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Are you just living in a dream or living your dreams?

"You are never given a dream without also being given the power to make it true. You may have to work for it, however."~ Richard Bach

Last week, we talked about the importance of TQ in Sales: How to get and keep more customers by improving your TQ.

If you are a "primary income producer", I urge you to take Kent's and my advice seriously. (We have been VERY successful at this.)

This week, we will be doing a "refresher" course on dreams and dreaming.

Your dreams are critically important in the grand scheme of things—because without them, your life has no future.

Like Richard Bach, I believe that your dreams can come true if you apply sufficient power to make them real. In other words, dreams aren't realized by DREAMING—they are realized by DOING.

Some dreams require little or no power... just enough to insure forward momentum. Other dreams require massive power... applied over decades.

TQ The Power to Dream...

How much dream-achieving personal power do you have? Check your personal Time Prism...

Energy Mission Attitude
Set Goals Make Plans Prioritize
Synergize Organize Optimize Act Now

Why not take 5 minutes today to spot-check your Energy, Mission and Attitude Colors?

These three Colors, at the most basic level, define WHO you are: Your physical and mental Energy level... your sense of purpose, vision and Mission... and your Attitude / disposition towards life... both at home and at work.

These three Colors are critical to not only acheiving your dreams, but giving yourself the right to dream at all.

Since we like to quantify these issues, add up the scores from your three Colors. What do you think your future looks like if you score less than 6 on any of the three? You judge.

What does a low Energy level plus a lack of Mission coupled with a self-defeating Attitude say about your future?

Bright and glowing? Or dim and fading?

TQ The Bottom Line...

If you want to live your dreams, you can. But you'll have to do the work.

My function is to provide you with information, and motivate you to change.

To keep hope alive.

Your role is to look at your life as it is right now, and determine if change is necessary.

If you are happy with your life as it is... if you are actually LIVING your DREAMS... then change is not necessary. Continue the path.

However, if you want to move your life up to the next level, move these three Colors up to 7-8. The difference in your life will be nothing short of staggering.

This year is almost half over. If you want to get it together THIS year, my question is simply this: If not now, when?
-- E.R. Haas, CEO


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The only dumb question is the one that's important to you... and you didn't ask!

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Running Member Comments...

Until lately I was limiting myself thinking my dreams should be about more money . I have realized that my true dream was to mentor my children in a positive way. I am thrilled to say I have been living that dream.
That is one GREAT statement about mentoring your children and living your dream.

A very encouraging post,Samuel. The best to you in the days ahead.

I am currently working to recapture my dream, because I allowed other people to destroy what is on my heart to do (to help others in BIG ways). The funny thing about dreams is, that if they are what God has put into you, they will continue to present themselves to you until you do something about it!

These three colors (actually, all 10) for me are not where they need to be, and I am pushing to get them up to 8 or more! No more excuses!
I totally agree, I heard a great comment that says A good idea is something that might happen but a God idea is something that must happen, so you get a chance to respond to the Big idea in your heart. It will for sure get done by you???? or someone else. I get the sence your the one Love to hear more about helping others in Big ways. It's uasually not God untill it is in big ways at least bigger than Us. Dream Big!
No, I am not happy with the direction of my life right now. And the beauty of things is that I can redirect it!! Still pressing through day by day!!
Yes ! We'll be at the Omni hotel in the DFW area
Thursday morning, and you can hear my program
Take advantage quickly on the archives in the business section at blogtalkradio.com/companiesoffaith
If you open it with Windows media it will run continually til you decide what level you want
to participate.
Not really. I have not focused on what my dreams are or were. I have been focusing on the right now instead of making my dreams a reality. Not only my own dreams, but my children's dreams as well. If I can't obtain my own how can I assist them and show them how to obtain theirs.
No. I cannot even begin to reach my goals and dreams. It is difficult to even imagine my dreams and goals.
No I am Not. I am a young black single mother trying to be a better person in every way possible. I have just been looking for that extra push to keep going and go hard!!!
Hi Sheena, what you see with your heart today, youll see with your eyes tomorrow. You are a great person! You don't have to look outside - you just have to see what you can do and be open to receiving blessings/help from others...

