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What is your Excellence Factor?

"Happy the man/woman who early learns the wide chasm that lies between his wishes and his powers." ~ Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

All last week we focused on rapidly expanding your Career Power.

The message: You can have a career that is both, emotionally and financially rewarding... you can thrive, not merely survive in this perform-or-perish global economy. Simply become more VALUABLE... not just more PRODUCTIVE.

This week we will be focusing on the "mechanics" of success. What causes it, and how to put more of it into your life.

Since Kent and I finished writing the full version of Full Spectrum Success: The Systematic Pursuit of Wealth, Power and Happiness, we have been inundated with questions. So, we are going to be hitting the subject of success, and the "secret" to achieving it, very hard over the next six months.

To get started, I'd like to ask you a series of questions that will bracket this week's discussion quite nicely.

TQ Have You Ever Wondered Why...

Have you ever wondered why some people achieve success beyond their wildest hopes, dreams and expectations... while others struggle just to make it from payday to payday?

Have you ever wondered why some people make a fortune in their businesses—truly capitalizing on their talents, strengths and interests—while others go through their life savings, staying just one step ahead of the bankruptcy courts—strung-out and leveraged to the max—always just one or two quarters away from total disaster?

Could it be that successful business people have found a way to marry their expected results with their actual results—riding wave after wave of increasing profits? Maybe they just have the power to perform better than their competitors... or people who are always at the doorstep of failure.

Have you ever wondered why some people start an "at-home" business, get involved with network marketing companies, fix and flip real estate, start bread and breakfasts, build their own little grass-roots business or successfully move from one career opportunity to another—seemingly effortlessly—while others try the same thing... and all they have to show for it is a bigger pile of bills... and less cash than when they started?

Could it be that successful people know the secret to true and lasting success, and failures don't?

Maybe successful people not only KNOW the secret, but employ it far better than those who may have heard the secret, but failed to work it.

Have you ever wondered what the most successful people in the world—men and women alike... in every walk of life—ALL have in common?

People like Bill Gates, Tiger Woods, Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffett, Larry Ellison, Richard Branson, John Elway, eBay's Meg Whitman, Rev. Robert Schuller, Kathy Ireland, Paul McCartney, Jack Welch, Bono, Sam Walton, Scott Cook, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Martha Stewart, Colin Powell, Rick Warren & Joel Osteen, Condoleezza Rice, Michael Jordan, Nancy Pelosi, Richard Petty, Will Smith, Senators Elizabeth Dole & Barbra Boxer, Tom Clancey & Stephen King, Google founders Larry Page & Sergey Brin... and any self-made man or woman on the Forbes 400?

After millions of dollars, and 10 years of serious research, we can now answer this question once and for all—empirically and emphatically.

We have the data to definitively prove it. The "secret" to success—whatever your calling in life, business, sports, sales, the arts or professions—is High TQ Performance: The power to produce exceptional Results over Time.

TQ High Expectations ~ Brilliant Execution...

Put simply, the "secret" to success is only 4 words long: High Expectations ~ Brilliant Execution. By the end of this week, we will PROVE that this is not only absolutely, unconditionally TRUE, we show you how to increase your RIGHT to Expect and POWER to Execute. Instantly.

If you are interested in becoming a great deal more successful, we will tell you exactly how to DO it... step-by-step!

So that we are all on the same page, let's agree on an initial definition of success.

According to American Heritage, success is:

"The achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted; attaining the results expected."

Thus, becoming the success you desire is a simple two-step process:

  1. Create crystal-clear EXPECTATIONS for what you want to ACHIEVE...

  2. Then EXECUTE well beyond expectation... so that you meet or exceed your EXPECTATIONS.

When you do, you will ACHIEVE what was planned or attempted.

You will succeed.

Don't, and you won't.

No question, it is your ratio of Expectations to Execution that determines if you will actually become the success you desire.

This ratio is what we call your Excellence Factor: X (factor).

In The Power of TQ and 10 Choices of Intentional Excellence, we cover your personal X (factor) at great length.

If you have a copy, you might want to review Chapter 5 and look at your Excellence Factor Chart.

If you don't have The Power of TQ, right now would be a great time to get with the program!

Today, I want to give you the "Quick Big Picture" of this tremendously important concept.

This will help to "demystify" the process of success... leading you down the path to a clear understanding of the "mechanics" involved.

