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Gratitude and Appreciation: A Powerful Combination.

"The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper." ~ Eden Phillpotts

A couple of weeks ago we discussed Will Power: The indomitable will to move towards your most cherished dreams and goals.

Without question, the key to long-term success is constantly taking positive ACTION to move in the direction of your dreams and goals.

Sustained action gives you an indomitable will... the power to WILL your GOALS into your LIFE!

This week, in light of the upcoming Thanksgiving Weekend, we will be discussing how showing thanks and appreciation, in everyday terms, enhances your ability to live what you value most.

If you are not GETTING what you want out of life, maybe you're not GIVING enough to it.

Gratitude and Appreciation...

A Powerful Combination.

TQ It's Early-November. Are You On Track?

Will you achieve the goals you set for yourself last year at this time? If so, fantastic!

If not, why not?

Please take a moment to reflect on where you are right now—and where you want to go. If you have been following the theme of the last few months, you now have crystal-clear Goals, directly aligned with your Mission... realistic Plans to support them... an Attitude that is positive, optimistic and enthusiastic... incredible focus on your top Priorities... and the physical Energy level to take the Actions necessary to produce exceptional results.

TQ More Power = Goals Achieved Sooner...

However, if you are struggling to achieve your goals, maybe you need more power still... the power that emanates when you assemble powerful teams to help you move your goals off that Someday page, and into your life.

In "TQ Speak," this means turning up the intensity of your Synergize Color!

One of the most important Factors governing the brightness of your Synergize Color is TQ Factor 7h. It asks if you "show appreciation for the efforts of others, and praise them when they do the right thing?"

Do you?

This single Factor is a HUGE driver of personal success. Why?

People are automatically more productive when they feel that their efforts are acknowledged and sincerely appreciated.

Praise is a small investment that pays huge dividends. Master this factor and your whole world will change. Let others know that you appreciate their efforts. Demonstrate an attitude of gratitude in private and in public. Give credit when something goes right, and don't forget to reward the victories—large and small.

"People see the world not as it is, but as they are." ~ Al Lee

TQ Factor 7H's CONTRIBUTION to your performance...

A high commitment to this critical area of your performance suggests you are grateful to others for the contributions they make to your projects and goals. You recognize how motivating it is to receive praise. You have seen the dramatic improvement in the spirits and results of those you praise.

You take every opportunity to show appreciation for others, and reward them for their efforts. You take sincere interest in each person, and get excited about their progress. And when you show appreciation it's almost always reciprocated with an increase in the results produced by the other person.

In short, your demonstrations of appreciation encourages others to excel. This returns to you a hundred fold.

TQ Factor 7H's COST to your success...

A lack of commitment to this success factor suggests the only two things you share with others are straight facts and criticism—and neither is all that motivating.

There is no doubt that criticism can be a very effective motivator to the right person, at the right time—but you can only beat up people for so long before they give up. Placing little value on the contributions of the other team members, will cost you team work. And you won't become a leader until you truly value the contributions others make toward your success—and publicly reward them for their efforts.

Remember, team members become discouraged, give up and leave when they're not appreciated. Just how likely is it that you will then attain your goals? That's right, zip.

TQ The bottom line?

Putting your faith in others is sometimes hard. But it is absolutely essential if you want to create powerful interpersonal leverage.

Won't you have more FAITH in your future, if you have more POWER? What's holding you back? -- E.R. Haas, CEO


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Running Member Comments...

The article is great. It goes along with the practice of praise and promote. However the printing of the article is off by one letter and it drives me crazy trying to read it. It comes to my computer like this.
t comes to my computer like this.
Hope you can fix it your messages are to important to me to let this interfer with reading them.

Did you mean to make two easy grammar mistakes and one spelling mistake while reprimanding TQ on their typos? Your last sentence was "Hope you can fix it your messages are to important to me to let this interfer with reading them."It should have been "Hope you can fix it, your messages and too important too me to let this interfere with reading them." I added a comma, switched to with too, and spelled interfere I-N-T-E-R-F-E-R-E as opposed to I-N-T-E-R-F-E-R. Learn to critique someday.
"... your messages and [sic] too important too [sic] me to let this interfere with reading them."

That's, "... your messages ARE too important TO me to let this interfere with reading them."

People, rocks, glass houses, and all that. (grin)
This is completely in line with a common idea I cherish.

If you want to see someone improve at something or correct a problem, express your recognition of the things they do well, and even find some way to identify some good part of what they are doing wrong.

They will kill themselves in order to be recognized again, and improve and excel at the same time!
I'm completely different. The more praise I get the more nervous I am to do a good job and when i'm nervous I mess up. How could someone correct me or show me their gratitude?
This nervousness will go away as you build and develop competencies and use them on a more "consistent" basis. With lots of encouragement to carry on, even if it comes from with in you in the form of self efficacy, you will improve and feel better about yourself.

It would be best if you stop telling yourself that "when you get nervous you mess up" so that it doesn't become a self fulfilling prophecy. This type of recognition will not serve you well.

It is better to recognize what you are doing well and identify what you need to improve, develop and do, to live your best life, as you define it, based on your values and visions.

Use your time, energy and resources to do just that, as you create and develop an empowering role that will get you to realize your visions in real time and focus on success.

New beginnings are always a bit shaky but that goes away with lots of practice which will bring you competency and balance, and thus help you move forward.

