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A Challenge To Your Commitment.

"If we do not rise to the challenge of our unique capacity to shape our lives, to seek the kinds of growth that we find individually fulfilling, then we can have no security: We will live in a world of sham, in which our selves are determined by the will of others, in which we will be constantly buffeted and increasingly isolated by the changes round us."~ Nena O'Neil
For the past 2 weeks, we have focused on getting this week off to a positive start... to help you make it your best year ever.

No question, we have covered a lot of ground!

In fact, for people who would like to access back TQ Articles and Commentaries, they are available online. There is a treasure-trove of great ideas for action, inspiration and motivation available to you—all at the click of a button.

This week, we are going to focus on the inevitable challenges to your dreams and goals... challenges that will not only test your resolution, but cause you to pause and question your commitment to your Resolutions!

On December 26, I wrote about putting Resolution into your Resolutions: The Volition, Resolve, Commitment, Determination and Will Power to Succeed. If you are starting to lose your motivation for change, you might want to quickly review this Commentary sometime this week too.

TQ Is your Commitment up to the Challenge?

Personally, I believe the next 15 days are the most critical of the year. Towards the end of last year, we promised ourselves that things are going to be different... NEXT year. Then, next year comes, and we resolve to make the changes necessary to achieve our dreams and goals.

Then, POOF! We get tired... we get distracted... we get a few early set-backs... we get discouraged... and we give up... without ever really getting started.

TQ The result? Goals on hold until NEXT year. Again!

It's high time to break this cycle! Please take a moment to once again write down what you want to see happen THIS year.

Your Most Important Goals...

Personal _________________________________________
Family _________________________________________
Financial _________________________________________
Community _________________________________________
Career _________________________________________

What's Your Level of Commitment?

All this week we will focus on the importance of TQ Set Goals Factor 4F: "I am absolutely committed to hitting each of my targets." This single Factor of Success is what makes it possible to achieve ANY goal you set.

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Now, Review These Ideas For Action...

The following Ideas for Action represent some of the best thinking on the planet regarding this subject.

They're designed to inspire and motivate you to actually do this factor a great deal more frequently.

Spend some time reading each one. Make sure you understand them. Visualize yourself doing them.

Keep in mind, however, that these ideas will remain ideas until you put them into action.

TQ How Committed Are You?

The degree to which you are committed to a goal indicates the likelihood of your achieving it. Commitment -- sheer passion and will -- can help you overcome any deficiency in time, money or education.

The secret to success is simple. Never quit. Correct and improve always, but never quit.

TQ How Much Fuel Is In Your Tank?

When you become genuinely committed to a goal, you automatically become more enthusiastic and motivated to achieve it.

Your goals must capture your passion and set you on fire, or they're not worth a place on your agenda.

TQ Are You There Yet?

Staying focused on your long-term goals requires dedication and vision. Pace yourself. When you commit to the long haul, you can get anywhere you want to go.

Commit your week to long-term goals as if they were sacred missions -- because they are!

TQ What "Will Be" Will Be?

Goals are "Absolute Will Be's" when you take them seriously and hold yourself accountable for each and every one.

Declare your life the way you want it to be. Commit to it, and it will be!

TQ Is It Yours To Reason Why?

Write out why you're committed to accomplishing each of your goals. The "why" is as important as the "what." It is the reservoir that you can draw from to do whatever's necessary.

You might as well forget the "what" if you ever lose sight of the "why".

TQ Whose Finish Line Are You Attempting To Cross?

Make sure that the goal you're focusing on is your own -- and not just someone else's. You have to "own" the goal even if it's not your own. If you can't wholeheartedly "buy in" to a goal... wholeheartedly back it with heart and soul... back off!

It's hard to be 100% committed when your heart ain't in it. (And without full commitment, you're just wasting precious time... chasing after things that simply don't matter.)
* * *

Finally, Answer These Integrating Questions...

Understanding how this Factor drives your performance is key to improving it. Sometimes a small shift in perspective gives you a huge shift in power.

Print this page, take out your pen and invest a few moments to answer the following questions.

Do it now.

Each one is designed to shift your perspective, change your point of view, and to invite specific action.

