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Become Energetic — Eliminate Drained!

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"I consistently eliminate energy drainers in my life and replace them with energy gainers."

Some things boost your energy level, while others drain it. You need to know which is which. What drains your energy? Worry, medical or dental concerns, work piled on your desk, not enough sleep, diet, unfinished tasks, negative people, angry coworkers... anything else? Once identified, take action to eliminate these drainers and replace them with energy gainers: Exercise, high energy foods, more sleep, medical attention, friendly faces -- anything that makes you feel better, perform better and increases your energy rather than depletes it.

Remember, ENERGY is the first color in the Time Prism Performance Spectrum because the simple truth is there are no dead peak performers.

You CAN achieve your greatest dreams and aspirations. Simply improve your TQ Energy Color.

"The first requisite for success is the ability to apply your physical and mental energies to one problem incessantly without growing weary." ~ Thomas A. Edison


How to become more Energetic...

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TQ Factor 1B "Thin Line"...

Energetic vs. Drained is a choice — Your CHOICE!

There's a Thin Line between success and failure. Choose to take Factor 1B more often, and the following POSITIVE characteristics will automatically begin to accumulate and flow into to your performance—moving you TOWARDS the results you want and the success you desire.

Positives     Negatives

Choose to take this action infrequently, or not at all, and the opposing NEGATIVE traits will dominate your performance and sabotaging your success... moving you AWAY from achieving your goals and aspirations.

Think about it. How much more successful would you be if you were a little MORE Energetic... and a little LESS Drained?

TQ Factor 1B CONTRIBUTION to your performance...

A high commitment suggests you actively seek out the cause of physical and mental burn-out -- and you eliminate it -- before it takes a toll on your performance. You have the endurance to be your best, all day long, every single day. You keep going when everyone else is ready to quit. You spend your time on activities that produce more energy than they consume. You're capable of getting as much work done in the last hour of the day, as in the first. You have the power to plow through obstacles and setbacks without undue strain -- and still have the energy to enjoy family, friends and recreational activities.

TQ Factor 1B COST to your performance...

A lack of commitment suggests you're someone whose energy can be spent, well before the day is done. You start out with high expectations for what you want to accomplish, but too frequently, your best intentions slowly fade as the energy drainers take their toll. Jobs are left half done because you don't have the energy to complete them. Phone calls are deferred until later because you're not "up to the call," and personal issues stay unresolved longer than they should. Your day is shot well before it's over, and you rarely have the "left over" energy to devote to friends and family.

TQ Factor 1B BENEFIT: You have more power...

By staying ahead of the energy curve, you get more out of every minute in your day, because you put more energy into every minute you have. You accumulate performance positives like "Energetic, Refreshed and Motivated" -- immediately moving you towards the results you expect.

FAIL to do TQ Factor 1B: Less Power...

When you allow energy drainers to take their toll, productivity drops like a rock, goals slip beyond your grasp and your positive attitude bites the dust. Negatives like "Drained, Weary and Unmotivated" start to take their toll on your performance -- quickly moving you away from the success you want.

Is Energy Factor 1B Causing You Problems?

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If the answer is NO, select another Energy Factor from the list below...

The Full List of TQ Energy Factors

Click the Factor number you want to review next:

1A I keep a close watch on my energy level to gauge how it's affecting my performance.
1B I consistently eliminate energy drainers in my life and replace them with energy gainers.
1C I exercise for a planned amount of time, on a frequent and regular basis.
1D I control my energy level with proper nutrition rather than fool myself with quick-fixes.
1E I track what I eat and drink and observe how it affects my performance afterwards.
1F I stop worry from dragging down my energy by immediately taking a positive action to resolve the concern.
1G I maintain my energy level by taking breaks to get up and stretch, or have a small snack.
1H I sit straight, stand tall, breathe deeply and move about energetically.
1I I act cheerfully and look for ways to add more fun to whatever I do.
1J I recharge and renew myself by taking time off for play and relaxation.

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