Confidence develops when the appropriate knowledge is coupled with development of healthy skills and best practices. Once you see the results thereof you will feel downright fantastic.

Keep up the great work! You can do it. :-)

God Bless!
That is the truth and a very great message! Hopefully though, the killing part is metaphoric, as I know you meant it. :-) Certainly people will strive to do, be and exceed their best with a little recognition and encouragement for the good they do accomplish along the way. Great message David.
I just started subscribing to the Daily Lessons in Excellence and I absolutely love them. You guys really know your stuff! This is some of the most professional, insightful, visually appealing and (most importantly) useful information on personal and professional development that I have ever come across. I especially like the "goal ideas" at the beginning of the message. Thank you and keep up the great work!!
I am thankful for my family and friends. I need to show more gratitude toward both of them.
I am most grateful for ALL OF IT - everything that I have ---I am grateful for - home - house - yard- tractor - carol- Matt - Kate - Mother - Travis - Josh- friends- games to play - health- schooling that I had - university of Maine - football- teaching career- law degree- Mayor of Westfield time - Marine Corps time- health- plenty of time to live - my age - my politics (sic) - LOL - my family - friends- yard- things to do - places to go - people to meet- Retirement $$ ( modest but enuf ) friends - car - truck - kubota to play with - yard to walk around - EVERYTHING THAT i HAVE IS ENUF FOR ME - THANKS TO ALL AND ESPECIALLY AMERICA FOR BEING THERE FOR ME - thanks again
-- Best to all John Rhodes
Hi again - I can't help myself - I am sooooooooooooo gratfeul for all that I have -
I really am---- soooooooooo Thank you all again - even TQ - this is a great site and I love it - Now ! I am off to another day to get it right - I try everyday to get it right _!!!!! If I can do as well as yesterday Than I will have accomplished a lot - Good luck to all - Bets to all - John Rhpdes
Heck _ I misspelled my own name--- LOL
I do not get too hung up on imperfection
I can't cuz I am so imperfect - I can tolerate imperfection but not meaness
Well - Out for now - John R
TQ is one of the most useful sites I have ever found and I really appreciate your posts each morning. Working at home alone, the few moments with you each morning are better than any rah-rah office meetings endured through the years!
Lisa - YOU ARE SOOOOOOOOO RIGHT - thanks for the affirmation of the efficacy of using this site- IT IS A GREAT SITE - thanks for the note of rememberance - ALso - I am very thankful for Bobbi Munnz and my other raquetball partners at the westfield YMCA - i APPRECIATE THEIR BEING THERE FOR ME WHEN i NEED A GAME - My best to all - John Rhodes
also - I just need to say that I am grateful for Carol - My wife - she fixed all of the electrical outlets in the house yesterday _ She got zapped a couple of times while I was watching her do the outlets _ Thanks goodness it was her and not me !!!Wow - it is amazing how a little electricity will wake you up _ fast / Carol is good at that stufff and I am soooooooooooo grateful for that _ again - thanks a lot everybody - best John R
Like you, I look forward to the daily emails I receive from ThinkTQ. I take the time to answer every question that is presented to me. With this website and http://www.successmanual.com/, wow, I am moving into the infinite possibilities that I can imagine of being successful.
Today I am grateful for...

Being forgiven,
And having the freedom to forgive.

The gift of seeing,
And seeing enough to know I need to see yet more.

Living freely in a country where
freedom not only remains a reality
but where many stand in the gap to make it that way.

A family that's shaped my life more than they know,
And knowing my wife as treasure beyond compare.

The gift of loving little things that matter,
And realizing what matters most is never little.

An ability to cry as needed,
Laugh more than I cry,
And pray to One who understands both.

Heaven being more of a reality than ever imagined,
And Amazing Grace being less of a song
and more of an experience in everyday living.

Life in general,
People in particular,
And an ability to enjoy them both.


P.S. I believe I just wrote my next article...
or something very close to it, .
I am grateful this day that my eyes feel upon what you had written...thank you for sharing
Beautiful and deeply touching! Thank you so much for sharing! GG
I am most Thankful for my Mom. For 54 years she has been the steady, consistent,loving rock in my family. She is always, always, always the same: There for me in whatever capacity is necessary, and she does it all with a smile on her face, a word of encouragement, and gentle strength. I have never known anyone like her. She demands very little, she gives beyond measure. She is humble, patient, encouraging and a servant to all that come in her path. God gave me the greatest jewel of all. "She is far more precious than jewels. Proverbs 31:10
Bless you for showing such gratitude and appreciation for your mom! Bless you!
I am so thankful first of all for my Lord and Savior for giving me direction in my life. I am so thankful that every thoughts and words and deeds that I have is a reflection of His grace. I am also thankful for my husband Ralph for helping me build our company and just be there for me when I need him the most. I am grateful for our Pastoral staff at our church for the prayers and guidance that they give me when I have concerns and when I think that I cannot make it, they are always there for me. I am also thankful for my Director of nursing who has a lot of wisdom in making the daily decisions specially in the clinical part of our business. I am thankful to my children for they are the ones that keep my prayers straight everyday. I am thankful for my Dad and Mom who prays for me on a daily basis. He is the anchor of our family. I am thankful most of all for his devotions to God His Savior.
WOW! You truly have a lot to be grateful for and show your gratitude in such a sincere and loving manner. WOW! You are truly blessed! GG
The power of gratitude can transform my day from the beginning. I begin each day by writing down what I'm thankful for. Some days are harder to get going. It maybe just little things like, I have food in the frig. But each day is a blessing and full of joy. When we have the choice to be right or to be kind, let's all chose to be kind. Wishing you all a loving, contented holiday.
What a great practice and beautiful message! Thank you for your kind wishes! GG
Loved this lesson... great points about simply acknowledging people for their skills, attitudes and efforts.