"Point of view is worth 20 IQ points."
~ E. R. Haas

TQ Power Up Questions:

  1. Is your whole heart in what you're doing right now?
  2. What "Absolutely Will Be" by the end of this week?
  3. What "Absolutely Will Be" by the end of this day?
  4. Which goals have you committed to as "Absolute Will Be's" for this month?
  5. For which of your goals have you vowed that nothing will stop you?
  6. Which of your goals needs to be re-energized? Which needs to be released?

TQ Insight Questions:

  1. Do you question the worth of any of your goals?
  2. Which goal requires more personal persistence right now?
  3. Have you determined what your goal is going to cost you?
  4. Have you made the commitment yet, to do whatever is necessary and ethical to attain your goal?
  5. What can you change in tomorrow's schedule to show commitment to one of your goals?

TQ Perspective Questions:

  1. Do you always remember the "why" underlying your activities?
  2. Do you have the passion and commitment necessary to carry you forward, regardless of anything that may intervene?


If you have any questions you would like us to answer personally, just send us an email! Click Here Answers@ThinkTQ.com...

The only dumb question is the one that's important to you... and you didn't ask!

* * *

Click Here to Post Your Comments...


Running Member Comments...

My commitment to my goals -- all of them -- is unconditional and absolute.

I have them written in stone onto my 15 Year Time Horizon. I am in fact willing to trade the ONLY life I have to live in pursuit of these goals.

So, yes, on a scale of 1-10, my commitment is a solid 10.
Excellent! Be sure to leave room for little tweeks of inspiration. Its helpful to always have a pad of paper available for those "Ahas" during the day.
Thank you, thank you. This commentary is a HUGE blessing, thank you for being frank and TRUTHFUL!
My #1 goal for 2007 - I have committed to this completely. My family and boyfriend are against me, but I believe in my goal, and I believe that I will achieve my goal!

I am reviewing my other goals, and I have completely committed to 3/4 of them. There are a few goals that I must rethink and rewrite before I can become committed to them, because they are not "colorful" enough! It shall come to pass, because I am releasing my faith right now!

Do not give up - hold on to your commitments until they become real!!!
It has been two weeks since I started with the TQ program and the truth is today is the first day I actually took the time to answer the questions provided instead of just reading on. I wil go back to each days lesson and complete them slowly and carefully with thought. Thank you QT my life is changin already;I took action.
Be the first in financial accouynting.Go to sweeden in october for studies.
To be the best Caseworker that I can be and try to get more referral for help for my customers.
1. To succed in finishing my career education.
2. To pay my mortgage.
The audio recording enhanced the article greatly. Keep adding them.
To become fully independent as fulltime investors in real estate
My single most important goal for 2007 is to increase my TQ score to above 80 - that is achievable over the twelve months and will provide the power to achieve all other goals.

As you say, I am challenged daily, doggedly Fear, Intimidation and Doubt can Overpower me, but I can use Courage, Assertivenes and Trust to Succeed. So out with FIDO and in with CATS.
To be healthy,lean and fit,
Obtain Financial Freedom and a strong investment portfolio.
To graduate with MBA degree (finish what I have just started)
Reading this reminds me and impresses upon me the fuel that fires the fuel to action and achievement, and that's gratitude.

It is easy to want and to want more, to need and need more. That is a foundation that can become a vacuum upon which we attempt to build; but it is a vacuum, not a foundation of substance.

What do we have in our lives and what are we grateful for - the great, the good, the not so good and the really tough challenges? All of it, each of these can teach us, inspire us, motivate us, bless us and in every possible way to make us brighter, stronger, more capable, more inspiring, more productive, more successful and more joyful.

Gratitude is the fuel that "ignites" the fires of our desires, that locks in our commitments, and moves our hearts and minds from hopeless and doubt to "Yes, I can; yes, I will; yes I am; yes, I have and how grateful I am (once again!) for everything!"
I needed you to make this statement this morning. I am grateful for you and the Power of TQ and hope to inspired another the way you have inspired me.
Finishing my doctoral thesis.


Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me!
attendance of 1000 members every sunday in the church I pastor.
i'm a little afraid of falling on my face.
Yes, I'm up to the challenge and I love myself enough to make a change.
My single most important goal for 2007 is to stay focused daily on our (Steve and mine) individual goals to attain the things we truly want in our lives.
My goals:
1/. Stay healthy, happy, positive thinking
as I'm.
2/. Make more money
3/. Hire people to work
4/. Expand my business
5/. Have own Skin Care space
6/. Be more financial free
7/. Work less, have also time to enjoy life.
Have you ever gone on one of those adventure rides at a theme park, such as at Disneyland, MGM, etc.?

As you stood in line did you ever see someone telling the ticket taker, Now, before I get on this ride I have to know how long the ride is, how many ups and downs, how many times I'll be scared, how many times I'll be surprised and laugh, and how many times I'll get wet?

Ever see that? Not so much. What kind of an adventure, fun ride would it be if we knew everything before?

Too many of us think that before we take on a challenge we have to know pretty much everything before we commit.

Not really. We need to know a few things, but not everything. What's this about? Where is it going? What's the knowable cost? What's the point?

With that we decide to get in line or not. We get to the front of the line and commit to the ride by stepping into the car, strapping in  and then we hang on.

Part of the challenge/adventure is knowing and part of the challenge/adventure is not knowing. To take on the challenge/adventure there are two things then: one, what we know and we believe we can handle, and two, what we don't know and we believe we can handle. Whether we fully know and understand the challenges ahead or not we must have a belief in ourselves that we can figure it out and get it done. If we fall on our face, our belief is we'll figure out how to get back up and get it done. That's it.

You see, taking on a challenge is a willing suspension of our need to know it all before we act. It is a belief and courage to take a step into the dark with a firm determination we will bring our own light. Any of us who accepts challenges are not necessarily smarter or more capable than the rest. We are just more willing to hold off our fear and our discomfort long enough to achieve the next step and then move on to the next step. It is a step at a time process, not all at once.

The key is to understand if we can do this in one area of our lives, we can probably do it in others

Those that get it this do, those that don't won't.
I know I have acheived my goals by 12/31/07 or earlier.
It is an inspiration to know people are putting their dreams out into the universe.
Thank you for sharing.
You will all succeed!!!!
I enjoy the insights.
I would like to discuss the issues and others if your are interested.
I am absolutely up the the challenge.
TQ is actually a blessing. It is bringing clarity and understanding to my thinking rather than abstract dreams.
I'm not quite sure yet how to fully untilize the daily lessons and the website. I'm hoping when I receive the full program things will get even clearer.
What will I do to make this the best January ever?

I will FINISH 2 major projects I have promised to others... and PROMISE not to promise one moe thing until they are at 100%.

Getting my important projects to some form of completion will not only make this January my best ever, but set the stage for a wildly productive February!!!
I am going to start setting goals. Getting excited and writing them down. In fact, I have started already. I have a heading at the top of my page.
Put a plan in place to payoff comsumer debt by April, 1, 2007. 1st Debt Free installment has been made today with 3 more to go. Paid off my Master Card this month. Preparing the way to fund a Emergency Fund of $1000.00 on target to be comleted by 2/16/07 and 85% will be funded this month. 2007 is preparation and positioning my finances and credit score to be able to start investing in R/E and other asset producing income by 2nd quarter 2007 and into 2008.
I will increase my committment by continuing to increase my energy (showing committment), and doing that is really important (prioritising). Now I can clearly see myself tackling some of the smaller goals, and that makes my overall vision a little clearer. Step by step, inch by inch I will get better and better.
Daily focus on an area needs adjusting. Using small projects as stepping stones to the larger goal.
Yes, I am ready, willing and able to do the work necessary to achieve my goal
Challenge is about making this world a better place to live. For doing so we have to discharge our responisbilities properly.
We have to target for each day so we can move closer to our target. We may have different target for professional field, personal field, family and career.
Remain objective about failures, learn from them and select one goal that sets the pace for success.
the most important goal to me is to be financially free
So many people start to hit the wall about this time each year.

They get side-tracked, distracted and permit a loss of focus on what's truly important -- already.

Fear takes hold.

I find this sad, since the issue is not only about giving up on your dreams, but being paralyzed for the rest of your life.

If this is your life I am talking about, pay very close attention to this week's commentary.

I have already DOUBLED my goals for the year -- in size and quality.

In a way, big goals are easier to achieve since they provide the inner-motivation necessary to keep you going.

