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Are you proud of what you have accomplished this year?

"If a man/woman does his best, what more is there?" ~ General George S. Patton

TQ Thanks Living vs. Peace of Mind...

All last week we focused on Appreciation and Abundance.

You CAN live a life of abundance. You CAN live your dreams.

Engage others in your life and your dreams. Fully engage them.

In a nutshell, when you transform Thanks and Giving into THANKS LIVING, you experience joy, happiness and satisfaction in everything you do.

Learn to share your goals with others for mutual benefit—and give copious thanks and praise for their participation—and you will gain enormous power over your life.

Without question, the key to long-term success is constantly taking positive ACTION to move in the direction of your dreams and goals.

Sustained action gives you an indomitable will... the power to WILL your GOALS into your LIFE!

For the next two weeks, we will be discussing the "flip side" of Will Power: Peace of Mind.

As those of you who have read The Power of TQ know, my definition of success is simply this: "The peace of mind that comes from knowing you have done your very best."

As General Patton says, if you do your best, what more is there?

So the question becomes, "Have you done the BEST that is in you?"

Or, put a bit more "personal"...

Are You Proud of What You

Have Accomplished This Year?

During the past couple of weeks, I have asked you to look FORWARD to what you hope to accomplish this year and next. This week, I want you to look BACK over 2016, and reflect on what you have DONE—to specifically focus on your achievements.

Yes, I know that this may be more difficult for you than looking into the future and writing down some meaningful goals. However, this is a more important exercise than you can even begin to imagine—as what you have done is a precursor to what you will do.

In a way, I want you to hold yourself ACCOUNTABLE for the time you spent here on Earth this past year.

You did the TIME—what did you get in TRADE?

TQ What are you most PROUD of?

Please take a few moments to write down your major achievements for 2016, broken into 3 groups: Family, Friends and of course, Yourself:

FAMILY ___________________________________________________
FREINDS __________________________________________________
YOURSELF ___________________________________________________

"The real contest is always between what you've done and what you're capable of doing. You measure yourself against yourself and nobody else." ~ Geoffrey Gaberino

Look closely at what you have written down. The real question becomes, how closely do your achievements align with your personal MISSION?

Could you have accomplished even more this year if your goals were better calibrated with your true PURPOSE here on Earth?

TQ You traded the ONLY life you have to live for this list. Is what you got in trade ENOUGH?

Do you in fact have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you have done your very best?

Yes? Fabulous!

Keep going and keep growing.

Or, do you feel that had you been a bit more committed and engaged this year, you would have been able to achieve even more?

If so, here's something to think about.

Mission Factor 2c asks if you are on a MISSION and are willing to trade the only life you have to live in pursuit of it?

Are you?

When you are working toward an ideal that comes from the heart, you are naturally motivated and driven to do your best. A thoughtfully created, highly desirable personal mission is guaranteed to make you highly focused, powerful and productive.

Act from your deepest values, and they will provide you with direction and satisfaction.

Connect and recommit to your mission everyday.

If you don't, you're trading the only life you have for things that simply don't matter.

"Whatever you do, don't do it halfway." ~ Bob Beamon

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TQ Factor 2C's CONTRIBUTION to your performance...

A high commitment suggests you are spending most of your time on things that actually matter to you. You not only have a mission statement, you live it 24/7/365: twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Your dedication to your personal mission is evident in everything you do. Nothing can divert you from your ideals. Far from a sacrifice, your defined mission doesn't limit your opportunities. Instead, it's the perfect tool to help you build your life exactly the way you want to live.

TQ Factor 2C's COST to your success...

A lack of commitment suggests you are someone who lacks the commitment to stand behind what you believe.

There are times when you lack direction, and it's hard to commit to any one priority. You know you're capable of accomplishing great things, but lose focus and lack motivation.

Your life feels hollow at times -- even after completing a major project. It may seem that you're trading the only life you have for small successes here and there.

TQ The bottom line...

As you look back over 2017, think about BOTH, what you HAVE accomplished... and what you HAVE NOT achieved, but wanted to.

Be honest, how much more COULD you have achieved, had you given it your BEST a little more often?

Success happens in EVERY choice we make and EVERY action we take. Make smarter choices... and take smarter actions... and you will find success a great deal more frequently.

Remember, no one is a success all the time. In fact, even the most successful people FAIL as often as they SUCCEED.

What keeps them on top is their willingness to give it all they've got... to transform their God-given TALENTS into powerful SKILLS—every single day—and use those SKILLS to achieve their greatest GOALS.

When you are committed to your personal best—day in, day out—you will live a life of abundance and accomplishment.

Uncommitted equals a life that simply doesn't matter. Think about it.

Remember, your family lives on the RESULTS you produce. Time measures you by the RESULTS you produce.

So, take action to produce better RESULTS. Do it today! What's holding you back? -- E.R. Haas, CEO


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The only dumb question is the one that's important to you... and you didn't ask!

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Running Member Comments...

i like your TQ daily very much. but should i missed one of your daily mail, where can i read it? i Can't find it on your websites.
They are always current under the TQ Training menu!

