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These three thieves, Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt, will rob you of your future.

"Fear is an insidious virus. Given a breeding place in our minds it will eat away our spirit and block the forward path of our endeavors." ~ James F. Bell

Do you FEAR failure more than you EXPECT success? Do you DOUBT your true potential? Would you like to break the chains holding you back from living your dreams? Read The Power of TQ and 10 Choices of Intentional Excellence.

All last week we did a "refresher course" on Dreaming and Doing.

This week, I want to cover a topic that is a big stopper of BOTH dreaming and doing: FEAR.

If you let them, these three thieves, Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt, will rob you of your future.

They put a big damper on each of the 10 Colors within your Time Prism... which causes you an enormous reduction in your personal POWER.

TQ Less Power... Fewer Results...

Call it the FEAR of success... the FEAR of failure... the FEAR of the unknown.

It has the same effect. Fear becomes the self-fulfilling prophecy of turning GLOOM into DOOM!

This week I want you to confront what you fear most about your future.

Please take a moment to think about your Top 3 Goals for this year.

Now, identify and write down what your fear the most.

Be honest.

Getting your concerns on paper is a great first step towards conquering your fear.

Remember, when your POWER is greater than the FEAR, you will have the self-confidence to meet the FUTURE with open arms!

My Top 3 Fears, Concerns and Doubts...

1) _____________________________
2) _____________________________
3) _____________________________

Energy Mission Attitude
Set Goals Make Plans Prioritize
Synergize Organize Optimize Act Now

Please take a moment to spot-check your Energy, Attitude and Act Now Colors. Are they powerful enough to overcome your natural fear of the unknown?

Print... Clip... Hang.

An interesting question isn't it?

Are these 3 Colors strong enough to power you through the fear?

Putting FEAR into the "performance arena" gives the discussion a slightly different perspective, doesn't it?

How well, and how often do you actually take TQ Factor Action 10D?

When you are stopped by fear, you almost always fail.

Every type of fear—physical, emotional or social—has the beneficial purpose of protecting you from harm.

However, this does not mean you must always stop.

Remember this: thought directs action. Confirm the value of your goal and the appropriateness of your actions.

Then, consciously choose to focus on more productive thoughts. Master this and you can act in spite of your fear—and continue toward your desired goal.

"Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right!" ~ Henry Ford

TQ Factor 10D's CONTRIBUTION to your performance...

A high commitment to this Factor of your performance suggests you are a person whose answer to a fearful situation is to take immediate action.

Rather than sit and worry, you do whatever you can to resolve or reduce the threat.

You change your focus from what you fear, to what you want and can do. You gather information, seek expert opinions, change direction, increase performance, sharpen skills and make better plans. You get help when needed, shore up defenses and take any action necessary to improve the situation.

TQ Factor 10D's COST to your success...

A lack of commitment to this Factor Action suggests you are someone who does more fretting than fixing.

Progress stops when you are confronted with a fearful situation.

Lacking the personal strategies to keep going in spite of the fear, you tend to avoid the situation rather than resolve it.

It's easier to skirt the issue, delay the conversation or divert yourself with unrelated tasks. Unfortunately, these strategies never really improve your situation, and you remain a victim to the fear for as long as it exists.

TQ Factor Benefit...

The BENEFIT of choosing to do Factor 10D a bit more frequently: You have more power...

You gain immediate power over your fears by taking a positive forward action.

You accumulate performance positives like "Courageous, Committed and Undaunted" -- immediately moving you towards the results you expect.

What happens when you FAIL to consistently do Factor 10D? You have less power...

You are robbed of all personal power until the cause of the fear goes away.

Negatives like "Fearful, Intimidated and Paralyzed" start to take their toll on your performance -- quickly moving you away from the success you want.

TQ The Bottom Line...

Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt will rob you of your future if you let them.

They are present every minute... every single day.

Learn how to deal with your fears, and you will move faster in the direction of your dreams and goals.

Allow fear to intercede, and you will frequently find yourself turning Gloom into Doom... moving you further away from the success you desire.

This, of course is a choice. Your choice. -- E.R. Haas, CEO


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Running Member Comments...

Meet your fear headon - watch the death of that fear !!!!
wade into it and watch it dissolve right in front of your eyes - love it ---- thanks. will someone let me know this got thru ?-- send me a note at rhodes350@comcast.net John
It got through!

No sure what is so funny? If you remain locked in the jaws of fear, doubt and indecision you will spend your entire life wishing for the fear to go away, and waiting for conditions to be ripe for action -- which, of course, they will never be --because you are locked in the eternal clutches of the fear that is holding you back.

Face your fear, eliminate the source and you start moving -- simply because you are taking action.

