach the more physical goals i need and want in my life if these four are met first.
George Alan Spivey
My self-imposed limitation is that I will walk the earth alone.
I can communicate with people and touch the lives of many. However, I feel that nobody can truly live with me and my mission in life.
I've heard that it's lonely at the top. And one day, when I look back at all the things I have achieved, I fear that I will find myself alone. To me that can not be success. And if that is not success, all my efforts to reach the top will have meant very little in the end.
I guess I feel this way because I find myself being too nice. My intentions mean well.
I can't seem to put my finger on it. This will sum it up.

Nice guys finish last...
But we're the last ones standing.
all kinds
It is going to take a high-level performance that I have not seen personally modeled before me.
I have only read about such great achievers. I want to find out if I can do it too.
A heavy hitting hardship caused me to have no income and the loss of several properties offered such a distraction that I found myself questioning moving forward with the absence of money.OK, I am a Realtor..but what I knew and know is that where there is a will there is a way. None the less, that moment of questioning took my eyes off my goals and put it directly on the problem.
I have totally limited myself. I can hardly go anywhere right now. I used to travel across the country representing my company and now I can hardly get out of bed. I know I have to get it together just don't know how to start. I know logically that 90 + percent is in my head- how do I fix that?
Number one career - does not exist anymore - OPPPPPS
damn - My goals now are to enjoy every minute of this life that I ahve available to me - every SMM BMS17 I have
wow = thanks for this -
Yes, I believe I can be a high-level achiever in art and storytelling.
I have something to offer, when it comes to telling stories. I will be a genius of hard work and true inspiration. And I will continue to search for ways to become an even stronger artist/ storyteller.
I will work in the environments with some of the most peaceful and genuine artists in the world. And I will always add value to the leaders.
My stories will touch people's hearts and spirit.
My number one travel goal is to attend all Vemma training events.
haha LOLOL Travel Goal ??? hehehehehehehe = yes !
I am headed to Washington State = a first ?!! great -
then to Idaho - Montana (again ) then Wyoming ! and " Yellowstone " great - this is just great - and I am going to do it - Thank you all so much america - I am going to Yellowstone and I will have a great time - than the Mayor race with Mike Boulanger - thank you all - what is in your head " your head is in your head ONLY and other folks do not know what your thoughts ARE !! lol THANK YOU ALL AGAIN =
Yes, I do believe enough to make it real. All of YOUR powerful steps to success has been in complete alignment and a powerful force in continuing to stir up my gifts and re-create this dynamic focus that is burning within me.
Thank you
Number one travel goal ??
lol hehehehe 1. see all the National Parks
2. see all state capitals 3. drive on all beautifl roads
4. see ALL OF MY COUNTRY 5. want to do all that I can everyday. 6. just be slow when I drive
and be careful in all that I do and say - thanks P.S. see all the presidential libraries too
Do I believe enough to make it real. Well, If I continue to listen to the monkeys in my mind, chatter chatter, then I am doomed. So I am working on that, I may consider hypnosis.
I am wanting very much to create a quantum leap! It is as my friend described in his visiual, "Tarzan is swinging from vine to vine, Tarzan let's go of one vine & reaches for another. I need to release & reach! The vine I am hanging onto works for now, but it is not were I want to stay, let go... swing out.. & grab hold of the future, the vine is there waiting!