I'm going to take a few extra moments right now and send out a few "appreciate your work" ecards to those who assist us here at the office.

To the "TQ Crew"...

And by the way, thanks for materials like this to remind us about the important things in life: I'm sure I speak for many in expressing thanks to everyone at TQ for making the mailings and products possible for us to enjoy and profit from.

ER and the TQ Gang, rekindled that little spark within me which grew into an everlasting flame. They DARED me to DREAM, just once again, during extremely challenging times. They inadvertently helped me recognize that I was indeed still alive. I am so grateful for this precious gift of life and that I am alive.

Alive to spend more quality time with my daughter supporting her worthy endeavors all the way. Alive to create and accomplish more worthy missions and help The TQ FAMILY, in eternal gratitude, with full committed support and directly from my heart, to accomplish theirs.

I remain forever grateful to ER and Kent and the TQ Gang of which I have now become a member. I feel truly blessed! Thank God for them! Thank God for you Lee! GG with huge hugs and lots of love!
My customers, business associates,and family will help me make the journey to my dreams. I need
to show them I really appreciate them.
Over the last 4 weeks i have been working very hard, i have no time on hand. I was complaining until last evening, because i wanted it to be an easier, simpler life. But i realised while speaking to a buddy, that i can actually be in gratitude for all that i am achieving, rather than just rant about what is not done or incomplete. I love TQ and the everyday message, it is like getting my energy drink for the day.
i have just spent the last two months finding it hard to be grateful. I do understand, but it has been hard to feel it in this circumstance. I am trying daily to remind myself how much i have to be grateful for.
My best to all - John Rhodes - at rhodes350@comcast.net
P.S. Does anyone know a Joel E. Oliver - Joel was in the Marine Corps with me in 65 -68 and we both went to Vietnam - I hope he made it -
I really hope that you find your friend! How wonderful of you to keep searching via every vehicle you have. You are a true friend and I am sure that where ever your friend is in the world or in the good place, he is totally grateful for you and appreciative of the quality time you shared together.
At times yes I realize the power and other times I dont!I truly believe you are a product of your enviroment........I really want a new one!
This negative set back is not me,i want to live again!Positive thinking, than positive things happen.
Take it one step further...Positive things happen when appropriate positive "actions" in alignment with your true healthy values are taken consistently. Positive thinking will influence your mood. Positive actions will influence your life. All the best!
My close friends and family.........Most important I have to want it, if Idont I will not reach my goal..It is true only "My self with hard work & determination will get me there most of the way.And my Support system will be there Cheering me on.Thank you to those who still beleive in me!!
I always make sure First and foremost to express my thanks & apprciation to mankind on a daily basis. ( friends family strangers ) I give whatever I have to give. ( almost to a Fault I have been told! )sometimes it is not much..But at that time I dont have a lot to give. I ALWAYS GIVE MORE THAN I HAVE! wHY? BECAUSE IT MAKES ME FEEL GOOD!
I always make sure First and foremost to express my thanks & apprciation to mankind on a daily basis. ( friends family strangers ) I give whatever I have to give. ( almost to a Fault I have been told! )sometimes it is not much..But at that time I dont have a lot to give. I ALWAYS GIVE MORE THAN I HAVE! wHY? BECAUSE IT MAKES ME FEEL GOOD!
Journalling is something i have been plannning to do and have not done. From today iam going ahead with journalling and recording all the thoughts to achieve my goals and make the necessary actions to get it done. Currnet goal is to help 10 people make 5000USD per month. Then from there help 200 peoppe make 5000usd per month.
Awesome awakening i had today and take the next stride in life.
can i be part of the ten
I am so grateful to TQ. I have been reading everyday this year but not making obvious progress. I couldnt see those dreams clearly enough.

This week I realised that I need to show gratitude by trusting life, myself, and others. Be grateful for the endless opportunities by taking more risk. So I have told my wife (giant step) that I will take early retirement to follow my fuzzy dreams.

I trust I will be told exactly what to do, who to contact, what my dreams are, just show patience and belief. I am excited about life again. Already by trusting my intuition I have met a coach to help me.
Hell - being gratfeul is wonderful - just say thanks
a lot = cuz you mean it - once you really mean it
it becomes more meaningful thanks a lot america
I do understand the power of gratitude and it makes me feel filled with a sense of well being. I feel good about myself when I think of gratitude. It makes me feel more positive minded and in turn - I begin to see others things around me that are more positive.
Yes, although it is not something that happens overnight. I have found that people are genuinely surprised when an open and non-reciprocal show of Gratitude or Appreciation is shown. Often you can see the look in their eyes of: "What are you hoping to get from this". Others who have not demonstrated a similar show of Gratitude or Apprecitation give a similar look. Over time through constant and repeated shows of Gratitude or Appreciation, within a given environment, a culture of expressing both becomes more common place and is often returned to you in multiple ways, many never considered.
I have always sought to see the good in people, recognize it and show my appreciation and gratitude. People have found this encouraging even in their darkest moments. Later in life, as I became a trainer and facilitator of best practices, I came upon a quote and I wish I could remember who wrote it so that I could give credit where credit is due. It goes like this: "Things that get recognized get repeated" (unfortunately, that applies to poor behaviours as well) All parents and influencers should learn this one. If one recognizes good behaviours (skills, attitudes, efforts) they will be repeated and improved upon. I am grateful for this understanding. It helps simplify things and the benefits for all are tremendous. Gabriele
No..It seems artificial...you get a thanks all the time..not sincere
I assure you, it is very sincere and an excellent habit to get into. Most people spend more time drawing attention to poor behaviors, dwelling on them and thus reinforcing them vs spending more time recognizing, being grateful and thankful for the good ones.