According to our studies, the number one reason people cite for procrastination is fear of the future... #2 fear of failure... #3 fear of success... and #4 fear that they will be "found out" as incompetent, or not worthy.

These fears are virtually the same as acrophobia -- the fear of heights. The higher you go up the ladder, the greater the fear of falling becomes. In executives it is the fear of being exposed. As they rise higher and higher within an organization, the fear of being exposed as incompetent, unworthy, and just plain a loser grow and grow.

Overcome this fear, and you can rise to any heights. Which is a reason to applaud... not LOL!

I fear investing and then failing. I'm very
insecure of what to do and don't know where
to invest or how to start.
Both...? Being wildly successful threatens my anonymity. It will also require me to be responsible to others in ways I'm not certain that I'm ready to handle.
But slipping into a life of failed hopes, dreams and expectations is a miserable destiny...all the wasted passion and magic, he creative ventures still hiding in my computer or my mind's palette.
I'm on the cusp here...hoping, praying, moving, wanting to dance...
Your point on having your "anonymity threatened" is an good insight which I can relate to. It's though you're too unsure to claim your actions or endeavors by the simple ?) act of doing them and obtaining more knowledge, and skills, and
SUPPORT. But instead putting yourself to a silent tribunal of censor, rejection, and denial. Allowing yourself to be judge, Jury, and prosecutor. I'm realizing the value of opening up to people and gaining strength and motivation from them. The input of others is a good source of putting tasks in perspective by the step by step process of acting on them. Each step gives energy to SPIRIT.
Pohara and Paula -- a powerful duo!

Good points and very real issues.

My number one personal value is Freedom. Like anonymity, once given up, Freedom never returns, so I choose my opportunities VERY carefully.

My advice is to dance your dance... find the direct route to your destiny... but make sure that you dance with the right partner.

We all must give up something to get something else. There is a price paid for every action we take.

Do not fear those actions.

Plan them so that you find wild successes inside -- without giving into the temptations of just fame and fortune.

The more I make key decisions based on my core personal values -- knowing exactly what I want and don't want -- in broad valuecentric terms, removes virtually all fear, indecision and doubt.

There is nothing to fear or doubt as I am moving in the direction of what I value most.

While not every dance leads to a rapturous encounter, it does lead to better rhythm and balance!

I've got 10 more hopes that will be fulfilled shortly.
actually am a nigerian and really like your article about fear.fear of public speaking has been my greatest problem.and i believe i could get to any height if resolved.unfortunately i ve been battling with this for a long time now
Great TQ newsletter today! So many fears are "fuzzy". Great suggestions on how to get re-focused and start taking action now!
Yes. I frequently worry that I will not perform up to par. This saboutages my preparation and ultimately my performance. Your point is well taken that we should train ourselves to see worry as a call to gain information, focus and control over the situation. This is helping me a lot - when I find myself worrying I realize that I MUST move to action immediately. Before I know it, I'm on the other side experiencing victory.
fear that i may not make it that i may not be able to achieve my dreams lack of motivation and drive
Failure. Pat experiences
MY deepest fear is : not living BIG ?!!!!!!!!
wow yeah - we have to live big and act unafraid
yeah - that is it - act unafraid and as teddie roosevelt said - you will gradually become unafraid. that is profound -very profound - act act act unafraid
and you will become unafraid lol this is sooooooooo good for all of us thanks everybody thanks a lot me
Failure... Censure... Betrayal are my biggest fears
I like wht you said this morning Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. Some of us have been taught to be inadequate from day one of birh and to be adeequate, a person is snutty and smug. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Who M i NOT TO USE THE INTELLGENCE AND GIFTS GOD HAS GIVEN ME? I shouldn't waste them, like the guy who had the one penny, God toke even what he had and gave it to the one who had ten and five pennies. I want to use what God has given me so I get added on too.
My deepest fear is always that my man will leave me and I will have to run the business by myself.We have an oilfield supply business and about to open a bath and beaty product business.It is a lot of work for me and I rely on his help..... a lot.We do not talk a lot about our personals.When we do there is so much finger pointing.It ends up in disaster everytime.Each time afterwards,I fear he will leave me and I fear I am not strong enough to handle things on my own.
Etandah, advice from a 77 year old who has had 6-7 business/careers,some good some bad, some with partners.Some good--some nightmares.You mentioned you do not communicate well with your man. This is your weakest point and the cause of your deepest fears, and you know that! Something that helped me communicate better with family and others: 9 years ago I took www.landmarkeducation.com (look up INTRODUCTION TO THE FORUM..a 100% free evening..and very enlightening...held once per month at each centre). 85% of the people that do Landmark have better relationships with their immediate family. Both of you WILL learn to communicate! Maybe good..maybe bad..but at least you will know where you stand. Landmark is 110% straight! It is about people, not money. I personally guarantee it. Good Luck!
Fear of confrontation, and being judged.

