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Have you set artificial limits for yourself?

"Success or failure depends more upon attitude than upon capacity. Successful men/women act as though they have accomplished or are enjoying something. Soon it becomes a reality. Act, look, feel successful, conduct yourself accordingly, and you will be amazed at the positive results." ~ Dupree Jordan

Last week we talked about setting GOALS without limits. The question is, are you setting WOW goals and truly expecting to achieve them? Or, have you set artificial limits for yourself?

This week, we will expand on the theme, and tackle the "without limits" aspect of this discussion. Sometimes all you need is a change in perspective from what is, and is not possible, to get you moving in the direction of your dreams!

Is Your ATTITUDE Imposing...

Artificial Limits on Your Success?

Without question, it takes all 10 of your Colors—burning brightly at all times—to produce true and lasting success.

However, your ATTITUDE has a tremendous effect on your entire performance spectrum: Your personal energy level... your sense of purpose and mission... your desire to set goals... your willingness to make plans... your ability to create interpersonal synergy... your ability to remain focused on your top priorities... your interest in staying organized... your ability to optimize your time... and your power to take bold action.

Yes, a positive and proactive attitude is VITAL to your success.

Permit it to turn sour, and you rob your future of hope and promise. Nurture it, and you gain an instant power boost... a boost that automatically raises the intensity of your other Colors as well.

TQ More Power = Goals Achieved Sooner...

One of the most important Factors governing your Attitude Color is TQ Factor 3H. It asks if you consistently "speak in a positive, powerful and uplifting manner?" Do you?

Your speech is a direct link to your emotions. Change one and you'll change the other.

Your internal "self-talk" directly affects your expectations, and your expectations govern the way you act.

You cannot speak in a negative manner—and productively focus on what needs to get done at the same time.

If you want to think and feel more powerfully, then learn to SPEAK in a way that reflects positive and powerful feelings.

"Our attitudes control our lives. Attitudes are a secret power working twenty-four hours a day, for good or bad. It is of paramount importance that we know how to harness and control this great force." ~ Tom Blandi

TQ Factor 3H's CONTRIBUTION to your performance...

A high commitment suggests you are an inspiration to everyone you meet. Your upbeat conversations with others are a natural expression of your optimistic attitude. Even when you feel less than cheerful, you know you can increase your own enthusiasm by expressing a more positive attitude—both in what you say and how you say it. Fully aware of the impact your attitude has on others, you take care in presenting a positive impression.

Far from faking enthusiasm, you focus on the positive possibilities. This skill is one of the qualities that makes you an inspiring leader and fun to be around.

TQ Factor 3H's COST to your success...

A lack of commitment suggests you are someone who walks around in a cloud of gloom. Your most common discussions focus on fearful concerns rather than enthusiasm for the future. When speaking with others, a criticism comes up in conversation more quickly than a compliment. As a matter of fact, it's uncommon for you to even give compliments.

You know your speech has a direct effect on others, but it's rare that you overcome your negative feelings to a point where you can inspire others to overcome theirs. The big question: WHY?

TQ The bottom line?

What is, and is not possible, is a function of your belief system. Improve your self-talk, and you not only gain self-confidence, but others are inspired and also gain confidence when they talk with you. You enlighten and empower your future.

However, when you permit a negative attitude to color your circumstances, your future grows darker, because you cut off the positive flow of positive energy to it.

So, this week, simply start listening to what you say... and how you say it. Nothing is more important to your future than your belief in what's possible. In a way, it's what you can talk yourself into! -- E.R. Haas, CEO


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Running Member Comments...

This single TQ Factor makes people want to listen to you!

It makes you want to listen to your own "self-talk".