If you are getting discouraged and depressed over your perceived lack of resources, complete every question above, and truly think about what it will take for you to commit -- truly commit to your dreams and goals.

God bless

Today is the first day of the rest of my life - what do I plan to do with it? PLENTY!

I am currently working to build my Million Dollar Body business (www.blessingoffitness.com) by changing my own health for the better, and coaching others to change through fitness, nutrition, motivation, and fun! After work today, I will be studying new ways to market myself so that the business can grow. I will apply at least one thing I have learned to my business.

Longer term, I am pursuing my aggressive plan to get out of debt this year - it really will take work, but I am committed to achieving it! I am clearing out the clutter in my house on a daily basis. I am gathering my tax information so I can get my taxes completed earlier this year. I will get my relationship issues resolved, no matter what it takes.

2008 WILL be better than 2007!
If ever there was a time for change, it would be now! If ever there was a need for growth and development of people with integrity and character it would be now. If ever there were a need for hope, vision, and a resolve to influence our world, it would be today.

I am committed to find my place in this world as a person that influences others by strongly influencing the outcome of my own life. I don't seek perfection. I seek a path of growth and consistency so that the trajectory of my life is fitting to bring glory to the one that created me.
Every time I get caught up in despair, I pull right back here.
My goals this year are

1. Financial Independence
2. A Home for my two children
3. Career Advancement.
4. Health, Strength & Wisdom.... I couldn't ask for more.
I just finished one set of classes and am in full swing with the next set and they just started - I made an A in one class, a B in the other, and I'm looking forward to the set of classes I'm now in.

As far as remodeling my house, I've had so many doubts about what is left to do, that it has become one of those "Lord, help me" jobs. I have to keep reminding myself that I've got half of it finished, and that I do have offers of help now, where before, I didn't.

My weight has hit a plateau, so I need to up the exercising.

Job - I've got a lead I have to follow up on. It isn't exactly what I want, but it will do for now. I've got to earn an income.
Hi Denise!

Concerning the exercise, check out my website (www.blessingoffitness.com). I would love to help you reach your fitness goal!!

My life seems to be moving in a direction that doesn't allow me to do much except change. My goal for this year is to eliminate or at least control negative thinking. I have been really surprised at how much I have. I had always thought I was a pretty optimistic person but, since paying attention, I need to get more control.
In the infant stages of creating my new business I am constantly fending off the nerves but I truly appreciate all the support I'm finding. I feel that I can do this! As I proceed I will be setting clearer goals and growing. Thanks TQ!
I was reading the comments on Mondays ThinkTQ and taking notes. I had jotted down: write goals into my 15 year time limit and GRATITUDE. I immediately recognized that I was reading Maikels words. It set me to thinking. I have gone through childhood into adolescence successfully, through marriage five children and divorce and make it on my own. I started the university and finished, I got my Masters with honors. I had a wonderful career and retired. My second marriage has succeeded. We built and paid for our large comfortable home. My teaching career was great rewarding. Just why am I having such a difficult time with old age?

Your GRATITUDE was a wake up call. I have had success with major paradigm shifts in the past and I can do it again and again if necessary. God has been there for me in the past. With Gods help and Think TK I will do it again.
I am more committed to my goals than I have ever been. The reason I can make that statement is that it finally dawned on me that I could not be an autonomous Army of One. Life just doesn't work like that despite what you see in the movies and all the spin you see.

I look now for partnership opportunities in every situation. I'm learning to leave my old Lone Wolf habits behind.
My Number on career goal for 2010 is to be Masterful at my Music Career in action about my consistency in vocal, flute and guitar practice raising bar every month in tone quality and metronome speed while practicing technical exercises and musical scripts. This will anchor my believability and readiness as I enroll in May 2010 for a Bachelors degree in songwriting and performance.
Well, as I was saying...'How did they know?' that food preparation is a challenge in our home? I am attempting to juggle more things than ever in my life, and diet is one of them.