Love, happiness, and success,
because she is part of the dream, and by supporting me she get a happier husband and a better life as well.
my mom and dad, the members of Universal Brightness-my buddhist group, my cousin Mia, my lover, my god son
My children because I love them and are their father.
My wife because I love her
My ministry because this is God's calling on my life
The first time in my life this is the order of my number one goal: Me, Myself & I for I MUST DO THIS for my survival.

I have been known to be a Visonary, it works wonderfully but for others in my life, not for myself. Now I will begin on setting myself as the one in charge of the necessay work, the one who indeed is worthy of having the life, the balance, the goals, attitude, the boundaries, the dreams, the focus all for and because of myself. Divorce is the beginning of a major step for me,setting a schedule of my life day to day, boundaries and goals are next, I intend for my life to evolve.
Thank you for your words Elizabeth. They express what I have been doing in my life, as I move into the work to manifest MY dreams. I also have done it for and with other people, and now it's for me. Peace and blessings as you move on your path.
I will help a brilliant young scholar in Africa attend the college of his dreams in America this fall. I see my investment in him far greater than any amount of money I might be able to send. He is a powerful and human resources with infinite potential!
No, I'm not living my dream. I'm not even sure I know what it is. Happiness is a braod description. What actually brings it? I've got some work to do!
Hi Margaret, happiness is a decision... the good thing about life is there are abundance of blessings available to us, and we get to choose whether or not to accept them.

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."

You're an awesome person. What's your passion? What's your vehicle towards your retirement?

June 9 2008

Many Spirits and Many Dreams

The dreams, last week I took action on my dream, this week I am having Faith that the dream is a Fact in my life. Myself, I desire only to be and do what God has for me in this life.

Everything is in Gods Hands; we all have to fight the spirit of discouragement within ourselves. The spirits that are around us have to be put away and this is the battle in all our minds.

Everyday is a new day and a new life in the spirit, so make the choice, and choose the Holy Spirit as your Guide.

Jack Jenkins June 9. 2008
My dreams are the most inspiring they have ever been and the only places where they are not the most inspiring dreams is because they are no longer dreams, they are now inspiring realities.
I am blessed to have accomplished so much. And am even more blessed to see more of my dreams coming true.
I have stopped dreaming and live mostly day to day where possible. Planning is for the immediate and upcoming. I have no defined purpose in life other that to be faithful to my wife & family, and provide for them the best I can. Those are my motivators.
Sad - what inspiration will my kids have?
"Sad - what inspiration will my kids have?" Well...

Just a quick response. It does sound like love for your family is a main motivator and you mentioned faithfulness.

In my book helping my children understand the power of love, faithfulness and everyday diligence in life is not a bad inspiration.

For what it's worth...

I have dreams that inspire me, and I have a very good chance to reach most of these dreams this year if I do the necessary actions.
I am usually upbeat and really have no needs. My husband says, "She doesn't have a need in the world, but she has plenty of wants." This is true. I believe when you stop dreaming, you stop living. I see this in some of the above comments. My husband and I are in our 70's and we plan to be dreaming and doing the rest of our lives. We have made plenty of mistakes, but we believe that if you've never made a mistake, you've never done anything! Sometimes it's hard for me to sit and visualize. My mind goes a mile a minute! I know that I need to take more quiet time to think and listen to the voice of God. He is the provider of all our dreams and He has provided many for us, but He never runs low on them.

Dean, by your faithfulness, you provide more inspiration than you realize. You can find a few minutes to get alone with yourself and start with just a few dreams. What the mind can conceive and believe, you will achieve--and receive. Dream and don't give up! So often the perfect home and white picket fence dream of our childhood doesn't happen as soon as we'd hoped and we stop dreaming.

I find myself sometimes thinking negative thoughts about people who do not understand that my mission is to help them. This doesn't help anyone's dream. I must focus on what needs fixing within me. I have a poster in my office that says, "Never give up on anybody. Miracles happen everyday!" I will believe and live that thought.
I am trying to be positive. I am getting disolution with RE. I am so tired of working with people and the banks are not co operating and causing the houses to go in forclosure. It makes me depress and its like I am not doing a good job.
Hi Rita,

I understand how you feel. I'm not only a part-time agent, but an adjunct professor of real estate and an RE coach. Yes, the market is not like it has been, but everything is always about change.

I promise you that there are agents who are making tons of money right now---they've just adjusted their sails and moved forward. I honestly believe that an agent's success is 90% attitude and faith. I've even written a book about this, and if you would like, I will happily send you an electronic copy of it for no charge. Just email me at tamara2@surewest.net.