I feel this way because, confrontation has always been so uncomfortable for me. I fear being judged because I want everyone to like me.
Just because someone disagrees with you does not mean they don't like you. You are entitled to have an opinion everyone has them. One thing I think we need to remember is it's not personal it's just business and we have to do what is right for us.
After years of being on physical disability having enough to take care of all my responsibilities ,although I know inflation will very soon make that an impossibility and I know this.I'm still afraid to succed for fear of not and losing what little I have.I've invested in myself knowledge thru courses that I haven't used and daily GOD gives me numnerous of ideas ,specific and complete that I only write down just to see them completed by someone else years later.I woke up one day and I was 50 still am but no where near living the life or helping others as I was meant to do.My fear is in the wrong format I should be fearing that GOD will resend his gifts for lack of use. Phylis
Currently, my deepest fear is that I will not be able to get health insurance for my wife.
I lost my job (and the health insurance benefit). Because of some medications she takes - none of the health insurance companies want to cover her. I fear what may happen to us financially.
I don't normally post url's but since you are in the market you might consider checking out this affordable option...hope it helps:

(click on "provider search" in your area)
Losing my marriage and my family, I think?!
I just don't know ! what the hey ? What is my deepest fear ? that I will be found out ^%$#??!+ what the hell is that all about ? I just dunno - Boy this is something - that I have just discovered that I am powerful and charismatic and strong and capable - S*&^ why now ? after 62 years- why not now? I am strong rich capable smart - hell - this is great - cuz I have found MYSELF now and not later. Cuz I got 30 years to go
thanks a lot everybody - thanks a lot
Boy do I have something to say - WOW !!!!!!!!!
this is amazin - life has so much to offer - just keep your eyes open = I never knew just how much I have to offer BUT have just found out !! Thanks a lot everybody - I need you all, especially this little blog - or whatever it is called - let me know what you think about the " John " commentary - Pleeezzzee. thanks John P.S. does anyone out there know a Rosemary Renn from Hampden mass. let her know I love her - Thanks and get back to me at rhodes350@comcast.net - again thanks
it was failure to lose and taking the risks. i felt i was never ready enough didnt have enough to get me started and wanted to make sure that when i did start it would be
I feel fear when I am unsure of what something will bring to me or unsure of what a situation will be like. As I continue to develop and connect with the Law of Attraction, I know that I can create things into my existance that I am more certain of. To do this, I begin to visualize the absolute best outcome so that I create a sense of calmness and confidence.

I also think there is a time and a place when fear is necessary. The feeling of fear is part of our natural guidance systems and there is an innate need for it in dangerous situations. It is when fear does not serve us well that it becomes a limiting belief and can cripple our ability to create what we truly want in our lives.
It seems that every time I acquire something, there is something that comes along to "rob me of my accomplishment and happiness". Therefore, I have developed the attitude over the years that "if I have 'nothing', then no one or nothing can take it". I've developed a very "non-committal" mentality over time. How does own get past this mind-set?
If you are thinking accomplishement and happiness are for other people you need to realize that you are "people" too. You deserve accomplishments and happiness. Sometimes people try to rob us of these things because of their own insecurities. Those insecurities are their issues not yours so be proud of what you have done and ignore the criticism of others.
What transforms this way of thinking for me is separating the facts of what happened from my judgements and evaluations, my emotions, my values, my consciously chosen and unconsciously inherited rules about how it should have gone, what I should have done, what other should have said and done, etc. When I look only at the facts, I gain freedom and power. When lost in the morass of that other stuff, things are murky and I feel totally powerless and like a victim. You are making yourself a victim of your circumstances when you create a story of being robbed of your accomplishment and happiness. If robbery is afoot, than you are the robber. This is GOOD NEWS. Because if you are the cause of the loss of power, than you can also be just as powerfully the source of anything that you choose to create for yourself. Start by presencing yourself to exactly what happened. You have no power there. It is over and done. Then look at what you made the thing that happened mean. This is where you'll find all your power. You get to choose this part. Choose wisely and powerfully.
My deepest fear is failure and success...If I succeed can I live up to the expectaions?? If I fail no one will expect anything from me...But if I succeed can I handle the responsibility?
The only expectations that you have to live up to are your own. It sounds as though you have failed to meet your own expectations in the past and now believe that you'll repeat the pattern into the future. First, take a look to see if the expectations were actually yours or something that you picked up from some other source (i.e. your parents, some other relative or influential person, your cultural or ethnic background, society at large). Whatever the source, look to see if it is consistent with the person that you want to be in life. If so, GREAT, keep it. If not, let it go and choose something else. If you make choices and take actions in your life that are sourced directly from your values and who you powerfully say you are in the world, not some old default way of being, then it seems to me that there is no such thing as success and/or failure. They become irrelevant. Either something you do works or it doesn't. If it doesn't, try something else.