To respond to yesterday's goal setting questions...financial - record income & expenditures. Career -investigate qualifyng myself teaching French as a second language; Family - my daughter - continue to be supportive and attentive to her needs. Community - through my work at this time. Off to work I go...
My financial goals exceeded my expectations the first year in RE so why not now? Surely, the circumstances have changed but so have my action steps, both for the worse. I continue to work on my action steps and WILL put them into affect on Saturday, January 16, 2010.
to manage our ranch for sustainability, and produce a 30% return on our investment before 12-1-2010
The creation of wealth. Build and organization by helping other people to get what they want in life.
Balancing having a $100,000 year with enjoying my family and all the gifts life has given me!
Paying off at least three of my existing credits cards going from 100,000. credit card debt to $ 70,000.00 by June 2010
To get out of debt!!!!!
I will establish my massage business as a viable entity which will sustain myself & my family, I will break away from the energy, life, time sucking machine where I currently work and be successful. THIS IS THE YEAR!!!
I will read TQ materials every day!
I think that what stops me from setting goals, let alone achieving them is fear. Fear of failure. Fear of criticism. Fear of letting go old habits to create new ones. Fear that my health or my daughter's health will take a turn for the worst. There. I have said it.

I am banking on my commitment to becoming commited and setting genuine, realistic, doable goals to which I become committed.
How to eat an elephant? One bite at a time.
First, I will take care of my health issues. Without good health it is far more difficult to reach my goals. Then I shall "get on board" with the goals I have made.
Create systems to maximize my energy in the roles that bring rewards to my music online course and balances my work schedule.

Be honest on my No 1 priorities.
I will place my goals in a place(s) where it is ever present to remind me of the positive committments I have made to myself.
I will increase my commitment to my goals by writing them down clearly and reading them regularly to remind myself that that is what I am aiming for. Reading them regularly to inspire creativity in my quest to fulfill my mission.
1-) Estarei mais atento ao que digo a mim mesmo, ajustando minha perspectiva do mundo...
2-) Se vejo bem, ajo melhor.
I want to Quit smoking
At this point for me, it is do or die. And there is some comfort in knowing that I have no other alternative *but* to commit and get on board completely.
I am commited and have always been but just frustrated as to how to get it done. i know now that i have the tools to do it with the resources available here and i am so excited to see what the end of this year will look like once i make the best use of all that i am learning here. Thanks ER and TQ team.
my one personal goal that i am 110% commited to achieving, started at about 2am today, & furthed it by 7am when i got up.something very simple or it may seem that way, i swaped sides of the bed, cos we both like the same side & i am willing to change, & he is not even here yet, & dose not realise that i even sleep on the same side as him.
I want to stop smoking forever.This is eleventh day.It has been quite easy now.I have tried to do it maybe 20 times in my lifetime.Everything smells so good and tastes too...:-)
my career goal is to get well again after accident, return to my job, with full health, Compleat my further study from last year with top marks, learn how to make money on the trading market seminar on feb 04-2011 & find out how to make good investments, for my future, & continue to make realistic goals.
Solidify $200K per month from largest customer.
become a sought after, credible expert in my field. I will read TQ everyday
To be Loved for a life time for who i am by the person i love, which will give me a perpose to fly & be finacialy free & live the life i only dream of
My health and vitality. Health weight, good food combinations. Take care my body and mind first then everything else I want to achives are natually follow.
Cleaning and organizing my home.
Financial Freedom
One of my single most important goal is to stay focus on my game plan.
YES, I am fully engaged!
At this point I am not 100% sure. I know that I have carried over some goals from last year. I know that until I accomplish them. There is no need of me making any others. Everything for my future goal setting will not work until I accomplish them first. So, I know the only additional goal is the foundation of all my major and even minor problems----FEAR. Until I conquer my fears nothing else matters.
What is one step you can take today to reach your goals? What is one step you can take after the first one? Break it down, and fear won't have a chance.
I am glad I accomplished a goal I set last month, that is to win another engagement and I did! My client signed conforme to my first strategic project in Asia Pacific where I will pay 2 senior professionals :-) First time I can afford to synergize and make my partners happy as well:-) That makes my month my best ever!
I will put myself and my needs first

Right now, I am totally frustrated! I have had one interruption after the other this week, the reciprocal offer of help never showed up, and I totally wasted an ENTIRE day on the person I offered to help yesterday due to too many interruptions from her children and sick life partner.

I am nowhere near my goal for getting my business website up and running by tomorrow without doing at least an 18 hour stint of working, but I WILL have it up by Monday.