There are 4 combinations that drive your X (factor):

    1-High Expectations/High Execution...

    2-High Expectations/Low Execution...

    3-Low Expectations/High Execution...

    4-Low Expectations/Low Execution...

Please take a moment to think about the relationship between YOUR Expectations and YOUR ability to Execute. Think of your recent successes and failures. Circle where you think you stand (1-4). This will be a good starting point for change.

If you want to achieve success beyond expectations, the key lies in the BALANCE between what you have given yourself the right to EXPECT... with respect to your ability to EXECUTE.

This week we will discuss the importance of your X (factor) and what it will take for you to quickly improve it.

TQ The Bottom Line...

Improve your success potential now. Simply...

Expect More.

Execute Better.

You CAN do better.

You CAN achieve more.

You CAN attain your highest goals.


Create HIGH Expectations for yourself.

Then, power up your performance: Execute... Execute... EXECUTE!

This is the "secret" to the success you desire.

Believe it. You CAN succeed at whatever you do, as long as you simply take the right ACTIONS. -- E.R. Haas, CEO


If you have any questions you would like us to answer personally, just send us an email! Click Here Answers@ThinkTQ.com...

The only dumb question is the one that's important to you... and you didn't ask!

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Running Member Comments...

lack of/desire/comitment/traning/knowledge/ability/experience/
a Pitty :(
Hey! Let's get off our Buts'
Mediocre. Uninspired, lazy. A lot of times I see myself in this light. Today is the only time I will have to increase my motivation and my excellence factor, not tomorrow because tomorrow never comes.
Average. Such a waste of a precious lifetime.
As I tracked my sales, it was obvious I wouldn't reach my expected target by year end. Instead of firing-up my "engine" to increase my sales and reach my target, I resigned myself to some "new reality" that I wouldn't get there.
This is a powerful question! A statement of factual assessment, is that 20 days out of 30, I have reduced my expectations. When I expect that I will help 8-10 people a month to receive discounts, I actually talk myself out of going out to make new connections. So, I don't reach my goal of 8-10 a month. I usually reach 4-7 a month. Which brings me to a low, because I set myself up for failure the following month. I create the self doubt, and then ACT on the doubt, instead of ACTING on the Activity of successfully reaching out more to help others.

I have done this all too frequently. It just keeps me in my comfort, or should I say, discomfort zone.
Twice in the past 12 months.
With a project I'm undertaking at the moment, I found myself getting disappointed because the numbers weren't "right", and I'd spent a lot of time developing with no visible results. I began to wonder whether going on was worth it.
But I constantly remind myself that numbers themselves aren't important in this project, and WHY I'm doing this project in the first place.
If you are living in the NOW you already are experiencing what you've been expecting so there is nothing to reduce....it is what it is....
I have learned to let other's feelings and needs come ahead of my own. I no longer believe that my needs, let alone my wants/desires/wishes, will be fulfilled and am tentative about projecting a positive future. I let other peoples' views of me decide how I feel about myself. Low self-worth, self-sabotage. Lots of room for personal growth in this area!
I am so with you, Marli!! I was planning to start a business in 2006, but because of what other people had to say about it, I let my dream just die. I cannot allow that to happen again, because this is *my* life and I only have one shot at making it my best ever. This is why 2007 is my year to shine!!

Sure, I have responsibilities to others, but I have to focus on what my dreams and goals will do to change me (and my self-esteem) - as well as help others. Keep that in mind as you step into your future.