As I wrote this and the response above, I realized that I really needed to be reminded of this stuff myself. Thanks for your courage in being honest here. It gave me an opportunity to get present to the things that I shared.
Fear that I'll become crazy, that i will loose control over things that are happening to me and will be detached from reality.
my deepest fear is that I will not be able to provide for my children or husband the way I think I should.
the fear of fealure and not achieving my targets causing me to loose everything that I've worked so hard for...
I am afraid that I won't like who I am once I am successful. I am fearful that I may change the principles by which I now live and become someone I won't like to get to success.
Tears swelled in my eyes as I read about myself in this factor. Friday at work I had call to realize something was missing in my performance as a leader. I have been praying about it and thinking about it all weekend. Today, thanks to TQ, I see what I am missing...Factor 10D. Thank you for your wonderful work and for helping me and so many others to become our best.
Well silently slipping into a ife of failed hopes, dreams, expectations.....yes that is quite the bummer that I am trying to avoid. Now with all the challenges in front of me 1`. I had a heart attach on Oct 2007, that made me into a diabetic, and now my feet are tingling, which means that I have to lose about 20 pounds, go to the gym everyday and sweat huff and puff, test my blood three times a day, and the new thing is since my wife left for Japan with my two kids, medicare was taken away from me, so now I have to somehow get that back, so the point being is that now I am not under a doctors care any more....scary stuff....2. My money is running out. I have not been able to work for a while now, the doctor gave me a note saying I was dissabled, but I have not got enough money in the fund to get dissability, so I am trying to get a job, and it is not easy....what am i going to do if my money runs out? 3. The crazy thing is that I have met a lady bass player who loves my music, she has a house with a rehearsal room in it, with a PA system, drum set, amps etc, and we sound so good togehter, and it is all my music, that now at the age of 53, god sends me this musician who really wants to play my music, wow what a miracle that is...but at such a bad time...4. Right now I am in an EXERCISE CRISIS. My whole life I have always used exercise as a means to propell myself forward, and now I can't see to get myself to the gym...whats up with that? I don't know...I need to write and say out loud a confidence builder, such as in Think and Grow Rich...six ways to turn ideas into gold, just about exercise and the importance of that...the basic question is DO I WANT TO LIVE OR DO I WANT TO DIE....do I want to save my feet, diabetics get their feet cut off..I can't let that happen...5. Thank god that I have a food program, three meals a day with
I fear slipping into a life of failed hopes, of lost dreams, of agonizing defeat
I think that being irrelevant, not accomplishing my dreams or expectations is my biggest fear, yet I don't move toward it, as though I'm equally afraid of being wildly successful too. I think a lot of my fear, of both, comes from not really being organized, not knowing how to balance, or where to direct my energies. I know I can accomplish great things. I just have to DO something. If you take one step towards God, God will take two steps towards you. I believe that. And I believe I'm here to do God's will...so I'm about to DO.
Having too many people that need or want my financial assistance.
Putting the fear issue out like this creates a deadline for us to accomplish our last goals. I have been thinking to sell my grandmother's paintings for years and can't seem to get a plan together. Now my mother is getting sick and the deadline is to sell them while she is still alive. Meanwhile, my feet are starting to have issues and I'm having trouble walking.
I fear not being able to accomplish my goals at work this year and I'm distracted from work by my children who have so many year end programs at school.
Time, time, time. Wish I could stretch it out.
My biggest fear is to not have been able to do what my heart desires.
I had to leave a Bio-Science position in California, where I was making very good money. I have moved to Florida to be near my son and his family. I have taken a job with Estee Lauder as a beauty and skin consultant working in a department store. I have worked very hard and taken many of hours of trainning they provide. I study extra I know the products and be able to present them to the client in a professional manner. I enjoy the clients, listeing to thier needs and assisting them.

I just can not see my self doing this as a career. Department store selling just does not fly with me. Iam studying with the Jax Beach Police Deparment to be a Citizens on Patrol. I graduate on July 2,2008 Which is great. With 120 hours of trainning under my belt I will be doing coummunity service when not working fior Estee Lauder. I will continue to train with the depart, and do volunteer work - but this does not relieve my finanical or mental resolve with my paying position. I need to find a new paying passion.
Become a senior project manager for the construction of Highways.
I want love my work as a software developer/programmer again; I want to design, develop and sell my own software/systems for commercial/public use in the securities investment and finance.

