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Tuesday, December 5, 2023.

"Money will come to you when you are doing the right thing." ~ Michael Phillips 

There's No Time Like The Present.

If you can't complete an entire task at one sitting, at least get started, whether you have 5 minutes or 5 hours. Many tasks can be completed a little at a time, but only if you get started right now.

IMPACT: There is no greater reward than accomplishing a difficult task. However, you can't complete a project if it never gets started. Procrastination can take a million clever forms -- but so can action. Instead of putting things off, find clever and imaginative ways to get started somewhere -- anywhere -- even for a few minutes. Take some action to get the ball rolling in the right direction.

Some progress is better than no progress. Take some baby steps towards completion today.


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Today's training is from the TQ Act Now Color: Stop Getting Ready to Get Ready. Find a Way to Get Started. To get maximum benefit from Today's TQ, put all your senses to work for you. The words in the video are subconscious triggers that cause you to remember the big ideas. The tempo and voice appeals to the logical side of your brain.

Burn the emotional and logical into your thinking, act on the idea, and you will get better results in less time. Your TQ soars... you become more successful... yes, today!

Some members have no problem in this area, but many do. If you feel this concern needs to be addressed now, we can help.



Today's TQ for the week of November 26 - December 16.


Are You Having Fun Yet?


Afraid To Ask For Help?


Should I Reiterate?


Are You Missing The Fun?


So, One Step Is All That's Asked?


Are You Still Mourning The One That Got Away?


Do You Curry The Flurry?


How Routine Is Your Routine?


Who's The Most Creative, Energetic, Positive Person That You Know?


There's No Time Like The Present.


What's Your Average Miles Per Hour Today?


Are You Making Time For The Necessary Steps?


Want To Go For A Ride?


Want To Make History?


If You Don'tT Have The Time To Do It Right . . . .


Do You Have A Reason To Celebrate Today?


How Often Do You Abstain Instead Of Vote?


Can You See Over The Piles Of Papers On Your Desk?


Could You Use More Cooperation?


Are You Torching The Candle At Both Ends?


Have You Discovered The Value Of Reflection Time?


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Steve D.
New York, NY


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