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"Sales Advice From A Woman Who Made $18 Million Last Year..."

"I succeed on my own personal motivation, dedication, and commitment. My mindset is: If I'm not out there training, someone else is." ~ Lynn Jennings
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Just a quick idea and a TOOL (below) that will help you immensely.

First the short story. Every word is true. Had it checked independently!

Last Friday I had the pleasure of talking to a woman that is truly living the dream. Actually, a woman who turned a NIGHTMARE, into a dream OPPORTUNITY that most of us only hope and pray for.

Jennifer (not her real name) got laid off from IBM back in 1997 when they were "downsizing" employees out the door, one right after the other. Jennifer never saw it coming. She thought that since she was in her prime (41), a well-educated, hardworking sales manager in a big division, that she would NEVER get whacked (AKA "Pink Slipped".)

But she did, and it put her into a 2 year funk.

She believed that somehow she was not good enough, capable enough or smart enough to really make it in the corporate world anymore. She was washed up and hung out to dry.

The funk turned into clinical depression. The job offers stopped.

She was quite literally starving herself to death, both emotionally and financially.

Not knowing what to do, she found a friend who was making a decent living with a major network marketing company and decided to just TRY her hand at putting on a few parties with her friend.

A flop!

But she instantly saw what the problem was: TRAINING.

She saw that the only way for her to make money in that tough-as-nails business was to create leverage by TRAINING every person she recruited to be the BEST representative possible. She would marry the training skills she learned at IBM with the women she was now working with.

The premise was simple: Better TRAINED people make more SALES... and when THEY make more sales... SHE makes more MONEY.

She became VERY VERY VERY good at taking both men and women into this company, and training them to excel at what they do. Quickly, 20-30% of her people left their "day" jobs and were making a good living selling the program.

She got rich! Very rich, earning over $18,000,000 last year.

For those of you who are "decimal-challenged", that's Eighteen Million Dollars!

In fact, she just bought a Villa in Italy from which she is going to launch her European and Russian programs. Giving women the hope that they can make it, and make it big anywhere, if they simply follow her lead.

Fast forward to my conversation with her Friday.

Jennifer has been a TQ Member for about 4 years now, and shared a secret to her recent success with me. An idea that can be used in any setting: sales, management, marketing, promotions, job reviews and of course, TRAINING those around you to immediately produce greater RESULTS. (Remember, YOUR ultimate success depends on both those people ABOVE and BELOW you. It is impossible to make it alone. It is the whole idea behind Team TQ.)

The "Secret" she uses? Train people out of the gate to realize that success is a simple matter of MORE Positives and FEWER Negatives driving their performance.

If you want success, focus on filling your life with the Positive qualities and minimizing or eliminating the Negative qualities. This is real enlightenment to people who have not had a chance to look at success as a collection of positive qualities outweighing a collection of negative qualites. It gives clarity to their direction and it works hand in hand with all we do at TQ.

This comes straight from The Power of TQ and 10 Choices of Intentional Excellence. It is called our Thin Line Chart, or 100 Proof presentation. Here is a link to the PDF that you may use to help you, and others instantly improve their success potential:

Download The Thin Line Between Success and Failure.pdf FREE!

Be sure to SAVE this PDF to your computer BEFORE trying to print.
Right Click on this link and Download Linked File.
Open from your computer.

(Note: On Mac, Control Click then Download Linked file.)

How does she use this exciting tool?

Every person she brings into her organization, and those people who bring others in, gets this simple introduction to success. More performance POSITIVES and fewer NEGATIVES is what produces true and lasting success.

If you are in any form of sales or management, you might want to print off The Thin Line Between Success and Failure.pdf and help YOUR people understand what CAUSES success. It makes a great talking point about what it takes to make it in today's uncertain economy.

If you do not currently have a TQ Affiliate Number and want to distribute this form to others, you can sign up for one. The TQ Affiliate Program...

We have hundreds of thousands of TQ Members who are in various MLM or Network Marketing organizations. Far more in insurance and financial services sales.

If you want to make it big, you might want to pay real close attention to this message: TRAIN your people to succeed, and YOU will find success beyond your wildest hopes and dreams.

Don't, and in this economy, you may struggle to just make it paycheck-to-paycheck.

Many Thanks,

E. R.

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Member Comments...

It takes a whole lot of courage for a woman at 41, to turn around and make a success of her life after what looks like a TKO(Technical Knock-Out).
It sounds interesting , but it is not a fairy tale.
There is an element of greatness within us all.
I'm impressed. I have looked for alot of empowerment websites ,and find this to be a light in a dark space.
I've suffered severe setbacks (divorce , failed treatments for hep c ,etc). My mind often wants to quit but my soul is still alive. Finding T Q and reading daily has given me a spark again. Posted or not , T Q thank you for ...HOPE
An amazing and touching story. Thank you for sharing. My hat goes off to the lady mentioned, a kindred spirit for sure. You have just turned on the light bulb. I would love to meet this lady. I am a trainer, facilitator and success coach. Life's tornadoes and extreme weather systems, metaphorically speaking, have challenged me beyond any limits I could even imagine. There is a saying, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger". I got through these events because after the innitial shock and suffering my positive attide resurfaced and I found the silver lining in the cloud, more specifically, I realized the sun still shines above the clouds. Training is a beautiful business as it empowers people and interdependent synergy. Human beings are simply amazing in terms of capacity to create real live miracles. I was being modest when I stated that I would like to earn 15 million in the next ten years. This lady has taught me that this figure income can be created in one year. Whan I can produce that, I can earn the money necessary to open up healing centres across North America. I know and understand that I can do it, I have enough experienceand skills to realize great results. I plan to meet and exceed all expections. Sincerely and in recovery, Gabriele Thank you TQ, ER Haas, Kent Madson, Maikel Bailey and this lady whoever you are for your honesty, helpfulness, integrity, skills and shared experiences. You empower me and many others to do great things. You make this world a better place. gg
what an amazing story, to know that you can still become successfully no matter the country is going through. I love her philosophy , If I'm not out there training, someone else is. thats something to live by.
I was able to uphold my strength and dignity after several "unfair" non-stop events that were beyond my control until six years ago. I have been downsized three times in six years and the first downsize started my trip downward. The last downsize and the horrific economy has put me at rock bottom. I have very great talent and a great personality yet I cannot get up from the bottom and my strength is being depleted as I write. I get a spark every once in a while but I cannot sustain it. I have given God all this as HE is my greatest hope and HE has lead me to this site. I am confident this will give me a new, lasting direction.
Thank you, Cindy
Wow! This is really an awsome story but in my perspective it appears that her glory just fell right in her lap. Then again, she decided to reach out, and pick herself back off the ground. But in reality for most people things like this just don't happen. I mean, sure she was well educated, and she had a friend that worked for a booming corperation, but the main question is... How does she just become a basically "supervisor"? I odviously still have much to learn, after all Im the individual who plans, plans, plans, and still procrastinates...

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Never did I expect a web site to make me smarter. Never did I expect to wake up one morning and find someone to help me see my life from an entirely new perspective. You did both.

Barry H.
Dallas, TX


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