ER is talking about attitude alot in this commentary, so hang on to his every word...he knows what's up!

Wishing you well!

I have no dreams, I'm like melba toast in luke warm milk. What a sincerely morbid thought. Yet I know the fire is still burnning within. I only need to locate the next coarse to turn up the fire within. I would like to work for non-profit and make a differreance helping .
Yes thank you very much for the privilege. Its really helping me out of my problem
My power to dream is in full-throttle. I notice the one thing that helps is looking at my vision board all day long. Also, writing in a journal daily, while sometimes cumbersome, is useful (thanks Maikel!).

I'm entering my most challenging season, however (kids out of school for the summer and that "summer vacation" state of mind) and instead of watching it be wasted away, I intend on taking full advantage this summer---something I have never done before.
My dreams truly inspirer my life right now. I feel like if it does not happen more quicker then I will miss the oppertunity. Then I think take it slow & there will be no mistakes.
No. Living on the edge of it. Too disorganized to function effectively. Too many loose ends not tied up. Too many projects started and not enough finished
I'm happy with the fact that I am moving forward toward my dreams and goals and I know that despite setbacks along the way that I will reach my end goals. It is a beautiful sunny day and I will have a break this afternoon to enjoy it. I am in good health and am moving forward.
Very Happy!

I find I am the happiest when I am busy and have a lot of tasks that I am working on. I might think about it in the moment and say "I have so much to do" "I'm a little overwhelmed" but honestly those are the times in my life when I am the happiest. When I think about the times where I was just sittng and watching TV or I would put things off for another day.. I was usually depressed! So keep busy out there!
No..I work too many hours for the amount of money I make. I love working with people, but it feels like I'm being drained. Just not enough income to pay my bills and I want to spend more time with my family
Yes, I am profoundly happy with the direction of my life right now. I think it's the first time in my "travels" I've been able to actually SEE the other shore. Yippee!
No, only because I do not have a plan. I feel lost. I have excelled to the top mant times in my life. Once I achive a goal I look for another. My gas tank is full with nowhere to go. I have no real dreams.
Hi Lea,
Have you read Success on Purpose? Getting your mission is the first thing to figure out, then you'll find yourself a lot more excited and motivated---at least that's what worked for me.
Best of luck!
Here are some of the capstones of my dreams:

Being invited to Address Keller Williams National "Family Union" event.

Having my real estate coaching program recognized in the NAR Magazine.

Hitting my 300th happy member on my coaching website!!!

Those three "Capstones" are what keep me going and on track. It's been a rough week with kids out of school, but I'm still making it a point to take care of business.
I have a big stake in my dream I am living my life on purpose and I have the flexibilty to attend, to do what I want to do and earn more than enough money to make that heppen.
Interesting question& Of course I have a big stake in my dreams and I used to think I was the only one to get me there. A couple years ago I realized something. The more you show genuine enthusiasm for something important to you the more other people get excited about it too. If you can share your goals and let other people feel a part of the process and the success they will be very willing to help you. All you have to do to receive their support is ask for help with any part of your plan that you know they would excel at. Once they agree make sure to get them together to create the plan in the very beginning. One thing to remember though...once you have their attention and they are on board it becomes up to you to keep up the enthusiasm within yourself and make sure to show them genuine appreciation for their efforts until the dream is reached. Otherwise those same people could lose interest or feel unappreciated. Don't be afraid to share your vision because doing so allows others to help share the action.
My husband will help because he is my partner to conquer my dreams
"2008 is almost half over. If you want to get it together THIS year, my question is simply this: If not now, when?"

Good question. I had set out to get an ebook written by September 1 and if I keep up at the pace I've done for the past week or two, it won't get done.

Thanks for the simple, plain, straight forward question.

I spend everyday thinking I am crossing 100 things off of my to do list, not pursuing higher goals. My day is so action packed that it feels impossible for me to do the detail work that is required to make plans. As a result I don't ever change and continue to be the same for years. I would like to figure out what time of day to force myself to finish this program so I can have a better life.
I have lost my power to dream, I wish that I could get it back, like I did when I was a child. I would sit and daydream what my life would be like.
I remember those days when life was like a tall cold glass of home made lemonaid.
I have goals that are guiding my path now towards my success.
"assist others while helping self" The Franklin and Edison Entrepreneurial Institute
I want to do every work on time but can't. everytime avoiding doing work and then later face problems. What should I do?
Hi Amit, procrastination happens when you do unimportant things during your free time.