I want to complete my training and studies in Real Estate and prepare for the California state exam in 3 months.

I want to take classes in Project Management and obtain a certification for my career's enhancement coupled with my software development experience.

I want to continue with my daily 9 mile power walking and start a group / fitness club for men and women to do promote my power walking and healthy eating with vitamin supplements.
My deepest fears are that I will attempt something really big and that, although the vision is clear to me, the execution will be weak or the infrastructure will not support the vision and I will fail. I fear starting something and not being able to follow through. I fear being forced out of integrity because I did not plan well enough to make good on my promises. I know this is my weaknesses.... I am visionary but not always strategic. I am not driven to dive in and execute but rely heavily on my ability to motivate others to do so. The bottom line is that I have to rely totally on God... God is the link between my area of passionate giftedness and a positive outcome. This is faith... being sure of what is hoped for and confident of what is not yet seen. I can't dwell in both faith AND fear! I need to stop putting off and launch into that which I have faith God will bring to pass. After all, the success or failure of my execution of that which God has given for me to do is not about me. I just need to do my ver best... offer my best and trust God to do the rest.
Lacking the knowledge needed. I am a very confident on my capabilities to succeed in any particular business scenario based on my background, education and work experiences in a few industries...but again lacking the knowledge to make a difference is what challenges me in many occasions.
My deepest fear is me never to be able to bounce back after my traumatic vehicle accident.and it really has nothing to do with what I want financially,but for my children.
My biggest fear is failure and it stems from the past. I feel as if I haven't accomplished much with my life. Knowledge can be obtained. Skill is something different. It takes practice. I also have the fear of saying "NO". It is completely irrational. My head knows it, my heart knows it - but I just can't do it.
After a few days of dwelling on it, I think my biggest fear is that I won't reach my goals because there's always so many "urgent" things going on. So in essence, my biggest fear is that I will never have "time" to be all that I can be.
My specific fear is that i will not have enough time and money in life to achieve what i want. I also fear that i will fail and the world will laugh at me. I would like to be a Successful and Renowned Lawyer and am working towards that :)
by giveing 110% to it
Life will never get back to normal. The fire will be the beginning of the end, life will be problem upon problem. I'll never every smell a campfire again and enjoy it.
My son will return different from his big trip. The boy I sent will be gone and the one I keep trying to hold onto will never return. I'm getting older and the fact is I CAN'T do everything myself anymore. I won't be able to count on family to help me move furniture or other heavy items, I'll never be able to move again without hiring help. I'll be the little old lady hiring the neighbor kids and trying to buy their companionship with food and money
My biggest fear is not wanting to fight with my husband. That being said, he is the biggest obstacle that I have to overcome. I am making myself be heard and not listening to him anymore. Not his complaining, not his arguementative comments, not his mockery. I am also learning how to speak over his nonsense that he puts out just to distract me from my original goals. Once he starts straying off topic, I have to either close my mouth and let him speak his nonsense, or speak effectively. I think closing my mouth will be better because he is a professional arguer.
I can totally relate with you Debra! I have to realize though, that he(my husband) is an obstacle between me and my goals. If I don't stand up to him, I will not achieve my goals as quickly as I want to. I must keep my goals in focus. No one can take them away from me unless I let them. FEAR is one of my big obstacles, and I often DOUBTt whether I am strong enough to stand up, but I MUST! Nobody will meet MY goals except for me.
It does take a lot of thinking on my part to know how to respond, but it is definitely necessary and worth-while. Hang in there! WE can do it!
For me to rise above my greatest fear, it will simply take Immediate ACTION! Doing the Do...and not concentrating on ANY results whether bad or good! My one and only concentration will have to be on DOING!
My biggest fear is that I can't be successful no matter what I try. Scares the daylights out of me. To counteract this I keep asking myself, "What will happen if I don't commit?" How successful can I be without committing to my goals and dreams?
becoming wildly successful and having the responsibilities that come with that accomplishment.
Yes, I do agree with this since I know my weakness is the fear of confrontation, being rejected and this keeps me backing off from achieving what I aspire.
I need to overcome this but do not know how I can do this since the point of going back is crossed and doors are closed-Will this be forever?
I fear silently slipping off and not accomplishing the things I believe I am capable of accomplishing, and which I have been blessed witht he ability to accomplish. Things like...buying my wife the things she loves, updating an keeping our home in very lovely condition, and making it the refuge we always wanted and a place to be proud of owning and sharing with family and friends. Also, being comfortably fixed financially so we may travel and see the world together. I want to establish a highly reputable business which specializes in helping people with their real estate needs, and financial needs.
Last night I worked on my goal map. My problem isn't looking and
planning my life, it is in having the confidence to take real steps
toward them. I really would love to have what I think and plan
"Mind Map" but I just feel like I will fail. I am really unhappy with my wife and she doesn't seem to clue in even when I spell it out for her. I don't want to be split from my children so I will stay in a marriage that is lame. She counters my actions on purpose. if I try and do something positive or teach she will defuse it and make it null and void. I am so sick of it.
One goal. Creating income generating websites.
1. No urgencies today.