70% yes. But I need more experience and training to get more successful.
I look forward to read on daily TQ. It is part of my achivements, goals, and live life with a mission!I thnak you from bottom of my heart..may God bless you.
After much thought I decided to switch my career based on my needs and my family's needs.
Yes, I am proud of what I have done in the past year and I am very excited for the future to come. I am going into the new year fully charged up.


SPS Chauhan
It was a beginning. Not really proud. I could have done better. However, I pick up again and go once again.
Me too!
yeah !!! I gave it my best - AND I did accomplish a heck of a lot - yeah I did - I now have a new WKOT routine and it is producing results - They are dramatic results - also - I am sleeping better because of sleep routines that are better for me - also - family relations are better - CUZ - I am buckling under to all of the fenmales in my family ( sic ) LOL= I just gave up and that is soooooooo good ( for me )
thanks TQ for the help - this has been a problem for me and I have cracked it wide open - also the Red Sox and Patriots are just about the best to watch all year long - wow !!!!!!!!!!!! also my raquetball game is producing unexpected wins - alot of wins. My reading program is progressing and I am getting smarter - day by day - - great
I had a great win in the Mayors race in Westfield, Mass. - thanks for that - also the governors race was a win for Deval Patrick - thanks for that -- all in all it has been a great year - I have soo many wins in so many areas of my life !!!!!!!!!!! tremendous accomplishments - and I should get it together for setting some new goals for the year 2008 - wow = I can't believe it has arrived soooooooo darn fast - also - Cleaning up my language - thanks Cliff - I am also cleaning up my space - living space - that is a good idea - I have more and will relate them later on - thanks a lot everybody _ I could not have done it w/o you all - best always - John R.
Hi again evrybdy - I am still here - " Fortitudine vincimus " By endurance we will conquer !!!!!!!! get it ? by endurance we will conquer - I am getting more and more determined to build up my endurance ( mental and physical it is all connected - the physical and mental are connected - get a new workout routine for the new year - emphasixe endurance and strength - eat less ( a lot less ) CUT BACK ON THE CALORIES you will get stronger each day the less calories that you eat - it is simple - cut back on portions and you will feel better and react better to all that life has to offer - eating too much is a killer - that is my admonition for the day - I have more and will send them on if you all agree that I make sense - OK ? just let me know if you agree that I should send on my lessons for living the good life - that I learned in 2007 - Lets set up the goals for 2008 = NOW - doit as they say in the Marine Corps - I miss the Corps a lot - BUT alas ! they ( corps ) will not let me back in - darn===
on second thought I do not want to go back in - that would be a lot of effort and I am running out of that kind of effort - NOW _ I want to find some new goals ( long and short ) type of goals that will light my fire like it got lit when I was a young man - Gosh the fire got lit when I was a young man = SPONTANEOUS LY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it was a spontaneous combustion of lit up !!!!!!!!!!!! now I need viagra for some of my goals and I do not believe that I will ever - ever - get laid again ! darn ?(*&^%$#@
Boy you must have done something really really bad so that you will never got laid again. Just joking. Yeah we all need something to light up our fire for life. For me its energy, the thing that blows it out is fear of failure and the fact that I can never forgive myself when I do fail. I feel like i'm the only one that has failed and the only real thing I learn from failure is that I don't want to try again. Anyone have suggestions for us unlit candles?
How do I feel about my accomplishments? That is an excellent question, with today being my birthday and all. Overall, I feel pretty good about the things I have accomplished in 2007. I **know** that I did not do my best this year in a lot of areas, but in some areas I have made significant progress.

In 9 months, I have lost a total of 39 pounds and 25.5 inches all over with my workout routine and eating regimen! That is my biggest accomplishment this year! I also have started a brand new business and am working hard to build my organization, I have done really well on the job, and am starting to take on new responsibilities, and I have improved my friendships with some really important people in my world.

I have a long way to go, but I believe that with the help of TQ and much prayer, I will get there!!
Amen! I haven't felt good about anything I have been doing. I just feel like a failure because I don't have a job that can pay my expenses. I do feel good that I help people but have been doing it where it hurts me and my family. I just can't get past being paid to help someone who is dying. But tonight I passed my final exam in my medical class so I am heading somewhere. I got 94%! I still have to do clinicals and pass the state test so I am only 1/3 of the way there but 1/3 closer than I was last night. I hope your organization does well, Clarissa and keep up the good work with your weight loss. That is an incredible amount to loss. Keep up your improvement! Best wishes, Tammie
OK - I am back !!!!!!!!! for review
Heck - there was NO fire for a long long time - BUT-
I believe that I can find the fire again - I hopehopehopehopehope - hECK - IT HAS TO BE BEYONG JUST HOPE - but turn on action - action !!!!!!!!!
Yeah ! lets get some action !!!!!!!!!! you have to be the mover and shaker in your life == YOUYOYUOYOUYOUYOU = Y O U ! =====thanks a lot TQ
best - John R
You have so much FIRE John, it couldn't be put out by 3 fire brigades!