It's OK and necessary to identify potential areas of improvement but the focus should be on the on finding appropriate solutions vs living in and aggravating the problems. Very few people focus on what's going well. For every 9/10 positives they'll beat themselves up over one negative rather than recognizing what went well and that there is one thing out of 10 to improve.

That is why gratitude is so important. It puts things in true and balanced perspective.
I am rarely thankful enough for all the blessings in my life. I gloss over them quickly in the back of my mind as I head toward what new problem can I find to work on. I am going to try to slow down and focus and elaborate on outloud in words the blessings I have that I enjoy and overlook every single day. I am especially going to verbalize them to the people who provide them. I know this will elevate their joy and mine as well as I create more room in my mind for mulling over the great and fabulous gifts I have instead of pining away for those not mine yet.
Yes, I am thankful every day.
Try to read Proverbs, if you go to far
you'll get to the prophet Isaiah.
For yesterday's complete message,
including my wife, Ellen, go to ustream.tv
Goldenman2 GOOD news now !
Not particularly, i do give thanks, but i do not specifically talk to someone just to say "thank you". That's the kind of weak-minded foolishness that gets you taken advantage of. It's better to talk about something related and then slide a thank you into the conversation. if you walk around saying thanks to people, they will get think your getting fresh and hit you.
I'm sorry that you feel that people will think you are hitting on them if you thank them. If they do then that's their problem. I would hope that is the very small minority. I know we say "Thank you" many times out of habit. But its the same as a greeting, perhaps unnecessary but important to show respect for someone. I believe a sincere thank you is very welcome!
I agree with you Tammie, good point! Thank you for being YOU! GG
We all have much to be grateful for. Sometimes I believe that stiffles me because deep in my mind I wonder why I am so blessed while others have so little in the rest of the world. I think I would feel guilty if I made alot of money. I also feel that perhaps God cannot give me much because I am not responsible with much. I do believe that everyone deserves a living wage (which I do not). I think it isn't just a matter of gratitude but not wasting it. Since the economy is as bad as it is here, people are really starting to realize how much we waste.
Even little things like using too much water while your brushing your teeth or turning off lights and appliances. I've been very mindful this week of waste and once you are aware, you will start to notice many small ways to make a big difference. Companies seem to think that the only controllable expense is labor - what about waste? You would not believe all the stuff that gets thrown out. (by law unfortunately for "safety's" sake) I work in retail and they cannot give out opened diapers etc. We have to make sure it is completely destroyed so that people wont raid the trash bin. What about restaurants throwing out tons of food? Can't that go to a soup kitchen? Do you think those people care? Would you rather eat and live? Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am thankful for the opportunity to learn and speak my mind on this site.
I am most grateful to my Mother. She has allowed my husband and our dogs to live with her, and she has done so much for us as well. I appreciate her a lot.
MOM's are the BEST aren't they. I, too, am so grateful for all the precious moments my late mother and I shared. I am grateful that she was at home, in my arms, as she passed away peacefully. I am grateful for the blessing of being able to be their for her. I am grateful for all the time she helped me take care of my lovely daughter, and for the fact that my daughter was blessed with my mothers unconditional love and the quality time they shared together. My MOM was the absolute best. I remain eternally grateful for her and her love which still radiates in every thought and memory of her.
Yes. I make a gratitude list daily to stay focused on the present and give thanks for the past so the future does not seem dismal.
One way to show appreciation is to be successful by having clear goals and dreams always in sight.
I am grateful to the Universal Energy which brought me together with a wonderful man. I joined an internet dating service for the 1st time this past June,E-harmony,& by Sept.was matched with him. We met face to face about 5 weeks ago & are extremely taken with one another & awestruck that through this service we met,yet realise we never would have otherwise. Gratitude indeed! I thank Creator Source Universal Energies for responding to the sincere thoughts that both he & I put out there to find each other.
Dallarie and Beratta
How fortuitous to comment on that which I am grateful and hold dear. I am grateful for having the privilege to live during the very best time and in the very best place under the very best conditions ever in the history of the world. I live in a free country where I was able to start from Appalachian poverty and become relatively successful beyond my wildest dreams several times over in an honest and productive manner. This is almost impossible in about eighty percent or more of the world because in order to enjoy what we have, one would be forced to steal it, take it by force of domination and corruption or be born into it. The sheer force of a strong economic system where even the tyrants of the world place there money because it will be here when they want it back drives a world economy which supports what we have. Because of our Constitution, legal system, military prowess, health system prolonging and protecting life, education system, and the power of the freedom of speech and the freedom to choose for ourselves we are able to do the things we see as measures of success in our culture. As with the extinction of species, all great cultures achieve their zenith and then ended, I am grateful for having independently enjoyed that which I could have never expected at any previous time and place on Earth. Unfortunately, there are those who live in physical caves and have a cave mentality that have nothing but time seeking to destroy what we who live in the greatest country in the world have and many of us do not even realize.
With each and every day, I realize that I am the only being who is responsible and committed to myself. In order for me to accomplish all of my dreams, I need to first decide what my dreams are and focus on solely achieving success. I use to have that drive, but I don't know where it went...but I will get it back ASAP. 10-15 years from now, the only consistency that I am gauranteed is myself, therefore I will help me!
Yes am mindful of the amazing power Gratitude has over my life. Indeed it is a salient determinant in life
I do. I am inconsistant though. It's almost as if I have all the knowledge, but I am doing nothing with it. Not even incremental steps. If I take one step forward, I take 2 steps backwards. I understand that the more we are grateful for in our lives, will only produce abundance...therefore I am grateful enough that I recognize where I am going wrong...and I will START to do something about it.
Gratitude is part of a positive approach to life--and I've gotten lots more results that way than "writing people up" when they fail, and pointing out what they haven't done for me.
Yes i do . When i am thankful everything come easier.
Believing " I Can Do All Things " is a Formula for Failure. It is Godless Secular Humanism in the Rankest Form. Believing " I Can Do All Things Through Christ Which Strengtheneth Me " is a Faith Filled Confidence Builder that Breaks the Back of Doubt and Fear. This Faith Empowered Focus Ignites a Fire of Desire which Enables Any Holy Spirited Guided Achiever to Completely Annihilate the Height, Depth, Breadth, Length, and Thickness of ANY Mountain that Might Stand as an Obstacle to Success in their Mission! Dr. Stan Craig, (Motivational Ministries)
Believing " I Can Do All Things " is a Formula for Failure. It is Godless Secular Humanism in the Rankest Form. Believing " I Can Do All Things Through Christ Which Strengtheneth Me " is a Faith Filled Confidence Builder that Breaks the Back of Doubt and Fear. This Faith Empowered Focus Ignites a Fire of Desire which Enables Any Holy Spirited Guided Achiever to Completely Annihilate the Height, Depth, Breadth, Length, and Thickness of ANY Mountain that Might Stand as an Obstacle to Success in their Mission! Dr. Stan Craig, (Motivational Ministries)
I have been thinking about this verse. I would not be so bold as to change the bible, but I believe this verse should say "Because Christ strengthens me - I can do all things."
Dear Sir/madam:
My life profile is to work hard in a extreemly normal manners and try to walk on dooted line in relation to my business . But always at the end of the other party change their minds or some thing happened when the deal is almost finishing.Why. In my personal relations created a tremendous help like give give but not been realized by the other party when they have achieved the success. Why??
Why others do or do not do certain things is a challenging question to answer. The important thing is that we can control what and why we contribute what we do. What others do or do not do should NOT control who we are in our heart of hearts. Just continue being you! Your good and contributive self.