You know why you are not getting your work done on time... now, discover why you're avoidng work... do you have unfinished businesses/tasks? Do you have regrets? Forgive yourself/others and empower yourself to do something about the tasks at hand.

You have the choice...
I have inspiring dreams. I have accomplished 2 of my goals this year, and should accomplish 5 more this year. Think TQ is a tremendous help!!
I did lose sight of my dream for quite some time in the last year. It's easy, especially as an athlete to let the impressions of everyone else affect what you're doing. My mom is still one of those people. She's afraid her "baby" will fail.

It is a bit difficult, because growing up, I did not have it very hard. The only things I really felt I earned were through sports. Everything else just comes amazingly easy for me. In the last 3 days I have been inspired again to achieve my athletic dreams.
I have not lost the power to dream. I think I dream a little too much at time. I am working on my dreams and my Master List. Without both, a person is little more than a toy boat with a broken rudder going endlessly in a circle.
Yes, I'm working on new job offers with Tim Hmelar and Larry Jacobs. I'm working on moving. I'm in love with a man who lives in a town I have aways wanted to live in.
I am happy that I know I have the tools to get to where I wanna go; however, I still have bad habits that get in the way... so right now, I am not as happy as I can be - sometimes, with all the conflicts going on, I am confused and a mess.

The direction of my life is towards personal growth, but still not organized... just getting there. I just need to remind myself to take one step at a time and get rid of junk to free up my life.
Today, right now, I am happy with my life. I am happy that I have faith and confidence that my Lord and God will not let me fall. I am happy that everything is just as it should be and I lack for nothing.
I am happier with the direction in my life right now but I am n ot truly happy - yet. Still weeding out the toxic people and getting the wind back in my sails.

I'll be fine.
My parents retirement, family taken care of, and beginning a franchise of my own. Seeing all of my friends ejoying my success.
It's big, it's green, it's inviting.
We have a large house, all of us have space and we therefore are living comfortably.
I am able to give Vinayak excellent education and make him see the world.
I am earning so much money that the above 2 points become easy to manage. right now this is the bggest challenge.
Well... Yes and No. Yes, I am very happy that I received an email from Bill Bartmann about the TQ program. I am not pleased with the results I have gotten from my time here from living my life thus far. However, right now I feel I am on the right road to make massive life changes for the better. Honestly, I have been thinking about how to change for quite sometime as the past 2 years have been financially taxing and emotionally draining. I am pleased that my thought focus has attracted to me this fine solution through Bill Bartmann.
No, I am not happy with the direction of my life right now. I am letting the " money issues" direction my life. Yes, I am tip toeing into the direction but not full force like I should. Especially since I do not have a income coming in.
I have a big stake in my dream and so does my family.
I have the biggest stake in my dreams. I am the one who has to make them happen.
There are multiple effects for most causes; you can use more than one.
Yes, I have scheduled each of my goals. And I fully intend to achieve each one on or before the time line I've set. And so it is!