Yes, my goals right now are inspired from the fire that burns deeply in my heart. That fire comes from the desire to complete my education and begin a new career. This will totally change my life for the better and set me free to be able to have a secure future.
I went were I needed to go, but didn't take the time to get done what was really important and has to be done for my business. Only my personal life was it done.
Not yet - but - intend to - soooooooooooooooooooo
I will doit - thanks for the reminder - best - John Rhodes
ERIC !!!!!!!!!! Thanks a lot - I appreciate your attention to my memos - much appreciated - heck - I won 4 games of raquetball vs. Bobbi Munnz yesterday - that has not happened for a few years and he is B*&^%$$ T LOLOLOLOLOLO I consider Bob a close personal friend BUT I hate 'em - he is sooo determined to win - thanks again Eric - thanks agin - best John Rhodes
I wish i could run my own successful business in the interest of my career. Being able to teach people to excell in their every day life and career. Seeing my self in a crowd of people and in a table doing a meetings and the alike. Having the kwnolege to make all the presantations to a higher level.
Sandro: Rather than wish you could operate your own successful business teaching people to excel in their every day life and career, why dont you simply make it your wildest dream and proceed using what you have already learned from the TQThink Program. Everything you need is right here and in my humble opinion, TQThink is the most fantastically marketed program available today. There is nothing new in the materials offered as intellectuals figured this stuff out and have been repackaging and marketing it for sale for the last fifty years. TQ has done the best job ever repacking common sense and is giving it to you for free. Buy the whole program, use it and your wildest dreams will become well defined Goals and Objectives you will use to overcome all barriers to your success and achievement of becoming a purveyor of every day life and career success to others. You are now in the Business of Selling Hope.
I'm back in college - after years of being a single parent, I can finally focus on ME! I've lost 10 pounds in the past three weeks, and I'm psyched about that - but everything else seemed to have been misplaced! It is on to the planning board and getting RE-organized!
Denise ! the weight ?? that is a great goal - congrats - Denise - Look on the web for the Calorie Restriction Society - they can help - I use them everyday to help me - you have to develop your own program for eating less BUT the society can be a motivator and can help a lot - Good luck - best--- John R
Hi John,
Thanks for the recommendation! I've been using SparkPeople.com - check them out - It's a totally free website - meal planner, exercise planner, journal, tons of advice, group support systems - and it's all free. Better than Weight Watchers or eDiets ever thought about being! I love that place. I eat so much better now and I lost another 2 lbs. It slowed down a bit, but I've increased my activity level and the BEST thing is that I have suffered from arthritis for the past 25 years, sometimes so bad I had to use a cane, and for the past three weeks, I HAVE NOT had one bit of pain! I have gone totally organic, no diary, beef or pork, lots of whole grains and green veggies, and soy products. My energy level has SKYROCKETED! WHOO HOO!
I have all my heartfelt goals written down. Things are always getting in the way of me staying on target. Life seems to do that...but I
'm going to continue moving forward. Adjust my goals and plans a little bit to accommodate the unexpected, and then keep forging ahead.
My biggest goal is to finish my Masters Degree and get started on my PhD. I just have one more class for my masters degree. My masters thesis and I'll be done. Next year I will get started on my PhD program....that's the plan, not a wish.
I'm proud of what I've accomplished this year, especially at work. God a promotion, got a degree and have promise for the future.
hECK ! My biggest goal was to improve !!! AND I have done it - I am better today than I was a year ago - damn--
I actually didit --- I didit - wow - I am better today than last year - much better - in all regards *** spiritual- mental- and physical - wow again- thanks evrybody for being there for me the whole time - Thanks TQ and evrybody I play with -- work with and live with - it ain't always easy --BUT I am better today than last year - wow again and thanks agin - I can't help saying thanks cuz I thought I might have been dead inside last year and today I am alive and LOOKING FORWARD to getting better every day from now on - - Best to all- John R
spiritual growth, with a certain sadhana regimen
back into active business by market+ positioning and clear search for clients
well - i am still here --- Hope everybody is here too.
best John R========== P.S. I am looking forward to talking with you all
sooooooooooooooooooooooooo here I go !!!
Losing weight, eating healthy and exercising is becoming habit. I'm heading into week 4 with that. =) I need to work on giving up sweets though. That's slowing me down a bit, but I am limiting myself.

I need to work on keeping my car clean - It depresses me. That will be one of my new goals. I'll take care of it tomorrow.

Finding a decent job...sigh...my office skills are outdated, but I am so sick of working in restaurants that I just can't go back to it. Actually, I am afraid - no - I am terrified - that all I will meet with is rejection because my last two bosses cut my hours with no reason except that I voiced my opinion about the lazy people I was working with. I know I can do office work. I've done it before, and I was good at it. I wish I'd stayed with it instead of giving up. So, I need to just suck it up and get back out there. My former bosses were very poor managers. One is now on her way to drug rehabilitation. The other one is eating all the profits in the restaurant she managess and the owners have threatened to close the business. So, if they were the ones who didn't do their jobs, WHY am I the one who feels so bad?! Ok, I've got to update my resume, and I've got to find a job. I can do this. I will update my resume Monday, December 17, 2007. College classes end December 24, and re-start January 14. I'll have a two week break and will look for work beginning December 19th. SET