2. Read, get some sun, ride bike 20 minutes.
Go to bed @ 9:00pm

3. Just me. I am the whole organization
For the first time I'm scared because I'm not sure that I'm able to do what I want to do. Actually, I'm not sure about what I want to do as well. Fear is what I'm feeling. Fear to give up, fear to continue and to not be sucessful.
write a book or at least start writing something.
Just recently I got over this. I have no fear of succeeding anymore. It is more stressful for me to live a life of struggle than it is for me to live a life of abundance. I choose to live a life of abundance without worry stress or fears of what if's...that's what I'm creating.Abundance.
I'm not afraid I will succeed with my 2010 goals. My fears stem from the possibility of my goal being stopped midway. I just experienced an ordeal that could have completely delayed my goals for a long time.

My living situation has me in an position where others, by the flick of pen could totally upset everything I'm reaching for. At this moment I'm upset with myself for being in such a position. So now my goals include removing myself from this situation in addition to achieving my ultimate goal by 2010.

I have been delayed for 2 weeks because of this very reason, but I'm determined to succeed. I'm angry, I now must turn this anger into a positive and press own. I refuse to be controlled by anyone or anything. Oh and just for the record, subsidized housing has the appearance of being beneficial in actuality it hinders succeed, you must succeed despite of it, not because of it.

At this point, I must gain my complete power to overcome this. I'm not giving up, nor will I give in. I have complete confidence in myself. I overcame this obstacle, I met it head on, and I will continue to do so.
about 2 or 3 goals. Im working on a ingenious plan of attack that will help me more.
How do I know what my dreams are? I am just existing from day to day. I know I don't want to do this every day... My life existed around my family and husband. After 34 years my husband was gone, my eldest child commited suicide and the other two live half way around the world. I just started this email TQ. Have any of you any suggestions for me? Please don't say JUST DO IT. I have to have a starting point. This has been going on 5 years now.
Why would I be concerned with my 2010 goals in June of 2009???
Live in the present people! You'll miss the next 6 months of life if you are concerned about 2010 already!
I am not afraid to start any of my 2010 goals. I'm focused on moving them forward to completion
My biggest fear is having no place to live and no money to support me in my old age.
My deepest fear is that no matter how hard I work I will never be the success I want to be and that my plans will always end in failure.
My most pressing deepest fear is; never finding my life partner. I have lived my entire adult life as a single woman and a single parent. I have accepted and taking complete responsibility as a single parent. This responsiblility has been extremely challenging. I've walked through the valley, been dragged through the valley, I have climb the highest mountains. I know understand during these times, it was my strong faith in GOD, and confidence in myself which granted me the ability to find the strength needed to pull through.

When I was younger, sharing my life with a special someone wasn't important, so I thought. I worked hard at convincing myself of this. As I became older my knowledge of life increased, by way of this knowledge I gained understanding and with this understanding I was blessed with wisdom.

I know fully acknowledge with deep understanding, life with that special someone, who shares your values and beliefs, who supports your goals and encourages you with unconditional love, is the ultimate blessing of an individuals life. And my deepest fear is, this may be one experience, I will never have.
I have learned to have no fears because if I can not change a problem my faith kicks in.
Not being able to retire my mom & dad.
Sometimes, I am not confident with my body. I want to have a strong body because I am so thin.
We are human; we must answer our callings; even when being human means that the task is impossible.
My deepest fear is being unable to support myself.
Maybe I am just lazy...... I get up tired... go to the computer...... and go to bed......, My head is full of ideas, wishes,.....(Dreams)....??????? I never get started. I look out the window and see life going on out there, but I can never seem to see myself anywhere but here.. I don't know how to make the first step because I am always so tired. I am overwhelmed with just...Being.
Expressing my ideas which can be a bit far out at times, I don't know why that is
I need to get on track. Time is slipping and I keep getting off track. It is very difficult and I have some serious problems that are ruining my daily life.
My deepest fear besides living my life without ever experiencing the joy of sharing my life with the man who has strong spiritual beliefs, who has the ability to Love Unconditionally, who's willing to commit, the man who has compassion for others and willing to lend a helping hand, is not accomplishing this enormous goal I have set plans to.