It is one of the single most important Factors to master as you rise above the ordinary to become EXTRAORDINARY!
so true- but takes discipline
Are you 100% responsible for the outcome of situations involving others. Or if someone else always thinks negative or expects there to be a problem does that override your efforts? Do you have any control in this situation?
Not 100% responsible (you can only be responsible for you). Continue to be positive and hopefully that will rub off. Perhaps asking the person why they expect a problem and addressing these concerns - will lead to a desired outcome for everyone.
Understanding and dealing with the complexities of life can sometimes be overwhelming; TQ's Daily Nuggets of Inspiration
and Wisdom help to keep things in perspective.

Dave Gremley
how do you help one to actually get started ?
Go to ThinkTQ.com/Start and you will see the training progression.

First take the full 100 question TQ Test at ThinkTQ.com/Actual

If you score under 70, I highly recommend you get the TQ Gold package. See ThinkTQ.com/System. It contains all the materials and live coaching you will need to fast-track your success.

This is a systematic process of helping people produce better results over time by first focusing on the fundamentals... then quickly moving up the sequence from Stage-1 Unconscious Incompetence to Stage-4 Unconscious Competence.

You may also want to read the article called: where you live on the TQ Success Grid under TQ Articles.


Yes, it does feel like I am just going through the motions and I am having a hard time breaking out it. How does one build positive expectations when giving your best in the past has always produced modest results at best? It has gotten to the point where I don't like waking up and facing another day. As the day goes on I do have more positive moments, just nothing consistent.
Dan - hell - wage on the battle - to really do well - you have to love the process of producing results - in whatever you are doing - one small project at a time - the process is all that is important - THE PROCESSS OF DOING IS ALL THAT YOU NEED -
focus on the second minute and moment of the project - what ever you are doing - well Dan - that is MY answer - good luck - I have to stick with my answer cuz it is : -- MINE - Good luck dan - Best - John R
Well - yes most of the time- BUT - the motions I go thru are pretty good - at least for me --- Success is soooooooooo personal - it is just like politics - all very personal; - sooooooooooooo just wage on the battle and all will be well - stick to it and perservere - thanks again
John R
going through the motions. I have no motivation nor desire to dig my way out of my deep, dark well of abyss.
The abyss is in your mind and you need to think and act your way out of it. Ask yourself 'what would be different for you personally if this abyss was no longer in existence'?
What you really want is what you describe as what would be different for you. Now take that and go for it if you dare to face the challenge of change.
need to clean all closets and garage.
hate doing it , not organized
I believe my power to execute is in between 7 and 9 it bounces back and forth based on external factors. at work I have the ability to execute at a level 9 however some projects require me to throttle back and this creates some short term bad habits of complacency
Yes, "attitude" and "positive self-talk" - those are my strengths (I scored 9.25 in Attitude) + I have upbeat communication with others. Yes, "inspirational" is what they often call me (besides I'm an inspirational speaker, so I better be inspirational)... Too bad that I lack in the planning and prioritizing area - majorly. I slack off in marketing myself and product creation - two crucial elements of my business.

I also scored in the 9 range for attitudes, prioritizing and organization but I'm missing some on the goal and mission side of things. However, the emails I am receiving from this site seem to address these. A very interesting concept.

If I am in control of all my tasks I am at about an 8. But when left to the mercy of others who require my help, I get fragmented, and probably become a 4. How do I keep that from happening? I have no control over "other's requests" and do not have the freedom to say NO.
7. I have many ideas all day long. I sometimes get bogged down by them. This has been a problem for years. However, I do take a few of what seem like the best ideas and pursue them. Often they include goals and steps that seem out of reach. My wife thinks I'm crazy, but, we usually accomplish them even if they take years and often risk every thing we've done so far.

