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Sunday, March 3, 2024.

"Reality leaves a lot to the imagination." ~ John Lennon 

Who Won When You Fought Yourself?

As the saying goes, "Hard work never killed anyone." But confusion over values might! Whenever you're in conflict, it's over opposing values. You must identify which value is more important.

IMPACT: Your values, vision and mission mean absolutely nothing unless they are put into play. Your fundamental values and principles are the core elements that determine if a decision is the right one for you or not. Your values should be your reference -- and your guide -- for every action you take, and every decision you make. The only decision you need to make is to live your values. Once you do, your list of values will automatically make the right decisions for you.

What opposing values are tugging at you today? Prioritizing values precludes confusion.


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Today's training is from the TQ Mission Color: Confirm Values -- BEFORE Making Decisions. To get maximum benefit from Today's TQ, put all your senses to work for you. The words in the video are subconscious triggers that cause you to remember the big ideas. The tempo and voice appeals to the logical side of your brain.

Burn the emotional and logical into your thinking, act on the idea, and you will get better results in less time. Your TQ soars... you become more successful... yes, today!

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Today's TQ for the week of February 25 - March 16.


Are You Working Yourself To Death And Still Not Where You Want To Be?


Is Your Initiative Showing?


Shoot The Moon.


Do You Feel Good About What You're Doing?


Have You Forgotten Why You Are Doing What Are You Doing?


Is Your Work Area Clean And Functional?


Are Your Successes Getting In The Way Of Your Victory?


Who Won When You Fought Yourself?


Are You Expecting The Unexpected?


Do You Know What Is Most Important?


Are You Satisfied With The Level Of Performance In Your Organization?


How Many Stations Are On Your Dial?


Are You A Purpose Or A Pauper?


Rock Pile -- Or Rock 'N Roll?


Have You Admired Your Work Lately?


Are You Shadow Boxing?


Would You Rather Be The Tennis Ball Or The Racquet?


How Often Do You Rely Solely On Your Memory?


Do You Go From One Urgency To The Next?


Are You Thinking Of Tomorrow, Today?


How Can You Give Your Life The Significance It Deserves?


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