My house - I have a page full of things that need to be done. I'm in the middle of remodeling and updating, and I need to print the list out and just do them - there is SO much to do that I am overwhelmed, and I have to rely on me.
Got that list printed out, finished with my classwork for the day - time to go see what I can get done at the house. See you later! :)
I read your comments and i SEE me !!!!!!!!!
WOW - thanks Denise - You are me - I have the same issues - the exact same - wow
we are all in the same boat - work on today Denise - just work on today - right here right now - this second minite and moment is al that we all have - just right here right now !!!!!!!!!!!!!! breathe and hit it hard - this second minute and moment ONLY - good luck to you - and all of us here at TQ - thanks for being there for me - best John R
Am I proud of what I've achieved this year? I honestly was up until August, and then things came crashing down? You know why? Because I got lazy and complacent.
Very Committed - Absolutely Sure!
Commitment? How much do I really have? I'm a great leader, visionary, planner, strategist, etc. But when there is no one else to hold accountable but me, somehow I find it nearly impossible to consistently operate at the highest level of who I am or who I want to be. If commitment means doing everything you need to do, and not accepting anything less than hiting your goals, then I have a ways to go. I see it, I taste it, I want it. But like the sun rising in the east and setting in the west, it seems like I need that level of consistency in everything I do. Am I committed? Should I be committed?

Without a vision, the people will perish. I don't lack vision, I lack consistently sitting in front of my vision. Marinating in it, and letting it transform how I think and act.

Anything worth doing, is worth letting your life be changed to do it. Do I believe it? If so, am I realigning my actions to fit who it is that I want to be? If I change how I act, my thinking has no choice but to follow.

It's a new commitment today. It's a new time. My goals, My Life, My Potential, Will Be Realized!
completely committed, totally sure
Being Healthy with a lean, fit, curvacious, energetic, sexy body: clear, vital and bright mind; balanced and positive emotions; and spirit-filled, passionate soul.

Being happy, nutured, loved, honored and respected in a fullfilled and committed partnership with a Godly, intelligent, successful, wealthy man who loves to dance, loves family, adventure, and wants to make a huge difference in the world.

Being free and powerful in my relationship with money, living an abundant life with no debt and a minimum of $150,000 in income and $500,000 in net assets.
My No. 1 Career Goal is to Achieve $2 Million in Sales. I have 100% belief in the same and I am going to Achieve it.


I am quit committed to my number one goal. because i always make sure I take one step toward it each day.
very believable because I keep getting interviews for this career.
My number on career goal is to make 7 figures this year. Over $1 Million dollars. With World Ventures this is totally possible provided we get a very strong start. The momentum factor is critical so staying on task, staying on the line is the most crucial component of this task. We have to make sure and stay balanced, though, as we don't want to convey subconciously to the people we talk to that you have to sacrifice your whole life to make this happen. What I do believe is that we will attract people that are willing to do whatever it takes to live their dreams, down to selling everything they own to get their business rolling.
my number one career goal for 2008 is to gross $3400.00 per week on the internet using affiliate accounts and my website(s)!!!
My career goal is to be the manager in the west for BMC and make 280 this year. I have 150 already there but need the rest.
55 deals is extremely belivable. Its the law of numbers..I need to do as many LOI as I can and then I will be able to make the deals.
Extremely belivable. Its the law of numbers..I need to do as many LOI as I can and then I will be able to make the deals.
my perfect shape and health in 2008,= total fitness is my single most important goal for 2008
Build Apartment Complex
What I would like to concentrate on in 2008 is getting control of negative thoughts. I've gotten to where I'm more aware of them and I was really surprised at how often I have them. I would have thought that I was more optimistic than that
My single most important goal is living out my full potential. In my career, in my marriage, with my kids, in my church, with my friends, with my time, with my God given gifts and talents.

Many times I find it a little exhausting to think about living a life that has full maximized my time, energy, emotion, gifts, talents, skills, etc. I think internally I believe that meanns that I need ot be "on" at all times.

But I wonder if that is also the reason that I don't fully engage in my time off. Or a constant schedule. I don't know that my belief system about a fully prioritized and realized life is accurate. Some how I think that type of life would be more overwhelming or restrictive. But intuitively, I know that type of life is the most empowereing.

so, will I wake up each day and empower myself?
My single most important goal is to be all that God intended me to be. I wonder if I can actually measure that. Can I actually put down on paper the specific first steps to that goal.
I think I can.
I will have as a first step doing all that the Holy Spirit prompts me to do.
I will not become discouraged if I miss the mark. I will keep my eye on the goal...becoming all that God intended me to be.
As of January 16, 2008 its getting the Bastrop real estate business launched and successful. I've set HIGH EXPECTATIONS and as I EXECUTE BETTER, the goals will be achieved. That will enable Patty to make the decision to quit traveling in 2009.
My single most important goal for 2008 is to stay completely dependent on God and operate in the power of the Holy Spirit 24/7. In order to do this I need to do 3 things: 1) Take time each day to get quiet and hear His voice. 2) Spend time in the Word of God letting it soak into my being so that I recognize when it is God talking as opposed to my own thoughts or the enemy. 3) Step out on faith on simple things so that when the bigger things come along I can obey quickly to the Holy Spirit's leading.
1. never give up - nevernevernevernever neverjust find a pasion that you can embrace======== a passion
tht is the big ifififififififififififiifif if - a new passion
what what what ??????? education to continue ------
1. chocalate chip - thanks - thanks a lot
wonderul - == ----- Ik - on to the new
best - John R
Financial Indepedence. Stacked bank account.
Someone put a challenges to one of the topics in my last commentary about my weight issue . committed yes ,sure yes ,did this before read the book but made no plans this time I have plans for menu and an exercise program . I need this its related to my health first second how I look naked and then in cloths. most people look in a minor and are comfortable knowing that they will cover up .if I look good naked I,ll look good period and be in shape .
Yes, I always think a lot on my goals. Then only I commit to them.

