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About The SET GOALS Personal Workshop...

Turn on Your Personal Time Prism...

SET GOALS is the fourth color in the Time Prism Performance Spectrum, because you can't make the leap from here to your vision, all in one jump. You can't just "do" a mission. You need specific, tangible targets to give you immediate direction — ones which will lead thereafter to even greater destinations.

When you set specific GOALS, you target future accomplishments with precision and clarity. The first step in getting "EVERYTHING" you want is to specify exactly what "EVERYTHING" is.

Ready, Aim...

Clarity and precision are critical because fuzzy, poorly defined goals give you nothing specific to aim at.

Remember, small, individual goals fail to have the power to ignite your passion, or to inspire others to follow your vision.

On the other hand, you are most productive when you're attacking a huge vision, aiming at specific, mission-based goals with the diligence and follow-through they deserve.

Milestones! Think Milestones...

Goals are the milestones by which REALITY finds its way to a dream. Whenever you can specifically communicate what you want, you're more than halfway to getting it.

The more clearly and precisely you can describe these targets, the easier it is to focus on the means for their attainment. These specific milestones then become your most vivid, powerful and inspiring goals — because they're in direct alignment with what you value most.

There's nothing more critical to your long-term productivity than setting specific goals and then holding yourself accountable for each and every one of them.

Turn your dreams into crystal clear goals...

Rapid advancement depends on your ability to turn dreams and visions into tangible milestones and objectives. You'll never make a dream real — to say nothing of work towards — a wish.

You can, however, define exactly what it is you want — and quickly move beyond wishful thinking. With a specific target in sight, you are then able to map a specific course of action — that will take you any place you want to go.

You have the power to be both a dreamer and a doer. True success depends on both.

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Move the intensity of your Set Goals Color up to a perfect 10 — in just 30 days — quickly and easily.

  • You will learn the 10 secrets to high-energy performance.
  • You will learn how to simply integrate these key actions into your day — every day — without fail.
  • And much, much more...

Order NOW and you will receive our highly motivational, educational and inspirational CD Audio program along with the self-paced, 65 page eWorkshop... PLUS the ebook edition of our popular Revelations of the Time Prism.

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4 Free Bonuses...


Big Perk — Free Live Coaching...

Have personal questions? Want to discuss your individual circumstances?

We hear you!

Included with your Personal Workshop is a 1 full year standing invitation to attend our live TQ Basic TeleSeminars each month.

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A Hotshot in an Hour!

In just 1 hour you will learn how to:

  • Overcome your natural resistance to setting goals.
  • Clarify what you really want in your career and your life.
  • Gain the courage to set highly desirable goals that lead directly to greater happiness and personal satisfaction.
  • Turn all your dreams and "wishes" into specific targets with clearly visible milestones.
  • Create realistic deadlines for each of your key goals.
  • Follow a specific process for breaking your big goals down into daily objectives.
  • Unleash an army of people to help you attain your goals by sharing them with others.
  • Routinely check off major goals with ease.
  • And much, much more...
"To be successful, you must decide exactly what you want to accomplish, then resolve to pay the price to get it." ~ Bunker Hunt

You will receive:

  • Our 1-hour instructional and highly motivational Audio CD. Listen to it at home, in your car or on your PC to quickly master these essential, career building skills!
  • Our 64 page self-paced PDF Workbook with a simple to follow, 30 day personal improvement and review program!
  • 60 of the best ideas — condensed and distilled from the best brains in the world — to help you transform your dreams and vision into clear, real-world goals.
  • 90 simple, highly focused integrating questions to help you take these great ideas off the shelf — and put them into your life — in 60 seconds flat!
  • Full access to our on-line Set Goals Personal Lesson Plans, 24/7/365!
  • Our Unconditional, 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee!

Is your ability to set clear goals a problem for you?

You can tell when...

  • Your future is hazy and ill-defined, and you only WISH for things to be different.
  • Having no CLEAR destination, you're often all dressed up with nowhere to go.
  • You may have daily successes, but LACK REAL PROGRESS in any one direction.
  • You never live up to your full potential because there's never anything IMPORTANT enough for you to give 100%.
  • You believe that life could be better, but you're just not sure how.
However, when your Set Goals color is strong and vibrant...
  • Your future is bright and positive because you know precisely WHAT YOU WANT AND WHY.
  • You have CLEAR TARGETS to focus on and to guide each day's actions and commitments.
  • Your days and weeks build upon each other in a straight line, aiming towards new destinations — even GREATER than the last.
  • You never want for ANYTHING because you put EVERYTHING into what you want.
  • You believe that life is INCREDIBLE because you are setting and achieving INCREDIBLE GOALS.

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Here's the bottom line.

If dreams are born from imagination, then goals are born from a promise. Knowing this, set your goals with great care because when you set them, you are promising yourself exactly what you expect to get out of your life.

Permit your Set Goals Color to hold you back, and you will struggle with the heartbreak of failed expectations. Improve it and you will succeed brilliantly.

There are 10 SPECIFIC ACTIONS that control the intensity of your Set Goals Color. Learn, remember and master them — and you will dramatically improve your power to produce real RESULTS.

The TQ Set Goals Personal Workshop makes doing this quick and easy. This self-paced workbook and CD audio program is unconditionally guaranteed to help you master the actions critical to your success.

The power to set crystal clear goals is the power to make dreams come true.

Move the intensity of your Set Goals Color up to a perfect 10 — in just 30 days — quickly and easily.

  • You will learn the 10 secrets to turning your DREAMS into crystal clear GOALS.
  • You will learn how to simply integrate these key actions into your day — every day — without fail.
  • You will learn the true impact of each of these important actions on your performance.
  • And much, much more...
Order NOW and you will receive our highly motivational, educational and inspirational CD Audio program along with the self-paced, 30 Day Personal Workshop on disk.

Our 30 day TQ Personal Workshops are DIFFERENT from any training program ever devised. Each is a highly CONCENTRATED AND DISTILLED SELF-PACED PROGRAM that removes the BULL — gets to the POINT — and produces real RESULTS.

"No question about it. Your workshops are BETTER than reading a dozen BEST SELLERS... as they give me specific, on-point ideas for immediate improvement." -- Keith S. Lafayette, CO
This is the fastest and easiest way to LEARN, REMEMBER and MASTER the ACTIONS required to immediately produce better RESULTS. Follow the simple steps in this personal workshop, and you will score yourself a perfect 10 on Setting Goals — in just 30 Days! Guaranteed.

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