We believe in you!! :-)
I too have done that and it has taken me a long time to realize that I made other people too important. It was more important to me what other people thought rather than what I thought. I thought other peoples thoughts were higher or greater than mine. I didnt even realizze that I cared more about what others thought of me than what God thought of me. I now realize that I must love God and also Learn to Love myself. Part of loving me means to also Forgive myself as I forgive others. Now it matters to me what I think and now I am appreciating what I think and what I feel. I am still working on valuing me the way God values me and seeing me the way God sees me so that my self worth will increase. I also have self-sabotaged because I didnt feel I deseerved but now I am telling my self that I do and still lots of room left for personal growth.
I have reduced my expectations of other people several times in the past twelve months and I occasionally reduce my own because I believe life to be a constant state of give and take. Some times in order to achieve your goals you need to change your intitial expectations and then higher them as the process continues. As for the tougher question I still have high expectations and continually push to achieve them the process however takes time and continual effort. I have not reach that low point yet.
Dear sir,
You have reduced uncertainty, luck, probability etc elements of success or failure into pure mathematics.
You people converted every success or achievement or failure into a mathematical precision with your various ratios.
Thank you so much.....
At 58 I think I have achieved a lot more than I expected at 28 or even 38 or even 48. Now I'm wondering how much I might have acheived if I'd had more confidence and faith in myself. However, I am inordinately happy with who I am and where I am at this point in my life. I did step beyond my comfort zone about 2 years ago and after an initial pretty scary few months I'm so pleased I did so. It's those pesky emotions that are so hard to control - fear, anxiety, depression. Wish you had a system for dealing with them.
First of all, congratulations Mary on your success and for having the courage it takes to step outside of your comfort zone. I am still in the middle of taking that leap of faith - I have days where I feel extremely optimistic and confident and then I panic at the thought of taking the risk...How did you get through that?
Estatic! Are you Kidding ME!!!!???!!!!
I am not becoming old. Time is an illusion. I was born successful. Success is ALL I know. Let me ask you a question, what are you going to do about that bed pan and IV drip because you believed in getting old?
Let's just say we all AGE... some more gracefully than others!

There are no bed pans and drips, of any nature, in my future. My future is so bright I gotta wear shades!

Thanks to a Masive Coronary, I have have been able to re-form my lifestyle, as practiced when I was in my Twenties & Thirties.
My life the past two years has allowed me to become Older and phenomenally more Successful.
It was the review of my old "Bible" Think & Grow Rich.
Please visit our Live Talk Show reviewing chapter by chapter Hill's classic
I am a little of both. I have been burnt several times and occasionally I do not feel that I am moving forward, even thought I have achieved quite a bit and have seen beneficial changes.
i am in them all
Unfortunately...I have fell into a slump of the first 4: Fantasizing, Wishing, Hoping & Dreaming more than anything. Then, sometimes (wehn I have time...) I will set goals. BUt, It usually ends up overwhelming me to where I get an anxiety abt it & stop all together.
Hopes amd Dreams!
But as I continue to to work on my inner strength, I feel Goals and Expectations will be a part of my next steps soon.
Thank you for the "TodaysTQ"!
There are 4 combinations that drive your X (factor):

1-High Expectations/High Execution...
2-High Expectations/Low Execution...
3-Low Expectations/High Execution...
4-Low Expectations/Low Execution...

You CAN do better.
You CAN achieve more.
You CAN attain your highest goals.

In my self-examination I found that I always started out with High expectation/low execution. Thereafter, I would then go to; Low expectation/High execution, then eventually went to;
low expectation/low execution.

No wonder I failed. Now I can see clearly-WHY!

I didn't have: High Expectations/High Execution

Now I can and will say: "I AM SAYING!!!"

and neither are YOU... so let's get with the program! I HAVE! and I'm loving it and liking myself a lot better!!!

High Expectations/High Execution

I'm on a mission to BETTER MySELF. Want to come with me.
Come Let's GO, GO, GO!

You don't have to agree with me.
Because I know what I want.
And it's not what I've been having, anymore!

Hi friends,

I differ with the top class motivators who say
" Born to Win" . I strongly believe that no one in this world is born to win. If I am born to win, why shoud I work hard?

My understanding is practical:

"learn to Win" is the right phrase.

Lets us learn to win.

A.Mohamed Ali
Chennai, India.

We are all "Born to Win" because we are made in God's image and He has never failed. We do not need to fear because we are given a spirit of power, love and a sound mind. Of course, we need to work and we need to learn or we are not using our God-given capabilities.

By using the positive teachings in TQ, expecting more and executing better, we can reach our full potential if we do not fear and become self-deprecating. Dream! Believe! Achieve!