But each day that I journal my thoughts, it becomes clear to me that, I have the power needed to accomplish my goal. I have the skills, knowledge and power to accomplish everything I set my mind to. I have been placing limits on my abilities based on ridiculous fears of "what if". What if this happens, what if that happens. I now ask myself "what if it dosen't"?. I can now see how much time I waste wondering "what if". No more questions of "what if", the question now is "what needs to been done next"?

I recently faced an enormous threat to my living situation, I dealt with this fear head on, I refused to compromise my values that are based on my strong convictions.

Today I seat here with the situation solved, continuing on with my goals and plans. It took power to stand for what I believe and from this day forward I will use my unwavering power to accomplish my goals, to change my life so that it reflects the person I am truly, not what society believes me to be.
i think my biggest fear is failure and not doing things good enough. that then leads me to sit and worry and i find my self paralyzed and won't act.
My deepest fear is that I can't be successful no matter how hard I try. I find myself with more panic attacks than I used to have. The upside to those is that I am learning to use them in a positive manner and take some sort of action. The relief is palpable. It's an amazing feeling . I feel empowered. Even if it is only for a moment or two.

I find myself looking more for offensive positions to take so that I am not always having to be defensive. Proactivity is a mindset that has to be created within. It does not come from without. It can't.

There is an old saying, "A person convinced against their will remains unconvinced". The mind is the same way. If you can't convince your mind to take action then you will always be waiting for something to happen that is unpleasant before you engage.

I had forgotten how to be strong. I had forgotten how to anticpate problems. I am remembering now.

Now when I look at a situation where I should have taken action and didn't, I ask myself, "What will you do better next time?, What should you have done differently to prevent the problem from ocurring in the first place?"

Time to be a grown up in my land.
Why am I afraid. That is a good question. I am beginning to believe that it is because I don't think that I am good enough to have an opinion, or that other people's opinions are better than mine. I don't want to come across as being selfish, or better than anyone else. I just want to live a full life and enjoy it along the way. I am afraid of letting anyone else in my life because I doubt that I can trust them. I have been burned by this before. I need to put the fear aside and do what is right, because I know that it IS right. Bottom line. Do what is right. Let the chips fall where they may. Rise above the fear and convert it to a successful experience. One step at a time. It can be done.
Succeeding. I'm afraid to unwrap my potential.
I really am not fear-driven at all.

I have a very high risk-tollerance and act on opportunity, not hide from exposure.

If anything I live by the old quote, "we have nothing to fear but fear itself!"

I need to confront an individual to close a gap in a business relationship...
I fear both of them equally. It's causing a life of paralysis for me, and that's leading me down the path toward a life of failed hopes, dreams and expectations.
I fear not getting everything done that I promised someone I would do. I fear the loosing or the slipping of my personal integrity. Wow!
Neither! I fear getting sloppy in carrying out each necessary action on time
Failing to give optimum time, effort, and skill to accomplishment. Above all, failure to please the Lord.
Failing to carry out the will of God completely and on time.
I would have thought that "becoming wildly successful" was what I feared most, but something just clicked as I contemplated this question . . . I don't have that much time left . . "silently slipping into a life of failed hopes, dreams and expectations" is definitely the nightmare scenario. I can say I am off to a good start--I'm in China!
Sadly, quite a few.

Goals take time and/or money to achieve.

When I have had the money, I haven't had the time.

When I have had the time, money was lacking, or other priorities came first.

The real key is that zero of my High Value, High Vision goals are the same. I am in fact living what I value most, and have greatly expanded my vision for what's possible.

So yes, I do have several goals that are gathering dust.

Good question and a great wakeup call!

To be honest maybe just a few have only been there the last 3 or 4 years.
The fear of success is not an issue for me, or I don't think it is.

The fear of becoming famous, however, is very real, so maybe they are equivalent and I am subconsciously avoiding both.

Great question.

I am already starting on my 2011 goals, because I know I will need some momentum going into them... If nothing else, mentally focused... I'm excited about the possibilities before me... and I am doing the immediate actions that will help me build the momentum...
I am afraid to address the terrible relationship my sons have with each other because I have no idea where it will end up.
Excellent advice Maikel!

My 2 cents is that it will most likely end up where YOU guide it to end up.

Set a Mission to create harmony between the sons.

The big Goal is to discover exactly what is causing the rift. It is probably not what THEY think it is and maybe not even close to what YOU think it is.

We have a very large family and the dynamics would rival any Charles Manson family reunion!

Several years ago we quietly observed, created dialogue and solved 2 of these inter-family wars. Took 3 years in one case, 6 months in the other.