I am up to the challenge and I beleive I'm picking up steam. I'm taking action, defining my goals and EXPECTING MORE with BETTER EXECUTION.
I am up to the challenge. I am committing myself daily to the challenge. I feel empowered and continuing to grow my energy. I need more actions!
To learn what is the single most important behavior that will allow me to generate more income and create real wealth in my lifetime.
Plan, Schedule, Act and Review my Plan again. Keep on doing this cycle.

1. Submit my PhD assignment on time
2. Complete the proposal for a new project
3. Make atleast two presentations about my company to two different CSR heads of companies
4. Read fesibility report about a project and send budget for the same
5. Sit with my daughter to brush her reading skills
Then this will be the best january ever ... so .... what is stopping me? Here we go..........
6. Sit with my son for improving his studies
I think I am getting closer to being up to the challenge. I've set my first mission to start on February 1 and have outlined most of the steps to accomplish it. After this weekend's Quick Start session I am taking whatevr time it requires for the balance of the weekend to complete my mission plan so I will have the rest of the month to make sure everything is in place by Feb 1. I am challenging myself in a big way, it isn't a small challenge by any stretch. It will be my first litmus test to how much power I can generate when I focus on something that has been in my mind for a long time, that I am finally setting specific goals and the means to achieve them.
I have just read Success on Purpose and I am getting ready for my nexr TQ coaching session. I will put 5 of my goals, in crystal clear vision, online at TQ in the next week. This step should be considered mandatory as it is one of the keys to keeping your new life in front of you at all times.
stay faithful to me and my goals by keeping the positive outlook and results in mind
focus on enjoying the results
Focus time management
Very committed. Since my husband's death in
1995 a little piece of me died with him. It has been 12 years and this is the first year
with the encouragement of TQ that I have committed to my goals...I never even made any
up until this year! It sure works and my
heartfelt thanks to TQ.
Very believable because I have put into action the steps needed to achieve it. I am excited
for the first time in a long time.
Thanks TQ.
Complete tasks without procrastinating.
Make a folder for each category necessary to find what i need more readily, quickly.
follow up with prospects, cio, and referrals more frequently.
My single most important goal is financial
security. I was expecting a large inheritance and found out that "Step-Mom" had a good time just prior to my fathers death. It is now up to me and I can do it with the help of TQ and
my goals.
I increase commitment by visualizing having my goals completed every day. I deeply visualize. Then I spend time seeing myself overcoming all the obstacles that were in my way to achieve all of my goals.
This month I will remove fear as a reason for not actng. I will document the plus/minus dynamics related to plans, goals, and ideas. I will begin the long overdue construction of a fully empowered board of directors. Praying will be vital and return to a mens group planned. I will act up to and beyond my expectations and abilities. No more doubts or excuses. I am too old, and to valuable to allow time to slip away.

This month I will remove fear as a reason for not actng. I will document the plus/minus dynamics related to plans, goals, and ideas. I will begin the long overdue construction of a fully empowered board of directors. Praying will be vital and return to a mens group planned. I will act up to and beyond my expectations and abilities. No more doubts or excuses. I am too old, and to valuable to allow time to slip away.

This is make or break year for me and I am absolutely determined and committed to making it.
yes because it is the first thing on my mind , it is top priority
still totally committed, gotta keep the vivid vibrant image of goals achieved in my mind
yesyesyesyesyes 1. seize he day and make a difference - be in the moment - seize the moment - be here and now - focus on NOW !!!!!!!!! right here right now - BELIEVE !!!!!!!!!!!!! you have the power to make a differenece - be here be now - seize the day and FOCUS ON N O W=== yesterday is gone -
I think so. I seem to have more 'umph' toward what I want. I know I want muscular thinness, after that goal is reached I will have the strength to branch out. I have done this diet for 1.5 weeks, I'll push on for the 3 weeks necessary to make it a habit then we'll see where I am
Yes, I am willing ready and able to do the work necesary to achieve my goals. For that I have to:
Make 50 presentations this year to clients
Sit with my daughter for 30 minutes each day and read to her for 20 minutes each day
Sit with my son for an hour every day to motivate him to study
Walk, Yoga, exercises and follow a healthy diet every day
I am READY and WILLING and ABLE....
Please Cancel this Subscription!!!!
Does today's schedule reflect activities that will make this progress? yes it does
Are you making progress right now? yes
How could you make room in your day for more items that do further your progress? Schedule time each day for effort toward each goal and do my best to stick to it. Main goals are: Get to know God, Be a better husband, Be a better Dad, IMD in World Ventures, spread the gospel.
First journal log -- in Breck, quiet Sunday AM, opted to not ski, rather focus my energy on progress in Mission for '08. 9am - 11am. let's see how I do.
Number one goal for 2008 Its believable.
To Firmly established and grow steady .
establish sound generation by planning and assessing and accomplishing steps that I only thought of climbing last year
with in that structure to provide a strong relationship and networking to assist everyone involved to prosper at all levels.
Yes. I continously work on my time and schedule a NOW for everthing. That way I can achive more