so true
Excuses... Explanations, Effort... Attempts..
Many times this month have I reduced my expectuions rather than increase my power, But I forgive myself and keep going on to try to succeed those things I need to succeed at. Sometimes it easy to do and sometimes it's hard. I guess the unexpected or unplanned happenings pop up in your life that brings your goals and plans out of control and it is, yet it isn't your fault. Maybe to be prepared for the unexpected and unplanned happenings in ones life might be the key.
I think forgiving ones self for not achieving everything right on task is also of benifit. Because a person could get into a rut with emotions and angry with ones self or others that things aren't going or being done the way we planned. I forgive myself for not succeeding that one day or one month the way I set my goals or plans and will get back on task now.
I think never giving up is one benifical thing everybody needs to have in order to succeed at things too.
Donna Ann Smith
Ignorant. I picked this word because I think that if peoplre really knew for sure that they could indeed have exciting, fulfiling lives, they would go for it. I don't think people are just lazy, but rather scared and uncertain so they let themselves "forget" by filling the empty space of success with food, drugs, drink, sports, shopping, gambling, etc. Then they grumble all the time.
complacent - just "making it through the week suggests to me a worker who does not believe in their job or product or possible even self. - in my extimation this employee is, or can be, more detrimental to a process than one who is outwardly lazy and/or insubordinate.
That's a conformist.
To continully praise God for what He has done, and to work to grow my business with new prospect coupled with facials and classes.
too high to count unfortunately.
Several times, but usually after trying to increase my power, but not accomplishing it right away. Then instead of continuing to try to increase my power, I lower my expectations. It's funny as when I was single, I had great expectations as to who I would marry. One of my good friends said, "You expect too much! Lower your expectations and you will be married soon enough". I never forget that, because I reminded this friend that I would have to "live" with the results of lowering my expectations. I did not lower my expectations and did get married to a wonderful man a few years later. I'm glad I held firm. I try to remember this when I get discouraged that things are not progressing as quickly as I would like them to.
Too mAny, to be honest. I believe i am starting to go back to my old ways, being able to look deep with in and KNOW that i can do any thing i want as long as i dream it and believe it. Now all i have to do is keep pushing and truly believe.
I have always reduced my expectations but I never really realized it until recently. If something didn't turn out right, or if some other distracting idea turned up, I'd end up shifting gears. My husband used to joke that I changed life direction with the wind, but it really isn't a joke; I have a history of jumping from one career idea to another. I think a lot of entrepreneurs are like that. I've decided that most of this can be traced back to my mission color not burning bright enough and not having goals with plans.
I believe the idea of reducing expectations qualifies as one of those "absolute musts" when dealing with our ever fluctuating pressures and responsibilities of life.

A stubborn refusal or delayed decision to make adjustments where they may be made -- especially where and when the need for such acclimations stand screaming to be recognized --can (in my opinion) contribute to...

Physical weariness,
Emotional drain to say the least,
And burnout to name the worst.

Taking my personal "expectations temperature" and making ruthless judgment calls as to whether or not I am harming myself in an attempt to live up to these standards can be very beneficial.

And how do you take an "expectations temperature?" While certainly no expert, I might suggest asking questions such as these...

"Are my expectations realistic?" And, "Are they realistic regarding where I find myself at this stage of my life?"

"Are my expectations based on truth? Should I be, or do I really need to be, feeling this way right now?"

"Do I *really* need to feel guilty about this? I mean, really?"

"Do I have too many expectations in view of my present emotional, physical and spiritual state of being?"

"Are any areas of my life screaming from the sidelines saying: 'Listen! You've *got* to adjust or you'll crash!' Am I listening to these cries for action or avoiding their pleas?"

"What small, doable, adjustments could I make to ease some of the pain, relieve part of the pressure, or reach that important goal without killing myself?"

"Can anyone help me make the needed adjustments in my life?"

Obviously, the matter of making adjustments owns a sensitive piece of real estate on the landscape of my heart.

And should the truth be told...

Were I not in the process of harmonizing the responsibilities and expectations of my life by making creative choices to do so *this very day,* sailing in my world would be a lot, lot rougher.

For what it's worth,


I sense lots of wisdom and balance in what you say here. Shooting for the moon and trying harder is not the sum of wisdom on this topic, by any means. Truth, and faith properly placed, are also essential!

Do you guys really exist if so how would i meet you in person?
Think about your life for the past 5-10 years... all your ups and downs. Answer this life-changing questioncarefully: Are you becoming old and successful... or old and cynical?:

old and both.
just because i'm successful, it doesn't mean i can't be cynical.
though, i would like to improve my attitude somewhat.
Normal. Most people I come across are just looking for their day or week to end. They spend their time looking for the end of the day and in alot of cases the end of the week. The aren't worrying about being successful they are worrying about surviving.
I know I'm getting older I've always been cynical and my success is my own and can't be measured by anyone but me - so, both successful and synical but most of all.......human
Goals and Execution. Thats the time I most spent on

I understand the basic precepts of TQ but with my learning disabilities, I am struggling to stay on task. My mind functions like buck-shot and I live in a constant whirlwind which is difficult to stop. I need an accountability partner to 'babysit' me through the tasks; I love it when my son, Jeremy, holds me accountable and calls me or texts me to see if I'm on target. It really does help.
Spectaculr RESULTS is where I spend most of my time.