This following realization has often helped me through times when I did not understand certain "Why's"

"People are often unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered; Forgive them anyway.

If you are kind, people may accuse you of being selfish or having ulterior motives; Be kind anyway.

If you are successful, you will win some false friends and some true enemies; Succeed anyway.

What you spend years building, someday could destroy overnight; Build anyway.

If you find serenity and happiness people may be jealous; Be happy anyway.

The good you do today, people often forget tomorrow; Do good anyway.

Give the world the best you have, and it may never be enough; Give the world the best you have anyway.

You see, in he final analysis, it is between you and The Source (God); it was never between you and them anyway.

(This was composed by Mother Theresa)
In the nineties, I was the stereotypical Yuppie, working with an international research center at the hub of the financial district of my country. Late in 1998, I lost that fabuous job. The research center transfered to another country because of political troubles in my own. Finding another job proved impossible and when my savings petered out, I left the capital and went back to the island where I grew up. There I was humbled quite far more than I had ever been.

Though the island was beautiful, life for me was harsh, in the sense that I did not have the material things that I was used to. Psychologically, I was also affected by the fact that I did not have as much money to spend at will. I felt that I was living in poverty.

I reached a point where I felt I was at the nadir financially, psychologically and spiritually and contemplated suicide. I tossed a coin: heads, I would go through with my plan to die; tails, I would continue living the way I did. Heads. When I looked at the coin in the center of my palm, I felt the blood rush to my head and my vision changed. I could see the lines on my palms very clearly. My skin was luminous and pulsating with life. The image on the coin was so clear it seemed it was newly minted. I looked at the floor of my room and I could see every grain of the wood. When I lifted up my eyes, I saw the trees outside my window through the curtains that were whiter than ever. The leaves of the trees were very green and pulsated just like my skin. I was struck by the beauty of everything I saw. It was a perfectly beautiful day to die. It was a perfectly beautiful day to live. I was faced with that choice.

Strangely, that was when I learned what gratitude means. I felt deeply grateful that I could see with such clarity, both at physical level, and at the level I imagine William Blake must have been referring to in his poems.