I wish I could focus more on the details as I get closer to completing the goal. As the end zone appears I tend to get bored and let some of the vision go. This results in the end product being great but not as great as I pictured.
Few people know how to go about getting the abundance and opportunities available to them. They have to know how to do it first.
Donna Ann Smith
Depends on the day or the project, some projects I never seem to get started and others I don't put down until they are complete. I need to learn to balance the efforts out to the not so desirable projects!
Trick of the Trade in Life is Tricklessness
I am doing much better thank you. I have two new appointments with two new prospects. That's something I haven't done in months!!
My smoking has gone from about 37 cigs. to 22 cigs over the past 4 days.
By the inch is a cinch!
Keep using your obstacles as stepping stones and you will have achieved your goal and be on to the next great goal in your life before you know it!
Hahahaha - I see them as opportunities BUT - I didn't always feel and act that way - This is a great thought for the day - I have to split wood for the stove -- NOW after this TQ - I will see it as an opportunity to get some air - exercise - movement AND THE WOOD FOR THE STOVE ! - IT IS AN OPPORTUNITY - WOW - AN OPPORTUNITY NOT A DRUDGERY - heehehehehe
LOl - thanks TQ for this reminder - also did the light therapy and my meditations this morn - AND I am ready to go - Good to go - thanks everybody for this reminder- my very best to all of you - John R
Hi again - You ought to be married to my wife ( the BLACK WIDOW ) LOL - she breaks everything down by goal and then action - she keeps a list next to her dish at the table in morn - The kids hated that list cuz often they were on it - she is the Princess of darkness and all that is evil ( goals attainment ) she never averts her eyes from her goals _ I hate it _ LOL I hate it - she is sooooooooo focused on the goals and never lets her eyes get off the goal of attainment - wow _ she is a polark and never quits !! It has been a boon for me - cuz I am here to pic up the collateral benefits of being married to a Lituanain nightmare - Best to all--- John R
My problem is setting my goals and sticking to them. I have so much to do in my business but dont know where to start.... any suggesstions on making goals and sticking to the steps to produce results? Tracy Jones
following the long maze of process to uncover what I can do about my medical condition.
Work with Deb on locting 3 people to have a party
I do believe that I have become disenchanted from belief within myself and others. At one time, I did have drive and commitment but feel that I have used everything up and am back to square one. How could I be back at this point after coming so far in my career?
Probably a 5. I execute very well under pressure and not so well in slow, less agressive times. I can be very effective when I put my mind and efforts toward something but do find myself spinning in circles a lot due to huge amount of responsibility and competing priorities.
My life was running in circles, but it is getting better. Working with the TQ elements helps, as well as prayer and Reiki, good vitamins and enough sleep. I can now also give more when I don't have to be in control of the entire process and create a specific outcome.

Sr. Kathryn
I actually had a good day yesterday, outside of the election of course. Am going to try really hard today to capitalize on that energy and take it with me throughout my day today.
I really enjoy this email, one day soon i will put all this good stuff to use. I am the number 1 worst procrastonator. I know with help, I can overcome this.
Tina, if your the number one worst procrastinator, I am a close second. Today, however, I am thinking positive. I have a task to complete.
We ARE NOT faking it to be positive, but simply focusing on real possibilities! I think we all know people who do seem fake and I don't want to be that way, but who says negative is real, while positive is fake?

I just need to focus on the right side of things!
TO PRODUCE SIGNIFICANT RESULTS...yes this is the thing and right now, what is significant results is GOING TO THE GYM and sweating, huffing and puffing, and really making my body go through this physical transformation through the magical drug of EXERCISE, EXERCISE, AND MORE EXERCISE...and yes I am so exctied about going through this transformation....that my life is just taking off and I am so excited about that...so lets not just sit here and think positive, go to the gym...
Expanding vision while at the same time reducing or deferring expenses creates a lot of tension for me. No doubt this is an opportunity for me to put more effort into planning.
Stay focused and get results. Focus out the outcome you desire and move towards it.
I have always felt it was my "function" to provide both sides of every problem, negative and positive,so that I would be seen as someone who could analyze, problem solve and move toward the positive solution. I see that holding on to that part of my "ego", is limiting in that it creates that perception of me as someone who is always "pointing out the problem". I want to become the person who "leads toward the solution". good lesson for me today,
I am constrianed by fear of failure. I have tried to go it alone before, with a partner who was not really there and in the end I had to give it up.