I spend most of my time in action, however, when it comes to goals I think "Excuses" rings true. There really ARE valid excuses for not doing what I want to do (like working to pay the mortgage and taking care of kids) yet I know if I were more committed I could carve out chunks of time to perform bite-sized tasks as I can squeeze them in. This is the area I neeed help with and one of the main reasons I became involved with TQ---to improve my Time Quotant!
I spend more time dwelling on all the EFFORT I give and wonder why I don't get recognized. Instead of Results, I focus on Effort.
No. I feel like I have achieved a lot in the past, but I also feel that I have hit my victory slump that I have had every time in the past following a great victory.
I created my business over 30 years ago and have done pretty well. As somewhat of a pioneer in my industry I had to figure a lot of stuff out as I went along. You name it I think I've been through it. I've always had somewhat of a natural TQish way about myself that helped a lot. If I had had the structure of this program 30 years ago it is scary to think what I would have accomplished. To all you wonderful, brave folks just starting your businesses I say Bravo!! Go for it! There will be plenty of ups and downs and highs and lows. Fortunately you will have this program to help keep you moving forward, to help smooth out all those highs and lows and to help keep your eye on the prize. Fortunately you will experience freedom in this very un-free world.

I enjoyed your post and interested in learning more of your thinking and TQ in future posts.

wwwaooo eye opening Thanks er
Many times. I started in real estate looking to earn $100k but ended up thinking if I could earn$30k it would be good.
I wanted to buy this house but ended up living with the fact I would loose my $10k I invested.
I have exceeded expectation many times in last 12 months, but does not help me when I don't exceed the expecations on my top priority goals and tasks.
Way too often...I expect others to perform but this I have to stop...It is my responsibility to perform and to set my own goals and plans in motion.
A Lot...too much actually
Yes it feels like im luke-warm. The more I do I seem to have the least joy. So i've com to the conclusion that this is the time to put in more effort and empasis towards success. Im even more thankful now than before for Gods love towards me.
I know I did this some in mentally settling for what will "pass" with my prof in my doctoral project, rather than "my best." What's more concerning to me is a subtle pattern of lowering my expectations in things that REALLY matter, like my vocational ministry. It's not just lowering expectations of myself, but of God, who is the BIG ENGINE that really can!
Jim, Chicago
I have reduced my expectations than increased my power, by not being true to myself.
"The best learners make the best trainers." Thoms R. Fennell
Just Do It!
I am not happy with my success, because I don't feel as though I am successful, but things are starting to change, maybe for the better. At least I hope , 'cause I do want to go and be with my boyfriend, which is soon.
In the last 12 months I have reduced my expectations(over 10) by using excuses and being passive. Which has decreased my power. I own it except it and deleted it. What is next?
It depends on how success is measured. I measure success on how many people I help in a day. The more people I am able to help the more money I will make which leads to the more people I can help.
I want to be old and successful , not old and cynical. I want the last part of my life to really count for something.
I want to be old and successful , not old and cynical. I want the last part of my life to really count for something.
Old & successful. I have read books and did activities that I never knew existed. I am more open & realize when I am being negative with my thoughts & actions.
I am becoming old and successful with the things I keep improving on in my life.
I'm probably more on track to becoming old and cynical at this point, but I'm going to turn that around. I had shelved my TQ materials for several years, but I'm going back to working them. I recently read my personal book, and I'm not working on Values-Vision-Roles. I'm going to turn negatives into positives.
I think that some of my ideas, are fantasies, and hopes. Things that I really want to happen. I want to help people who are really in need to get well, and stay well, and not relapse.
It is not enough that we contemplate ourselves.
While an important part of reality, we are only one part of reality.
Thomas R. Fennell
Right now I'm somewhere between efforts and attempts. I am working toward spectacular results with the help of this program. I am taking all the responsibility for my life and decisions and I am making better choices based on information I am gaining by asking the hard questions. I am also much more confident about walking away from a bad deal so that I can focus on finding a good one.
The word that best describe where I spend most of my time is Expectation.
Regardless of self-esteem, we all need help to fly. Those who have power and status more or less impinge on our success positively or negatively. How can one eliminate the abusers?
I think that I spend my time doing for my mother, and then for others in the household. I don't really mind , 'cause I know that my mother would and has taken care of me. I do like to spend my time, reading and learning new things, and then trying to put them into practice.
Excuses,Justifications.. I am matticulously working on getting better over all the areas that i have listed above. Thanks to God, Napoleon Hill, and my motivation Jim Rhone..
I spend most of my time with effort but wanting to get better results.
this weekend I looked closer at the times I experienced success and what was the common thread each time. I discovered that each time I was successful I believed that I had no choice but to complete the task at hand and that failure was not an option. Each time negativity came in my path I figured out a way to either change it, ignore it and move past it. I know now that many areas in my life suffer because failure is an option. Understanding this now makes it easy for me. I don't have to do much more in depth understanding of my past now, I just need to decide what I need to get done and knowing that failure is not an option, find the ways to GET IT DONE, here's to a great week!
We may travel, and others will help us to bring abundant business ideas
to low economic cities. Help people wake up well and whole. Enjoy the sunshine and the beautiful days. They are given by our great Creator.
in the past, excellence and success seems to be "there". A place not attainable, acceptable mediocrity and plans that will get done, later.
Just making it is to not understand the value of life. Live in fear, in fact live like most people. I would call just making the norm, almost the standard. Achievers are exceptions.
Good Afternoon,fellow TQ members I applaud and commend all of you as well myself for turning the corner and striving for a better more fulfilling existence with the help of TQ!
I have always had much higher expectations than I have had to ability to execute them. I learned somewhere on a wealth building tape to begin immediately to do the things I had to do in a day in a "certain way". Not being exactly sure what that meant, I remembered a scripture verse that said "whatsoever your hand finds to do, to do it with all your (my) might" (paraphrased)When I began to do even my most mundane chores and tasks to the best of my ability and look for ways to work smarter and more effectively, I found my abilities to achieve my expectations growing, thus my confidence and self-esteem. The key is to begin where you are, with what you have, and GROW into the ability to achieve higher and higher expectations from yourself. It won't happen magically.
Mr. Ronald Reagan is my Childhood icon .