Also, how do you overcome chronic pain to get to where you want to be? It totally sucks the life out of me, and I hate it. So much of my time is wasted just spent recovering from having to do as much as I can when I do feel good that I spend at least one to three days a week just having to recover! :[

I think I am going to have to rethink the placement of my work table. At the very least, if I can't get out of bed, I could still make my jewelry.

I have no doubt that I WILL get my website up in the next few days, but it was supposed to happen tomorrow. Even with including recovery days on my calendar, I just can't seem to keep on track. :[
Taking action and not thinking about it too long.
Latanya, I want to thank you for making such a simple statement. I think I would be much farther along if I did not over-analyze everything to death. Your statement puts things back in perspective. Thank you!
Get my new business started. Complete my degree
with honors.
We're sure God is going to crown the year with His goodness.
We have 5 opportunities daily to communicate by video at
MeetLiveVideo.com Be a GUEST. Get paid instantly !
Creating a wave in leadership that will have so much energy that it's ripples are seen world wide, my hunger to see God's will for my life must end up impacting in such away that it continues as a legacy
Get people who want to function on time. We give 5 opportunities a day
35 min. each You can make this video system start working for you and
others today. Some got paid yesterday, because they've already acted.
See you at MeetLiveVideo.com , put your name as GUEST starting at
9:50 am EST
Achieve a sense of physical fitness through size reduction to size 10, exercise habit of 3-5 times per week faithfully, and superb sleep hygiene coinciding with downsizing of my environment by eliminating paper, CDs and loose odds and ends.
My single MOST important goal is creating consistent income in excess of $1000/wk. I plan on doing this in a sales environment. I will keep focused on my goal and keep my attitude positive.
I Am committed I know what it takes i just need to do it And i will achieve
We don't know how and where natural forces like EQ will strike .We are working on that .Once we get in depth of that that will be handed over to America .America will control to prevent it .
But the initiation and control of its magnitude will remain in the hand of India .It seems like a big Bluff .But some people are already working on it .
My Mission - To be a good Mother and a kind parent who contributes positivity to the world and who stands up for the morals and values I believe in. To allow myself time to create and to make a living from those creations. To set a good example and encourage others to do the same.
WOW --Beautifully said!

My true passion in life is helping people achieve their dreams.

My top 10 values are all in play when we create imaginative new products that make people's lives better.

This, as you can imagine, is a never ending quest!
Helping people discover God and His grace and then leading them to go deeper with Him each day and watching the results.
My number one regret is 9/11 .Inspite of my best effort during 2001 I couldn't save America .There was a Global politics that I couldn't handle at that time.So 65000 people got affected in one shot in one country during 2008 .I took the revenge in my own style .I am cutting losses in my own style .
America is my heart and Indian Army is my blood .I need both to do something good .I am not abondoning any project in the mid way .I will do something that will benefit both America and India .
I do not have any regrets, per se.

I did what I did, and that is that.

However, there are many things I would have done in business that would have made it easier to achieve our goals, and a whole lot faster.

10 years ago we were a lot less focused than we are right now.

I regret that I do not have the power to rewind time!