I also constrained by fear of being better than the rest. So well have I learned to limit my abilities, that i no longer know how much farther I can go and actually feel that I may have found my limits. Is this not just due to stress on the job?
I can, I must,I will complete my journey.
I think I am now focus,
A diredt Coach.
Way too often... the problem is that when I set limit on a conscious level I keep telling myself I can do anything but on a sub conscious level there are doubts. I think the trick is to eliminate the doubts by taking action and fine tuning the results until they become exactly what was envisioned.

Taking small action towards a big goal, setting daily to dos that work on the bigger picture. Start by doing it today and not some time in the future.

Act today.
Founding Journey Group at AAC
Founding Day Hospitality Group-doing it w/o a partner in a more stable and sustainable model
Raising 3 God Fearing Children
Founding Journey Group at AAC
Founding Day Hospitality Group-doing it w/o a partner in a more stable and sustainable model
Raising 3 God Fearing Children

Please do not post this on your site.
My Greatest accomplishment so far is findIng my soulmate.
When we save the world by empowering other people to become active co-creators of their own reality that will make it even better.
My goal is to get my BA in business Management.I started going to school through University of Phoenix in June of 2008, then transferred to Spokane Community College in April of this year. I got off to a rocky start, since starting in September for the fall quarter, I am doing much better. School is difficult at best with raising a family. I do not have to work at the time being because my husband makes enough right now to support our family. My success in school s because of that and my strong determination to get my BA, then going back to JCPenney as a Manager.
I do set limits on myself. Somehow though ,my procrastination keeps me GOING TO vs DONE! Why can't I move beyond this monster? It's ugly head rears all over the place.
Do I truly EXPECT to succeed, or...am I just going through the motions?

No question, I have ultra HIGH expectations and the drive to execute up to them.

It is far tougher today, with much higher risks, but believe it or not, even at 65 my Expectations are growing to proportions I haven't seen in 40 years!!!

Thanks for asking!

The idea is to expand your vision and, at the same time, expand your power to produce significant results.

How am I doing?

The battle rages on. Depending on others is a hassle of the first order, but necessary.

Delays due to financial constraints are a fact of life.

In the end, we will cross the winners line far better off than choosing another path, but it is one hellacious fight to get ahead these days.

Times are tough.

I am tougher.

THAT'S how I am doing.

Passing my CCRN exam, I set this as a goal to be achieved by the end of this year and I did it in October with 2 months to spare.
In June I finished a (second) Master's degree while working full time, going to school full time, being the caretaker for myself and three others. In addition, I assisted as the Will Executor for three family members, including one from Argentina. That was all done by June. Now that it is all done and I am out of school, I need to start looking for work. I am still the caretaker for three, but I cannot get motivated with new ventures - specifically finding a job. When I was super busy I kept my house clean. Now I let things go. When I was super busy I had to be super organized. Now I keep spinning my wheels. I have set the goals, but I just can't get started - ACTION. I am hoping that "admitting" this will get me motivated for ACTION. Thanks for the daily motivation. JDW
No I see them as opportunities, As all my colors intensify and I am aware of all 10 colors, Business deals and opportunities are there for the taking, now that I am more organized, and sytematic, I can think again, not boggled down from the day to day minor nuisances. I owe the TQ team and system my life, Thank You! I have my life back in control! And now I can see the new opportunities that come up everyday, it is funny because they were coming all the time, but if you don't have your 10 colors burning bright, you just don't see them! Thanks Again!
yes, the opportunities around me feel like MORE work.
I am always getting ready to get ready. Tomorrow I will at least visit the site of Michaels job that he threw my way.
I am always getting ready to get ready. Tomorrow I will at least visit the site of Michaels job that he threw my way.
I went to NYC and pitched to a big agent and publisher. polished my book and nearly finished another. I've accomplished a lot really.
3 months ago I decided to lose weight. Today I weigh 25 pounds less.
How many of my 5 year GOALS contain what I VALUE most?