Ever since then I have been grateful for all things that come into my life. I am no stranger to the "attitude of gratitude." It is what I have and manifest everyday of my life.
Yes, I try to be thankful daily for simple things, like the fact that I have a job and a car and a healthy family. I also am thankful that I have a place to live and food to eat. I don't have many of the things that I have be striving for, for many years, however, I have a lot to be greatful for.
My understanding of GRATITUDE is that everyone wants it, but some people say they don't want to be patronized. This makes me wonder if I am not sounding sincere in the way I express GRATITUDE.
My other issue with GRATITUDE is that it seems my staff expect me to be grateful even when they do less than adequate a job. They also expect to RECEIVE GRATITUDE, but rareley do they GIVE GRATITUTE.
No wonder I am cynical about GRATITUDE.
How do I get over this?
It is interesting to understand that in all languages most of the meaning of what we communicate comes from body language(about 50%), the tone of our voices (about 43%) and only 7% from the words we actually speak. Sincerity, from the heart and soul, genuine communication may override words that "sound" like we are patronizing, regardless of what we actually say or intend.

Even the staff that do a less than an adequate job must we recognized for what they do do well. It could be that they need a little more encouragement to do more, or perhaps it is a training issue where they need to develop a few more competencies which will render their performance up to par and beyond.

Perhaps showing gratitude will encourage, by example, others to do the same. Even if this is not the case, it is still better, as a leader, to remain an excellent example of best practices. You will see in time that you will attract more behaviors that will create and produce a better and more successful working culture.

"Just... get over it" and be your true and great self. There is no need to dwell in cynicism, as it will never serve you well. Look at this as a challenge to overcome, not a problem. Make gratitude part of your own value system and live it every day. You will see how that does serve you well on many levels.

What ever your staff do or do not do, always remember there is someone out there who is grateful for you, and among many others, that would be me! You are not alone. BE the leader that you are!

All the best as you reap the benefits of gratitude! GG
Yes I am realizing the power of that awareness more in my life now. I did not have great skills in graciousness from the patterns of my youth and had to grow in my basic skills before I could expand and think more of others than I was thinking of myself. It took me a long time and I am sill growing in grace. I want to remember to thank God for the good I already have and remember to be grateful for the food and basics that I enjoy daily.
I am very grafeful for who I am but I may not understand the power.
Steph, Kaia, My parents and family. They've all helped me so much come to where I am now. Also, Patients.... It's a dichotomy that exists only through them!! Doctors are only regular average everyday people, but it's not until there is a demand of a patient...they're doctors!
I am grateful to my parents for the life and genes they have bestowed upon me. I show this thanks by laughing and attempting to have fun with my family.
My parents will provide the necessary structure to complete my highschool years. After that, i'm on my own in college (beside tuition and desperate funding).
I am grateful for all that I have and will have in my life.
Yes. I make thanks giving part of evry day. It took me a long time to come to this practice. It was not easy. It took me looking at myself and realizing I was my own barrier between the good and the postive people and things in my life.

Like most everyone else, I am struggling to stay alive but I am so eternally greatful for every little victory - simple things like just being able to pay my bills and mortgage - that I will always remember this time in my life as a time of learning and growth.

I give thanks everyday for my friends and loved ones. They are the my reason for being. I give thanks for my friend telling me about this program. I give thanks for my life.
Yes, I do. As a member of www.gratitudelog.com I journal my thoughts, and appreciation with this website every day, based on that very premise. Apparently those who express daily gratitude are 25% happier than those who don't. Check it out and THANKS for the Question!!
I found this article and thought you might appreciate it. It never fails to amaze me just how generous those who have very little often are. It is what has inspired me to be and contribute my very best no matter what. I assure you that I too have been greatly challenged. GG

Imagine for a moment one of those nights when you just can't fall asleep and you have to get up early the next morning for a very important meeting of which you are the keynote speaker. Your alarm clock goes off early in the morning waking you from what little sleep you had. You stumble out of bed, have a quick shower, grab a coffee and some toast, and off you go to fight the traffic on the way to work.

Does that sound like the start of a terrible day? Most would answer 'yes'. Few people however, would answer, 'no'. These are the people, who are in my opinion blessed with a gift. A gift that determines how they view their life. These people live with 'an attitude of gratitude'. For them, the situation described could be worse. Much worse. For example, think of the man who doesn't have a bed, let alone a roof to over his head. When he is awoken from what little sleep he is able to get, it is by the rain falling on his cold body. He too stumbles to his feet and begins his journey to work in his bare feet. His work is in the field of survival. He searches though garbage cans for scraps of half-rotten food to eat and odd bits of clothes to keep him warm.

The purpose of this example is to illustrate that we all have so much to be grateful for. Even in times when it seems that nothing could be worse, there is always a reason to be grateful. And when you feel a sense of gratitude, you feel a sense of happiness and content. My challenge to you today is to learn to look for the good in every situation and live with 'an attitude of gratitude'.

I assure you, if you were the fellow searching for food in garbage cans you too could find things to be grateful for. You just have to look hard enough and 'open your eyes' to what is around you. You have to focus on what's good in your life, not what's bad.

"I once was distraught because I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet." - Unknown

Life works in mysterious ways. Time and time again there have been stories of people who are in a dire strait yet they are found helping others who are experiencing greater turmoil. This is because once you have helped someone in greater need than yourself, you always feel better. You feel better because you have helped another human being, and this forces you to change your mindset from focusing on your problems to focusing on their solutions.