Peace to All!
I believe there are two factors here. One is the belief that you CAN achieve your goals. The second is if you believe you WILL choose your goals. For me, this is a huge difference. I know that I can achieve anything I decide to. Without question! But, my issue is that I do not believe that I WILL achieve them. Will I become the person I need to in order to achieve my goals? Will I do the steps needed for accomplishment? Knowing in your ability is one thing. Knowing in your willingness is quite another!
Yes....this is so true with me.....that I truly belive in this great american dream....that you can pursue things that you love, and make money at them, and even more important to create an awesome lifestyle...which to me is really the whole crux of the matter....LIFESTYLE....so I wake up every day excited about the day....and of course the most important goal is to have the people in my daily life, to be positive supportive, nurturing, empowering type of people...and TO BE ABLE TO WEED ALL OF THE TOXIC PEOPLE OUT OF Y LIFE....yes that is a right that god has given me....that yes I can surround myself with great positive success gathering people...verses people that are so competitive, that even there own siblings...they have to compete with...HOW TO GET MY BROTHER TO STOP COMPETING WITH ME...AND JUST BE BROTHERS....is that possible...I hope so...I will try to make that happen...another life time goal....it is true that my father passed away...and I was never ever able to convince him to have a decent human to human relationship....and now the same type of relationship with my brother...I must break the cycle.....and yes I have the god given right to pursue this....just more dreams that I have...but of course true success in life is really getting the law of imperfection down....that things don't have to perfect in order for me to be happy, successful and productive...and to be a creative artist with everything in my life....yes it is true THAT IF YOU THINK YOU CAN, OR YOU THINK THAT YOU CAN'T EITHER WAY YOU ARE RIGHT....it is the same thing that, wherever you go, there you are right there....it is all UP TO YOU....ok...most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be....and Abraham Lincoln said that....lets believe in the magic of the universe....why not what else is there to do? Oh yes WATCH TELEVISION....oh yes that is funny.....no wonder our civilzation is slowly
It's in accepting that belief that I have the right to pursue my life that is loosening the shackles that hold me back from action. Reading TodaysTQ has been a contributing factor in my progress forward. Thank you.
Of course, the right is mine & there are no prerequisites to satisfy before starting on this journey. If I can imagine it, I can achieve it & the only thing that can stop me is ME!!! The mere fact that I am alive is the only right required for me to aspire towards and ultimately achieve my goals. It is nice to have people who support you through your missions but to believe in yourself is PRICELESS!!!
My Creator, to dominate, subdue all things and replenish when necessary love, forgivness,wisdom and knowledge.
very many, fearful imagination, focussing on the obstacles rather than results, being timid, shy, therefore procrastinating a lot, afraid of getting negative replies I donĀ“t as at all. All that for the longest to time working undergroundwise in my subconsciousness with no awareness acting as police to kill the thief of time and energy
I speak english fluenty and earn six figuer with in three years.
follow through, focus, Setting goals in writing, action, Doing one thing at a time, being consistent, time budgeting, meaning every day set time aside so I am constantly moving forward in all areas of my life
It's no use. I get really positive I will attain each and every goal and so much more then, poof...................my impatience or just a momentary bump in the process.............My dream deflates and I feel that "who am I fooling?" overrides my feelings.
It's no use. I get really positive I will attain each and every goal and so much more then, poof...................my impatience or just a momentary bump in the process.............My dream deflates and I feel that "who am I fooling?" overrides my feelings.
Certainly I have not set limitations for myself. I have set goals that are extremely important and personal, and I am having a very tough time making those goals mateiralize....and that is the truth....my health has failed in the process so now I need to change my focus from being on my dreams...to being totally 100% practical goals...and concentrate not so much on my dreams, but on mastering my daily life, with all of the health habits that have to be done to keep myself alive...
I always find other thinks that are more important than doing the things I really need to do. I'm not lazy just very distracted. I also feel not worthy of wealth because of my discipline and focus issues.
I always find other things that are more important than doing the things I really need to do. I'm not lazy just very distracted. I do not feel not worthy of wealth or success because of my discipline and focus issues.
1. public speacking
2. Accounts
I believe I could be rich much more than I am if I knew how to. I have tried many ways to make more money and none of then have worked because I don't seen to have the knowledge I think I need and don't know how to get it.
I believe we are all where,we first thought being there.
Next week I go into a new position. As it was not by choice to leave the position I am currently in but downsizing was a must to help keep this company afloat. Bitter about my job going to india, I am grateful I found another postion. I am nervous about the new job and having a hard time with my confidence. A lot of anxiety. I do believe once I am over there my confidence will boost and I will settle down into my new enviroment. I am praying and the Lord is my strength!
Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. It's difficult to believe in anything when I am being distracted by intense physical pain, so those days it's just enough to survive - and try not to despair too much about the frustration of my physical pain interfering with my ability to take those steps toward my goals and vision. But other days, well, yes, the sky's the limit and I do have faith. My biggest prayer is that my body heals so I have a vehicle to make those dreams come true. Any prayers and blessings would be gratefully and humbly received. Thank you.
I have a couple of goals. One is to go to Africa. One is to go to Egypt. One is to go to Austrailia and finally to go to Japan. My path is to help people, but I am not sure what exactly I will be doing. I want to help people, but the only two things I can use of my talents to help people are mind motivation and lice clearing. Indecisiveness is holding me back from this. On the one hand my talents as a Hypnotherapist are my own and on the other hand my Lice business is a franchise. I would need at least 40,000 dollars to be able to purchase franchise rights to the Lice business. I shall have to ask the universe to help me purchase this franchise. I have no credit and no savings. This is the only obstacle standing in my way.
my value is i only do the things i truly believe in it..which mean that it will take me and make me better than what i got now or even equal ,not worse..live with guilt is painful and sad which i do not like
I DO believe I can make it real. Sometimes I let myself get discouraged because the time frames aren't matching my expectations. Usually what I want to accomplish isn't out of line or out of grasp - it is the time frames I have set. Not bad, not good, just a factor and a statement of fact.
I had forgotten in the rush of life what a great resource TodaysTQ is. I'm going to try paying more attention to it daily.
My next MAJOR travel goal is to be having breakfast on the morning of April 25th, 2009!
I tell myself I can make my new business (long arm quilting) successful but inside I know I have tried before to run a small business and failed (handy man service-still working but not gaining just very small) why would this new venture be any different. Fear of failure again I know is a part of it. Others my age are getting ready to retire and i'm just struggling along- just surviving. What kind of future does that paint? Not Good. I know I have to focus and be positive it is just hard some days. My machine is not working right I am having trouble afording to get it fixed but down time is killing me I need it to work so I can work. Frustrating!
I just take nice photos around here. I'm writing a half hour early. I'm married to a gorgeous millionaire wife. I said so last Dec. The diamonds came in this year, now my expectations are getting higher for better things.
Yes. My number one goal is my own survival in this nutty economy.
I believe a $50,000 to $60,000 good job will be offered to me in the next two weeks.
I'm fine today, we have an 8 am prayer time at a church on the west side of Ft. Worth. They've been doing it 10 yrs. That's faithful people. This evening, my wife and I will minister in Hurst. I'm calling it a good day !
Someone said once..."Every day of freedom is an act of faith".
I am going to start a company that is going to be a world changer.
Because I am on earth.
What a country we live in. Tomorrow I get to be a part of helping 250 or so youngsters hear so they can be a more affluent part of this great country. This is a dream I have had for some years finally coming to fruition.
What a great country we have and what better time than giving when we are remembering those many who lost their lives and brought this country together with the gift of their lives. May we all remeber daily the lives given so that we may have this freedom so many are not priviledged to have.
This is proof to never give up on our dreams!!'
Yes, I believe in the Power of Beliefs, Of Course I do, My beliefs are who I am as a person, what I stand for. Your beliefs do control your future, Your belief system is the road map you follow through life.