I fought alone with some virtual group .I made them work towards my goal in Singapore .That coordination got lost once I was released from Singapore by Aug 2001 .
One innocent mail from my mail box written by a lady had immense impact .As my client mail box was under survellience some countries hacked that email and framed attack on America .I am sure about that.
We fought a lot from Asia Pacific in those days of 2001 .
I have reduced and settled alot. I am at the point now of being ready to increase my power. I am tired of my current and old life.
You know spy fight is a dangerous thing when multiple strong countries get involved .2001 was a spy fight year and it became too fatal .It was getting handled very carefully .As it was getting handled very carefully from Singapore I felt that I should continue to fight till the situation got under control .
Like India ,American people are also soft .So I didn't want to create panic by sending some tough and secret news to unknown American people .Although American intelligence people are tough .Although I was coordinating with American Technical staffs very well in those days .Before I left Singapore I left the message "We need to Save the World " to some community .The meaning of this couldn't be understood by them .
What's the single BIGGEST opportunity I see?

Teaching the world to produce better results through the systemic process of Continuous Personal Improvement.

Could add $50 Trillion to the global economy over the next 3 years!
Seeing and seizing opportunities is what I do for a living. I never have enough power to seize all the opportunities I see... which is why I must increase my Power of TQ each and every day.

How many times in the last 12 months have I REDUCED my Expectations rather than INCREASED your Power?

Never -- when in doubt, expand the size of the dream, as it makes it easier to hit.
I set great Expectations for my work goals, thus the reason I am successful in this area of my life. However I do not set great Expectations for my personal (family) life goals. Hindered by my spouse and daughter and their lack of wanting/expecting anything positive to come their way on life. This is my area of focus.
NOW not tomorrow is the only asset that we have to IMPROVE our lives. Tomorrow is an ILLUSION.

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If you want to expand your career from the mundane to one that is truly exciting ... to a career that is both emotionally and financially rewarding ... this is the 'MUST-READ' book of the decade!

Robert M.
New York, NY


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