Always focus on the solution, not the problem and live with an attitude of gratitude! Mother Teresa was a primary example of this phenomenon. Her entire life revolved around helping others in need. As a result she experienced a great deal of love and self-satisfaction in her life.

I challenge you now to take a moment to think of five things in your life that you are grateful for today. For example, your friends, your family, your job, your sense of smell, touch, sight, and sound. The list can go on and on. Imagine what your life would be like without these things. Write them down on a piece of paper and really think about the things you are grateful for. You will be amazed at how great you will feel!

This article may be reprinted with the following attachment:

Copyright (c) 1999 Glen Hopkins
As strange as it may sound or superficial... my dance instructor. He brings me more joy and opportunity to live my passion than anyone or anything has in my life.

"At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person.

Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us."

The above quote depicts the beginnings of my journey with TQ in 2005 when I started with the TQ Daily's. It was ER and the TQ gang who rekindled that little spark with in me which now, once again, burns ever so brightly.

I remain forever grateful! GG with huge hugs and lots of love.

PS. A few other quotes to celebrate the day!


To educate yourself for the feeling of gratitude means to take nothing for granted, but to always seek out and value the kind that will stand behind the action. Nothing that is done for you is a matter of course. Everything originates in a will for the good, which is directed at you. Train yourself never to put off the word or action for the expression of gratitude.


Let us rise up and be thankful, for if we didn't learn a lot today, at least we learned a little, and if we didn't learn a little, at least we didn't get sick, and if we got sick, at least we didn't die; so, let us all be thankful.


Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude.


The hardest arithmetic to master is that which enables us to count our blessings.


To speak gratitude is courteous and pleasant, to enact gratitude is generous and noble, but to live gratitude is to touch Heaven.


As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.


Kindness trumps greed: it asks for sharing. Kindness trumps fear: it calls forth gratefulness and love. Kindness trumps even stupidity, for with sharing and love, one learns.


Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.


Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order, confusion into clarity.... It turns problems into gifts, failures into success, the unexpected into perfect timing, and mistakes into important events. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow.


If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, "Thank you," that would suffice.


There is nothing better than the encouragement of a good friend.


He has achieved success who has lived well, laughed often and loved much; who has gained the respect of intelligent men and the love of little children; who has filled his niche and accomplished his task; who has left the world better than he found it, whether by an improved poppy, a perfect poem, or a rescued soul; who has never lacked appreciation of earth's beauty or failed to express it; who has always looked for the best in others and given them the best he had; whose life was an inspiration; whose memory a benediction.

[published 11/30/1905 in the Lincoln (Kansas) Sentinel - an adaptation of this is often attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson, though nothing like it has been found in his writings.]

I hope you enjoyed. Happy Thanks Giving! GG with huge hugs and lots of love, respect, appreciation and gratitude.
It will be the people that share my vision of the future I will create. They will help me make the journey to my dreams. Most of all I must help myself to make this journey by focusing my mind and willpower on making my dreams my reality.
Every day, but honestly I don't live and feel that through my day, somethimes I forgot to be gratefull, for everything that I HAVE, that I'M.
Tough question but a good one. I try to live both words but I have feet of clay like the rest of the human race and there have been times I've thrown myself a good old pity party of epic proportions - just like everyone else I would suppose. I'm up to my neck in problems at the moment but I find myself thanking more and more people and finding little reasons every day to be grateful.

What people often fail to realize is that things can always be worse, and if you focus on that they more than likely WILL get worse.

I could say that my life is sucks. I'm broke, I don't know how I'm going to pay the mortgage next week or the utility bill either. But I look around my town and I see people who will never have the opportunity for their lives to improve - ever. Whereas I'm experiencing some temporary setbacks, some bumps on the road of life if you will, these folks will never have a chance to see anything more from life than it offers them right now.

Am I grateful for what I have? You bet I am.
All my best performances are powered by gratitude and appreciation of the opportunity to help others. Gratitude to be a listener for someone else. Gratitude and appreciation for life in this miraculous universe makes me want to perform more magic. Thank you for encouraging this reflection.

I give thanks to the authors , poets, artists for their inspiration.
I think gratitude opens up your life to more abundance. When I am grateful for what I have, I get more.
Yes, I realize that my success is based on the part I play - actually in my case I am the only one who has a part to play in my success.

However, I am not really following through on my action plan - I keep writing lists and never doing anything on the list. Just rearranging the lists.

All of my many projects require much more willpower to be started let alone successfully completed.

I really need to learn how to start before I can finish anything. Hopefully this program will help me do that. I know that I have to do it myself.

So today, I will plan out my week - starting one project today and working on it thru Wednesday. Thursday and Friday will be dedicated to other ongoing projects. Then back to the first project again on Monday thru Wednesday.
What I love to do most is read. If I could get paid to read books, I would be ecstatic! My dreams include furthering my education and reading.

Of the things I must do, what do I want to do next - is none. All I want to do is play - not work. But if I want to be successful in the future, I need to spend the next 35 days working on a major project which I am not only afraid to start, I have no idea where to start. I know that to complete the project I need to "eat the elephant" - one bite at a time. Unfortunately, I have not got a clue how to proceed. If I had the money, I would hire a professional to help. But that is not an option.