Clara Davis
Spiritual Life Coach
Meditation Specialist
Marketing Consultant
No. My dreams are my dreams not someone else's. I'm my own army - and I am comfortable with that.
I am human; I must let the fact that I can't do everything, stop me from doing what I can do.
The person with a big stake in my dream, is my son. Teaching him how important it is for him to stay completely focused on education, the importance of choosing the right associates,teaching him that not all people are friend material, and that true friends are very rare. Teaching him the importance of becoming confident in himself, which builds the strength needed to never be influenced by negative people and forces. By helping him understand these important facts of life, I will be able to focus and accomplish to goals and plans that are the key to changing our life situation. And at the age of 10, he understands.
I will inspire my army by leading by example. I am committed to following through. I am committed to my own success. In committing to my own success I can inspire others to do the same.
I will inspire my army by giving them a stake in the results!
Well I just got hired to go and play my funky, boogie woogie,blues harmonica at a NASCAR event , solo, for 100,000 screaming fans, in North Carolina,they paid for the plane flight, and the hotel, this is the second show that I have done for this organization called FAST TRACK TO FAME. wow what a thrill... The first show was in Las Vegas at the Las Vegas Speedway, another NASCAR event, so as you see, I have not backed down from my dream goal, of being noted as the best blues harmonica player that the world has ever seen, and making millions of dollars at it, and giving myself the world stage to present positive thinking concepts that will help change the world for a better place. So now I am living another very out of sight dream, that I have a beautiful personal assistant, who is 32, who loves my music, and my success system, I am 55, an independent CPA, and now I have the goal of marrying this awesom 32 year old lady, I must admit it, that she is a dream come true, and has made my life such a sweet exciting thrilling adventure....so that is another dream, that I am living focusing and getting myself totally excited about that.....I am also transferring my MO cpa license to California, which means I have to take 48 hours of CPA in a six month period, which is challenging as hell for me because I am a diabetic on top of everything, and I am an amplyopic strabismic, which means I see double floating vission about 90% of the time...but betweem my bad vision and my diabetis, I have learned a long time ago, that EXTREME POSITIVE THINKING MULTIPLYS MY NATURAL ABILITIES...and so I keep going using my extreme positive thoughts to make me high as a kite. Other miracles I made happen, is that I was accepted to the Washington Univerisity School of Dental Medacine without a college degree, and then I passed the CPA, certified public accounting test, without a degree in accounting...Yes all sorts of things become possible with extreme positive thinking
Because my POWER is growing, my IMAGINATION grows even faster.

Because my IMAGINATION grows, my DREAMS are more vivid and expansive.

Because my DREAMS grow in richness and detail, my LIFE is guided by the full Expectation of ACHIEVEMENT.

Because my ACHIEVEMENTS grow, I feel alive.

So yes, INSPIRING DREAMS are guiding my life!

I have a dream to open my own office. I have the location, the date is set and I'm working on the people now to get us there. I need 6 licensed people to open my office and I'm working on getting the training going to help these people transition and get licensed. I am having a challenge in breaking down my dream to daily disciplines and what I need to do on a daily basis to get us there. I am also having a challenge with my thoughts. Thoughts of whether or not I can really do this. I question them all the time and know that I am capable and can do it. I have a great team behind me and I know that when I put my mind to it, I can accomplish it no matter what. I have done it in the past and I know I can do it here again. The difference now is that I have people counting on me to help them. To mentor and train them to be successful. And that's what scares me the most.
I have many dreams. Trying to make them work together and intermingle is the tough part. I can do a better job of sharing my dreams with others and my family to help all those dreams come true.
No I have not lost my power to dream.
Yes, I am thrilled with the direction of my life right now.

The road is long and winding with lots of ups and downs.

Lots of potholes and washouts.

But, knowing where the road leads, I am excited each morning and look forward to the bumps and grind!

I am satisfied that I am working towards the goals that I have for my life, most of them at least. I am still unhappy with my job and I am working towards getting out to work on my own. My husband is encouraging me to apply for another job but I am keeping in mind that it was through his encouragement that I am in the present one that I have been unhappy with for the past 8 years. I am really looking at the fact that he doesn't understand my unhappiness with working for others and that I am so much more effective and driven when I am able to do what I want and how I want it. For so many years he made me believe that I wasn't disciplined enough to work on my own yet my cake decorating business was set up, uniforms, display banners, receipt books and income was growing by leaps and bounds. I only realised that when l started working at the bank. Eight years later, I know that I have what it takes to be an outstanding entreprenuer and that I have denied myself for too long. I applied to the bank hoping that they wouldn't call, they did and I have moved up to management quickly, jmagine that, in a place I hated. I know I could better serve myself in my own company and I will not begrudge what I have learnt here but in my spirit I know that now is the time for me to move on. I feel a sense of urgency not to spend years here again, gaining knowledge and insight into banking for which I only feel indifference. My babies are still very young and I can pace myself as the business and their needs become more demanding. So yes, i am happy with the direction of my life right now. I have matured enough to know that for most of your life you are in the "journey" phase, working on your goals day in day out then one day you make your goal, you enjoy it and then you start again in the "journey"phase towards the next goal.
Great points!

Follow through with your dream, even if only putting together plans and ideas.

Do not believe the limits others place on you... even the limits you place on yourself are just artificial barriers. They are not real until you test them... push up against them.

I highly recommend you do the work in Success On Purpose, especially connecting your Values to your Visions and see what empowering Role you need to create to reach your dreams.

Build the ladder.

Put it up against the right wall.