I not only BELIEVE in my dreams, I take an ACTION step towards them each and every day.

I follow this My TQ page and remain connected to my purpose and my performance.

I take time to imagine how great it will feel when the goal is realized... giving me spiritual and emotional power that is FOCUSED on accomplishment.

My right to these dreams is not a birthright. It is an opportunity for me to live what I value most -- each and every day.

This is what makes the huge difference in my performance... I KNOW I will achieve my missions, providing I simply do the WORK.

So, doing the inspired WORK is what gives me the RIGHT to believe that my dreams will be fully realized.

Being Patient, Positive, Persistent plus Tenacious is one of the Keys of The Law of Attraction and Positive Thinking.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen Hebrews 11:1

With our Faith and desires of building for the benefit of others, will create more abundance for ourselves.

It is the Faith in which we perceive through Positive Thinking that we can obtain Achieving Success Through Purpose.
He who won the night battles fight less in the day
I most certainly do believe, I recently found out that fear was holding me back. I can now say that I am fear free and the sky is the limit. I have a right to my dreams because I have given my self permission to embrace them. I have to move forward and never look back. I keep reinventing myself.
We were in the best beach park in Kona today, announcing Good news.
Tomorrow, we will be on blogtalkradio at 5:30pm HST. You may call 646-478-5442 with our comments or questions.
Do you truly BELIEVE that you have a RIGHT to pursue life, liberty and happiness?

Yes, I am a true American and have faith that the best is still ahead of us.

In a way, our mind is the limit for everything, but it does not control self-imposed limitations.

The heart does that.

If you do not have real passion for what you are doing, an unstoppable, enduring sense of purpose and mission, then the limit is the size of your mission.

Of course, your heart, mind and hands all have to say YES...and be able to get the work done.

In another way, once heart and head are fully engaged, then the real limit is your physical power to achieve the results expected.

Thus, it is simply impossible to find real success without a TQ in the high 80-90 range consistently.

After all, it is WHO you are... WHAT you do... and HOW you do it that defines your life.

If any of these areas are substantially lacking, then you have found not only what's holding you back, but what you must do to eliminate the limits to your success.

Each day I become even more convinced that I am on the path to even more complete happiness than that which I am living now. This path of learning, dreaming, and most important developing detailed plans of action has been exhilirating and I can't help but to see the end result in my mind already.
Do I believe in my financial goal -- enough -- to make it real?

As times get much tougher, I must rely on faith and belief more than ever before.

Yes, right now it is simply not possible to hit the numbers I have in mind.


Faith and belief in what I am doing means I am ALL in, so while some people might think it irrational to persist, I truly believe!

Lose your faith and belief, and you lose a huge chunk of your power over circumstances.

Lose your power over circumstances, and you fail far more often than you succeed.