The point is, it ended up very close to where we guided it.

I consider this one of the most difficult assignments I have ever encounter either as an executive or a parent!!!

Hold the vision close, work on it daily and you will get there.

Like the fear of success, the fear of failure doesn't play much of a role in my endeavors.

I believe what Henry Ford says, "I can find a way to do what I might be afraid I couldn't do."

Since I know there is a way, I take immediate action to move forward.

So, fear is quashed before it even becomes an issue.

A lingering fear of death is probably my most deepest fear, but it is only fleeting.

What if I don't live long enough to see my dream fully realized?

What if I need to make major shifts but lack the energy to carry out the plan?

Nagging little prompters that drive me to make every day, the best day of my life.

No fear.

All results!

This morning I figured out that I have nothing to worry about as long as I take the right actions, pray about everything and ask for Gods guidance.
My scores are so low because the goals that I set for myself were hindered due to an illness. I felt like every step forward I went ten steps back. I was at the point of giving up setting any goals because what is the use if they kept being washed away? Then I realized, I set the wrong goals! I needed first to make my health my number one goal so I can achieve the others. I am happy to say that for the next few months my number one goal is to focus on my health. I found the right doctor, we set a plan and it has only been a few weeks and I am already beginning to see a difference! In a short time, I will be able to focus on those professional goals that I sincerely want to achieve
Maybe it would be that I fear that ultimately I will not fully use the gifts and talents I have been given.

That somehow I left the planet without giving it my best every single day.

Not sure I have real fear here, but it certainly is a concern!

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Personnally, emotionallt, psychologically,spiritually and financially independant
Being discovered to be a fraud or phony because of my hypocritical habits! And being one way on the inside but espousing a christian attitude on the outside. And having waited so long to start this journey towards righteousness that I will not have enough time left to get it right before I die and leave a lasting legacy for my children to follow, and thus disappointing my GOD................
Silently slipping into a life of failed potential, hope and expectations.
My Aim is to protect America and help CIA and MI5 .That is the work I am doing for more than one decade .
I just love CIA .

Honestly? None!

10 years ago I hadn't found the love of my life who I want to spend the rest of my life with.
10 years ago I wouldn't have believed we would have two children together.
10 years ago I wouldn't have believed I would drop out of my IT career to follow my passion for biomedicine.

In the last 8 years the power of TQ has rewritten, and is continuing to rewrite my life. My TQ is 46.75 so there's room for improvement, sure, but nothing is holding me back!
My future is connected with well being of USA .As USA grows I will grow .Although I might not go to overseas any more .I am quite happy in India .

Can you connect me to any FBI or CIA person .My message should go to them .

Yes, the dream is so large only a global army of zealots can make it real. Imagine a world where every single person is living up to his or her full potential.

Yes, I know, almost as stupid as Google indexing all the information in the known universe and making it available at the click of a button.

I will inspire my army by clearly stating the vision, and make sure it is, in each person's mind, big enough for them to get excited about.

I will then create a 1 page mission, and have each sign it.

Much like the Declaration of Independence, we will all agree to do everything in our power to make this vision real.

We LOVE our members: Living Our Vision Everyday and will help everyone reading this share the love!

What do you fear most... becoming wildly successful and having all the responsibilities that go with it... or silently slipping into a life of failed hopes, dreams and expectations?

This is a loaded question that presupposes I have either fears.

I don't, but the question is an excellent wakeup call.

What do I want? Fame and fortune or just fortune?

I want to extend my influence over the entire world for the next 5 thousand years.

But, I do not want to be known as the person who did it!

I want people to understand that they must continuously release their full potential -- then help others to release theirs.

While the effective measurement of success is your TQ, I don't fear being seen as a high TQ success.

I fear that the world will slip into darkness long before it sees the light.
How many of your 2013 goals have been there for the last ten years?

A really good question.

About 1/4 are really huge, so they are expected to be realized well after I die... maybe around 2513 -- 500 years from now.

The rest are fresh and can and will be realized in the next 5-10 years.

Many will be in the win column in 1-2 years!
How many of your 2013 goals are you afraid to start because you fear you will succeed?


I expect total success in everything I do, or I wouldn't do it.

My only fear is that I will run out of time before my biggest goals are achieved... and it is not really a fear... it is the realization that the goals are so BIG, they will naturally last longer than my puny little life!

I have some goals that have been there for several years. I have accomplished some goals, however. I feel that I have needed to grow in my TQ score to accomplish some goals.
How many of your 2013 goals are you afraid to start because you fear you will fail?

None -- I am old and I am bold so fear of failing has been extinguished a long long time ago!
I am a biz nez whacko, so fear has been removed from my personality a long long time ago!


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