Climb as high as you can!

Pretty much I am happy with my direction because I am basically an optimist, most of the time. I think good things are always ahead. Looking forward to increasing my TQ!
On my 75th birthday, I plan on giving my alma mater $100 million to fund the Chair of the Future.

To survive as a planet, we simply must learn how to control the future, 5-10-50 years out.

This is not the same as controlling everything... controlling what man can is the issue.

We do not need more government... political studies... even entrepreneurial initiatives...

We need more "Futurists" who have a highly developed sense of prescience...

With the power of technology and training, we can create a "crystal ball" with the powers of the all seeing eye!

To do anything that I want to do is good, if I have strong believe on what I wanted to do bring good to others.
Because they LOVE me. Oh! my husband and my childern have the largest stakes in my dreams. Why, because it is proven that the better mommy is the better the entire home is. "If momma aint happy, aint nobody happy!" Truth is, I am the center of my home and I know that when I am unhappy with myself and the state of my life it translates directly with how I deal with my babies, husband and home. No matter what my career goals are, or how much I achieve at work, nothing matters if my home is in a mess. Recently I am getting a better understanding of how I affect everybody. I have been unhappy with myself for SOOOO long BUT I must admit TQ is really helping me walk down that tunnel towards the light that I always saw but stood staring at wondering if its just a dream that one day I will get there. Anyway, how will they help me? Without their knowing it, seeing their progress at school, our togetherness as a family and our healthy active lifestyles will all help me to keep living my dreams because they were my dreams. I dreamt of my marriage, my babies and my home (almost there on the home). My dream for them is now to provide the best home I can, the best example of a wife and mother to them. Being that means I must be the best to me and work on all my goals, so that I can be happy cause "if momma's not happy aint nobody happy". Today is a good day!
Certainly Kent, Mike, Jan and the entire Team TQ has a substantial stake in making sure MY dreams come true!

Why will they help?

Simply, it is the right thing for them to do.

I think I am at the true beginning of my dream. I am living in China for a year. I am writing a book of poetry. I am constantly challenged in a good way to face who I am and how I am managing my life. I am on my own and there is no one to blame but myself if I screw up. I love China! I have many opportunities here and I am settled enough now to focus better on my work.
Jan has the biggest stake in my dream.

I will help her grow and become the woman she has always known she can be... yet seems to hold back a little.

Encouragement and mutual planning will help her help me!

My dream IS so big only an ARMY of people can make it happen!

To change the lives of billions of people, we have to first help millions of people achieve greater success by getting them to the Starting Point for enduring success.

Team TQ includes our 9,000 plus Affiliates, hundreds of thousands of happy customers and our core team of web wizards!

Because of our technology, we make it easier for people to achieve the success they desire through a systematic, measurable process of producing greater results.

We will stay on this leading edge of technology until we achieve our goal of 100 million people actually living a life they love!

We will then amp up further from there!!!

I am a single man, but I have a Dream Team of people who are around me and encourage me... A very close male friend, a very close female friend, my brother, my sister, and a group of guys that I work closely with, who have a way of getting in my face!
BYU, TK, DP, DG, Eric Haas,
My wife & daughters, God, parents, life coach, clients, Apple, and all the cells in my body.
BYU, Tony, DP, DG, DJL, JNB, GT, EY, MK,
To inspire our people we will keep the mission forefront in their imaginations.

From imagination to clarity of purpose, we will hold the banner high and make sure our focus is unwavering.

From victory after inspiring victory, we will change the world!.

How inspiring is THAT!

By first inspiring myself! Then I will need an articulated plan of action that I can commit to and acheive. That would need to be followed by more action. The implementation of somehow chosing the right people,incorporating them into my dream and enabling them to become a significant part of acheiving it with me.
By not hesitating, act now, it is easy when you have defined your mission and values and roles, TQ has made it so simple for us, why do we keep making it so hard on ourselves, act now, do it now!Stop letting fear hold us back! Lets not be afraid of success but rather embrace it! Thanks, team TQ
I really am not fear-driven at all.

I have a very high risk-tollerance and act on opportunity, not hide from exposure.

If anything I live by the old quote, "we have nothing to fear but fear itself!"