YES, I am excited about the challenge. I know
I can do it if I put my mind to it.
YES, I am excited about the challenge. I know
I can do it if I put my mind to it.
To make this my best month ever I am going
to kick my plans into ACTION. Now is the
time to start.
My #1 personal goal is to lose at least 100 pounds. While evaluating it, and determining the steps to succeeding, the only real road block is my knee, which has been problematic for several months, since football practice. On my action list is a doctor's appointment to scope it, but it doesn't come before my original target start date of February 1st. So I am thinking about what I can do to advance my goal with less time spent on walking, which was a core component of my success strategy.
I am most definitely raring to go to achieve my goals and am working diligently every day
to get there. I love the question, "Am what I doing right now getting me closer to my goal?"
I have several goals but two personal goals are legging and I must improve plan schedule these activities if I am to see progress Apr,30th i will revisit my site and see what has changed for the better . the work on my part to accomplish any of my goals are commitment, dedication responsible , focused
weight 194. accomplish. 5new songs by Apr,30th
Build Aparment Complex
proud of the compilation of the Marketing team and the way we were able to use the strengths of each separate memember to reach our team targets.
i am not a very good friend. i don't answer emails and i don't accept many invitaiotions. i need to be a better and family member. i need more loving quailities.
Yes this is the 1st Year I wrote down Goals and achieved many of them. My Goal for the next year would be to achive all the goals that I set

SPS Chauhan
Yes, my grades have sky rocketed, i have made many friends, and shed several old grudges. I have learned several pssible meanings of life and have distanced myself from meaningless, excess emotion. I have gotten stronger, mind and body alike, and can easily over come challenges throughout my day. Which destroys the challenges, allowing me to lead a less stressful life that will increase my overall lifespan by a considerable amount.
I like the idea behind these articles, but this mess of inarticulate emotional distress on the subject of our minds in tiresome. I think the TQ group in general would benifit from actual examples of this happening and something more fufilling than waffle.
Not so much, many goals were left by the wayside
I figure that so far life I have done well by putting alittle efffort and faking that I care. This usually create soomething better than what other would have done because I do exactly what was expected. This panders to the likes and dislikes of the person responsible for giving me the assignment, which creates a solution tailored to their needs whether or not it contains the proper information or feeling. This allows me to excell at everything I do to the person asking me to do it in the first place.
partly... i am proud of the work done in the first half of the year with the successful coalition of the marking outbounds team and what we were able to accomplish. In the second half of the year after the focus of the team was changed and i was cut out of the decision making process i became aggravated with the situation.

I have given the best in me during that time to move the team forward .. now i am continuing to better myself
I feel good, but I want more! WAAAY MORE

I want to get the practice built up and sold, push my investment portfolio to be a heavier hitter with passive income. Retirement by 30 is possible if I can get this practice sold.
I really do have a hard time settinmg goals. I've read books, attended seminars on goal setting and still don't really do a good job at it. I do fairly well in my career (Real Estate) but want to do better. Especially now with the way the economy is. Maybe I should try this goal setting segment of this program though I don't have much money to spend right now.
i have myh business in a goal. I started a business 8 months agao and i am trying to focus on it. I love my business and i have passion for it! i do have other personal goals such trilathohns, swims etc
We did write them, we did speak them at 6:30 am, this morning.
We're in our house, we own. We're driving a newly acquired car.
My wife is getting a nice diamond ring, and we'll be speaking
Sun. mornings in Ft. Worth,which can be seen later on
ustream.tv Goldenman2 GOODnews now

The picture of the Greek Islands is in many of my dreams - very bizarre to see here, now.
My goal to start an internet based business led me to voice acting. I took a huge step forward and now have a demo CD ready to sent out to prospective clients. My next goal is to develop effective marketing media. My biggest challenge is finding the budget for this part of the project.
mu biggest result this year was the opening of my little beautiful space called Pristine Skin Care. I dreamt it and it was. Now my biggiest goal is to keep this going.
I have a pretty good idea on how to get where I want to be, but I guess I'm just scared to do what it takes. I see people around me and all I see is how pretty much everyone I know has their lives coming together. They all have plans and dreams, and it seems like they have people there to support them and are in their corner. In my case it seems like I have people who look at me and just think to themselves "well what are you doing with your life now, and you're pretty pathetic to not be doing anything." The problem is I have dreams and goals that are so awesome and I would love to achieve them but my problem is it just seems like I have no one in my corner to encourage me or just there in my corner, it's like I have to fend for myself. I have more desire in my pinky finger then some do in their whole lives, but it seems like my life is the only one that is in a rut, and I feel like I have no one here to help me, and not even that but just to be there in my corner just as a buddy
My rock solid plan gets delayed when I ponder other options. yet come back to my rock solid plan.
say i like someone for longterm relationship. say he's attracted yet not interested in long term relationship. I move on to something else. No matter how painful it maybe. I'm not one to be wasting my time.
I am really proud to come through my worst depression and see the positives outcomes of that experience. Now I can really relate to others in that situation. After more searching I found meaningful roles that match my talents. Now I am back onto the TQ Program and counting my everyday human roles of dressing myself in clean clothes, paying bills on time, keeping the car seviced, putting out the garbage, walking the dogs, being polite, etc, etc .........So much excellence can be unappreciated and Appreciation leads to Gratitude.
Yes I'm proud of what I have accomplished in the last year. Personal growth and heath, spiritual strength, financial improvement amidst a sea of troubles (learning to sail my ship) and more harmonious relationships. I think I'm on my way toward learning how to improve through effectively leveraging current circumstances and future plans. I feel better as I find new opportunities frequently and understand/accept that success means different things to different people. This makes for a more effective and efficient day at work and enjoyable evening at home with family and friends.
Yes I am proud of what I have accomplished this past year. I have made a lot of progress. Unfortunately, that progress is such a small step, but it is a step forward. I get discouraged when I realize just how far I have to go.