I am off and running this year. I gave myself the gift of "no more sugar or caffeine" for Christmas. (I opened it 2 days early! ;)) Ive been working out 6 days a week and eat mostly fruits and vegetables now. I took "before" measurements and am on my way to my desired 25lb loss.I have decide to actually DO these amazing growth modules instead of letting them stack up in my TQ folder I realize the importance of balance and growth in all areas. I trust that God is leading my path.
I am certain about what we developed .But we can't use it whenever we want .I don't have any hesitation .
But you should know what was happening during 2001 and prior to that .Myself and some American Boys and girls were having fun around an Indian actress .But some countries didn't like the communication between Indian army boys and America .This communication was open and thru net .Suddenly the whole situation became turbulent once an US spy plane enetered in Chinese air during 2001 .How FBI evaluated the situation I don't know but we were tracking the situation for a very long time .Who did what we know that .
My number one goal has been to ensure that my health is back completely. I am so very proud of myself, my tenacity, and my resilient nature. I am ready to focus on my new career. No doubt I will succeed. I succeed on anything I put my mind to. As long as I let God take the lead.
This is what I am working on exclusively for 2013 with absolute certainty. The will and ability to turn my goal of a $100,000 income. I am absolutely certain that I can do it. With the proper amount of focus, persistence and determination, I can do it. Seeing this question in writing, made me even more aware of the importance of achieving this goal. Triggered a memory of Jack Canfield's story of going from $25k per year to $99k in one year. I know I can do this and I have the vehicle by which it can be done. Now, do I absolutely believe I can do it. YES, I DO! Now my next step is to take massive action to getting it done. For me, it's not as much about the money as the accomplishment of the goal and the benefits that I will see from achieving it. It will definitely take my life to another level and gel a great deal of the lessons I have learned over the past 10 years.
I'm a 100% committed to my goals but im confused as to where to start.
At 56, I am FINALLY using the gifts and talents God gave me in ways I never dreamed! My circle is changing and God is providing people to help me be able to teach MANY vs. one on one. THIS will allow me to have the financial freedom I desire and to be able to be the philanthropist I've longed to be for years!
I have unique gifts and talents that no college text book can touch and I am no longer listening to the "na-sayers" I've fed into all my life. They've only held me back! I have specific 2013 goals written for spiritual, financial, writing and speaking, relationally and 2 other businesses I work with that partner with my pain management and training business. At the end of the day, I always evaluate what has been accomplished that day that takes me to my long term goals.
I have a priority list at the bottom of my daily schedule that I work from and am COMMITTED to staying focused until the goals and tasks are completed!
I am trusting God more, taking worry and fear OUT of the picture and am learning to dream again!
We did experiments during 2004/2005/2008 .But those were uncontrolled Triggers .But we did no experiment from our side outside these three years .We will again do experiment in 2013 & 2014 .That will be controlled trigger .After this we will pack off our product and will put that in shelves .
We did experiments during 2004/2005/2008 .But those were uncontrolled Triggers .But we did no experiment from our side outside these three years .We will again do experiment in 2013 & 2014 .That will be controlled trigger .After this we will pack off our product and will put that in shelves .
My number one career goal is to net $5 million this year.

It is also my business goal, and my financial goal.

Method: Triple the size of TQ, double the size of MyBizIQ and sell 2 million new copies of Learn and Burn.



Hell no!

Possible, yes.

Likely, yes.

Difficult -- absolutely.

I have replaced "I wish" with "I will."

Make it so.
My number one career goal is to earn $100k this year in net income. It is very doable and believable. The plan has already been mapped out. My only action is to sell, sell, sell and follow up and through. I am working diligently on making my goal happen. I am gathering accountability partners and putting my goal out there to make it even more real for me. I am building associations with those who have already achieved the goal and I am touching bases with them on a regular bases. I am creating an environment for change in my life in order to conquer every fear and remove every obstacle I have allowed to hold me up in the past.
Very believable. I believe that I can find a new job. I believe that i can find a career with motivated individuals who want to genuinely impact the world and make it a better place and arent simply just concerned with their own wants and needs. People who don't backbite and where working hard isnt looked at as overachieving. I believe I can find a career where I am encouraged to give 100% everyday because thatis how God made me and that is who I know I am.
My single most important goal is to grow our customer base to 50 million members.


Imagine 50 million people around the world working smarter... performing better... vastly more successful... centered... balanced... positive... optimistic... filled with the courage to step up, step forward and change the world.

Remember, the only people with the power to change the world are those craziest enough to think they can.

I am crazy.

I do not just think I can change the world.

I believe I will.
Am I up to the challenge of winning the battle against the clock?


In fact, I have no alternative but to win.

The clock keeps moving, even if I don't.

I simply have to get more of what I want out of every minute I have!

What will I do to make THIS month my BEST ever?

Move more.

Eat less.

Learn and Burn.

Plan to win.

Play to win.

Expect to win.


Winning January is critical to my long term plans.

I don't like conflict .I beleive in Friendship,peace and more & more business development across continents .But it doesn't mean we are weak .We can give a solid reply to other countries who disturb America
or India .
There are a couple of deeply personal and 1 private regret that I would actually step up and redo.

The rest, as they say

Helping others become more feel good and better about themselves.
Creating champions for life!

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Barry H.
Dallas, TX


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