A colleague of mine recently passed and it goes to show you never know when it could happen to you or a loved on. It really sucks not having him around, we used to laugh dryly together, but alas no more.
In lieu, of this I've reflected, that I am on my path to recovery and success. I am back to painting, though my poetry has taken a back seat until his death, which prompted a heart felt observance of his life and what he did. He reminded me, that I do my poetry, it is a part of my art, though I'd rather get paid for it. I've been afraid to get published because I was afraid of fear itself.

I realize now, that if I don't do what I need to now, when will I do it? This truly is the case. For all I know I'm sitting on a gold mine. Thank you for the heart felt lesson Jimi and TQ. It's a kick in my butt to do what needs to be done.
I Know that I dream the problem is that I don't remember any of them. The few that i ever remember are usually memorable
This is my story. I believe in TQ System and it was working until the manager bestfriend's unemployment was about to run out and she was scard. The manager tried to get rid of me in Dec. It didn't work but there was faithful January and that when I was set up to loose my job after fifteen years and five months. So now who has my forty hours a week- the best friend- and who is about to loose her home-Me?
Yes, I was positive still - thinking of installing new windows in my home before the winter. I was postive until my father slammed the door in my face when I mentioned my house note was behind. All that time no from my family never told me in order to recieve my unemployment benifits I had to appeal. Oh well.... I will loose again.
Heading to Cebu. To lose weight, scuba and have amazing mangoes ;)
I will inspire my army by working beside them and not doing it alone.
My dream has been to help small and growing businesses position their businesses in Africa. It has taken me 3 years , but I finally quit my job at a private equity firm and embarked on my dream. Its only been a few months and I've already helped 4 companies on their business positioning strategy. The impact is exiting and very satisfying. Thanks TQ Esther
Everything was based on experience and science .We never cooked anything .I had a great desire to study the world since my childhood days .We know better about Asia than FBI .
I went to Asia Pacific region in early 2001 .Once a US Spy plane entered in China during that period .Although the plane was released but China and its associate countries increased the monitoring in the region .They thought I was a US recruit working on behalf of US in Asia pacific region .So the fight started .
In those days Taliban became turbulent and they were breaking Bamian statue in Afganistan .We were alert in Asia Pacific .I was stunned by the activities of Asia Pacific region in those days .I started fighting to take gaurd of the situation .
But I was removed from Singapore by Aug 2001 and the entire control that I established got wiped out after that .I think the attack plan on US was finalized and I got removed from Asia Pacific after that .
I tried my best from Asia Pacific .
Its not the question of any help for me .I mean mutual cooperation between India and US .We can help each other to overcome any difficult situation .
In 2001 we fought a lot but due to lack of non cooperation from every front we failed .Net impact was on US .
May be I won't go overseas but Indian Boys can do marvel .Just they need US and European cooperation .

US Soldiers,Indian Army,CIA,FBI and guys with lots of Guts in US and India are my army .
to achieve our target
to achieve our target
to achieve our target
to achieve our target
to achieve our target
the next several tides' going to be really calm, smooth and peaceful. and the good news
is the land is soon become visible and reacheable! R.
Yes, learning power IS earning power. If you stop learning, your $$$ abruptly comes to an end.
I have never quit at anything -- ever.

Have been forced to quit, but not by my own volition.

Persistence and tenacity is my most important trait!
Yes, I have truly inspiring, virtually impossible dreams driving my life right now!

I just love making the impossible, possible!
Yes, very happy with the direction of my life.

Picking up speed, and moving in the exact right direction.

Circumstances are very difficult and the market is hyper-competitive, but I was born to do what I am doing!

What does the capstone of your dreams look like?

What a great question!

Used to be a 25,000 square foot mansion with 100 acres, 12 car garage filled to the brim, and the entire fam within a stone's throw.

My dream is total freedom, with no reserves.

500 million people improving their TQ each day would be close to the capstone of the dream.

WOW -- that is truly inspiring!
Who has a big stake in YOUR dream?

Kent, Mike, Jan, Greg, and the list is almost endless.

They are utilizing their skills to make it easier for the world to realize its full potential.
For far too long, I have put the wants and needs of others above my own. I have also let the naysayers have far too much "voice," and almost forgot my dreams. They (my dreams) are back, with a clarity I''ve never experienced before. I have a lot of learning to do, but my mission is to become a nationally renowned Master Gardener, with garden communities in every state where people can come and learn how to use aquaculture, hydroponics, and permaculture that will work for them in their gardening zones. To LIFE!

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