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"There are some people who have the quality of richness and joy in them and they communicate it to everything they touch. It is first of all a physical quality; then it is a quality of the spirit." ~ Thomas Wolfe

What's Your TQ? Why Should You Care?

Gold Key TQ stands for your Time Quotient™ and is the Gold Standard measurement of your Practical Working Intelligence™... your ability to produce exceptional Results over Time. It is the only form of intelligence you can actually improve.

You may have never even thought about breaking your performance down into the broad categories that comprise your overall effectiveness, efficiency and productivity.

With tens of millions of test records, we know that a high TQ score is the golden key to the life you will love.

Your Quick TQ Test is absolutely FREE and takes less than 2 minutes. From your responses we will give you an initial evaluation and some ideas for immediate improvement. By breaking your performance into 10 success-critical areas you will instantly see where you are "working smart" and where you're not.

With this new information, you can begin to take smarter actions immediately... leading you to the results you want and success you desire.

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Two Tests: Instant Answers...

top of hill We call the results of your Quick TQ Test your "perceived" TQ, because it is based on how well you feel you are performing right now. As such, the results are totally subjective in nature.

However, when you take your Actual TQ Test, we will obtain an objective measurement of those same critical factors... with absolute precision.

By looking at the difference between how well you think you are doing now, vs. how well you are actually performing, we can help you SEE what's driving your performance in a completely different light... and from a fresh new perspective.

After you have completed both your Quick and Actual TQ Tests, we will send you an initial written evaluation of your tests results at no charge. This short report is custom to you and will show you how you score in the 10 critical areas of performance excellence.


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