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Affiliate Program FAQ

Answers to common questions:
What is the TQ Affiliate Program?
Quite simply, it's a way for you to make money by introducing other people to our products.
What do I have to buy?
Nothing. There are no signup fees.
Who qualifies?
To receive a sales commission you must be at least 18 years and agree to the terms of our Affiliate Agreement. (If you reside outside the United States of America, all commissions will be paid to you in US Dollars drawn on a US Bank.)
What do I get paid?
You get paid a 30% commission on the applicable products in each order from a customer that you've provided. If, for example, someone orders a complete TQ System for $300.00, you make 30%, or $100! If a customer you referred to us subsequently becomes a TQ Affiliate, you will receive a referral commission of 5%, subject to terms and limitations in our Affiliate Agreement.
When do I get paid?
You're paid once your commission balance reaches $101 or more. To cover returns, refunds, and chargebacks, commissions are added to your balance 45 days after the order is placed and paid the following month. Checks are mailed on the 10th.
What's an applicable product?
You're paid a commission on TQ Products and bundles such as The Power of TQ personal virtual book, The TQ System, TQ TeleSeminars and our personal workshops. In addition, you can also get commissions on selected special offers, like the "Gift of Success" TQ Starter Package.
What's not an applicable product?
You don't typically get a commission on shipping and handling fees and sales taxes, nor on private Coaching, Mentoring or Live Seminar productions. Any discounts the customer may apply are also subtracted. For example, on a $100 product order, with $7 shipping and $8 sales tax added on (but not commissionable), and using a $20 discount coupon, your 30% commission would be $24 or 30% of the net sale of $80.
Can I use this program to get discounts on my own purchases?
Sorry, but no. But affiliates can qualify for a special discount on the complete TQ System. And you can make money by giving Gift of Success certificates to your friends, coworkers, and aquaintences.
Why should I have the full TQ System?
If you're talking to people about the system, it's much easier to make the sale when you can physically show them what they're going to get. And by using the system yourself, you'll have a better idea of the processes, and the tremendous benefit of improving your own TQ!
Can I make money just linking to your site?
Certainly. Our Linking To Us page contains instructions on how to do just that. Send us traffic in the right demographic, and we'll happily send you many, many dollars in return.
What's that demographic again?
We're looking for college-educated professionals and business people, in the 35-65 age group, both male and female.
Can I use e-mail to promote TQ?
Yes you can, if you're sending to YOUR friends and aquaintances, or to an existing opt-in mail list. Sending spam can and will get you expelled from the program, forfeiting your commissions.
Do I need professional training?
Not for the TQ Affiliate Program. If, however, you'd like to give seminars on TQ, you will need to go through a rigorous three-day training program here in Boulder, Colorado. Contact us for details.
Can I use these Certificates for fund raisers?
Absolutely! This program is perfect for clubs, schools, churches, and other service groups. Organize your people, and collect thousands of dollars in return.

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