Fail more and succeed less, and it becomes impossible to meet your financial goals.

Belief in my power over circumstances guarantees that no matter how many times I try and fail, I will ultimately succeed.

It has worked this way for all my 65 years, and expect it to work this way for all the while I am here!

Just left the accountants office I know what I want to accomplish He seems to think it is not possible. I am to meet with him in Dec to evaluate further options. I will use this time to confirm that I can do this I have no choice but to make it happen. I will just break it down into small pieces-- that is OK I not am totally accountable for what happens in my life-- no more distractions and abuse from Ray It is my life
Yes I do If I break it down into smaller manageable pieces a plan has many small steps heading in the right direction I just need to stay focused disciplined
My number 1 travel goal is to ride every rail on every continent.

Yes, I believe in it, and have 6 summers already planned for 6-8 weeks each.

No question, this is a huge, expensive goal, but contains 8 of my top 10 personal values!

Yes, MY problem is that I am not seeing how I can make my ideals fit every situation. I am in trouble, dealing with Family issues that take away from what i want to do in life. I need to modify my actions to my ThinkTQ ideals.

- I am Achieving success everyday in helping my Mom in some way or another. We are making progress.
- I am Contributing obviously.
- It takes allot of ZEAL/tenacity.
- It takes some Creativity but that is not my focus here. It is mostly Administrative.
- Love, and all the rest of my values can be found here.

Missions too, Roles I do have a lot of problem. I have a Role with a lot of Responsibility, but not absolute Authourity.
I will work to triangulate this new Roles into the ThinkTQ paradigm tonight.
My greatest "someday" dream is to change the world's mindset from victim to victor.

Less than 1% of the global population lives on a growing abundance curve. The rest live without safe drinking water... live without power... and are ruled by the worst form of governments imaginable.

People are inherently smart enough, but lack the TQ -- the practical working intelligence -- to move up the curve from abject poverty to a modicum of security.

The message is simple.

If you want to succeed, improve your TQ.

Money, a better job, different type of people in my life that only use me.
My greatest someday dream is to have an income of over $10,000.00 a month, to move into my own 3-4 bedroom 2-3 bathroom home in a great mixed neighborhood by the year 2014 and to not have to work anymore if I don't want to.

I will have to change my habits, do things now, become good at planning and executing my goals and having a lot of persistence. I must set goals every day and break them down into small managable parts. Each day I must do something positive to achieve my goals.

I must measure closely how I use my time so that I will make changes where necessary on a daily basis. I must end procrastination and fear and boldly go forth towards my dreams.
Relax your entire body and your mind.
My imagination muscle is in GREAT shape!

As I age, it seems more opportunity finds me... I find greater inspiration in the things I do and the places I go... and my power to imagine the possibilities and potentialities is still rapidly growing.

Deep in your imagination lies the power of creation. Learn to create more and your imagination grows stronger still.

Today I will restart my journey to excellence, only this time I have in place many types of vehicles to help me drive to the location that I desire. The map has to be drawn better as it is the guide of my daily activities to get to where I want to go!
The images coming from my imagination are crystal-clear and in perfect focus.

I am what I imagine myself to be.

You can quote me on that.

Think back to LAST Labor Day. You had the gift of 365 days to live the life of your dreams. Did you? If not, why not?

Yes, I lived my dreams and taught millions of others to live theirs.

Tough year, but huge results -- and many more to come!
Take the first step and just do it. If you can believe it, you can achieve it. Enjoy every moment of the journey. Smile and take it all in.
This week's Commentary is Focused on the Power of Your Imagination...

Have you lost your childlike power of imagination?

I just turned 68 on 8/24.

My imagination is in high gear and can see a future brighter than ever for my company, family and my self.

Get more involved in m5m Mission to Feed 5 Million malnourished children. M5M run is now going on!
Ask the Lord to help me see others through HIS eyes. Then I would trust HIS leading from where I am at and with whom I am with. Including myself. WHY? My eyes are extremely limited and faulty, but HIS know all!
The great thing about keeping up with my TQ factors is that I''ve never been more aware of my overall performance like I am today and believe I can better shift my priorities on a daily, weekly basis and work out of any predicament that I find myself in or see coming down the pike.
I achieved my "corporate work" goals last week and it was well received by my leaders and colleagues;
I continue to exercise on a daily basis and track my nutrition intake on a daily basis, so that is going well...
However, I did not achieve some personal goals regarding the development work necessary to launch my side business. Also, some family issues have reared an ugly side. So, some very important personal goals and priorities need to be re-aligned and prioritized, but back to my opening comments, with TQ on both the back and forefront of my mind, I know all I strive for is achievable.

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