I have made numerous lists, so I think the best way is for me to just pick a list and start there. I will start as soon as I finish the tail end of 2 other projects that must be completed today.
Yes, when I'm feeling the feelings of gratitude it seams that we have more to be grateful for, so its very important to live in this vibration, as of love too. I even have both of this words tattoo im my body.
I am most GRATEFUL to my wife for enduring all the pain and suffering. I show it by taking care of her and helping her..
I am most GRATEFUL to my wife for enduring all the pain and suffering. I show it by taking care of her and helping her..
I am so GRATEFUL with GOD for all HIS everlasting love, patience, and mercy for me. Thanks God! you really amaze me everyday. I know I do not deserve anything, BUT you have given me everything. Thanks.....
It is not as embodied as I would like it to be I worry over the past which I have no control and sometimes I feel overwhelmed about the future. The Lord says "fear not" He never gives us more than we can handle I need to keep my awareness on what I have been given and just ask for guidence when I feel lost so much easier daid than done I will make this a habit until it is just automatic

For this day I am so blessed that my family wil be here this week I will continue to get thing ready for their arrval I want to vitist MEHUE in athe hospital today she is having surgery for brest cancer and she isso young with 2 small children Lord be with them Travel mercies fkor so many onthe road this weekand thank you for placing me in this new community where there is so much love and purpose Let me be an asset to Your Word Thank you
Danny will be an encouragement, plus his financial help has already helped me get here, and have to face my remaining life. Plus, he is a confidante to me. (I will pay him back and show him appreciation for all he has done, try to build up his self esteem, and maybe treat him to a TQ course)

Rachel will be there to listen to me. Though she is cynical and often discouraging, she is also encouraging. (Help her realize her life dreams, both with encouragement and with financial support as I can)

Ms. Marie, because she believes in me. (Help her plan for something, and help her get to travel with me to seminars and book signings. Maybe write that big, bestselling book on success, so we can go to speaking engagements as well).
I'm gonna be honest, I wish that people that I have knpwn nd the people I know now would see that I have gave, gave, and gave. I have had some trouble in the past with forgiving the ones who took advantage of my giving and walked right over top of me. So I am now more forgiving then ever and I am hopeing that these people will realize just how giving and loving that I am therefore, in return giving me the same
Yes, I am fully engaged in living a life of amazing gratitude.

It feels good to give more than I receive.

I am at that stage in my life where what truly matters to me is living a life that matters... that counts... a life of significance.

Of course, this is impossible to do without an heightened attitude of gratitude.

If everyone was just a little bit more grateful for what they have...instead of fueling the fires of anger for what they lack, this whole world would be a much nicer place for you and me.

Thank you for permitting me to blather on!

I am able to see what my options are for the soulution. It's not that I'm not focused, it just seem like it's foggy. I need to start taking it one step at a time, day to day. Not worry bout 2morrow or next week or the end of the semester. Focus on the RIGHT now
I am most grateful for Jesus in my life. I show it by using kindness, love and forgiveness toward others.
I do to some extent, but not really fully.
I do however, know that I am grateful for being here on this earth and realize that I didn't know much about gratitiude until I started watching Oprah. Slowy did I come around to actually understanding that I shound indeed acknowledge gratitude. I do now, everyday.
Sorry, "should".
Yes, I have the WILL power& and CAN'T is no longer a word, let alone an option!

Hello, im fourteen(almost 15 in december) and a little sad/depressed becuase i really don't know where am i heading in life. I have alot of time to decide what I want to be as I grow older BUT I've always dreamt of become a architect!!
BUT now, knowing that their salary is very low for a beautiful profession it disapoints me!!!!
I would like to express my sencere appriciation for all meaningful advises TQ gave me, honestly I would like to confess that everyone needs a person who is there for then and almost it felt as if you TQ were there for me guiding me to the right path!!!THANK YOU SOO MUCH FOR ALL THAT YOUR ALL YOU'VE GONE !!!!
I'm looking for your reply,
in the meantime
take care,
-omar housini
Dying too soon leaving too many projects 1/2 done!
Do I truly BELIEVE in my success... or am I just INTERESTED?

Belief is probabilistic in nature -- a 99%& 50% or 20% chance in becoming the success you hope.

Faith is the difference between what we believe and what we hope.

I am 100% certain, that by building my "faith skill" I will become the success God created me to be.

Do I have the will to live my dreams?

I have the WILL and the POWER to change the fabric of the future.

In fact, I do it daily!
What makes me fail forward is to figure out what the real of the issue is, and make quick course corrections before a small failure becomes a disaster.

I personally spend/invest at least 1 hour a day in planning and goal setting. I then prioritize my actions based on value of returns for each action spent.

Thus, I am rich financially, and spiritually. I LIVE what I value most.

Not talk about my values, but live all top 10-20 every single day.

Consequently, when failure naturally results, I have a plan to get back on track and move out of the mess to the next logical step that will deliver the life of my dreams.

With me, I seem to go so far with being successful,but still seem to hold back.
My greatest talent is the ability to see through things, dream up spaces and projects. Yes I do use it quite a bit. Completely ?Not sure , but I use it just about all the time, deliberately and also spontaneously. Thanks for asking !
not much

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I've taken a dozen time management courses and read 20 books on improving my time management and organization skills. This goes WAY beyond anything I could ever hope for. It gave me a serious edge when I came up for my last job review, not to mention the confidence I now have.

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