HOw would someone else do my current task better? First they would start it! The only person I can think of that would be of great help would be a professional organizer - which I can not afford

This has been a tough year full of challenges, changes, and crazies. I look back at it now that it is coming to an end and feel that I have done the best that is in me at this point. I still believe that my best can be improved and I'm working on it. I will never stop working on improving myself.
Absolutely I could have done more. Prioritizing my time, no procrastination, and hired the right the people would have been key.
I have done much better the latter part of the year and continue to improve. I started a particularly difficult project yesterday and if I continue to spend at least 4 -5 hours per day on the project, i should actually complete it by the end of the year.

When this is done, everything will be so much easier not only to do, but my stress levels will be reduced by a substantial amount and my productivity will increase by an equal if not more level!

This feels soooo good!
I feel good about my accomplishemts this year, but I had to aknoledge my accomplishments, because I was felling that I haven't done enough, and that I had procrastinate a lot. But I had great successes this year, the biggest on is TO KNOW MY LIFE PURPOSE, because even in that days that we are not feeling great, to know my life purpose works a compass. Its amazing, gives me the strenght to move forward, even just a litlle.
No for some reason I get the feeling that I am not giving it my best for some reason. it seems as if I am so upset at losing my wift and my kids that what is the use in tryng....but then other times I am very excited about my life, my electric guitar works, and I am hot to trot...
Absolutely not. Each year I start with " I will not let another year be wasted " and each year nothing changes. I see not even a spark of light at the end of the enormous tunnel.
My past accomplishments have been very satisfying and fulfilling. Due to circumstances out of my control I find myself have to rebuild again at 45 years old. That endeavour is not as easy as it seems now.
Is very challenge to write my goals for 2010.Is time to work hard and not only dreams but do plans and work to become true.
I feel good about what I have accomplished. It has been tough but I have learned to stand my ground and stop being a target. It's not the most natural thing for me but I'm finding that I get this amazing sense of relief from saying no and putting a stop to those people and situations that mean to cause me grief.
Recently, I wrote down ALL my goals including the basics like dresssing myself, paying bills, maintaining cars, putting out rubbish, shopping, etc, etc. Weekly performance ratings give me credit for ALL the ordinary things I do well, helps me improve and practices my OWN personal process for Extraordinary Goal achievement.
I didn't achieve any goals this year at all. Nothing happened.Everything was nothing but a wish and the year has been a big disappointment.
No, I am not proud of what I have accomplished in the last year. I feel that I have been operating blind. New procedures and expectations without any real guidelines. I am told to do a task the best way I know how without any real consideration being given to the things that I have to do already.

So, no I am not proud of anything that I have done this year. I just want to learn how to work the processess without blowing the real goal of educating my students and inspiring them to do great things.
I keep on reviewing my targets to achieve my goals due to interference from different people due to different circumstances. sometimes I lose motivation,and I have to review my plan and change direction, since I am only accountable to myself as far as personal goals are concerned.At time am let down by those I give tasks to perform for me especially in my rural home. This however does not happen at my place of work.
Live in another country and work there.Take a trip to Egyp-Jordan and Israel.Grow in my relationship with God more deeply.
I felt that I need to improve more focuse in my goals to become true.I need to work hard.
now that I look back on it, I realize that I have accomplished much by way of my family, which was my focus and my health. I also see some improvements in my work ethic and subsequent results. All in all, 2010 has been a growth year and thanks to TQ, i have better articulated goals for the upcoming year. I am very excited.
This year has been one of sailing through a storm and coming out on the other side with a sense of thankfulness and joy. I feel by the grace of God that I was able to keep my hand on the ruddder and stear a course through the hurricane.
I haven't done the best that's in me. This year has been a rollercoaster, with so many negatives things occuring, it has managed to effect my attitude, my drive and my passion for my goals. Over all this year was a TEST year for me, even though things weren't the way I wanted them, but I never QUIT, I kept moving forward. Next year will be a better year with everything that I have learned this year..
Yes! When I think back to what I was doing at this moment last year - my circumstances - my health - my finances - my outlook - my family and what we have experienced together and separately - I am profoundly amazed, proud and grateful for the path I have taken this past year. I am looking forward to taking the same assessment and review next year - WOW, can't wait!
Yes and no. Yes in that I am leading conversations that matter with other groups, both inside and outside of my organization. The opportunities have occurred through invitation, with follow-up for additional work based on positive results in those experiences. Great work, love doing it.
No in that I have not been intentional in planning around this...letting it evolve organically...its working as the demand is there, yet I know that this is not an effective way to evolve/sustain balance.
No, i am not proud of anything in the last year. I have accomplished nothing. I never worked torwards any of my goals, never followed up. So, I have same goals year after year and I have gone nowhere. I am so disappointed in myself. Seems like I am my biggest enemy and enemy always wins.
Don't know what stops me from doing what only I need to do and only I can do. I need help!
a tip i was given was to not use the words always and never they are rarely accurate.try it.it will make you not think of options which will produce different outcomes.
I have some peace of mind, but still don't know my mission
I am some peace of mind and try my best, but I don't know what for
i confused
How many of my biggest goals are nothing more than a wish?

