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Instructions For Your Lessons In Excellence...

"Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit." ~ Aristotle

Today's TQ: A Simple 5 Minute Investment In YOU
That Pays Huge Dividends...

In just 5 minutes each morning, this exciting new program reminds you to unleash your full potential... to achieve your personal best... to live your BEST life... from sun up to sun down!

It will coax, coach and cajole you... giving you the ideas for action you can put into immediate action... that transforms your success potential into the power to produce outstanding results!

How Todays TQ helps you release your hidden potential...

1   Today's TQ is part of an entire system designed to REMIND you to achieve your personal best each day — by helping you remain committed to your DREAMS and staying connected to your PERFORMANCE. With over 10,000 powerful training sequences — dispensed daily — you achieve more, simply because you are exceptionally focused and engaged on what matters MOST to you.

2   Today's TQ cures the "out-of-sight is out-of-mind" barrier to greater productivity and effectiveness! Each lesson is a highly compact, on-point discussion about a single aspect of your performance. You achieve more each day, simply because you start making smarter CHOICES and start taking smarter ACTIONS... automatically.

3   It doesn't matter if you have a Harvard MBA or a degree from the school of Hard Knocks — continuing education is not optional. It's a REQUIREMENT for success in these uncertain times. The only way you can effectively learn, remember and master the skills to achieve exceptional results, is to engage in daily renewal, retooling and retraining. You achieve more each day, simply because you continuously work SMARTER... not HARDER.

What, specifically, will TQ training do for you?

In our landmark book, The Power of TQ and 10 Choices of Intentional Excellence, we help people discover what's holding them back from the results they want and the success they desire through the systematic process of self-measurement... self-evaluation... and self-improvement.

Once you discover exactly what you are doing right... precisely what you are doing wrong... and specifically what you must do differently, you will have amazing insight.

Todays TQ trains you put that insight into action.

With our Daily Lessons in Excellence training program, you will...

  • Heighten your sense of purpose, mission and direction —helping you live what you truly value most... every single day.

  • Create powerful force-multipliers—by broadening your team-building and leadership skills... every single day.

  • Build self-confidence in "impossible" situations—by looking beyond problems—focusing instead on solutions and opportunities... every single day.

  • Learn, remember and master career-critical skills for accelerated achievement—transforming your career potential into career power... every single day.

  • Achieve your goals sooner—by turning your dreams and visions into crystal-clear future expectations... every single day.

  • Remain focused on top priorities—by concentrating your time on what's most important and rewarding... every single day.

  • Develop better organizational skills—by learning to simplify, reduce and eliminate the clutter clogging your systems... every single day.

  • Improve your ability to manage time—ridding yourself of Distractions, Interruptions and Preoccupations... every single day.

  • Eliminate procrastination—by taking bold action to triumph over fear, uncertainty and doubt... every single day.

  • Motivate, inspire and teach others to be their best and achieve up to their full potential—every single day.
Put simply, you will never FORGET to focus on the important... to maintain a POSITIVE expectancy of success... to make smarter CHOICES and take smarter ACTIONS... every single minute of every precious day. Don't just dream about a better life. Guarantee it!

Today's TQ: How It Works...

Today's TQ Daily Lessons in Excellence Improves Your Performance by Eliminating The 90% Memory Deficit.

Psychologists have been interested in learning and forgetting since the early days of the discipline. The researcher who pioneered the field, Hermann Ebbinghaus (1850-1909), created a way to assess "pure" learning — that is, learning free of meaning — and the rate at which people forget.

He found the rate to be highly predictable, and completely dependent upon repetition and reinforcement. Psychologists now call this the "forgetting" curve, and developed "spaced repetition" learning techniques to combat it. To this day, Ebbinghaus' work has stood the "test of time."

Ebbinghaus discovered that when we acquire a new idea, much of our forgetting occurs right away. A SIGNIFICANT amount of information is forgotten within twenty minutes of learning it; OVER HALF OF THE MATERIAL LEARNED IS FORGOTTEN WITHIN AN HOUR. Although we forget almost two thirds of what we learn within a day, retention does not decline much beyond that point.

In other words, if information is retained for a day, the knowledge is there to stay. Ebbinghaus' Forgetting Curve is important for two reasons:

  • The blue curve (top) shows that after JUST ONE REVIEW, you can expect to recall about two thirds of new information for several weeks — even more if it is "meaningful" and related to what you are doing. With multiple reviews, recall is permanent.

  • The red curve shows how much you can expect to forget without review. Numerous experiments and studies have shown that, typically, YOU WILL FORGET ABOUT 80% OF NEW MATERIAL IN 2 WEEKS — if you do not review or incorporate those ideas into your daily activities.
The Message is Simple. Reinforce to Remember.

Today's TQ: Basic Instructions...

Intentionally choose EXCELLENCE over MEDIOCRITY each day. If nothing else, you will gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing you did your personal best.

Ten Choices Drive Your Successes or Failures.

There are 10 simple choices you make each day that either drive you towards success, or hold you back from it. These choices cause a never-ending flood of positives and negatives to flow into your performance.

  • If you could actually see your performance negatives — you would eliminate them.

  • If you knew what your negatives were costing you — personally and professionally — you would eliminate them.

  • These negatives rob you of the results you want and the success you deserve. Permit them to remain, and you will struggle with failed expectations for the rest of your life.

The price of success: Eternal Vigilance.

The secret is to remain aware of how well you're performing — at every point in time — and recognize when your performance starts to turn negative. Improvement then, is a simple matter of eliminating a Negative — early in the "down" cycle — and quickly turning into into a Positive — moving you into a rapidly expanding "up" cycle.