How do you know?

ALL of them, and I know because I see my top 10-20 core values in every goal I set -- or I do not set it.

Am I a Possibilitarian... or an old "NO-it-all"?

I make my living being a Possibilitarian. There is no money... no hope... no future in being Negative.

Think about this.

Have you ever seen a monument erected to honor a pessimist?

No, I do not believe that my goals cannot be achieved.

They are big, huge, humongous goals for sure.

But broken down into daily action plans, I make real progress, every day.

No. I have no excuse. I can do all things through Christ Jesus; so I know that I just need to get started.
Look at your top 3 goals.

How long have these goals been around?

I have wanted to be a billionaire ever since I read my first Horatio Alger book when I was 7... 60 years ago.

Along the way, I have made and lost fortunes.

Having 3 billion dollars right now would come in handy.

On the other hand, I have few financial pressures, and living behind a wall with a team of security people would be a drag.

So you might say, I am conflicted this morning.

Would like to have the billions, but don't want to deal with what's attached.

Will settle for changing the lives of 20 million people next year.

I will feel relieved that my life has not ended in failure
I will feel full filled with happiness and accomplishment with my life mission accomplish
Look at your top 3 goals.

How will I feel
when they become real?

The goals still outstanding on my list are truly outstanding!

I currently feel terrific, and will fight, claw, grind and smile all the way to the top... which is now clearly in sight!
My goal for the ECC in Canada is to grow the organization to 500 ministers, through professional developement and training.
To give each minister a chance to expand their potential in reaching their goals and dreams.
To help each minister know their purpose in this life.
To grow ECC by bringing ministers together through teleconference and emails.
To make more leaders.
To help ministers to succeed.
Do I truly believe in the beauty of my dreams?


Someday dreams are a real big deal around here.

Yes, I, and every member of my team, believes in and has faith in the inherent beauty of our dreams.

Yes, I know the big WHY of my life.

I live it each day.

My life is filled with purpose On Purpose.
All of my 5 and 10 year goals contain exactly what I value most.

I have connected the dots from my values to visions to roles to Achievable Goals.

I am confident because I have total conviction that what I am doing is the right thing to be doing... at all times.

I am DEFINATELY a POSSIBILITARIAN! One of my biggest pet peeves is people who are waiting for god to change their circumstances and make their decisions for them. Classic example, I currently work as a housekeeper at a hotel. It is a low paying job, but in a down economy in Michigan, it's better than nothing at all. My goal is to use some of the money I make to obtain my Real Estate License, join Toastmasters and the National Speakers Association, and start a Non-Profit. These are very lofty, and attainable goals. But before I can do all of these things, I need to get my drivers license reinstated so that I can drive. I already have a car :-). On the other, more 'let god do things for me' side. My coworker who struggles to make ends meet, will only leave this job if god makes a way for her. In other workds, she'll probably only leave if the hotel closes. Sad.
I work on my goals every day. Staying motivated is not easy due to my current circumstances. However, I use each roadblock as an opportunity to fine tune my vision and continue to progress even if it's in the smallest of ways. I will realize my goals within a reasonable amount of time. I've been through the fire of refinement, learned what is true and what is not, what works and what doesn't, and whom to trust and who to leave behind. I am ready to move forward daily towards the goals I have set.
I live my code of conduct, my mission, each and every day, if I fail to live my code of conduct I know because results come slow and hard, life just does not seem to be as much fun, and I get bogged down in things that don't make a real difference in the broader perspective of my overall life and life quality. When I live my own code of conduct and pursue the most important things first, I experience a change of heart and change of mind, I begin to realize all things are possible. I begin to realized that, indeed I can live the life of my deepest most cherished and most vivid dreams.
The biggest opportunity I see is to keep up the hard work on my personal growth having the right tools in hands, and start at last getting somewhere with my talent, letting go of whatever is holding me back.

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