Great question!

Maybe 60-70% are rock solid goals... with true conviction and commitment driving their achievement.

There are a number that feel like wishes, even though they are written into my schedule and on my 15 year time horizon.

Must focus more on those!

I will work to become a NSD by September 2012.
My current goal is to be able to tithe $500 per month and save $500 per month or more.

Take 3 vacations per year taking my mom and grandson with me paying all expenses. I am working on increasing my energy so I can do the work. Therefore I can, I will I must discipline myself to losing (20 lbs) by June 2011.

By increasing my performance I will make the money so I can change my address by purchasing new home so my mom can just walk up 4 steps not more because of her hip. While bringing her to live in my house so when she goes to sleep at nights she has company in the home (my home).. Bless us Lord because I know you hear these dreams that will become reality. All things are possible through you Lord. Years 2011...2012..2013.. I am claiming some major shifts with success.
Thanks in advance Lord for supplying our needs.

Thank you Lord that I can dream, dreams are the steps to the staircase.
Should have pushed harder. Need to focus on my. Personal develpment for the best for all involved.
I am in a new job, new city, new administration. I am not happy, I must find out what my direction is to be here. I know I am suppose to get the unit up and out of it's dysfunction. However, it seems as if every thing I do is not the way they do it here. The administration calls my at least 10 times a day, with a have you done this? Are you doing that? I cannot get one thing fixed before they come up with another thing to be fixed. I have never been in this type of pressure keg. This unit has been broke for years and half of the staff need to be released. I have been expected to fix it in a few months. I have my goals and I make my list of things to do today, then when I get to the unit the Administration has their agenda of what they want me to do. I am working 12 to 13 hours a day and not getting anywhere. Do I go on or cut my losses and run. I am not a quiter and I try to work smart - then their agenda gets in my way. Any suggestions of what I should do?
#7917, Janice I know you wrote this a while ago. Just wanted to know, how are things going?
Without mission, there's no direction, and end up being carried about by the current.
sometimes it go wrong, when I wanted to fix things , but she prefer things her way etc. so I don't know how to say or what to do same way as I was following plans on diet , but something go wrong with myself that hardest things I've ever seen myself.
I have a job where I am often not needed but when I am needed, I am needed right then and there. Kind of like a fireman. I need to always look busy so I spend a lot of time developing my craft but really I have a lot of down time. How do I best fill it without being gone from the office or cheating the boss.
That's a great question. I'm in the same situation, although I probably have more flexibility than you. Have you ever used a time-boxing method? It's a commonly used productivity tool that breaks your work into blocks of time. You can make those blocks as small as you need to, but as long as you're concentrating wholly on your craft during those blocks, you'll make progress via small, consistent steps. You're sure to be interrupted, but even with interruptions you will probably spend much more time than you currently are working on your craft. Hope this helps and I didn't miss the point.
I am proud of them, but I always feel like I could have done better. I spend more time regretting things than I spend reviewing accomplishments. Overall, I just don't feel like I've accomplished much in life.
My goals aren't truly inspired, because I don't have a clear vision of what I want, much less how to get it. I have several ideas and I've had dozens of ideas over the years, but I never seem to get beyond the "idea" stage. It's hard to create an inspirational vision for the roles I'm in at this point of my life.
Read my facebook page, sing the song today, He rules the world with
truth and GRACE. makes the nations prove the glories of his righteousness and wonders of His love. Good idea for choirs all the way to Christmas. I will be doing video conferences from Ohio at the last part of the year. MeetLiveVideo.com 5 times daily When page opens, pick a convenient time, NEW page will open, put your name as GUEST
Yes, thanks living is a 7/24/365 deal around here.

I have so much to be thankful for that it is impossible to separate fact from fiction. I lead a truly charmed life.

I am most grateful for my wonderful wife, without which I would have little happiness in life.

I am very grateful for my team, partners and customers, without which I would be broke.

I am rich in body, mind, spirit and wallet because of the outstanding synergy between everyone in my life.

no. i am now 70 and have so many unrealized dreams. fear is my enemy. this makes me so sad. however, i am not finished trying.
God has a plan for my life for good. This is The Day He has made and I will REJOICE in Him!
I do - I need a good plan for the week with specific actions.
just the fact that in the past after i have failed, i tried again and the Lord provided away

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