Immediately Improve Your Power to Produce Results.

With one more Positive, and one less Negative dragging you down, your power to produce Results soars! You instantly become more productive and effective. You gain real success — personally and professionally — simply because you have the results producing personal power to meet or exceed your greatest expectations.

Achieve Excellence Now.

How? To paraphrase Thomas Watson, Founder of IBM: "You can achieve excellence any time you want. SIMPLY STOP DOING LESS THAN EXCELLENT WORK."

Today's TQ will remind, coax and cajole you to do just that!

Invest just 5 minutes each morning with Today's TQ — and you will gain a strong edge in your daily quest to work smarter, compete smarter and live smarter.

Connect our Ideas For Excellence with your life.

Each idea for action was created to get your attention, change your point of view, and help you see your current situation in the light of positive change. They are not "just" good ideas, but ideas you can immediately put into action.

Also, be sure to answer our 3 integrating questions — in writing! Until you capture your fleeting thoughts on paper, they are nothing more than "wishes without a prayer." These questions will get you thinking about how each day's idea can be used — right then.

Getting Maximum Value From Today's TQ...

From The Desk Of E.R. Haas
CEO & Publisher

TQ mail is designed to help you learn, remember and master a series of easy to take, but highly effective ACTIONS. The concept is brilliantly simple: you ACT smarter each day — by actually taking smarter ACTIONS!

  1. Each morning before I get into the hunt, I print a hard copy of the day's lesson, hole punch it, and drop it into my day-planner for reference throughout the day.

  2. I quickly read the key idea, think about the 3 integrating questions (I actually answer them in writing,) review their impact on my performance and ask myself one simple question:

    "Could this be telling ME something important about ME?"

  3. I figure these messages were written just for ME — talking directly to ME — not some "other" E. R. Haas. So I approach these pages like looking at the proverbial "hand writing on the wall." (The problem with looking at the writing on the wall is that most of us think it was put there for somebody else. It isn't. Pay attention!)

  4. The power of this system emanates from understanding how the Factor Action taken not only eliminates a Negative from your performance... but actually produces a Positive in its place. As you review the High/Low Commitment paragraphs, you will instantly SEE the net effect on your performance.

    Pay very close to these 2 paragraphs each day as they have the power to change your entire life.

  5. Within each email are links to more information about the Key Idea, the Color, the Factor, etc. These links take you back to ThinkTQ.com where, after you log in, permit you to do a number of interesting things.

  6. At least once each week, I review my TQ Scores, update my test results, review my then weakest Color, etc. Why?

It's a process known as "Teaching through Testing."

As you test yourself, you SEE your progress... where you are getting stronger... and where weaknesses still remain. This way, I never fool myself into thinking that I am either better or worse than I actually am. Hence, I produce significantly better results each day... because I take smarter actions each day.

Clearly, some days are better than others — simply because I performed better. Those day turned out better... because I was a bit more committed to Excellence... a bit more powerful... a little more TQ Smart that day!

When I saw a Negative, I took some action to eliminate it — thereby immediately improving my power to perform. With one LESS Negative and one MORE Positive, I had more power — so my results improved — moving me closer to success.

It's No More Complicated Than This...

I simply Turn ON my Time Prism... Tune IN to my Performance... and Turn Up each of my 10 Colors. One by one, each area of my performance improves... I have more power... and I produce far greater results... in far less time.

  1. When drained, I DO something to become a little more ENERGETIC...

  2. When feeling aimless or half-hearted, I DO something to become a little more PASSIONATE...

  3. When feeling a bit pessimistic or ambivalent, I DO something to become a little more ENTHUSIASTIC...

  4. When my goals become vague and obscure, I DO something to become a little more explicit and SELF-DIRECTED...

  5. When my plans start to unravel, I DO something to become better PREPARED...

  6. When my priorities become scattered, I DO something to become a little more FOCUSED and on-point...

  7. When my ability to work with and through others starts to falter, I DO something to become less Critical — and more SUPPORTIVE...

  8. When I see messy and haphazard start to take their toll (a big problem for me,) I DO something to become a little better organized — and take immediate action to become more SYSTEMATIC...

  9. When I see that I am wasting precious time, I take action to OPTIMIZE my results — by immediately getting rid of time wasting distractions...

  10. When I see that even a few days could have worked out better — had I taken action sooner — I realized I have to turn Hesitant into PROACTIVE.

Imagine how much personal power you will have when you are just a little more ENERGETIC, PASSIONATE, ENTHUSIASTIC, SELF-DIRECTED, PREPARED, FOCUSED, SUPPORTIVE, SYSTEMATIC, TIMELY... and PROACTIVE. Every minute of every single day.


A Final Note...

"The secret of success is to find the need and fill it, to find a hurt and heal it, to find somebody with a problem and offer to help solve the problem." ~ Rev. Robert H. Schuller

Using your Daily Lessons isn't rocket science. As I said before, they are just one element of an entire system designed to make you a great deal more powerful than you are right now... indeed, a great deal smarter about success.

Our goal is to help you achieve your goals... by helping you EVOLVE. This means finding new ways of doing things better — discovering new ways of getting the results you want — and doing it in far less time... becoming Smarter in this Survival of the Smartest new world.

"The First truly NEW way to Measure Performance..."

WOW! I clicked a few boxes and YOU suddenly know ME better than I do! Before taking your TQ Test, I only knew something was wrong. I now know exactly what it is! I am motivated and enthused. I also know I can do what it takes to succeed -- on a level I never thought possible.

Carolyn S.
Monterey, CA


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